TITLE: To See Beyond Your Armor
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SUMMARY: Scully and Skinner go undercover on a murder case.
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WARNING: This story will contain explicit consensual sex between a man and a woman. It will also contain scenes of violence perpetrated by the male lead against the female lead under extreme duress and threats of death for both characters if he refuses. If that is offensive to you please find another story to read. If not enjoy.
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The intercom on his desk buzzed and he reached to answer while continuing to read the file on his desk.

"Agents Scully and Mulder are here sir."

"Send them in, please."

The door opened and the two agents took their usual places in front of him as he finished the last page of the report. He closed the file and moved around the desk to hand it to Agent Scully.

As she moved to open the file he turned to Mulder, "Looks like you will be backup this time Mulder. The director has decided I may still be capable of working a field assignment."

Mulder opened his mouth to ask what he meant but Scully beat him to the punch.

"Sir, this man looks like you."

"Yeah, I noticed that. So did the director. The agents at the scene noticed, too. Called the director to tell him about it. So I got a call last night telling me that I was going to get to go out and play. If you'll take a look at the next picture you'll see why you get to go out with me."

Mulder had moved around his chair and was looking over Scully's shoulder at the picture of a man that did indeed look amazingly like their boss. When she moved to the next picture she gasped. It was almost like looking into a mirror. The woman had fiery red hair, blue eyes, and creamy white skin. Walter walked to the conference table and sat down as they moved to join him there.

"Let me give you the basics and then you can read the file. In the last six months, three couples all being the same general type have been found murdered. So far the only thing to connect them other than their death and physical resemblance is the fact that they were recently married. This last couple was very high profile. The director received a call this morning directing him to get results, now. This killer or killers like to play with the victims first. Each couple was taken from their home a week before they were found. There was evidence of both sexual and physical abuse before their deaths. In the first two cases the only physical evidence from the sexual portion of this abuse indicates that the victims were forced and or drugged into abusing each other. The wives had their husband's sperm in both vaginal and anal opening. The husband had been penetrated anally by an object or objects unknown. We feel sure that the most recent couple will fit this profile. Scully, since we look like the prior victims we have been ordered to go get married, set up housekeeping, and try to lure the perp into coming after us. Mulder since you are Scully's partner and one of the best profilers around you get to lead the taskforce."

While he had been speaking Scully and Mulder had divided up the file. Scully taking the medical reports while Mulder took the rest. He moved to get a cup of coffee and left them to the reading. The intercom buzzed he answered, then he picked up the phone.

"Skinner. Yes. Alright send it over right away."

"The preliminary report shows the same type of abuse as the prior victims. The report is on the way, plus the additional info on the first two victims."

They went back to their reading and he sat down across from them to wait for them to finish. His mind started to wander in a dangerous direction. Thinking about the beautiful woman that was sitting across from him and the close quarters they would be sharing soon. He shifted in his seat thinking 'Damn it Walter you can't be letting your mind wander like this. This is no time to be thinking about how you wish you were going on a real honeymoon with her. She would never want you that way so just stop it.' Casting a look down he hoped he could get that part of his body to obey before he had to move from the table that was hiding his erection.

Kim knocked softly at the door, entered and walked to the table to hand the AD a large envelope. He thanked her opening the envelope. Reading the report quickly before handing it across to Scully. She carefully read it then raised her head to look at the AD.

"This says they found ecstasy as well other narcotics in the first two couples killed. What was the last known location of the couples?"

Mulder looked over at Scully, "They were taken from their homes. All three seemed to have been either sleeping or had just had sex. The beds were unmade and all the sheets had traces of semen and other body fluids." He looked pointedly at Skinner.

"Well gee, Mulder, they were on their honeymoons. Isn't that what most people do on a honeymoon?" Skinner snapped at him after reading the challenge in Mulder's eyes. Did Mulder think Skinner would use that as an excuse to try and get in Scully's pants?

Scully looked from one to the other. Smiling inside at her partner's obvious protective instinct and Skinner's refusal to look directly at her. She wondered if Mulder thought Skinner would use that information to come on to her during the assignment. Skinner barely knew she was a woman. She had seen the kind of woman he was attracted to and she didn't fit the image. Leggy was the best way to describe the women she knew her boss had been with. She definitely wasn't leggy. The heels made her appear taller but it was easy to see the truth about her height. The fact that he featured almost nightly in her fantasies was a moot point. On a personal note, she was looking forward to seeing her boss in a more casual setting. Maybe having a chance to see behind the armor of that starched white shirt.

The three became all business as they made their plans and decided which agents they would want to work with them on this case. They compared everything in the file and added new information as Kim brought more to them. At lunchtime Kim came in with sandwiches, drinks and a small package.

"Thank you Kim. This the id's?"

"Yes sir, and the rings."

Mulder looked up, "Rings?"

"Married couples usually wear rings Mulder."

Walter opened the package pulling out the id's sliding Dana's across the desk, setting his aside. Then he took out the ring box and opened it. Inside were a large diamond solitaire and 2 wedding bands. He pulled out the solitaire and leaned over to hand it to Scully.

Dana had glanced quickly at the id and was relieved that she wasn't going to be a combination of TV show characters. When he held out the ring she reached a trembling hand to take it from him and slide it on the proper finger. She looked down at it thinking how it would be nice if it were real.

Mulder whistled, "Hey, Scully, that's some rock. What does your future husband do that he can afford a rock like that for you?"

"Guess you never heard what the diamond association recommends as a budget for an engagement ring, Mulder. This rock would probably fall under the AD's budget."

Looking toward Skinner she asked, "What should I be calling you? Sir sounds a little formal for a wife to call her husband."

"Walter will be fine. I thought it would be easier to have our real first names as our cover names. Less chance of a slip. Well, I guess after lunch you should get out of here and get ready for the wedding. I'll pick you up at 9:00am and we'll go get the license and find a JP to do the honors."

Dana nodded at him and ducked her head pretending to be very hungry. She didn't want him to see the thoughts that were running with track shoes through her brain. After lunch she and Mulder left and Walter told Kim to take the rest of the day since he was going home to pack some things to move to the condo that he would be taking his new wife to the next day.

At 8:59 the next morning Walter was standing nervously outside Dana's door waiting for her to answer the bell. When she opened the door he forgot how to breathe. She was beautiful. The dress was a simple, silky, straight design that hugged her body but still looked demure. It was a soft cream color that made her fiery hair and blue eyes more vibrant than usual. Her only jewelry was her cross at the neckline, two small pearl earrings and the ring he had given her the day before.

Dana looked up at him and standing so straight and tall. He was dressed in his ever-present white shirt but instead of the type of suits he normally wore he was more formally attired. The suit was black but under she could see a waistcoat of black with a small discreet pattern of silver and red. The pattern was repeated in the tie that was knotted at his throat. As her eyes traveled down him she noticed that the shirt had French cuffs and the pants were tighter that the ones he normally wore to the office. He really looked quite yummy.

It would be quite some time before either of them admitted to the other that they had both gone shopping the day before for new clothes to wear that day. Even longer for Dana to admit that she actually wore something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Suddenly Mulder's head poked around the door and made them realize they were starring at each other.

"Nice flowers. Are they for me?" Mulder smirked.

Dana and Walter jumped like they had been goosed. Walter scowled at Mulder and growled, "No. Dana, these are for you. I thought you should have a bouquet. The florist said that most women like tea roses but I thought you might like the lily of the valley better."

"Walter, they're beautiful. Actually I've always liked the simple flowers more than roses. Thank you, it was very thoughtful of you to get flowers."

"So it's Walter and Dana already? Guess that's a good idea, help you get used to calling each other by your names. Guess I'd better get out of here and go check the surveillance at the condo. Do I get to kiss the bride?"

"Mulder, will you cut it out and get out of here. Walter, can you help me with my suitcases?"

Mulder moved out the door and Walter moved in looking over to where the garment bag and two suitcases waited. He took the garment bag and draped it over his shoulder picked up the two cases and started toward the door. Dana picked up her purse and the flowers and followed him out locking the door behind her.

At the car he sat the cases down while he unlocked the trunk to place her things inside. Dana noticed that his pants hugged the curve of his ass quite nicely as he bent to place her things inside. That thought led her down the path to thinking about tonight when the two of them would be on their 'honeymoon'. Her evil alter ego whispered in her ear, 'You can suggest that sharing a bed is needed to keep up the appearance of a newly wed couple. After all the maids will expect only one bed to be slept in. If you wake up snuggled close to your husband in the morning that's only natural right? Plus you did buy that new bit of lace to wear tonight, should get a reaction of some sort. I bet even Skinner will notice you are a woman in that little piece of nothing.'

The ride to the license office was mostly silent. They had never been alone in an enclosed space other than the elevator the time she had kissed him for getting the information to save Mulder's butt one more time. She fidgeted with the ring on her left hand twisting it back and forth. Remembering how she had taken it off only long enough to inspect it closely enjoying the fire as it caught the sunlight. Walter was in another world as well. His main worry was how to present a picture of devoted husband and lover without letting Scully see how he really felt. He just knew that when he touched her he would get a raging hard on and embarrass himself and her. God, how was he going to get through being alone with her in the condo for hours at a time. Would she buy it if he told her that they should share a bed for the appearance of being newly weds? She would probably rip his balls off if she woke up to find him with a hard-on in the morning. Well, he told himself at least you can pretend that she is yours for a little while. Pretending to be her husband would have a few perks. He'd get to kiss her, touch her, and spend time with her.

The license didn't take long to get since they had an appointment and all the necessary paperwork. From there they went to the office of a justice of the peace and the vows were quickly said. When the time came for the kiss Dana turned toward the tall oak of a man and smiled up at him. He reached to slip one big hand around her tiny frame laying it gently on her waist. The other hand slipped up into the back of her hair holding her captive against his body.  He smiled the barest hint of a smile as his lips descended to hers.

Her breath caught as his lips touched hers. Even softer than she remembered from the elevator. When his tongue rubbed against her lips she opened, sighing, welcoming his invasion of her mouth. His tongue was soft too, but insistent in its possession of her mouth. No part of her mouth was left unexplored. His hand tightened painfully in her hair as the kiss continued. Her knees week, she held on tightly to his biceps to keep from falling. The sensations of his hands and mouth sending a charge straight to her crotch causing a sudden wetness that she was afraid he would be able to smell. Suddenly he let go and moved back slightly from her. Her hands still clung to him afraid if she let go she would fall. He stood looking down into her eyes for a long moment until she let go of his arms. Then he turned to thank the Justice of the Peace.

Dana turned away trying to get her emotions in control while Walter paid for the wedding. She stood there feeling like she had just been ravaged. Thinking how on earth did Sharon leave this man? The kisses alone would have kept me in his bed and his life. Damn if he fucks anything like he kisses then I wouldn't be able to get out of his bed. When he reached to take her elbow and guide her out the door she had regained some control. She let him lead her to the car and waited while he opened the door. Slipping inside she let out a sigh as she waited for him to take her wherever he wanted.

Walter moved around the car and got in next to his new wife. Wife, he thought, my wife. Even though it wasn't real he still felt a surge of possession, of pride. She had responded to the kiss. He felt the trembling and had heard as well as felt her sighs. She may not feel anything for him but she did enjoy the kiss. Her eyes had looked smoky when he pulled back. Her hands had tightened on his arms. He hadn't imagined that. It was like she had gone weak in the knee. No it must have been shock that I took advantage of the situation. That's it. Walter for god's sake you stuck your damn tongue in her mouth. You practically ravaged the woman. Apologize now. Maybe you can salvage something from this disaster.

Walter cleared his throat and spoke to his agent. "Dana, I apologize for kissing you like that. It was inexcusable and you have every right to file harassment charges against me."

"What? Why would I do that? We are undercover and we are supposed to be newly married. We have no clue how the killer finds his victims. We will need to present the picture of a loving couple in public. We can't do that if you don't touch me. Didn't you read the files? All of the couples were described by their friends as being very physical with each other. One friend went so far as to say 'He couldn't keep his hands off her ass'. That may be the very thing that drew the killer to them. I didn't expect that you would be giving me dry pecks on the cheek and only holding my hand. Our marriage has to look real. Besides, Walter, you kiss quite well. I think I can 'put up' with it for a few days." Or months or years she thought.

"Then you are ok about this whole assignment?"

"Yes. Of course, I am. Since we are on the subject we should talk about the sleeping arrangements."

Oh here it comes she is going to tell me there is no way in hell we will be in the same bed.

"Since we are staying where there is maid service I think we will have to sleep in the same bed. Maids tend to gossip and it wouldn't do for word to get out that the newly weds were sleeping in separate beds. That might scare off the very person we want to attract. I also think we should have some condoms there and be sure to dispose of a couple each day. That will help the cover as well and explain the sheets not having stains on them." She managed to say all of this as if she were talking about the price of gas or the latest novel she had purchased. Inside she was thinking 'will he buy this?'

Walter was in shock. She was saying they needed to be in the same bed. She was telling him to buy condoms as part of the cover. Well Walter old son go with the flow, he thought.

He glanced over but she was not looking at him. "I guess that would be a good idea. I'll stop at the next drugstore I see and pick some up."

A few minutes later he pulled into a parking lot in front of a drugstore and cut the engine. He started to ask if she needed anything when she leaned across the seat and kissed him lightly, "I'll come in with you. I need a couple of things too."

She turned and opened her door and jumped out, walking to the front of the car to meet him. As he got near her she reached out and took his hand stepping next to his hip she placed his arm around her and pushed his hand low on her hip. She turned her head up and smiled at him and the dumbfounded look on his face.

"Come on, honey, let's hurry. I want to get home to be alone with my new husband."

Walter was dimly aware of people smiling at them as they passed and one person saying congratulations. Then Dana turning and saying thanks with a bright smile. Then he was following her like a dog on a leash into the store. His world had narrowed down to the feel of her hip under his hand, the smell that was Dana, and the fact that she had pulled him to her.

Once they were in the store she pulled a cart from the line and he stepped back slightly letting go of her. When she had the cart pointed the way she wanted to go she reached out pulling his hand toward her again. This time he rested it on her hip without her guidance and she smiled up at him. Dana made her way around the store putting various items in the cart. Walter concentrated on keeping his rebellious cock from tenting out his trousers. He thought everything was going fine until she led him down the aisle with the condoms.

