Title: Cascade Revelations
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files Crossover Sentinel
Pairings: Skinner/Sandburg Implied Skinner/Mulder
Warnings: Male/Male sex It that's not your thing don't read this.
Rating: NC17
Date: 11/2/00   
Status: Complete  
Category: Crossover
Archive: DitB or anywhere just let me know.
Disclaimer: The characters of Scully, Skinner and Mulder, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. The characters from the Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions, Paramount and UPN. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Blair Sandburg gives Walter Skinner a great weekend and gives Fox Mulder advice.

The damn car wouldn't start and Blair got out to go phone Ellison to let him know he would be late. He heard a voice call his name and turned to see one of his students coming toward him followed by a big good looking bald guy.

"Professor Sandburg, I'm glad I saw you I was hoping to introduce you to my uncle. Professor, this is Walter Skinner."

Blair held out his hand to find it engulfed in a huge but gentle paw. His eyes looked up at his student's uncle seeing his smile and his deep chocolate eyes. His first thought was, wouldn't mind getting some of that.

A deep voice rumbled from that broad chest, "It's nice to meet you, professor. My nephew tells me you have been very helpful to him since he got here. Were you getting ready to leave?"

"Yeah, the car won't start. I was just going to hop the bus."

"Let us give you a lift. I was just going to take Sergei out to a decent dinner. You're welcome to join us."

"Hey man thanks, that'd be great. I need to drop off some research material at the Cascade PD. I do consulting work for them."

"No problem just give me directions."

The ride to the station was filled with conversation in which Blair found out that Sergei was named after his uncle, Walter Skinner worked at the FBI, and that deep voice made his dick get hard. All in all a very interesting ride. At the station he invited them to come up with him and meet Jim since he didn't know how long it would take him to give Jim a run down on what he had for him. It didn't take long and when they got ready to leave Jim excused them for a minute pulling Sandburg aside.

"Watch you ass with this one, Chief."

"What are you talking about?"

"You're giving the big guy a hard on, that's what I'm talking about. He's been watching your ass every time you move. He's probably pretty safe if you want to go there. Just let me know if you decide to stay out tonight."

"You're joking right?"

"No, Chief, I'm not. Better go on, they're waiting. Order an expensive dinner he looks like he can afford it."

Blair walked back toward Sergei and Walter and really looked at Walter this time. Well this would be an interesting night.

Walter took them to a very nice seafood place and insisted that they should order what ever they wanted. Dinner was fun. Sergei was one of Blair's brightest students and he was discovering that he must take after his uncle a good deal. They had the same dry wit. The food was excellent and the conversation lively.

After dinner Sergei had to get back for a late date so they drove back to campus to drop him off.

Walter turned to Blair when he moved to the front seat of the car, "Where can I take you?"

"Where are you staying?"

Walter looked into Blair's eyes and smiled a slow sexy smile. "We'll need to make a stop. I wasn't expecting company. I'm at the Cascade Inn."

"There's an all night drugstore about three blocks from there."

The trip to the hotel was mostly silent. Blair was thinking about how long it had been since he had made it with a man. Walter was wondering why this beautiful kid would want him. Once inside his room Blair turned to him, kissed him, and wrapped his arms around him. Then he pulled back and Walter was surprised.

"Before we get into this man I need to call Jim, let him know I won't be home. I won't will I?"

"No you won't." Firm, a man used to giving orders and having them followed.

Blair smiled and turned to pick up the phone. As the phone was ringing on the other end he felt Walter move in close behind him and then those hands were working the hair tie out of his hair.

"Jim it's me, I won't be home tonight."

"Didn't I tell you he wanted you, Chief? He's playing with your hair isn't he?" Jim's hearing was turned up so he could hear the background sounds.

"Right on both counts man. See you tomorrow."

"Be safe."

Blair hung up the phone then leaned back into that firm chest behind him. The hands continued to comb through his hair.

"Feels nice."

"You have beautiful hair. Being a man lacking in that area I appreciate nice hair. I take it you and Ellison aren't lover's. When he looked at you at the station today I thought you might be. I thought I'd be whacking off tonight thinking about you, not standing here with you."

