Title: Death by VR
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek Skinner/OMC's
Warnings: None
Rating: NC17
Date: 09/21/03
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Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. I've been unemployed for two years, if you want to sue me then you'd have to get me a job so I could pay you.
Summary: Walter goes off to die, creatively.
NOTES: Catwoman's Harem Challenge: From AdoptAPlotBunny: does everybody remember the Harems? The eight men (I went with 10) or women that you would have in yours if asked? (Courtesy of the fabulous WWOMB?) I challenge anyone who can to write a fanfic including their *entire* harem---we’re talking some major crossover action here.
Cast list: Justin Taylor, Brian Kinney, Simon Tam, Jayne Cobb, Malcolm Reynolds, Chris Keller, Tobias Beecher, Lex Luthor, Clark Kent and Jim (28 Days Later)
Thanks to Bill for beta.



I stepped through the door and surveyed the room. It was filled with the objects of my desire. At a small table across the room sat a man with dark raven hair playing chess and arguing with the blond who looked fourteen, although he was a good ten years older than that.

There was another dark haired man in a fancy silk vest, deep in conversation with a bald man in lavender. Two men with extremely short hair were throwing knives at a target by the balcony doors. I noticed neither of them missed. At another table two men who looked like brothers were winning at poker against a sandy haired man and a green-eyed brunette with a symbol branded onto his chest.

I stood quietly, taking them in. They were perfect, exactly what I'd asked for when I gave the VR game maker my requirements. All I had to do now was move forward and enjoy the best orgy any man ever had. I cleared my throat loudly and all eyes turned to me.

"He's here."

"About goddamn time."

"Been a long time, Walter."

Justin was the first to reach me, as they all gathered around. I slipped my arm around him and kissed him soundly. I felt other hands on my body divesting me of my clothes. After that I lost track of who was doing what. I just closed my eyes and let them take care of me.


It had taken me a while to track him down. His retirement hadn't been a surprise. The war had been won and he was tired, fuck, we all were. But none of us expected him to drop off the radar. Maybe it had been foolish of me to think that once the battles had ended I could finally tell him how I felt. He already knew why I'd done most of the things I had done, but he thought I'd kept him alive for the war.

I'd kept him alive because I loved him.

The first time I laid eyes on him, I thought he was older than he was, partly because of his position, partly because of the baldhead. I didn't find him all that attractive, but then I didn't need to. I was supposed to try and seduce them both. I'd had some small success with Mulder, none with Walter.

As I learned more about him, I came to find him very attractive, to respect him. He was a man with strong convictions; and even while straddling the fence, he worked to keep Mulder safe.

I'm not really sure when I realized that I loved him. I do know it was after I realized that he definitely liked boys.

I'd been at his place, replacing a bug that had gone bad. He'd come home; I'd been trapped so I ducked into the closet. He dropped an envelope on the sofa and yanked off his tie, followed by the jacket and he kicked off his shoes.

Through the slit in the door, I watched as he opened the envelope and pulled out a DVD. He put it into the machine, and as the opening warning played he moved to the bar in the corner and poured a drink.

I nearly choked when he turned from the bar, his hand opening his trousers. Changing my angle, I spotted the opening scene of the movie. Walter took a seat, placed the glass on a coaster, turned up the volume, and slipped his hand down his pants.

I looked back at the screen expecting to see a woman appear. No women, but lots of twinks getting plowed by big hairy daddies. I ignored the action on the screen, preferring to watch him. The noise of the movie covered my gasp when he pushed his pants aside and pulled out his cock. That night fueled many a fantasy for me. In most of them he was getting himself ready for me.

I approached the house slowly, not wanting to get my head blown off before he knew whom I was. It was quiet, no sounds coming from inside. I'd expected at least to hear music; he'd almost always had music playing in his condo in the old days.

I tapped on the door but there was no answer. So I tried the handle - locked. Moving around the house, I checked each of the windows before finding one that let me see him. The sight shook me so badly that I ran back to the kitchen door and kicked it in.

He was sprawled out on the sofa; I smelled him from the doorway, a combination of sweat, come and urine. He seemed to be sleeping but his breath was so shallow that I ran to his side and searched out his pulse. It was slow, but as I counted it he stirred.

His cock started to rise and he groaned. Turning his head to the side, he coughed. That was when I spotted the port. The cable snaked back under his throat, and tracing it, I saw the VR game set-up for the first time.

I'd seen the new technology but never would have pegged Walter for someone who would have an actual port installed. I looked at the equipment, noting that it was top of the line. The headset that came with it was still in the wrapper and the packaging for the game card was lying next to that.

