TITLE: Games Agents Play
AUTHOR: Peach with additional dialog by truthygirl
SPOILERS: Don't think so
SUMMARY: Scully wants to play games.
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Knowing the Score

It was a Friday and Dana Scully was checking her costume once more when the doorbell rang She rushed to the door made sure it was Mulder and opened it for him to come in.

"Scully, you look great as Maid Marian. I still don't like these tights. You should have let me come as someone who at least wore real pants."

"Shut up, Mulder, you look great And besides I wanted us to look like we were together. We are suppose to blend in." 'Everyone thinks we're sleeping together anyway, might as well look like a couple of famous lovers.' A slight blush formed on her cheeks but Mulder didn't seem to notice.

"Yeah? Well where are up going to hide your gun in that very form fitting dress."

"Right here in my purse." She told him as she picked up the small bag that would hang from the belt at her waist. It was big enough for her gun and her ID with a credit card in case she needed that.

They were attending a costume fundraiser where most of the who's who of DC would be in attendance. Dana and Mulder were only two of the agents that would be there blending in and acting as security. They had been told that blending in would include dancing and eating. No wandering around like they were 'on duty'. Skinner would be there as well since the AD's and their superiors were expected to attend as guests. The director had made that clear to them at his Monday meeting with them. This was his wife's favorite charity and he wasn't above some subtle blackmail to help make it a success.

When they got in the car Scully turned to Mulder, "Mulder, Kim stopped me in the ladies room before I left today. She asked if we would try to talk to Skinner tonight. She is worried about him. She said he was depressed all week. She told me we are his favorite agents so she thought he might talk to us."

"Yeah sure we are his favorites. That's why he chews our asses so often." 'I can think of other things I'd rather have him do to my ass but they all involve being naked and lots of lube. If he wanted to chew on it first that would be ok too.

"Mulder, you know he has to answer upstairs. Our cases are pretty hard to believe sometimes and you do tend to have high expenses. Plus you do seem to know just how to piss him off." 'Better to have him pissed off and yelling at me than not knowing I exist.'

"OK, Scully, we'll see if we can get him to talk."

They arrived at the gala and the place was packed. It seemed every time they saw Skinner they couldn't manage to make their way over to him. Dana did notice that he looked gorgeous in the vampire costume he was wearing. He was dressed like Frank Langella's version of Dracula. White shirt open to reveal a glimpse of his fabulous chest. Tight black pants. The cape swirled around his long legs letting out a glimpse now and then of that great ass that he hid under dress pants at the JEH. Mulder had noticed that ass too but that wasn't what made him try to follow Skinner to the men's room. He was looking for an opportunity to talk but was he intercepted by the director's wife, so he made nice until he could escape. He returned to Scully and asked her to dance.

When the couple glided across the dance floor, more than one head to turn and admire the grace of their movements. More than one-person thought they should be able to dance well since they probably did the horizontal mambo nightly. During one dance Dana saw Skinner staring at them with a scowl on his face. She wondered what was troubling him. Though she loved dancing with Mulder, a part of her wondered what it would be like to have Skinner holding her. She closed her eyes and pretended it was Skinner's arms holding her.

Skinner watched Dana and Mulder as they moved across the dance floor. It looked like they were floating in air. He scowled at them. 'Damn how I wish I could be holding her like that. Dancing with her. If only I could tell them how much I want to be with them. 'Don't be stupid Walter. They have each other. They wouldn't want you.'

At the end of the evening Scully tried to get a word with him but he brushed by her and left the ballroom She watched him enter the bar across the lobby and went to track down Mulder.

"Mulder, I saw Skinner but when I tried to talk to him he pushed past me. I think he has had too much to drink. I saw him go across the lobby to the bar. Let's go at least see that he gets home, even if he won't talk to us."

They moved across the lobby and entered the bar. They spotted him sitting at a table with a drink. As they got closer they heard him mumbling to himself.

"Isn't it bad enough I hav'ta sit in my office with 'em across from me? Both of them lookin' so goddamn beautiful. And here I am in love with 'em both. Neither of 'em would want a bald old fart like me. They have each other. And now tonight I hav'ta watch heads turn to watch 'em dance together. They jus' floated across the floor with no idea of how people are staring. I wanna scream at people that they belong' ta me but they don't Her beautiful red hair's like a crown on 'er head and that slinky dress clings ta'all her curves. Then him with that damn pouty lip that I wanna latch onto and suck 'til he begs me to quit. In those spray-painted-on tights leavin' nothin' to th'imagination. They have no idea how much I want 'em. How I dream of makin' love to 'em."

Scully's face drained of color. She spun around and started toward the door. Mulder looked at Skinner decided he wasn't going anywhere for awhile and followed Scully out to the lobby. He caught up to her and grabbed her arm pulling her around to face him.

Taking a deep breath Mulder said. "Scully, we need to be honest with each other and ourselves. I know how I feel about you and him. I know I've never said it but I love you both And I think you love both of us."

He waited for her answer and got one he didn't expect, "Mulder, I've seen the way you look at both of us. I know you've wanted us for a long time. I've wanted both of you. I just never thought he wanted us. I didn't think my fantasies could come true. I never told you because I couldn't picture life with just one of you."

"How long have you known I was BI?"

Scully snorted. "Since the first time I saw you staring at Skinner's ass. Those dress pants don't hide everything. Did you know he was?"

"Not until tonight. Are you ok with that? Have those fantasies ever included seeing us with each other?"

"Oh yeah. I think the next best thing to being with you will be watching you with each other" Scully giggled self-consciously, but Mulder was already weighing options and formulating a plan.

"Ok, Scully, it seems to me we have a couple of options here. One of us can go over and ask Skinner to go home and seduce him or we can both go over and drag his ass back to his place and seduce him together. The first option will mean that person will need to let him know the other one is interested. I think once we make him realize that we both truly love him we can be a very happy threesome."

"Let's go let him know he in the only one on our 'Most Wanted' list."

The two of them turned as one and headed back to the bar. Skinner was still staring into his drink. Mulder moved to his left and Scully to the right.

"There you are. We need to talk to you and it looks like you need a ride home." Mulder slipped an arm under Skinners as he spoke and started pulling him to his feet. Scully reached for his other arm and slipped her small hand through it.

Skinner looked at Mulder then at Scully, then growled in a drunken initiation of his best 'AD mode", "What are you doin here. I'm not goin anywhere."

"Scully, you better go get the car. It'll be easier for me to keep him moving."

"OK, Mulder, I'll bring it around front."

When Scully pulled up in front of the hotel Mulder was holding on to Skinner as he heaved into the trash can beside the hotel. No doubt he was not the only one to use that facility this night. When he was through Mulder helped him into the back seat of the car and climbed in himself.

"Home, Scully, and make it quick I don't want to be cleaning out the car tomorrow. I'd much rather spend tomorrow snuggling with the two of you."

"You mean if this works?"

"Scully, have faith. We are just going to give him what he wants. Isn't it nice that its what we want too."

The trip to Skinners place was pretty uneventful. He slept all the way there. Once they parked the car Mulder shook him gently, "Skinner, we're home. Come on let's get upstairs. OK?"

Mulder got him out of the car and Scully was already at the elevator with the door open. She had picked his pocket at the hotel when they were pulling him up from his chair. When they reached his floor she ran ahead to open the door. And had the lights on when they got there. Skinner suddenly showed signs of life and ran to the bathroom. Sounds of porcelain worship could be heard. They looked at each other and the thought that seduction might not be happening tonight passed between them silently.

When Skinner came out of the bathroom he looked haggard but almost sober. Scully was waiting with a glass of water. "Down the hatch, Walter. You need the fluid."

He drank without argument. Then scowled at the two of them. "Thank you for getting me home. I'll be fine you can leave now." He dropped onto his sofa and waited for them to leave.

"I'm afraid we can't do that, Walter." Dana said softly as she moved to sit beside him on the sofa.

Mulder moved to the other side as the unspoken communication flowed from Scully to him. ''Time to move Mulder or he will get away.' Mulder settled down next to Skinner and as his head turned toward Mulder Scully made her move. She took Walter's arm and pulled it around her placing his hand over her breast and squeezing lightly. When he turned to look at her in astonishment Mulder took his other hand and began to kiss each of his long fingers.

"What the hell are you two doing?" He rumbled.

Dana looked up at him, "Walter, we overheard your comments in the bar. Why didn't you ever tell us how you felt? Didn't you think we might like to know? We love you and want to be with you. We want to make love to you. We want you to make love to us. We want to belong to you."

As he turned his head to see if Mulder was really going along with this Mulder smiled, "Make me beg you to quit Walter." Then he leaned forward with his lip stuck out like a pouting kid trying to get his way.

Walter moaned deep in his throat and latched on to that lip. As he sucked it into his mouth he heard Dana sigh and felt her hand tighten on his pressing it against her breast. With out thinking he began to pinch her nipple through the dress she was wearing. Mulder moved closer to him making his own moaning sounds as Walter sucked on his lip and then moved into a deep kiss that left them both breathless when he pulled back.

"Hey I want one of those!" Dana demanded.

Walter turned to kiss her and Mulder slipped his hands along Walter's waist and started to tug the shirt he was wearing out of his pants. When the kiss ended Walter looked down at Dana and at Mulder's hands working on stripping him.

"Are you two sure about this? I don't want your 'sympathy' and I sure as hell don't want a one night stand. I couldn't take that. I couldn't go back to pretending that you are just my subordinates. And I don't want to come between the two of you."

"Walter, didn't you hear Dana say we both love you. We both want you. This isn't about sympathy. Besides we aren't a couple. This will be the first time for us with each other like it is our first time with you. Let us love you. Let us show you what we have been dreaming about doing with you."

Walter felt two hands one small and oh so soft the other bigger and stronger begin to explore the part of him they had managed to uncover.

"God, if this is a dream don't let me ever wake up."

Mulder chuckled softly against Walter's neck Dana whispered; "It's not a dream, Walter. It never has to be a dream again."

Dana and Mulder stood up and each held out a hand to him. He took their hands in his and let them lead him to the bedroom. Mulder finished stripping Walter kissing each part as it was revealed to him while Dana worked on turning down the bed. Then they pushed him gently down and began to undress each other kissing and fondling as they revealed themselves to each other and to Walter for the first time.

Walter lay on the bed watching as they undressed each other. 'God they are here. So beautiful together. Why are they letting me in?'

By now they were undressed and turned to the bed. Mulder moved to walk around the bed as Dana sat next to Walter Then Mulder was on the other side of him. They both leaned down and as Dana kissed him Mulder's mouth covered one of his nipples. Walter JR decided this was worthy of standing at attention and saluting. Mulder nuzzled his nipple until Scully came up for air. As Dana moved to taste Walter's other nipple Mulder claimed a kiss of his own. Walter's hands were moving over his lovers in a slow soft pattern.

When the kiss ended both Dana and Mulder decided to head south.

"Damn, Walter, you ought to be ashamed of keeping this glorious treasure from us so long."

Dana's small hand could not quite reach completely around Walter's cock. As she slipped her hand lower Mulder covered the head with his mouth and Walter almost lost it right then and there. He knotted the sheet in his hands and growled. Mulder and Dana exchanged a smile then went back to the task at hand. Dana pulled at Walter's leg and he moved it as she wanted. Once it was out of her way she moved under and began to suck gently on Walter's heavy balls. Mulder was concentrating on trying to deep throat the entire length and still breath.

Walter was trying hard not to come. He wanted this to last. It had been so long since he had been with anyone that the battle was lost almost before it started.

"Mulder you better stop or I'm going to come."

Mulder pulled back slightly and grinned at Walter, "So who's stopping you? Go ahead come, we aren't going anywhere. You'll get a chance to pay us back. With interest if you want."

Dana let his balls slip from her mouth; "This time is for you Walter. We've got all weekend to love each other."

Mulder sucked the entire length of Walter's cock into his mouth. Dana slipped her tongue under and around his balls. As she felt them tighten she slipped back even farther and slid into his anus. Walter yelled, "Oh god. Fuck!" Then he spewed like a volcano as Mulder sucked hard and began to swallow. They rode out his climax with him continuing to lick and suck until they were sure he was through. Then Dana raised her head and smiled at Mulder. He reached to pull her into a kiss and they shared the tastes of their lover. Once Walter's breathing approached normal again he reached to pull them into his arms. Dana and Mulder snuggled close to him and put their heads on his shoulders. They lay quiet together with Walter's large hands roaming over their backs and squeezing their bare butts. Walter drifted into a light sleep but his hands continued the stroking motions.

Some time later he came awake to the feel of two sets of hands moving over his body. Once they knew he was awake Mulder whispered in his ear, "Do you have any lube?"

Walter frowned, "All I have is Vaseline. I wasn't expecting company."

"That's ok not my favorite but we can do some shopping tomorrow. I'm sure there are other things we'll need." He looked at Scully, "Try to keep Walter interested till I get back."

