Title: Crystal Balls and Candy Corn
Author: Peach
Email address: peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationship. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 10/6/01
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder, RatB. SKSA. Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Halloween, smut, witchcraft, and revelations.
NOTE: This story is part of the Triad series. Thanks to the wonderful Josan for beta. Also a thanks to Julie for the internet toy addy's - wait until you read what they helped inspire. And pirates for Bertie.

Miranda looked up as her handsome father-in-law came into the kitchen. She was putting the finishing touches on the centrepiece for the table; a graveyard made from crushed Oreos with frosting ghosts, gummy cats and harvest mix candies. She smiled at the sight of him in the white shirt, open almost to the waist, tight black pants, shiny black boots.

Her smile got even bigger as she remembered Fox's remarks to her as to why he wanted them to dress as pirates for the Halloween party. She tried to rein in the smile knowing that Walter had been embarrassed when Fox had told her about their games. Looking at him decked out like that, she could understand Fox and Alex wanting to play cabin boy to his captain.

Hell! If she weren't his son's wife, she'd like to join them as the kidnapped helpless victim in their big bed.

"Where are your cabin boys?"

He looked at her and his mouth dropped open. "Cabin boys? Damn!"

Her laugh rang out as Alex came in the door behind Walter. He was dressed much the same as Walter but his shirt was a deep green that brought more depth to the green of his eyes. And he was wearing a hook, completing the perfect picture of a pirate.

Alex took one look at the scowl on his lover's face and the grin on Miranda's and yelled, "Fox, make a run for it. I'll hold him back as long as I can."

He was answered by a whine from the other side of the door, "Miranda, you promised you wouldn't tell."

"Is there anything about our sex life he hasn't told you?"

"Now, Dad, how would I know that if he hasn't told me? If I tell you that your son likes…."

"Miranda Storm Skinner, don't you dare!"

Edward came into the room and tried to scowl at his wife as his father was scowling at Fox who was using his stepson as a shield. Alex moved closer to Walter and grinned at him as he slipped an arm around him. A pretty pink tongue was extended to circle Walter's lips slowly ending by caressing the line where the lips met. Captain Skinner moaned against his cabin boy's mouth and two arms pulled him in close. Miranda stood grinning at the two men.

Edward had been right that first night when he told her she would probably see them kiss. The three men loved each other deeply and the affection between then was beautiful to see. Fox had slipped around behind Walter and wrapped his arms around him. He moulded his body to Walter's, his hands holding Alex's shoulders as his mouth dropped to suck softly at the older man's pulse point.

Edward moved to pull Miranda close waiting patiently for the three men to remember they had an audience. The kiss ended when Alex pulled back and gasped for air.

Walter's eyes stayed close but he growled, "Fox, you leave a mark and you're gonna sleep on the couch tonight."

"But, Captain, you can't expect one cabin boy to take care of all your needs."

The doorbell rang before Walter could answer and Fox ran from the room yelling, "I'll get it."

By the time the others reached the entryway, Scully was hanging up her coat in the closet. Dana's hair was pulled up into a crown of curls on her head. The empire waist gown she had on was a blue that matched her eyes. Fox hurried past them with the goodies she had brought.

"Ok, what did he do now?"

Miranda's laugh rang out again as Walter growled. "Dana, don't ask."

Walter's good humor returned quickly, he could never stay angry at either of his boys for long. And it wasn't as if he was ashamed of playing games with them. Hell, the whole night was an excuse for playing games. The party had been Fox's idea and he and Alex had agreed when Miranda had assured them that she would play hostess. Walter was up for just about anything that brought his family together.

His grandson was in the den, close enough for them to check on him regularly. Alex had disappeared at one point and Walter found him struggling to lift the baby. Going quickly to them, he had picked the boy up, placing him in the crook of Alex's arm. Little Sergei had quieted as soon as Alex crooned in his ear.

