Title: Past Indiscretions
Author: Peach
Email address: peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationship. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: R for language
Date: 6/6/01
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder, RatB. SKSA. Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended; no money is being made.
Summary: Walter's past knocks on the door.
NOTE: As always thanks to Jose for the beta and mental hand holding. And you guys should thank her for cracking that whip and making me finish this.

I was getting ready to leave when the knock came at the door. Sergei and Fox had gone up to our cabin two days earlier. I had almost completed the project I was working on. Our plans were for me to finish up and join them for the long holiday.

I opened the door to find a tall, dark-haired, Amerasian man. There was something about him that seemed familiar but I was sure I had never met him. In my past line of work you remember faces, or you get dead.

"You're not Walter Skinner."

"No, I'm Alexei Skinner. What can I do for you?"

"Are you Walter's brother?"

"No. Why are you looking for Walter?"

"I'm Edward Nguyen, his son."

The eyes! That was it. I was looking into my lover's eyes in another face. I just stared, too shocked to process thought completely for a minute. He was certainly old enough to be a by-product of the war.

"Look, is he at work or something? Or can you tell me when he will be back? I can come back later."

"I was on my way out to join him and Fox at our cabin."

The look on his face told me that he had tracked Walter down but knew nothing about his living arrangements.

"Come in."

I led him into the living room and motioned for him to sit. Pulling out my cell phone, I hit speed dial for Fox's phone. The phone connected and I heard giggles and Fox telling Walter 'you know it's Alex'.

"Hi, lover. Are you leaving or almost here? Should we get naked?"

"Fox, listen."

My voice was clipped like it gets when things upset me. I hadn't sounded that way in a long time so Fox knew something was wrong. I guess his face gave that away to Sergei. I heard Sergei's voice asking what was wrong.

"Alex, are you ok?"

"I'm fine, Fox. Tell Walter …. FUCK!"

Fox started to tell Walter I was fine then Walter's voice came on the line.

"Alexei, what's wrong?"

"Walter, I'm fine. I've just been delayed. I have something to tell you that I don't want to tell you over the phone. I was going to tell Fox and let him tell you …… Shit."

"Alexei, you aren't leaving us, are you?"

His voice had that surly tone that I had learned in our years together meant that he was worried. I had been concentrating on my project to the point of neglecting my life with them. I had put in long hours, getting home late, falling into the bed on whichever side there was room. He had asked me more than once if I was tired of him. He never said 'us' it was 'him'. I had promised myself that I would show them both how important they were to me this weekend. Fox, who understands obsession better, tried to tell him not to worry, but his insecurity wouldn't let him hear.

"Sergei, I will never leave you. My every breath belongs to you. Haven't you figured that out yet?"

"We're coming home. Be there in two hours." His AD voice in place.

"Let Fox drive. I love you, my Sergei."

I turned to the visitor on the sofa, only then realizing I had just told him his father was living with a man.

"So, are you married? I know that's legal in a couple of states now. Is that why your name is Skinner?" His voice flat, unemotional.

"No, we aren't married. Bigamy is still illegal. I had my name legally changed. Look, since we aren't going to be at the cabin tonight, I need to decide what to cook for dinner. I don't think I have fatted calf but I'll find something. Come into the kitchen with me and we'll talk. It'll be about two hours before they get here unless your father drives."

"Bigamy? So, this Fox sleeps with my father, too?" Looked like he got more than the shape and color of his father's eyes, he had that 'I'm not sure I like this' look his dad gets.

"Yes, the *three* of us share a bed." I stressed the word 'three'. He might as well know it all right up front.

I led him toward the kitchen expecting more questions. I had decided to be honest with him. If he wanted to yell and curse, let him do it at me before Fox and Walter got home.

"You haven't accused me of lying. Do you always take people at their word?" Now he looked and sounded curious.

I laughed then, "Far from it. I usually only trust your father and Fox. But you have his eyes. His facial expressions. His shoulders. Have a seat."

He sat at the table as I went to open the freezer.

"No fatted calf, guess we'll have to have steaks. I can tell your father did the shopping this last weekend. I forgot to make him a list. Fox would have gotten a token chicken, but not my Sergei. Nothing but beef."