"I think I can manage." She moved to drape across his chest and swooped down on his mouth. When Mulder came back he smiled at the sight of Scully and Skinner kissing as Skinner's big hands squeezed her round rear end He moved back to what he was already thinking of as 'his' side of the bed. He crawled on the bed and snuggled in to wait his turn.

When Scully and Skinner came up for air Mulder grinned, "Well what should we do now? I think you know from my earlier question what I want, Walter. What do you guys want to do?"

Walter looked at Dana; "You're ok with seeing us together?"

"Walter, Mulder asked me that before we drug you out of that bar. Yes I'm totally ok with it. I've been dreaming about watching you together or the three of us together for a long time now. Mulder do you want it to just be the two of you first or do you want to be in me while he's in you? If it would be easier for you guys to have your first time without an audience I can go watch TV or something."

Mulder smiled at her and looked at Walter with a question. Walter just shrugged at him.

"Scully, I think I'd like to be in you while Walter is in me. I've never done that but I've fantasized the three of us that way many times."

Scully whooped and leered at them. Walter rolled Dana toward Mulder and slipped off the bed to give them room to maneuver. Mulder pulled Scully close and gave her a sweet deep kiss. Then he moved to kneel between her legs. His head lowered and he began to tease her breast. She moaned and her eyes closed as she raised her legs to wrap them around him and tried to pull him closer. Walter sat on the side of the bed and picked up the jar of Vaseline. He opened it and dipped out a generous portion. He started to rub his hand between Mulder's cheeks and Mulder raised his head to look at him and smiled.

"Walter, make sure you use plenty. I've never had a lover who was hung like a horse before."

"Don't worry. I want you to enjoy this too."

Walter's hand moved slowly as Mulder went back to nuzzling Scully's breast. She waited knowing it would be better for Mulder to be prepped before he was inside her. Even though she was sure she could come just from the lovely things he was doing to her breast. Walter scooped more Vaseline from the jar and this time he slipped one thick long finger inside Mulder's tight anus. Mulder moaned against Scully's nipple. Walter moved his finger slowly in a circular motion, then began to move it in and out slowly fucking Mulder with it.

He slipped out and Mulder moaned, "Please!"

Walter chuckled, "You don't think you're ready yet do you?"

"Just put it back!"

"Oh, I intend to put a lot more than that in there." Walter chuckled again and Scully thought dreamily 'god he has a wonderful laugh.'

Walter moved onto the bed behind Mulder. His hand moved forward and two fingers slipped up Mulder's ass as far as he could push them. Once more he slowly worked them in out, rotating them to get the muscles to relax.

"Mulder, are you ready for three?"

"God will you just hurry up! I want you in me."

This got a chuckle from Scully. "Walter he's turning into a wanton slut. Will you get on with it then maybe I can get a little attention."

Walter smirked down at Scully and slipped the third finger into Mulder's ass. Mulder bucked back against him helping the fingers invade him. Walter held Mulder's hip with his free hand and took his time working to loosen him up. He really didn't want to hurt him and he had no illusions about how much damage he could do if he wasn't careful. Being a big man had taught him to be careful with his partners. He kept up a steady rhythm until Mulder started to beg.

"Walter, please! Will you just.. Oh god."

Walter smiled down at Scully seeing nothing but acceptance and love in her eyes. He pulled his fingers out and Mulder bucked back toward him again moaning low against Scully's breast. Walter put his hands on Mulder's hips holding him still. He pressed the head of his cock against the small opening and began to press forward. Mulder tried to push back but Walter held him firmly.

"Be still. You're going to get it all but we need to go slow."

Mulder was whimpering by this point. Shaking with his desire to be fucked. Walter continued to take his time. Pushing slowly but steadily into Mulder's tight, hot ass. When he was in to the hilt he reached under Mulder and pulled him up so that they were kneeling chest against back.

"I'm in Mulder. Be still and let your body get used to me. I want it to be good for both of us. Dana come join us."

Walter reached down to pull her up to face them then rocked back so that Mulder was sitting in his lap. Dana moved upward and managed to get Mulder's rock hard cock inside her. Then she and Walter began to slowly move. Finding a rhythm they began to make love to Mulder. They both tried to go slow and easy but Mulder didn't want slow and easy. He pulled at Scully with one hand while the other reached behind him to try and pull Walter closer.

"Just fuck me will you. I've waited for this so long. We can be gentle some other time."

Walter looked at Dana she nodded. "Do it, Walter, I'll just hang on and you guys can take care of me later."

Walter lifted them up so Mulder's weight was on his own knees and pulled Scully's legs up high on Mulder's hips. Scully wrapped her arms around Mulder's neck and nodded at Walter. Somehow Walter managed to hold them all upright and still begin to pump in and out of Mulder. Mulder was trying to move in Scully but he couldn't seem to make it work. She kissed him and pulled his head against her breast. He began to suckle at her as Walter's thrusts became harder and faster. Scully hung there in Mulder's arms, feeling Walter's movements through Mulder's body. Just being there with them, being trusted so completely gave her such a rush. She knew she that she would never forget this moment. Suddenly she was coming. She clung to Mulder and felt him begin pulsing inside her as he came. Walter rammed deep inside Mulder and with a shout reached his own climax. Somehow Walter managed to rock backward and kept Mulder against him. Mulder in turn held on to Dana. The three stayed that way holding each other until they could breath again.

Mulder recovered his voice first naturally.

"None of my fantasies even came close to that. I've died and gone to heaven."

"Well, you took us with you so I guess its ok. I think I need a shower." Dana pulled reluctantly back and slipped off the bed. She padded toward the bathroom and Walter and Mulder watched until she was out of sight.

"Mulder, are you ok? I didn't hurt you did I? Let me look."

"I'm fine. You don't need to ex…"

The last was cut off as Walter upended him and separated his cheeks to see for himself. Mulder pulled away and flopped over on his back. "Kiss me you fool," Mulder, said as he stuck his lip out.

"God I can see now I'm going to spend the rest of my life wishing you hadn't heard that remark." But he smiled and lay down half on top of Mulder and began to suck on his lip.

Shopping for Necessities

"God I can see now I'm going to spend the rest of my life wishing you hadn't heard that remark." But he smiled and lay down half on top of Mulder and began to suck on his lip.

Dana came back into the room awhile later toweling her hair and smiled at her lovers. They were lying close, Mulder's head on Walter's shoulder. Walter's big arm wrapped around him.

"Hey you two, you need to shower. Then it's my turn to be entertained."

They both turned to smile at her and reluctantly crawled out of bed. As they headed toward the bathroom she stopped them with a warning, "Now don't be playing in there remember you owe the next one to me, Walter."

He laughed and turned to look over his shoulder at her, "You give me too much credit Dana. I'll need some time to recharge"

She smiled sweetly at him then asked, "Where are you sheets? I want to change the bed."

"In the closet down the hall on the right."

While Dana was changing the sheets she could hear the two of them talking. She couldn't make out the words but it was a nice feeling to know they were near. Once in awhile she would hear Mulder's laugh followed by Walter's and water splashing. When the sheets were changed she went to the door, "Are you guys goofing off in there?"

"No, Dana. We'll be right out."

When they emerged from the bathroom Dana was on her side facing the door with a come hither look that raced through Walter's blood like the wine he had had at the party.

She smiled at him, arched an eyebrow and said. "Looks like recharging time is over."

Walter looked down at his rapidly expanding cock and grinned sheepishly. "It's been years since I've been able to do this. I'm glad I won't 'let you down'."

Mulder groaned, "God! Puns. Please tell me I'm not in love with two pun enthusiast."

Dana laughed and said, "Live with it, Mulder could be worse. We could force you to listen to country music."

"Are you two gonna stand there all night or are you gonna take care of business?"

Once more Mulder circled the bed as Walter moved to sit on the side nearest him. They both lay on the bed and turned to her as one. She didn't know it, but they had done some planning during the shower. Mulder had suggested that they both start on her breasts. It hadn't escaped him that she responded quite well to his earlier attention to them. After all he was a profiler. That should benefit him somehow right?

Dana sighed deeply as two wet hot mouths covered her nipples. This was heavenly to have both of them sucked at the same time. The heat zinged straight down to her crotch saying 'hey get ready you are gonna get something huge shoved into you soon'. Her eyes drifted shut and she wrapped her arms around her lovers. Two hands pulled her legs apart lifting one over lean runners legs while the other was pulled over Walter's more heavily muscled ones. Then two very different fingers began to probe. The slender one started rubbing gently at her clit while the thicker one slid deep inside her and started a steady in and out rhythm.

Dana swallowed, "Are you guys sure you haven't done this before? I think you've been holding out on me. Have you been out picking up women in bars or something?"

Two faces raised. Walter looking concerned. Mulder looking shocked.

Walter blurted, "No, Dana. We came up with strategy while we were in the shower."

"Hey I'm kidding." She smiled at them and pulled their heads back to her breasts. "As you were marine, you too, Mulder."

Both men resumed their happy tasks and soon Dana was positively purring beneath them. Mulder raised his head and told Walter, "I think she's ready for you."

"Yes please, Walter, now."

Mulder backed away slightly but Dana reached a hand out to him. He took her hand dropped a kiss on the palm and smiled at her. "This is going to be so good, Scully. He's going to touch you in places you've never been touched before."

Walter had moved between Dana's thighs and lifted her legs over his hips. "Thanks for the good PR, Mulder. Dana, I'm going to take it slow. Tell me if I hurt you. I'll take as long as you need me too. Like I told Mulder I want this to be as good for you as I know it will be for me."

Smiling at Mulder she pulled her hand away and reached up to pull Walter closer. She wrapped her slender legs tight around his hips and pulled him toward her with them. Reaching between them he guided his cock toward her dripping lips. Pushing in slowly he watched her face for any sign of distress. She smiled her encouragement pulling his face down for a deep soul-searing kiss. After the kiss Walter pulled back looking at her again as he pressed a little farther into her.

"Damn, Walter, now I know why Mulder was so impatient. If it hurts I'll tell you but stop teasing me and give it to me" She pulled down at him as Mulder's hand pushed down on his ass. The two actions caused him to plunge the rest of the way into her. "Oh God! that thing is big."

Mulder roared with laughter, Walter looked surprised and Dana just smiled at his confusion.

"Walter, it's ok. Yes it's a little painful but I just need to get used to you. I have to because we are going to be lovers for the rest of our lives. You are not getting away from us. You are ours now."

Mulder was holding his stomach from laughing. "Guess she told you huh? Seriously I feel the same way."

Dana started to wiggle under Walter. "Do me, Walter. Do me hard. Make it hurt so good."

That set off another round of giggles from Mulder. Walter glowered at him then looked down into Dana's hot dancing eyes. "Love me, Walter. Give me what you gave Mulder. Don't be afraid I'll break."

Walter began to pull out slowly and then just as slowly push back into her. His eyes never left her face. When she closed her eyes and started purring again he knew she was ok. His pace quickened and soon he was thrusting into her almost as hard and fast as he had Mulder. She was straining up to meet his thrusts her legs holding onto him tightly. Her hands pulled him down for another kiss.

As the kiss ended she whispered to him, "Now, Walter, make me come now!"

He moved his hand down between them and gave her clit a soft pull. That was all it took and she was screaming his name. Her name came from him in a hoarse shout a moment later as he came high inside her.

Mulder was surprised to find himself coming in his hand. He had been so mesmerized by Dana and Walter he hadn't even realized he was stroking himself. They lay panting for a few minutes, pulses returning to normal. Mulder went to the bathroom and came back with washcloths to gently clean his lover's bodies. He came back from putting the cloths in the bathroom to find Scully already asleep on Walter's shoulder. Walter motioned for him to crawl in on his other side pulled him close dropped a kiss on his hair then drifted off himself. Mulder lay for awhile thinking it had been a good day, a very good day. Then he joined them in the deepest sleep of his adult life.

Walter woke to a shaft of sunlight in his eyes and the feel of two warm bodies snuggled next to him. 'It wasn't a dream, they are here' he thought. His arms tightened and Dana mumbled good morning in his chest hair. Mulder just tried to crawl even closer to him. Dana rose up dropped a quick kiss on his cheek and headed toward the bathroom.

"There are new toothbrushes in the closet. We'll pick up shampoo and anything else you guys will need later. We need to do some shopping."

Dana disappeared through the door and Walter squinted at the clock and realized it was already ten. Mulder stirred and mumbled something he couldn't make out.

"What was that? Sounded like 'orning'."

Mulder raised his head grinned and he too kissed Walter's cheek. "I said morning. I slept great". He got up and started stretching. Rubbed his ass and grinned at Walter, "I'm sore. But what a nice sore."

Walter blushed and Mulder laughed Scully stuck her head out of the bathroom door, "Is anyone interested in washing my back?"