"What kind do you want, Walter? I don't have much experience with these things."

Damn she is batting her eyelashes at me. Dana Katherine Scully is simpering. Walter write this one down in red ink he thought. He mumbled at her and she shifted closer to him.

"What Walter I didn't catch that." He was turning the nicest shade of red she thought.

He let go of her and grabbed a box off the shelf along with a tube of KY throwing them into the cart. She looked down wondering if he had grabbed at random or if he really needed the larger size condoms and had automatically reached for them.

That evil alter ego spoke up again, 'Whoo hoo hope he does need the larger size, this could be fun.' Dana tromped down on that thought and followed Walter toward the check out stand. He was already putting the items from the basket on the conveyer belt when she caught up to him. Once the basket was empty she moved close slipping under his arm and wrapping her arm around his waist. She refused to let go even when he reached for his wallet to pay the bill. So when his wallet was tucked back inside his coat he wrapped his arm around her and reached for the bag.

Walter was silent as he opened the car door for her. He climbed in his side of the car and drove them to the condo without uttering a word. At the condo he got out and came around to open her door for her. Holding out his hand to assist her in exiting the car. They walked to the door and he quickly unlocked it turning to her he scooped her up in his arms causing her to giggle. Looking down into her eyes he bent toward her watching for any sign of hesitation from her. Seeing none he covered her lips once more with his.

This time she was ready for him. Her lips parted and she welcomed him inside. Her hands moved to the back of his head pulling him tighter to her. Her tongue moved to explore his mouth as thoroughly as his had explored hers earlier. She felt his hiss of in drawn breath followed by a low growling sound. Good she thought I have his attention. He sucked gently on her tongue for just a moment then released it. When she pulled it back his followed and again made a slow gentle circuit of her mouth. When it moved back to the center of her mouth and started to retreat she sucked at him keeping him inside her.

Again his growl followed by her sigh. She sucked gently keeping him there for a moment longer then reluctantly let him go. His tongue slipped from her mouth and as he raised his head he ran it lightly around her lips. Then he stepped through the door kicked it close behind him and lowered her gently to the floor.

She moved shakily to the sofa and dropped down. He stood staring into space with a soft glow in his eyes that would have caused a serious breach of discipline if seen in the halls of the JEH. After a couple of minutes he shook himself.

"Better go get your luggage."

"Walter, no! If anyone saw that entrance they will expect that we are currently tearing each other's clothes off. You can't go back out there yet and especially not dressed like that."

He looked over at her and smiled, "Yeah, I guess you have a point. Would you like something to drink or maybe something to eat?"

"That would be great. I didn't really eat this morning. Pre-wedding jitters I guess." She giggled and Walter actually snorted a laugh too.

He looks glorious when he laughs, she realized. He moved toward the kitchen and she followed him. His jacket was hung on the back of a chair and shirtsleeves rolled up out of the way. He motioned for her to have a seat and started pulling lunch fixings out of the fridge. Soon they were munching on sandwiches and salad.

She asked if he had noticed some of the looks they got at the drugstore and he asked if people looked at him like he was a cradle robber. She reminded him that he wasn't that much older than her. Told him that she had received envious looks from more than one woman there. He jeered at that idea. She just shook her head at him. They talked about everything but what they were both thinking about. Mainly that big bed in the master bedroom and bedtime.

When they had finished lunch and put the dishes in the sink he said once more he would bring her things in. Walking across the room he dropped his tie in a chair, followed that with his waistcoat, shirt and undershirt, toed off his shoes then dropped his socks on top of them. As he started to open the door she called to him, "Wait, let me get ready."

He raised his eyebrow and waited while she mussed her hair turned his back when she started pulling her dress over her head. She smiled when he abruptly turned his back. She dropped her dress then her bra followed by the rest of her clothes on the chair on top of his clothes and grabbed the throw from the back of the sofa.

"Ok. I'm ready."

"What are you going to do?" He asked without turning around.

"Just put on a show for anyone that is watching."

He moved quickly to the door and out to the car. Opening the trunk he removed her garment bag and her suitcases. As he closed the trunk he heard her voice calling, "Honey, don't forget the bag from the drugstore, ok?"

He looked toward the door of the condo to see her standing there looking for all the world like she had just been thoroughly and violently fucked, clutching the throw from the sofa around her. His eyes moved over her thinking she must have pinched her cheeks to have that much color in them. The throw was clutched tightly between her breast showing more cleavage than was good for his blood pressure. One creamy leg was sticking out of the side revealing it all the way up to her hip. God, she was beautiful.

Across the street in the surveillance van Mulder was trying to put his eyes back into his head. This looked way too real. First, the kiss then this. He knew that nothing had happened. The place was bugged. He had heard their conversation, knew they had just eaten lunch.

Walter torn his eyes away from her and moved to retrieve the bag from the back seat of the car. As he closed the door and turned back to the condo he saw a brief flash of what he thought was Dana's rear as she turned and went back inside the condo.

'God the woman is trying to kill me. That's what it is. She and Mulder must have taken out a life insurance policy on me and now she is going to give me a heart attack.' He thought as he walked quickly back to the condo. 'Well if that's the angle lets make the most of it Walter'.

He walked into the condo once more kicking the door shut and went straight to the bedroom. He dropped her bags on the bed and turned to see her smiling at him from the doorway. He tried to put on a hard face but his body would not play along. She started to giggle and soon he was laughing with her. When they got it under control she said, "Mulder, did you enjoy the show? Got ya." That sent them both into another fit of laughter.

Mulder sat there thinking 'very funny Scully'.

Walter looked at her and said, "I'll get out of here so you can change."

He walked past her and into the living room. As he walked to the chair to retrieve his undershirt he found the rest of Dana's clothes in a pile on top of his. In order to reach his shirt he had to move her things. First her hose then her panties then came the bra lastly the dress. Without thought he had folded each item neatly and placed them on the back of the chair. He slipped into his shirt and as he started to turn from the chair he noticed the delicate blue garters that had fallen to the floor. He bent down to pick them up and lifted them to smell her delicate scent.

Dana opened the door to see Walter standing there eyes closed with her garters hanging from his big hands gently rubbing his nose against them. A slow happy smile spread across her mouth and she quietly slipped the door closed. She stood leaning against it for a moment imprinting the memory deeply in her mind. Thinking 'guess he does find something about me appealing. Walter you are in big trouble. I might not be able to do anything about this now but I will find out if you need those large condoms and how it feels to be possessed, taken, impaled by you. And you will find out how it feels to be possessed by me.'

She made a lot of noise the next time she opened the door. Walter was sitting on the sofa and the garters were nowhere to be seen. He looked up at her as asked, " Want to watch a movie or something until dinner time."

"Sounds good." She moved to sit on the sofa near him but not touching and they flipped the channels deciding on which movie to watch. She was pleasantly surprised to find that his taste was close to hers and picking a movie was an easy task for them. Soon they were both relaxed and he had propped his feet on the table. Looking down she thought nice big feet. That was when she realized that he hadn't put his shoes back on and his suspenders were hanging at his waist. He had put his undershirt back on but not the dress shirt. The slight bulge in his pocket led her to believe that her garters were tucked away never to reappear. She would not ask about them. She wanted him to have a souvenir of their wedding.

They went to dinner that night at a restaurant where two of the couples had eaten before their deaths. Walter asked for a table where the surveillance team could see them and also would put them on display. They smiled and talked. Walter reaching out to touch his wife possessively and frequently.

Dana made her own possessive gestures toward him. She leaned toward him often during the meal, giving him tantalizing glimpses of the breast that the low neck of her dress barely covered. She held out her fork with bites of her dinner feeding him. He fed her as well.

She leaned toward him and ran her hand up his leg, her eyes sparkling as she watched his reaction. She didn't have to see to know she was getting the reaction she wanted. His shifting in his chair told her she was getting the rise she sought. As they moved to leave Walter's hand made no pretense at resting on her waist he laid it gently on her hip as if that was where it belonged.

Once more they drove in silence to the condo. Both lost in thoughts about all the touching and kissing during dinner. Also the fact that it was late and a big bed was waiting for them back there. Walter offered to let Dana have the bathroom first, thinking she might use most of the hot water and he could take a long cold shower before he got into that big bed next to her. Little did he know that no amount of cold water would help him tonight. Dana planned to show off the ice blue lace that she had bought with him in mind. After all a girl needed to look sexy for her husband on her wedding night didn't she?

Walter stood under the cold water letting it run down his body. Thinking 'I must get it under control. We don't have anyone to show off for out there. If she even raised her voice at me Mulder would probably break down the door and shoot me. I'll just slip into bed turn my back on her and try to sleep. I have to remember this is a job. She isn't interested in me. Everything that happened today was just an act, nothing more.

Dana was propped up in bed with a book ready to pretend to be reading when he came out. 'What is taking him so long. Even that big body should be clean by now. He's avoiding this. He's nervous too. After all he is a man and I'm sure he is worried that he might get too touchy feely in his sleep or something. I wouldn't complain if that happened.

Finally he came out of the bathroom carrying a condom package in his hand that he dropped in the trashcan beside the bed. He dropped another on the bedside table and placed the opened KY tube next to that. When he saw her looking at him he said, "Props." And smiled.

She smiled back and slipped out of bed taking off the robe she was wearing and dropping it on the foot of the bed. Walter's mouth dropped open and he stared at her standing there in an ice blue teddy. The top barely covered the roses of her nipples and the bottom barely covered her bottom. The lace was so sheer that he could clearly tell that, oh yeah, she was a true redhead.

She stood smiling while his eyes took in the beauty that was standing quietly on the other side of the bed. By the time he tore his eyes back up to her face his cock was standing up quite proudly and Dana had her answer to the condom question. Yeah, he needed the large ones. She smiled at him and repeated his last word to her, "Props."

She turned and slipped into the bed making sure she bent just enough to give him a quick view of her soft round bottom. Then she pulled the covers up and turned out the light on her side of the bed. 'Got ya big time Walter' she thought.

He stood there staring at her for a minute then lay down on top of the covers on his side of the bed. He reached up and turned out the light thinking he would never get any sleep.

"Walter, don't you think you might get cold on top of the blanket? I promise I won't bite. Your virtue is safe with me."

All she heard was a growl then she felt him slip under the covers. "Night, Walter."

He lay for a long time listening to her breathing. He knew the she was asleep but didn't think he would sleep, but he must have because sometime before dawn he woke up to the feel of a warm body snuggled up close to him. Hair tickling his chin, warm breath on his chest and his hand full of a nice warm naked Dana butt. He lay very still for a moment letting his senses feed him information.

The TV was on not very loud but the sound and light had caused him to wake up. Dana was curled against his side. One leg was warm against his thigh the other was resting between his with her knee pressed against his crotch. Her head fit on his shoulder like it was created to fit that spot. Her small hand was under his tee shirt, her fingers tangled in the hair on his chest.

Looking down he realized that the covers had been pushed down past their waist. The light from the TV was enough to show that the teddy was twisted around her body and one of Dana pink tipped breasts was fully exposed to his view. The combination of sights smells, touch and a man's natural early morning wake up caused him to try and slip out of the bed.

Dana's hand tightened in the hair on his chest. Her head turned and to his surprise she began to nuzzle at his throat. She had been awake since the TV came on as well and had waited to see how he would react. When he tried to get up she upped the ante. She worked her way up to his ear and pulled gently on his ear lobe. Then moved along his jaw line dropping tiny kisses as she worked her way toward his mouth. When he tried to say something she silenced him with her kiss. When she finally came up for air he looked deep into her eyes wondering if she was doing this in her sleep. As he tried to form a coherent sentence she sat up next to him and pulled the teddy over her head tossing it onto the floor. All thoughts of talking left the building with Elvis.

When Dana hands started pushing his tee shirt up over his ribs he quickly sat up and pulled it off dropping it to the floor next to her teddy. With that out of the way she started pulling at the shorts. He lifted his hips letting her pull them down and off to land beside the teddy and shirt. She sat back on her heels next to him and let her eyes take in every inch of his body. When he started to speak she once more stopped him with a kiss, during which she managed to grab the remote and turn up the volume on the TV.

"Don't want Mulder to know what's going on do we?"

"No." his hoarse reply as he pulled her to lie full length on his body. "Are you sure you want to do this, Dana?"

"Very sure, Walter. I've wanted to do this for a very long time."

That was all Walter needed to hear. His arms crushed her to him as he kissed her breathless. He rolled to his side and began to explore. His mouth worked its way down her throat nipping gently at the soft skin. He slipped his tongue out and tasted her like she was the sweetest nectar. His mouth reached a nipple and he pulled it into his mouth sucking gently then as she arched up to him using his teeth to nip at the hard bud.

Her head dipped close to his and he heard her voice heavy with desire, "You don't have to worry that I'll break. I like it rough."

Walter moaned low and tightened his hold. One hand moved down to squeeze her ass as his mouth moved back to bite at her nipple. She arched into him again and moaned his name. Her response went straight to his cock causing it to go from a pleasant rigid state to steel covered with silk.

"Walter, now. I want you in me."

He turned away from her long enough to grab the condom and roll it down over his erection adding a generous portion of KY. When he turned back it was to find her lying in the center of the big bed legs spread and her arms beckoning. He moved quickly between his legs gasping when she reached to guide him inside. He tried to go slow, not wanting to hurt her but she was having none of that. Her legs wrapped around him, her hands pulled down on his hips the two actions seating him firmly to the hilt inside her. Her gasp was joined by his growl.

"Dana, are you ok?"

"I'm so beyond ok I don't have a word for it. Can we be still for a minute and give my body a chance to get used to you?"

"What ever you need or want. Just let me know when."

Walter bent his head claiming her with another of those possessive kisses she was becoming addicted to. He worked his way down along her throat again to her breast. Remembering her reaction earlier he bypassed the gentle nuzzling and used his teeth to tease and then bite her. Her response was to surge up against him and whisper, "Now!"