I put the steaks out on the counter to begin thawing and opened the pantry to get out potatoes. My men would need a hearty meal.

"Would you like coffee or tea? We have both, coffee for Sergei and Fox, tea for me." I realized then that I was rambling. My life had gotten too soft if I couldn't keep my mouth shut any better than this.

"Do you have green tea?"


I put the kettle on then sat at the table with him.

"So do you follow sports?"


"Well, I don't think I should know how you got here before your father does and I think any other questions you have about 'us' should be answered by him. We have about two hours to kill."

He gave me a genuine smile then and again I saw my Sergei. "At least he picked someone intelligent."

"I have my moments."

We talked as I worked on dinner, with him pitching in when I pulled the salad makings out of the fridge. All that was left to do when I heard the car pull in was grill the steaks. I heard the car door slam and footsteps then Sergei stormed into the kitchen. He glowered at Edward, moved to where I was standing and pulled me in tight against him.

"Alexei, whatever it is we can work it out."


"No, I mean it. I'll do whatever it takes."


His mouth cut off my words. It had been two days since either of my lovers had touched me. We had been together for over three years but his touch could still ignite me. I melted against him. When he ended the kiss, I looked over his shoulder to see Fox standing in the doorway, staring at our visitor. Fox raised his eyebrows, questioning. I nodded.

"Would you two stop doing that fucking psychic shit! What is this? Who is this guy?"

Fox grinned at our befuddled lover, "Congratulations, Walter. It's a boy."

He turned to look at me and I smiled. I felt his legs start to give and Fox was there, sliding a chair under his ass. Then Fox turned and held out his hand to Edward.

"Hello, I'm Fox Mulder."

"Edward Nguyen."

Walter's hand reached out for me and I took it. After Fox shook Edward's hand, he walked back to us and put his hand on Walter's shoulder.

"He has your eyes, Walter. Lucked out on that nose though, must have gotten that from his mother."

"Fox, don't tease him. He has Walter's shoulders, too. And when he smiles, he twinkles like Walter."

"I don't fucking twinkle. I… How? What? Why now? I never knew, why didn't she tell me? I would have been there."

"I only found out a few months ago. Mom told me when she found out that she was dying."

"Mai's gone?" He sounded sad, "I'm sorry. Why did she wait? Why didn't she try to find me?"

"She thought you had been killed. By the time she found out that you were alive, you had been sent back here. Then, when she came here with me, she looked for you. But by the time she found out where you were, you were married. She said she didn't want to cause problems for you. That she knew you didn't love her and she didn't want me to ever feel slighted by siblings if I had any. As many years as she lived here, she never got past that 'mixed blood is wrong' feeling."

"But she loved you. I know that she would have loved her child no matter how he was conceived or who his father was."

"Yes, she loved me. She worked hard to give me every advantage. When she found out about the cancer, she sat down with me and told me everything about you that she could remember."

"Did you change your name, or did she name you Edward?"

"She named me Edward. It's Edward Sergei. I always thought that a little strange."

"Edward was your grandfather's name. Sergei was your great grandfather's as well as mine. She was an incredible woman. What a wonderful thing to do for a man who, for all intents and purposes, deserted her."

"She didn't feel that you deserted her. She told me that you were the only man who ever treated her with respect. That you made sure she and her mother had food to eat. That every time you went back to the war, you left all the money you had. That money kept her from having to whore herself. She kept this all those years."

He reached in his pocket taking out a picture. Fox was closer so he reached to take it, handing it to Walter. I looked down at a picture of my Sergei, with hair! He was laughing and in his lap was a pretty girl with long black hair. Her arm was looped around his shoulders, his wrapped around her tiny waist.

"She was very beautiful, Walter."

"Yes, she was." His voice was hoarse. I gripped his hand tighter as a tear landed on our joined hands. Fox's hand moved to rub gently against Sergei's neck, brushing against the little bit of hair left there.

He raised his head; "You're staying for dinner."

"Alexei already asked me to stay."

"Good. Did Alexei tell you about us? I guess I did when I came blustering in here earlier."