Mulder was on his feet but Walter was closer and beat him through the door. After a long shower which was interrupted by much fondling and kissing the three went downstairs to see about eating. Dana sent Walter down to the car to bring up the bags that she and Mulder kept there for emergencies. Dana could have probably pulled off one of Walter's tee shirts as a dress but Mulder would be swimming in the bigger man's clothes. When he got back she was setting the table and he could smell bacon cooking in the kitchen.

He put the bags in the bedroom and went in the kitchen to find Mulder cooking the bacon as Dana stirred eggs with a little milk. He stood in the door watching them until they turned to see why he was just standing there.

"Walter, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. You just look so beautiful. I still can't believe you are here. That you want me in your life. That you let me make love to you."

Mulder moved the skillet off the burner as Dana set the bowl she was stirring down. They moved across to him and once again flanked him. Both sets of arms wrapped around him and his arms encircled them like they had been together for years. They guided him into the living room and gently pushed him down on the sofa. Dana crawled into his lap and Mulder wrapped his arms around them both.

"Walter, why are you so down on yourself? Don't you know you are DDG? Half of the women in the JEH would drop to their knees if you crooked your finger at them."

"Yeah man guess you don't see the looks you get in the gym when you work out either. And it isn't just the gay guys either. More than a few of the married ones stare at you when you are lifting weights. So do you think two agents that report to you wouldn't notice? If I had known you were BI, I would have been trying to jump you years ago. You really don't know how attractive you are do you?"

They sat together holding him and waited for him to think about the things they had told him.

"I think a part of me expected you to be gone when I woke up. I thought it was dream. There have been so many times I've dreamed of you. Dreams so vivid I thought you would be here when I woke up, but you never were. So I guess since you were here last night my mind knew it couldn't be real."

"Oh its real, Walter, and you are stuck with us now. You might have been able to get rid of us if you hadn't fucked us bow-legged. Now no one else can ever 'measure up'."

"Ye gods! puns." Mulder covered his ears and strode into the kitchen announcing over his shoulder, "I'm finishing breakfast."

Dana looked up at Walter smiling gently. "We love you. Accept that. Every morning that we aren't here I want you to say to yourself 'they love me'. I promise you will hear it a lot from me. Let's go help Mulder finish breakfast. I'm not sure he really knows how to cook."

"Hey! I heard that. I do great breakfast when I have someone to cook for."

They got into the kitchen as he poured the eggs into the skillet. He handed Walter a platter of bacon and sausage and Dana the orange juice.

"Hungry, Mulder?" Walter asked.

"After last night we need refueling. Aren't we going shopping today? You haven't ever shopped with Scully or you would know you're going to need to be fortified. Get her in the mall and she'll walk your feet off."

Soon breakfast was on the table and they sat down to eat. They talked about the party the night before and whose costumes had looked the best. Mulder soon had them laughing at his imitation of the director. Walter felt more at ease and relaxed than he had in years. After breakfast while Walter cleared the table Mulder and Dana went to get dressed.

When they got to the car Dana held out the keys to Walter and Mulder crawled into the back seat. As he pulled out of the parking garage Mulder asked, "Where are we going shopping?"

"First we are going to a furniture store. Then we need to pick up toiletries and Dana would probably like a hair dryer. I thought we would pick up take out for dinner."

"Why a furniture store, Walter."

"When I work up this morning I realized we need a bigger bed. Last night could have worked better if we had more room to maneuver. We almost dumped Dana on the floor when we..." Walter trailed off blushing.

"We could probably work around that but do you want to sleep with your ass hanging off the edge? I warn you it will get cold this winter. I don't like the heat up high while I sleep."

Walter was thinking "OK marine like Lazarus Long said 'take big bites'* I've never wanted anything this badly in my life. I just hope they don't get tired of me in a couple of months'.

Dana turned to look at Mulder, "Sounds like he plans on keeping us."

Dana's thoughts were running a slightly different track 'This is one I'll never be able to tell in confession or to my family. My mother would have a heart attack. Bill would try to kill them both. I've got to figure out something because I don't plan on spending holidays without them'.

"Oh I knew that last night. Once we had him naked he was ours."

Mulder's mind went 'Will they still want me when they find out how truly fucked up I am? They look so good together. They have so much in common. They don't need me. Fuck it. I'll take it for as long as they want me. I hope I can be man enough to let go when the time comes'.

Dana smiled and turned to Walter, "A king size four poster bed. Please, Walter. And nice crisp new sheets."

"Well definitely king size don't know about posts. Of course we'll need new sheets. I'll even let you pick out girly ones."

That last earned him a smack on the arm. Mulder snickered.

When they got to the store they went straight to the bedding area. They started wandering and Walter stopped at a bed with a big bookcase style headboard. Dana reached out grabbed his arm and pulled him toward one with an elaborate iron head and footboards and tall posts that were at least six feet high.

"I like this one, Walter. Please. Just think how nice we'll look laying in it waiting for you." She vamped at him.

Just then she heard a voice behind her, "AD Skinner, what are you doing here?"

Dana dropped his arm and stepped quickly past him but it was too late.

"Agent Scully it's nice to see you."

Dana thought 'Oh please let me melt through the floor. This can not be happening.' She turned and put on her best professional face.

"Hello Agent Simmons."

Walter turned to the man as if he ran into him every day. "Agents Mulder and Scully were just helping me pick out new furniture. I currently have only one bed and need to fix up the guestroom. I have relatives visiting soon. What are you shopping for, Agent Simmons?"

"Oh we were looking at dinning room furniture and I thought I saw you come this way."

Just then a salesman came up; "Can I help you folks?"

Walter looked at Agent Simmons; "Guess I'd better get this taken care of and it looks like your wife is signaling to you."

Agent Simmons turned to look and said, "Yeah I'd better get back. See you at work."

Dana looked at Walter and he shook his head in a we'll talk about it later way. He then turned to the salesman; "I need a new bed. My lady thinks this one will work well in my home. When can I get it delivered?"

"Where do you live sir?"

Mulder wandered up while Walter was giving him the address and said, "Did I see Simmons?"

When the salesman went to check delivery dates Dana told Mulder, "Oh god, Mulder, he just appeared and I think he heard enough to put two and two together. Walter, I'm so sorry. Did you call me your 'Lady'?"

Walter looked down at her saw the fear in her face and reached out to take her hand. "Yes I did. Is that a problem?"

Dana shook her head as he continued, "Dana, don't worry. I gave him a perfectly reasonable explanation If he gossips no one will believe it. The JEH thinks you and Mulder are an item. Plus Simmons has a reputation as a fuck up so no one important will believe him."

The salesman came back just then. "We can deliver it on Friday."

"That would be great. Lets get it taken care of. Dana, why don't you and Mulder go pick out some sheets and new pillows. Nice big ones ok?"

They went over to the linens and Walter followed the salesman to take care of paying for their new bed.

"Mulder, I can't believe this. How could this have happened?"

"Simmons alert. Come on lets throw a red herring into the equation." He grabbed Scully's hand and turned her toward the sheet display. "I think Skinner would like very neutral colors. What do you think of this, Scully? After all he's the only one that's going to sleep on them."

"Come on, Mulder, I'll bet he likes soft colors. How about pink?"

Mulder laughed and turned to see Simmons being towed toward the door by his wife. "Ok, Scully, he's gone. Let's get at least three sets ok?"

They turned back to the display and when Walter came up they were arguing over which sheets to buy. He reached out and scooped up all of the ones they were holding and started toward the register. They followed after him when he turned his head, "Where are the pillows?"

Mulder went back to get them and Dana caught up with Walter. "What are you doing there are five sets of sheets there."

"Yeah? So? Better to have extra. I intend to dirty up at least one set tonight." He leered down at her.


"I bribed the delivery driver. He's going to bring it over tonight. We have two hours to get the rest of our shopping done and get home. Now go hurry up Mulder."

Once they were in the car Walter told them that since they had less than two hours to get home that the shopping would have to be confined to the local Walgreen's which was next door to a great Chinese take out place.

"Now to save time, Mulder, will you get the food and Dana and I will get the other stuff."

"OK just don't forget the lube. I want you to make me bowlegged again tonight." Mulder grinned and Walter turned pink again. Dana giggled.

"Don't worry I won't. I don't like Vaseline either. Do you have a preference?"

"KY is fine. Works great and isn't too expensive. What should I get to eat?"

"Get me almond chicken any kind of rice is fine."

"I know what you want, Scully, I was asking Walter."

"I like egg rolls and anything spicy."

Walter and Dana entered the store. Walter got a cart and headed toward the shampoo aisle. "What kind do you like Dana? And grab a hair dryer."

Dana got shampoo; conditioner then led Walter over to the bath stuff. She picked up a bottle of shower gel and put it in the cart got a bottle of lotion. Then headed toward the aisle where Mulder's request could be fulfilled. She picked up the largest size on the shelf and raised her eyebrow at Walter. He blushed again and nodded. At the appliances she added a hair dryer.

"Anything else, Walter?"

"What else would I need? I have a new bed on the way. Mulder's getting food. I'll have the two of you in my arms tonight. Can't think of anything that would make it better."

"Speaking of beds, Walter, I hope you didn't get that one just because Simmons showed up."

"No, I got that one because you liked it and I don't think Mulder cares what we sleep in. I know I don't. I'd be happy on the floor as long as the two of you were there with me."

They checked out and started to the car with their bags. Mulder was coming down the sidewalk loaded down with food. They piled the purchases in the car and headed for home. Once there Mulder and Walter went up to move the old bed into the guest room while Dana set out dinner. They were had just finished eating when the buzzer rang. Mulder and Walter went down to help get the bed inside.

Christening the New Bed

It didn't take long for Walter, Mulder and the deliveryman to get the new bed set up. While Walter walked him out and gave him an additional tip Dana and Mulder made the bed. When Walter got back upstairs he found the two of them lying naked on the crisp new sheets. They smiled and Mulder quipped, "Walter, you are over dressed."

"Don't you think we should shower first?" Walter asked.

"Later, Walter. After. I'll scrub your back and Mulder can do your chest."

Walter groaned and ripped his shirt off sending it flying over his back. Kicked off his shoes and walked out of his pants in his haste to get to his new lovers. They reached up to pull him down on the bed. They swarmed over him planting kisses on every patch of skin they could reach. He felt like they were trying to devour him and knew he would go willing to that fate.

Finally they came up for air and Mulder looked at Scully, "Hey I'll flip you for who gets to go first."

"No, you got him first last night. No wait maybe that's good. Maybe that is why he lasted so long for me. Help me out, Walter. Since we don't know you well yet just what is your normal staying power?"

"When I'm in a relationship and having sex on a regular basis I can usually last a fairly long time. If I don't last long enough I'm always willing to take care of things in other ways. You guys are making me feel like I'm eighteen again. I didn't think I was capable of getting it up like this anymore."

"OK, Mulder, you can have him first and then it'll be my turn after we shower. This time I want to just watch you together. Is that OK?"

"Voyeurism, Scully?"

"Only when it's the two men I love."

Walter looked deep into her eyes and as the night before saw only love and acceptance there. He nodded at her, "OK, little girl, we'll let you watch but if you decide to join in feel free."

Dana scooted over to the other side of the bed and got comfortable up against the headboard of their new bed.

Walter pulled Mulder close and kissed him. He plundered Mulder's mouth until they were both breathless. He then dipped his head and began to suck on one of Mulder's nipples while his thumb rubbed over the other. Mulder started to moan low in his throat and when Walter moved even farther south the volume increased. Walter took Mulder's cock in his hand stroking it. He dipped his head and ran his tongue over the head savoring the taste of his partner for the first time. Mulder almost levitated off the bed. Walter's other hand reached up to run soothingly over Mulder's stomach and chest. When Mulder had quieted Walter moved down taking the entire length into his mouth. Sucking gently at first then with increasing power as Mulder arched up toward his lover.

"Goddamn! That's so good. Walter, please stop." Mulder gasped.

Walter raised his head and looked at Mulder, "What's wrong? If its good why do you want me to stop?"

"Because I don't want to come in your mouth. I want to come with you inside me. Some other time I'll let you make me come that way. Not tonight, tonight I want you in me again. I want to look in your eyes when I come. I want to watch your eyes when you come in me."

Walter smiled at him and moved back up his body to kiss him. "Are you sure you aren't too sore?"

Mulder shook his head. "I'm sure."

Dana handed Walter the lube. Walter moved back between Mulder's legs and lifted Mulder's ass to rest on his thighs. He then squirted a generous portion on his fingers and began to prep that beautiful ass. Mulder watched Walter's face as those talented fingers stroked in and out of him making him ready. He squirmed trying to speed up the process.

"Walter, please! I'm ready. Would you get in there!"

Walter chuckled and took the towel Dana held out to him. He wiped the excess lube off his hands then slid them under Mulder lifting him upward. He moved forward and positioned himself at the opening and pushed in slowly as he had the night before.

