Title: Riding Bareback
Author: Peach
Email address: peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 2/24/01
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder, RatB, SKSA,WWOMB Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: PWP The title doesn't give it away, does it?

When Alex Krycek came into our life, I was worried. I'm sure of Walter's love for me but, just the same Alex is like a wounded child and Walter has the softest heart on the planet. The night I realized that he wanted Alex, I did some hard thinking then made Walter an offer of sorts.

I figured it was better to give my consent to the idea and not put Walter in a position where he felt he was betraying me. Now don't give me that "If he loved you, he wouldn't do that" crap. Yes, he loves me. But Alex loves him and that is a powerful drug to a man who needs to be needed. See, for Walter, even 'lusting in his heart' was the same as the deed.

Walter's sex drive makes most teenagers look celibate. I wasn't concerned about that part of the equation. I was concerned about the other things we shared. Guess I should have known that Walter would work that out. Walter organized our lives as efficiently as he handles his job.

For example, since Walter and I started living together, we've shared a shower in the morning before work. Most mornings that's not all we share. I love starting the day being well fucked by my lover. Walter must like it too because he seems very gung ho about the whole thing. Our morning showers stayed just him and me. Alex never tried to join us. I don't know if Walter had told him that was *our* time or if he just figured it out on his own.

Walter had quietly arranged our lives so that I never felt neglected. He made sure that he had time alone with both of us. His time with Alex being mostly when I had to be out of town. But every week he took one of us out to dinner. Just dinner and conversation, no sex. If I had been out of town more that forty-eight hours then we went to the cabin for the weekend alone.

He also arranged for me and Alex to have private time. This happened mainly because of his late meetings. But there were times, like this week, when he would schedule me for vacation, then send Alex and me up to the cabin.

After the first night we took Alex into our bed, I knew that I wanted this to work. I had told Walter that I had thought about fucking him when he had been my partner. That was the truth. The only problem really was I wanted Walter more.

Alex is SEX. I mean that. Walter can take me to another planet. Walter is so totally focused on his partner that you feel like the center of the universe. But no one I've ever been with looks so totally angelic as Alex does when you make him come. Especially when Walter makes him come. I'd be willing for them to fuck just so I could watch.

It doesn't hurt that Alex has a nice thick cock like Walter and they both fill me up so nicely. Once he realized we wanted him, he became so uninhibited. We both love it when he babbles at us. How he gets enough oxygen to string all those words together while riding one of us is beyond me. I'm lucky if I can grunt.

Alex had had his six-month test done the week before. He had insisted that I go with him and watch the blood being drawn. We had both told him that we trusted him. He thanked us for that. Then said that since he had lied to us in the past, he didn't want there to be any subconscious doubts. So I went. When the blood was drawn, he gave the tech Walter's personal cell phone number and his name. Told him the results were to be given to Walter.

The tech looked at him and said, "I thought this was your partner."

"I'm one of them." I grinned at him

"Damn, how many are there?"

"Just the two of them. I'm the luckiest man on the planet." Alex's eyes were a deep green as he looked at me.

Walter was upset that Alex thought we would question his word on something that was so important. Alex just crawled into his lap, told him that he desperately wanted this to work for us. He was just earning our trust this way.

So I found myself with two days vacation. Alex and I went to the cabin. Walter would be coming up for the weekend. The day was beautiful as we rode up on Thursday. We hiked in the afternoon, made a wonderful dinner together. Since even in June it gets cold in the mountains at night, we made a fire. We were curled up on the rug in front of the fire, making out like teenagers, when my cell phone rang.

I rolled away from Alex to grab it from the table and he made a huffing sound behind me.

"You know it's probably Walter making sure we are ok. Hello."

"Hi, lover, what are you wearing?"

I laughed, "My sweats."

"What! I expected the two of you to be naked and getting ready for round two by now." He sounded tired.

"Bad day, Walter?"

I rolled back toward Alex and pulled him up against my shoulder so he could listen in.

"Yeah. I needed to hear my lovers' voices before I crawl into my empty bed."

"Hey, you told us to come up here."

"I know. I'm not complaining. It was just a bad day. If I had known it was going to be so bad, you guys would have stayed here. No matter how bad it gets, having the two of you gets me through it."

"Do you want us to come home?"