He captured her hands and pulled them above her head holding them there as he began to move slowly withdrawing then plunging into her body. She squirmed under him trying to speed up his pace but he just chuckled low in her ear. She didn't know that in the back of his mind was a nagging voice telling him that she would come to her senses soon and this would be the only time he made love to her. He kept up his slow steady pace for what felt like hours to Dana. She had dreamed of being with him so long that she wanted fast and hard. They would have time for gentle later didn't he understand. Just when she thought he would drive her totally insane his thrusting became hard and fast. She smiled as his mouth covered her breast again sucking and biting as he drove into her. She started to whimper and he let go of her arms his hands sliding under her hips to lift her. His angle of penetration shifted and Dana felt her climax start to build. Every stroke was causing the ridge around the head of his cock to rub against her clit. She knew she would not last much longer it was too intense.

"Harder, Walter, please."

His only answer was to pound harder into her receptive body. Her hands clutched at him, feeling the tide building, trying to remember to breathe.

He bent down his lips close to her ear, "Come for me, little girl. I want to feel you come."

She surged up against him her teeth fastening on his shoulder as the spasms racked her body. The feel of her teeth caused the little control he had left to vanish. He slammed into her one final time testing the strength of the condom as he filled it with his come. She pulled back tasting blood and looked at the perfect set of teeth prints she had left on his shoulder. They were both gasping for breath as he continued to hold her rocking gently against her as he felt the continuing spasms of her muscles around him.

She reached a hand to the mark on his shoulder whispering, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." He whispered back as he kissed her softly.

"Be right back, don't go anywhere."

He told her as he slipped from the bed and entered the bathroom. She heard the water running in the sink then the toilet flushing. Soon he was back with a warm washcloth. She lay quiescent as he used the cloth to clean her carefully. After he returned it to the bathroom he slipped into bed and pulled her close to him. She wrapped herself around him and they drifted off to sleep.

The next time he woke he realized she was gone. Then he heard the shower running and relaxed back against the pillows. He wondered if she would come out telling him it was a mistake never to be repeated. He reached his hand up to rub the mark she had left on his shoulder, the corners of his mouth turning up with memory. The water shut off in the other room and the sound of the hair dryer was soon coming through the door. Shortly after that a gloriously naked Dana came into the room.

She smiled at him and suddenly he felt hope that she wasn't going to boot him out.

"You're awake good." She moved to the bed sat beside him and brushed her lips across his mouth. Then whispered, "That's all you get until you shower and brush."

He smiled and jumped out of bed heading for the bathroom. When he stepped out of the shower she was standing with a towel and she pushed him toward the other towel she had placed on the toilet seat. He sat and she examined the mark she had made on his shoulder. She cleaned it carefully and rubbed on an ointment. Then dropped a kiss on his head and whispered, "Hurry up the bed is cold."

He sat for a moment watching her walk away admiring the way her ass swayed. He was very pleased with her total ease at being nude with him. He jumped to brush his teeth so he could go warm the bed for her. While he was brushing the TV came back on and he smiled at the implication of that. Background noise so Mulder wouldn't hear what was really happening.

He walked into the room to find her propped up on the pillows. He watched her eyes track down to where he was already beginning to harden. He moved across the room and climbed into the bed next to her pulling her close.

"You rushed me last time. That's not going to happen this time."

"If that was rushed I can hardly wait for slow. You'll drive me crazy."

He grinned at her and pulled her down off the pillows. Settling between her legs his stomach pressing against her crotch he began to assault her breasts. He started by running his tongue over every inch starting on the outside edge moving in a circular pattern until he reached her nipple. By the time he got there her hands were fisted in the sheets and a low purring sound was coming from her throat. He nipped at the nipple then sucked it into his mouth sucking hard for a moment then biting at it again. He released her nipple and started the same assault on the other one. The purring had stepped up in decibel by the time he finished with the other breast.

He could feel the evidence of her arousal as a warm wet spot against his stomach where he was resting against her. He bit each of her nipples one more time then moved down to explore the source of the moisture. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders and breathed deep imprinting her scent for future reference. He wrapped his big hands around her legs and used his thumbs to open her. His tongue moved forward and rubbed gently over her clit causing a definite whining sound to come from above him. He smiled then bent forward and sucked it into his mouth. As he sucked at her he heard her moan his name. He pulled back to look up at her. She was raised up on her elbows looking down at him.

"If you do that again I won't be responsible for what happens to you."

He just smiled at her and dropped his mouth back to resume his exploration of the beautiful woman known as Dana Scully. He relented to the point of using his tongue to slip as deep inside her as he could. Slowly fucking her with his tongue, tasting the musk of her. He moved and she felt a thick finger enter her and begin to stroke in and out as he moved his attention back up to that nub that tried to hide from him. This time he ran his tongue over it with slow steady strokes building the pleasure for her. He could feel the tightening of her body as she neared her climax. Hear it in the whimpers that were coming from her.

"Walter, please!"

"Yes, dear."

She grabbed one of the pillows and pulled it over her head wrapping both arms around it to hold it over her face. Walter sucked her clit into his mouth again and as he bit it slipped two more fingers as far inside her as he could reach. She bucked up into him as she screamed into the pillow. He was very pleased to hear that it was his name she was screaming. He rode out her climax with her continuing to suck at her until she grabbed his ears to pull him away.


When she let go he turned his head and began to suck on the inside of her thigh. He stayed there until he was sure he had marked her. Then he moved up to pull her into his arms.

"Well is the bed warm enough now?"

"I think there's nothing left but ashes. Thank you, Walter. No ones ever made me feel like that."

"Glad you enjoyed it. I'll try to do better next time."

She snorted at him and pulled him down into a kiss. "Give me a little recovery time and I'll take care of this for you." She told him as she squeezed his cock.

"Its ok. You don't need to."

"I want to. It's one of the fantasies I have about you. I can't promise to do as good a job as you did. I haven't had a lot of experience with that. Plus I've never had a lover as, shall we say 'hung' as you are."

She smiled as the blush spread up his neck toward his face. 'I never thought I'd see the AD blush' she thought.

She snuggles close to him and pulled his head down to kiss him again. Yeah, those kisses were definitely addicting. They lay for awhile cuddling while she relaxed. When her breathing and heart rate returned to normal, she pushed Walter over onto his back and began to explore him as he had explored her.

She started at his nipples and found that they caused a delightful little sound to come from deep in his chest. She moved down running her fingers lightly over the scars on his stomach. Remembering that one was there because of her. She dipped her head and kissed each one. When she raised her head she realized that he was propped up watching her. She smiled and moved back kissing her way toward her real goal.

She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and stroked up in a slow gentle sweep. When she reached the top his hand covered hers guiding her. Showing her what felt best for him. He showed her how to rub her thumb over the head rubbing the slit there when she reached the top. Put pressure on her fingers to show her how to squeeze just the right amount. When she bent her head to take as much of him as she could manage into her mouth, he moaned her name. She sucked hard and he moaned again.

"Feels so good."

She licked her way down the shaft and then sucked one of his heavy balls into her mouth. She ran her tongue over it then sucked hard before letting it go. Walter had raised his legs when she pulled the first one in her mouth, giving her room. She moved to take the other one in her mouth and gave it the same attention. When she let it slip out of her mouth she ran her tongue along the valley where they joined his body then started to move lower.

"No!" His hands were on her arms pulling her back from him.

She looked at him, "Walter, what is it?"

"Don't do that. You don't need to do that."

"Walter, what is it? Please, did I do something wrong?" Her voice trembled as she looked up at him.

He wouldn't look at her, "I'm not sure I'm clean. I hurried in the shower in case you changed your mind."

She stroked his thigh softly, "Ok, Walter, we'll do that some other time."

"Some other time?"

"Well you didn't think I was a one night stand did you?"

"No, I thought I was."

Dana's mouth dropped open and she stared at him.

"Walter Sergei Skinner, how dare you speak to your wife like that."

His head jerked up and he saw the smile on her face. She moved up the bed taking his face in her hands. Holding it firmly she looked in his eyes, "I have wanted you for years now. I know it's a cliché, falling for the boss. So I'm not very original. I don't care. I never thought you found me attractive. Yesterday when I realized that you do I decided to do something about it. Didn't quite intend to do it right now. When I woke up and we were all snuggled together I decided to hit you while you were groggy. Even if you never want to touch me again I'll never be sorry we had today."

Walter's hands grabbed at her arms pulling her close to him. She knew she would have bruises but didn't care. She waited for whatever was coming next.

"I always thought you and Mulder were together."

"No. He only wants me as part of a package deal and he doesn't think the rest of that package will ever be available."

"Then he's a fool."

He crushed her against his chest kissing her until she was breathless. He then rolled her over on her back and turned to the table grabbing another condom. When he entered her this time it was the possession she had known somehow would come one day. There was no gentleness this time. This was lust, a taking, a marking, after this she would be his. She welcomed every thrust arching to meet them. When his teeth closed on her she whispered 'harder'. When his rough voice ordered her to come for him she did. Leaving new teeth marks on his other shoulder so she would not scream her pleasure for her partner to hear. He thrust deep one last time bottoming out in her and as she felt the throbbing of his climax she heard the single word he moaned, "Mine." To which she whispered, "Yours."

Mulder entered the van coffee cup in hand. "How's it going?" He asked Agent Brown.

"Fine. They've had the TV on since early this morning."

"Are you sure they are ok?"

"Yeah. There's been noise in the bathroom, toilet flushing, shower running, stuff like that. See you later."

Brown slipped out of the van and Mulder picked up the headphones. Brown was right all he could hear was the TV. They should have been up by now. They had planned a trip to the zoo today and dinner at a posh restaurant the last couple had been to the day before they disappeared. Mulder put down the headphones and dialed Scully's cell number. When the phone started to ring Dana looked at Walter.


He nodded and slipped from her side and into the bathroom. Dana muted the TV then picked up the cell phone.

"Hello, Mulder."

"Scully, Brown said the TV had been on most of the night. What's going on? You guys are suppose to go to the zoo today."

"Your TV stays on most of the night doesn't it, Mulder?"

Walter came out of the bathroom with a washcloth in his hand and Dana smiled shifting to give him access to her body. He cleaned her gently then went back into the bathroom and she heard the shower start.

"Yeah my TV stays on but I'm not undercover. How was it being cooped up with the surly one all night."

"Mulder, I wouldn't call it cooped up. The man is really quite charming when he wants to be. Now if you will let me get off the phone I'll go cook us some breakfast so we can get to the zoo. I'll talk to you later."

The phone clicked off and Mulder stood starring at the phone, "Charming? Skinner charming? What the fuck is going on with those two?"

Dana hung up the phone and slipped into her robe and headed to the kitchen. By the time Walter came out barefoot in a pair of tight faded jeans Dana had waffles and bacon on the table. He smiled at her and sat down at the table. She poured coffee for him dropped a kiss on his head.

Placing her mouth next to his ear she whispered, "Will I get such nice cleansing services every time we make love?" Then out loud for Mulder's benefit, "Morning, Walter. Did you sleep well?"

He smiled at her, "Yes, Dana, I slept very well. And you?" Then next to her ear, "You like that?" At her nod, "No problem, little one. My mother taught me to clean up after myself." Another kiss this one on the end of his nose.

"Well, I'll go shower and get ready to go to the zoo."

Dana entered the bedroom to find her clothes laid out on the bed. He had picked out a green top and her best jeans. He had even laid out her undies, socks and her tennies. Next to her clothes was one of his shirts. Very domestic. But then that shouldn't be a surprise he was married for a long time. She found that her feminist side wasn't even upset at him picking out her clothes for her.

An hour later they came out the door holding hands and smiling at each other. The van pulled out ahead of them and headed to the zoo. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. Dana tugged at Walter often as she led him from one end to the other of the zoo. The two laughed and talked and presented the picture of a happy couple out for the day. They touched each other often, Walter's hand resting on her hip when they stopped to look at the animals.

The agent that was tailing them with Mulder remarked that he had no idea the AD knew how to smile, or owned jeans. Mulder thought yeah and tight jeans too.

Dana's eyes sparkled as she looked up at Walter. Asking for cotton candy and a snow cone. He bought them gladly enjoying her pleasure with such small things. On the way out they stopped at the gift shop and he bought her a tee shirt and she insisted he had to have a matching one. When they got back to the condo that afternoon the first thing Walter did was turn on the TV. She smiled as he scooped her into his arms.

"You know if we keep this up we're going to be as conditioned as Pavlov's dog. The TV will give you an instant erection."

"Believe me this isn't for the TV." He told her as he pulled her hand down to cover the bulge in his jeans.

Walter woke with a pounding headache. He lay for a moment realizing that a warm body was curled up next to him. Dana. He tried to move to go get something for his head but she moaned and grabbed a hand full of his chest hair. He tried to think back to his last conscience memory. He remembered coming home from dinner. Getting into bed next to Dana. Turning on the TV and making love to her again. What happened to the TV? It had been on when he fell asleep. What the hell was going on here? His hand reached to where he expected to find a lamp but he didn't even find the table.

His headache forgotten he gently shook Dana. "Dana, baby wake up."

She stirred in his arms, "Walter, what... I... my head hurts."

"So does mine baby. I think we're in trouble."

With that word a bright light came on above them and a voice spoke through a speaker in the wall.

"I see you are awake. Good, we can begin now."

Dana clutched at Walter and moaned. His arm tightened around her as the voice spoke again.

"Its time to pay the piper, papa. You never should have hurt mama, leaving her for that little red headed whore. Now the two of you can pay for making mama kill herself."

Dana turned her eyes up to look at Walter. The look showing him her fear as well as her faith in him. His eyes scanned the room taking in every detail. The room was damp, probably a basement. Cement block walls. A sink and a toilet in one corner. Rings set in the blocks in one wall. The wall had dark stains and Walter had no doubt what caused them. There was a small table holding a tray with bowls of something that smelled like soup.

"Eat, papa, there's enough for your whore too. We'll give you some time to think about what you did and how you are going to be punished. Punished like you used to punish us."

Dana pulled Walter closer putting her lips near his ear, "We can't eat that it's probably how they got the drugs in the others. He said 'we' Walter there must be more than one."

He nodded his understanding. Got up and walked over to dump the soup down the toilet then moved to take Dana in his arms again.

"Papa, that wasn't very nice. You want to do this the hard way like always. Well, we can do that."