"Damn! I can see that I'm going to have to sit in you lap to get that thing in me as fast as I want! Do me, Walter. Hard right now."

Walter shook his head, "So impatient." But he gave into Mulder's pleads and slammed into him.

He began a steady rhythm of long deep strokes. Mulder was moaning and writhing under him. The words harder and more being chanted like a mantra as he looked steadily into Walter's eyes. Walter slipped one long arm around Mulder's thigh and began to stroke his cock as he continued his assault on that wonderfully tight ass.

He felt the pressure of his climax building and leaned down whispering, "Come for me, Fox. Now."

Mulder's eyes widened at being called Fox but Walter's stroking hand and the pleasure of that huge cock rubbing his prostate pushed him over the edge. With a hoarse shout he came all over Walter's hand. Walter thrust into him again and Mulder felt the throbbing as Walter filled him.

Walter lowered Mulder's hips back to the bed and when he started to pull out Mulder reached for him, "No stay in me as long as you can."

Walter nodded and relaxed down onto his lover's chest. Mulder's hands gently stroked him. They heard a small sniffle sound and turned to look at Dana. She ducked her head wiping at her eyes.

"Dana, what's wrong?"

When they started to move she shook her head and waved them back. "No, don't, please stay together. I just got a little emotional that's all. You look so beautiful together. I've never seen anything as beautiful as the two of you together."

Mulder smiled at her, "I have. You and Walter together." He realized that his eyes weren't totally dry either.

Walter reached out a hand to her and using AD voice said, "Come here, Agent Scully. This is a working together workshop and I expect you to participate."

That caused Dana to giggle Mulder to chuckle and Walter to try and stifle his own good humor. Dana moved over and snuggled up to the two of them kissing first Walter then Mulder. They each managed to wrap one arm around her and still stay joined. They lay that way until Walter softened to the point that Mulder's muscles pushed him out. Then Walter suggested that they go get that shower and get ready for Dana's turn.

Walter woke Monday morning to the pleasant sensation of fiery red hair tickling his chin. Dana was snuggled so close to him that water would have had trouble coming between them. He nuzzled his nose down into her hair and softly spoke her name. She turned her head toward him and as her eyes opened she smiled sweetly up at him.

"Morning my love. What time is it?"

"Unfortunately, its time to get up. Monday, work, other people."

She groaned, "I don't wanna. Want to say in bed all day and make love to you."

He chuckled leaned down to kiss her. "We have to go to work, little girl. After being seen at the furniture store this weekend if we don't show up someone might buy Simmons story. I could always send Kim on an errand and give her a long lunch." He leered down at her.

"In your office, Walter? What would the neighbors say?"

"Probably the same things my neighbors here are saying this morning. I'll probably be asked to move after the great Dana coming of three am."

She blushed and hid her head against his shoulder. "Was I that loud?"

"Baby, it sounded pretty loud to me but then I was sucking on you neck at the time so I was pretty close to the source. The walls aren't that thin. I doubt that anyone outside this room heard you. Come on let's get a shower."

As he rolled out of bed and stretched she admired the view. The man definitely has a great ass she thought. He looked down and turned back to her, "I think you guys broke me. I usually wake up with morning wood. Look limp."

"Come back here and I think I can get a 'rise' out of you." She leered at him her eyes sparkling.

He started backing toward the bathroom. "Oh no you don't. We have to get to work. Look at the time. We'll be late as it is. Let's try to at least make it through a couple of days before the world finds out."

"Party pooper." She jumped out of bed and followed him to the bathroom.

As they showered of course Walter's will power went out the window. His morning wood put in a belated appearance as soon as Dana rubbed up against him all slippery with soap. Even though he groused about 'damn woman taking advantage of me' he was the one in the saddle.

As they were finally dressing for work Dana's cell phone rang.


"Hey, Scully, why aren't you guys at work yet?" Mulder's leer was obvious over the phone.

Dana giggled, "Mulder wants to know why we aren't at work yet."

Walter yelled toward the phone, "Damn woman tripped me and beat me to the bed. I just got free."

Mulder was laughing at the other end. "Scully, get in here please before Simmons wanders in here again with some other lame reason for being outside our door."

"What? You're kidding? OK we'll be there soon."

At Walter's raised eyebrow she explained what Mulder had told her.

"Another fun day at the JEH."

Mulder had run out on them the night before after a call from the lone gunmen. Otherwise he would have been late for work too. As it was he was there when Kim called to tell him that he and Scully had a 10:30 with the AD. In her usual efficient way she had made room on Walter's schedule for them as soon as the call from the director came in stating they had been requested for a case. She had canceled his first meeting of the morning when he called to say he would be late.

He had sounded so relaxed. That combined with Mulder's tone when she spoke to him made her think the weekend had gone well for all concerned. Kim had watched their little barnyard dance for as long as she could stand it. She had seen the way her boss watched his agents. Seen them both staring at his ass when he wasn't looking. Seen the looks the agents gave each other. So the Friday before she had made her first move toward matchmaking. She couldn't wait to see them together to see for herself how things had changed. She was sure that they had because Agent Simmons had broadcast far and wide his version of their shopping expedition on Saturday. A new bed, now that sounded very promising.

Walter strolled down the hall toward his office unaware of the looks he was getting as he passed. He had a slight smile on his face from stopping in the basement to get a good morning kiss from the lover that had made it to work on time. He swept into the office, "Good morning Kim. Coffee?"

She took one look at his smiling face and knew that his weekend must have been a good one. Peeking just slightly over the collar on his shirt was a mark that looked suspiciously like a hickey. She smiled her best smile at him and moved to make him a cup of coffee. As she entered his office she found him with his sleeves already rolled up and opening a file.

"You have a 10:30 with Scully and Mulder. They have been requested for a case by the director. It's the top file there."

She saw a tightening of his jaw and wished she hadn't had to tell him this. If things had gone the way she thought he wouldn't want them to be half way across the country.

"Thank you, Kim. Will you make their reservations please. Kim, do I have anything before their appointment?"

Kim shook her head no.

"Then please call them and ask if they can come up now. Send them in as soon as they arrive."

Kim retreated to her desk and phoned asking the agents to report to AD Skinners office right away if possible. When they arrived a surprisingly short time later she looked at each of them carefully and noticed Dana didn't look quite as put together as normal, she was wearing blouse with a higher than normal neckline. Mulder's bottom lip was even fuller than normal giving him a just kissed look. She waved them into the AD's office.

Dana and Mulder walked into the room and started toward their normal seats. Walter pushed back his chair and held out his arms to them. They moved around his desk to him. He pulled Dana on to his lap lightly cupping her breast. Wrapping a long arm around Mulder he slipped his hand under the suit jacket and squeezed his ass gently. Dana dropped her head on Walter's shoulder as Mulder bent down and presented his lip for his lover's attention. They were so engrossed in each other they didn't hear the door open.

Kim stood there taking in the sight of the three of them in an intimate moment. She could see her bosses hand on Dana's breast the other under Mulder's coat and the two men kissing deeply. She tried to slip back out quietly but the door made more noise closing than it did opening. The sound brought three heads up. The agents turned toward their boss and lover. Dana looked stricken. Mulder shrugged, "Looks like we just got busted."

"Mulder, ask her to come in please."

Mulder moved to the door as Dana got off her boss's lap and moved around his desk. Walter slid under the desk to hide the problem that was becoming chronic around the two of them.

Mulder opened the door to find Kim on the phone. She held up a finger it a one-minute gesture and continued her conversation. "Yes that's correct. No the AD isn't feeling well, he'll be leaving for the day in a few minutes. We'll reschedule with you tomorrow. Thank you." She turned to look at Mulder smiling.

"The AD will be quite interested to hear that he isn't feeling well. Would you come into the office please."

He returned her smile as he led the way into Walter's office.

"Kim, have a seat please. I think I owe you an explanation." Walter spoke quietly to her.

Kim moved to sit next to Dana and the two redheads exchanged an understanding look before turning their attention to Walter. Mulder wandered over and propped his hip against the desk. That alone screamed that things had changed between him and his boss.

"Kim, God where to start?" He questioned the air.

"Sir let me make this easier if I can. I've watched the three of you tap dancing around each other for years. Last week I nudged Agent Scully to see if maybe she might talk to you long enough for you to see what I've seen for awhile. I knew she would talk to Agent Mulder about my conversation with her on Friday. His feelings have been clear for longer than yours or Agent Scully's. I was pretty sure he would push if she didn't. From the looks of things you guys 'talked'."

Mulder snorted, Scully giggled and Walter moaned.

"Kim, is there anything you don't know?"

"Sir, a good assistant knows her boss and tries to anticipate his needs to facilitate a smooth working relationship."

She smirked at him.

"Alright I surrender. I'm just going to let the three of you manage my life from now on." Walter tried to make it sound like a growl but he was way too happy to pull it off.

"Sir, I have the reservations for flights this evening. The earliest I could get was 6:00pm. I've canceled or rescheduled you afternoon appointments. I suggest you continue the 'discussion' with the agents is a more comfortable location."

"Yeah, Walter, you aren't feeling well." Mulder informed him.

"I'm not?" His eyebrow raised.

"No, Sir, you aren't." Kim told him pointedly. "Go on get out of here and give each other a proper goodbye. You don't know how long they are going to be gone. Scat!"

Walter got up and moved around his desk, leaning down he dropped a kiss on Kim's cheek. "Thanks, Kim, you are a treasure beyond price."

"Remember that next assistants day. I'd like flowers and candy and a facial, maybe a backrub."

Mulder leaned down to kiss her other cheek and whispered, "I'll supply the backrub I'm very good at them."

Dana reached out to hug her saying, "I'll take care of the facial that will just leave the big guy with the flowers and candy, but you know how men are better write him a memo with what kind you want."

Mulder turned to Walter; "Scully's place is closer and will make getting to the airport easier."

Walter nodded, "I'll meet you guys there."

They had been lovers for over six months when Scully had to be out of town at her brothers for a week. Mulder couldn't stand being alone both in the basement office and at home so he was hanging out at Skinner's most nights. When the phone rang he was channel surfing and Walter was in the kitchen making dinner. Mulder would have been happy with pizza but Walter wouldn't let him eat junk when they were together. It had become a mission for Walter and Dana to try to get good food into Mulder.


"Hi, Walter, it's me."

"Hi, Baby, let me put you on speaker so Mulder can talk too. Hey, Mulder, it's our lady."

"Hey, Scully how's it going out in sunny CA?"

"Well if I wasn't missing you guys so much I'd be fine. I love spending time with my family but God I'm horny."

That got her two laughs as they smiled at each other. They weren't horny but they missed her more than she could know.

"I take it you aren't where your mother can hear you." Said Walter.

"No you know better. You won't believe where I'm calling you from."

"OK we give, Scully, were are you?"

"I got a hotel room so we can have phone sex."

Walter looked over at Mulder with a raised eyebrow "This is your fault! You have corrupted our sweet little Dana. Before she came under your evil influence she never would have said such a thing much less rented a room just to do it in."

Mulder was laughing and almost rolling out of his chair. From the phone came the sound of Scully's beautiful laugh.

"I think you both have corrupted me. Before I knew you Walter I never would have considered having sex with my boss, especially on his desk."

"Ah ha when did this happen?"

"Well, Mulder, I had to give our girl a proper send off before she left for California, didn't I?"

"Hey I didn't get to watch."

"Well you would have if you had gone up with me to say goodbye to Walter instead of running out to get junk food."

"People may I remind you of the purpose of this call." Walter stated in his best AD voice.

That sent them both into fits of giggles. Even through the phone Scully could picture her lover trying to look stern and keep a straight face.

About an hour later when all parties were sated, Scully dropped her bombshell into the afterglow of their first phone sex encounter.

"Well, that was great. Thank you my darling men. I think its time we expanded our horizons a little more. I went shopping on the way over here. I bought some toys for us to play with this weekend. I want to play games."

Two surprised sets of eyes met over the tangle of their body parts as they both blurted "What?"

"Dana, are you bored with us?"

"No, Walter, I could never be bored with either of you. Games can add to a relationship. They can let you open up more to your partners. Help you unwind when you have stressful jobs, like we do."

"Scully, we could never get bored with you either. I do love games though. What are we going to play?"

"Well I'm going to be home Friday evening. If there were two burglars all dressed in black at my place when I got home. If they found me so beautiful that they just had to have me. I suppose the bigger one could hold me while the other one carefully cut my suit and underclothes off my body. Then while the big guy decided he had to find out if my ass was as tight and hot as it looked. I suppose the other one could force me to suck him off while holding my hands to keep me from fighting."

Two sets of eyes met once more and both sets of eyebrows went into the stratosphere.

Mulder found his voice first. "What time is your plane landing on Friday?"

Scully smiled thinking 'God what did I do to deserve two such wonderful lovers.' "Plane lands at 6:00 I should be home by 7:00 or so."

