Title: Sergei
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationships.
Rating: PG13 for language
Date: 03/29/03 - 5/14/03
Archive: It's yours if it's posted to your list.
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Mulder, Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended; no money is being made.
Summary: Sergei introduces his grandfathers to a possible lover.
NOTE: This story is part of the Triad Universe. Beta thanks to DrkCherry and Jessabelle.


The raven-haired young man waved to the silver-haired man who had just emerged from a car in the parking lot.

"Who is that, Sergei?"

"My grandpa Alex."

Another man whose hair was salt and pepper emerged from the back door of the vehicle and waved. He opened the front passenger door and reached to help a man who was totally bald from the vehicle. Meanwhile, Alex had circled the car and was waiting to lend his help if needed.

"And who are the other two?"

"Grandpa Walter and Grandpa Fox."

"I didn't know you had more than the regulation number. Which ones are the blood relatives?"

"Technically only Grandpa Walter."

"I don't get it…"

The words trailed off as he saw Grandpa Alex kiss Grandpa Walter on the cheek. Sergei laughed at the reaction of his classmate. He had a wicked sense of humor and delighted in letting people discover that his three grandfathers were an item. Unlike most young people, he had no doubts that being older did not mean being celibate.

Walter took the cane Fox held out to him and the three men made their way toward the booth Sergei was helping run. The cane was only used when Walter knew he'd be out and about most of the day. At home he just took it easy when the arthritis acted up.

Sergei stepped around the booth quickly to hug and kiss all three men. His classmate watched as the hellos were spoken. Then Sergei turned.

"Peter, these are my grandfathers, Walter Skinner, Fox Mulder and Alex Skinner."

"Hello, Peter, how's it going?" Fox smiled at the befuddled expression on the boy's face. Alex just reached to swat Sergei on the ass.

"Sergei, you need to warn people so they can put on their PC face."

"Peter doesn't have one of those."

Sergei grinned at the blush that spread up Peter's face. He suspected that Peter might not be as het as he claimed. That was one of the reasons he'd invited his grandfathers to come to the craft sale.

Sergei had discovered that he had more in common with his biological grandfather than just the broad shoulders and tapered waist. He'd found himself attracted to men and women. His most recent attraction was for Peter. Peter, who looked a lot like his grandpa Alex had as a young man.

Sergei moved around behind the booth and brushed oh so accidentally against Peter, while grinning at Alex. The silver head shook as he made a face. Sergei knew he'd be cornered later for a talk.

"So, take a look. Peter does some really good work."

Walter reached out, picking up a set of slave bands done in highly polished silver. The lighter weight chains that fastened to the belt seemed to be hand worked as well. He held them up for his partners to look at.

"Sergei is right, he does do nice work."

Alex held out his arm and one of the bands was slipped over his wrist. Peter's eyes almost bugged out of his head. It was all Sergei could do to hold back a laugh. Walter looked at Peter with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Do you work on commission?"

Peter stuttered, "Ah, sss-sometimes. What did you want?"

"Alexei only has one real hand. I'd want a set with a longer chain on one side and a larger bracelet to fit around his upper arm."

Peter looked down and realized the left hand was fake. Walter was still holding onto Alex's other hand as he turned the bracelet, making sure it slid easily. That was when Peter noticed the wedding bands. On the right hand each man wore two rings. He looked to where Fox was watching and down at the hand resting on the table. Sure enough, he had two bands on his hand as well.

Sergei watched as Peter processed the information. He was sure that after today he'd be able to get Peter to open up more. Alex gave him a calculating look and wiggled his hand at Walter.

"Why don't you and Fox talk with Peter about costs and such and Sergei can show me where to get us something cool to drink."

Walter smiled as he removed the bracelet. Sergei managed to once more brush against Peter as he came out of the booth. They walked away, leaving Walter and Fox to plan the special set for Alex. Once they were out of earshot Alex looked at his grandson.

"You shouldn't ambush them that way."

"'Lex, I don't know what you mean."

"Cut it out, boy. That shit might work on your dad but you're talking to me now."

"He's pretty, isn't he? Almost as pretty as you were at that age."

"I'll have you know I'm still pretty. Walter told me so just this morning."

"And what position were you in when he said that?"

"Don't sass your elders. Seriously, Sergei, you should tell your friends about us before they meet us."

"I don't intend to cater to homophobes. You're my family and anyone who wishes to stay in my orbit will accept you as you are."

"How did you get to be so stubborn?"

"I learned it at your knee."

Alex slapped at an ass that was dodging away as a happy laugh rang out. The concession stand was nearby and Sergei waited there until Alex joined him. They bought five sodas and headed back to the booth. Walter was sitting behind the table, with his head bent to watch as Peter made sketches. Fox was making change for a customer.