The door opened and two tall very strong looking men where standing in the door. 'Twins,' Walter thought, 'or at least very close in age.' One held a gun and kept it pointed at Dana as the other man walked over motioning for Walter to stand up. Dana let go and pushed at him signaling to obey, buy time. Walter was pushed over to the wall and his hands quickly secured above his head. Then Dana was handcuffed to the bed facing Walter.

One of them leaned close to Walter, "You should have eaten the soup papa; this wouldn't have hurt as much if you had eaten your soup."

Walter uttered not one sound but Dana screamed once when the first man began to rape him. She made no more sounds knowing that her distress would make what was happening to him even worse. They wore a condom, which explained the lack of trace evidence. When they were finished Dana was uncuffed and Walter was released. He dropped to the floor. As the man moved to leave he kicked Walter in the side: "Payback's a bitch isn't it, papa."

Dana ran to him reaching out her hand to take his. "Walter, let me help you to the bed."

He rolled over and managed to make it to his feet and over to the bed.

"Lay on your stomach so I can clean you up."

She ran to the sink and was grateful to find a couple of washcloths there along with a plastic cup. 'Well, they could have water without leaning over the basin,' she thought. She ran the water and soaked the cloth moving back to the bed. She gently cleaned the blood that had run down his thighs going back to rinse the cloth. Coming back she to him she said, "Walter, I'm going to clean around you anus now and try to see how much damage is done."

"You don't have to do that. I can manage."

She leaned down close to his ear, "Walter, please. I need to know that you aren't going to bleed to death on me."

He nodded his understanding. She spread his cheeks carefully and used the cloth to clean the blood away. Her hands were gentle but he had been torn and it still caused pain. He made no sound but his body stiffened and she knew she hurt him. She made another trip to the sink rinsing his blood out of the cloth. Returning to him she gently washed the sweat from his head moving down to neck and back. Rinsing the cloth once more she returned to sit on the bed next to him. He turned stiffly on to his side and pulled her down to lay beside him. Wrapping his arms around her he buried his face in her hair breathing in her scent.

Mulder entered the van, "How is everything?"

"TV was on all night. How do people sleep with the TV on all the time?"

"You haven't heard them this morning?"

"No why? It's still sort of early."

"Skinner said they would get an early start so they could try to hit several of the tourist spots the other couples went to."

Mulder picked up the phone and dialed Scully's cell number. He was used to her answering on the second or third ring. By the fifth ring he knew in his gut something was wrong. Pushing the van door open he ran toward the condo pulling his gun and the door key out as he ran. Brown was on his heels picking up on Mulder's fear. They entered the condo moving quickly to search the living room and kitchen. Moving to the bedroom they found Dana and Walter's clothes from the night before flung around the room. The blanket and top sheet lying on the floor by the bed. No Skinner or Scully. As Mulder called for a forensic team he looked down at the semen stained sheets. At least now he knew why Scully had developed such a jones for the TV.

While Mulder was standing in the bedroom of the condo looking for anything that would help him find them, Scully and Skinner were clinging to each other in a cold basement.

Dana moved her lips close to his ear, "Walter, we have to do whatever it takes to stay alive. Give Mulder time to find us. He will find us, Walter. I know he will."

"Dana, I wouldn't have thought it possible for anyone to get us out of that condo but they did. I know Mulder will do everything he can. He'll want to get you back. I don't think he'll care one way or the other about me."

"Walter, you're wrong. He'll be working to get us both back. He loves us, Walter."

"What do you mean us?"

"You are the other part of the package he would like to have. Guess you didn't know he was BI."

"No, I didn't know. He's talked to you about this?"

"We talk about almost everything. I would have told him about us once the case was over. He knows that I love him and he knows how I've wanted you."


She pulled back looking deep in his eyes, "Loved, love you." This out loud not caring if she was heard by their kidnappers. Not knowing if there would be a tomorrow to tell him. Not wanting him to die not knowing he was loved. She watched his eyes waiting for him to process all the information she had just given him.

"I love you too, Dana."

Moving back to whisper in her ear. "I don't have as much faith as you, Dana, but I do believe that Mulder is the best. If anyone can find us in time, he's the one."

The sound of the door opening signaled that their kidnappers were back for the next torture.

Mulder was in the process of making Brown wish he had never been born. Finally one of the forensic agents pulled Mulder away from Brown and out into the kitchen.

"Hey look, Mulder, I know you are worried about your partner but ripping Brown a new one isn't going to help you find her."

"Them. I need to find them. My boss is gone too remember. Fuck. I have to get out of here. I'll be in Skinner's office. He had me set up there since he was going to be out in the field. Bring me anything you find as soon as you can. We've got to find them soon."

Mulder was thinking 'I've got to find them before Skinner is forced to sodomize her. He may be able to forgive himself for them being taken but he'll never forgive himself for that'. Mulder drove to the JEH and went to Skinner's office. Kim was sitting at her desk crying when he walked in, having been told that Skinner was missing.

"I'll find him, Kim, I promise. Forensics will be bringing info to me as soon as they have it, just send them in. Is there any coffee?"

"I'll make some."

"Thanks, Kim."

Mulder went into the office taking off his jacket he sat at the table where all the info on the case was spread out. The answer was here he just had to find it and he had to find it soon.

Walter turned to the door as it opened. Once more the gun was pointed at Dana so Walter dared not try to go after them. "Papa, we think its time that your little whore got her punishment. We can let you do that since you showed us often enough how well you can punish."

"What the hell do you mean?"

"Papa, you know how you punished us. We reminded you a few hours ago, remember? We think your little whore needs a dry fuck in her ass. After all, you taught us that was the worst punishment we could get, remember? The whore deserves that and more for getting you to leave mama."

"Fuck you. I'll never do that to her."

"Oh, we think you will, papa. If you won't, we will. We'll tie you up so you can watch. You know, for a tight little piece like her we can probably go two, three times each."

Walter started to move toward them willing to be shot if that were needed to protect Dana. Dana grabbed at his arm, "Walter, please!"

The panic in her voice stopped him. He turned to look down at her seeing the fear. His jaw was clenched and she knew that if he ever got his hands on those men they would die.

"Walter, please do it. Don't let them touch me please! I can take it from you but not from them. Please."

His hand moved to cup her face and without turning he said. "I'll kill you for making her beg me to rape her. Do you hear? I'm going to kill you both."

Dana's hand pulled at him trying to lead him away from them. They moved as far away from their captors as they could and she pulled him down to whisper, "I'm stronger than I look. I'll give them the show I'm sure they want. We have to stay alive. I'll survive anything you are forced to do to me, but don't let them touch me, please."

He looked at the fear in her eyes and knew he couldn't let them get their hands on her. He also knew there was no way he could do that to her without hurting her. How was he going to do as ordered when he was sure he wouldn't be able to get it up?

"Alright, that's enough. Get on the bed, whore."

Dana moved to lay on the bed and one of the men cuffed her to it face up.

"Well, papa, she's ready and waiting. Try to punish her as hard as you did us. If we don't think you are doing it properly then we'll just have to do it for you."

When Walter got on the bed his ankles were chained to the bed. His captors wanted to enjoy the show and not have to worry about him turning on them.

"What's the matter, papa? Need some help to get it up? What's the matter, getting old?"

Walter turned to them with the hard jaw and look that sent agents running for cover. Dana's sweet voice pulled his attention back to her. "Walter, don't look at them, look at me. You can do this. You have to. It's the only way to protect me."

"Protect you?" The agony in his voice tore at her heart.

"Remember, I love you."

His hand reached to caress her face then he dropped it to do what he had to do to carry out his instruction. When he finally managed an erection he looked at her with tears in his eyes. "Come on, papa, looks hard to us."

"Walter, please!"

"I love you, Dana. I'm so sorry,"

He guided himself to the entrance to her body and began to enter her trying to go slow trying to give her body some chance of adjusting. The brothers weren't happy with that. Four hands grabbed his ass and slammed him down into Dana. Her shriek of pain pierced Walter's heart and his tears fell. He hadn't cried since he was ten and lost his beloved dog. As his tears dropped to her face they were joined by hers. The brothers' hands tightened on his hips, pulling him up then forcing him back down into her. They kept moving him until his traitorous body emptied into Dana's. They uncuffed Dana's hands and left the key to the chains so she could unchain Walter after they left. When he was unchained he moved to the sink wetting a washcloth and returned to clean her up.

"Remind me to thank your mother when I meet her." She attempted a smile. Walter clutched her to him and they cried together until sleep claimed them.

Mulder hadn't slept for two days. He had read and re-read every scrap of evidence he had. He had interrogated the cleaning staff at the condo personally. He had terrorized the other agents on the taskforce with his mad need to find them and find them soon. He was sure that they had both been raped and beaten by now and he just prayed that the killer hadn't decided to speed up his timetable.

He walked into the outer office looking for a cup of coffee to find Kim dozing in her chair. He shook her gently, "Kim, if you won't go home at least go nap on the sofa in the office."

She nodded and was getting to her feet when the phone rang. She grabbed it and answered with her usual greeting. "Yes, he's here, just a minute. He said his name is Byers."

Mulder took the phone. "What is it? Are you sure? Ok, give me the address. Kim, get the taskforce guys and send them to this address. Tell them to hurry."

"Is this where they are?"

"Yeah, Kim, I think so. Pray!"

Mulder waited impatiently for the back up to arrive. He had determined that there were two men in the house. Again his gut was telling him he was right. Walter and Dana were in there he knew it. He had to get them out. Finally back up arrived and he gave quick instructions to them. When the agents were in place he gave the order and both doors were kicked in at once. Mulder shot one of the killers just as he was drawing a bead on Brown. The other killer surrendered with out a fight.

Mulder hurried to the basement room where the killer had told him Dana and Walter were being held. Mulder unlocked the door and called their names. He got no answer. Finding the lights he moved into the room to find Walter curled around Dana. They were both nude on a bare mattress. He could see the multiple bruises and the dried blood on their bodies. He moved quickly to check for a pulse. They were alive. Turning back to the stairs he yelled to get some blankets and call the paramedics. Moving back he tried calling their names.

Walter stirred looking up at him with the one eye he could still open. "Mulder? Are you really here?"

"Yes, I'm here we're going to get you to a hospital."

"They injected us with something. I don't know how long ago. God, Mulder, they made me hurt her. They made her beg me to hurt her."

He raised one hand reaching for Mulder needing to make contact so he could be sure it wasn't a dream. Then his head fell to the mattress again. Mulder reached quickly for his pulse. Sighing when he found it. An agent ran into the room with a blanket and stopped dead starring at his boss wrapped around the tiny figure of Dana Scully. "My god, what did they do to them?"

"Go hurry the medics."

When the medics got there Mulder stepped back to give them room to work. When they tried to separate Walter and Dana he lashed out at them yelling, "No, she's mine, you aren't going to take her." Walter may have been weak from the torture and lack of food but he was still strong enough to knock the paramedic on his ass.

Mulder moved forward crouching next to the bed, speaking Walter's name until he quieted. Then laying his hand gently on Walter's arm, he spoke low to him.

"Walter, it's me. It's Mulder. You're safe now, I'm here. I won't let them hurt you or Scully any more. Easy. I'm here." One hand stroked Walter's arm, the other moving over his back in slow soft circles.

"I'm here. It's safe. You have to let go of her, Walter. The paramedics can't help either of you if you don't let go. Come on, it's safe now. Let them help you."

"Mulder, is it really you?"

"Yes, Walter, it's really me. You're safe. I won't let anything else happen to you. Let them take her so they can examine her. We need to get you both to the hospital."

Walter reached out to Mulder again. This time getting his hand, squeezing it tightly. Mulder continued to hold on to Walter while they tried to take Scully from his arms. That proved harder than anyone would have thought. Her arms were wrapped around Walter's neck in a death grip. Mulder tried talking to her but she didn't seem to hear. Walter seem to be a little more alert, dipping his head closer to Scully's ear he whispered to her, "Baby, it ok. Mulder's here. He found us just like you said he would. Let go. The paramedics are going to take care of us."

Dana's eyes fluttered and her hands loosened. Then she went limp as they moved her to the gurney and began to examine her. Another team moved to Walter's side and began to take his vitals. Information was relayed to the hospital and life flight was ordered to get them there.

Mulder stood on the lawn watching the life flight take off with the two people he loved most in the world, praying. Yes, Fox Mulder remembered how to pray.

One of the agents touched his arm gently, "Go. We'll take care of this. Get to the hospital and look after them. I'll call Kim and let her know he's alive."

Mulder made record time to the hospital finding Kim in the waiting room.

"AD Skinner is in surgery. They said he has anal and internal damage. They don't know yet what kind of drugs were used on them. Agent Scully is still out from the drugs. She is badly bruised and there was some rectal damage but nothing like the AD. She is mostly just dehydrated and battered." Kim gave him this information with tears running down her cheeks. He pulled her close to him trying to sooth her.

When her crying stopped he told her he was going to talk to the doctors. Finding the doctor that had taken care of Scully, he asked hard questions that he didn't really want the answers to. When he was through he told him that Scully and Skinner would need to be in the same hospital room. The doctor tried to argue with him so he brought out his badge and told him that he needed them together for security purposes. He would tell whatever lie he needed to have them together. He needed to be able to watch over them both and he couldn't do that if they were in separate rooms.

He was sitting by Scully's bed when they brought Skinner back from surgery. Even after they had cleaned him up he still looked terrible. Mulder had brought his glasses from the condo but didn't think Walter would need them for awhile. Scully was still sleeping off the drugs. He lay his head on the edge of Scully's bed and drifted off to sleep.

Some time later he woke to the feel of Dana's hand on his cheek. Jumping up, he leaned down to see what she was trying to say.

"Water." She croaked.

He gave her some water making her drink slowly.

"You found us. I knew you would. Where is Walter?"

He motioned to the bed next to her. She turned to look at him.

"How bad was he? He needed surgery, didn't he?'

Mulder nodded, "Yeah, they tore him up pretty bad. We found the used condoms and the other items they used on him. God Scully, he's a tough son of a bitch to live through that."