He turned to look up at me. "I apologize. I thought….."

"It's ok, Sergei. I know what you thought. I've been a lousy partner lately. It really *was* just that project."

Turning back to look at Edward, he spoke again. "Your mother was wrong about one thing. I did love her. Not in the way she deserved or needed but I did love her."

"I'm glad to hear you say that. Guess that means you won't mind having a son. But how do you feel about becoming a grandfather?"

Walter just sat staring. Edward chuckled at the surprised looks on our faces.

"Edward, I think you should have let him get used to the father thing before you sprang that on him."

"Sorry. I couldn't resist. A little bit of pay back for the surprise I got earlier."

"Yeah, I guess my relationship is a shock. Especially since your mother and I obviously had sex and you know I was married. Guess you have some questions. Ask anything you want to know. You went to the trouble to find me, to come here so I can only assume that means you wanted to know me. Maybe form a relationship. I hope so and I hope my lifestyle won't change that."

I watched Edward's eyes as Sergei talked. I was still holding his hand and Fox was still caressing his neck. I knew Fox was praying, as I was, that Edward could accept this. It would hurt Walter to find out he had a son only to be rejected by that son.

"It's not the gay thing so much. I have gay friends. But two? Alexei made it plain that the three of you share a bed. So, I have to think that means taking turns. Sorry, I'm not asking for intimate details. It's just so unconventional. I expected you to be very conservative. I mean, you were a Marine, you work for the FBI."

"Go figure. All I can tell you is the heart wants what it wants. I spent a lot of my life doing what was expected of me. I became a Marine because it's what my father had been. I went to war because I believed I was making the world a better place. That was pretty much a crock. Except for your mother. I guess from what she told you I did make her world better for a little while."

He paused for a minute, his hand tightening on mine. Fox moved to stand behind him hands resting on his shoulders. Both of us were offering wordless support. This was between Walter and his son.

"In case you are wondering, I'd consider myself to be bi. They've never asked me if I was pretending with my wife, but you have the right to know I wasn't pretending with your mother. It wasn't a case of a gay man playing it straight. I was attracted to each of them the first time I saw them."

Edward looked up at us then. So I answered his unasked question.

"I'm gay. I've done the pretending thing with women but I always knew better. The first time I saw Sergei, I had an instant reaction. My body knew what it wanted. My mind tried to deny it. I knew he was married and, if any man ever projected straight arrow, it's your father. So I incorporated him into my fantasies and figured that was all I would ever have."

Fox grinned at Edward before he spoke.

"As for me, I was an innocent little het boy who was ensnared and corrupted by these two."

"If you offer me a bridge, I hope at least it's the Golden Gate." Edward's grin was so like his father's.

"I'm shocked. Don't you believe me?"

I had been watching Edward's eyes the whole time. No sign of disgust, just curiosity and surprise.

"How did you get together? I mean a threesome takes some balance, compromises."

Walter's hand had loosened. His son's lack of animosity obviously making him relax.

"We met at work. They both used to work for me. Like I said I was attracted the first time I saw them. But I was still married and wouldn't have cheated on Sharon. Then there was the whole sexual harassment thing. Plus look at them. I figured if anything they would want each other, not a balding old desk jockey like me."

Fox snorted then and looked at Edward again. "Balding old desk jockey who can bench press my weight. I, on the other hand, didn't realize right away. It didn't start to dawn on me until I started having wet dreams about him."


"It's true. Shouldn't we give Edward the truth?"

I got a little nervous, but waited to see where it would go. I had come to trust Fox's instincts about such things. And I knew Walter would paint me in a good light because he believes the past is just that. Walter nodded so Fox continued.

"To make a long story short, I watched and wanted and did nothing about it. Alex left the bureau and we saw him off and on. Walter and Sharon broke up but I was still afraid to approach him. I really thought it would get me a black eye and booted from my job."

Walter's next words told me he had finally stopped thinking of that night at the condo as rape. That was so good to hear.

"During that time Alexei and I had a one night stand. I didn't think I had handled it well and figured he'd never want to see me again. He was thinking pretty much the same thing. Then one maudlin drunken Valentine's Day, Fox came on to me and we decided to live together a month later."

