Title: Boys Night Out
Author: Peach
Email address: peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 3/11/01
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder, RatB, SKSA. Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: PWP I think a little plot is trying to sneak in sorry.
NOTE: This story is part of the Anniversary and Valentine's Day series. This section picks up after Valentine's day. More to come (pun intended, you know how the boys are) Coming soon to a pc near you Christmas (the first time)

My violent impulses have always scared me. Sex shouldn't be violent but sometimes is. The heat grabs me and I forget my strength. Guess that's part of my attraction to men. They can take more than women can. Or at least that's how I feel from my mother's teachings. My own reactions to leaving marks on my lovers have always made me uncomfortable. Just seeing the marks makes me feel possessive, gets me hard.

I looked down at the ass I was still buried inside and remembered the first time I'd marked him this way. That time I was seeking to hurt him. This time I was giving him what he asked for. The lab could lift a perfect set of my prints off his cheeks. The teeth marks were so deep that I was surprised I didn't draw blood. I smiled at the memory of his hand caressing my face as I bit him.

The only sound in the room was that of three men trying to fill oxygen deprived lungs with air. I looked over at Fox and wondered again why such an honorable man loves me. Wondered at the depth of his love and acceptance of me that he has allowed me to take another lover into our home.

He told me that he wanted Alex too, but I suspect that it was more a desire to make me happy than a real desire on his part. I'm not saying that he doesn't enjoy Alex. Anyone would enjoy Alex Krycek. He's sex with a capital S.

As for me, I'm not sure why I have this obsessive need to have two men in my life. I am sure that I love them both. I haven't said that to Alex yet. I have told Fox and he seems to understand. He told me that love has no limits, that each is unique, that he *knows* his place in my heart is secure. It's been a week since I told him and his actions show that he meant it. He had gone to the trouble of buying Alex the most expensive chocolates for Valentine's Day.

So far the day had been one of the strangest of my life. I started it by giving Fox a fantasy I had denied him for a year. I had denied him out of my fear that I would loose control. I could give this to him now. I had a safety valve. The day before, I had told Alex of my plans to give Fox his fantasy for our anniversary. I had him promise to watch and step in if I got carried away.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could control it. I hadn't needed to ask Fox to watch me with Alex. Alex would not be as helpless as Fox in his desired marking. Alex's marking did not endanger his life in any way. Fox's could have.

I smiled at my Fox, sitting with one leg thrown over the arm of the chair, his hand still wrapped around his cock, come drying on his stomach. I realize that my own hands were still holding Alex's sweet ass. I moved to pull out and heard that soft moan he always makes when I leave him. I rolled him over onto his back and smile at the sated look on his face. Leaning over, I kissed him.

"Alex, love, you still with us?"

He sighed, "No. I'm in orbit. God! How do you do that to me?"

Fox's laugh was loud in the quiet of the room, "The same way he does it to me. Face it, Alex, we've caught ourselves a stud."

I snorted at them both, "Yeah. Well, your *stud* needs a shower and so do the two of you. Come on, get up."

I hauled two protesting men into the bathroom and turned on the shower. When I had gone shopping for a house, I had looked for one with a shower large enough for games. At the time I had been thinking of Fox and myself but there's room for three when the three are lovers.

As we were dressing I saw Alex looking toward the nightstand and remembered his card. Fox saw him, too.

"I have to go call Scully to wish her Happy Valentine's Day. See you downstairs."

I smiled at him as he left. I walked up to Alex and pulled him back against my chest. Dropping my mouth to his neck, I began making a new mark there. He sighed and leaned into me. As I sucked on his neck, I moved us toward the bed. When we got close enough, I let go of his neck and reached to pick up the card.

"You may have it now. There's no food or liquids to mess it up." I put the card in his hand and pushed him down on the edge of the rumpled bed. He held the corner of the envelope with his teeth and pulled the card out. I had used a color printer and designed the card myself.

On the front was a sleek black panther with jade green eyes. Above the panther were the words "For my Panther's first Valentine's Day with me."  Inside it said, "This is the first of many times that I will express my love for you." I had signed it simply  "Your Sergei."

