Title: Christmas
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Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 2/23/01
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder, RatB, SKSA, WWOMB. Others just ask.
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: PWP
NOTE: This story is part of the Anniversary an Valentine's Day series. More to come (pun intended, you know how the boys are)

I bought Fox his own bike for Christmas. I wouldn't let him drive mine and was tired of his whining at me about it. Alex had followed us into the garage when I led him in to see it Christmas morning. I was caught up in the pleasure of watching Fox but when I turned and saw Alex's eyes I knew something was bothering him about this.

"Alex, you ok? What's wrong?"

"Nothing it's silly."

"No, tell me."

"I love to ride. Now that I've lost my arm I won't be able to do that any more. "

"I'd let you ride with me but you need to take it easy for a few days. Besides you don't have any leathers and it's much too cold to ride without them."

"Sure. I understand. No Problem. Have a good time."

Fox and I went for a long ride that day. I remember thinking that Alex might not have stayed around. The idea made me sad. Fox and I were both surprised to get home to the smell of a ham baking. Alex was in the kitchen in a pair of Fox's sweats and a tee-shirt.  He had the oven open and was checking the ham. There were pots bubbling on the stove with the vegetables. I took a deep breath and smelled the bread baking in the bread machine.

"Wow, Alex, I didn't know you could cook. Walter, can we hire him? This smells great."

"I just figured I could do something to help out. Thought you guys might be hungry after your ride."

"Thank you, Alex. It all smells delicious. Need any help?"

"It's not quite ready. You guys have time for a shower if you want. I might need help getting the ham out of the oven. It's easier to manipulate a cold pan one handed than a hot one."

Dinner was wonderful. Alex knows his way around a kitchen. I told the two of them I would clean up and sent them to watch TV. When I came out of the kitchen, they were arguing over which Christmas Carol was best. Fox holding out for the Alistair Sim version, Alex firmly in favor of the one with the Lockharts. Just to be an ass I stated that the George C Scott was the best ever.

That caused two sofa pillows to be launched my way. Followed by two bodies tackling me to the floor. We rolled on the floor, all three of us laughing until we were out of breath. As I lay there under the two of them, I thought how nice it felt. Two very beautiful males laying half on top of me. It occurred to me then that I wanted them both.

I looked up into hazel eyes and knew at that moment that Fox knew what I was thinking. He rolled off me and stood up. Holding out his hand to me.

"Time for dessert, guys."

I waited until Alex rolled off me to take Fox's hand and let him pull me up. I held out my hand to Alex to offer the same assistance. We ate dessert, then watched It's a Wonderful Life because Fox said it wouldn't be Christmas without that. Fox had pushed me down on the sofa in the middle and curled up against my side. When Alex started toward the armchair, Fox spoke up.

"Alex, come sit by Walter. The picture is better from the sofa than that chair."

We both turned to look at him but he was just smiling. Some time later, I woke from a light sleep to find Fox's face nuzzling into my throat and my arm around him. Alex was curled into a tight ball with his head resting on my lap, my hand resting on his shoulder. I sat for a few minutes enjoying a fantasy that they were both mine. Then I shut that down. I felt as though I was betraying Fox by thinking that way. I shook them both gently.

"Hey! We ought to go up to bed. We're all going to be stiff and sore if we sleep here any longer."

Alex blinked up at me, smiling. Then it was as though a shutter came down over his face. I knew his memory had kicked in. He jumped up and practically ran up the stairs. Fox nuzzled deeper into my neck.

"Don' wanna walk. Carry me."

"Fox, you're a big boy now you can walk."

"No, don' wanna."

I chuckled softly as I slipped away from him and hauled him into a fireman's carry over my shoulder. I put him to bed and crawled in next to him, making spoons and sleeping.

He blindsided me in the shower the next morning.

"You want him, don't you, Walter?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You want to fuck Alex. Don't try to deny it. I saw it in your eyes last night."

"I'm with you, Fox. I love you."