The label for the game was imprinted with Custom Fantasy NC17. Sex game – that explained the hard-on. Walter's low moan drew my eyes back to him. As I watched his, hips jerked and his cock filled completely.

Even though I knew he'd be furious with me for sticking my nose in his business, I picked up the headset and ripped the package open. I pulled a chair over closer and sat down. Plugging in the headset, I entered his world.

My first reaction was surprise. I'd entered a scene reminiscent of old Hollywood's view of an Arabian harem. I moved through the curtains that billowed in the breeze, toward the sounds of sex. Walter was lying on a pile of pillows, his buff body gleaming with sweat, the parts I could see, that is.

He was covered with men. There were two heads attached to his nipples, another man was kissing him, a fourth had his hips lifted in the air as he penetrated Walter with a large cock, a fifth was sucking Walter's cock.

There were five other men sitting nearby watching or waiting for their turn. My cock responded to the scene before me and I reached to adjust my pants. I wasn't sure how deep he was in the fantasy. It was possible he wouldn't even see or hear me but I had to try. I could have just pulled the plug on the game but I was afraid of what that might do to him.


He didn't move but the game did. The blond kissing him raised his head to look at me. "Hello, handsome. Walter, we have company."

Walter reached blindly, grabbing at the jailbait to pull him back down. He grinned at me, "Walter loves kissing, and he's so good at it."

"Walter, you need to listen to me."

"How did you get in here? You aren't real. Go away."

"I'm real Walter; they aren't. I've been looking for you for months. I'm really here; come out of the game and talk to me."

The guy fucking Walter decided to add his two cents to the equation, "Hey, get the gorram hell out of here, it's my turn."

Definitely a top of the line game, Walter always had liked the best. He'd gone back to kissing the blond and I saw teeth flash as the two sucking his nipples bit down. Walter's big hands clutched the asses of the two brunettes working his nipples.

I'd had an easier time talking to him the night I was on his balcony. I ripped the headset off and looked at him in frustration. He shot into the air about then and then went limp. I watched him as he seemed to drift off to sleep.

I wasn't sure how to deal with this. I knew that some people had experienced psychotic breaks when pulled off VR after extended periods. But I just didn't have enough information. Much as I didn't like the idea of telling him what was going on, Mulder was the only one I trusted to give me the straight dope.

He answered on the second ring. "Mulder."

"Mulder, I need some information."

"Hello to you too, Krycek."

"Sorry, but I need information."

"What's wrong?"

"I found Walter."

"He's the reason you need information."

"Yes. Mulder he's hooked up to a VR game. He had a port put in his fucking brain."

"How long has he been in the game?"

"Long enough that he's dehydrating."

"Alex, you need to get him out of there."

"I fucking know that, Mulder. Tell me how. I went into the game and he told me to go away and then ignored me."

"What's he doing in the game?"

"Having a fucking orgy with a bunch of guys."

"You sound jealous, Alex." Mulder's chuckle pissed me off.

"Are you going to offer help or are you just going to be an asshole?"

"Alex, it's porn, that's all. If you'd had the guts to tell him how you felt years ago he'd have taken you with him."

"You don't know that."

"Yes, I do."

"Just tell me what I should do here."

"Unplug him, first. Make sure he's on a stable surface because he may seize. I'd tell you to take him to a hospital but he'd never forgive you if anyone else found out about this."

"Anything else?"

"Get some fluids in him."

"I've heard that some people have psychotic breaks."

"He's not some people, Alex. Those people didn't have someone who loves them."

"Thanks, Mulder."

"Call me when he's better."

"I will."

I disconnected the phone to get busy. First, I moved everything out of the way and got a blanket from the linen closet. I rolled him carefully off the sofa and onto the blanket on the floor. Then I removed the jack from the base of his brain.

For the first hour nothing happened. Then he began to shake. I took another blanket and wrapped it around him and held him. I don't know how long the shaking went on; I just held him and waited for it to stop. When he slipped into a peaceful sleep, I fell asleep as well.

I woke the next morning as he groaned beside me. Sitting up, I groaned myself as my back complained about the night spent on the floor. Leaning over him I asked, "Walter, are you thirsty?"

He tried to talk but nothing came out. I bent to touch him, wanting him to know I was indeed there. He looked at me but his eyes didn't seem to focus. I touched his face lightly, then firmer when he didn't seem to feel me.

"Walter, I'm going to take care of you. Just lie still and I'll get you some water."

I went to the kitchen and filled a cup with ice and put a small amount of water in the bottom. The only straw I could find was in a cup that had been sitting long enough for the contents to dry out completely. I washed it and then went back to the living room. I wasn't too surprised to find him trying to crawl toward the game.