"He was beaten and tortured more than the others, Mulder. He deliberately angered them, distracting them from me. I would be dead if they had done all they started to. Every time they started toward me he fought them or got their attention in some other way. They hurt him so much. Thank you for making them put us in the same room."

"It's the only way I could keep an eye on you both. Plus I figured that since you clung to each other to survive you would need to be near each to recuperate."

"Has he been awake yet?"

"No, not yet. They aren't expecting him to be awake for awhile. He's going to be in a lot of pain when he wakes up. Better for him to sleep as long as possible. He told me that he hurt you. He was almost in tears. How did they force him?"

"They told him if he wouldn't then they would just tie him up and take turns with me. Bragged that they could probably go two or three times each. So I begged him not to let them touch me. Mulder he cried the whole time. That was worse for me than what they made him do. His guilt is going to be harder to recover from than the physical injuries. We'll both need to help him with that."

"I'll try, Scully. I don't know if he's even going to want me around. I should have found you sooner, before he was forced to rape you. Hell, I should have kept you from getting taken in the first place."

"Mulder, don't go there. I don't blame you and I know he already blames himself not you. We did a lot of talking during the time they left us alone. He has this macho 'I should have protected my woman' crap going on. Now you are taking responsibility. Those guys may have been totally insane but they were smart and strong. He did all he could and so did you. We're alive, that is all that matters now. I'm really tired, Mulder, help me over there. If he wakes up I want to be there next to him."

"Probably a good idea, he decked the paramedic that tried to get you away from him when we found you. When he wakes up he'll need the reassurance that you are ok."

Mulder lowered the side of Walter's bed then Scully's. He picked her up carefully and placed her next to Walter. She snuggled next to Walter's side. Tucking the blankets around them he leaned down to kiss Scully on the cheek. She smiled at him and closed her eyes drifting off to sleep. He sat down next to them putting his head down next to Scully's and he drifted off as well.

Mulder woke up to a nurse demanding to know just what was going on. He pulled her out into the hall hoping not to wake Dana and Walter.

"Listen, the two of them have just been through almost three days of being beaten, raped, starved and drugged. They survived that only because they had each other. He will be waking up soon, the first thing he needs to know is that she is alive. The best way for him to know that is if she is next to him. They are married you know. I would appreciate it if you would tell the other nurses that they will just have to work around this. Now what did you need?"

"I need to take their vitals."

"Can't that wait until they wake up?"

"Alright. Hit the call button when they're awake." She turned and walked away. Mulder went back into the room.

Dana looked up at him. "Did you use your charm or draw you badge and gun?"

"Gun never left the holster."

"He still hasn't been awake, has he?"

"No. Or if he was we slept through it. I hope he sleeps a long time, I don't want to see him in pain."

When Walter finally did wake up he woke them yelling, "NO!"

Dana's hands moved to touch him. Mulder moved quickly to the other side of the bed reaching out to hold steady the arm with the IV. Both of their voices joined to reassure him that it was over. He clutched at Dana with his free hand and she moved closer letting him wrap his arm around her. The nurse that Mulder had run off earlier came into the room and pushed him aside to inject a painkiller into the IV.

Turning to Mulder she told him, "That will help with the pain. When you get him calmed down let me know. We'll get the vitals then and try to get some juice or something down both of them."

Mulder nodded to her and moved back to the bed. He and Scully kept up a steady stream of soft words both of them stroking him to reassure him they were there. They kept repeating over and over that he was safe, Dana was safe, it was over.

For the next week Mulder didn't leave the hospital and the staff quit trying to get Scully to move back to the other bed. She would leave Walter only long enough for the doctor to exam him or so Mulder could help him bathe. They had sent a male nurse in to bathe him the first time and Walter's reaction had caused Mulder to throw him out. From that point on Mulder helped him into the shower and was there to catch him when he got too weak to stand. He knew Walter hated being weak so he tried to be as impersonal as possible hoping that would make it easier.

When Dana was told she could go home she informed them that she was taking Walter with her. In the week they had been in the hospital the only complete sentence he had uttered was to ask how she could stand to touch him after what he had done to her. She was determined that the wall he was putting up was not getting any higher. When the doctor continued to argue with her she reminded him that she was Walter's wife and could legally sign him out. She sent Mulder to get clothes for her and get food while she signed Walter out and arranged for an ambulance to take them to his condo.

At Walter's condo, as soon as they had him settled in his bed he looked at them. "You don't have to stay here, just get me a nurse and you can clear out. I know neither of you really wants to be around me. I don't blame you. I failed you both and I'm sorry."

Mulder looked at him shaking his head, "No, Walter, I'm the one who failed the two of you. First by letting them get to you and then by taking so long to find you. If you want me to leave I will but don't push Scully away. She loves you."

"I've told him that, Mulder. Walter, I'm not going anywhere and neither is Mulder. You are stuck with us at least until you are physically able to throw us out. I am still your wife. I belong here to care for you. Mulder needs to be here to help you get around. Don't you dare try that constipated, macho AD look on me. I'm not budging."

"I'm tired." He managed to turn over dismissing them.

"Ok, Walter, we'll play hard ball as long as we need to but I won't give up on you."

"Neither will I, Walter." Mulder added as they left the room to let him sleep.

They went downstairs and Scully took a long shower and changed while Mulder finished putting away the groceries he had brought. As Scully came out of the bedroom the doorbell chimed. She went to the door Mulder on her heel gun drawn. Neither of them knew the man standing there.

"Hi, my names James Stone. Walter asked me to come over. We're old friends. I know he's just home from the hospital so I guess he's in bed right? You must be Scully and you are Mulder. Would have recognized you anywhere from his descriptions of you."

"He asked you to come over?"

"Yeah, called me before you left the hospital. You know you are as beautiful as he told me. I can see why he fell in love with you. Mind if I go up?"

"Wait, why are you here?"

"Don't know, he just said he had to talk to me. He's giving you a hard time I bet. He was a lousy patient in Nam. Hates depending on people more than anyone else I know."

"Can I see him now? My time's a little tight today."

Scully nodded and Mulder led him to the bedroom. When he saw that Walter was indeed expecting company he left them alone, closing the door. James and Walter talked for an hour. When James stood up to leave he looked down at Walter, "You know those two kids are in love with you, don't you?"

Walter looked at him. "I don't deserve their love."

"Walter, if ever anyone deserved love its you. Don't push them away. I think you need them as much as they need you. If you fuck this up I'll have to kick your ass."

Turning he walked to the door and opened it, "Get well, Walter. Let them love you. Forgive yourself. I'll get it done by the end of the week."

"Thank you, James. You're a good friend."

Dana and Mulder looked up as James came down the steps. He smiled, "I knew he was being an ass. Don't let him drive you off. He needs you. Both of you. Keep loving him. He doesn't think he deserves it right now but he does and I think you two can handle anything he dishes out."

"What did he want? Did he tell you about what happened?"

"Yeah, he told me. I'm sorry that happened to you Dana. I'm sorry it happened to him. Hell, Mulder, I'm even sorry it happened to you. The guilt is fucking deep around here. Let it go and help him let it go. I'll be back to see him in a few days."

After the door was closed Dana turned to Mulder, "Notice he didn't answer your first question."


The next week crawled by. Walter wouldn't talk to them except when he had no choice. He ate what they put in front of him. At night when Dana crawled into the big bed beside him he turned his back on her. Each time she told him she loved him and snuggled against his back. He allowed Mulder to help him in the shower because he couldn't manage on his own. When the dreams came and he woke up screaming Dana held him and Mulder would rub his back talking low and gentle until he drifted off again.

It was the second week after they had come home when Dana woke from her own dream. When she went down to the kitchen for juice Mulder was sitting at the table. Two things had happened that day. James had come to visit and Kim had called to tell them the other killer had been stabbed to death at the holding facility. Mulder hadn't been able to sleep because his radar had gone up at Walter's response to hearing that the killer was dead. He had said not a word but the look in his eyes was feral. Mulder couldn't think of any other way to describe it. So he was sitting at the table wondering if the news would make things better or worse.

"So, Mulder, can't sleep?"

"No. Why are you up?"

"Bad dream. Maybe it's rubbing off."

"Scully, how is he doing physically?"

"Better you know that. It will take a long time for him to heal completely but you said yourself that he needs your help less every day. Why do you ask?"

"Do you think he could have sex yet?"

"Mulder, physically maybe, emotionally I doubt it. Why are you asking me this?"

"Scully, I think you ought to seduce him. How did it happen the first time?"

"Mulder, have you lost your mind? Seduce him?"

"Probably and you didn't answer how it happened the first time."

"I seduced him. But he was willing. I had snuggled up to him in my sleep and when we woke up it just... well you know. Why are you suggesting this?"

"I think the news today may help the guilt. I think you need to help that along by fucking his brains out."

"Gee, Mulder, why don't you just spit it out."

"Scully, no man is going to think he isn't wanted if a woman jumps his bones. I think it will help. Look, he needs this even if he doesn't realize it. After all he went through it still amazes me that he has let me help him. I thought he would push me away. Blame me for not getting their sooner. I still don't get why he has accepted my help."

"Mulder, when we were locked in that basement I believed you would find us. He told me he knew you would look for me but couldn't care less if he made it or not. I told him he was wrong. I told him that you love us both."

"Oh god, Scully. Why did you do that? He didn't need to know that. Fuck, how can I face him now? I didn't have a snowballs chance in hell before, but now, after what happened. He was raped, Scully, even if he had ever had thoughts before he certainly wouldn't now. Not that he ever did."

Walter's voice came from the doorway, "What they did to me wasn't about sex, Mulder, you know that. Rape never is."

He moved carefully over and perched gingerly on the edge of a chair. "Dreams again. Not as bad this time. Would you get me some juice or something."

Mulder got up and filled a glass with juice and brought it back to the table. Walter reached to take it from him gulping down about half the glass.

"Thanks, Mulder."

Dana and Mulder exchanged a worried look not knowing how much he had heard. Walter finished the juice setting the glass on the table; he motioned for Mulder to help him get up. Once Mulder had him on his feet Walter smiled at him. Turning to head back upstairs he said over his shoulder, "Dana, are you coming back to bed soon? I sleep better when you're there."

Dana looked at Mulder smiling. Looking happy for the first time in awhile. Mulder felt a weight lifted from his heart. Walter knew and wasn't throwing him out the door. He hadn't lost his friend.

Dana went quickly to Walter and he wrapped one arm around her. With out looking back he said, "Thanks for sticking around, Mulder. See you in the morning."

"You don't want me to leave?"

"Why would I want you to leave? Dana can't hold me up in the shower if my legs give out. We need you here. Night, Mulder."

Mulder straightened up the kitchen and when he went to bed he fell right to sleep for the first time since Walter and Dana had been kidnapped.

Walter had eased down into the bed and when Dana crawled in next to him he held out his hand to her.

"Can I get a goodnight kiss?"

She leaned over him carefully and put her closed lips to his thinking that was probably what he meant. His arms closed around her and his tongue rubbed against her lips seeking entrance. She moaned low in her throat and opened for him. When he finally ended the kiss she whispered her love to him and he replied that he loved her too. They snuggled close and were soon asleep.

The next morning while Dana was gone to the store Mulder helped Walter into the shower. They had worked out a routine. Walter loved the hot water and it was good for the deep bruising that he still had. So he would stand as long as he could and then Mulder would hang on to him while he soaped up and rinsed. This morning Mulder decided to broach one of the two subjects he was determined to talk to Walter about. The one he didn't want Scully to catch them talking about.

"So, Walter, did James set up the hit on that bastard for you?"

"What makes you think I had anything to do with that, Mulder? People get stabbed in prison ever day."

"Come on, Walter, Scully told me you promised you would kill them when they forced you to sodomize her. You aren't a man to make threats lightly. If you're worried I'll tell Scully don't be. I killed one of them remember? It's only fair that you should take care of the other one. I saw the look in your eyes when you heard he was dead. That coupled with the fact that you asked Scully to come to bed with you and have been downright mellow this morning just makes me think that you carried out your threat."

Walter turned to face Mulder pinning him with his best 'don't go there look'. "Mulder, IF I had anything to do with that what makes you think I would tell you? You are after all a FBI agent. You are supposed to arrest criminals. Do you want to arrest me, Agent Mulder? Hadn't you better read me my rights?"

"Ok, Walter, I won't push you anymore. I will tell you this, thank you."

"You're quite welcome, Mulder. Now can you shut up and let's get this done. I think I'd like to try sitting downstairs for awhile. You do know where that damn donut is, right?"

"Sure, Walter. We can catch the game."

The corner had been turned but Walter was a long way from being ok. The dreams still came disrupting everyone's sleep. He no longer tried to push them away. He even pulled Mulder down to lay beside them after the nightmares. Dana tried on several occasions to initiate lovemaking. Each time he pulled away from her and each time the same words, "You can't want to me to touch you that way after what I did." She tried to tell him that he saved her from something worse.

One morning after he had pushed her away again, Mulder found her sitting downstairs in the dark crying.

"Scully, what's going on? Why are you sitting in the dark?" He turned on the light by the sofa and saw her face wet with tears.

"Oh, Mulder, I don't think he's ever going to make love to me again. How can I stand that? I love him and it was wonderful making love with him. I know he feels guilty but it wasn't his fault. He protected me as much as he could."

"Scully, it's hard for him to get past what he sees as failing you. He's at least not pushing you away completely. I do agree that you need to make love again. So you can show him he brings you pleasure instead of pain. Tell me exactly how it happened the first time. Maybe we can recreate that mood or something."

"Well I wore this little ice blue teddy and when I got into bed I made sure that I flashed him a little. Then when we were sleeping I guess I cuddled up to him because he is so warm. Then that TV came on. I think someone had set the alarm part incorrectly. When he realized he had a handful of Dana Scully he tried to slip out of the bed and I started to nuzzle his throat."

"I'll go to your place and get the TV that's in your bedroom. It has a timer on it doesn't it? Where is that teddy?"

"Yes it does. Probably in with the evidence from the case. But I can get another one I'll just have to run to the mall. Do you think it will work?"

"It's worth a try, Scully. I know he loves you. He has for a long time. I really believe that he needs to make love to you to get over this." He looked thoughtful for a minute then asked. "Scully, before this all happened had you ever considered having anal sex?"

