Title: Love Slave
Author: Peach
Email address: peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek/Mulder
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If that bothers you GO AWAY.
Rating: NC17
Date: 09/4/01
Archive: DitB, RatB, SKSA, WWOMB, SlashingMulder. Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Mulder, and the X- Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended, no money is being made.
Summary: PWP read the title
NOTE: For Mrs. Fish, thanks for the inspiration. Special thanks as always to my wonderful BB.

I had promised my boys a weekend of games. I drove up to the cabin alone in the morning to make preparations and they would come up that night. I made several stops on the way so it was early afternoon before I got there. I put the food away, loaded the CD player, and put my props out.

I took a long soak in the tub, then used my grandfather's straight razor to shave my body. Love slaves should be sleek and smooth, right? I rubbed oil into my skin and gave it time to soak in then added another coat to leave my skin shiny.

When they called to say they were turning off the main road, I completed my attire with the slave chains and knelt in the entryway to wait for them.


Walter had promised us games but neither of us expected the sight that greeted us when we opened the door to the cabin.

He was kneeling, his body gleaming with oil. He had shaved all his body hair, causing his muscles to stand out even more than normal. His cock was ringed and standing proud against his belly. The collar he had on had a ring in the middle with two long chains that were attached to the fleece lined cuffs on his wrists. His big hands lay palm up and open on his thighs.

I watched with a silly grin on my face as Alex walked around him as if doing inspection. My smile got even bigger as Alex began to play our game.


I had been surprised when we opened the door to find Sergei kneeling on the floor. He had been talking about being our love slave for the weekend but I didn't expect him to go this far. This looked like something out of one of Fox's videos. But man, was it hot! My cock was definitely pleased with this game. I'm not sure where the dialog came from, I just opened my mouth and out it came.

"So, slave, I see you have presented yourself in the proper position for your Master. I trust that you have cleaned yourself internally as you know I expect."

"Yes, Master. I am ready to serve my Master's desires."

"Very good, slave. This is my friend Fox. You will serve him this weekend as you do me. His commands will be obeyed as mine are. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master. How shall I address him?"

"That is up to him."


I kept my head bowed as our game began, biting my lip to keep from grinning like a loon. I was very pleased that Alexei took the initiative to begin.

"I suppose calling us both Master would get confusing so you may call me 'Sir'. You didn't tell me he was so big and beautiful, Alex. I was expecting some puny little guy who wouldn't be able to stand up to the rigors of sex with the two of us. But this slave should be able to provide us many hours of pleasure."

"I will do my best to please you, Sir."

"I'm sure you will. Your Master tells me that you please him quite well."

"I hope so. My Master's pleasure is my reason for being."

I was beginning to wish I had slipped a pillow under my knees, but knew my boys wouldn't carry on the conversation too much longer. They were both straining the zippers of their jeans.


"Shall we take the slave up to the bedroom so *we* can be more comfortable. Does he give good head? I think I want him to suck me off first."

"Fox, you haven't had good head until you have it from this slave. He could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch."

I watched Walter bite his lip to keep back the laugh that wanted to escape. Alex was grinning his most wicked grin at me. It's so wonderful to share laughter with them. I mean I'd stay with them for the great sex alone but they make me laugh, too.

"Up, slave. Go make the bed ready for us."

Walter rose to his feet and headed up the stairs to the bedroom. We both stood there watching his ass as he took the steps two at a time.

I pulled Alex in close and kissed him. "'Chrome off a trailer hitch.' Alex, where did you get that?"

"From a really bad porn tape that I watched once with a woman I was sent to seduce. It got her going, don't ask me how. It was awful. Fox, why are we standing down here talking when we have a sleek, shaved, hot assed Walter waiting in the bedroom for us?"

"Because I had to know where you got that. God, he looks hot shaved. You think we can convince him to keep it that way?"

"Maybe if you pout and I beg."


I pulled Fox toward the stairs, wanting to get out of my tight jeans and into a tight ass. Since Fox had already said he wanted to be sucked first, I was envisioning Walter on his knees sucking Fox as I filled his ass. In the bedroom we found him kneeling again.

The bed was turned down, lube and hand towels laid out. Incense burning, several candles lit. The bed had been draped with fabric and extra throw pillows added. When Sergei decided to play games, he went all out. I almost expected to see a harem girl come dancing out of the bathroom.

"Come undress your Masters, slave."

Walter came to me first and soon had me naked. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as he undressed Fox. Fox walked around the bed and got comfortable against the backrest pillow.

"Suck me, slave."

He actually managed to sound haughty. I smiled as Walter quickly got on his knees between the spread legs, wrapped his hands around Fox's hips and pulled our lover's cock into his mouth. My smile got bigger as Fox hissed with pleasure.

I got the lube and moved between Walter's legs. I squeezed a generous portion between his cheeks. Then holding my dick, I rolled the head in the lube before I started pushing the lube into his hole.


Alex pushed into me slowly. It hadn't been long since Alex had 'popped my cherry' and both my boys still acted as if they thought I would change my mind about receiving instead of giving all the time. I had discovered that I enjoyed catching just as much as pitching. That was part of the reason for this weekend. And the reason I picked this game. I planned not to fuck but to be fucked all weekend.

I pushed back toward him, trying to hurry him along. I was rewarded with an in-drawn breath then a swat on my ass.

"Be still, slave. I will tell you when I want you to move."

I kept my ass still then but stepped up my activity on Fox's hard-on. His hands were clutching me as he enjoyed my mouth on him.

"Damn, Alex. You were right. He can suck cock. I don't think I'll last long."

"Doesn't matter, Fox. It's not like you won't get to have him suck you again. We have all weekend to use him."

Alex thrust into me all the way and I moaned around the cock in my mouth. Fox's hands went limp on me then and his head dropped back.

"God, that's so good. Deep throat me, slave. When I shoot, I expect you to swallow it all."

Alex set a slow steady rhythm in my ass and I tried to concentrate on bringing Fox off. When his hips began to jerk forward, I knew he was almost there. My own cock was aching and probably wondering why it wasn't getting any attention.

"Gonna come, Walter. Now!!!" I felt the first hot spurt in my throat and pulled back just enough so I could taste him. He clutched my shoulders with bruising force as he arched up into my mouth.

Alex had gone still and I knew he was watching Fox come. They both love watching each other come. Especially, they say, when the other one is coming for me. Personally, I think they are beautiful when they come no matter who it is that makes them do it. But they claim it's different when it happens for me.

When Fox finished, I let his cock slip from my mouth and lay my head on his stomach. Alex started to fuck me again then. Fox caressed my head and shoulders as Alex became more violent in his movements in me. I know I had started making noise. I don't hear it but they both say I do.

"Does my slave want to come?"

"Please, Master."

"Take off the ring but don't you come until I say."

"Yes, Master."

He pounded into me so hard that the bed rocked. I clutched Fox's hips and held on for the ride. One last hard thrust and I felt his come start to fill me.

"Come now, slave!"

Fox pulled my head up and kissed me as my cock exploded, shooting my come onto the bed. Alex draped his body over me and my knees gave way. The two of us lying between Fox's spread legs, my head back on his stomach. His hands caressing both of us as we calmed.


I looked down at my lovers lying between my legs. What a wonderful way to start the weekend. Alex made that little snuffle sound and I knew he was asleep. Then a soft snort told me Walter was too. What the hell, a nap wouldn't hurt. I grabbed one of the throw pillows and got comfortable and drifted off as well.

The End

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