He was so weak that it was easy to stop him; I straddled him and sat down. He struggled feebly but soon went still. I fished a piece of ice from the cup and rubbed it over his lips. He soon sucked the small sliver out of my fingers. I sat and fed him pieces of ice until he eventually went to sleep again.

As he slept, I moved the game out of the room. Filling the biggest pot I could find in the kitchen with warm water, I sat next to him on the floor and bathed his body. He even rolled over when I pushed at him. Then I covered him and left to get broth and other fluids for him.

Over the next two days he slept and drank what I offered him. I managed to get him up and to the bed after the first twenty-four hours. The third day he finally realized that I was real. That's when it got interesting.

He looked at me over the juice I was holding out to him. "How the fuck did you find me?"

"You didn't make it easy."

"Why did you bother? It was almost over, another couple of days and I'd have been out of here."

"Why do you want to die?"

"There isn't anything left for me. Mulder has Scully and William. Sharon is gone and I'm tired, Krycek. I'm just fucking tired."

"Why like that? Why didn't you just eat your gun?"

"Do you know how many years it's been since I've had sex? Sharon was a good woman and I loved her but it was wrong to marry her when I really wanted boys in my bed."

"Then why did you turn me down?"

"Spender sent you. That alone was reason enough to turn you down."

"So if I hadn't been a plant you…"

"I'm tired, I'm going to bed."

That was the end of conversation that night.


I couldn't figure out why he'd even bothered to look for me. But he was there and watching me like a hawk. I'd done what he wanted, humoring him until I was strong enough to kick him out. Then I'd find someplace even farther from civilization and he wouldn't get to stop me next time.

Then came the questions. I'd told him a part of the truth; I preferred death to spending the rest of my life alone. Also true that I missed sex. I was okay with the questions until he started in on why I hadn't fucked him when he'd made the offer.

It was actually a question I had an answer to. I claimed it was because of Spender, but that wasn't really the reason. The real problem was that I was afraid that I'd enjoy him too much. I was afraid I'd fall in love with him.

So I went to bed. But he was still there the next morning. I entered the kitchen to find him whipping eggs in a bowl. I poured a cup of coffee and sat down out of his way as he expertly put together omelets for our breakfast.

He put the plate in front of me and I found myself hungry for the first time in a while. I dug in and found that he definitely knew his way around the kitchen. We ate in silence, and when I finished I took my plate over to the sink.

"Walter, we need some things; would you like to go shopping with me?"

"Don't trust me out of your sight?"

"I just thought you might want to get out for a while."

"Actually, that's not a bad idea. I'll go shower."

He smiled and got up to go to the sink. I watched as he bent over and his jeans tightened over his ass. He was older now but the quality of that ass was still a pleasure to look at. I left the room before he could turn and catch me looking.

In the shower I stroked my cock as I thought of him. When I'd commissioned the personal game I'd considered having him included. The game makers could have found enough footage that the news services shot during his testimony in the hearings that had come after the war was won. At the last minute, I'd changed my mind. Better to have fantasies of men I knew I'd never meet.

I dressed, realizing I'd lost some weight so I tightened my belt and left my shirt untucked. It wasn't vanity; it was more denial of the results of my actions. I hurried down the steps to find him waiting on the porch swing.

He smiled at me as I stepped out the door and rose to his feet. "I made a list, but I have no idea where to find a store."

"I can drive."


We got into my car but found that it wouldn't start, so we ended up in his. I gave directions and we pulled into the local grocery a short while later. He was an efficient shopper, which surprised me. I wouldn't have thought that shopping was a skill taught by the Consortium.

At the butcher counter he turned to me, about to ask a question, but the butcher spoke first.

"Walt, how're you doing? Haven't seen you in a while."

"I was away. Got any of that good sausage you make?"

"Yeah, pound be enough?"

"I think I might need more. Sam, this is Alex. He's visiting for a few days."

"Nice to meet you, Alex. So a couple of pounds of sausage and what else?"

I ordered a couple of other things and he packaged them up for us. It actually felt good to do something so ordinary with Alex I even enjoyed teasing him into buying dessert. I left him loading the groceries into the car and entered the liquor store. A bottle of good scotch went into the basket and as I wandered along the aisle I spotted chocolate vodka and added that to my purchases.

He was leaning against the fender of the car when I came out the door. His smile was infectious and I found myself returning it. We spent the afternoon in quiet companionship, sitting at opposite ends of the sofa reading and then cooked our dinner together. I was sad when bedtime came and we turned different ways at the top of the stairs.


Walter and I fell into a routine. I'd never seen myself as being the domestic type, but this seemed right. He stopped asking me when I was leaving and I stopped trying to get him to tell me the real reason he'd chosen to crawl into a VR game.

