Title: Enslaved [Deleted scene I]
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date: 06/08/02
Archive: No
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Alex forgets Fox's warning.
NOTE: This is an AU where Alex never lost his arm and the boys never worked for the FBI. It was a wet dream, what do you want? ;-) Beta thanks to Josan.

Alex and Fox came home a little late one Friday after classes to find Walter dressed in leathers.

Fox smiled and Alex looked a question at them.

"Hurry, boys. We have reservations for dinner at seven. I put your things out on the bed. And there's new cologne for you to wear. Want my boys to smell extra nice tonight."

Alex followed Fox into the bathroom and started to strip while Fox turned on the shower.

"Fox, what's going on?"

"Walter's taking us to his club."


"Walter's a member of a private BDSM club. They must have someone new doing a scene tonight. Or maybe someone he knows and likes. Now hurry! We don't want to be late for dinner. They serve the best steaks and seafood on the East Coast."

Alex stepped into the shower while Fox shaved. Then they switched places. Alex stopped by the bed and looked at the *clothing* Walter had left on the bed for them.

"Fox, we can't go out of the house in just that."

"Sure, we can. We'll be getting in the car here and getting out in an enclosed private parking garage. Only other members and club personnel will see us."

Alex picked up the little pouch of cloth. It was so tiny that the only way it would hold their cock and balls was if they were totally soft. Even the slight beginning of an erection and they would be showing the world their assets.

Fox reached to take it and positioned Alex inside. He had just finished *dressing* himself when Walter's voice came from the doorway.

"I'll be envy of everyone there when they see how beautiful my boys are. Did you remember the cologne?"

"Just going to do that now."

Fox applied cologne to all Alex's pulse points then his own. Walter walked over and opened the top drawer of his chest. He removed two jeweler's boxes and walked toward them. Placing one on the bed, he opened the blue one and took out something Alex couldn't quite see.

Fox turned his back to Walter and Alex watched as an exquisite golden collar was placed around Fox's throat and fastened. Walter then picked up the green box and removed another collar from it.

"Come here, Alex. I want you to see it before I put it on you."

Alex moved to his lover and took the offered collar to look at it. It was heavier than he expected. This was not a cheap dime store trinket. It had obviously been specially made. On one side his name had been engraved in a beautiful flowing script. On the side that would soon be facing the world was engraved 'Walter's'. Nothing more, just that possessive.

He handed it back and turned for Walter to fasten it at his throat. The metal was cold, but warmed quickly as he ran his fingers over it. He saw Fox smiling at him.

"Feels nice to wear tangible proof of his love for us, doesn't it?"

"No one ever gave me anything so beautiful. Thank you, Walter."

"You're welcome, now get on your socks and boots. We're going to be late for our reservation if we don't hurry."

Walter had their leather trench coats out for them to wear. Alex was glad to see they would have something to cover themselves if needed. He had been afraid that Walter was going to make them go out in just the boots and pouches, even thought it was probably in the low fifties outside.

Fox was practically dancing as they walked out to the car. His excitement communicating itself to Alex. Walter was grinning at them, his beautiful boys.

"Fox, ride in back with Alex and explain to him how he is to behave once we reach the club."

"Walter, will you…"

"Nothing formal. But I'm sure I'll want people to see how talented my boys are at some point. But I won't be taking either of you on the platform."

"Who's going to be there tonight?"

"Brandon's going to be there with his new boy."

"He found someone? I'm so glad. Should I try and talk to the boy?"

"Not tonight. But I did tell Brandon he could send the boy over any time to meet you two."

Fox turned his attention to giving Alex a crash course in how to behave while in public with your Master. He whispered to Alex that Walter must have a lot of faith in him to be taking him there without several hours of practice at home.

They pulled into a parking garage and Walter parked in a numbered spot. He gave a brief order to Alex to remember the number and floor. As soon as they stepped out of the car, he took two lightweight leashes from his pocket and attached them to the small ring in each of the collars.

