Title: The Offering
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationship. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 02/16/02
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder, RatB. SKSA, fullhouseslash, WWOMB. Others just ask
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Alex makes Walter an offer he can't refuse.
Notes: Thank you Josan and Julie for beta and additional dialogue. Thanks to Erryn for the plot bunny that inspired this. Also thanks to Elaine for her hard work on the archive and Ursula for the title (all three of them)

Skinner opened his door after a long day of meetings that went nowhere and dealing with young agents who he could have sworn were sucking their mother's tit two weeks ago. God! Did he feel old.

And alone. For the millionth time he wished he hadn't sent Mulder away. He wondered where his ex-lover was and if he was all right.

He flipped on the entryway light and that's when he saw the envelope lying just inside the entrance. He picked it up carefully. His name written on it in handwriting he had not seen in a long time. Hating himself for needing to know, he ripped the envelope open. Inside was a single slip of paper.

//You broke him. I fixed him. Break him again and I keep him.//

What the fuck was that rat up to now? He threw the message down on the hall table and hung up his coat. He started across the dark living room intending to pour a drink at the bar when he realized someone was crouching in the room just beyond the light streaming in from the entryway.

His training kicked in and the gun was drawn and pointed before he thought.

"Don't move. I have a gun."

There was no response so he reached to the side and flipped the light switch. The sight that greeted him both amazed and aroused him.

Mulder kneeling on the dark wood of the living room floor, wrists tied together behind his back. His left hand was holding a paddle, right holding a crop in an almost reverse Egyptian posture. A cane was lying parallel to his spine, with silk cords lacing it to his arms from bicep to wrists.  A collar around his throat, a cock-ring in place with a chain attaching it to the collar. A second chain strung between the nipple-rings.  A doubled leather strap held lightly in his mouth, and a blindfold covered his eyes with his now longer hair falling over his face.  Laid across his thighs was a cat.  He waited silent and submissively for his newest master.

Well now he knew what the note was about. He also knew where Mulder had been for the last year. He put his gun down on the table next to the doorway. He walked slowly around Mulder's kneeling form. Noting without surprise the butt plug that had not been visible from the entry. He knew without removing it that it would be one of the largest available.

Every detail had been duplicated. He would not have thought Krycek's memory of his own time as Walter's slave would be this precise. Alex had fought being bound this way. In the end, when he had submitted, it had been such a sweet victory for Walter.

That night he had made love to Alex. Everything prior had been fucking. A love making so sweet that nothing had compared to it since. His love making with Fox had been wonderful, even glorious. But there was just something so very special about love making after a submission wrung from a supposedly untameable man like Alex.

He made one more circuit of Mulder, drinking up the sight of him, knowing that he would have been easier to tame because he didn't have the fears Alex was prey to.

Walter's cock was hard and aching. He began to undress, planning to take the edge off his need before he took Fox upstairs to his bed.

"Alex, I know at the very least you are listening in. Your memory seems to be as good as his. If you have a camera planted, I'm sure it won't give you as good a view as being here in the room with us. I've slept alone for a year now so I'm pretty horny. I'm gonna take the edge off. I'll expect you here naked and on your knees by the time I'm finished. Do that and tonight we'll concentrate on him. Tomorrow I'll remind you who you belong to."

Walter had watched Mulder's head lift slightly at his words. Knew that brain was processing the information he had just given him. Knew the pieces were falling into place. He reached to take the strap from Mulder's mouth expecting a demand to be released.

Walter released the breath he didn't know he was holding when no such demand was made. He dropped his hand onto the warm shoulder of the kneeling man. Bending slightly he removed the cat from Mulder's thighs and set it on the coffee table.

"Turn to the right and move forward about three feet."

Mulder did as instructed. This put him in front of the low ottoman. Walter knew he would need to remove the cane before he could position the man for penetration. He tried not to wonder if there was a camera and Alex was watching. He hoped Alex was on his way there.

Walter's hands were a little clumsy as he undid the silk cords, noting that Alex had done an excellent job, Mulder's circulation was not restricted in any way. Once the cane was removed and set aside, Walter quickly checked that the cords binding the wrists were equally well done. He was proud that his little Alex had learned his lessons well.

"Bend forward, Mulder. Don't worry, there's an ottoman for you to rest on."

Mulder did indeed make a beautiful sight lying like that, ready to be used. Walter dropped his hand to his cock and stroked it slowly. With his other hand, he reached to remove the butt plug. It didn't move as freely as he expected so he knew Mulder had been in position longer than Alex had expected him to be.

"Stay right there, Mulder. I'm just going for lube."

Walter moved out into the entry hall toward the stairs and took them two at a time. When he came back down with the lube in hand, he unlocked the front door. He knew Alex would show up.

Mulder was where he had left him except he had scooted up farther onto the ottoman. Probably wanting to relax muscles cramped from his time kneeling. Walter grabbed one of the sofa cushions and, lifting Mulder's hips, positioned in under his knees. A little sigh telling him it was appreciated.

As Walter squirted lube around the plug, his mind was busy deciding where the items covered in dust cloths in the basement should be positioned. Tomorrow they would set up the playroom and go shopping.

He used his fingers to massage the lube into the tissue around the plug, rocking the plug until the widest part slipped past the muscle ring. Mulder made not a sound as this was done. He did however moan as the paddle was pulled from his hand and his body tensed slightly.

"Relax, Mulder. All that is going to happen right now is a hard fast fuck. Like I said, take the edge off. When Alex gets here, we'll see about adding some colour to these cheeks."

Mulder spoke for the first time.

"He won't come. I angered him when I refused to call him master."

"Why did you refuse him that?"

"You're the only man I would willingly call Master."

"And why is that, Mulder?"

