Title: The Promise of Christmas
Author: Peach
Email address: peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 12/09/01
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder, RatB, SKSA,WWOMB,Baldheaven Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended; no money is being made.
Summary: Walter teaches his Rat the real happiness of Christmas
NOTE: This story is part of the Triad Universe and should go after Safe Harbors. To Jen for her hard work. Thanks to Jose as always.

Alex always enjoyed the time he had Walter to himself. He enjoyed sex with Fox how could he not? Fox was vocal in his approval of all the things they did in bed. It was flattering to hear him sigh as Alex slipped inside him, downright ego inflating when he begged for release. But it was Walter Alex felt safe with, Walter he loved. Had Walter demanded he fuck half of D.C. he would, if that kept Walter wanting him.

So when Fox was gone for the first two weeks of December, Alex was surprised by how often he thought of him. He had been living with them for almost a year now. A year in which he had learned a lot about caring and being cared for.

Walter had insisted Alex go with him to shop for Fox's gifts. Alex always felt somewhat lost at the mall. Shopping was not a skill his owners had felt he needed to learn. Walter had been steering him through the mall toward a shop where he said they always had the best puzzles and brainteaser toys.

Alex's had been taking in the decorations with one eye while keeping track of Walter making his way through the crowd. He reached out to clutch Walter's sleeve when he saw a tree covered with tags next to the escalators.

"Walter, what's the tree for?"

"It's a charity thing. You take one of the tags off the tree go and buy the gift listed and bring it back to the volunteers at the table there. They make sure it gets wrapped and delivered to the child. It gives Christmas to a child who might not have it otherwise."

"I want to do that, Walter. Will you help me?"

"Of course, I will. I usually just give the group cash but if you want to do the shopping, we will. Go pick out a tag. Make that two, we'll each get a gift."

Walter wandered over to speak with the ladies at the table since he remembered one of them from the last three years he had contributed. She smiled when he came up to the table.

"Hello, Mr. Skinner. How have you been?"

"Fine. It's been a very good year. How was yours?"

"Can't complain. Have a new grandchild and another on the way. My offspring seem determined to pass my genes along. Did you want to contribute this year again?"

"No, my friend is picking out tags and we'll shop for gifts this year. He's never had a real Christmas so I'm trying to show him how it goes."

"Walter, I picked two boys gifts is that alright?"

"Whatever you like, Alex. Alex, this is Mrs. Olsen. She has given her time to this for at least the last three Christmas'. Mrs. Olsen, this is Alex Krycek."

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Krycek. I'm glad you want to shop. It's so much more fun I think than just contributing money. Not that we don't want money. We always need that to get the wrapping paper and other odds and ends."

"What did you pick, Alex? I need to know where we should head to get the gifts."

Alex held out the tags a little fearful that Walter would disapprove of his choices. Walter looked at them and smiled.

"You're going to make a couple of kids very happy, Alex."

"Really? I hope so."

"You will, believe me. Come on, we have a lot to get done. See you later, Mrs. Olsen."

Walter led Alex through the crowd toward the end of the mall to the large toy store. He smiled as they entered, asking the clerk near the door where they could locate the smaller of the two gifts they were there to get.

Walter watched with warm eyes and a happy grin as Alex spent time playing with each of the remote control cars in the display. All the attention Walter had previously only seen him give to lovemaking was now focused on buying the best toy. After almost an hour he had narrowed it down to two.

"Walter, can we go look at bikes and come back to this? I want to think about it a little longer."

"Sure. Come on."

Walter led him back toward the bikes and watched as once more his lover gave his total attention to picking the perfect bike. Finally he nodded and picked a ticket from the ones hanging there. He led Walter back to the cars and picked up a box without hesitation.

At the register Alex gave the clerk the box and the ticket and paid cash for his purchases. At the pick-up window his face fell when they brought out a box.

"Alex, what's wrong?"

"I thought it would be assembled."

"We can do that for you, sir, but there's a fifteen dollar fee. Would you like us to do it?"

"No, Alex and I can do it."

Walter smiled at the bemused look on his lover's face and took the box from the clerk to head back toward the gift tree.

"Walter, do you really know how to do this?"

"I've helped friends do it for their kids in the past. It'll make the gift even more special if we put it together ourselves."

They dropped off the gifts and Walter explained that he and Alex would come to the centre the next day to assemble the bike. Then he proceeded to have a blast watching Alex shop for just the perfect brainteaser for Fox.

Grinning widely over his shoulder at Walter, Alex asked, "Want to lay book on how long it takes Fox to figure it out?"

"Do I have sucker written on my forehead?"

The grin grew positively wicked as Alex 'accidentally' stepped back into Walter's personal space and bent forward so his sweet ass brushed Walter's crotch. Walter's cock took an immediate interest in the proceeding. One advantage of a trench coat was hiding the hard-ons his lovers always enjoyed giving him in public. He gave Alex his 'wait until I get you home' look. Alex stepped back toward the counter and gave the clerk a cheery "Merry Christmas" as he collected his change and his purchase.