Alex reached for Fox's hand as Walter led them to the elevator. They stepped off the elevator and Walter took their coats to hand over to an attendant. Alex wasn't as uncomfortable as he expected to be since the attendant was wearing even less than he was. Alex didn't actually consider a cock ring to be clothing.

He noticed that there were more undressed bodies than clothed ones. Another pretty boy led them to a booth and Alex waited as the boy was told that Walter would allow his "pets" to eat at the table with him that night. The table was pulled out and Walter settled in the center and indicated that his boys were to sit one on either side.

One menu was left on the table along with a card on which Walter checked several boxes. Walter looked over the menu and when the waiter appeared, he gave him the order as well as the card. Alex wanted to ask but he remembered Fox's instruction to only speak when spoken to.

Dinner was as delicious as Fox had told him it would be. Walter ordered prime rib and lobsters tail. He even ordered Alex Chocolate Death for dessert.

After dinner, he again led them from the room and back to the elevators. This time when they got off, they entered a big room. Walter stopped and turned to Alex.

"Look at the room now, Alex. Once we are seated you are to keep your eyes down except when told otherwise."

Fox squeezed his hand and watched Alex out of the corner of his eye as Alex took in the big room. In the center was a raised platform, which he assumed was where the "scenes" would take place. He hoped Walter would let him watch at least one.

The entire ceiling was covered in mirrors: later Walter would explain they were there to allow people with a bad angle of the scene to be able to watch in the mirrors. Around the room were loveseats and sofas. Each with a low sturdy table in front of it. At the end of each was a low cabinet covered with a towel. As he scanned the room, Alex realized that each cabinet had a different assortment of toys, lubes and hand towels.

With a grin, Walter watched him take it in. Now that Alex was getting over his ordeal, every adventure with him made the world new for Walter and Fox. Seeing things through their young lover's eyes and perspective was magical.

"Ready, Alex?"

"Yes, Master."

Walter's big hand cupped his head and he kissed him briefly. Then turning, he moved across the room to a sofa on the far side. He settled in the center and dropped thick pillows on either side for his boys. They knelt on the pillows and he took the leashes off and dropped them casually on the cabinet.

He reached and pulled them to lean against his legs. When a waiter approached, he ordered a drink and water for his boys. Before the waiter came back a man stopped at the table.

"Hello, Walter. Got a new boy, what I can see looks nice."

"Alexei, stand."

Alex rose gracefully to his feet and stood hands behind his back as Fox had instructed. He felt the heat rise and knew he was blushing as Walter casually pulled his cock and balls out of the pouch to display to the strange man. His blush deepened as Walter expertly brought him to a full erection.

"Pretty, isn't he? I picked him up a few months ago. He's been very easy to train. Eats ass like you wouldn't believe."

Only Fox's firm instructions that he must not let Walter down kept him from groaning. Walter had not taken him out to any place where they could be openly gay since he had been kidnapped, so he wasn't used to being shown off like Fox was.

"Alexei, raise your head and let Mark see how pretty your eyes are."

Alex did as he was told and looked at the man standing by the table.

"He's beautiful. Would you consider letting me do a scene with him?"

"I haven't trained him to the whip yet. I don't want to take a chance on marring his skin. He's still so young. Maybe in a few years."

"Well, should you grow tired of him, give me first bid."

"I'll keep that in mind, Mark."

Mark walked away and Walter pulled Alex down into his lap. Fox reached to put his hand on Alex's trembling leg. Walter nuzzled against Alex's throat and whispered.

"Don't worry, Alex. I'd *never* let that man touch you. Only Fox and I will ever touch you. Now calm down, although the crowd will just think that I have you excited."

Walter's big hand stroked Alex's cock, his thumb rubbing over the head until the first drops appeared. Holding out his hand to Fox, they both watched as Fox cleaned the pre-come from his fingers.

"Back on your pillow, Cherry Boy. Show's about to start. Brandon is going to be on first so you both may watch. Especially since his boy will probably be coming over to meet you both soon."