"No. I'm going to try to get out early tomorrow and come up then instead of waiting for Saturday. I miss you guys. That bed looks awful cold and lonely without the two of you naked and waiting for me in it."

"Call us if you can get up here tomorrow and we'll be waiting naked for you in this bed. I love you, Walter."

Alex piped up, "I love you too, Walter."

"And I love both of you. Fox, take Alex to bed and remind him why he can never leave us. I'll call you tomorrow either way. Night."

Alex turned to me as soon as I disconnected the phone.

"Does Walter think I'll leave someday?" He looked worried.

"Alex, he worries that we both will leave. He thinks that if he ever can't fuck us, we'll move on to someone else. I've tried to make him understand that his cock isn't the only reason I'm here. I'm sure it's not your only reason for being here either. He's a big beautiful man who doesn't know his worth. Guess maybe he'll get it around his ninetieth birthday."

"I've been alone so much of my life. Being with the two of you the last six months has been like heaven. I could never leave as long as you want me. I've been thinking of asking him if I could legally change my name to Skinner. I want to cut as many connections to the past as I can. Do you think he might feel like I plan to stay if I do that?"

I grinned at him, "Alex, I think he'll be very touched and flattered."

"You wouldn't mind?"

"Why would I mind? Alexei Skinner, sounds good."

"Alexei Mulder Skinner. If that's ok with you."

I showed him how ok it was with me by pulling him close and kissing him with all the emotion his words caused me to feel.

I gave him that grin I know makes him and Walter hard, "Come on, Alexei let's go to bed. I was given an order, you know."

He smiled and jumped up, heading for the stairs. I got up to follow and had his tee shirt land on my head as he threw it over his shoulder. We took our time arousing each other. After six months as lovers, we knew what worked. By the time Alex let me come, I was close to exhausted but it was a happy exhausted. That's why we were still sleeping when the phone rang the next morning at nine thirty. I stumbled down stairs and picked it up after about the tenth ring.


"You guys sleeping in?"

"Someone told me to show Alex why he could never leave remember? Beside, I didn't expect to hear from you this early."

"I know. Is Alex listening?"

"No. Why?"

"I just got a call from the lab. His test was negative. I told Kim to reschedule my meetings for the day. I'll be there as soon as I can get there. Have him naked and ready."

"Do you want me to tell him?"

"No. We'll surprise him. Do you want him in you first or do you want to do him first?"

"In me first. Like our first time together. I love you. Drive careful."

I watched as a sleepy nude Alex wandered down the stairs. My mouth curled up as I thought about how happy he would be in a couple of hours, and how sore he would be by tomorrow. When our six-month tests came back, Walter rode me into the bed. Poor Alex would have two of us riding him. Somehow, I didn't think he would be complaining. He had told me last night how much he wanted us to come in *him*, not in a condom.

"Was that Walter?"

"Yeah, his morning meeting got canceled so he's coming up early. Let's get some breakfast. We have to be in the bed naked when he gets here remember?"

I pulled him close for a morning kiss. Breakfast and cleaning up our mess from the night before took so much time that we were just coming out of the shower when I heard Walter's car pull up. Alex hadn't even questioned me about the enema I gave him. I had him give me one as well. I figured he would assume that Walter had mentioned oral activities. Walter only rims or allows himself to be rimmed if the area is clean. I wanted us both very clean for anything Walter wanted to do. I knew it was going to be a long happy weekend for us all.

Alex and I hurried to the bed. We heard him bounding up the stairs then Walter was standing in the doorway. His eyes showing his pleasure at finding us naked and waiting for him. He had left his jacket in the car. Later I would find his tie just inside the door. His shirt hanging on the stair rail. His shoes near the top of the stairs. Alex and I watched as he slowly lowered his zipper, pushing slacks and underwear down together. He walked out of them and headed toward the bed.

We both rose to our knees to meet him. Pulled to him and twining around him as he kissed Alex deeply then turned to kiss me just as thoroughly.

"I don't know what you guys are doing to me. I was so lonely last night. Had trouble getting to sleep without you there."

As he spoke, his big hands moved down to caress and squeeze our asses. We were all hard and I knew that Walter was impatient to get on with it.

"We missed you, too. Granted, we had each other, but we've become very addicted to the pleasure of our big bull's attentions."

"Alex, I could strangle you for getting him started on calling me that. Do you know that every time we go to the club now someone calls me bull?"