The next day, when they went to the centre to put together the bike, they ended up staying for over five hours helping assemble others as well. That night they lay in bed, Walter snuggled close, too tired to get up for a cloth to clean them, not wanting to leave the heat of his lover's body. He thought Alex had gone to sleep until the low voice spoke.



"Thank you for yesterday and today."

"What do you mean?"

"I never did anything like that. I hope it will make a difference to those boys. That they'll know someone cares."

"Trust me, Alex, it will."

Walter's arms tightened and he kissed the back of Alex's neck softly. Alex sighed and pushed back against Walter keeping the connection a little longer.

At lunchtime the next day, Walter went to the mall and had a talk with Mrs. Olsen.

Fox had returned home to find a beautiful blue spruce sitting in front of the picture window in the living room, waiting to be decorated. Walter had discussed it with him privately over the phone and they had agreed that Walter and Alex would get the tree before he got home and they would decorate it together.

Walter had watched as his lover checked the trees on the lot carefully. He had been pleased when Walter declared the one Alex liked to be 'perfect'. Fox's comment "Perfect" when he saw it and was told that it was Alex's choice had touched him more than he expected.

Alex sat cross-legged on the floor, putting hooks on each ornament as he unwrapped them before handing them to his lovers. Laughing as Fox and Walter good-naturedly bickered over the placement of the ornaments.

When the tree was finished, Walter went to get the bags of gifts from their shopping trip to the mall. Fox went out to his car and brought in the extra suitcase he had bought to bring home the results of his own shopping while out of town.

"Alex, why don't you go and get the eggnog and we'll have it here in front of the tree."

"Sure, want me to bring back some of that cake Kim gave us, too?"

"That would be great."

When he got back with the tray, Fox was just placing the last of the gifts under the tree and Walter was adding wood to the fire. The other lights in the room were turned off and the three men sat leaning against the sofa sipping eggnog and munching the cake.

When Fox placed his glass on the table, Walter pulled him against his chest. Fox's mouth on Alex's was gentle at first, but soon began to devour him as Walter's mouth worked on his throat. Alex moaned low in his chest and gave himself up to the pleasure they brought him.

He didn't know which one of them stripped him. It may have been a joint effort. When Fox slipped inside Alex he whimpered with the effort to stay still and let them do as they pleased with him. Walter had moved in front of him and was holding him upright as Fox moved slowly and deeply inside him. The strokes all the more sensuous with Fox whispering to him how hot and tight he was.

Walter's hands were moving over him in slow patterns as his mouth did wonderful things to Alex's nipples. Alex tried to reach for Walter's cock to give him pleasure as well but Walter pushed his hand away.

"Later, Alex. I'll come in Fox after we take care of you."

A ragged moan slipped from Alex's sweet mouth and Walter swooped in to kiss him again. Fox chose that moment to ram in deep and let go. His come flooding Alex's body with heat. Fox's hands moved under Alex's arms and up to cup his shoulders, pulling down as he strained to push even further inside.

Walter bent low and pulled Alex's cock into his mouth, sucking hard as the felt Fox's spasms of climax ripple through the body in front of him. Alex's shout as he filled Walter's mouth was quite satisfying to the other man. He licked Alex clean then lowered him to the floor when Fox pulled slowly out.

Alex lay there with a little smile on his face as Walter turned his attentions to Fox. He had never thought of himself as a voyeur but he did enjoy watching Walter do Fox.

Walter positioned himself behind Fox. Fox's head dropped back, eyes closed and Alex could tell just by his reactions that Walter was getting him ready. Alex's ass throbbed with his heartbeat as he listened to Fox trying to get his breath back as Walter continued to work his big fingers inside.

He groaned with sympathy when Walter moved his thighs between Fox's legs, pushing them wide apart. One of Walter's arms wrapped around the slender waist using his other hand to guide his cock inside his lover. Then he rocked back, pulling Fox back onto his thighs, spreading him open farther so Alex had a great view of Walter's big cock pushing deep into their lover's hole.

Fox dropped his head back onto a strong shoulder and went limp as Walter rocked into him. Alex's cock began to take an interest again as he watched Walter pull out all but the head then push every inch back inside.

Fox was beginning to harden again as well. So Alex moved onto his knees in front of the two men and reached to wrap his hand around Fox, bringing him totally erect again. Walter leaned forward and kissed him deeply as he stroked Fox. Alex moaned against Walter's mouth as Fox's hand began stroking him as one of Walter's gripped his ass tightly.

The two men stroked each other harder as Walter's movements in Fox became rough and erratic. When Walter slammed in and roared, his two lovers pumped each other almost viciously and added their voices to his.