The child had bonded to Alex the first time he had held him. Walter had smiled and told them it was probably that low soft voice or maybe little Sergei just loved green eyes. In any case, the sheer joy on Alex's face when he held him would have killed any jealousy any of them might have felt.

His grandson was learning to fall asleep to the sounds of Russian lullabies from one grandfather, the Beatles' Golden Slumbers from another, and the third who couldn't quite decide how Rock A Bye Baby went. Miranda was taking advantage of the extra caregivers to get reacquainted with sleep.

Walter left Alex to settle the baby back down and found Fox in the kitchen. Fox had been avoiding him all evening, expecting a lecture on keeping their sex life private. He gave Walter a sheepish grin as he was grabbed and pulled out the door onto the back porch.

"Walter, look, I'm sorry, it just sort of slipped out. That woman is so good at getting me to talk. And she is…"

The words died as Walters big hands began opening his pants. The fist that wrapped around his cock was gentle but firm, stroking Fox quickly to an erection. When Fox was turned, he gripped the porch rail tightly as Walter produced lube from thin air and slipped slick fingers between his cheeks.

"Captain, that feels so good."

"My cabin boy's hole is nice and tight. You're gonna take your Captain's cock up in that sweet hole and milk it dry, aren't you, boy?"

"Aye aye, Captain."

Walter wiped the excess lube onto Fox's dick then hurried to open his pants. Neither man realized that Miranda had entered the kitchen and could see them through the open doorway. She smiled as the low moan rolled out of Fox when his lover's big cock penetrated him. Turning, she slipped quietly out of the kitchen and made sure no one entered until the two men came back to the party.


They had arranged for the guests to have some entertainment. Miranda, dressed as a gypsy, had set up a table with tarot cards and a crystal ball. A sign giving prices for palm reading, crystal gazing, and tarot reading had been positioned on the table against the wall.

She had been having a blast doing the readings and had people gathered around to listen. A few had even commented on how accurate she was when speaking about the past. Walter had commented to the room at large that he was cursed with lovers who communicated psychically and now his son had brought home a witch. Miranda just smiled and twitched her nose at him in a perfect Elizabeth Montgomery imitation.

Finally Fox had settled at the table with her asking for crystal gazing. She gave him the usual past spiel with Walter's wry comment in the background and laughter from the others as she spoke about the big man and the green eyed one that would be Fox's destiny.

"Shall we look at the future now?"

"Yes, of course, I need to know if the big man is gonna forgive me for all the things I know I'm gonna fuck up in the future."

Miranda smiled and reached to take his hands. Her eyes closed and her head rolled on her shoulders and a voice that was nothing like hers came from her mouth.

"Fox? Fox, where are you?"

Fox's face drained of all color. He stiffened and Walter was immediately at his side, calling for Alex. Alex came into the room carrying little Sergei, took one look at Fox and handed the baby to Edward.

"Fox, who is that?"


Later Fox would marvel at Walter's question and his acceptance of the whole episode but right then he clutched Miranda's hands as he spoke to his sister.

"Samantha, I'm here. Open your eyes and talk to me."

Walter was on one side, a big hand resting on his shoulder. Alex was on the other, his hand holding tight as well.

Miranda's face had shifted somehow and her eyes opened and the voice began again. Edward cradled his son as he moved to stand behind wife. He had seen her go to other places before but it had never this strong or important. He didn't touch her, knowing that might bring her out of it. He sensed from the men's reactions that this needed to be done.

"Fox, I've been trying to find a way to talk to you. I know you tried so hard to find me. I hated seeing you hurt so much. It's really nice here, no one ever gets angry if you make a mess. They let me check on you whenever I want."

"Samantha, I……"

"It's ok, Fox. I know you worried that I was hurt. But it didn't hurt. And I know you thought it was your fault but it wasn't. You couldn't have stopped them even if you had been all grown up like you are now. You're very handsome."

Miranda's head moved and she looked at Walter and then at Alex.

"I know about them but couldn't see them before. I could only see you when they let me check on you. He has pretty eyes. And the other one looks so strong. I know they make you happy. I've heard you laughing with them."