"I love you, Scully. Have a safe flight."

"Love you, Dana, can't wait for you to get home to us."

"Love you guys too. See you Friday. Bye."

The line was disconnected and Walter turned to Mulder with a concerned look on his face.

"Mulder, I can't do this. I could hurt her. You know she never had anal until a few weeks ago when she insisted she had to have us both at once. Even then we took a long time prepping her before you even tried to enter her. I know she was sore the next day."

"Yeah, Walter, she was sore the next day. But she also said it was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. I hadn't told you this because she wanted to wait until she was ready. The next day she went on line and ordered a set of butt plugs. A set designed to gradually stretch a person so they can accommodate a big guy like you. She has been sleeping with one in every night that she wasn't with us for the last 2 weeks. The biggest one went with her to California. She wants all of her to be accessible to both of us. Said she wanted to have anal again but would not give something to me that you never got to have. She knew you would protect her by denying yourself this pleasure. Sounds like our baby is ready for you. Plus she has picked a really hot fantasy for your first time having her that way. Watching you take her that way will probably make me come way too soon."

Walter's mouth was hanging open by the time Mulder was finished. He got up and wandered into the kitchen to finish the dinner he had been working on when she called and Mulder gave him the space and time to think it over. He wasn't a bit surprised when after dinner Walter started planning their Friday night as he would an FBI mission to storm an arms dealer stronghold. Thursday at lunch Walter hauled Mulder out to the army surplus store for their own shopping expedition. Mulder need combat boots to complete his attire for their first 'game' with their inventive lady.

Friday afternoon at 3:00 Mulder was pacing in Skinners office as Skinner tried to continue working. "I'm going crazy here. How can you keep working? Aren't you at least tapping your foot under there?"

"Mulder I'm a nervous wreck. I wasn't this nervous on my wedding night. I feel like I'm about to deflower a virgin. I'm so afraid I will hurt her and ruin her fantasy. I want this to be perfect for her. I haven't been able to think of anything else all day. Fuck this, lets get out of here and go get our things and get ready at her place."

He walked to the door and opened it "Kim, I'm leaving for the day, start my weekend early. You can go home too; transfer the lines to the switchboard.

Mulder took off to go lock up the office and pick up his costume for the evening. When he got to the basement the phone was ringing.


"Mulder, its me. Will you guys be waiting for me?"

"You bet, Scully. He's worried that he will hurt you but he's determined to give you your fantasy. He's been planning ever since you called on Wednesday. Made me get a pair of combat boots. Been giving me lessons in how to use a knife. Said he would rip my head off if I cut you."

"Good. Let's make it something none of us will ever forget. They're calling my plane see you soon."

Scully's apartment was dark when she opened the door, as she knew it would be. She also knew they were there. She could smell the aftershave that they both used since she had told Walter one night how wonderful he smelled. As soon as the powerful arm grabbed her from behind she was wet and ready for this game.

His arm tightened around her and a hand covered her mouth. She began to struggle and he tightened even more.

"Be still, little one. You will only get yourself hurt trying to fight me."

The light by the sofa was turned on and she saw Mulder standing there with a grin on his face and a very wicked looking knife in his hand. "My look what we have here, Butch. She's a real beauty. Look at that red hair. Wonder if it's real."

She felt Walters breath as he leaned over her and brushed his lips over her ear. "She sure is pretty. As for the hair guess we can find that out soon enough. I'm gonna move my hand and you better not scream. My boy Sundance here might have to hurt you real bad if you scream. Do you understand?"

She nodded and he moved his hand down to squeeze her breast. "Man I've never had a woman that smelled this good. She smells like peaches."

"Please don't hurt me. Just take whatever you want and leave."

"Hear that, Butch? She thinks we want something besides the pleasure of her company."

Mulder moved forward as Walter shifted his position to allow him access to begin cutting Dana's clothes from her body. He ran the knife under each button taking his time drawing out the pleasure of watching Dana held in Walter's strong arms. When the buttons of her jacket were gone Walter shifted his grip so Mulder could pull it off. The tank that was underneath was cut apart at the seams and thrown over his shoulder, soon to be followed by the bra that was the only thing concealing her breasts from their view. Once that was out of the way Mulder leaned down taking her nipple between his teeth and rolled it back and forth until it was standing out with arousal. Walter had reached to rub the other one between his thumb and forefinger till it stood out as well.

Dana bit into her lip to keep from moaning. It was still much too early in this game to let any verbal signs of arousal be heard. The physical she could not control. Mulder's hands moved to the skirt she was wearing and neatly slid the knife under and up the side. Walter moved back from her slightly and it fell to the floor at their feet. As soon as it dropped Mulder's hand reached out to push her legs apart.

Cupping her through her one remaining article of clothing he smiled at his partner, "She's wet man. The brain may be saying no but the body is ready, willing, and able."

"Sundance, will you just get those off her so we can get on with it. My cock is about to bust my zipper."

A quick flick of the knife and the scrap of lace and satin fell on the skirt lying at her feet. "Lookee here she is a real redhead."

Walter's head dipped down and he grunted low in her ear "God, I can hardly wait to ram my cock in that sweet little ass."

She could feel his hard cock pressing into her from behind and decided it was time for the helpless don't hurt me dialog. "Please, you can't. Please, don't hurt me."

"Shush, baby. We're gonna make you feel so good you'll beg for more." Mulder told her as he slipped his fingers into her and rubbed her clit slowly.

When Mulder slipped his hand out of her and raised it to his mouth to taste her juices Walter spun her around and lowered her to the floor. Mulder dropped to the floor and grabbed her hands pulling them above her head. Walter used one leg to pin her legs to the floor as he reached to pull her flight bag to him. He started throwing the contents out on the floor until her found the bottle of lotion he knew she would have in there. Dana watched as the slowly unzipped his pants and pushed them down to his knees. She gasped when his cock rocketed out as if she had never seen it before.

"Please! You can't do this to me. There is no way you can put that in me, it's huge. I don't think I could even take it the normal way much less back there."

Walter just smiled at her and proceeded to squirt a large portion of lotion into his hand and began to coat himself in long languid strokes. Mulder was watching holding onto Scully's hands loosely. He knew how fantastic it felt to have that beautiful cock pumping into his ass and could hardly wait to compare notes with Scully once she had experienced it for herself.

Once Walter was satisfied that he had enough lube to facilitate entry he moved between Dana's legs and lifted her so she was resting on his thighs. He held her legs spread and pressed the head of his cock against the tiny opening of her ass. He looked into Dana's eyes as he started to press into her, watching for any sign of distress on her part.

When the head breached the ring of muscles she took a deep breath, as she let it out he pushed in to the half way point. Still watching her eyes on the next breath he sank in all the way to the hilt. Walter was still for a moment to allow her to relax.

Then he slowly pulled part way out and just as slowly pushed back in. Dana couldn't stop the moan this time. She had been dreaming of this for three days now and the reality she saw in Walter's eyes made the dreams weak. Walter smiled down at her when he heard the moan knowing her every sound. He knew it was going to be OK.

Walter looked up at Mulder and began to move in and out of Dana. Mulder knew this was his signal to continue with his part of the scene. Mulder shifted to the side still holding Scully's hands.

Looking at Walter he asked, "How's that ass?"

"As tight and hot as I hoped it would be."

"Well I think I want to see her pretty little mouth wrapped around my cock."

Dana once more took her cue and responded, "Please, I can't take both of you at once. He's so big it hurts. I don't know how to do that, I'll gag. Please, don't do this to me. Please, just let me go I won't tell any one I swear."

Walter made a low growling sound and leaned down to brush his lips across Dana's, "Baby you need to relax. It'll only hurt for a little while. The faster you relax the better it will be for you. Just let go and you'll learn to love my cock in your ass."

Mulder turned her head toward him and she saw that he had opened his pants and his beautiful cock a drop of precum on the tip was inches from her face. He rubbed it gently against her lips and she opened readily to take his hard length into her warm mouth.

Walter and Mulder looked at each other across Dana's body smiling the smiles that only Dana Katherine Scully ever saw. Walter began to move harder and faster into her holding her hips to raise her up to penetrate her as deeply as possible now that her body had told him she was enjoying this.

Mulder began to rock back and forth gently fucking her sweet mouth. He knew that he would not last much longer. Seeing Walter taking her that way was too big a turn on for him. Mulder's hands let Dana's go and he tangled his fingers in her hair.

"God, I can't wait any longer, Baby, I'm going to cum."

Dana's hands moved to pull him closer and her talented little fingers slipped into his ass to slide over his prostate. That was the final straw and Mulder yelled her name as he shot his juices into his lover's throat. She managed to swallow every drop then slowly let him slide from her mouth. He bent down and kisses her gently and whispered he loved her.

She smiled sweetly at him and whispered that he should hold her hands cause the scene wasn't over yet.

Dana turned and looked up at Walter seeing the need and desire that was in his face when he made love to them. The face that told her just how special they were to him. She was so very close to coming and wanted Walter to come with her.

She looked into his eyes and let all the pleasure that was coursing through her from that part of her he was using so well show in her eyes. "Oh God!! Please! I need..."

Walter's low voice asked, "What do you need, little one?"

"I need to come! Please!"

Walter smiled down at her and asked, "How can I make that happen for you sweetheart?"

"Fuck me harder faster."

"Whatever you want, little one."

He began to slam into to her as hard and fast as he could. Mulder let her hands go again and she reached toward Walter covering his hands with hers making the little purring noise they knew meant she was coming. Walter rammed into her once more yelling as he began to fill her with his cum. He felt her muscles clamp down on him. She whispered his name and went limp.

"God, Walter, she fainted!"

Walter shook his head as if he was trying to focus. He looked down at Dana then raised his eyes to Mulder. "Her muscles are still milking me." He bent over and lightly caressed her cheek smiling in wonder. "Mulder turn on the light. I want to make sure I didn't hurt her."

Mulder rose pulling up his pants and move to flip on the overhead light. Walter slipped out of Dana's warmth and shifted her to examine her carefully to be sure he had not ripped her during the last violent moments before he came.

"Well, Walter?"

"She looks fine. Guess I should trust her to know what she is ready for."

They moved to either side of her and cuddled her close to wait for her to come around. It wasn't long until she shifted and made a little low sound. Her eyes fluttered open then closed back tight.

"Why is the overhead light on?"

"Ah, Walter, our sleeping beauty is awake. The light is on so Walter could inspect you to be sure he hadn't hurt you."

Mulder moved to shut off the light so they were in the soft glow from the table lamp.

Dana rolled toward Walter, "You didn't think I would let you know if you were hurting me? I would have told you to stop if you were."

"Dana, I was so into it by then I didn't know if you might have and I didn't hear you. I was pretty rough. As rough as I am with Mulder."

"Oh so its ok to ram Mulder like that cause he's big strong man but I'm just a little girl right? Did I not specifically ask you to go harder and faster?"

Mulder was hiding his face so Walter wouldn't see his smirk. "I think I need to leave you two alone to discuss this."

He wandered off into the kitchen.

Walter just looked down into blazing blue eyes and thought 'how the hell do I get out of this one.'

"Dana, we never did this before. I've never had a woman that way. The few times I tried to suggest the possibility to previous partners I was told in no uncertain terms that I was insane. 'Are you crazy? You want to put that big thing in me where? What kind of girl do you think I am?' So I decided that the only way I could have that kind of sex was with another man. Yes, I guess I do think a man can take more than a woman can. I know Mulder likes it rough. He makes that very clear."

"Walter, don't you understand that a woman's body was made to be used by a man? We are tougher than we look. When you guys are inside me all I feel is wonderful. When Mulder and I were on that last case he finally got pretty rough with me. Apologized profusely until I convinced him that I enjoyed myself. I think it happened because we had been away from you too long and he was missing what he shares with you. I decided then that I wanted you both to understand that I won't break. That sometimes I want rough. You guys have treated me like a china doll long enough. There will always be times when I need gentle but I will let you know when. When I say harder and faster I'm not looking for gentle. Will you trust me to know what I need and give it to me? Didn't you like our game?"

"Not like? Dana, no man that has ever walked this planet would dislike playing that game with you. I've fantasized about taking you like that many times. I never expected to do it. I never would have chanced loosing you over that. You are too important to me. I was so surprised when you told us this fantasy on the phone. I thought I can't do that. I can chance hurting her. Then Mulder told me about your Internet purchase. The more I thought about you taking steps to prepare yourself for me and the fantasy you picked the hotter it sounded. Tonight was fantastic."

Mulder wandered up held out a beer to Walter and a huge glass of soda over ice for Dana. "So we got everything straightened out?"

"Yes, Mulder. I think Walter understands now. Thanks for the soda." She took a long drink and announced "I need a shower. Why don't you guys look over the 'toys' while I get cleaned up then we can go to Walter's for the weekend. They're in the smaller bag." She got up and headed to the bathroom carrying her glass to finish there.