"I know that, Walter. I'm secure in that fact. May not be secure about anything else but that one is ironclad. Loving me doesn't mean you can't feel things for someone else. He's a very attractive man. I wanted to fuck him when we were partners. The only reason I would turn him down now is if I knew it would hurt you."

"You want him?"

"Yeah. Not in the way I want you. You own me. You may not know that but that's the way it is. I won't get upset if you decide to do him. But I want to watch."

"You're a sick puppy, Fox."

"I know, but you love me, so it's ok."

Two days later, I brought home leathers for Alex. Fox said he was upstairs so we both went up to give him the present. The leather store I had bought them at still had Christmas paper so I had them wrapped. He was coming out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. He looked surprised when he saw us, me with a package in hand.

"Alex, I have a belated Christmas gift for you."

He turned into the guestroom and sat on the edge of the bed.

I placed the package next to him. Then realized he would need help since he wasn’t wearing his arm.

"Here, let me." 

Fox moved forward and tore the paper for him. Alex pushed the lid off the box and just sat starring down at the soft black leather.  His head lifted and he looked at me with wonder.

"For me?"

"Yeah, for you. Fox and I plan on biking up to the cabin this weekend. You need leathers so you can ride with me."

He smiled so brightly I thought my heart would stop. He jumped up off the bed, dropped the towel and started pulling them up over his legs. He had them up when he realized he would need help with the buckle.

"Could one of you hel………."

He looked up and the words died. Fox moved forward, buckled the belt then, dropping his hand. Wrapped it around Alex's cock. Alex swallowed hard, looking toward me apprehensively.  I smiled at him and moved around behind him, cupping his ass with my hand.

"This is a good look for you, Alex, but I don't think you'll want to ride, the bike that is, like this."

Fox leaned forward, took his mouth as I bent to nip at the tender area where neck and shoulder come together. By the time we let go, he was fully erect, leaking and gasping for breath.

"Fox, I think we're overdressed for this party. Why don't I entertain Alex, while you get undressed."

Fox smiled at me and stepped back. I wrapped both arms around Alex, pulling him back against my chest. I whispered in his ear.

"Nothing you don't want, Alex. Not this time. If you want us to stop, just say so."

His hand moved along my arm, squeezing tightly.

"I don't want you to stop. I want you both."

He had turned his head so he could meet my eyes. His were bright, scared. For the first time, I thought that Fox might be right, maybe he did feel something for me.

"I don't want to hurt you this time, Alex."

His head whipped around to look at Fox.

"He told me. Wasn't there something else, Walter?"

"I'm sorry I treated you that way. If I could undo it I would. I promise that I'll never lay a hand on you in anger again. I don't deserve your forgiveness but maybe you will let me give you a good memory to take away some of the hurt I caused."

"Would you kiss me? Since the first time I saw you, I wanted you to kiss me."

"Tonight is for you, Alex."

I turned him in my arms and took his mouth. When I finally came up for air, we were both gasping. Fox had moved behind me and reached between us, unbuttoning my shirt. I let Alex go long enough for Fox to pull the shirt off me, then moved back to take that sweet mouth again. Fox managed to get my pants undone and off me without interrupting our kiss.

Once Fox had me stripped, he moved behind Alex to wrap his arms around him. The next time I released Alex's mouth, Fox opened his.

"What would you like, Alex. You heard Walter. Tonight is for you."

Alex dropped his head back against Fox's shoulder. Turned his face toward him and Fox kissed him. I watched my beautiful boys kiss. God! That was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. When Fox pulled back, I leaned over to kiss my Fox. Then kissed Alex again, sharing Fox's taste with him.

"Walter, can we move this to our room? Alex, you need to do a little talking here. What would you like? If you don't say something soon, I'm going to make like a porn director and tell the two of you what to do."

Alex ducked his head refusing to look at us, his voice barely above a whisper.

"I want to be inside you while Walter is inside me."

I pulled his head up so he had to look at me.

"Are you sure?"

He swallowed hard, nodded once.

"I'm sure."

Fox whooped, ran out the door, saying he would get the supplies ready and turn down our bed. I pulled Alex close for another kiss.