"Hey! You forgot to tell him how great the sex was."

"Fox! Will you stop? His son doesn't need to know that."

"I don't mind. Gives me hope for my future sex life."

"Then I came back on the scene. I had evidence on an investigation and brought it to them. I knew as soon as I saw them together that things had changed. I don't mean anything overt was happening. They weren't touching each other or anything like that. But the body language gave them away. At least to me. So I figured any chance I might have had with Sergei was gone."

"Then he showed up on the doorstep. Beaten and stabbed. That was the night I found out that they had been together. I guess I could have been jealous, but it was before we were together, and I certainly couldn't claim to have come to Walter a virgin. So we got Alex fixed up and gave him a place to recover."

"I knew I still wanted Alexei but I was with Fox. I tend to be the faithful type. But Fox never misses anything. He called me on it a few days later."

"I was very secure in your father's love for me by then. And I had always thought Alex was attractive. I just wanted Walter and wouldn't let myself get entangled with anyone else. So I offered your father a deal."

"Neither of them thought to discuss it with me. They just seduced me."

"Now who's telling things he doesn't need to know." Fox's eyebrow was raised in the Scully imitation he does so well.

"The bottom line is we've had ups and downs. Like the first time Alex and Fox had a fight and I came home to find Alex packing. He figured he'd leave before I threw him out. He just assumed that I would take Fox's side and he would be told to leave."

"What did you do?"

Walter shrugged and grinned. "I locked the two of them in the basement until they talked it out. Alex has had a hard life and it's been difficult for him to learn to trust us. He hadn't been given much reason to trust in the past."

I squeezed his hand, my way of saying thank you. He hadn't told his son a single lie, unless you count omission as lying. It was a very condensed version of the facts. But then a son doesn't need to know everything about his father's life.

"How about we get dinner cooked and Edward can tell us about himself while we eat?" I was hungry and my vegetables would be mush if we didn't eat soon.

"That works. What are we having?" Walter smiled up at me, knowing the answer.

"Steaks, the only meat in the freezer." I didn't say asshole but he grinned as he *heard* it.

"You didn't give me a list. Want me to grill them?"

"That would be great. Fox and I will set the table."

I pulled Fox into the dining room to do just that, leaving Walter alone with his son.

"Alex, tell me everything."

I gave him a quick run down on Edward's appearance at the door and everything that was said.

"So, Fox, do you think he's going to accept us? I mean some people don't want gay men around their children. I never thought I would say this but I think I'd like being a grandfather."

Edward's voice came from the kitchen doorway. "I'm glad to hear you say that, Alex. Both of Miranda's parents are gone so the only grandparents my child can hope to have are in this house."

"Guess that answers your question, Alex."

Walter came through the door with the platter of steaks and Fox and I hurried to get the rest of the food from the kitchen. We were soon settled at the table. Food passed and plates filled. Edward didn't even seem to notice the little things Fox and Sergei did for me during the meal. Hell, I don't notice any more.

Fox started the conversation.

"Ok, I think we've waited long enough. Was the grandfather remark a possible future or is it a soon to be realized fact?"

"Fact. Miranda is three months along with our son. She's due in late May. She's at a friend's house in Richmond right now. She wanted to come with me but I wasn't sure if I would be welcomed. She is so fiercely loyal that if it had gone badly there wouldn't have been any chance of her forgiving. So I convinced her to let me come up alone and she could join me tomorrow."

"Do you have a picture? I'd like to know what my daughter-in-law looks like."

Edward grinned and pulled out his wallet. He reached in, taking out a picture and passing it to Sergei. Sergei's mouth curved up as he passed the picture to me.

"Her maiden name isn't Scully is it?"

Fox jumped up to look over my shoulder at the picture I was holding. "Holy Shit."

"No. Why?"

"We have a friend who could be her sister."

Fox had turned and left the room, Edward watching with a 'huh?' expression on his face. Fox was back shortly with a picture of all of us that had been made at a picnic on the Fourth of July.