He had jokingly referred to us as Alexei and Sergei the week before then looked at me as though he expected a blow. Fox had laughed and said that was perfect. I simply told him that my grandmother had been the last one to call me that.

His head turned to look at me, eyes suspiciously bright, "Love?"

"Love, Alexei. I love you." I waited, not expecting a declaration of love, but hoping for a hug or kiss.

"*My* Sergei?" His voice was low and shaky.

"Yes, *your* Sergei."  I looked at him my eyes unwavering, my voice as strong and sure as I could make it.

Suddenly I was staggering backward as a hot, beautiful Alexei climbed me like a tree. His arm wrapped around my neck, his legs around my waist, his mouth devouring mine. Then he burrowed into my throat.

A soft whisper just below my ear, "I love you, too, my Sergei."

I tangled my fist in his hair, pulling him back so I could see his eyes. "Look at me and say it again, please."

"I love you, my Sergei."

"You have no idea how good it is to hear you say that.  Come on, we need to get downstairs. There are other surprises for you and Fox."

I spent most of the day being attacked by two beautiful men as they discovered the gifts I had hidden here and there for them. Not a bad way to spend a Valentine's Day. Alex got all misty when Fox gave him the chocolates. They both got bright eyes when I took them back upstairs to a bed filled with rose petals. 

We ate a quiet dinner that Alex insisted on cooking on his own for *his lovers*.  He went all out. Prime rib seasoned to perfection, little red potatoes, a salad, and fresh strawberries with champagne.  After dinner, I told them to leave the dishes, we'd do them tomorrow. Which got me the strangest looks ever.

"Alex, I'll tackle him, you cut him just enough to see what color his blood is."

"Ok, smart ass, I thought you wanted to go clubbing?" I growled.

"You'll take us?" He smiled, sounding happy.

They usually had to really beg to get me to go. It's not really my scene even though I do love to dance and love watching them dance. I had told them they could go without me but part of the fun for them was getting me to dance and performing for me. Sometimes I would just sit at a table above the dance floor and watch them.

Alex moves with more grace than any man since Astaire. The dance floor is the second place Fox is uninhibited. I've watched other men lust after them but if anyone looked like they were trying to move in on them, I'd leave my perch to dance with them.

I had gone up while Fox was helping Alex get dinner on the table and laid out clothes for them to wear. For Alex, a green satin thong, a matching silk tee shirt, his leathers and boots. For Fox, his tightest jeans and a sheer white silk tee. That way I could count his pulse and enjoy the sight of his nipples when his shirt got wet with sweat. For me, the black leather pants that they both loved me to wear my tee in a deep blue one that Alex had given me.

Alex took one look at what I had laid out and started toward the closet.

"Alex, what's wrong. I put out your clothes."

"I need a long sleeve shirt to wear over the tee."

"No, you don't. Your trench will keep you warm enough."

"But my….." He trailed off looking at the floor.

He very seldom wore the prosthetic when we were home. He always wore it when we went out. I had been trying to convince him that he didn't need to hide this aspect of himself. He is a beautiful man and the missing arm doesn't change that.

"Alex, a shirt with long sleeves is going to hang down and cover your bruises. I thought you wanted to show the world that you belong to me. I'm rather proud that you love me enough to let me fuck you so hard that there is visible evidence after. Aren't you?" I did my best to make that last sound wistful.

"Yes, I want people to know. Especially after what you told me today."

Fox decided it was time to enter the conversation. Smiling at Alex he said, "You don't need it in public, Alex. You don't need to pretend or pose for anyone. You belong to us and we think you look beautiful. Let us show you off tonight. We've been dancing together here and you don't wear it, so you don't need it to balance."

"Please, Alexei. Let me enjoy watching you dance in public for me. You look so sexy in that shirt. Remember what happened the first time that you wore it for me? I promise tonight will be even better if you get me all hot and bothered dancing in that." I planned on getting what I wanted tonight. What I wanted was to show off my boys and help Alex understand that losing his arm didn't make him less desirable.

