Title: Santa Day
Author: Peach
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Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek/Mulder
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Date: 12/16/03
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Disclaimer: The characters the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Yule time.
NOTES: Thanks to Bill. For Ursula and all my list sibs.


"'Lex, wake up, Santa came."

Alex moaned as he cracked open an eye to see his grandson standing next to the bed. Alex'd ended up on the outside last night when the three men fell asleep after the party. Walter's arm was across his middle and he could feel the start of an erection lying along his crack.

"Morning, Sergei. Why don't you go down and I'll make Papa and Fox get up?"

"Fox is downstairs already."

The small boy climbed up and over, digging a knee into Alex's ribs as he landed on top of his Papa. "Papa, get up, Santa came."

Alex twisted and smiled at Walter as Sergei rubbed his hand on Papa's sandpaper cheeks. Sergei loved the feel of Walter's beard in the morning. Walter grinned as the small hand rubbed over his cheek.

"Did Santa bring lots of presents?"

"Yes, Papa. Mom said we can't start until you come down. So come on, Papa. You and 'Lex get up, please." The small boy wheedled.

"Okay, we'll get up. Go down and tell Fox he should get our coffee ready; you know Papa needs his coffee."

"Mom got you a new mug, Papa. A big mug."

"Good, because your Papa will need it this morning."

"'Cause of the party? Sergei asked Alex.

"Yes, Papa partied really hard last night."

"Okay, I'll tell Fox to use the big mug."

Alex managed to avoid a repeat of the knee incident as Sergei scrambled off the bed. As he left the room Walter nuzzled against of the back Alex's neck," "Walter, we better get up or he'll be back here."

"I know. But you just smell so good."

"I smell like a whore house."

"Yeah, that's what I mean." Walter said as he rubbed against his lover. After a minute Walter reluctantly pulled away and headed to the bathroom.

Alex spent a minute stretching his muscles and wondered how Fox had gotten up without waking them. He figured that Fox had risen early to call Scully to wish her Merry Christmas before she went to her mother's for the day.

He joined Walter in the shower and they bathed quickly, neither of them wanting to keep Sergei waiting too long. As they reached the living room, Fox rose and came over to kiss them each quickly. "Morning, sleepyheads."

Walter swatted Fox's ass lightly before looking at his grandchildren who were sitting next to the tree eating muffins. "Have you got my coffee ready?"

"Sergei said Papa needs the big mug." Fox gestured to the chair he'd been sitting in and Walter saw the steaming mug on the table next to it.

Sinking into the chair, Walter picked up the mug and sipped the coffee.

"Mom, Papa and 'Lex are here now can we open presents?"

"Yes, Sergei, but put your muffins on the table first."

Edward and Alex started to shift the gifts around, making sure the children each had a pile of gifts. Fox perched on the arm of the chair next to Walter, but he was soon pulled down to sit in Walter's lap.

Soon there was a large pile of paper, and each of the children was playing with a toy. As Edward and Alex filled a bag with the discarded wrapping paper, Miranda went to the kitchen to make another pot of coffee and get munchies for the grown-ups.

Coming back with a tray, Miranda smiled as she saw her fathers-in-law sitting together. Fox was still in Walter's lap and Alex was sitting on the floor next to them. Walter's right arm was wrapped around Fox, his left hand resting on Alex's shoulder.

She put the tray down and Alex reached out to grab a slice of the coffee cake. Fox pressed a kiss on Walter's cheek before getting up and grabbing his own slice of cake. As Fox stuffed the cake in his mouth, he grabbed the coffee pot and poured some in Walter's mug.

"Dad, I have the sausage pinwheels in the oven. They'll be ready soon." Miranda told him.

Walter grinned at his daughter-in-law; she always made sure to cook his favorites when they visited. One of his granddaughters took advantage of Fox's getting up to crawl into Papa's lap. He hugged the small girl as she held up her stuffed rat to show him.

Fox had found the small stuffed rats a month before and had insisted that the girls needed them for Christmas. Alex had then spent hours on the Internet until he found stuffed foxes for them as well. The rats were dressed in small vests, one made of black leather, the other of red satin. The foxes were wearing hats, one in a red beret the other a cowboy hat.

"Look, Papa."

"That's a handsome rat, in his leather vest. Does he have a name?"


Alex turned around to look at them and frowned. He didn't mind that they referred to him as their rat but he didn't really want the kids to call him that. Miranda knew that and tried to avert the problem.

"Mai, why did you name him Lex?"

"He's got pretty green eyes."

Walter looked at the small stuffed animal and grinned. "Yes, he does have green eyes just like grandpa 'Lex."

Fox leaned over and kissed Alex's cheek. "I'll bet that's why Santa thought you should have that one. Even Santa knows what pretty eyes your grandpa has."

The small red head nodded vigorously, and Alex reached to squeeze her foot gently. Soon Fox, Edward and Alex were on all fours playing with the kids on the floor. Walter followed Miranda into the kitchen for more coffee and sausage pinwheels.

The day passed agreeably and after the grandpas tucked the kids in that night they made their way home. Under their own tree were the gifts they'd bought for each other. The gag gifts were opened and laughed over, the serious gifts bringing hugs and kisses.

Finally the three men made their way up to bed. Alex had decreed earlier that Fox should be in the middle that night and Walter backed him up when Fox made a token protest. Later as they lay still tangled together, Fox spoke.

"Alex, I'll never teach the children to call you rat. That's our private name for you. I really want you to know that. When I saw the stuffed animals, the green eyes struck me. They reminded me of you; that's why I bought them."

Fox's fingers trailed over Alex's cheek as he looked down at him. Walter shifted and pulled the two men to rest against him. Alex whispered, "Thank you, Fox."

"Alexei, if it bothers you we can stop calling you that all together."

"I don't mind being your rat, Walter. The way the two of you say it turns it into an endearment. But it does have negative connotations, so I don't want them to think of me that way."

"Alex, no grandpa was ever loved more than you are. You don't ever have to worry about those kids thinking anything negative about you."

"I sure hope not."

Walter pressed a kiss to both of their heads. And the three men drifted off to sleep.

The end

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