Title: Alterations
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@sbcglobal.net
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sexual relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date started: 01/19/03
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Summary: My, what a wicked boy he is.
NOTES: For Maddie and the use of her VCR. This is in the Way Off the Map universe. Jose suggested to me that American Indian words make for great "alien" sounding languages so the word that I'm sure will jump out at you is Cherokee (which I have a little of in my genetic background) for Master of Life. It just seemed to fit. And I hope the dictionary I used is accurate. Thanks to Bill and Jose for the beta.

We had arrived at the healer's planet and ascertained that Dr. Yona was still there and still practicing his art. We made arrangements to see him during his next work cycle. Then we went to bed.

"Walter, I want to ask you something."

"What is it?"

I pulled him closer, holding him as I do when we have serious discussions.

"I want you to ask Dr. Yona to make you bigger and give you back your foreskin."

"I know you're a size queen but I thought I was making you pretty happy along those lines."

"Well, after all this time I'm so used to you and I relax so well that sometimes I want a little more sensation. I like a little pain with it now and then. It'd play into my rape fantasies."

I nuzzled into his hair and pondered a little; he allowed me time to do this. After all, a hundred years gives you time to learn your partner's needs. It certainly wouldn't be a hardship to be bigger if that is what he wanted from me - I mean no man would mind having a large dick to fuck his eager lover.

"How big are we talking here, Alex? Am I going to need a wheelbarrow to carry it around?"

His deep chuckle shot warm breath against my chest and I knew he was having a mental image.

"I was thinking something about John Holmes size."

John Holmes - a porn star on old Earth who had fucked any hole presented to him. The man had been over twelve inches long and thick - I mean really thick. But I knew Alex could handle it. Hell, he took my fist now and again so I wasn't concerned.

"Can't say that is an unappealing idea. But what happens a hundred years from now when you get used to that?"

"We'll see if they can tighten me up."

Now I would never complain about that. Alex still had great muscle tone there, even though we'd both lost tone on most of the rest of our bodies. But since he was asking for something to feed one of his fantasies, I decided to feed one of mine.

In the time we'd been together we had come in contact with many species. That, combined with the general shift in perception that comes to anyone as they age, had erased most of my preconceptions about sexual morality. I still feel sex by force is wrong, I still feel that sex with someone who is too young to make a rational decision about it is wrong.

Those things will never change. I have, however, lost my inhibitions about sex with Alex in certain "public" venues. And I freely admit that the idea of a "man" with a "boy" turns me on. And felt that Alex's rape fantasy would be enhanced by that illusion.

"I'll offer you a deal. I'll get a bigger dick if you'll shave a few more years off the way you look."

"A few? How many?"

"I think I'd enjoy fucking a boy. Make you look underage by Old Earth standards. Say fifteen, sixteen."

"You dirty old man. Want to corrupt me, do you? Want to cop my cherry?"

His words were shooting straight to my cock, making it stand up and take notice. I could feel that the images he was painting for both of us were having a similar effect on him.

"I want to hold you in my lap and caress you through your pants. Feel that boy dick getting hard, watch your eyes get all wide with the feelings. A little fear mixed with desire. Fear because you aren't quite sure what I'm going to do to you, or if I might hurt you. Desire because what I'm doing feels so good."

He moaned and I knew I had him. Rolling us over, I pulled his legs up around me and plunged into his body, my pre-come mixed with spit enough to get me inside him. It was short, neither of us had the staying power we'd once had but we didn't care. In a few days we'd have that back again and then we'd play out the fantasy I'd just spun for him.


Dr. Yona greeted us as if he had seen us last week.

"It is so good to see you again. I was hoping you would come back. So, did everything I gave you last time work well?"

"Yes, my slut and I raised several children. We've had a very happy life together. Which is why we are here. As you can see we've aged quite a bit. I'm not ready for either of us to leave this plane for the next one."

"And why should you? No one should cross to the next one until he is ready. Is there anything else you want?"

"As a matter of fact, I wonder would it be possible to give me back my foreskin as well as make me bigger."

"I think that's possible. How much bigger do you want?"

Walter had used his hands to illustrate. Dr. Yona produced a measuring instrument to get the specs. He nodded thoughtfully.

"That is roughly the size of an adult Luxan. I don't see any problem. Anything else you want?"

"Yes, I want him to look like a boy."

"Come, let's see, what age?"

Dr. Yona led us to the desk in the corner, and soon excellent computer-generated pictures of me were coming up on the screen in groups of five. He started with one of me at about a year old. I figured that out because Walter had insisted on one of our sons being the image of me and it looked like a picture of him at that age.

Walter shook his head hurriedly and the next five appeared. Again, the swift rejection. When the next five flashed into view, his finger touched the screen of the face I remembered having from just before I had needed to start shaving.

"This one. And I'd like him to have no body hair, no facial hair, but keep his eyebrows and the hair on his head."

I grinned at him, thinking he was definitely getting kinkier with the years. But you know what? I don't mind a bit. I made sure the grin was gone when the doctor looked up.

