Title: Triangulation
Author: Peach
Email address: peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex.
Rating: PG13 for language
Date: 7/5/03
Archive: It's yours if it's posted to your list.
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Mulder, Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended; no money is being made.
Summary: Sergei's Triad hits a snag.
NOTE: This story is part of the Triad Universe. Payment for Ursula.



Walter and Fox were lying in the classic sixty-nine position, calmed but not ready to move yet when the phone rang. Walter reached out to snag it, thinking it was Alex calling from the store.

"Forget the list?"


"Sergei, what's wrong?"

Fox was instantly up and watching Walter.

"I need to talk to 'Lex, Papa. Will you put him on?"

"Can I help?"

"Papa, I don't mean to…"

"It's okay, Sergei. I understand. He isn't here. Call him on his cell and he'll drop what he's doing for you. Tell him to get home when he can."

"Thanks, Papa."

"I love you, boy. Whatever it is, we'll be here too if you need us." He placed the phone back in the cradle.


"Something big's happened. Don't know what, but he hasn't sounded that shaken since he was learning to drive and accidentally plowed through his mother's roses."

"Belinda was due back in a few days; think she might have gotten home early?"

"Oh fuck!"


Alex was standing in front of the meat counter when his cell phone rang. Clicking it on, he chuckled, "What do we need?"

"'Lex…" Sergei's voice broke and Alex could heard the anguished sob he was trying to suppress.

Alex was already moving toward the door leaving his cart where he'd been standing. "Where are you?"

"My place."

"I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Thanks, 'Lex."

Alex stopped long enough to tell a clerk that he'd left the cart due to an emergency and then jogged to his car. Once he was on his way, he dialed home and Fox answered.


"He called here. Take your time but let us know he's alright."

"I will. Love you both."

"Love you more."

Phone clicked off, Alex concentrated on weaving through the Saturday afternoon traffic. He made good time and took the stairs two at a time. He'd barely tapped at the door and it swung open.

He took one look at his grandson's face and kicked the door closed before pulling him close. The dam broke and Sergei sobbed like a child in his 'Lex's arms. Alex held him, murmuring nonsense sounds as he had when the younger Sergei had been hurt.

As the sobs tapered off he led him to the sofa, pushed him down and went to get a wet cloth, a glass of water and aspirins. He waited while Sergei scrubbed at his face then watched as he drank the water and took the pills. Sitting next to him, he spoke.

"Ready to tell me now?"

"I fucked up, 'Lex. I fucked up really badly. I've lost them both."

Alex didn't have to ask who both where. Sergei had fallen in love with a woman and a man. Belinda and Peter were as different as night and day, but they shared one thing - they loved Sergei.

"What happened?" Alex asked, although he thought he might have had an idea.

"Belinda came home early. She didn't let me know she was coming back so soon."

"Peter was here?"

"Was he ever. I had him spread out like a buffet lunch."

"I get the idea." Alex put a sardonic spin in his voice as he grinned at Sergei. He was pleased that Sergei grinned back at him.

"What's the matter? Don't want mental images of my sex life?"

Alex chuckled and slapped at the thigh resting next to his. "Believe me, I have no doubts that you are every bit as enthusiastic and inventive as your Papa. But I'm here to help you, not get so turned on that I have to go home to Walter and Fox."

Sergei sobered and nodded quickly.

"We were very into what we were doing and she walked in on us. She just stood there, eyes wide, looking stunned."

"Sergei, didn't you even tell her you liked boys too?"

"No, I should have but I never did."

"So she had no clue and she'd come home expecting the man who'd told her he loved her to be waiting."


"So what about Peter? Had you told him you still loved Belinda?"

"No." This was whispered so low that Alex barely caught it.

Sergei yelped as Alex grabbed him and pulled him across his lap. Several hard slaps landed before he managed to squirm away.

"What the hell'd you do that for?"

"I told you before she went to Europe to tell them both what you wanted!"

"I know but…"

"Sergei, we've tried to give you the benefit of the things we've learned. I know most kids don't listen to their elders but you have most of the time. Why not this time?"

"I was afraid. They were both raised in very traditional homes. They didn't have grandparents like you."

"No one has had grandparents like us. But you should have listened this time." Alex voice softened as he looked at the misery on his grandson's face.

"You can't believe how I felt. There was Peter, looking at me waiting for me to tell her that we were through, and Belinda waiting for me to say Peter was just recreation. I didn't handle it well."

"No one would, so don't beat yourself up over that. You need to tell them the truth."

"What truth?"

"Sergei." Alex's voice held that 'don't fuck with me' tone that had always made Sergei do the right thing.

"I don't think they want to see me ever again. They think I was just after the sex. They both called me liar when I said I loved them."

"Then you need to say it again and again until they understand that you mean it."

"'Lex, I don't know if I can make them believe. You didn't see their faces when I refused to choose between them."

Alex reached into his pocket for his cell phone and hit the speed dial for home. This time Walter answered.


"Walter, it's me."

"What's going on?"

"Belinda came home early and found Sergei and Peter in bed."

"Shit!" Alex could hear Fox asking questions and Walter's quick 'You guessed right'.

"I guess that means you're going to be there awhile?"

"Actually, I want you and Fox to do something for me."


"You go get Peter, send Fox after Belinda and bring them here."


