Title: Three if by Moonlight
Author: Peach
Email address: peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationship. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 10/22/01
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder, RatB, SKSA. Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: A moonlight swim, three lovers and a peeping Thomasine
NOTE: This story is part of the Triad series. Thanks to the wonderful Josan for beta. Also a thanks to Ursula for the extra titles this is the second of four. Jen this is for you and the picture of Walter getting out of the pool. Sorry I had to go with moonlight instead of sunshine.
ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Jen and I seem to be doing "that psychic shit".  She started a new pic about the same time I started this. It's called At the Pool. (You'll see it mid-story, or click here if you can't wait.)

"Miranda, we're going to meet the contractor at the house to talk about the bathroom remodel and the painting. We should be back around lunchtime. We'll take care of the kids so you and your friend can have an afternoon out to do girly things."

He grinned on the girly things remark and if she didn't know him so well she'd have been pissed. He bent and kissed her cheek and then headed out the door to the sound of Fox yelling for the old man to get a move on. She looked over to see Moira staring at his ass as he left the room.

"Moira, he's taken."

"Yeah, what a waste."


"Did Edward get anything else from him besides his eyes and those shoulders?"

"Such as?"

"Is he hung like his dad?"

"What makes you think Walter is hung?"

"You know how I have trouble sleeping sometimes."


"Well, I woke up about one this morning. I came down to get some juice and the patio door was open. I heard a moan so I went over to look out thinking maybe someone had fallen."

"Go ahead, tell me quit dragging it out."

"They were in the pool and Walter was sort of dog paddling as the one armed one...what's his name again?"

"Alex and please, don't call him that anymore. If you forget his name, say the green eyed one." I watched her eyes widen at my stern tone.

"Sorry. I didn't mean anything by it. Is he sensitive about it?"

"No. We are."

"I'll remember, Miranda. I don't want to hurt anyone."

Miranda face softened, she knew there wasn't a mean bone in Moira's body. She just talked without thinking sometimes.

"I know you don't. Go ahead with the story. I have a feeling it gets better."

"Oh, yeah. You got that right. Anyway, Alex had his arm wrapped around Walter's neck and they were kissing. I heard another moan and realized the other one was on the side of the pool watching them."

"His name is Fox."

"Yeah, Fox. Fox was naked and he was obviously enjoying the show in the pool."


"Hey! Esther Williams! I'm lonely. Will you two get out of there?"

Walter turned to look at Fox all stretched out on the steps by the pool, his erection obvious even to a half blind man. Alex chuckled and nipped at Walter's ear. Walter moved then through the water toward where his other lover was lounging.  Putting his arms around Alex, he lifted him up as Alex pushed up with his hand on Walter's shoulder. This put Alex on the edge near Fox.

Both men watched as Walter hauled his great body up out of the water. Moira gasped as he turned and his erection was bathed in the moonlight. He walked over to where Fox was sprawled on the steps. Holding out a hand to Alex, he pulled him up, kissing his sweet mouth again.

At the Pool by JenR

"I wanted you out to pay attention to me, not to each other."

"Well, get up and let's go upstairs."

Moira got ready to run as Fox shook his head.

"No, I wanna do it in the moonlight."

"Fox, I'm too old to be humping on concrete."

"Come on, Sergei. You can lie down on the chaise and Fox and I'll do the Karma Sutra moves. Please. You look so hot with the moon shining on you like this." Alex had started rubbing against him and, even from the kitchen, Moira could see Walter was going to give in.


"So who ended up in the middle? Come on spill it."

"Walter! I mean I've known they were together since I drove you to their place that time but..."

"But what?"

"He's just so *male*. I thought he would be the top. And by the way, Alex has a nice cock, too. Not as big as Walter's but I bet he never gets any complaints."

"What about Fox?"

"He's longer than Alex but not as thick."

"God, Moira, did you have a pair of binoculars?"

"You know my vision is better than twenty/twenty and the moon was very bright."

"Ok, go on. Now that you've made me wet and my husband won't be home for hours."


"All right but if you throw my back out, you're paying for the chiropractor."

"Don't worry, Walter. We'll take good care of you. Won't we, Alex?"

"Oh yeah! We're gonna make you come so hard you won't even notice your back is out."