"Mulder, why are you asking me that?"

"Well it's just that all men whether they admit it or not do enjoy that. I wondered if you had ever done it or thought about doing it."

"Mulder, I want to know where you are going with this?"

"Come on, Scully, just tell me, ok? I'm not going to tease you or anything."

"Alright, Mulder, if you must know, yes I have considered it. I never trusted anyone enough to try it but yes I thought about it. Now where are you going with this?"

"Scully, if you think you could do that and can get him to do it to you I think this would get him past this. Of course I understand if after what happened you never want to go there. I think I'll go to your place now that way we can set up the TV and you can go to the mall as soon as it opens."

Mulder got up without another word and went to change to run his errand. Dana went back and slipped into the bed next to Walter snuggled against him and lay thinking about Mulder's suggestion.

While Walter was eating his breakfast Mulder set up the TV in the bedroom and set the timer to go off at two am. While Walter was taking his shower Dana went to the mall to buy a new teddy. At the last minute she switched from ice blue to emerald green thinking a new color would signal a new beginning. After all he must have liked her in green, that's the color he picked for her to wear to the zoo.

That night as Dana got ready for bed she took extra care with her appearance. She came out of the bathroom in her robe. Mulder had been lying across the bed watching the TV with Walter. He looked up at her and said. "Guess that's my cue that it's bedtime. Night, Walter, I hope you sleep well. Night, Scully." His back was to Walter and he mouthed good luck at her.

Once Mulder was gone Dana dropped her robe on the end of the bed. She heard Walter's sharp inhale, but no words. She moved around the room picking up the clothing she had dropped over a chair earlier taking it to the hamper. Opening the closet she laid out her clothes for the next day bending at the waist to get her shoes, presenting Walter with a view of heaven. She smiled when she heard a low moan. By the time she turned to him the smile was hidden.

"Walter, are you in pain? Can I get you some Tylenol?"

"No. Why are you wearing that?"

"Don't you like it? I thought you might be tired of seeing me in your tee shirts. Don't you like me in green?" Her hand twisted in the bottom of the teddy like she was nervous. Of course this caused it to ride up in front exposing her auburn curls. Drawing Walter's eyes like a magnet. She turned back to the closet to hide the smile that was trying to take over.

"I don't think I'll wear these shoes, maybe the black ones." Bending down she picked up the shoes and swapped them for a black pair. Another moan and the sound of Walter turning over. When she turned around he was on his side facing away from her. She moved over to the bed and slipped into it next to him. Turning off the light she scooted over and spooned against his back.

When the TV came on Mulder was still awake. He lay in the guestroom praying for some sound to let him know things were going ok. They needed this to heal and he wanted it for them. He wondered how far Scully was going to take it.

When the TV came on Walter found Dana wrapped around him like that night almost two months ago. He lay there thinking he would just go back to sleep maybe the TV wouldn't wake her. Instead he felt her small hand move to tangle in the hair on his chest. Then her sweet mouth covered his nipple and she began to suckle at him. A low sound rumbled from him before he could stop it. He reached down and grabbing her arms pushed her back.

"Don't! This isn't happening."

Dana reached to turn on the bedside lamp then turned to him. Kneeling on the bed beside him she demanded, "Walter, look at me!"

He raised his head to meet her eyes seeing the sparks that her tone had told him would be there. Taking a deep breath he said, "Dana, I can't do this. I'm not sure why you think you owe me this but you don't. I know I've been a needy bastard the last two months. I did try to send you two away but I needed you here so I didn't try very hard. But I won't let you force yourself to submit to me this way."

"Submit? Did you say submit? Let me tell you something, Walter Sergei Skinner, I'm not submitting to anything. I'm trying to make love to my husband. Did it ever occur to you that it's been two months and I'm horny? You are perfectly well enough to perform your husbandly duties. You do remember that we are married right?"

"My husbandly duties?" he sputtered at her. "Did you say you are horny? You're going to loose your rep as the Ice Queen if you keep talking like that. What the hell do you mean duties?"

Good, she thought at least he's getting mad that's better than nothing.

"You heard me. I want to fuck. I'm horny. You are my husband so I expect you to at least lay there and let me get off."

Walter's mouth was hanging open. Dana Katherine Scully was talking dirty to him. He never thought the word fuck would come out of her sweet mouth. What was he going to do now? Bow to her wishes, maybe she would decide she didn't want to go through with it if he stopped fighting her.

"Ok, Dana, take what you want I won't fight with you any more."


The teddy was yanked up and went flying over the top of the lamp. She straddled Walter and bent down kissing him long and slow. Exploring his mouth as her hands moved to rub over his nipples. She moved along his throat leaving tiny kisses and then stopped at the hollow to suck until she marked him. Smiling in satisfaction at her handiwork she swooped down and took one of his nipples in her mouth. As she sucked at him she scooted down and began to undulate against his crotch. After two months it didn't take long for that traitor to begin to harden. She raised her head and smiled at him, "Now that's more like it. I think you need to take these off so I can taste you."

He looked into her eyes and saw determination so when she tugged on his shorts he lifted his hips to let her get them down. Hooking her toe in the waist she pushed them down to his ankles. He watched as she moved down his body kissing as she went. When her hand wrapped around him he sucked in his breath. When her lips closed over the head he moaned. She worked him with her hands and lips until he was rock hard. Raising her head she smiled, "See its not so bad is it? I know its difficult being married to a demanding bitch like me, but try and relax. Now that you are nice and hard for me I can ride you."

Walter's brain was on overload. Dana was demanding sex, talking dirty and he was loving it. Somewhere in the back of his mind was a little voice telling him he shouldn't be liking this. He had hurt her. He didn't deserve to have her ever again. But short of throwing her off him what was he supposed to do? Another voice said 'go with it Walter, she is your wife, you did make vows to honor her, give her what she wants.'

While all this had been going on Dana had been slowing working her way down onto Walter's erection. When she was flush with his body she rocked forward to kiss him again. He groaned into her mouth and his hands moved up to hold her face as he kissed back. She smiled down at him when they separated and whispered, "It's even better when you help."

Bacall to Bogie, Walter thought, To Have and To Have Not. She likes old movies.

Dana pulled up raising herself up off Walter's cock and then dropped back down to impale herself. She set a slow steady pace. And soon Walter's hips were rising to meet her. His hands on her hips to steady her as she rode him. There was a small smile on her face as she watched him. Watched the sweat form on his upper lip saw the concentration in his eyes as he looked at her.

When he began to try and speed up the pace she shook her head at him. "No, Walter, this is my ride, remember? You just lay there like a dutiful husband and I'll take care of you. Close your eyes."

Ok, he thought, she deserves to get to play games. I don't deserve to even be in her, why should I get to come unless she lets me?

Once his eyes were closed Dana pulled up letting his cock slip from her body. He moaned at the loss but kept his eyes closed and waited to see what she would do next. Dana reached over to the nightstand and picked up the lube that she had put there earlier. Warming some in her hand she began to stroke Walter's cock. He assumed she was going to bring him off. That she had decided she didn't want him after all but was too kind to leave him hanging that way.

He was surprised when he felt her move to straddle him again. His eyes opened and she looked down, "Close those eyes Walter and keep them closed."

He obeyed. Eyes closed he felt her move over him again. Holding on to the base of his cock she shifted forward and guided him back past her mons. Positioning him at her anus she pushed down on him and felt the burn as the head breached the ring of muscles. Walter's eye opened and he roared, "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I'm trying to fuck my husband but he isn't helping." As the last word came out of her mouth she pushed down and seated him to the root inside her. She leaned forward again to kiss him but he turned his head so she ended up looking at his cheek. "Any port in a storm." She said as she kissed his cheek.

Walter moaned, "First Lauren Bacall now William Powell. Who's next?"

"Guess that depends on you, Walter." She told him as she rocked slowly against him.

He lay there looking into her eyes as she shifted from rocking to pulling up slightly then moving back down. He couldn't believe this was happening. He reached down and pinched his arm hard. Yeah felt that. She chuckled and rose up higher then back down. He looked at this beautiful woman riding him and whispered, "After what happened you want this?"

"Walter, that wasn't this. That was to survive and protect me from those bastards. This is your wife wanting to share her body with her husband. ALL of her body." While she spoke she kept pulling up off of him and them dropping back down taking all of his length into her. Rocking forward as she reached bottom to rub her clit against his stomach.

"It's not hurting you?"

"Don't you think I would stop if it was? I want you, Walter. Please don't throw away what we have."

He reached up pulling her down and kissed her. "I did tell you to take what you want."

She smiled dropped a kiss on the end of his nose then began to ride her stallion. Walter lay there mesmerized as she worked herself up and down on him. He was trying to stay very still fearing that he would hurt her if he moved but nature didn't design man to be still.

He sat up and moved them back so he was against the headboard of the bed. His mouth dropped to her breast and he began to feast on them in the way he remembered she liked. At the same time he began to thrust up into her.

He heard her moan and his first thought was that he had hurt her. Then he heard her voice. "Harder, Walter, I want every inch of you in me. God it feels so good."

His hand tangled in her hair and he pulled her face back to look at her. She was breathing rapidly and her face was flushed. The flush was beginning to spread down over her breasts. There was no sign of pain, just lust. He bent his head and began to suck on her neck as he thrust up into her. She moaned low in her throat.

"Walter, I want to come, make me come for you."

His hand moved down between them, slipping into her he found her clit and pulled at it with his thumb and forefinger.

She arched back so far he was amazed her back didn't crack. "Oh my god, Walter! Yes! Harder!"

He surged up into her and felt his balls tighten as he came deep inside her. His own shout was muffled against her breast. He held to her tightly as they shook against each other. He rocked her gently as the aftershocks came. Feeling her muscles contracting around him again and again milking him dry.

When they could breath again she grinned at him wickedly, "See, is really is better when you help."

Walter threw his head back and laughed loud and hard. "You think we woke up Mulder?"

"Walter, I'm sure we did."

Mulder rolled over when he heard Walter laugh. He hadn't been able to hear the words but he sure as hell knew when Scully came. Thank god it was going to be ok for them. Mulder smiled and punched the pillow and went right to sleep.

Walter came back from the bathroom with a warm washcloth and Dana shifted to her side to let him clean her up. He looked closely to be sure he hadn't injured her. She looked over her shoulder at him. "Walter, stop fussing. You didn't hurt me. I would have stopped if it were hurting. You know, I would almost have sex with you just for the after sex cleaning." Her eyes twinkled as she smiled at him.

He laughed and tossed the washcloth back into the bathroom. Slipping into bed next to her he pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply. He reached up and turned off the light. They snuggled close, Dana thinking they would sleep peacefully tonight.

Walter's voice was low, his lips near her ear. "Dana, what you told me about Mulder wanting a package deal. How long have you known that?"

"I found it out after I got out of the hospital after being abducted. He showed up at my door one night very drunk. He doesn't hold his liquor very well. He admitted to me that he loved me. Then he proceeded to tell me he was having trouble reconciling that with the desire he felt for you." Dana turned her head trying to see him in the moonlight streaming in through the window.

"Desire?" Walter raised his eyebrows looking surprised.

Dana grinned at him. "Alright, he said lust. But his eyes said love. I was floored. Here he was saying to me practically the same things I had been feeling. Although at the time, I have to admit what I was feeling for you was more like what he was claiming to feel."

"You mean 'lust'?" he asked.

"Yeah. You really have no clue how sexy you are, do you? You wander down the halls at the JEH with both males and females drooling as you pass and you never even see it. I've always had a reaction to strong, big, authority figures. I had a crush on most of my dad's commanding officers. The day I met you when you shook my hand, it went straight to my crotch. I was so wet I'm surprised you couldn't smell me."

He laughed, "Is that what was happening? I thought I scared you so bad you almost peed your pants."

"Nope, lust pure and simple. Then I met Mulder and I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I woke up the next morning dripping from a dream of the two of you making a sandwich out of me. For a long time my waking fantasies were divided between the two of you, but the 'wet' dreams were always the two of you taking me together." Her hand plucked nervously at his chest hair.

"Ok, when did he tell you he wanted both of us together? I'm picking up that the idea of a threesome is something you're interested in doing." His voice rumbled and he didn't meet her eyes.

"He told me he wanted all or nothing one night when he showed up at my doorstep after some guy had messed him up. He was pretty bad and didn't want to explain at a hospital that he had picked up some rough trade at a gay bar. While I was cleaning him up he told me what had happened. He picked the guy up because the guy reminded him of you. Mulder said it started out ok until he called the guy Walter. Then all hell broke loose. Guess he resented being called by your name." Dana felt guilty telling him Mulder's secrets but couldn't stop now.

"Was that the 'racquetball' injury?" he asked frowning.

"Yeah. Most of the damage he could cover but not the face. The guy should have been locked up but Mulder couldn't press charges. You know what would have happened if that came out. So I patched him up and put him to bed. I crawled in beside him and he pulled me close. I thought he was going to sleep but then he started to talk. He told me that he had gone out looking for someone to make him forget what he couldn't have. I made some comment about him deciding between us. That's when he said he could never decide between us. That he wanted us both at the same time or he would do without." She watched Walter's face wanting some clue as to what he was thinking, but he was keeping whatever he was feeling hidden.

"What did you say to him?" Walter asked softly.

"First I asked why in the hell he was out picking up some jerk in a bar if he was only interested in a threesome. His answer was he had picked up a redhead the weekend before and if Mr. Look Alike had worked out he was going to try to substitute them for us." Dana's eyes sparkled with anger.

"Why the fuck would he want to do that?" Dana's anger was reflected back at her from eyes that were suddenly very expressive.

Dana's small hand moved soothingly over Walter's chest as she spoke. "Walter, he would never have the nerve to approach you with this. I think he was afraid if he came on to you that he would loose some teeth. By this point I had confessed that I had dreams of the three of us together."

"Does he see me as that big an ogre? That I would beat him up for coming on to me?" The anger was gone to be replaced with puzzlement.

"Walter, you are an ex marine. You were married. His boss. He figured that the best that would happen would be a reprimand and transfer to another AD. He's got a working relationship with you and he hates the other AD's." Her hand had moved to rub gently at Walter's cheek.