"Come on, he gets impatient once his dick is hard."

Alex reached down to the buckle on his leathers but I reached out and covered his hand with mine.

"Leave them on. Fox loves the feel of leather against his skin when he's being ridden."

He looked up at me, then nodded. Taking his hand I led him into the master bedroom. Fox had turned down the bed, laid out lube and condoms and was lying on his side in the middle of our bed. He looked so beautiful. Once again, I wondered how I had gotten so lucky.

"Fox, you want to be on you back?" I figured he wouldn't want to be on his belly. Fox is very visual and since this was our first time with Alex, I knew he would want to watch us both.

"Oh yeah." He grinned at me.

I led Alex over to the bed and pushed him down beside Fox. I sat on the other side as Fox rolled over onto his back. I picked up the lube and began prepping him. Once he was relaxed, I pushed the pillows up under his hips. Alex hadn't said a word, just watched intensely as though he was receiving instruction, Fucking Fox Mulder 101.

Getting up, I moved around the bed and rolled a condom over Alex's cock. I knew Fox was going to enjoy him. Alex is nice and thick, just what Fox loves. Fox pulled his legs up as Alex moved between his legs. Those big green eyes looked at me again, as though asking permission. I reached out, took hold of his cock and guided him into Fox.

I couldn't help the smile at the sound of two men gasping together as I pushed Alex forward into Fox's tight hole. As Alex began to rock back and forth into Fox's heat, I squeezed more lube on my fingers. I moved onto my knees behind Alex and began to open him as he kept moving in Fox.

I smiled over his shoulder at Fox, was rewarded with an answering smile. Alex made a low moaning sound as I pushed another finger into him.

"Alex, are you ready for me?"

"God! Yes, please."

I quickly rolled a condom down over my erection and moved closer to him. He stopped rocking while he waited for me to enter him. I pushed slowly into him. That last time I had rammed into to him with no regard as to how I might hurt him. This time, I wanted him to feel only pleasure. I held still against him and pulled his head around for a long, deep kiss.

"God, Walter! You guys look beautiful together." Fox's voice sounded awestruck.

"So did the two of you earlier. Are you ready, Fox?"

"You know it, lover."

"Alex, I'm going to let you set the pace, ok? I'll stay still as long as I can and let you work yourself back on me as you pull out of Fox."

He nodded and began to move. Fox and I both got lost in watching him. He started slowly. Pushing into Fox deeply then pulling back and impaling himself on me. Fox stayed still for awhile but he was getting way to hot too keep on only accepting. Fox started arching up to meet Alex pushing Alex back harder onto me with each thrust.

I wrapped my hands around Alex's hips to help him balance. When Fox started making the whining noise he makes before he comes, I tightened my hold on Alex and took control. Alex's arm snaked up to wrap around my neck as he gave himself up to my demands. I lifted him high so that most of his cock was pulled from Fox's body and my cock bottomed out in him. Then I pushed him forward, burying his entire length in Fox.

Fox's eyes closed and the whine turned into a whimper.

"Gonna come, Walter. Can't hold it."

"Go ahead, Fox. Alex, are you close?"

I got a low moan, "Yes."

I pushed him down hard into Fox. I smiled as Fox howled and started shooting into the air, some of it hitting Alex's stomach. Holding Alex in place against Fox, I started pounding into Alex's tight ass. A few more hard pumps and I was ready to come.

"Come, Alex. Come for me now."

I felt his ass clamp down on me as he whimpered. Smiling I thrust hard up into to him and yelled my own release. Rocking back slightly on my heels, I held him, keeping the connection until we could all breath again.

Fox recovered first.

"Uh, I think you guys broke me. Right after dinner, I want you to do it again."

Alex, grunted, "Next time, I get to be on the bottom."

I nuzzled the back of his neck.

"Guess that means you liked it?"

"Like doesn't begin to express how I feel about it. Thanks. That was the best belated Christmas gift I ever got."

I planted one last kiss on his neck.

"Come on, we need to shower and cook dinner."


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