"Jim and I are close but he is straight as straight can be. He used to be married."

"So did I. That doesn't mean shit."

"Hey, can we not talk about Jim. I came here to be with you. I thought we were planning to fuck, not talk."

"God, I love a man that talks dirty."

"Really? Well I can do better than that."

Walter turned Blair to face him and cupped his ass lifting him up into a kiss.

When they broke both were panting. "Wow, Walter, if you fuck as good as you kiss I won't be able to walk tomorrow."

"I'll do my best."

Sitting on the edge of the bed Walter pulled Blair between his knees and started to undress him, throwing his clothes toward the chair. When the shirt was open and he discovered the nipple ring he slipped his tongue through the loop and teased the nipple while his fingers rolled the other one. Blair's moan made Walter increase the pressure. His big hands moved down and opened the jeans allowing Blair's cock to spring free. As his mouth continued to play with the nipple ring his hands moved over Blair's ass squeezing the cheeks firmly.

"God! Man, will you get undressed and let's get on with it. I haven't been this hot in ages."

"Ok, we'll take the edge off but the next time will be slow and last a long time. I want to savor you."

"Sure man whatever you want just fuck me!"

It didn't take Walter long to get out of his clothes. Blair was on the bed watching him undress and licking his lips at the strip show. When Walter pushed his jeans down he heard Blair gasp. Smiling a little to himself he looked at Blair to see his eyes riveted to his crotch.

"Like what you see?"

"It's huge. Walter, you'll have to take it slow I haven't had sex with a man in a about a year and I've never been with anyone hung like that."

"Don't worry, Blair, I don't want to hurt you. Believe me being this big has taught me to be careful of my partners. I'm only in to causing pain when it's requested of me."

Walter settled onto the bed and pulled Blair close. Remembering what Blair said about his kisses he kissed him again. Then moved back down to tease his nipple ring again. He took his time bringing Blair's arousal back up and when he finally slipped a lubed finger inside him Blair arched up into his hand. Once he was sure Blair was stretched he kissed him again.

"Blair, baby do you want to turn over or stay on your back?"

"Want to see you."

"Ok, baby."

Walter lifted Blair and slipped a couple of pillows under his ass. Then he pressed forward pushing just the head into Blair's relaxed hole.

"Baby, tell me if it hurts and I'll back off. Like I said I don't want to hurt you."

"Fuck me would you, man."

"Sure, no problem."

Walter pushed forward slowly. Once he was in to the hilt, he rotated his hips in lazy circles until Blair glared at him.

"Walter, are you a cock tease? Do it man. Do me, now!"

Walter laughed and pulling Blair's legs higher and began to pump into that beautiful tight ass. Blair arched up meet each thrust, whimpering and demanding more. Walter was glad to oblige and soon they were rocking the bed with the force of their coupling. When Walter knew he was close he reached down and began to stroke Blair.

"Come for me little one, I want to see you."

Blair lurched into his touch and started to shoot long streams of semen into the air between them.

"Beautiful." Walter breathed.

Walter picked up his tempo, pounding into the beautiful body below his and soon reached his own climax. Holding onto the condom he pulled out of Blair's sweet ass. He rolled away long enough to drop the condom in the bag he had placed by the bed. Then he pulled Blair close and kissed him again.

"Thanks, Blair that was wonderful."

"Yeah it was pretty nice. I just have a question. Who is Fox?"


"You yelled Fox when you came. Are you cheating on someone with me. I really don't want to be the other man even if it is just a one night stand."

"God, Blair, I'm sorry. That's horrible. I didn't realize I did that and how awful to do that to someone that has given me the best fuck I've had in ages. No you aren't helping me cheat. He doesn't know how I feel about him. He is one of my agents and I can't get involved with him. Against the rules and Walter Skinner plays by the rules. Besides, I think he is doing his partner, a woman."

"You're in love with him though, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'm afraid so. It's never going anywhere but yeah I am."

"He might know. I think I would know if you were in love with me and I worked with you."

"Really? Then why don't you know that Ellison is in love with you?"