"So let me recap here. You both would like a threesome relationship with me. Not a one night stand, long term. Neither of you approached me because: a) I was a marine so I must be straight and homophobic and b) because you didn't think I found either of you attractive. You have decided to settle for one of us since you can't have both. Mulder decided to deny himself you because he wants all or nothing. Does that about cover it all?" His AD face was firmly in place.

"I wouldn't have used the word settle. Now that you were raped, Mulder figures the idea of a man touching you is definitely out."

Walter rolled away from Dana and turned on the light next to the bed. Turning toward the door he roared, "Agent Mulder get your ass in here."

Dana turned to look at Walter like he had grown another head. She heard Mulder's footsteps in the hall and then he was standing in the doorway.

"What's going on?" He looked at Dana and she just shrugged.

Walter motioned for Mulder to sit on the bed. He looked from one to the other opened his mouth then closed it again. Finally he shook his head, "Come to bed Mulder. I'm too tired to talk anymore tonight; we'll all talk in the morning. Get in on Dana's side."

"Walter, I'm naked." Dana blushed as much with the idea of Mulder seeing her for the first time as the unexpected order issued by her lover.

"Mulder, take off you sweats, then we'll all be naked."

Mulder moved like he was in a trance walking to the side of the bed Dana was on. He hurriedly pushed his sweats off and slipped under the covers.

Walter nudged Dana closer to Mulder, "Spoons." Walter turned off the light as Dana spooned up against Mulder's back. Then Walter moved close to her spooning her his long arm draped over her waist with his large hand resting on Mulder's waist. Almost immediately he began to snore lightly.

Mulder whispered to Dana, "What's going on?"

"Go to sleep, Mulder, we'll talk tomorrow."

Dana followed Walter into sleep but Mulder lay awake for a long time savoring the feel of Dana pressed against his back and Walter's warm hand on his waist.

Walter woke up the next morning alone. He smelled coffee and bacon. Smiling, he took care of his morning routine and wandered down to the kitchen. Dana was cooking and Mulder was propped against the counter with a cup of coffee in his hand. He looked up to see Walter walking toward them wearing nothing but his sweatpants. The sight of all that bare skin combined with his memories of the night before went right to his cock. Walter walked over to Dana wrapped his long arms around her from behind and nuzzled her hair.

"Morning, beautiful. Will breakfast be ready soon? I'm starved."

Dana turned in his arms and kissed him good morning.

"Yes, it'll be done in a few minutes. Sit down and have some coffee."

Walter turned toward Mulder and reaching out wrapped his hand behind Mulder's neck. Leaning forward, Walter brushed his lips over Mulder's.

"Morning, handsome. Would you get the paper?"

He moved past the very bemused and startled couple reaching for a mug and pouring his coffee. Then moving to sit at the table he looked at Mulder with his eyebrow raised.

"Oh yeah, paper. Be right back." Mulder sat down his mug and went after the paper.

"Walter, I take it things are going to change around here," Dana stated rather than asking.

"Problem?" Walter asked with a small smile on his lips.

"Oh no, sir. No problem at all." She smiled and turned back to her cooking.

Mulder came back with the paper and Walter thanked him. Breakfast was quiet. Mulder deep in thought. Walter reading the paper.

"Damn, I forgot. Mulder, the stairs are still not my favorite thing, would you go get my wallet? It's on the dresser."

Mulder came back and Walter thanked him, taking the wallet.

"Dana, I want you to go shopping. Get another of those little lacy things to wear. What color do you think she should get, Mulder?" Walter turned to look at Mulder questioningly.

"What?" Mulder looked totally bewildered.

"What color? She wore green for me last night, what color do you want to see our lady wear tonight? Black? Red? Innocent White?" Walter noticed Dana smiling as he turned slightly toward her.

"What the fuck are you talking about, Walter?" Mulder blurted, turning pink.

"Dana is going shopping and then she is taking Kim out to lunch, on me. That will give us some time alone to talk. I think we have a lot of things to talk about. Don't you? Here, baby, will a hundred be enough?"

Dana reached out to take the money, smiling at Mulder's shocked face. "Where am I taking Kim to lunch? I might need more money."

Walter pulled several bills out of his wallet. "Take her some place nice. She deserves it for putting up with me."

Dana leaned down kissing Walter then she headed up the stairs to get ready to go out. Mulder got up and started to clean the kitchen. He turned several times to see Walter with his head in the paper. Finally he couldn't stand it anymore.

"Walter, will you please tell me what is going on? Last night you wake me up and tell me to get in bed with you guys. This morning you are calling me handsome, kissing me, and asking what color teddy I want to see Scully wearing. I don't like being teased." Walter could see Mulder's blood pressure rising as the younger man stomped around the kitchen.

"Teased? What makes you think I'm teasing? Are you planning on calling her Scully when you make love to her?" Walter smiled gently at his agitated agent.

Mulder groaned. "Damn it, Walter."

"Mulder, I'm not teasing. You and I are going to make one of Dana's fantasies come true tonight. We are going to make a Dana sandwich. Her words for it, by the way, not mine. Or is she wrong in thinking that you want a relationship with us both?" Walter's face was gentle.

"Both is the operative word, Walter. I want to make love to you as much as I want to make love to her. That's not a possibility is it?" Mulder looked at him with such longing and hope Walter couldn't tease him any more.

"That depends on how you want to do that. There is one form of love making I definitely couldn't handle right now." Walter looked steadily into Mulder's eyes, waiting for the younger man to process what he was saying.

Mulder moved across the room and dropped to his knees next to Walter's chair. "Walter, I want you so much you can top me for the rest of our lives and I wouldn't ever complain."

"Want? I was thinking it was a little more than that. Dana seems to think you love us." Walter's big hand cupped Mulder's face gently.

Mulder dropped his head, "I do."

Walter's hand tightened slightly forcing Mulder head back up. "Mulder, look at me. I love you too."

Just then, Dana reappeared at the door. Smiling, she moved to kiss Mulder goodbye and then kissed Walter.

"Did you two come up with a color yet?" Looking from one to the other.

Walter looked at Mulder with a question in his eyes.

"Get white, Scully, and we can pretend we are deflowering you." He leered at her and was pleased when Dana and Walter both burst into laughter.

She turned to leave calling over her shoulder, "White it is. I love you guys."

Walter turned to Mulder, "Come help me shower?"

Mulder looked up, a question in his eyes. He knew Walter hadn't really needed his help for awhile. His presence had been more to reassure Scully that Walter was safe. Plus truth to tell he enjoyed ogling Walter when he wasn't looking. Walter tilted his head waiting for Mulder's answer.

"Sure," he stuttered as he got up from his kneeling position by Walter's feet.

Mulder followed Walter up the stairs watching the big man's muscles move under the sweats. His mind was going in a hundred directions. Wondering if he was reading something into this that just wasn't there. Maybe Walter was just feeling shaky after his activities of the night before. Yeah, that was probably all it was.

They entered the bathroom and Walter started the shower. Pushing down his sweats he stepped into the shower and looked at Mulder standing in the middle of the room.

"Well, are you getting in here?" Head tilted again in what Mulder was beginning to think of as Walter's teasing question manner.

"Uh, yeah." Mulder stripped off his tee shirt and toed off his shoes, socks and sweatpants joined the pile on the floor and he stepped into the shower beside Walter. Walter turned his back and handed Mulder the soap. Taking the soap he began to lather up Walter's back. He still couldn't believe that Walter was letting him touch him. After all the guy had been through he didn't think Walter would ever consider letting a naked man this close to him.

"That feels nice. There's a loofa behind you would you use that? I feel like I need to shed some skin cells."

Mulder reached to pick up the loofa and turned back giving Walter's back a firm once over. When Walter turned to rinse his back Mulder tried to turn away from him to hide his erection. Being so close to Walter and actually touching him had caused his body to go into rut mode. Walter let him turn and then pulled him back against him. Slowly running his hands down over Mulder's chest to his stomach then closing his hand around Mulder's erection. At the same time he pushed against Mulder letting the younger man feel his cock as it began to harden.

Mulder moaned as Walter squeezed his cock gently, pulling the younger man back against his rapidly growing erection. Mulder's head dropped back against Walter's shoulder and Walter's mouth nuzzled at the base of his throat.

"Do you want this? Do you want me?" Walter's voice was a low sexy growl.

"More than I've ever wanted anyone." Mulder gasped as Walter's hand tightened around him.

"Well, let's move this to the bedroom then."

He let go of Mulder and Mulder swayed feeling light headed with the joy of his dream coming true. He jumped from the shower, moving quickly to grab towels and turned to dry off Walter. Walter had another idea though. Pulling Mulder into his arms he lowered his head to kiss him for the first time. He pulled Mulder's lower lip into his mouth and sucked at it for a few seconds. Then his mouth covered Mulder's and his tongue slipped inside. Mulder had never felt so totally possessed. Walter seemed to focus his entire being on kissing him. His big hands holding Mulder, his mouth was firm but not hard, warm and wet. In that moment Mulder was lost. He knew and didn't care. Just to belong to this man would be heaven.

Walter ended the kiss and looked at Fox Mulder. 'God he's beautiful,' Walter thought.

Slowly Mulder's eyes opened, "Wow!"

Walter grinned at him, "Like that, do you?"

"No, loved it."

"Good, because you may have to put up with it on a regular basis." Walter turned the younger man around and pushed him toward the bedroom.

"Hey we're all wet."

"The sheets will dry," Walter chuckled as he guided his soon to be lover toward the bed.

Walter eased onto the bed moving toward the middle than beckoned Mulder to join him. Pulling Mulder close, he kissed him gently.

"I have a confession to make to you, Mulder. Although you probably won't be surprised about this. I've never done this. Had a male lover I mean. Never even thought about it before I met you. You can't imagine how shocked I was the first time I woke up with my cock in my hand and realized I had been dreaming about you," he confessed without looking at Mulder.

Mulder put his hand on Walter's face turning him to look at him. "Hey, Walter, do you have any idea what a turn on what you said is to me? It must mean that I'm pretty hot stuff for a big tough guy like you to want me." His smile was gently teasing. Mulder moved to straddle Walter's legs so that his cock was pressed against Walter's. Walter's hands moved to rest on his hips pulling him closer.

"Just relax, Walter, I'll do all the work. Let me show you how good it can be." He leaned forward and began to kiss Walter. First his forehead, then his eyelids, moving down to the tip of his nose then moving down to those wonderful lips. From there he trailed a line of kisses down along Walter's jaw stopping to nibble at the pulse point in his neck. That brought a low moaning from the big man. Mulder smiled and continued down finding a nipple in the fur of Walter's chest. He sucked gently until Walter pulled him back up for another kiss.

"Are you ready for me to ride you, Walter? Can I have your cock inside me?" He looked into Walter's eyes still unsure of where he stood with him.

"Is that what you want? I mean, do you like that?" Walter asked knowing he wanted to be inside Mulder but he had no clue if that was what Mulder meant when he said Walter could 'top' him.

"It's what I've wanted since the first time I saw you. I've jerked off to that fantasy many times. Course I have to tell you in my fantasies you weren't hung like a bull." He smiled as he caressed Walter's chest.

"I'm not that fucking big." Walter told him turning pink.

"Oh yes, you are and that is by no means a complaint. You haven't answered my question." He prodded both hands moving over Walter as he talked.

"What question?" Walter asked distractedly. Mulder's hands were doing amazing things to him.

"Are you ready for me to ride your cock?" Mulder enunciated each word carefully.

"Oh…uh…yes please do." Walter was definitely ready. The tip of his cock was leaking pre come and his breath was loud in the quiet room.

Mulder smiled and reached to get the condoms and lube that were on the bedside table. Taking the condom he carefully rolled it down over Walter's cock and applied a generous amount of lube to the tip and shaft. Then reaching behind him he rubbed the extra between his cheeks. Holding Walter's cock at the base he lifted his hips high and positioned himself over it pushing down until the tip was pressing inside.

"I'm going to go slow, Walter. You're big and it's been a long time since I've had sex this way, plus this angle makes for deep penetration."

As he was saying this, he was slowly pushing down. He grunted when the muscle ring was breached but continued to press down. Once he was flush with Walter's body he leaned forward for a kiss. Walter's hands moved to pull him even closer, trying to put his feelings into the kiss. Walter's hands began to move slowly over Mulder's body. He rubbed his thumbs over Mulder's nipples and was pleased with the moan that came from the younger man. Moving lower he ran his hand over Mulder's cock and was rewarded with a whimper.

"You like that? I'm not sure what to do and I want to make it good for you." His eyes gave away his anxiety.

"God, Walter, you can just lay there and let me ride you and I'll have a great time. If you think you need to do something, just do to me what you would like done to you. I'm sure that will work just fine."

Mulder smiled down at Walter as Walter's hand began to fist him. When he reached the top his thumb would rub slowly over the head then move back down over the shaft. He watched Mulder's face for his reaction and smiled when Mulder whimpered again.

Mulder started to move with his knees level with Walter's waist he could push up so that most of that big cock slipped out of his body then he would drop back letting the entire length fill him. He tried to keep a slow steady pace but the delightful way Walter was caressing him soon made him frantic to come. He was also finding that having such a huge cock up his ass was the most erotic, consuming feeling of his life.

Walter could feel Mulder's balls draw up and knew he was going to come soon. That was fine with Walter since he was holding on by a thread. Mulder's ass was so tight and he had such control of the muscles. Each time he dropped onto Walter's cock he was tightening the muscles. Walter had never felt anything like it. It was so hot watching Mulder's face seeing the pleasure that his lover was feeling.

"Come for me, Fox. I want to see you come. I want to feel your come on me."

Walter's voice was a low growl and Mulder obeyed. He threw his head back and shouted Walter's name as his cock began to empty into Walter's hand, come running down over his stomach. Walter pulled Mulder toward him and kissed him softly, his hand still milking Mulder. He let Mulder lay there until his panting stopped.

Mulder pulled back and looked up at him, "Damn it, Walter, you were supposed to come first."

Walter chuckled and pulled him close, "Don't worry I intend to come."

He shifted and pushed up into Mulder causing him to gasp.

"You feel so good, Fox. If I had known it would be this good, I would have thrown you down on my desk ages ago."