"Because I love you. That's why he brought me back here. I told him you didn't want me but he said he knew you did."

"Did he tell you he once knelt at my feet bound as he left you bound?"

"No." Mulder's voice cracked with strong emotion.

"Have you been with him this whole year?"


"And you didn't come to love him?"

"Yes, but not in the way he wanted. I love you too much for that to happen."

"And I love you. But I also love him. Is that going to be a problem for you?"

"I don't know."

The voice was an anguished whisper. Walter's hands moved slowly over the ass and back of the bound man, soothing the tension there.

A van parked two blocks over started. The green-eyed assassin behind the wheel cried as he drove to pull into the driveway of Walter's house. He stumbled from the van, vision blurred by his tears. He stopped at the door, brushing them away before opening the door to enter the house.

Walter was still gently rubbing Mulder's back when Alex appeared in the doorway. Walter pointed to the floor next to where he and Mulder were. Alex nodded and began to strip. His clothing neatly placed on the sofa next to Walter's.

When he was naked he knelt down in the spot his Master had indicated. Funny how the word Master came so easily to him.

A long arm reached, a hand curled around his neck and he was pulled forward into a kiss. The kind of kiss he had never expected to know again. The 'I own you' type of kiss that always made his dick hard. Now was no exception.

When the kiss ended, Walter held out the lube. Alex stuck out his hand and the lube was squirted onto it. He rubbed his thumb through it, warming it before wrapping his hand around Walter's cock. Walter smiled as Alex took far more time than necessary to coat him. Finally chuckling softly.

"You trying to jerk me off, Lexi?"

"Sorry, Master."

"Put me in him."

Alex moved closer to the ottoman so he could do as instructed. His hand continued to fondle as he guided Walter's cock to the hole of the kneeling man. His hand sliding back toward Walter's body as the big cock began to force its way inside the hole. Alex removed his hand just before Walter bottomed out.

Fox groaned and pushed back. He was rewarded with a hand coming down hard on each cheek and two voices issuing the same command.

"Be still!"

Even blind, Mulder knew both men had slapped him. He knew better than to break position but it had been over a year since Walter had been inside him and he had missed it terribly. Not that he had done without sex. Alex had fucked him often and well. Alex was a highly skilled lover. He had wrung Mulder out and hung him up to dry on many occasions.

Walter didn't move right away and Mulder knew he was waiting for him to enter that place where he gave himself up to being used. That place where giving pleasure was his reason for being. He felt Alex's presence as a long lean thigh pressed along his flank.

Walter hand was gripping Alex's erection, slowly working it as he waited for Fox to find his centre. Alex's eyelids began to flutter closed as his body responded to the man who owned him. With his other hand Walter caressed the firm flesh of Mulder's ass.

Watching Alex closely, Walter slowed his hand to a snail's pace, waiting for the eyes to open. Green eyes finally flickered open. The lust showing in them was almost enough to make Walter shoot into the tight ass encasing his cock.

"Not yet, Lexi. Wait for it."

A low growl slipped from Alex's mouth and Walter's hand tightened to remind him who controlled things. Alex tried for a heartbeat to summon defiance but couldn't. His head dropped in submission and he spread his legs to anchor himself.

Walter smiled a slow sexy smile that would have made Alex weep with joy had he seen it. His big hand slipped between Alex's spread legs to find his puckered hole. Probing, he found Alex to be very tight.

"Been a while, Lexi?"

"You were the last to use me, Master."

"That pleases me, Lexi."

"I'm glad, Master."

Walter reached for the lube and pulled away from Alex long enough to coat his fingers. Returning to slide the now slick fingers into Alex. He stroked slowly in and out of the heat, watching Alex's face.

Mulder had not moved during all of this. He had found his sub space and was waiting for his Master to do as he wanted with him. That didn't mean he hadn't heard the conversation taking place. Or that his mind wasn't processing it, letting more of the puzzle pieces click into place.

Walter's cock throbbed, reminding him he was encased in a body, and demanding release. Gripping a hip, he began to thrust into Mulder, matching that rhythm to the one of his fingers in Alex's body.

When Walter's balls pulled up tight he drew Alex closer so they were kneeling, thighs almost touching. His fingers left Alex's body and he reached for the paddle he had dropped onto the ottoman next to Mulder. The first swat brought Alex's eyes open but Mulder had gone so deep into sub space that he barely registered the blow. Alex looked down to see the red outline of the paddle on Mulder's flesh.

"Stroke yourself, Lexi."

Walter began to pound hard into Mulder's body, smacking the paddle down each time he left the body. The white globes soon became a bright red in colour. Mulder had begun to make a needy sound and Walter had no doubt that if his hands were free, he would be jerking his cock to match the blows on his ass.

Alex was stroking his cock as he had been instructed, keeping his eyes tightly shut. Walter knew he was holding on by a thread.

"Open your eyes! Come with me, Lexi."

Alex's eyes opened and he looked into Walter's. The fuck drunk expression was beautiful to behold.

"Where, Master?"

"Paint his ass with it."

Walter dropped the paddle and slammed into Mulder as hard as possible, growling in a deep, possessive way. That seemed to be all Alex needed. His cock erupted and he directed the head toward Mulder. The long ropes of come made an abstract pattern on the red cheeks of the slave.

Walter pulled out, rubbing his cock between Mulder's cheeks as his last few drops joined Alex's on the now red and white ass in front of him. Alex leaned toward Walter and was pleased when Walter's arm pulled him in close.

Alex watched as Walter reached under Mulder to release the cock ring. Mulder screamed as Walter's hand jerked him; his come shooting against the side of the ottoman.

Walter turned to Alex and kissed him tenderly.

"It's good to have my boys home." Walter's husky voice trembled, giving away his emotions to the men who shared his heart.

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