Walter groaned as his lovers led him toward the chaise. You would have thought that after being together so long they would have slowed down. That the frenzy would be over. But they still boinked like bunnies. Sometimes Walter marvelled at his ability to keep up with them. He often told them that he expected them to fuck him to death someday and to tell the undertaker to leave the smile on his face.

When they reached the chaise, he lay down as instructed. Ass right at the edge, lifting his legs to drape them over Alex's shoulders. Fox had grabbed the baby oil they had been using on Alex's skin earlier and giggled as he squirted a stream over Walter's balls to run down his crack.

Alex grinned and rubbed his cock in the oil before slowly sliding it along the crease. The head brushing against Walter's balls made the big man moan with anticipation. Fox bent low to kiss Walter as Alex continued to stroke along the perineum, the head of his cock teasing the balls with each slick movement.

Walter gasped into Fox's mouth as Alex's hardness penetrated him in one long slow push. Fox rose up and grinned down at Walter as he squirted more oil. This time onto Walter's cock. His hand wrapped around his bull's dick and he began to jack Walter as Alex began to fuck the hot tight ass of his lover.

Walter's body couldn't decide which sensation it wanted to move toward and he arched his back trying to make further contact with both.

"Fox, come here, please. I want to suck you."

Fox straddled Walter's head, knees on the edge of the chaise and hissed with pleasure as Walter sucked on the head before pulling the entire length into his mouth. Somehow he continued to stroke Walter's cock even though the suction that Hoover man was doing on him was very distracting.

Alex was in one of his quieter moods. Only grunts and low groans coming from his end of this orgy. Walter, of course, couldn't make his usual 'I'm getting it up the ass and god does it feel good' noises because Fox was too far down his throat, and Fox was biting that beautiful lower lip to keep from waking the neighbours with the 'Oh God Oh God Oh God' that wanted to screech from his throat.

Alex, as they had gradually come to realize over their years together, was as usual controlling the pace. He slowed down when he felt Walter getting too close to the edge, reaching to push Fox's hand away.

"Not yet, Fox. I'm not ready for him to come."

Fox nodded and leaned forward to kiss Alex hungrily. Walter had geared down his suction on Fox at Alex's words. Alex loved it when they came close together and Fox and Walter tried to accommodate him as much as possible on that. Besides, who wanted to rush something that felt so fantastic?

Alex was moving slowly in and out of Walter, loving the feel of the internal muscles trying to keep him inside the body. Walter liked to fall asleep with Alex inside him. Loved to wake with Fox inside him. Hell! Walter just plain loved everything his boys did to him.

He made a whimpering noise around Fox's dick and Alex picked up the pace again. Soon he was slamming inside so hard he was rocking the chaise. Fox was again sliding his oil slick hand up and down Walter's shaft, his thumb rubbing hard over the slit with each upstroke.  Alex turned his head to where Walter's thigh rested and bit the inner thigh, sending the big guy into orbit. His cock erupted, spraying come into the air.

Fox bit his lip so hard it bled as Walter's mouth suctioned his come from his body. Alex made a little sighing sound as he tightened his teeth in the flesh of his man's thigh and he shook as he came deep in Walter's ass and said ass milked him dry.

Fox pulled out of Walter's mouth and sat on his haunches looking down at Walter as he licked his lips slowly. Alex was licking the bite mark, soothing the hurt, still holding Walter's ass in a death grip.

And Moira was deciding she needed to go find her vibrator.


"Moira, god! You peeping Thomasine, you! Damn, wish I had insomnia."

"You still haven't answered my question."

"What question? Oh, about Edward. Yeah, I think he does take after his father in that area. I mean I haven't *seen* Dad's but Fox brags about him. Fox just can't keep his mouth shut around me."

"Too bad Edward wasn't a twin."


Miranda and Moira were getting ready to leave and Walter was cuddling Mai at the table as they headed out the door.

"We won't be long, Dad. Try not to molest the pool boys while we're gone."

"Fox get in here!"

Fox's head peeked around the door.

"What? I didn't do anything."

"Pool boys?"

"Now, Walter, I haven't been alone with her today. I couldn't have told her."

"Dad. He didn't tell me. But your son was awful horny when he came back from checking on the babies this morning, *early*.  But he didn't tell me either. I'm a witch remember."

She laughed as she closed the door behind her and Walter sat looking at his lover with a stunned expression on his face that was mirrored in Fox's.  Made up his mind right then to tell the contractor to hurry. They needed their own space 'cause he sure as hell wasn't going to do without until the house was ready.


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