Alex looked at me, eyes hesitant, "You're sure people won't think that you are taking pity on the gimp?"

"Alex, anyone that thinks you're a gimp is a fool and since when do I suffer fools?"

"OK. If you promise that tonight will be better than the first time, I'll wear it." His smile had made it to his eyes. God! he's even more beautiful that way.

"Get dressed. I'll help with your leathers."

I dressed hurriedly while watching them dress. Both looking so sexy that all I really wanted to do was drag them back into my bed.  When Alex reached for his leathers, I moved forward to help him. He smiled and put his hand on Fox's shoulders for balance. I moved around him to position his thong so that my handiwork would be very visible.

The club was packed but we found a table above the floor. I sent them down to dance, ordered drinks and sat back to watch them move. Alex was very self-conscious at first, but the music and Fox soon had him moving in that way I loved so much. 

After a while, they came up to get the water they knew I would have waiting for them. I *let* them talk me into going back to the floor with them this time.  Who could say no to two such beautiful men? I couldn't, that's for sure. We had been dancing for some time when Alex leaned over to tell me he had to go to the john. I smiled and nodded back at him.

Then I told Fox I was taking a break. He just grinned and wiggled his ass at me. I got to our table and waved to the waiter for more water and another scotch for me. I watched Fox dance. He didn't need a partner, but I knew Alex would be back soon.

I was watching Fox so intently that I didn't notice how long Alex had been gone until someone touched my arm.

"Hey, man! I thought you would want to know that some guys are hitting on your boy in the men's room. He told them no but they didn't like the answer."

The guy jumped back as I surged up out of my chair, knocking it over. I grabbed his arm.

"Do you know what my other boy looks like?"

"Yeah, man. I've seen you guys here before. He's down there."

He turned and pointed to Fox.

"Good. Go tell him what is going on."

I didn't wait for an answer, just pushed by him and headed toward the bathroom. I cursed myself all the way there. Without his arm, Alex was more of a target. By the time I reached the bathroom, I was high on adrenaline. I opened the door quietly and moved into the room. I didn't want to draw my gun but would if I needed to.

What I saw made me furious. What I heard warmed my heart. One man was holding Alex as another talked to him.

"Why don't you just dump that old man and the pretty boy. A guy like you needs real men to make him happy."

"That *old* man is hung like a bull and can fuck all night long. And the *pretty* boy can suck your tonsils out through your dick. Why would I need you? Even if they didn't love me, I wouldn't leave them for you."

My voice was steady, with just a touch of the AD.

"Take your hands off him. He doesn't play well with others. Alexei, do you always discuss our sex life with strangers in the john?"

"Sorry, Sergei. They seem to think I might want to go home with them. I was just explaining why I wouldn't do that. I thought the quickest way to make my point was to tell them how good I have it at home."

I smiled at him then looked at the asshole who was still holding him.

"I told you to let him go. Don't make me tell you again."

I heard the door bang against the wall behind me and Fox slid to a stop next to me. The one who had been doing the talking turned to us.

"Ah! Pretty boy is here. What's the matter, old man. Can't defend your boy without help? I bet the pretty boy has to prop you up on little *Alexei* here."

I heard a snicker from one of the onlookers. Well, I had tried to do this the easy way. Fox was grinning and Alex looked nervous.

"The *old* man can bench press our combined weight. He doesn't need me to prop him up anywhere. But your boy might need someone to prop you up from now on. The old man's very territorial. Or can't you figure that out from the way he *marks* his territory." Fox lifted his head, tilting it slightly, so the bruises on his throat were very visible in the harsh lights of the men's room.

I concentrated on the guy holding Alex. He hadn't let go and Alex was standing still, waiting. I moved forward, took hold of the guy's wrist and tightened down. His yelp of pain was loud in the small bathroom. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his buddy move toward Fox. As the guy I was holding sank to his knees, Alex kicked out at the one heading toward Fox. I heard the snap as Alex's heavy boot connected with the guy's leg. He yelled and went down.