Walter got up and moved to the sofa while Mulder went over to pick up the case. Coming over to sit next to Walter on the sofa he opened the bag and started to remove the contents. First was the plug Scully had taken to California with her.

He waved it at Walter, "See almost as big as you."

Then two cock rings, two sets of eyebrows went up, "Plans on keeping us 'up' for extended periods."

Then a set of nipple clamps, a meeting of their eyes, "Only one set, for her or one of us?"

Next came the slave belt with attached wristbands, this much too small for either of the men. "Definitely for her."

A complete Kama sutra kit. This was followed by a large bottle of massage oil and a large industrial size tube of lube. At the bottom of the case was a small cat o' nine made of the best quality leather.

They sat looking at each other and mulling the item over for a few minutes. Mulder let out a low whistle, "Walter, I think we should leave all future recreational decisions to Scully. If the guys that call her the Ice Queen only knew. Hell I wish we had known sooner. Could have been playing games for the last six months. Why didn't one of us ask?"

"I was afraid to this early in our relationship. You forget I don't do the sharing opening up thing too well. Hell, in the last six months you two have found out more about me than my wife did in seventeen years. I would have gone the rest of my life without games if you two didn't want to play. But I have to admit I'm glad she started this. As far as I'm concerned you're right we should relax and just follow our Dana where ever she wants to lead us."

"Good decision Walter."

They turned to see Dana standing naked in the doorway holding a green velvet cloak over her arm. She moved forward into the room and laid the cloak over the back of the chair.

"Who's going to dress me?"

Walter picked up the clamps and Mulder the belt and they both moved toward her. She smiled up at them and held her arms out to give Mulder easy access to fasten the belt around her waist. Once it was in place he fastened the wristbands around each wrist then stepped back to allow Walter to do his part.

He moved forward and looked down into her eyes for a moment, leaned down and brushed his lips across hers lightly, then reached down and pinched her right nipple. When it was taut he attached the first clip. He raised his head and looked at her eyes again looking for any sign that he should stop. All he saw was encouragement. He smiled and ducked down and fastened his teeth on her left nipple pulling out on it until he heard a low moan. He let go, pulled back seemed satisfied with how she had tightened up and clipped the nipple.

Walter stepped back and they both stared. She smiled a soft smile; "Well do you like what you see? Want to make pictures for your wallets?"

They both moved toward her and she found herself wrapped in two sets of strong arms. Mulder leaned down for the first kiss then Walter took one as well.

"Well, Scully, what is on the agenda for this weekend." He moved away from her and picked up one of the cock rings. "Do you want us to put these on now?"

"Not tonight. Its been a long day and I will need to sleep tonight to be prepared to carry out my 'duties' this weekend."

"Oh and what might your 'duties' be, Dana, and are you expecting to use the cat or have it used on you?" Walter asked.

"Are you concerned Walter?"

He smiled down at her, "No, I can go either way. Although I really think we should both use it on Mulder. You for all the times he's ditched you, and me for all the harebrained theories I've had to listen to and all the times I've had to cover his butt."

"But, Walter, it's such a cute butt and you cover it so well." Mulder said as he wiggled said butt toward his lovers.

They both burst out laughing as he grinned over his shoulder.

"OK guys for the next 48 hours I will be the dutiful slave of AD Skinner and Agent Mulder. My duties will include seeing that you are well fed. Assisting in any way you wish with bathing. Giving massages. And being available for sexual use at any time you desire, in any combination you desire. I hope you will desire to use you slave many times in the next two days and to use ALL her orifices. I expect at some point I will be derelict in my duties and require discipline to remind me of my status. Monday I expect to return to work nicely striped and very sore."

"OK, I have a question or two. Do you have a preference on who delivers the discipline? Where is discipline to be applied? Anatomy wise I mean?"

"What makes you think only one of you will need to apply correction? As for where I think the stripes should be distributed. A few in back a few in front."

"Dana, are you 100% sure? We could hurt you without meaning to."

"Walter, I trust both of you. I would not be asking to play games with someone I didn't trust. Just relax and let your instincts guide you. Sunday night when our game is over we can talk about what went well and what each of us would like to be different."

"Hey, Scully, sounds like you think we'll play this game more than once."

"I certainly hope so, Mulder. I hope you and Walter enjoy it as much as I know I'm going to."

"Does this mean you have other suits to get rid of? Should Mulder and I go shopping for toys?"

"Several others as well as other kinds of clothes. Shopping is up to you. But didn't I hear someone say 'Walter I think we should leave all future recreational decisions to Scully', " said Dana with a big grin. "Actually I think I would love to see what kind of toys you and Mulder would buy. I can't expect you to cater to my whims all the time and never give you what you want. So why don't you guys plan next weekend."

"OK, we'll see what we can come up with."

"Would you like me to suggest reference material?"

"What? You don't think we can't steal ideas from Mulder's porno collection."

Scully shuddered, "Please, Walter! You'll make me have nightmares."

"I'll have you both know I have the Classics. I don't buy just anything."

"Sure, Mulder. Whatever you say."

Scully picked up her cape held it out to Walter and turned for him to place it around her yawning broadly.

"Is this all you are wearing to my place?"

"I do have some clothes there if I should need them."

"OK come on, Mulder, let's get our tired baby home to bed."

"Oh yes please, I'm so sleepy."

Walter wrapped her carefully and the three of them made their way out to his car for the trip home. Once there they removed her signs of servitude, stripped themselves and fell asleep all cuddled together in Walter's big bed.

The next morning Dana woke to find her legs spread resting over the thighs of her lovers. While Mulder was rubbing her clit Walter was moving two fingers in and out of her in a slow lazy fashion. They were both propped up on their elbows waiting to see how long it would take for this treatment to wake her.

She smiled and said "What a wonderful way to wake up on a beautiful day."

Walter leaned down to kiss her then Mulder took his good morning kiss. This in spite of her protests of having morning breath. Walter looked over at Mulder and asked, "Should we let our little slave cum before she makes breakfast or make her wait?"

"Oh please, before. I'll make waffles! Fresh juice! Eggs! Anything you want."

"I want to see her whimper and pout. Let's make her wait."

"Mulder, you are mean."

"What is this? Is our slave forgetting her place? Do we need to apply discipline already? First thing in the morning? Well Dana? Do we?"

Dana turned to him and stuck out her tongue. "I'll just take care of it myself then."

Walter's AD 'I'm going to rip you a new one' face suddenly appeared. "Dana Katherine Scully, just who do you think owns you? This sweet little cunt belongs to us. You are not to touch it without our permission. Do you understand? If you do touch without permission from either Mulder or me you will be punished. Have I made myself clear?"

Dana looked up at him and for a minute thought a pod person had replaced her lover. In all the times she had been in his bed he had only spoken to her in the sweetest of tones. The part of her that she sometimes referred to as the Evil Twin started doing a happy dance. Her face revealed nothing of the fact that she was well pleased that Walter was going to play his part to the hilt. He was also giving her a clue as to what she should do when she was ready for him to 'discipline' her.

She lowered her eyes, "Yes, Master, I understand."

"Good! Now get up and bring your belt and clamps so we can dress you properly. After that I will expect my breakfast and don't dawdle."

Dana crawled across Mulder and went to do as instructed. When she came back they were sitting on the side of the bed waiting. She held out the items that she had been sent to fetch. This time it was Mulder that took the clamps and Walter reached for the belt. Walter fastened the belt and cuffs then headed into the bathroom. They could hear the sound of the shower as Mulder turned to her. He grinned at her and pulled her in between his legs. Without a word he pulled one of her nipples into his mouth and began to suck and bite at it. When it was hard he attached the clamp and moved to the other nipple. Just as he attached the second clamp Walter stuck his head out of the bathroom door.

"Mulder, put that butt plug in her before she goes in to start breakfast. I want her ready for me after we eat."

Dana smiled down at Mulder and went to find the bag with the other goodies. When she came back not a single word was spoken. She just handed Mulder the plug and the lube, assumed the position, and waited for him to follow Walter's instructions. When he was finished she grabbed her toothbrush from the bathroom and headed to the kitchen while Mulder went to take care of his morning routine.

Dana quickly brushed her teeth and washed the sleep out of her eyes. Once she felt awake she started getting things ready for breakfast. When she heard Walter and Mulder coming down the hall she moved to start placing the food on the table.

They came into the room and saw the table set for two. There was fresh juice, eggs, waffles and ham. Dana was coming out of the kitchen with a pot of coffee and their mugs.

"Hey, Scully, why is the table only set for two?"

"Master, are we having guests?"

"What do you mean?"

"Mulder, a slave does not eat at the table with her masters. Dana, you may go and eat your breakfast. We'll call you if we need anything."

"Yes, Master."

Dana turned and went back into the kitchen. Mulder looked over at Walter with a 'what's going on here look'. Walter just smiled and said, "Pass the ham."

"Walter, don't you think this is extreme?"

"Mulder, you surprise me. This is her fantasy weekend. I didn't tell her to only set the table for two. She did that and I read what it means. In all your research and your massive porn collection you surely know that domination games are controlled by the bottom not the top. You just need to pick up on her cues and go with it. She will let us know if we get too far off base. Now eat your breakfast and lets play."

Dana ate her breakfast and thought 'Walter is really good at this. I wonder if he has played like this before or if he has just learned to read me. That's kind of a scary thought but it will make game playing much easier. I don't like to spend a lot of time on explanations.' For once it seemed that she and Walter were dragging Mulder along for the ride.

"Dana, you may clear the table."

'Oh goody the Evil One spoke now we can get laid.'

Dana quickly cleared the table and returned to the dining room to await further instructions. Walter looked up at her then over at Mulder. "Do you want to just watch and use her later or do you want to join me in an after breakfast treat?"

"I think I'll watch, for now."

"Dana, come here. Turn around."

She turned as instructed and waited. Walter reached out and moved the plug making sure it had been inserted completely. "Dana, go get the lube and come back and coat me well."

She almost ran to the bedroom to get the lube and came back to find Walter sitting naked in his chair slowly fisting his beautiful cock. When she stopped by his chair he moved his hand away and waited. Dana knelt on the floor at his feet and followed his earlier instruction. She was very careful to coat him completely. Once she was finished he held out his hand to help her up. He then stood up turned her toward the table and lifted her up onto it face down. He pushed her legs so far apart it was almost painful. He stood there for a minute just rubbing her ass and enjoying the anticipation. Dana was becoming impatient and wiggled under his hands. She was surprised when one of those hands came down in a sharp slap on her right cheek.

"I didn't tell you to move! Keep still!" he growled.

The hands began moving over her slowly again. Sometimes stroking sometimes squeezing. She was drifting almost falling asleep when the plug was pulled out and Walter slid in to her in one long smooth stroke. She gasped at the suddenness of his action. Mulder looked at her face for the first time since Walter had taken charge to see if she had gasped in pain. All he saw was her eyes smoky the way she looked when she was aroused.

Walter stood still for a moment looking down at where they were joined together. He began to slowly pull back until almost his entire length was free then just as slowly moved impaling her once again. He kept up this slow rhythm until Dana thought she would scream. It was torture. She wanted him fast and hard like last night. She tightened her muscles around him hoping that would make him speed up She heard a soft laugh from him, "That won't work, little one. This is my ride and I want to make it last a long long time."

She groaned and Walter laughed again. Just when she was beginning to think he was never going to cum or let her, he sped up. His thrusts were coming faster; he was lifting her ass high into the air as he rammed himself deep inside her. One of his hands slipped under her and he started to pull at her clit like he was going to rip it out. He leaned down curving over her back and whispered, "Are you ready to cum for me, my little slave girl?"

"YES! Master, PLEASE!"

She felt his mouth move down to her throat, his teeth clamping down there. She screamed his name and her body locked down with a force that caused him to yell as he emptied into her. He let go of her neck and lay covering her trying to get his breath. She was still clamped down on his cock and he wondered if this was how a male dog felt when he was trapped in a bitch. When his breathing was almost back to normal he moved to kiss her and realized he had drawn blood.

"Oh god, Dana, I've hurt you. I'm so sorry."

She gave him a puzzled look and he touched his finger to the wound and showed her the blood. Mulder moved toward them and said "Get off her you big lug and lets get it cleaned up."

"Mulder, I would be glad to if she will relax so I can get out of her."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Mulder, it means that I came so hard I locked up on him. It's rare but women can do that. Some women can do it voluntarily. Master Walter, you quit worrying about hurting me. It felt good and I don't mind being marked by my owner. Master Mulder; don't call Master Walter a big lug. He's definitely big but he's no lug." She started giggling. "I can't believe this I have you trapped. Can you at least sit back in the chair with me so my legs can relax? We've had them stretched so long they are beginning to ache. Does it hurt you, Master?"

"No actually it's fine as long as I don't try to escape."