"I told you he's straight. He isn't in love with me we just have a very unique relationship. If he was in love with me he wouldn't have told me you were staring at my ass today."

"Maybe he hasn't admitted it to himself yet. Did he know you were BI before today?"

"No, I don't think so. Like I said it's been a year since I was with a man. I never take anyone to the loft I go to them."

"Well, I think he loves you and I hope it works out. For now, I'm going to enjoy the time we can have together. Will you spend the weekend with me? I was supposed to fly back tomorrow but I'd love to stay and do some sightseeing with you."

"Sightseeing, Walter? I was hoping to get fucked a few more times."

"I think we can squeeze that in."

Monday morning Fox Mulder was sitting at his desk throwing pencils at the ceiling. The meeting he was scheduled to be in with his boss had been cancelled. Kim said Skinner had extended his trip to the coast. The phone rang and he answered.


"Agent Mulder, there's a man on the phone that asking to speak to an agent named Fox. He has to want you because he knows AD Skinner's name too."

"Ok, put him on."


"Is this the Fox that works for Walter Skinner?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"My name is Blair Sandburg. I just kissed Walter goodbye and put him on a plane. I thought you should know he screams your name when he comes. If you don't want him then let me know and I'll find a job there and try to make him forget you."

"You what? He What?"

"Oh, I think you heard me. If you don't care about him then tell me. If ever a man deserved to be loved it's that one. Do you feel anything for him?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Well you better let him know. He's on American the fight lands at Dulles at 8:00 p.m. If you love him, why don't you meet the plane. You better take care of him. Goodbye, Fox."

Walter walked off his flight to find Mulder lounging against a post in a pair of tight jeans and a black sweater. When he saw him he wondered who he was meeting until Mulder made a bee line toward him.

"Hi, Walter. Welcome home. Do you have any checked bags?" reaching to take Walter's carry on.

"No. What are you doing here Mulder?"

"Got an interesting phone call this morning. Some guy named Blair. I came here to find out if he was telling me the truth. You know how I want the truth. Come on I'll drive you home."

Walter was silent during the walk to the car. Once inside the car he turned toward Mulder.

"Alright, what did that little brat tell you?"

"He said that if I care about you I'd better tell you. He said you scream my name when you come. Told me if I don't want you he does. Was he telling the truth, Walter? Do you scream my name?"

"He shouldn't have called you. How the hell did he find you?"

"He called the switchboard and asked for an agent named Fox that worked for Walter Skinner. It wasn't hard for them to figure it out. You didn't answer my question, Walter. Do you scream my name?"

"Apparently so. Blair was worried the first time, thought he was helping me cheat on you. I explained to him that we aren't together and that you have Scully. He's a sweet kid that hasn't figured out he's in love with his roommate."

"Let's go home, Walter, so you can scream my name to me. I don't want you screaming my name to anyone else ever again. What's Blair's roommates name, and how do I get in touch with him?"

Tuesday morning Blair received two dozen red long stemmed roses with a card that just said *call me when you get these W* followed by a phone number.

Kim buzzed her boss to tell him he had a phone call from Blair. He hit the speaker button.

"Hello, Blair, guess you got the roses?"

"They're beautiful, Walter. So does this mean you had a good homecoming, or are these for my funeral."

"He's not going to kill you, Blair, and the roses are really from me. A thank you gift."

"So a good homecoming then?"

"Let's just say I won't be sitting much today."


Blair's office door opened and Jim walked in looking pointedly at the roses and started around the desk toward Blair.

"Blair I made my own phone call this morning. Hope it works as well as yours did."

"I'll get back to you on that, Jim is here."

The phone was dropped but didn't connect with the base and they could hear Ellison growling, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Walter reached to disconnect the call and Fox stopped him.

"I want to hear the answer, Walter."

Faintly the sounds of kissing came through the phone the Blair sounding shaky, "I didn't know until Walter pointed it out to me."

"Remind me to send him and Fox flowers."

Fox reached out and disconnected the phone.

"Better get to work. Don't want to piss off the boss."

He leaned close to Walter, whispered I love you then ambled out of the room.

The End.

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