Title: Santa and His Naughty Elves
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex.
Rating: NC17
Date: 12/03/02
Archive: FHSA Others ask.
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Santa's elves make him very, very happy.
NOTE: This story is part of the Triad Universe. Beta thanks to Bill, Jose and DrkCherry. Temporary tattoos can be purchased here


Fox had been home all month. A good deal of it he had spent with Alex at the Center helping out with the annual gift drive. Fox had even agreed to appear on a local talk show if they would let him plug the Center's Santa project. He had even slipped in that he and his partners were going to help make deliveries this year.

That had caused a bit of a stir from the homophobic elements in the area. But the group had issued a press release stating that they would practice no form of discrimination. The deliveries were made in costume, were anonymous, and all volunteers were subject to background checks. If anything, the uproar had seemed to help rather than hurt. The gay community was even more generous than usual.

Walter's reaction to the elf suits when they tried them on, had made it necessary to buy new tights, but Fox and Alex considered that a small price to pay for the way Walter had fucked them through the mattress.

Christmas Eve arrived and Walter and his lovers headed to the Center. Walter had wanted to rent a van but Alex insisted on buying one.

"After all, Walter, we can use it to help out other charities as well."

"All right, Alex. Guess it might come in handy for camping trips and such as well."

So they piled in for the trip, costumes in back. They wanted to have the van loaded before they put on the suits. The van was loaded quickly, since there were people there just to help with that. Instructions given were simple. Try to keep the visit to no more than an hour, less if you felt uncomfortable or felt the family was. No matter how much they asked, the name of the organization was not to be given out. This was a visit from Santa, end of story.

Walter pulled his elves close for a kiss before donning his beard and coat. Walter smiled at the happy look in both their eyes.

"Fox, did you remember the grocery certificates?"

"Yes, worrywart. I put them in the glove compartment of the van right after I bought them. Alex also picked up gift certificates for the shoe stores and theaters closest to the neighborhoods Mrs. Olsen said we'd be delivering in."

The three men had decided to make sure the families they delivered to had food and entertainment as well as new shoes for the children. They all wanted to share the good fortune they had.

Fox pulled up to the first address on their list; Alex jumped out to open the back door as Walter reached into the glove box. He looked carefully to make sure he had one of each of the certificates, tucking them into his belt. He got to the back of the van just as Fox and Alex pulled out the bike that was part of this first delivery.

The two elves had agreed to alternate the driving and the assisting. Alex rolled the bike toward the house following Santa. Walter knocked on the door; when it was opened, he fell easily into character.

"Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas. You must be James. Are your folks home?"

The small boy who had opened the door nodded, eyes big as saucers. He backed up as a lady came up beside him.

"Hello, Santa."

Her voice was soft with a slight tremble. She hadn't expected to have a miracle show up at her door this day. Stepping back, she made room for Walter and Alex to enter the house. The boy stood next to his mother as Santa unloaded the bag.

James' teacher had been contacted and had given them information on sizes and such. Whenever possible the children were given warm clothing as part of their presents.

Walter pointed to the bike. "Hope I got the color right, James. A lot of my good boys asked for bikes this year and Santa's lists sometimes get confused."

James reached out and touched the bike hesitantly as Alex smiled encouragement at him.

"You must promise Santa always to wear your helmet when you ride. Will you do that for me?"

"I promise, Santa." The voice was soft, like his mother's.

"Good boy. Mrs. Stone, here are some certificates to take care of a couple of other things I thought you and James would need."

Walter handed them to her and watched as her eyes filled when she saw what they were for. Fox had gotten the grocery store ones in two hundred-dollar increments. The ones for the shoe store were for one hundred and the theatre ones were for fifty.

Walter patted her shoulder gently as Alex watched, his eyes looking a little damp. Then, turning to James, Walter spoke again.

"James, I want you to take good care of your mom this year and keep on being a good boy."

"Can I open my presents now?"

"That's up to Mom. She might want to go shopping first, get some goodies for dinner."

"How about you ride your new bike to the store? We'll get stuff for Christmas dinner and you can open them when we get back."

"Wow! Ok."

"Get your jacket."

The boy ran from the room and his mother turned to look at them.

"I don't know where you came from, but thank you for this. I've been so depressed because I was out of work for such a long time, but today two miracles happened. I got a job and you came to visit. My son and I will have a very good Christmas thanks to you."

"Mrs. Stone, I'm glad you got a job. We wish you a prosperous New Year as well."

Alex and Walter went out to the van. Mulder was standing next to it, grinning. Alex opened the door and hopped in but didn't close the door right away. As the Stones started past them, she looked at Mulder and stopped. Patting James on the arm, she spoke quickly to him.

"Start toward the store but go slowly. Mom wants to tell Santa thank you again."

The three men turned to look at her as James did as instructed.