Walter slipped one are under her hips and one under her chest and lifted her from the table. Mulder moved the chair against the back of Walter's legs and he sat down with her. She shifted her legs and leaned back against his chest.

She turned her head and kissed his neck softly. "Thanks for a great ride, Master."

Mulder came back with the first aid kit and cleaned the bite. Once the blood was removed it was not so bad looking.

"Well Walter you sure left evidence that the crime lab could use against you in a court of law."

Walter groaned. Dana giggled and Mulder looked at them like they were crazy. Dana reached up and pulled Mulder down to kiss him. "Lighten up you two. I seriously mean it when I say it didn't hurt. All it did was push me over the edge. You know cavemen probably did that very same thing to keep their women in line. Hold them in place so they could plant those seeds."

"Dana, I'm so sorry I never meant to hurt you like that."

"Walter Sergei Skinner, STOP THIS! NOW! Hear me both of you I never want to say this again. I am not a delicate china doll. I will not break. IF either of you does something I find unacceptable I will tell you. Neither of you will make that decision for me. Nor will you make any comments to one another about something you perceive as wrong that the other has done to me. I initiated this game. I set the rules. I specified that some pain would be involved. I bought an object for causing pain. Do you really see a little bite as being worse than stripes from a cat? Neither of you told me you wouldn't use that on me when I told you what the game was for this weekend. Now either you both except that you are in love with a masochist who wants her men to dominate her or as soon as my body lets go of Walter's cock I'm calling a cab and going home."

Mulder looked at her saw the truth and determination in her eyes and decided he wasn't going to let go of her. He had gotten rough with her that one time. Had told himself he would never do it again. When he saw the cat he didn't think in terms of really hitting her but now he knew that is exactly what she expected. So he decided if Scully wanted a top that he needed to get some advice from professional so he would never do her real harm. He also knew exactly where to go for the knowledge he would need.

"Walter, I'm sorry. I had no right to say abusive things to you. Scully is capable of letting us know if we get out of line. I just .." he shrugged.

Walter's face had that closed look he got when he was doing some serious thinking. Dana turned and looked at him lifting her eyebrow. He looked down at her took a deep breath. "Dana, are you sure this is how you want things?"

"Yes, Walter. I would have told you sooner but I was afraid you would walk away from me. I needed to know how you both felt about me. Be sure that you loved me. I couldn't tell you about this need until I was sure of your love. Sure that you would at least give it a try. I hoped you both would come to enjoy it with me. Guess I'm pretty sick, huh?"

"Dana, I don't think you are sick. Or if you are so am I. When Mulder was emptying the bag of toys last night my cock jumped to attention and it had only been a few minutes since I had cum in you. Before I was married I played a lot. I have always enjoyed being in control. The subs I had seemed to enjoy me, they kept coming back. Sharon made it clear she would never play those games. I loved her and would never ask her to do something she didn't want. That's why I picked up on the table being set for two and not three. I never bit any of my subs, it wasn't ever requested of me. Neither was anal sex. Both things are extreme turn ons to me. The anal you had made clear was OK but not the biting. I truly don't want to hurt you more than you want. So if the blood letting doesn't bother you next time I'll just lick it clean."

Dana was smiling Mulder's mouth was hanging open.

"Woo Hoo!!" Dana yelled as she turned to plant a wet sloppy juicy kiss on Walter. Walter groaned as he felt her relax and his now mostly soft cock slipped from her.

She turned back and looked at Mulder, "Close your mouth before something flies in."

Mulder abruptly closed his mouth and looked at the two of them like they were an X file that needed to be solved. He had known almost from the beginning of their relationship that Walter liked to be on top so to speak. It had never occurred to him that their independent liberated Scully would allow this level of control. Even when he had seen the 'toys' he hadn't thought it would really entail any real pain. Now he had to deal with the fact that she really expected them to hurt her. That she was getting off on being dominated. He wasn't sure that he could hurt her. He realized from Walter's remarks that he wouldn't have a problem. In fact it appeared that he would get off on the whole scene too. It was one thing to watch porn with this stuff but quite another to watch his lovers doing this it. Yeah it was strange but hot.

"Well, Mulder, are you 'playing' or not? Do you want to make 'use' of our slave now?"

Dana looked up at Mulder trying to determine what was going through his head. She smiled at him as she watched the wheels turn. He seemed to come to some decision and looking down at her said, "Come, slave, and pleasure your master."

He reached down and pulled her out of Walter's lap to her knees in front of him. She took her cue and reached out toward his currently soft cock. "No! Just your mouth."

Dana lowered her head so he wouldn't see her smile. "Yes, Master."

Walter wandered out to go get the paper and as he settled on the sofa to read he could hear Mulder's moans drifting from the dining room. He could tell from the pitch that he wouldn't last much longer. Dana had become quite the accomplished cocksucker in the time they had been together. She told them her prior encounters had not lent themselves to teaching her this art. Since it was something both Walter and Mulder enjoyed she had practiced frequently and learned well. Neither of her lovers lasted long when she got down to business with them. It wasn't long before Dana came into the room to ask if he needed anything. When he told her no she asked permission to go take a bath.

"Yes but don't forget what I told you earlier about playing with my property."

She turned to walk out of the room but was stopped by his voice, "I expect you to respond to me when I speak to you. Do you remember what I told you?" Each word spoken with a heavy stern voice.

"Yes, Master I remember."

"Good. Go bathe, we may wish to make use of you again before dinner."

Dana went into the bathroom and started the water running in the tub. She added her favorite bubble bath and lit several candles. She slowly moved around the room laying out a big fluffy towel, brushing her teeth and reaching for her scrubby. Then she settled into the tub and lay back on the bath pillow to soak. She smiled to herself thinking that the day was going quite well so far. Later when she heard Walter moving around in the bedroom she smiled and knew it was time for the next part of their game. Dana was about to be a disobedient girl.

When she heard Walter's footsteps coming toward the door she sunk deeper into the water. Moved one hand to pinch her nipples the other dipped under the water. By the time Walter opened the door she was disobeying him big time.

Walter opened the door and stood there quietly for a moment watching Dana as she lay in the tub being deliberately disobedient. He had come upstairs with the intention of having her again. Once he reached the bedroom he decided to make plenty of noise so she would know he was there, see if Dana would move them to the next aspect of their weekend.

After all she had told him she would 'require discipline'. He had merely planted a seed as to how she could earn that discipline. He watched as she moved one hand over her breast and tugged gently at her nipple. The other hand was under the water but by the movement he had no doubt what she was doing with it. He smiled at the enticing picture for a second then put on his pissed off face. Time for the 'game' to continue.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Walter roared at her.

He heard Mulder pounding up the stairs and come running into the room behind him. Dana was looking up at him with her eyes wide and her mouth open. "Master, I'm sorry. I just forgot."

"You forgot did you. What was the last thing I said to you when I gave you permission to bathe?"

"Not to play with your property." Her lip trembled and she lowered her eyes. "I'm sorry, Master, I won't do it again."

Walter reached down and lifted her from the tub as if she were a child. "That's not good enough. You were told that you would be punished if you touched with out permission. I expressly forbade you to touch yourself. Mulder, bring me the cat."

When Mulder stood there just staring at them. Looking from Dana's trembling frame to Walter's hard eyes. "Did you hear me, Mulder?"

Walter turned his back on Mulder and pulled Dana over to the end of the tub nearest the showerhead. He reached over to pick up the slave belt she had left on the counter.

Then turned to Mulder still standing like a statue and barked, "Go."

Mulder jumped and almost ran from the room. He didn't know the man that was issuing orders but even in his befuddled state some part of his brain realized that Scully was making no effort to get away from Walter. When he came back with the cat Scully's wristbands were around her wrist and the belt had been used to secure her to the showerhead.

Walter silently held out his hand for the cat. Mulder gave him an 'are you sure' look. Walter raised his eyebrow and reached for the cat. With that in hand he turned back to Dana. She was standing facing them her arms pulled high above her head. Mulder could see the pull of her muscles. Most of the water had drained from the tub and he could see that she was standing on her toes.

"Now tell me, slave, what are you being punished for?"

"Playing with your property, Master."

"Very good. I think since this is your first offense that ten lashed should be enough to help you remember to obey me."

Walter raised the cat and brought it down across her right breast and shoulder. She sucked in her breath but made no other sound. The second blow hit her across the left breast and shoulder. This time she gasped. The third stroke was on the right side of her stomach and wrapped around her small frame. With that stroke the tears started to silently roll down her face. The fourth marked the left side of her stomach. Walter had used a cat in the past so he knew how to space the blows so that no one part of her body would be overly abused. With the fifth stroke on her thighs she let out a loud moan. Walter looked closely at her and waited to see if she would use the safe word that they had agreed on. When the word was not used he continued.

Mulder watched in disbelief. Walter was really beating her and she was doing nothing to stop him. Mulder knew she had a safe word but she wasn't using it. He saw the red stripes forming down the length of her body in shock. He started to move toward Walter to stop him but then Scully yelled no. He looked at her and saw she was looking at him not at Walter.

Since no was not the safe word Walter continued without even looking at Mulder. Walter had known when Mulder moved, he knew the no was for Mulder. Mulder turned on his heel and left the room. Walter finished the number of strokes he had promised.

He laid the cat on the counter and moved to take Dana's face in his hands. He kissed her softly and she opened her mouth under his. He then pulled back and gently dried her tears. He reached up and took the belt loose pulled the wristbands off and rubbed her wrists. Then he scooped her up and carried her to the bed and placed her gently down. He lay beside her and began to kiss her while running his hands lightly over the marks the cat had left.

She moaned low in her throat and pulled at him trying to pull him on top of her. "Please, Master. I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

"I do, slave."

"Please, Master show me you forgive me. Take you pleasure from me. Then I'll know I'm forgiven."

Walter moved from the bed long enough to slip out of his clothes. He lay down next to Dana and pulled her close to him. He kissed her gently and moved to cover her body with his own. She surged up to meet him and his cock slid easily inside her warm body. He moved slowly, long deep strokes, savoring the feel of her. Once he felt her rising response he picked up the pace and soon they reached climax almost as one.

Walter rolled to the side and held her while their breathing returned to normal. Then Walter tilted Dana's face up to kiss her sweetly.

"Dana, we need to talk about Mulder."

"I know, Walter. I didn't expect him to understand right away but I thought he would take it better. He was going to try to stop you."

"I know. I knew when he moved. I knew the 'no' was directed at him. Maybe we should have stopped and talked to him right then."

"No, Walter, he had to be shown that I wanted you to do this. That you would continue based on my actions and not his. I want all aspects of our relationship to be shared. If he can't join you in giving me this then I can only see two alternatives. One he can leave the discipline aspects to you and just join in with the sex. Or two we can play like this alone."

"I don't want to do that he'll feel excluded. I never want him to feel that I'm trying to keep you from him or take you from him. Why don't you get a nap and I'll go see if I can help him understand."

"Ok but tie me first and after your talk send him in to me. Maybe he can enjoy the bondage aspect at least."

Walter did as asked. He tied her wrist loosely to the bedposts and pulled a blanket up over her. Then he leaned down and kissed her cheek like a parent saying goodnight to a child. He turned and went to talk to his other lover.

Conversations, Bondage and Sex

Walter entered the living room to find Mulder slumped on the sofa clicking the remote mindlessly. Walter walked across the room and sat down in his favorite chair. This would allow him to watch Mulder's face as he talked to him.

"Guess you're through beating on Scully." Mulder spat at him.

"Mulder, we need to talk."

"No we don't. You just beat Scully. She obviously wanted you to since she didn't use her goddamn safe word. What's to talk about? You're happy, she's happy. Nothing to be said."

"We think there is."

"Oh so now you are talking about me. Maybe I should leave." Mulder jumped from the sofa and started toward the door. Walter was faster and blocked his attempt.

"Get out of my way, Walter. I'm not a helpless little girl."

If Mulder had been looking he would have seen the look of shock on Walter's face. Walter pushed his shock away and laid his hand gently on Mulder tense shoulder.

"Mulder, Dana isn't a helpless little girl. She's a grown woman that knows what she wants. She could have stopped me at any time. I'm not a monster. Even though you seem to think so right now. We were talking about how we can help you understand this. Please sit down and at least listen to what I have to say."

Mulder slumped then shrugged off Walter's hand. He turned and walked back to sit on the sofa. "OK I'm listening."

"I think first you need to understand that there is a difference between hurting and harming. I would never harm Dana. I may hurt her but only as much as she wants and when she wants. I will never harm her and would kill anyone that tried to. She has been in control of everything that has happened today. She has a safe word. I will stop whatever I am doing if she says that word. It won't matter how into the scene I seem to be, that word will stop me cold."

"Sure it will."

"Mulder, look at me!" Walter demanded.

When Mulder looked at him he asked. "Have you ever asked me to stop?"

"Yes. Once."