Alex slipped out of Walter's lap and took his position on the pillow. Fox reached to hold his hand as Walter began to play with their hair.

Alex watched with fascination as the platform was set up for the first scene. A modified version of stocks was brought out and quickly locked in place.

A man in a monk's robe came through the door at the far side of the room pulling along a totally naked boy. The monk was older, slender, his hair shot through with gray. The boy looked barely legal, his thin body lacking the development age would bring. His hair was jet black and later Alex would learn that he had eyes as blue as the sky after a cleansing rain.

Alex wondered if this would be as big a turn on as watching Fox and Walter. He looked over at Fox and knew it was for him. Fox's erection was sticking up out of the pouch. Alex's had gone down a little but since Walter hadn't covered him, he was on display to anyone who wanted to look.

He turned back to see that the boy was being fastened into the stocks. The monk turned to face the crowd.

"I bring before you a disobedient boy for public punishment."

Someone from the crowd called out.

"Friar, what sin has the boy committed?"

"He has broken his vows by touching himself. He was told when he entered the order that only the elders are allowed the pleasures of the flesh. He is a handsome boy and sooner or later one of the elders would have sought him out."

"Friar, is this his first offence?" This time it was Walter who asked the question.

"Sadly, no. I punished him privately for his first offence. I must bear the burden of making an incorrect decision."

The monk walked over to the boy, reached out, grabbing the boy's hanging genitals, he squeezed around the base waving them for the audience to see. Alex squirmed on his pillow.

Walter leaned down to whisper in his ear, "Easy, Alex. Nothing happens here that is not properly negotiated. The boy has agreed to the things that will happen to him. Brandon probably even practiced the entire scene with him yesterday or the day before."

Alex settled back and watched as Brandon proceeded to punish the boy. First, he squeezed the balls down to the extreme bottom of the sac, and then he hit them several times until they were bright red. The only sounds from the boy were low moans and Alex realized that the boy's cock was beginning to harden.

Fox was squirming on his pillow; Walter reached down and pinched the head of Fox's dick until his erection went down part way. Alex watched as the punishment continued.

"See how disobedient and willful the lad is?" Brandon asked.

He emphasized his statement by smacking the erect cock. Said cock bobbed and the "willful boy" uttered his first words.

"Please, Friar, give me release."

"You will be silent, boy!"

Another hard smack that made the cock swing to the side and brought a deeper moan than the ones before. Brandon spent several minutes at that point slapping the cock from side to side. Alex saw movement behind them but he was focused on the boy and his reactions to having his cock whipped.

Alex jumped when Walter reached down and pinched him as he had Fox earlier. He got the point in a hurry, as his erection wilted. Alex turned back in time to see Brandon walk behind the boy and pick up a switch. The noise it made as Brandon tested it made Alex's balls tighten.

He couldn't believe the noises that began to pour from the boy as the switch was applied to his back, ass and thighs. He felt a twinge of deep sympathy as he saw the straining cock leaking and the boy writhing, uselessly trying to fuck the air.

Brandon walked around the boy and waited until the head raised and the boy made eye contact. "Do you think you have learned your lesson, boy?"

"Yes, Sir. I won’t touch myself again. I will wait for an elder to give me release." The boy was panting and the words sounded rough.

"Good, boy. I will permit you release. How would you like to receive it?"

"Please, Sir, enter me. Take pleasure from me."

"Very well, boy."

Brandon dropped his robe and Alex gasped as he saw that the slender man was almost as well endowed as his Walter. A condom was quickly donned and lubed then Brandon entered his boy. The fuck was quick but never the less good for both men if their reactions were any indication.

Alex shivered as the boy cried out and arched his back, his come spraying toward the audience. Walter's hand caressed Alex's shoulder gently.

When Brandon pulled out, he disposed of the condom in a small trash bag, then opened the stocks and gathered his boy into his arms. His hands caressing as the boy shook against him. Alex couldn't hear the words but the boy nodded several times.

Alex and Fox both sighed as the boy raised his head to be kissed gently. Walter bent down again to Alex. "Do you see the love they feel?"