"Let me suggest he go in first this time since he'll need to be in longer. How much younger do you wish to appear?"

"About the age I was when you first met me."

"That will make for a lovely contrast between you. It will leave no doubt that you are his ganodu."

Our translator microbes didn't know what to do with the last word, but the tone gave us a good idea. We followed him to the room with the vats. I stripped without being told and allowed them to help me in. My old bones ached so much that I needed the help.

Walter stood smiling as everything was hooked up and programmed. Then the vat began to fill. I kept my eyes on him as long as I could. Then I drifted into the deep sleep that was filled with dreams of him, as my life had been filled for so very long.

Even with me going in first, Walter was out sooner. When I woke, it was as though he hadn't moved, even though he again appeared as he had the first time we came to this planet. He stepped forward and wrapped a towel around me, helping me get dry. Then he dressed me, not allowing me to help out.

I was dying to ask if his alterations worked, but kept to my role. As much for the sake of allowing him his game as for the public faade we maintained. I kept silent in the conveyance back to the space field. But once we were in the shuttle, I threw my arms around him for a kiss.


Alex pulled back from trying to swallow my tongue and grinned at me.

"So, old man, you sure are looking awfully sexy."

"And you, little boy, are making this old man horny. Now let go and sit down. This has to wait until we get back to Moya."

"Ahhh, come on. Can't I get a peek?"

"No! Sit! Stay!"

He stuck his tongue out at me and settled into one of the seats. I got us back to Moya as quickly as possible. It was always good to get back to her, where we could be "us" and not worry about anything more than your normal run of the mill, Uncharted Territories vicissitudes.

We went down to see Pilot before retiring to our room for the kinky parts. I said a quick hello and then left Alex to fill in Pilot and Moya about our trip. Back in our quarters I got ready to seduce a "boy".

The vats had done their job. I looked fifty again, although I felt twenty. As requested, the appendage was now appreciably bigger, and I once more had a foreskin. I had examined it thoroughly while waiting for Alex to be finished. I didn't think I was as sensitive as he, probably too many years of the head being exposed all the time, but it was still fun to tug on that extra bit of skin.

I lit the incense to give our quarters a pleasant aroma. I pulled my chair around so I'd be facing the door when he arrived. I put the new lube Id purchased on the planet down on a small table beside the chair, and another container next to the bed. I had actually ordered a larger supply, but wed return to pick that up in a few days, along with other supplies.

"Walter, Alex asked that I tell you he is on his way to your quarters. He also asked for privacy. Shall I dim the lights?"

"Yes, Pilot, thank you."

"Enjoy your recreation."

"We shall."

The light level was reduced, and I knew our quarters were now private, although I didnt really care if they heard us. I knew that Moya quite enjoyed our couplings, and if we didnt request privacy, she would listen, and often take on a higher glow when we mated, she was that much in tune with Alexs emotions.

I heard his footsteps coming toward our room and hurried to get comfortable in my big chair. When he appeared in the doorway, my cock rose instantly.

I had considered him beautiful the first time I'd laid eyes on him. But now - looking so young and innocent - he took my breath away. I smiled my most welcoming and lifted a hand to him.

"Come, sit in my lap and tell me how Pilot and Moya are."

He came quickly to me and sat as directed.

"They missed us. But they heard from John and Aeryn while we were down there. Simon and Sun have a new daughter."

"Her name?"



Once more, our blood crossed with John and Aeryn's. At this rate our descendants would need a planet of their own. I allowed my hand to slip along his thigh until I could squeeze his dick gently. He pushed my hand away.

The game had begun.

"Maybe we should go for a visit soon."

I moved my hand back and this time it took him a little longer to push it away. And he was very hard when he did.

"What are you doing? Stop that."

"Ah, come on. It feels good, doesn't it? I can make you feel really good if you let me."

I tugged this time and the button at the top of his pants popped open.

"I promise I won't do anything you don't want me to. Just let me play with you a little. No one has to know."

He bit his bottom lip, and I knew it was to keep back the grin that was trying to invade his face.

"But, I'm not supposed to let anyone touch me there."

"Why not?"

"Only bad boys do that."

"That isn't so. Good boys like it, too. Let me make you feel good."

I tugged on his zipper and the well-worn teeth opened to reveal his dick. So smooth and sleek. I ran a finger up along the vein and he shuddered, his head dropping onto my shoulder.

"Doesn't that feel good?"


His low whisper made Wally twitch. I wrapped my hand around him and pulled him carefully from the opening in his pants.

"Let me kiss you, Alex."

He turned his head enough for me to kiss him. When I ran my tongue against his lips he opened for me. I pushed his foreskin down and caressed the sensitive ridge. His body arched into my hand. I finally pulled back for air.

"I told you I could make you feel good. Will you let me see you naked?"

"I shouldn't do that. I know that's bad."

"But you want to make me happy, don't you?"


I love it when he gets all soft and pliant for me.

"It would make me very happy to see you naked."


I stood a little unsteadily to undress for him. My mind, of course, knew I was a long way from being a virgin, but my body didn't seem to know that. I felt as nervous as the first time I'd had consensual sex. And being pretty sure that they had made him every bit as big as I had asked, added to that nervousness, I think.