"And what happened?"

"You stopped right away."

"That wasn't a pre arranged game. That was just your lover not knowing your limits yet. Dana is starting to teach me hers. I love you and Dana. I would never want to have my pleasure at the cost of harming you or her. I just happen to have experience in an area that you don't. I can play these games safely with her. I can give her this. If you can't or won't that's ok too. We would not want you to do things you want to do."

Mulder sat looking at Walter for what seemed like forever, probably two minutes.

"So you are telling me that neither of you expects me beat her?"

"That is up to you. She would never ask you to do something you don't want to do. This isn't about forcing anyone. This is about Dana enjoying rough play. If you can understand that I'm not doing anything she doesn't want we can work this out. Don't you understand yet that I love you both so much that I would do anything to give you pleasure. I would die for you, kill for you, and steal for you. You two are my life."

"It's just hard to believe she would ask you to beat her."

"She didn't ask. She triggered it. We set up how she was to let me know she was ready to be disciplined."

"When did you do that?"

"When we woke up this morning. Remember when I told her not to play with our property?"

Mulder nodded, "But...."

"When I went up earlier I made plenty of noise in the bedroom so she would hear me. Then when I went to the bathroom she was laying in the tub one hand playing with a nipple while the other was busy under the water. I yelled so you would know we had moved to the next scene in this little game. If you had reacted differently and shown a desire then I would have given the cat to you. There are others ways the scene could have ended. We could have each used the cat then both fucked her silly. Or one of us could have used the cat and the other used his hand then fucked her silly. Many other combos but all end with fucking her silly. The beating is just a warm up; the sex is the pay off.

"So if I don't participate in the 'discipline' how is this going to work?"

"We can vary the game in many ways. We don't need to make that decision right now. Please just think about this a little more. Watch how she responds to the things I do. You're a profiler, you should be able to pick up on her signals pretty quickly."

"OK, Walter, I'll give it a shot. I don't think I'll ever be able to do what you did earlier. Its one thing to watch someone you don't know having that done to them in a porno quite another watching someone you have spent the last few years trying to take care of being whipped."

"I know." Walter looked relieved that Mulder was at least not running out on them. "Why don't you go up to her. She has set up a scene for you that she thinks might be more along the lines of what you were expecting."

Walter pulled Mulder into a hug and brushed a soft kiss across his lips then turned him toward the stairs.

Mulder headed up the stairs wondering what he would find. Scully heard his steps on the stairs and kicked the blanket out of the way. When Mulder reached the door he was greeted with the sight of a very disheveled, naked, and bound Scully. She looked up at him with as neutral an expression as she could manage.

He stood in the door, looking at her lying there, waiting and helpless and thought 'god, this is a wet dream come true'. As he walked toward the bed he pulled his tee shirt off and dropped in behind him. He stopped long enough to kick off his sweatpants then he sat on the bed next to her.

His hands moved to test the bonds made by Walter's ties. They were secure but he could tell that they would not cause any damage unless she fought hard against them. His hand trailed down along her arm and he twisted her nipple between his thumb and fingers. She gasped but made no other sound. He noticed that the other nipple had stiffened to match the one he was still pulling on. He bent down and took the nipple he had been twisting in his mouth and took the other one in his hand. He stayed that way twisting one and sucking the other until Scully began to writhe under him.

He looked at her lying there flushed and beautiful and knew he would be able to make her come just by continuing to play with her breasts. He knew that she had Walter tie her so he could be in control. Scully had long understood how out of control Mulder's life had always been. At least here and now he was in control for a little while. He had watched plenty of porn with bondage scenes so he knew where they usually went.

He lifted his head and reached out to tangle his free hand in her hair. "Open your eyes and look at me!" He made it a demand not a request.

Her beautiful blue eyes opened and she looked up at him. "I can do whatever I want to you. You know that, don't you? There is nothing you can do to stop me. No one will come rescue you."

He moved onto the bed and straddled her leaning forward to brush his cock against her lips. The drops of pre come at the tip wetting them. "Suck me!"

Scully opened her mouth and he thrust forward into her mouth. He reached down and gripped her head tightly with both hands and began to thrust into her hot mouth. She groaned around him and began to suck him the way she knew he liked best. He thrust in and out of her mouth for several minutes then abruptly pulled back from her.

"You aren't getting off that easy." He moved back and just looked at her while he fought to get himself under control. Once he felt that he had accomplished that he moved between her legs pushing them so far apart it made her wince. He surged forward slamming into her and began to fuck her with deep hard strokes.

Scully bit her lip to keep from begging him to do it harder. Every thrust felt like it would split her in two and she welcomed each one. She looked up at her lover his head thrown back, eyes closed, panting and thought how truly beautiful he was while fucking or being fucked. He shifted slightly and now every thrust was hitting her clit. She couldn't hold back the moan.

He looked down at her and leered, "Starting to like it, huh? You're turning into a little slut, aren't you?"

He slid his hands up under her lifting her higher once more changing the angle of penetration.

"Please," she begged.

"No!" He answered.

Scully smiled internally thinking that he may not be ready for discipline but he had found his own way to join the games. By now her pussy was screaming at her, 'NEED TO COME'. But Mulder didn't seem inclined to help her do that. He had slowed the pace and was now sliding into her in a way that guaranteed neither of them would come soon. She tried to wiggle out of his grasp but he tightened his hands almost cruelly, holding her still.

"You are mine. I say when and if you come. Do you understand me, little girl?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do you want to come little girl?"

"Yes, Master."

"Then ask me nicely. Beg me and maybe I'll let you." His voice was low and harsh sounding. Dana knew that he was holding on by a thread. She thought again how beautiful he looked. She saw Walter standing in the doorway watching with a slight smile on his face and she did a little thumbs up sign that she knew he would see but Mulder wouldn't.

"Please, Master allow you lowly slave to come. I will do whatever you ask of me if you will only let me come."

"You'll do what I ask anyway. I'm afraid you'll have to do better than that."

Behind him Walter made a reel him in sign. Dana coughed to avoid laughing. It is not good to laugh at your partner while he is thrusting into you in bed. Men don't tend to like that much.

"Please, please, Master, do not torment me so. I need to come. Please, I beg of you."

"Do you love me?" whispered so low that she almost missed it.

"I love you, Master. I will always love you."

In answer Mulder shifted her lower and began to thrust violently into her while his fingers found her clit and rolled it between them. He rammed into her and screamed her name as she felt him pulsing inside her. Her own climax roared through her like a freight train a moment later and his name was whispered sweetly in his ear.

When he could breath again Mulder realized that Walter was untying her wrists. He took each one and rubbed it gently making sure she would not be bruised. He smiled down at them and brushed a light kiss across each of their mouths.

"Mulder, you are never so beautiful as when you get laid." Walter told him softly.

"I'm not beautiful." Mulder grumped at him and ducked his head to try and hide the blush he felt creeping up his neck.

"Mulder, he's right you are angelically beautiful during sex. It almost takes my breath away. I'd have sex with you just to see you look that way."

Mulder muttered something about being in love with blind lunatics and rolled onto his side. Dana pulled him close and reached for Walter. They made spoons together and fell right to sleep.

Dana woke with an urgent need to pee. She crawled over Mulder and almost ran to the bathroom. Sitting down to take care of business she was thankful that neither of her lovers left the seat up. She did not even turn on the light since she felt so at home after all the times she had slept over. When she was through she stood up flushed and turned on the light. Looking into the mirror she thought 'Boy do you look rode hard and put away wet.' She leaned toward the mirror to inspect the damage. As she was noticing a distinct thumb sized bruise on her temple Walter wandered in, obviously with the same urge that had awoken her.

"Walter, thank you for the best weekend of my life."

He smiled over at her and said, "I'm glad you enjoyed it, baby. Can't take all the credit though. It was you who suggested games. I have to say I haven't been this tired in years. God knows it's worth it. It was the best weekend of my life too." He flushed lowered the seat and pulled her close for a soft slow kiss. "What were you looking at when I came in?"

"This." She pointed out the bruise.

Walter raised his thumb to place it next to the bruise. "Not mine must be Mulder's."

"What's mine and why did you guys desert me. I got cold."

"Mulder, when Mother Nature calls we respond. Why didn't you just pull up the blanket?"

"I prefer the warmth of my lovers to blankets thank you very much. Now what is mine."

"This bruise." Scully turned her head so he could see what she was talking about.

"God, Scully, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bruise you. I'm not good at this. Maybe Walter can give me some tips."

"Mulder, no matter how many tips I give you this kind of play will leave Dana marked. It comes with playing these games. Dana knew that up front."

Both men turned to look at her. "Mulder, first I'm not upset. Part of the pleasure comes from being marked after. I usually try to avoid areas that I can't hide easily. This is as much my fault as yours. Remember the sub is really in charge. In case you haven't noticed this is the least of my marks. I'll have more trouble covering the bite on my neck. Guess I should let my hair grow back out."

Walter leaned over to look at her neck; "I have to take the responsibility for that one. Those are definitely my teeth marks. To be honest I like having you marked as ours. Maybe we should go visit a tattoo parlor next weekend. Get you permanently marked as ours. Maybe a heart with ours names in it." He grinned wickedly at her.

She looked up at him and smiled, "Walter, if you want permanent we should go with branding. That's forever. A tat can be removed with a laser you know."

Mulder gasped and looked from one to the other. "Scully, you don't mean that!"

She was still looking up at Walter, waiting for his response. He stood there looking into her eyes for what seemed like eternity. Then a slow smile spread across his face. "I know just the person to make the iron for us. Do you want to design it or shall I?"

Mulder moved between them and pushed at Walter to get his attention. "NO! You can't be serious! This is way out of line. How can you even talk about marking her that way?"

Walter looked at him and said, "She brought it up I didn't. I think you should remember that it is her decision, just like everything we did to her for the last three days was her decision. I've never loved anyone the way I love the two of you. I'd mark you both as mine if you were willing. I'd never force you to allow it but it would please me to know that you wanted to wear my mark for the rest of your life."

Mulder turned to Dana; "You can't be serious. It's a joke right?

Scully took them by the arm and led them into the bedroom. She settled in the center of the bed and waved for them to join her. Walter stretched out next to her and Mulder lay across the bottom of the bed.

"We agreed that we would talk today about how things went. Mulder, it isn't a joke. I've known for years that when I met the right man I would allow him to mark me as his and not just with a wedding band. So I guess you have a few things to decide. I know you've had a hard time with the discipline aspect of this weekend. All I can say about that is you can either be an observer and allow Walter to handle discipline or Walter and I can schedule time to play these games alone. Well?"

"I don't want to be excluded!"

"That is not the intention. If it was she would not have given you the option of observing and might I add still getting to fuck her. I'm sure we can play in a way that includes you having a good time while I handle the whips and chains aspect."

Mulder refused to look at either of them for several minutes and they waited both knowing he would work it through. Finally he raised his eyes; "I have to admit it's hotter than any porn watching you two do that stuff. You know I'd never turn down sex with either of you. So if it's ok I'll be a voyeur during the discipline, punishment or whatever you guys call it during a game. But this branding thing is still a little extreme don't you think?"

"If I thought it was I would never have brought it up. I expect the rest of my life to be spent with the two of you. We can't go public with our relationship. I can't wear any outward sign of our love and commitment to each other. That would bring up questions that I would have to lie about or say 'none of your business'. I wouldn't be comfortable doing either of those things. Especially not with my family. With a brand every time we see it we'll have a reminder of our commitment to each other. I would prefer that you give your blessing, Mulder, but Walter and I can take a short vacation and do it alone. Since Walter has agreed all that remains is having an iron made and deciding when."

Walter watched the younger man as he tried to get his mind around what was happening. Walter was happy that Dana was willing to mark her body as theirs. Since he had spent many years in the scene he knew just how much of a commitment it was for her to make. If there had been any doubts left in his mind about her love they had been wiped away. Her decision to be branded told him this was no passing fad. He continued to watch Mulder as thoughts of where to brand her and what it should be circled his brain. He was keeping quiet because he knew this was basically between them. He had let Dana know he could and would give her what she wanted. He had let Mulder know that he wasn't trying to exclude him. He was hoping Mulder would come to terms with it all.

"I want you to have what you want. I guess a part of me understands what you are saying. I don't know if I can watch that, Scully. I don't understand how Walter can agree so easily to hurt you that way."

"Mulder, I'm a doctor remember? It can be almost pain free. I won't experience any more pain than I'm willing to have. So does this mean you at least want to be present when it happens?"

"I won't watch."

"Don't worry, we won't make you. Dana, do you have a design in mind?"

"I think I would like you to do that Walter. I know you will pick something beautiful."

Walter brought out that smile that would have caused most of the women at the JEH to drool. Then leaned over to kiss Dana. Then he reached down and pulled Mulder up the bed to lay beside them. Kissed him soundly and the three cuddled together and went back to sleep.

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