"Samantha, I love you. I miss you."

"I love you too, Fox. Don't be sad for me anymore, please. I'm ok and I'll see you again soon. It's almost time for me to come back and they told me we'd be together again. And that this time nothing will happen to take me away. I have to go now but remember I'll be with you soon."

Miranda slumped and all three men converged on her as Edward tried to figure out how to hold his son and grab his wife at the same time. Scully moved and reached for the baby. Edward said a hurried thank you. Then scooped his wife up in his arms.

"Dana, can you care for Sergei for a little while? I know Fox needs Dad and Alex right now and Miranda has never had an episode this strong before so I don't know how long she'll be out."

"Of course, I'll stay the night if you need me to."

Fox watched Edward head toward the guestroom with Miranda as Walter and Alex held him. He was trembling. Walter turned to look at Dana.

"Dana, I hate to…."

"Go, take care of him. I'll see to your guests."

"Come on, Fox."

Walter and Alex turned their still trembling lover toward the stairs. Once they were in their room they stripped him quickly and Alex led him to the bed, getting him under the covers as Walter was undressing. Alex stayed next to him. When Walter crawled under the covers next to Fox, Alex undressed.

Both men were soon spooned around Fox as he continued to tremble. Walter began to talk to him softly. The way he talked to them when they woke screaming from nightmares.

"Fox, we're here. You're with us. Talk to us."

"It was her, Walter. I know it was. She said she's coming back soon. Did you hear? I'll have her back soon. But how will I know?"

"You'll know, Fox. She said you would be together. So she'll come back through someone close to us." Alex nuzzled against Fox's neck as he spoke, placing a soft kiss there.

Both men sucked in deep breaths as Fox's hands moved to wrap possessively around their cocks. Stress often made Fox manic in bed but neither man had expected it this quickly. Both had thought he would need to talk for a while first.

Alex nuzzled deeper into the throat as Walter kissed Fox deeply. Pulling back, Walter asked, "Who first?" He knew when Fox was this way he would want them to take turns fucking him.

"Both, together."

Walter nodded as Alex made a little breathy groan. They had done this a couple of times before when Fox asked and it was a huge turn on for Alex. He had told them it was extremely erotic to him to be in Fox and feel Walter pushing inside with him.

Walter pushed the covers back out of the way and went into the bathroom to get the heavier lube he used when his boys wanted to be fisted. He didn't want to take a chance on injuring Fox. When he came out of the bathroom, Fox was propped up on the backrest pillow and Alex was relaxing him by ardently rimming his sweet hole.

Alex raised his head and grinned at Walter. "I can taste you."

"Well, he needed to be punished for telling Miranda why we were dressed as pirates."

"Remind me to tell Miranda about one of our games so I can be punished."

Walter smiled and caressed Alex's face before leaning down to kiss him. He held out the lube. Alex shifted position and held out his hand for Walter to squeeze some onto his fingers. He worked it into the tight hole of his lover, stretching him. Fox moaned and pushed back toward the invasion.

Alex held out his hand again and Walter handed him the handy little thing they had found on the internet. Called the Anal Spike, it is filled with lube and the small tube is inserted then you just squeeze the lube where you want it to be. They both wanted him very well lubed for this.

Walter held on to Alex as he positioned himself over Fox's raised ass. It was Walter's hand that lubed Alex's thick cock and guided it into their lover. Fox pushed back trying to hurry them and whimpering when it did no good.

Walter's hands held Alex's hips as he moved in and out of their lover, rotating his hips to open the hole more. Fox was making little breathy sounds and pushing back toward that delicious hardness.

"Walter, please now!"

"Patience, Fox. We don't want to tear you."

Walter knelt between Fox's legs pushing them a little further apart. Watched as Alex shifted his feet to curve under and around Fox's strong thighs. Alex lay full length on Fox's back and waited for Walter to join with them.