"Well, I know Fox will do it. And I think Peter respects you enough that he'll play along if you are persuasive enough."

"Alright, we'll take care of it. Set your stage, director."

Alex clicked off his phone and turned to look at the boy on the sofa.

"They agreed?"

"Of course, they did. When have you ever known me not to get my way with them?"

"Does Papa ever spank you?"

"Frequently, but that's not your business. Go shower."


"You still smell like man on man sex. Belinda will react better if you aren't still smelling freshly fucked."

Sergei blushed but rose and hurried into the bathroom. His grandfathers had always helped him work out problems so he trusted that they would be able to do it again. Alex headed into the bedroom and picked out his wardrobe. While he was there he put clean sheets on the bed.

He then went into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. Could be a long night. Sergei was clean, dressed and fiddling with a cup of coffee when Walter got there with Peter. Peter looked sulky but sat down when Walter growled at him. Alex slipped his arm around Walter and kissed his cheek.

Sergei looked at Peter but kept quiet. 'Lex's instructions had been clear. Don't say a word until they were both there to hear everything he said. And make no move to touch either of them. The furniture had been moved so that Peter and Belinda would be seated facing each other. Sergei would kneel between them to talk.

Fox came in with a subdued Belinda. Fox may have been the psychologist of the lovers but Alex knew which one of them Sergei's lovers responded to best. Belinda sat in the chair indicated.

Alex pulled his lovers close. Looking at the three people who were trying hard not to acknowledge the others in the room, he delivered his ultimatum.

"We're going out into the hall. None of you are leaving this room until you talk about this. Sergei has things he should have told you both and the two of you have to decide how badly you want to continue a relationship with him."

The grandfathers left and the three people left in the room were quiet. Finally, Sergei took a deep breath and went onto his knees between the two chairs.

"'Lex paddled my ass when he found out I'd hurt you both. Peter, when you first met them, they knew I wanted you. Both 'Lex and Papa warned me to be careful with you. I promised not to hurt you. I'm sorry I did."

Peter looked up at him but made no sound, instead he waited. Walter had told him he needed to listen with both his head and his heart.

Turning to look at Belinda, Sergei sighed. "Believe me, Belinda, I never wanted to hurt you either. I've loved you for a long time."

"Didn't look that way earlier."

"I know. I fell in love again. I hope you can come to believe that I love you both. Need you both. 'Lex warned me to be honest as soon as I took Peter to bed the first time. But I was afraid of losing you both. I know you were raised in very conventional households. Even with meeting my grandfathers and knowing about them - well, it's a gay relationship. Not like what I want with you two."

Peter spoke for the first time.

"What do you want, Sergei?"

"Ideally? The three of us living together as lovers."

"You want me to sleep with Peter? Isn't he gay?" Belinda refused to look at Peter as she spoke.

"Are you thinking that Peter in some way seduced me?"

"Didn't he?"

"No, I've known since I was a teen that I enjoy men. Got that from Papa. He was in his forties when he fell in love with Fox and 'Lex. Before that, he stuck mainly to women. When I met you, I thought you would be all I'd ever want."

Suddenly Belinda looked up at Peter. "You knew he was with me; why did you sleep with him?"

"Belinda, please don't attack Peter, it wasn't his idea."

"She has a right to be angry. I did know about the two of you. But when she went off to Europe and - well I just assumed since I was the only one you were seeing that you didn't want anyone but me. Silly me, falling in love with you."

"Not silly, Peter. Please don't think that. I was only seeing you because my other love was gone. I no longer want casual sex. I want the two people I love in my bed."

"I don't think I can do this." Belinda jumped up and walked to the door, opening it to find that Sergei's grandfathers were indeed in the hallway. They watched her calmly, eyes filled with warmth. Slamming the door, she turned back to see Sergei still on his knees, silently watching.

"They really intend to make us talk."

"Papa once locked 'Lex and Fox in the cellar for hours to force them to talk out a problem."

"The perfect triad had problems?"

"Of course, they did. No trio can get along all the time. They still fight sometimes. Only now it's mainly when Papa gets stubborn about something."

"Stubborn? I'd say that was an understatement. I tried to tell him no about coming here."

"They get especially stubborn when it comes to me and my sisters."

Belinda walked back and sat in the chair. "So what's it going to take to get me out of here?"

Before Sergei could speak Peter spoke to her. "I love him, Belinda. I've always thought you were an exceptional woman. Prove that to me now. Share him with me."

Sergei held his breath as he waited for her to respond. When she did, it was with questions he hadn't expected.

"You can share a bed with us? You could make love to me?"

"Yes. I would be honored to be allowed to make love to you."

She turned to look at Sergei. "You would let me watch as you make love to him? You'd both make love to me together sometimes?"

"Any and every combination you want or can come up with."

"Send your grandfathers home and prove it to me. I make no promise past giving it a try."

Sergei reached out and each of his hands was clasped, one by the hand of a man who knew labor, the other by a woman who was soft and gentle. She rose and held out her other hand to Peter; he took it in his. Sergei rose to his feet and kissed them one at a time and then watched as they shared their first hesitant kiss.

"Take her in the bedroom, Peter. I'll tell the grandpas to go home."

By the time he reached the bedroom, Belinda was lying naked in Peter's arms, giving as good as she was getting if Peter's moans were any indication. Sergei smiled, once more his 'Lex had been right.

He really must try and remember that.


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