"Yes, Master."

Walter's smile widened as Alex used the form of address Fox had instructed him to use tonight. He had expected Alex to forget in the aftermath of seeing his first scene by strangers. He kissed Alex then turned and kissed Fox.

"Fox, on the table."

Fox grinned as he rose hurriedly to do as he was told.

"Alex, get the gloves for me."

Alex turned to the cabinet and saw that there was a pair of long heavy rubber gloves on the cabinet. Walter held out his hands. Alex managed to get them on Walter without too much trouble. Without being told Alex then picked up the lube and applied a generous amount to each of the gloves.

"Alex, you may kiss Fox while I begin getting him open."

Alex knee-walked to the end of the table where Fox's head was resting. He always loved kissing Fox. It was one of his favorite things to do and Walter seemed to love watching them do it. He kept his attention firmly routed on Fox and making the kisses as sweet as possible. He had found that Walter often had them kiss as a way of getting their attention on each other and away from what he was doing.

He knew, however, the moment that the largest part of Walter's hand entered Fox's body. Fox screamed into his mouth and Walter chuckled from his position between the spread legs of his lover. Alex raised his head to look just as Walter pushed in a little deeper and Fox whimpered.

"Want to come, slut?"

"Yes, Master. Please!"

"Suck him, Alex. Let him come in your mouth."

Alex hurried to move into position to do as he was told. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Walter pulled out then pushed back in and turned his hand. Then Fox was exploding in his mouth and he was too busy to watch anything else Walter might be doing.

As he made sure he had not missed a drop, he heard Walter say "Good boys!" and heard another voice near by commenting on how deep Walter had gone.

Alex sat back waiting for Walter to indicate what he should do next. Walter stripped off the gloves and dropped them in the trash container at the end of the sofa. He then reached for a towel and wiped as much lube as possible from Fox's ass. Picking up the white article that was lying on the cabinet, he slipped in under Fox and fastened it around him to absorb the lube that would drain from his body when he rose from the table.

"Walter, it's good to see you. I certainly don't have to ask how Fox is doing. This must be your new boy. What's his name again?"

"Alexei, stand and let Brandon look at you."

Alex stood quickly and placed his hands behind his back. He could almost feel the man's eyes on his body.

"May I?"


Brandon placed a finger under Alex's chin and lifted his head. He caressed the jaw line slowly.

"He's very beautiful, Walter. I'm happy you and Fox found someone new to love. This is my new lover, Eli. What did you think of our scene?"

"Very well done. It was very moving for my boys as well."

Brandon leaned down and touched Fox's face softly. "I don't think Fox will remember it when he finally comes back down. May I bring Eli over to talk with your boys tomorrow? Maybe you and I could have a game of chess?"

"That would be nice. Come for lunch and stay for dinner if you like."

"We'll do that. See you then."

Alex was still standing as Brandon led Eli across the room to a loveseat. He watched as they settled and Brandon pulled the boy to rest against him. Holding him close and stroking his hair.

"Alex, sit." Alex dropped down onto the pillow next to Walter and lowered his eyes. Fox was still drifting and every now and then Walter would reach out and caress him. The next scene was being prepared by the time Fox was able to scoot off the table and take his place next to Walter on the floor.

They were not allowed to watch the next scene. During it Walter decided he needed release and had his boys suck him off. The scene that followed was Mark and an older man. Walter gave them permission to watch.

Alex noticed that Fox did not have a physical reaction to the opening of this scene as he had with Brandon's. The older man was placed against a cross and wrists and ankles bound. Mark shook out a long wicked looking whip. He gave no introduction to the scene as the others had. He spoke no words at all.

The man was soon writhing and screaming as the whip landed on his back and ass. Mark did not let up until there were several bloody stripes across the back and ass. Mark then ripped open his pants, fumbled on a condom and rammed into the man with no preparation and no lube as far as Alex could see. He rubbed against the man, smearing his blood. When he was finished, there was no tender cuddling as there had been with Brandon and Eli. He simply released the man and walked away from him.