"Mr. Mulder, I've read your books. Thank you and your partners for this. It's truly wonderful to know that the man who has allowed me to escape from my worries in the pages of his novels gives even more than that to the world."

Mulder just stood and stared.

"I think you've managed to do what we can't. He's speechless."

She smiled at them and then got a bit of a wicked gleam in her eye.

"Santa, you just make sure you give your elves a proper reward for all their help tonight."

"Yes, ma'am. I'll take care of that. Merry Christmas."

She walked off down the street toward James. Alex was smiling as Fox and Walter got into the van with him.

"Guess at least one of your fans doesn't care that you're gay." Alex told him.

"I never thought about people recognizing me. Maybe I should stay in the van."

"You will not. This is a joint venture. Besides, not everyone in town reads your books." Walter's grin was lost in the beard but his tone gave it away.

The next stop was just a few blocks away. Alex parked in front of the rundown house to wait while Fox to take his turn at helping deliver. The family this time was larger: the two men staggered to the door with two bags each. When Walter knocked this time, an elderly black lady opened the door.

"Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas."

Before the woman could reply, a head peeked around her legs and a small girl ran back into the house screaming, "Santa's here."

The lady stepped back, "Come in, please."

Walter and Fox entered the small living room and placed the bags on the floor just as three children ran into the room, followed by a younger woman, and a man who must have been the grandfather. The children stopped to stare.

"Merry Christmas, children. Don't be shy, come and talk with Santa."

Walter took a chair near the bags and Fox bent to open the first one. The little girl who had peeked at them through the door marched up to Walter bold as brass and held up her arms. He picked her up and settled her on his lap.

"You must be Rachael. That's a really pretty name. Have you been a good girl for your mom this year?"

"Yes, Santa. I been a ver' good girl."

Walter smiled down at the small girl as Fox held out a package toward them.

"Someone told Santa that you wanted a special present and since you were so good, I wanted to come early tonight so I could watch as you open it."

She reached for the box, ripping the paper. When the doll was revealed, she squealed.

"Santa, she booful. Tank you."

The child slipped off his lap and ran to show her doll to her mom.

"Mom, look Santa brought me!"

Fox quickly handed Walter a gift for the youngest boy still standing and watching.

"Simon, this one is for you."

The boy darted quickly over to take the package, but retreated to open it. Walter and Fox watched as the Harry Potter Lego set was opened. The boy smiled happily as he opened the box and spilled them onto the floor between his knees. The older boy was soon opening the latest thing in GI Joes.

Fox made a note to locate one like it for Walter's desk. Walter rose from the chair and walked over to the grownups as the children played happily.

"There are gifts for each of you as well. Please use these in any way you need."

He handed the gift certificates to the elderly woman, gently hugged the younger one as she cried into his beard, and then shook hands with the grandfather. He and Fox slipped from the house without the children noticing.

Alex was leaning casually against the side of the van when they came out. He beamed at them when he saw the misty eyes.

"Your turn to drive, Fox."

The rest of the deliveries were made and then they headed back to the Center. Some of the other teams had made it back already and the eggnog was being served with cookies. This was a part of the tradition. It was time to exchange stories and unwind a little.

One man told of a family where the father had been passed out drunk, and the children let him in. That was the house where he'd spent the most time. He even took time to go buy the children dinner and take it back to them.

Another told of a family with a spotless house where the baby was so precious he wanted to stay all night just to hold the child as it slept.

Walter embarrassed Alex by telling about the teenage girl who had flirted with Santa's helper.

"I can't see the attraction myself, can you, Fox?"

Fox had snickered at the outraged expression on Alex's face. Mrs. Olsen reached out to pat his hand. Most of the folks there had been at the Center at some point when the three men had also been there, so they were comfortable with them. Besides, Alex had donated more time to the effort than just about any other volunteer and was well liked.

The three men stayed for about an hour and then headed for home. Walter was out of the car and inside the house almost before the van stopped rolling. Alex and Fox followed, only to find 'Santa' sitting in the oversized leather chair in the living room. They exchanged grins as he bellowed out.

"Ho, ho, ho. Time for my elves to pleasure Santa after the long night's work. Come sit on Santa's lap."

"Fox, didn't Mrs. Stone tell 'Santa' that he should reward his elves tonight?"

"Yes, Alex, I believe she did. But then Santa's pleasure is sometimes very rewarding for us. I seem to recall having a fine time last night."

Nodding at Fox’s reply, Alex walked over to Walter’s chair and sat in his lap with his prosthetic resting along the back of the chair, leaving his hand free to touch. Fox followed and sat on the other leg. Both men let some of their weight rest on the arms of the chair to relieve Walter’s legs and let them remain comfortable longer.

Walter kissed each in turn but when he turned to kiss Alex a second time, he found him trying to pull beard hair from his mouth.

"Santa, the beard has to go."