As he talked, his hands wrapped around Mulder's hips encouraging him to ride again. Mulder started to move and watched as Walter's eyes closed and he surged up into him. Walter's arms wrapped around him and his teeth found a nipple, nipping at it. A few more strokes and Walter's hands tightened almost painfully on Mulder's hips as he ground himself into his lover's ass. His eyes opened and looking into Mulder's he came with Mulder's name on his lips sounding like a benediction.

Mulder sat there with his lover's cock deeply embedded in his ass and felt whole for the first time in his life. Walter pulled him close and kissed him gently. "Thank you, Fox, that was…there are no words."

Mulder's hand caressed Walter's face softly. "Yeah, you're right, words can't do that justice."

He eased up and went to get a wash cloth. Coming back he cleaned Walter carefully and tossing the wash cloth into the bathroom crawled into the bed next to Walter. Walter wrapped his arms around him dropped a kiss in his hair.

"I love you, Fox Mulder."

"And I love you, Walter Skinner." Snuggling close, they were soon asleep.

Dana got home late in the afternoon to find Mulder zoning in front of the TV and Walter was asleep on the sofa with a book on his chest. She dropped her bags on the coffee table and dropped into the other chair. The sounds of the bags brought Walter awake.

"Hi, sweetheart, how did lunch and shopping go?" he smiled up at her.

"You gave Kim the afternoon off so she could go shopping with me. And you bought her a new nightie too."

"The afternoon off fine, but a nightie? Are you trying to add to the office gossip? As well as cause a total breakdown of office discipline." Walter's eyebrows climbed above his glasses.

"Why, Walter, didn't you know you are having orgies with Scully and Kim in your office?" Mulder laughed.

"Yes, Walter, depending on which group you listen to, you are doing me or Kim or Mulder or all three or it's just me and Mulder. I wouldn't worry, Kim doesn't know your money paid for it. She loved it and the color was a spot on match for her eyes so I bought it for her. Wait till you see what I got for me. Hope you weren't expecting change." Again they were treated to that glorious smile.

"Dana, a husband that sends his wife shopping and expects change is either the world's biggest optimist or just plain stupid." He smiled thinking she would get offended but she jumped up and moved over to him giving him a slow sweet kiss.

"What, you aren't going to hit me for that sexist remark?"

Smiling brightly she said, "I would have if you hadn't used the word 'husband'. Now let me show you what I bought."

She picked up the Victoria's Secret bag and started pulling out white satin and lace.

"Now I couldn't decide between the 'come and get me big boy look' and the 'innocent virgin' look so I bought both of these. I'm thinking the 'innocent virgin' look since Mulder wants this deflowering fantasy. It was on the clearance rack so I figure if you guys tear if off me we won't be out that much."

She slipped her arms through the straps of the teddy and the more modest lace and satin gown holding them up for Walter and Mulder to see.

Walter turned to Mulder, "It's your decision Fox."

Mulder turned to look at Dana's purchases and his mouth lifted into a wicked grin. "Let's go with the 'innocent virgin' look. I think deflowering demands a little ripping action."

Dana looked over at Walter and smiled. "Does that work for you?"

"Oh yeah, I think I could definitely get into a ripping kind of mood." His smile was positively wicked.

"Now or after dinner?" Dana asked.

"I think we should leave that up to you. Mulder and I started some soup in the crock-pot so dinner is cooking."

"Well, then it's settled. Give me a half hour to shower and get ready for you, then come on up." Dana smiled at them and took off up the stairs with her bags.

They tracked her with their eyes both suddenly nervous. Mulder turned to Walter and asked, "Do you think we should do a little planning, Sir?" Trying to keep it light but failing.

Walter looked at Mulder and shrugged, "This is her fantasy. I know she told you she dreamed about this. Did she tell you any specifics of the dreams?"

Mulder turned pink wondering if revealing just how completely they had discussed possible sex with Walter would please the older man or cause him to get angry.

"Yeah, we talked about it a little."

"Well, Agent Mulder, I want a full report." Walter used his best AD voice but the eyes were twinkling.

Thus reassured that Walter wouldn't rip his head off Mulder began to talk. By the time the half-hour was up the two had planned how they would rock Dana's world.

They opened the bedroom door to find Dana clad in the 'innocent virgin' gown she had bought reclining back against the headboard of the bed. Her eyes were bright, her hair framing her face, the soft scent of her filling the room. If the conversation down stairs hadn't got them both hard, then this would have. Mulder moved to the side of the bed he had slept on the night before while Walter moved to the side he normally slept on. They slipped into bed with her and Walter reached out pulling her to him for a deep kiss as Mulder slid his hand over her hip gently and then when Walter release her mouth Mulder claimed a kiss of his own. Walter then moved down and started to suckle at her throat. When Mulder ended his kiss he moved down to nuzzle her neck on the other side.

Both men had moved a hand to cover a breast and Dana moaned low with the pleasure of two such different methods of stimulation going on at her neck and breasts. Her head had dropped back to allow better access for her lovers her eyes closed in pleasure. When the two hands tangled in the front of her gown ripping it down the front she was so surprised at the suddenness of it she gasped out loud. Her eyes flew open in time to see her nipple disappear into Walter's mouth as Mulder's hand began to pull and pinch the other one. Once more her eyes closed and her head dropped back giving herself up to them.

Right at that moment in time, the two men could have taken her any way they wanted. She knew even then that this was right for the three of them. Mulder moved down her body and nestled between her legs. Walter took over the delicious torture of her upper body as Mulder began to taste her for the first time. He quickly found her clit and began to tease it. First running his tongue over it lightly then with more pressure. Walter was working her breasts, sucking and biting one while his fingers worked the other one. Dana was panting by this time and both men stepped up their assault on her senses. They had decided to make her come without entering her to get her relaxed and ready for being penetrated by them both at the same time.

Dana's breathing became fast and shallow. Her hands reaching to pull her lovers closer. Moaning and whimpering her need. Walter lifted his head to look at Dana. She looked so beautiful. All flushed with her arousal, head back, body arching up toward them.

"Baby, are you ready to come for us?" he questioned softly.

"Please!! I need..." The whimpers were coming almost continuously from deep in her body.

"What do you need?" Mulder asked teasingly.

Dana's only answer was to pull both of them back to her. Walter laughed softly. "You didn't answer me, Dana. Are you ready?"

"God! Yes will you just please make me come."

Walter smiled at Mulder and they both went back to their tasks. Walter nipped at her nipple as Mulder nipped at her clit and Dana screamed as her climax roared through her body. She bucked up against them and they both held on and rode it out with her. Mulder moved back up beside her and they wrapped her in their arms as the aftershocks rocked her body.

Once her breathing returned to normal and her eyes would focus again she looked at them smiling.

"Thank you both. That was so beyond wonderful. My dreams are pale next to that."

"Glad you liked it. We aim to please don't we, Fox?" Walter asked the younger man.

Mulder grinned at his lovers, "Oh yeah. Doesn't hurt that we enjoyed it too."

The three lay for a while hands moving slowly over each other giving Dana time to recover. Soon the two men began to speed up their movements and Dana rewarded them with her moans of appreciation. Mulder pulled Dana toward him as Walter shifted toward the middle of the bed.

"Scully, it's time for the rest of your dream to come true. Walter is going to be on the bottom so we can do most of the work ok?" Looking into her eyes for any sign that she had changed her mind.

She smiled up at him, "Good idea, Mulder, we don't want him to overwork his muscles."

Dana moved to straddle Walter. Leaning down she kissed him, then with Mulder's hands steadying her she lowered herself onto Walter's erection. Once she was impaled she leaned down again for another kiss and waited for Mulder to prep her for his penetration. Mulder's hands were shaking as he squirted the lube onto his fingers. He couldn't believe this was happening. All his dreams coming true. How the hell did he get so lucky? He looked down at Scully, her mouth being devoured by Walter and lost it for a minute remembering that mouth on his that afternoon. Like Scully he wondered how Sharon had walked away from this man. He moved closer to Scully and she moaned when he entered her with one finger.

"You ok, Scully? I'm not hurting you am I?"

"No, Mulder, it feels good. Just hurry up, I want you in me." She wiggled back against his hand and sighed.

"Don't you two think this situation should put you on a first name basis? Will you get on with it, Fox, I want to come. You two have had me on edge all day thinking about this." Walter growled teasingly.

Mulder grinned at him slipping another finger into Scully moving them in and out and spreading them to loosen her up. Pulling back, he rolled a condom down over his cock and applied a generous portion of lube.

"Ok, here we go. If it hurts tell me and I'll stop."

He moved forward carefully easing into Dana. A low moan slipped from her but no protest. Mulder was simultaneously surprised and pleased. Surprised that she was so ready for this. He expected her to be sore after Walter's attentions of the night before. Pleased that she didn't want it to stop. He held still, buried deep inside her until she wiggled against him and threw him a questioning look. Smiling down at her he gripped her hips and pulled back, pulling her with him so that she was lifted off Walter's cock. Then he let her drop back down onto Walter as his cock slipped most of the way out of her. He kept moving Dana between them watching Walter's face and trying to match his actions to the need he saw rising there. Dana was panting and clutching at Walter's shoulders for balance. She began to rock herself back harder against Mulder and on the down stroke grind against Walter's cock.

"Oh god, Mulder, harder please. I'm so close," she gasped out at him.

Walter looked at him and nodded, "Do it, Fox, I'm close too."

Mulder gave up trying to maintain his prior movements. Letting Scully drop onto Walter's cock, he began to pound into Scully's wonderful tight ass. He could feel Walter's cock through the thin wall separating them. The two sensations of Walter being so close and Dana's muscles clamping down on his as she screamed her climax, sent him over the edge. He could feel Walter throbbing underneath them and knew Walter was coming too. He fought to stay upright not wanting to pull out yet and not wanting to add his weight to Scully's on Walter. Dana had gone limp and Walter's hands were gripping her. As Mulder watched, Walter took a deep breath and opened his eyes to look up at Mulder. Smiling he reached up and pulled Mulder down so his weight was resting against Dana's back. One hand smoothed the hair back from Mulder's brow. Mulder sighed softly and knew he was hopelessly in love with Dana Scully and Walter Skinner.

They lay together until everyone's breathing was back to normal. Mulder rolled to the side off his lovers and lay there with a silly grin on his face. Dana and Walter shifted and Dana rolled off Walter to lay next to Mulder. Walter slipped out to the bed and into the bathroom. The sounds of water running in the sink came to them. Mulder started to sit up and Dana pushed him back down shaking her head at him.

Walter came out of the bathroom with washcloths and a hand towel over his shoulder. Sitting next to Dana on the bed he leaned across her and lay a warm wet washcloth over Mulder's crotch. When Mulder moved his hand toward the washcloth Dana's hand again stopped him. He looked up to see a small grin on Walter's face. Dana spread her legs wide and Mulder watched as Walter tenderly cleaned her drying her carefully. Then turning her to clean in back where Mulder had been. Walter carefully checked her over.

"Walter, I'm fine, don't be such a worry wart ok?" She smiled to take the sting out of her words.

"You are a little swollen and red," he told her gently.

"I'd be very surprised if I wasn't swollen. Having been well used by the two of you in less than twenty-four hours would tend to leave a little evidence." Once more the teasing smile.

Walter leaned down and kissed her gently then got up, moving around the bed to sit next to Mulder. Walter dropped the washcloth he had used on Dana on the nightstand and picked up the one he had laid on Mulder's crotch earlier. He carefully cleaned Mulder as he had Dana then dried him just as tenderly. Then Mulder received the same tender kiss as Dana had. Getting up, he went back into the bathroom and once more they heard water running.

Mulder turned on his side toward Dana, "You knew he was going to do that?"

"Yes. He's cleaned me up every time we've made love. I told him after the first time how much I liked it and he told me his mother taught him to clean up after himself."

"Well, apparently his mother taught him to clean up after his lover, too." As soon as it was out Mulder could feel the flush spread up his face.

Dana giggled at the expression on her partner's face. "Come on, Mulder, you didn't think I thought I was being sent shopping just so you could 'talk'? I suspected your dream was going to come true last night when he made you get in bed with us. This morning when he kissed you and called you handsome I knew. Did you think I didn't notice that he is calling you Fox now? So how was it?"

Mulder moaned, "God, Scully, it was incredible. He's so fucking big. I can't believe how good it felt. I'll be glad when he can do the driving and I can just lie there and get fucked. But this cleaning thing…I can see why you like it. It was so erotic and tender and loving. How the hell did Sharon leave him?"

"You got me, Mulder. I know I won't ever want to." Scully jumped as she heard Walter's quite voice.

"She said I never shared with her. She wanted me to talk about work. Let me in the middle please, Dana."

She jumped up and waited while he settled in the center of the bed. He reached to pull Mulder on to one shoulder then Dana settled on the other. They waited for him to continue.

After a minute he began to speak slow and softly.

"I can't blame Sharon. I never talked about work. You two know how it is. I mean, Dana, I'm sure you don't call your mother and say, 'hey I got shot at by a mad man today,' 'hi I had to autopsy a teenage girl that was sexually assaulted and then knifed to death.' You just can't talk about those things to family. You don't want them to know the horrors you see. It's bad enough seeing it, you don't want to share it. I guess the thing that really clenched it was when I took over the X-files. The things that have happened since then I could only talk to you guys about. Then there was the little problem of me falling head over heels in love with the two of you."

Both of them raised up to look at him identical expressions of guilt on their faces.

Walter frowned at them, "Stop that! Neither of you is to blame for that. You never indicated to me in any way that you wanted me. If either of you had, I probably would have left Sharon on the spot. I'm not sure if I ever loved her the way she loved me. It was over before I met you, I just didn't admit it. I don't like failing. Leaving would have meant that I failed."

"Well, Walter Skinner, you aren't going to fail with us and I for one am hopelessly head over heels in love with you too." Dana kissed his cheek.

Mulder kissed the other cheek, "Ditto. Hey, anybody else hungry? That soup and bread should be ready."

"Oh you baked bread too? My men are so domestic. I like this, shopping, sex and food. Now I know I'm in love."

Walter raised an eyebrow at Mulder, "Her men? I like the sound of that. Let's go eat."


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