Title: Walter's Discography
Author: Peach
Email address: peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: Sorry R for language.
Date: 5/23/01
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder, RatB, SKSA. Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Walter gives his lovers a gift of love and more of his history.
NOTE: This story is part of the Triad series. (Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Boys Night Out, Balcony Night ' Walter/Alex', The First Time, Christmas, Riding Bareback, and Safe Harbors)

It was my turn to do the shopping. Alex, as the best cook of the three of us, kept a running shopping list. On Saturdays Fox or I would do the shopping and run the other errands. Our little triad had worked things out to take advantage of our strengths. It was the habit of the two staying home to crank up the stereo and clean house.

This Saturday I had arranged a surprise for my lovers.

A few weeks before Alex had found me downloading oldies from Napster. He had grinned at me as he bent to kiss me.

"So, old man, reliving the past?"

They both teased me about my taste in music. But they had nagged me into teaching them the dances I had learned in high school. Dancing is one of our favorite ways to spend time together. I love watching the two of them cutting lose, sweating, yelling the words with the CDs as they grind together and apart.

"I seen to remember this *old man* making you beg last night and again this morning," I growled at him as I pulled him into my lap.

"Well, that's a pretty normal happening in this house. Only an *old man* would torture his beautiful love slave the way you do me."

He nuzzled my neck as I tried to scowl at him. Of course, that didn't work. They both know how to distract me, even when I'm really pissed. Not that I get really pissed very often anymore. I have two beautiful lovers who bring me more happiness than I ever dreamed of having.

I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head back so I could bite his neck. He moaned and my dick got hard. I can't be an old man. Old men don't get hard this often. But then other old men don't have Alex Krycek and Fox Mulder as their lovers. 

I raised my head and smiled at the dazed look on his face. "Ready to beg some more, slave?"

He smiled at me then turned his head to yell, "Fox, he's getting frisky again. You'd better come help me."

The only reply was the sound of Fox's bare feet on the hardwood floors as he ran from his office. He slid to a stop in the doorway, grinning at the two of us. Looking at his watch and shaking his head.

"Fuck, Alex, I didn't think you could pull it off." 

"Pull what off?"

"He bet me he could get you going in less than two minutes. A man your age should be able to practice restraint, Walter."

"Fuck you, both!"

"That's what we were hoping for, Bull."

I pushed Alex off my lap as Fox turned to run. I chased him up the stairs, I got to the bedroom in time to have his shorts hit me in the face as he dived onto the bed. Alex, who was bringing up the rear, plowed into my back, sending me toppling onto the bed as well. Then Alex jumped on top of me.

"Ok! Ok! I surrender! You two can have your wicked way with me. Damn, a man can't even have a lazy afternoon at his computer without being ravished by his lovers."

"Fox, maybe we should take pity on him and let the *old* man get some rest. I mean, we could just do each other. What do you think?"

"Well, we really don't want to tax his strength. After all, he is……."

Whatever was going to come out next was swallowed as I yanked him down and stuck my tongue down his throat. Alex's mouth latched onto my nipple and I groaned into the kiss with Fox. After that, all hell broke loose. They got me naked by simply, literally, ripping the clothes off my back. Those boys have no respect for my clothing budget.

Before I left to do the shopping I loaded the CD player for them and cranked it up. The first three CDs were music I knew they liked. The third was a CD I had made for them. At the beginning was a brief message from me.

//A few weeks ago Alex interrupted me at my computer so the two of you could drag the old man back to bed. I decide to make this for you then. These are songs from my past. They make me think of one or both of you. I think you'll know which are which.//

I had planned it carefully so that the CD would be about half way through when I got back. I pulled into the garage hearing the music as soon as I cut the engine. It was so loud I knew they wouldn't hear me coming in. I pulled out the stuff that needed to go in the freezer and fridge. Stopped in the kitchen just long enough to put those things away and headed toward the living room.

I stood in the doorway, taking in the scene in front of me. The coffee table was sitting on the sofa. My chair had been pushed out into the entryway. My beautiful lovers were bumping and grinding against each other. No singing since they didn't know the words. Alex was pushing his sweet ass back into Fox's crotch, Fox's hands holding onto those hips as he ground into our lover.

Alex sensed that they weren't alone. His eyes opened and he looked at me. He nudged Fox's chin where it rested against his cheek and hazel eyes opened to look at me as well. Alex snaked out of Fox's hands toward me crooking his finger in a 'come here' gesture.

I danced toward him, once I was close enough to touch I grabbed his hips pulling him into me. Slotting our cocks together. Fox had danced his way around us and his hands gripped my hips nesting his cock between my cheeks. The three of us moved as one. The music flowing over and through us. I closed my eyes and remembered the credits for Dirty Dancing. All those kids rubbing against each other as they danced. Did they feel as good as I was feeling? I doubt it.

The song ended and before the next one could start Alex smiled at me, "That one was for me. Right?"

"Yes, Alexei. The next one is for Fox."

"Then we should change places."

The two of them changed places without ever losing contact with me. We continued dancing until the last song came on. The two of them switching places between each song but always touching me. As the next to the last song was about to start they switched places once more and I pulled Alex close to sing to him. Mick's voice rang out and I joined him.

Please allow me to introduce myself / I'm a man of wealth and taste

I've been around for many a long, long year
I've stolen many a man's soul and faith
I was around when Jesus Christ had His moments of doubt and pain
I made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed his fate

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game

I stuck around St Petersburg
When I saw it was time for a change
I killed the Tzar and his ministers
Anastasia screamed in vain
I rode a tank, held a general's rank
When the blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game

I watched with glee while your kings and queens
Fought for ten decades for the gods they made
I shouted out, "Who killed the Kennedys?"
When after all it was you and me

So let me please introduce myself / I'm a man of wealth and taste
And I lay traps for troubadours / Who get killed before they reach Bombay

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game

Just as every cop is a criminal / and all the sinners, Saints
As heads is tails, just call me Lucifer
'Cause I'm in need of some restraint
So if you meet me, have some courtesy
Have some sympathy and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I'll lay your soul to waste

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game

Fox was vibrating against me as he tried not to laugh and Alex was looking at me in shock until the last verse. When I sang 'all the sinners saints' I kissed him and when I pulled back his eyes showed that he understood. Because after all isn't every man a devil in his own way?

As the last song began I pulled them so we were holding each other in a three-way hug. No words needed when the song ended. By mutual consent we headed up to our bedroom.

The song list:
Maybe I'm Amazed   Paul McCarthy
Run for Your Life   The Beatles
Stand by Me   Ben E King
You are the Sunshine of my Life        Stevie Wonder
Nowhere to Run   Martha Reeves
Angel of the Morning   Juice Newton
All You Need is Love   The Beatles
Sympathy for the Devil   The Rolling Stones
Save the Last Dance for Me   The Drifters

NOTE: For those of you that watch Queer as Folk I just want you to know that the last song listed was picked for this story back in May BEFORE the QAF prom episode.

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