Alex was hiding his face in Walter's throat but I could hear the giggles he was trying to suppress.

"I'm sorry, Walter, but you are hung and I couldn't help bragging a little. I mean, you had just told me you loved me for the first time. It had been the best day of my life. You and Fox had made me so happy. I thought it was the easiest way to get away from them. I was afraid of getting you in trouble. I was imagining the headlines 'FBI AD In Fight At Gay Club Over Assassin Lover'."

"Hey, I don't get mentioned in the headline?"

"I figured you could say you were undercover. I was afraid that Walter would maim or kill one of those guys."

"No, I was feeling way too good at hearing you tell him how happy you were with us." Walter smiled that sexy smile that I know is just for Alex and me, the one that turns us into mush. Alex made a little sighing sound as he leaned to kiss Walter.

When Walter Skinner kisses you, you know you have been kissed. I watched as Alex melted against him, enjoying the sight of my two lovers kissing, the feel of his hand moving over my ass. When he broke from the kiss, I waited for the one I knew I would receive. He tasted of the peppermint candy he keeps in the car mixed with the taste that is Alex.

"Put your ring on, Fox. I'm going to get Alex ready for me."

I almost laughed at that. Alex had been ready except for lube since Walter's car pulled into the driveway. So had I for that matter. I got off the bed and went to get my ring. I would have to use the leather one that snapped since I was already hard and wouldn't be able to get on the platinum one he'd had made for me. Actually, he had given Alex and me matching custom made rings for his birthday. First time I ever got a gift for someone else's birthday.

I got our rings out of the dresser drawer. I turned back to the bed to see Alex clutching at Walter's head as Walter suck, bit, and tongue fucked his ass. Nothing in the world is as erotic as watching two men you love make love to each other. I could see the pre-come on the head of Alex's cock and knew I wanted to taste him.

I crawled on the bed next to them and leaned down to run my tongue over the head of Alex's cock. Alex suddenly learned how to speak in tongues. A southern revival meeting would have been awed at his ability. I heard a chuckle from Walter as Alex's voice spiraled around us and became English again.

"Walter Fox please oh please now I need you now want you to fuck me please now want need in me now damn it do me want a cock in me."

"There he goes again, Walter. We'd better give him what he wants or you know how he'll pout."

"Alex, listen to me. Alex, you need to get on your knees for us. Fox wants you inside him. Here, let me help you."

Walter flipped Alex over onto his stomach then slipped his big hands under him to pull him up on his knees with his back to Walter's chest. I got the lube and positioned myself if front of Alex. My ass up on the backrest pillow we'd bought especially for these activities.

"Come on, Alex, you need to concentrate for a minute. Need to get Fox ready for you."

Alex looked down at me with a small smile, then he bent down and licked up my crack pushing his tongue inside me. Walter reached around him to take the lube from my suddenly useless hands. He smiled at me as Alex continued his assault on my now very wet and ready for action hole. I dropped my head back and gave myself up to the pleasure. If asked to pick who does this best, I couldn't choose. They have different techniques but both accomplish the same goal. Making Fox Mulder forget everything but the need to be thoroughly fucked.

I could tell without looking that Walter was working on Alex again. I raised up anyway to see what was going on. I do so love watching Walter with Alex. All I could really see was Walter's baldhead. Alex was starting to zone again. Walter moved then, kissing up along Alex's spine and leaning past him to kiss me. I opened for him, tasting the musk of our beautiful Alex.

Walter pulled back, lifting Alex up with him. I watched as he let Alex go to grab the lube by his knee. He squirted a generous amount on his hand then divided it into two parts. With one hand he slicked himself, using the other to coat Alex's cock. This act finally brought Alex up from the lust haze he was in. He turned to look at Walter.

"Walter, what…..?"

"My beautiful, Alexei, your test came back. No more condoms, lover. Fox wants to feel you shoot inside him like I do. Nothing between us any more. Just our flesh and yours. We're going to fill you up so full, you'll make sloshing noises when you walk."

I couldn't stop myself, I snorted a laugh. Alex gave me a startled look then grinned. Walter grinned, too. Alex twisted to kiss Walter. I knew Walter had pushed up inside him by the way he moaned into the kiss.

"Do you feel that, Alex? Just me inside you, nothing between us, no latex to dull the feelings. You feel so good. Do you know how I've longed to be with you this way again? How Fox wants to be inside you this way? Look at him, Alex. He's waiting for you to fill him as I fill him."