Alex watched as Sergei's eyes roamed over Peter. He knew Sergei had been sexually active since he was fifteen. Even then he had been a striking boy. He had mostly dated women, but Alex caught him once in the pool with one of Edward's friends. Sergei had been sixteen then and Alex had made sure the friend knew that hurting Sergei would lead to problems far beyond the scope of the police.

Sergei had laughed it off, telling Alex that he was just having fun, his heart wasn't involved. But Alex was upset with the age difference and the fact that the man claimed to be Edward's friend. Your friends aren't supposed to fuck your children.

Peter seemed to sense that he was being watched and he raised his head. He smiled at them, then turned back as Walter pointed to a section of the drawing.

Alex leaned over to whisper in Sergei's ear. "Break him in gently."

Sergei nodded, then whispered back, "I will, this one is special."

They sipped their drinks as they waited for Walter and Peter to finish up. Fox made several more sales for them, talking to one man who recognized him from his book covers. Finally, Walter was happy with the design. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his wallet and pushed some bills into Peter's hand.

"Can you have it ready by the beginning of June?"

"That's plenty of time."

"Good. Sergei will give you our address and phone number. I'll pay you the balance when you deliver."

"I'll need to measure – I guess you don't want to do that here?"

"No. Why don't you come for dinner with Sergei tonight? I'll let you measure me then," Alex said

Sergei bumped his hip lightly against Alex's as he spoke.

"Sure, Peter, that would be great. My grandfathers are all good cooks. It'll be much better than that crap they serve up around here. Hell, you can tell your mother you had a home cooked meal when you call her Sunday night."

"It's Friday, Sergei, don't you have a date?"

"Nah, Belinda said she needs some 'me' time, whatever that means," Sergei told him, talking about the most recent of the girls in his life.

"Then I'd like to have dinner with you. Sergei is right, the stuff they call food in the cafeteria barely qualifies."

"All settled then. Walter, do you need a hand?"

"You act like I have one foot in the grave." Walter's voice was petulant.

"My ass tells me that's nowhere near the truth," Alex shot back at him.

Peter looked away, blushing ten shades of scarlet. Walter walked out from behind the table, leaning a little on his cane. Sergei kissed his grandfathers goodbye and then slid into the booth with Peter, reminding him that his soda was turning to water.

By the end of the day, Peter had earned enough money to pay for his next semester's books. That would be more good news to tell his mother on Sunday. Sergei helped him pack up and carry his things back to the dorm, then waited for Peter to clean up.

They stopped at Sergei's house and Peter met his sisters for the first time. The one named Mai had flaming red hair and blue eyes; Alexandra was dark haired like her brother. The two girls kept him company while Sergei went to shower and change. They were both seniors in high school, so they chatted with him about the classes they planned to take during the fall semester.

Peter was impressed with the house they pulled up in front of a short time later. Walter was sitting in the porch swing, with a hand full of papers and a red pen. He smiled up at Sergei as he was again kissed on the cheek.

"Go on in. I'm almost finished with this. Ask Fox or Alex to make me a drink."

"I can make it, Papa."

"You make it so weak it wouldn't give my great-aunt a buzz."

"If I made it like you want then 'Lex and Fox would be bitching at me for getting you drunk."

"Don't let them fool you. They like me drunk, so they can take advantage of me."

Sergei chuckled as he led Peter into the house, calling out. "'Lex, Papa wants a drink."

Alex's head appeared around the kitchen doorway. "Well, give him one. The ice bucket is full, and you boys can have a beer if you want. Dinner is almost ready. Check and see if you can pry Fox away from the computer, his 'muse' jumped him when we got home."

Sergei went to the wet bar in the corner. He pulled out two beers from the small fridge, handing one to Peter. A bottle was selected, a glass taken down, ice and scotch added.

"Have a seat. I'll give this to Papa and be right back."

Peter wandered over to look at a picture on an easel in the corner as he took a swig of the beer. The picture was of a nude man, lounging among a bunch of brightly colored pillows. He knew instantly that it was Alex, the eyes were the same. The picture was beautifully done; the artist had made no effort to disguise the fact that the beauty was flawed. In his mind that made the portrait all the more beautiful.

He didn't move as he heard Sergei's footsteps coming back, but it didn't matter since Sergei ran up the steps to see if the muse would let up long enough for Fox to eat. He did turn when he heard the front door open again.

Walter stood there smiling at Peter as he turned from looking at Alex's picture.

"He looks happy. Who's the artist?"

"They keep telling me I should sign it but I like making people wonder. He was very happy during that time."

"I'm still very happy. Why shouldn't I be when I have two men who love me? Where are Fox and Sergei?"

Alex set a bowl of salad on the table as Sergei came bouncing down the stairs. "He says give him ten minutes."

"Walter." Alex sounded irritated.