Alex grinned at me, "Don't worry, I didn't break it." Looking down at the guy on the floor he continued, "You and your friend should stick to single guys. Stay away from old men and their boys."

As I shoved the one I was holding away from me, Fox whined, "Hey! That's not fair! It was my turn to be the hero."

Alex grinned and, holding his hand out toward me, said, "Come on, *old* man. I need to be ravished by my hero." Turning toward Fox, he grinned even bigger, "Come on, let's take our *old* man home and let him fuck us through the mattress."

As they were pulling me out of the club, the guy who had come to tell me Alex was having a problem waved. I smiled and mouthed thank you. He nodded back.

When we got to the car, Alex pulled me into the back seat. Fox got behind the wheel. We were all laughing.

"Fox, you should have heard him bragging. He told those guys that I'm hung like a bull."

"True, that's one of the things we like best about you."

"Really? Well, he told them that you can suck a man's tonsils out through his dick."

"Thank you, Alex. I'm glad to know someone appreciates my talents."

"You're welcome, Fox. I was just telling them the truth."

By this time, Alex had my pants open and bent down to demonstrate his own sucking abilities.

"Alex, can't you wait until we get home?"

He raised his head slightly, "No, you got me so hot defending my honor. I want you now."

I couldn't help it, I laughed again.

"Your honor? I thought I was protecting your ass. Speaking of which….."

I pulled his head up and kissed him hard, then pulled him to straddle my hips. A lubricated condom came sailing over the front seat.

"There's a hand towel tucked into the seat back there. Don't make a mess on the upholstery."

"A towel, Fox?"

"I'm just making sure we don't have to spend all day tomorrow cleaning up. I knew one of us would end up riding you home and it was Alex's turn."

"Fox William Mulder, have I told you I love you?"

He smiled at me in the rear view mirror, "Just three or four times a day for the last year. But you can tell me again. I'll never get tired of hearing it. I love you, too."

Alex had been busy stroking me, making me even harder. He moved back on my lap so I could get the condom rolled down over my cock. I reached behind him and pulled the thong to the side, then lifted his sweet ass to lower him onto me. He hissed as I pulled him down, flush with my body. I had no intention of coming in Alex. I was going to get him off big time but Fox deserved to receive my come. It was, after all our anniversary.

In the last six months I had become addicted to the pleasure of riding Fox bare and shooting in his body. We had stopped using condoms when our six-month tests had come back negative. Alex becoming a part of our lives had brought them back.

Alex had volunteered to be tested after the first time he watched me take Fox bare. I had told him he didn't have to do that if he didn't want to. He smiled and told me he wanted me to come in him the way I did in Fox. I was already making plans for the day his six-month test came back.

I pulled Alex close as he wiggled his ass on my lap. I kissed him the way I knew he liked as I wrapped one hand around his cock. He bragged about mine to those guys but his is nothing to be ashamed of. He may not be as long as me but he is just as thick. As I pumped him, I used my other hand to push his shirt up so I could suck his nipples.

The adrenaline rush had put him in a talking mood. We had discovered that Alex goes one of two ways when you get him hard. Either he is quiet, except for moans or other involuntary sounds, or he talks. I love when he talks. Half the time he can't remember what he says.

"God, Walter. You're so fucking big. I love the way you feel in my ass. Bite me, please. I love when you bite my nipples. Yeah! Yeah! Just like that. Harder! God, so good. Love how you fuck me. Want you hard and rough."

I was biting as instructed when he pulled up high and slammed his ass back down on me. I tasted blood as his nipple was ripped from my mouth with his action. He started frantically pumping himself up and down on me using his hand on my shoulder for balance. I held his cock and let his movements push him into my fist and pull him out again.

I was so caught up in watching him and listening to him that I didn't realize that Fox had stopped the car.

"Please oh please make me come wanna come on your cock please please please Walter love you god love you love this love being yours."

The words had come out in one continuous stream. I could feel his balls contracting, his ass clamping down on me. I watched with awe as he began to shoot in my hand. God, is there anything more beautiful then seeing someone you love come for you?

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