Sometime later, Walter woke to a cold hearth and two men snuggled as close as possible in the cooling room. He shook them gently and sent them up to bed while he made sure the house was secure for the night.

Christmas Eve arrived and Walter insisted they needed to go for a drive in the afternoon. Alex was in the front and turned to look at Walter when he pulled up in a shabby but clean neighbourhood. Fox scooted forward leaning part way over the seat.

"Walter, what's going on?" Alex questioned.

"Just wait, Alex. I need you to see something."

It was only a minute or two later that a van pulled up across the street in front of one of the better kept houses on the street. Two men got out, one dressed as Santa and another dressed as an elf. The elf opened the back door and helped Santa pull out a big red bag, which he threw over his shoulder and carried into the house.

"Walter, is he from the group we made the donations to?"

"Yes, Alex, he is. The boy you picked out the car for lives here. The bag contains presents for all the family members as well as a grocery certificate that I added the Monday after we spent the day putting together the bikes at the centre. I convinced Mrs. Olsen to tell me where our gifts were going and at what time because I wanted you to see first hand the pleasure your gifts are giving."

They sat and watched as Santa came out followed by the little boy who was clutching his car tightly with an expression of such joy on his face. A careworn woman followed and when Walter rolled down his window, they could hear her telling Santa "Thank you!" over and over.

Walter and Fox turned to see Alex watching with bright eyes as the boy put his car on the ground and began to race it up and down the sidewalk. The woman watched as the van drove off then, turning to go in called to her son.

"Alexei, come. We must go to the store before it closes. Santa brought us a certificate for food. We'll hurry so you can come back and play with your new car."

The boy ran to pick up his car and then back to where his mother was waiting. Walter and his lovers stayed a little while longer until the boy and his mother came out, wearing new coats and walked toward the store, talking about what they would have for Christmas dinner.

Walter ignored the wetness on Alex's cheeks as he leaned over to kiss him and murmur a low "I love you."

Fox squeezed both their shoulders as Walter started the car then he settled back on the seat waiting for the next stop. Alex had told him about Walter helping him shop at the mall.

The next stop wasn't very far away but the wait this time was longer. Fox distracted Alex by telling him about his adventures at the Mall of America where he had been shopping for their gifts. Walter made mock jealous noises when Fox described the sexy young elf in the mall who had winked at him over Santa's shoulder. Fox assured them that Alex would look much sexier in the elf costume than the blond at the mall, besides he was only interested in brunettes and bald guys.

The joking stopped when the van pulled up. This time the elf had to help Santa because there were two bags and the electric blue bike Alex had picked out. The elf hung the helmet from the handle bars of the bike and Alex gasped.

"Walter, we didn't think of a helmet."

"It's ok, I picked that one up when I added the certificates to the gifts."

"How much did you make the certificates for, Walter? I want to give you that back so that we all three contributed to this." Fox asked from his spot in back.

"Ok, we'll take care of it later."

They watched as a slender black boy who looked about ten opened the door. The boy looked first at Santa with wide eyes but when he spotted the bike, he forgot Santa. Santa called him Malcolm and when the boy nodded, the elf pushed the bike forward to him. He waited patiently as Santa told him how to fasten the helmet then he jumped on the bike and took off.

An older man stepped to the door and looked at Santa in surprise as he was asked if they could bring the other gifts in. Walter, Alex and Fox watched the boy ride up and down the street. Never getting out of sight of the house. When Santa came out about a half hour later the boy rode up to say "Thank you, Santa!"

The older man and a woman who must have been the boy's mother followed Santa to the van trying to get him to tell them where the gifts had come from. He just smiled and told them "Merry Christmas" before getting in the van and driving away.

The older man went inside for a moment and came back out, wrapped in a new blanket, to sit on the porch and watch the boy ride up and down the street.

Alex was quiet all the way back home. He stayed quiet as they fixed dinner and ate. Listened as Fox called Scully and the Gunmen to wish them Merry Christmas. When Walter took his hand to lead him to bed, he followed and said not a word as his lovers undressed him. Walter and Fox were almost asleep cuddled around him when Alex finally spoke.

"Next year, I want to help deliver the gifts. Do you think they'll let me, Walter?"

"Of course they'll let you. They always need helpers."

"Whoo hoo! Alex in an elf suit. I can't wait." Fox's smile was evident in the tone of his voice.

"I was thinking we would be the elves and Walter would be Santa. That is if you want to?"

"Does Santa get to take advantage of his elves after the deliveries are done?"

"If the elves don't beat him to it."

"I'll make the arrangements with Mrs. Olsen the day after Christmas."

"Thank you. I can't remember ever feeling this happy."

"Good! We want you to be happy. Now go to sleep so Santa can visit us."

Alex lay awake for a long time after the others slept remembering the looks on two young faces as they played with the gifts he had picked out.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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