The last time we'd done this, my body hadn't been regressed to such a young age. I *knew* that shouldn't matter but somehow I thought it might. Guess that doesn't make sense, but then I live in the Uncharted Territories.

When I was naked, he motioned for me to turn and I did a little pirouette for him.

"God, you are the most beautiful boy in the universe."

I felt the heat and knew I was blushing. He reached for me and I allowed him to pull me down. I snuggled into his throat; the skin there is so soft. I remember my amazement the first time I had kissed him there. I made some sort of noise as he stroked me slowly and gently.

Turning, I kissed him with all the desperation he was making my body feel. My hands twisted in the material of his tee shirt. It wasn't supposed to be this way. I wasn't supposed to want him with such frenzy after so long. Relationships are supposed to cool. Aren't they?

His fingers grazed against the nerves just below the head of my dick and I howled like the animal he turns me into. I pushed his hand away and he immediately reached for me again.

"Stop, we mustn't."

"Hush, now it's alright. No one has to know. I'm going to make you feel so good you'll wonder why you ever asked me to stop."

His thumb brushed me again but much softer that time.

"Let me show you something new."

He reached for the tube on the table as I tried to tell my body to slow it down. I watched as he popped the cap and squeezed some lube onto his fingers one-handed.

"What's that for?"

"It's to make things go easy, smooth. Lean on your hip for me and raise one leg."

I shifted and his hand slipped under me. As soon as the fingers entered me, I knew the age regression had altered my body in ways not just cosmetic. I saw the light dawn in his eyes about the time I felt a little full. His eyes asked what his words didn't. I answered by wiggling, then flexing my muscles around his fingers.

"You are so nice and tight, boy. I love boys with tight asses."

"Feels funny."

"Don't worry, you're going to learn to love it."

He started to finger me then. Slipping into and out of me. I love any part of the man in me but soon fingers wouldn't be enough to make my ass happy. He sucked a mark on my neck as he continued the ass play. I was soon trying to pull the rest of his hand into me.

His voice was raspy as he spoke to me.

"Get on the bed, boy. On your stomach with the pillows under your hips."

I hurried to comply. But turned to watch as he undressed. But the asshole turned his back. Damnit! I wanted to see my new toys.

He even backed up to the bed. Standing with his back to me as he lubed up. When he finally turned, I must have looked like a goldfish on dry land. He grinned down at me before moving to kneel on the bed behind me.

He pressed the head against me and I bucked up toward him. The fire that ripped through me more intense than anything I'd ever felt. I sucked in a lung full of air and held my breath. He was as still as a statue behind me, buried to the hilt, a foot long cock deep in my burning ass.

"Alex, breathe!"

He started to pull back and I grabbed for his hip.

"Don't move! Stay inside me."

The burn was fading but warmth was spreading. Sounds contradictory, I know. Walter had gone still except for the hands that had started rubbing my hips slowly. He waited for me to be ready. This may sound weird but I felt more his at that moment than ever before.

I let my hand drop and he covered my body. We lay for a couple of minutes, his chest against my back, my ass in the curve of his crotch. He kissed my cheek, as his hands sought mine, weaving our fingers together.

"I feel like I should be singing a Madonna song."

"What?" I heard his confusion.

"Like a Virgin."

"Very funny. You scared me. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I hadn't thought about the renewal making me as tight as a virgin again, either. It's been so long since we had the energy for a really good fuck - and you had me so on edge."


"Don't be. I feel clean for you now. As if this really were our first time."

I felt a drop of moisture land on my cheek, but made no comment. After all, big macho Walter Skinner doesn't cry. If you buy that, I have this really nice bridge. I squeezed his hands.

"Are you gonna finish corrupting this boy or you just gonna lie on top of me like that?"

"Corrupting you sounds like more fun."

His hips moved and he slid part way out of my body. I closed my eyes, but I could still feel his on me as he made a few experimental lunges into me. Soon my body was rocking with him and I was hard again.

He straightened up and pulled me up to my knees. With one hand, he toyed with a nipple; the other skinned me back so he could rub the head of my dick.

"Harder! God, Walter, fuck me harder."

I knew he was getting close because there was no hesitation. He was surging into me so hard that my knees were being lifted. Had he not been holding me, I would have fallen on my face. My pleasure soared as he started talking to me.

"So tight, so hot, so good. I'm never letting you go, boy."

"I never want you to."

"Gonna come! Gonna flood you!"

I whimpered as he drove in deep, hitting every spot inside me that feel good. His fist tightened and stroked and I screamed as I came in his hand. One last hard thrust and he was biting me as he came. I grayed out for a while and when I came aware he was cleaning me gently.

Crawling into the bed next to me, he kissed me softly.

"Moya must have felt you. Look how brightly the corridor is glowing."

"She feels you, too, you know? She glows brightest when we come close together."

"I'll have to see if I can manage that for her more often."

If he said anything else, I didn't hear it. I was asleep: the sleep of happy exhaustion.

The end

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