"I agree." Fox was emphatic as he too tried to pull acrylic hair from his tongue.

Walter chucked and nodded. Alex took hold of one side, Fox the other, and Santa was soon looking a lot like a FBI AD. After the beard was out of the way, Alex latched onto Walter's mouth. After Fox had the hair out of his mouth, he nuzzled into Walter's throat, sucking a new mark on the skin.

Both men moaned as Walter's big hands kneaded their asses a little roughly. Not with pain, neither of them minded when he got a little rough, just meant nice reminders the next day. They did however cringe a little as the tights made ripping noises.

Alex was glad he'd suggested to Fox that they buy several extra pairs. After all, they had planned to dress up for their grandson the next day. He and his parents would be arriving around midnight.

Alex released Walter's mouth and took a deep breath before reaching to pull Fox into a kiss. Walter smiled as he watched his boys kissing. His hands continued to rove over the flanks that weren't touching the chair. His fingers twisted and pulled at the fabric of the tights until he could feel skin through the holes.

They spent several minutes just exchanging kisses while Walter's hands explored. All three were rock hard when Walter decided it was time to move forward.

"I have mistletoe on my body. I'd really liked to be kissed under it."

"We'll have to get you undressed to find it, Santa."

Fox jumped up as he spoke and held out his hand to Alex. Once the boys were off his lap, Santa stood, arms out, ready to be stripped. They made short work of the Santa suit. Stepping back, they both howled with laughter. Now they knew why Walter had insisted on getting dressed alone.

Scattered over every erogenous zone they had ever mapped on his body were fake tattoos of a sprig of mistletoe. When the laughter stopped, Alex turned to Fox.

"Elf Fox, I do believe that we'll need to get Santa laid out on a flat surface to complete this project. Shall I start at his toes and you start at his neckline?"

"I think that's an excellent plan, Elf Alex."

Pulling a laughing Walter after them, they headed up the stairs to their bedroom. Pushing him toward the bed, they turned to help each other undress. Walter lounged, propped on one elbow to watch.

One they were naked, they prowled toward him. He dropped back to lie flat, legs spread, eyes closed, and waited.

Alex lifted his foot and very carefully bathed the instep with his wet tongue. This was a spot he had discovered quite by accident one rainy afternoon. Lifting the other foot, he gave it the same attention.

Fox had started with the hollow of the collarbone; another spot he would not have expected if Walter had not come explosively one night as Fox sucked it just the right way.

By the time they met at his dick, Walter no longer sounded human. Pushing Walter's legs up, both men took turns kissing him under the mistletoe that had been placed just behind his sac. Then two talented tongues swirled around and around his cock.

Finally, Fox winked at Alex and swallowed Walter down as Alex rimmed the tight hole. Walter screamed and shot hard, his hands fisting in the sheets. When his body went limp, they lifted their heads.

"Alex, I think he's out for the count. Guess we'll have to take care of each other."

"I guess we can figure out something. Flip a coin?"

"Nah, you choose."

"Lie down next to him."

Fox did as instructed. He watched as Alex climbed off the bed and got the lube from the bedside drawer. When Fox realized what Alex had in mind, he held his cock up to be coated with lube. Using one hand to hold himself ready, he reached with the other to help steady Alex.

Once the head breached the muscle ring Alex dropped hard. Fox let out a very happy sounding moan and rocked up making sure all of him was inside. Alex worked himself up and down on his lover, both men soon becoming more frantic.

"Now, Fox! Come for me!"

Fox gripped Alex's hips, pulling down as he pushed his up. Making a strangled noise deep in his throat, he emptied into the heat of his Alex. Alex undulated his hips like a snake as he reached to stroke his dick.

"I'll do that." Walter growled.

Two sets of eyes tracked to see that he was indeed back with them. As Walter pumped Alex, he tilted his head back, whimpering. Fox and Walter shared a kiss. They watched as Alex's hand reached blindly for them. Fox took hold of his hand, Walter jerked harder.

Then Alex was screaming as his come shot out to land on Fox's chest and belly. His bones appeared to have melted as he slowly collapsed forward to lie on Fox's body. Come squishing between them. Walter hooked his foot into the sheet and pulled it up to cover them.

The three men slept until the alarm went off later that evening. Walter had suspected they might need a wake up call: he wanted them to have time to shower and dress before Edward, Miranda and Sergei arrived. In the shower, he slapped playfully at them.

"Good thing Santa's a generous man or he might be upset that he woke up to find his elves messing around."

"Maybe next time Santa won't leave his elves with blue balls." Fox sassed before jumping out of the shower and running, still dripping, into the bedroom.

Alex moved closer, and kissed his injured looking Sergei.

"Hey, you, the mistletoe is still in place. We'll kiss you under it again after everyone is settled for the night."

Walter smiled. It was going to be a great Christmas, no doubt about it.

The End

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