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Stories are in chronological order (except for the quickies).

Skinner's Balcony (Alex's pov)
    Summary: Alex remembers the pain and pleasure of Walter's anger.
    Warning: Rape Alert.
Skinner's Balcony (Walter's pov)
    Summary: Walter's memories of the balcony night. This is for you, Ursula.
    Warning: Rape Alert.
    Summary: PWP
    Summary: PWP
Valentine's Day
    Summary: PWP
Boys Night Out
    Summary: PWP (I think a little plot is trying to sneak in sorry.)
Riding Bareback
    Summary: PWP (The title doesn't give it away, does it?)
The First Time
    Summary: PWP (I think a little plot is trying to sneak in sorry.)
Love Slave
    Summary: PWP (read the title)
    Summary: The boys get F's in 'plays well with others.'
Safe Harbors
    Summary: Walter and Fox take care of a sick Rat.
The Promise of Christmas
    Summary: Walter teaches his Rat the real happiness of Christmas.
Past Indiscretions
    Summary: Walter's past knocks on the door.
   new  Late Night & Early Morning Conversations
    Summary: Addendum to Past Indiscretions
Crystal Balls and Candy Corn
    Summary: Halloween, smut, witchcraft, and revelations.
Santa and His Naughty Elves
    Summary: Santa's elves make him very, very happy.
Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide
    Summary: Alex's past disrupts his present.
A Ring Means Eternity
    Summary: Ummm
Three Grandfathers
    Summary: Post "Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide" vignette.
Retirement Day
    Summary: Title says it all.
Three If By Moonlight
    Summary: A moonlight swim, three lovers and a peeping Thomasine.
    Summary: Sergei introduces his grandfathers to a possible lover.
    Summary: Sergei's Triad hits a snag.
Canadian Possibilities
    Summary: ?
Petit Enceinte
    Summary: ?
Triad Quickies:
Walter's Discography
    Summary: Walter gives his lovers a gift of love and more of his history.
Never Bet On A Sure Thing
    Notes: For LurkerQueen
Santa Day
    Summary: Yule time.
new  Morning Interlude
    Summary: PWP.
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