"Fox William Mulder, if you aren't down here in thirty seconds you're sleeping alone tonight."

There was a loud thump from above and then the sound of feet running across the floor. A slightly flushed Fox appeared at the top of the steps.

"All three, Walter?" the irritation was obvious in Fox's voice.

"Worked, didn't it?"

Peter's mouth spent a good deal of time hanging open as he listened to the easy way Sergei bantered with his grandfathers. The three men obviously felt a lot of love for each other. There were touches whenever one got up to get something from the kitchen, outright hand holding after dinner as they lingered over coffee. Sergei had an unusual family, who seemed very close.

Peter had come to San Diego to go to college at UCSD on a partial scholarship. He had been born and raised in a small town but his mother felt he was talented, so she had done everything possible to encourage him.

They had both also scrimped and saved toward him going to college. He would have envied Sergei his easier life if not for the fact that Sergei never acted like the other rich students. He didn't appear a bit spoiled, or snobby.

If anything, he was just the opposite. He accepted everyone on his or her merits. He had befriended Peter during the last semester when he was doing poorly in his American history class. Sergei's offer of free tutoring was a godsend, with his help Peter had made it through with a passing grade.

Then when he'd seen the renaissance items Peter was working on for the craft sale he'd offered to help work his booth. Peter had never expected to have anyone ask him to make such a personal item. Nor had he expected the requester to tell him he was undercharging and set the price himself.

Finally, Walter pushed back from the table. "Alexei, you should let Peter measure you now. I'm sure the boys would rather be out trying to get laid instead of hanging out with us old guys."

"Speak for yourself, old man. Maybe I'll go out with them."

"If I may be excused, I know where the next part is going in the story." Fox didn't wait for an answer, he just jumped up and disappeared up the steps.

"Come on, Peter. We'll do this in the living room."

"Sergei, you can help me in the kitchen."

Sergei immediately saw the ploy for what it was. Papa wanted to talk. So he followed his grandfather to the kitchen with more of the dishes from the table.

"Sergei, that boy looks fresh from the farm, you might want to back off."

"He's twenty, Papa. Old enough to be legal."

"That's not what I mean. I remember being your age. I would fuck anything that would stay still long enough. But this boy is – I don't know – innocent, maybe. I just have the feeling that if you fuck him it's going to go bad."

"Papa, he's special. I can see that. Don't you think I've learned anything with the three of you as grandfathers?"

"I know Alex taught you how to kill an attacker if you need to. Fox taught you to reason things through. The only thing I can see that I passed on is a big dick and the urge to fuck tight little holes with it."

"Well, Papa, that's not such a bad thing. I've made a couple of people happy that way."

"Couple, huh? Do I even need to tell you that we have watched over you and your sisters?"

"No. My life is pretty much an open book with three ex-FBI agents for grandparents. Papa, I won't lie, I do want him in my bed. But I would walk away before I hurt him. I felt something the first time I saw him. Something I can't explain."

"Then be careful. I won't tell you to wait until you're older. I couldn't with your grandmother. Couldn't stop myself with either of them, even when I felt it was wrong."

"Love is never wrong. Isn't that what you always tell people when they make comments about threesomes?"

"Brat! Let's go see if they're through."

They entered the living room to find Alex with his shirt off and his arm lying on the table where he was explaining to Peter how it worked.

"All finished?"


"Then let's hit the road. The old guys need to go to bed."

"This old guy can still kick your butt, boy."

Sergei crouched down next to where Alex was sitting on the floor, hugging him tightly. Straightening, he turned to hug Walter.

"Tell Fox to get a hug from his muse."

Peter was waiting by the door.

"Peter, if you plan to deliver personally, you can probably get another meal."

"Thank you, Mr. Skinner. I'll take you up on that."

Walter closed the door as an arm slipped around his waist. "How did it go?"

"Could have gone better. He told me the same thing he told you, Peter is special."

"I believe him, Sergei. He looks at Peter the way his father looks at his mother."

Walter twisted around to look at Alexei. "You said he looks at Belinda that way."

"Maybe he wants his own threesome."

"Who wants his own threesome?"

"Muse stop talking?" Walter asked.

"Yes. Now, who are you talking about?"

"Sergei," Alex explained.

"Why wouldn't he? He's a horny toad like his Papa. He'll need two to keep up with him."

Walter growled and his lovers sniggered as they went to clean up the kitchen. Later, snuggled in bed, Walter wondered if everything would work out. He so wanted his grandchildren to have good lives.

"Walter, stop worrying. Sergei has been raised by two of the best people on this planet. He's as honorable as you are. He won't let you down." Fox tightened his hold on the arm around his waist.

Alexei kissed Walter between the shoulders as he hugged him tighter. Walter finally drifted off to sleep. He'd think about it tomorrow.


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