Walter took the lube and coated his cock. Then he rubbed the lube slick fingers against the hole that was stretched open around Alex. Moving carefully he worked in a finger then two. The body under them shuddering with desire.


"Ok. Don't you know delayed gratif........"

"Do you want me to scream the house down?"

"Threats? Boy, are you looking to be punished again?"


"Be careful what you wish for."

But Walter leaned forward onto one hand using the other to guide his big cock toward the opening that was about to be filled with two hard cocks. Alex sighed right along with Fox as Walter worked himself slowly inside.

Alex was right, it was very erotic to be working his way inside feeling Fox's tightness as he felt the silky softness of Alex's cock sliding next to his. He took his time but was finally inside. He did the same little hip rotation thing Alex had done earlier, smiling at the noises the boys made.

When he was sure Fox's body was ready, Walter began to stroke in and out of the tight opening. Alex lay moving only slightly. The idea was such a turn on to him he didn't need a lot of friction. The feel of being encased in his lover's body while his other lover's cock rubbed back and forth along his had him on the edge.

Alex was kissing and sucking on Fox's neck and shoulders. Fox was humming out one long continuous needy sounding moan as Walter's thrusts got faster.

"Stroke him, Alex. I'm close."

Alex twisted his upper body enough to get his hand wrapped around Fox's dick. He pumped him hard and fast, matching Walter's movements. Fox buried his face in the pillow as he wailed and shot onto the bed. His climax causing him to tighten down on Walter and Alex. Walter made a grunting noise when his cock was effectively milked. Pulling back slightly, Walter slipped a finger into Alex, rubbing hard against his prostate, sending Alex over the edge.

Walter slowly pulled out, looking for any signs of damage to his lover. He grasped Alex's hips, helping him pull out and move off Fox's body. He kissed Alex tenderly and pushed him to lie next to Fox. He dropped down on the other side and they lay there panting.

He got out of bed, washed up and brought back washcloths for his boys. Alex reached to take one as Walter tended Fox's body. Fox was barely aware. Which wasn't a surprise. It had been a wild evening. He got Fox onto his back and smiled as Alex immediately curled around the limp body.

He covered them and pulled on some sweats. Alex raised up to look a question at him.

"Just going to check on Miranda and Sergei. Take care of him."

Alex nodded and curled in closer if that were possible.

Walter found Dana in the rocking chair in the den giving Sergei a bottle. She looked up and smiled.

"He's a sweet baby. Alex really loves him, doesn't he?"

"Yeah. This is the first real family Alex has had. And little Sergei took to him from the first. I think it was those green eyes. Thanks, Dana, for staying. If you want to go home, I can look after him now. Fox is asleep and Alex will stay with him."

"Edward just checked on us. He's gone to the kitchen to get Miranda some juice. I guess when this happens she is always thirsty after. Mulder really believes that was Samantha doesn't he?"

"Don't you? After all we've been through with him? We've never told Miranda about Samantha. So yeah, never expected to say this but, I believe."

She nodded slowly. "Go see Edward. Once the baby is down I think I'll grab a nap here before I go home."

"Ok. I'll get you some sheets and blankets. Want one of my shirts to sleep in?"

She nodded and he went to see his son. Finding him coming out of the kitchen with juice and a sandwich.

"How is she?"

"Tired. It always tires her out. Who is Samantha? Miranda will want to know and she won't want to bring it up with Fox."

"His sister. She was abducted when they were children. He spent a lot of time searching for her and feeling guilty for not protecting her."

"Glad I asked. Miranda will definitely wait to see if Fox wants to talk about it with her. Is he ok?'

"We gave him what he needed and he's sleeping now. Alex will stay with him and I'll look after Sergei if he needs anything. You go take care of Miranda."

"Ok." He kissed his father's cheek and headed upstairs.

Walter made up the couch in the living room for Scully and got her a clean shirt from the laundry room. When she was settled, he made himself comfortable on the sofa in the den with his grandson on his chest and finally drifted off to sleep thinking that for a bald old man, he sure had one hell of an interesting life.


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