Walter once more whispered into Alex's shell of an ear. "You have just seen what I consider to be a corruption of what BDSM should be."

"But I thought you said everything is negotiated."

"It is, but that does not change the fact that after the pain should come pleasure, or at least comfort. I don't know how he keeps finding people who will let him use them that way."

Walter had ordered them all a drink and they relaxed against his legs as they enjoyed them.

"We'll stay for one more scene then we're going home. I want you to see another really good example. The way it will be set up you will get a better view if you watch in the mirrors."

Walter didn't point out that it would also allow him to watch Alex's reactions to what was going on. The next scene was an elaborate fantasy of a sultan being given a pretty male slave. The slave gave every indication of being terrified of his new master. Especially when he saw the master's size.

But the master was gentle with the slave. What followed was a slow seduction. With the slave crying out at the end with the wonderful climax the master had given him.

Walter had slipped down to sit on the floor between his boys, stroking them gently, as the scene became more intense. When he saw that the scene was nearing it's end, he whispered to his boys to come and they erupted for him. He held them close as they panted, watched the slave being tenderly cleaned and petted as he too recovered.

When his boys were breathing normally again, Walter sent Fox to the bathroom to clean up as he got their coats. The trip to the parking garage in the elevator silent. They had reached the car when Alex spoke.

"Daddy, are all Doms hung?"

He heard Fox snicker and realized what he had said a nanosecond before his coat was being pulled off him. Then he found himself spread, face down on the back of the car. One large hand held him in place as he heard the sound of Walter's pants being opened. Out of the corner of his eye, Alex saw Fox reaching into his pocket and felt the cold lube hit his hole.

"Boy, it is no concern of yours how any Dom is hung. There is only one cock whose size matters to you and that is mine. Your only concern should be in pleasing your Daddy."

Alex moaned as Walter's big cock pushed into his body. Walter rode him hard. Driving deeply into his ass with each forward thrust. Alex heard someone say, "Fuck that boy's ass."

He knew he was blushing again and wondered if the man he heard was staying around for the show. Fox had warned him to be careful where and when he called Walter Daddy and he wasn't sure why he had said it that way. Maybe he was feeling a little left out since Walter had put Fox on display by fisting him earlier.

Walter's movements became erratic but no less forceful. When he bent over Alex and nipped at his neck, Alex almost lost it. He sighed as the big hands slipped under his body, lifting him to stand back to chest. He moaned with embarrassment as Walter turned to put his own ass against the car, exposing Alex for the crowd that had gathered to see.

Using his hands and his strong thighs, Walter moved Alex's body up and down on his cock. His attention on how the boy was blushing and how the tight ass was working on him. Walter ignored the crowd, he often fucked his boys in front of people in this building. It was part of the reason he was a member, to publicly use his boys. It was a 'Look what I have!' kind of thing.

He heard the whimper that was coming from Alex and knew the boy was desperately holding onto his control. Pulling Alex down tight against his body, Walter dropped a hand to stroke the straining cock and whispered in his ear.

"Come for Daddy, boy. Milk me good. Make your Daddy happy."

Alex growled and his cock sprayed come toward the watching audience. Walter let out a loud grunt and tried to push farther into his lover's body as he flooded him with come. The applause brought an even deeper red to Alex's face, which he turned to try and hide against Walter's neck.

Walter chuckled against the head resting on his shoulder.

"Daddy is very proud of his good boy. You made Daddy come so good."

He continued to stroke Alex until the boy whimpered at the over stimulation. Fox leaned in to kiss Alex on the back of his neck.

"Alex, you guys looked great. They'll be talking about this little show for weeks."

Alex groaned again and whispered, "Are they still watching?"

"A few. There are always the diehard fans who stay until Elvis leaves the building." Fox's voice held his amusement as he answered.

"Walter is better looking than Elvis ever was."

"Why, thank you, Alex. Come on let's go home. I think I want to make a sandwich with my boys before I go to sleep.


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