Alex and I looked at each other, caught up in the silken web Walter's voice could always weave around us. Walter pushed Alex toward me and I lifted my legs to give them access to me. I whimpered as Walter guided Alex inside me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Walter pick up the towel to wipe his hands. Alex and I continued to float in the warmth of Walter's desire for us.

Walter's big hands wrapped around Alex's hips and he began to move him. Into me then back onto him. I watched as Alex's head dropped back on Walter's shoulder, his eyes closed, the sounds he makes for Walter starting. I love those sounds. He makes a whole different set for me that I love equally.

I think I realized then that we had become three parts of a whole. I had enjoyed making love with Alex the night before but nothing could compare to the times the three of us were together. Walter's strength blended with Alex's wild abandon were the fire that warms me.

"Walter, please! I need to come."

"Yes, Alexei, come. Fox is waiting to feel you come inside him."

He pushed Alex forward and I felt him jerking inside me. His eyes opened and he looked at me with such joy. Walter slammed into Alex, pushing him deeper inside me, and roared our names as he came. I reached to pull Alex down against me, holding out a hand toward Walter. He held one hand as I caressed Alex's cheek with the other, his other hand rubbing gently over Alex's body.

When their breathing was back to normal, Walter slipped out of Alex to a soft protesting moan.

"Alex, Fox hasn't come yet. He's wearing his ring so he could wait and come inside you. Come on, love, let's get you in position for him."

Walter lifted Alex off my body and waited while I moved off the bed. Then he lowered him gently, turning him so he was now propped on the pillow I had vacated. Walter lay down next to Alex as I took my position between his legs. As Walter started kissing Alex, I raised his legs to slide inside him. Of course he was still open from Walter and I didn't need any lube. Alex tightened his muscles around me, helping pull me into him.

"Alex, I'm so glad we can make love to you this way now. I never told you this but I hate condoms, too. Hated being separated from you by them. It's so hot knowing that I'm sliding into Walter's come inside you. That my come is going to be mixed with his inside you."

I leaned down to suck at a nipple while Walter sucked at the other one. Staying still inside him, waiting for him to get hard again. I knew it wouldn't take long. It never did when Walter and I both worked on his nipples. I could feel Walter's hand caressing Alex's cock. When the moans changed decibel, I knew he was ready again.

"Alexei, Fox is going to fuck you now. He's going to come in you like I came in you. Would you like me to suck you while he fucks you? I will if you want. Or I can just keep playing with your nipples. What does my Alexei want?"

I had started a slow, steady, deep thrusting rhythm in Alex. Alex reached to pull Walter down to his chest, silently answering the question. I watched Walter kiss and suck at Alex's nipples, knowing that soon Alex was going to be demanding that he be bitten. When he is aroused, you can't hurt them. No matter how hard we've bitten him on them, he begs us to bite harder. It wasn't long in coming.

"Walter, harder bite harder. Please." Alex was whimpering by this point.

I saw a flash of Walter's teeth as he bit into Alex's flesh. As always, seeing Walter work on Alex kicked my desire into high gear. I lifted Alex higher and began to pound into his hot tight body. He was speaking in tongues again, the only word that was recognizable was *harder* which seem to be every other word. Neither of us asked what he wanted harder, we both just tried to give him harder.

I could feel my balls tightening as my climax raced toward me.

"Walter, I'm gonna………Shit!"

I was shooting and Alex's muscles were milking me. Walter's hand was still working Alex and I caught another flash of his teeth as he bit down hard on a nipple. Alex arched up toward Walter's mouth and I felt him start to come. His scream was pure ecstasy to me, as was Walter's satisfied chuckle as he licked the nipple he had been torturing.

"Well, now that was a pretty good beginning. I think we need a nap before round two."

Walter raised up to kiss me then pushed me gently to lie beside Alex. We both cuddled around our zoned out Rat.

"Walter, do you think we broke him?"

"I'm not broke, just well fucked and happier than I've ever been."

"That's good, Alexei, because we're just getting started."

"I'm not gonna survive the weekend, am I?"

"You'll survive, love. You just may not walk for a week or so."

We heard a groan followed by a soft snuffle sound that he makes as he drifts off to sleep. I lay awake until I heard Walter's light snores started then followed my lovers into sleep.

The End

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