"This is bizarre. We'll have to do some searching in the family tree. Miranda is gonna love this. She's very into, what did you call it? That 'fucking psychic shit'. I'm sure it will turn out to be fate that I fell in love with a red head who looks like your friend."

Walter was wearing his 'why me' expression. I snickered. Edward's expression asking 'what's going on'?

"Walter's a non believer for the most part. So what happens to him? First he hooks up with me, the 'I want to believe" boy. Then Alex becomes part of our life and the two of us start with the 'fucking psychic shit'. Now you tell him his newly discovered son is married to a woman who not only looks like my former partner but is a believer too."

"Oh, this is too much. I have to call her. She'll make her friend bring her over right away." He pulled out a cell phone and hit speed dial. He smiled as the phone connected. "Hi babe….It's going great. He's…well, you need to come here and meet him……I think you'll like him…..No, he divorced his wife……He isn't alone…..It's more complicated than that…..You're so impatient. Alright, he's in a threesome relationship….No, they're both men…..Ok, do you have the directions?…..See you soon. Love you."

"I take it she's on her way?"

"Oh yeah. She was probably getting her coat on as she talked. I should call and get us a room for the night. What's near by?"

"We have a guestroom, Edward. You can stay there."

"I know you haven't been with…should I call you Alex or Alexei?"

"Walter is the only one who calls me Alexei."

"Ok. I know from conversation that you guys haven't been together for two days and that Alex has been distracted before that. Look, what I'm trying to say is this is going to take some getting used to and I don't think I'm ready to *hear* my father making love with his *two* male lovers."

"Being referred to as 'father' is going to take some getting used to. The guestroom is on the other end of the house from our room."

Fox grinned at Edward. "Alex is the noisy one but we can find something to gag him with."

Edward and Walter had identical stunned expressions on their faces and I blushed knowing exactly what Fox had in mind to gag me with. Then Edward started to laugh.

"Miranda's gonna love you."

The conversation moved on to where Edward grew up went to college, met Miranda. When the doorbell rang, we all jumped up and hurried to the entry hall. Edward opened the door and we watched as he bent to kiss her then stepped back to let her see us.

"Go get our bags, please." He hurried past her to their friend's car. We stood quietly as we were cataloged. The bright blue eyes taking in every detail. We in turn took our first good look at Miranda Nguyen soon to be changed to Skinner. She was a little taller than Scully, but the hair was the same shade of red. Her figure more generous than Scully's. Fuller breasts and wider hips. Not fat just voluptuous.

She turned to Walter, her hand extended, as Edward came back with the bags.

"You must be Walter."

"Yes, and you must be Miranda." He smiled his best smile for her as he took her hand briefly.

"Moira, come in and meet my fathers-in-law. This is Walter, he'll have to introduce the others."

Walter turned then and held out his hand to Moira. "Hello. I'm Walter Skinner. These are Fox Mulder and Alex Skinner, my partners."

"Miranda, I should have known you would end up with attractive in-laws. I'm going to head for home. Call me later." The two women hugged hurriedly and Edward walked Moira back to her car.

By the time he got back, Miranda had deposited her coat in the closet, sent Fox up to the guestroom with the luggage, and had me making coffee. Walter was on the receiving end of the questions she had obviously been saving up since she had found out about him. The woman is a whirlwind. It's awe inspiring.

It was late when we finally went up to bed. Miranda kissed us all goodnight on the cheek and entered the guestroom. Fox and I turned into our room and left Walter to tell his son goodnight. When he came in Fox, undressed him as I turned down the bed.

"I think I want to be in the middle tonight. Be surrounded by my lovers."

"Whatever you want. It's been one hell of a day." Fox turned him toward the bed and I kissed him before he crawled under the covers. We undressed and got in beside him, snuggling close with our heads on his shoulders, his strong arms wrapped around us.

We held him as he cried for the pretty girl who had made the war a little easier for him, for the time he could never get back with his son, and with relief that the son was accepting his life with us.

I lay awake long after Walter and Fox had gone to sleep, thinking about all the wonderful things Walter had brought into my life. And now he was giving me another great gift. Now I finally had a family.

The end?

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