I caught him watching me on several occasions so I ramped up the heat. I would come out of the bathroom after a shower, drying my hair with my cock dangling in the wind. In such a small house that pretty much insured that he'd see me.

He started touching me more in passing, and I let myself lean into the touches. When the night came that he kissed me goodnight and I turned into it, I let myself hope. He pulled back and rubbed his thumb over my lips.

"Will you…"

"Ask me, Walter."

"I've wanted to ask you for a long time."

"Ask me now."

"Will you sleep next to me tonight? We don’t have to do anything if you don't want."

"That old line, Walter?" I smiled softly as I teased.

He grinned back at me. "Not buying my platonic intentions?"

I gripped his cock and squeezed it gently. "I might find that easier to believe if you weren't about to explode out of your jeans."

"So are you gonna make me beg?"

"Why do I think begging is going to be a regular activity for us both in the future?"

"That's a bad thing?"

"Shut up and take me to bed."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward his bedroom. He let me go to throw the covers back on the bed. Then he began to undress me between breath robbing kisses. When he dropped to his knees to get to my shoes, I whimpered. He looked up and grinned at me.

"Been picturing me in this position?"

"Once or twice. But actually I've been jerking off to the memories of the way you looked in the game. I just hope I can make you enjoy it that much."

His lips caressed my belly before he spoke. "They were fun, but no game can ever be as good as being with someone who's given you wet dreams for years."

"Years?" I tugged at his ear wanting him to look at me. "Mulder was right."

"What?" Walter stood up so fast I stepped back. "What about Mulder?"

"Easy, Walter. He just told me I should have told how I felt years ago."

"What aren't you telling me?"

I sighed as he crossed his arms over his chest. Why couldn't I have kept my mouth shut – at least until after he had fucked me? I looked into his eyes and knew that if I didn't fess up that it would be worse when Mulder invariably blew it.

"When I first got here, I called him for advice."


He turned and left the room and when I tried to follow I tripped over the jeans still wrapped around my ankles. I kicked them off and went looking for him. He was pacing in the living room, so I stood at the door.

"Don't speak. If you try to talk to me right now I may hit you. Why the fuck did you call him?"

"How can I answer questions if I don't speak?"

"Answer the fucking question."

"I told you I needed advice. You wouldn't come out of the game when I asked. I was afraid of causing you psychological damage. Mulder was the only one I could ask. He's the only one I knew would keep it confidential."

"He told you to pull the plug?"

"Yeah. He said to put you were you wouldn't get hurt if you had seizures, to get fluids in you."

"How did that get to the fact that you should tell me your feelings?"

"When I told him about the kind of VR he accused me of being jealous."

"Jealous? Why would you be jealous?"

"I…" I ducked my head unable to meet his eyes. "I was planning on telling you once everything was settled but you disappeared."

"What were you planning to tell me, Alex?" his voice had gotten soft, which gave me the courage to look up at him.

"That night on your balcony, I wasn't just trying to get inside. I knew even then that I wanted you."



"Ah, begging already, and so nicely."

I closed my eyes and groaned. In the process I missed his move toward me. I didn't miss the strong arms that circled me. His lips pressed against my hairline, one hand slipped down my back and he squeezed my ass. The other hand combed through my hair.

"Bed time, Alex."

"Yeah." That was all I could get past the lump in my throat.


He let me pull him down the hallway to the bedroom. I kissed him until he went limp against me then I pushed him back onto the bed. He watched as I pulled off my clothes. Then I joined him on the bed.

He reached for me greedily and I covered his body with mine. I'd waited so long to be with him that I wanted to make it last as long as possible. I kissed him, drinking in his taste. He wiggled under me and I felt his hard-on gliding against mine.

He moaned when I rolled to the side to stroke him. His face pressed against me as he arched into my fist. I rubbed my thumb over the slit, while enjoying his reaction.

"Walter, I want to taste you, let me suck you."

That certainly wasn't a request he needed to make twice. I straddled his body, trapping his arms under my thighs. I watched his eyes to see if being trapped that way was a problem, but his eyes filled with lust.

Gripping my cock at the base I rubbed the head against his lips and they opened wide for me. Feeding him my cock, I moaned as he suckled on the head. I worked myself in deeper with each thrust as he relaxed his throat to give me more access.

I watched as my cock got wetter and slicker, sliding between his lips. He was moaning and sucking at me. I started to fuck his mouth. Going in deep, no porn movie I'd ever watched was hotter.

"That's it. Suck it, boy. Suck me good and I'll fuck your little ass until you beg me to stop."

He moaned louder around me, seemed he liked dirty talk. Well, I do too so I could give him plenty.

I pumped into his throat, so hot and wet, fighting to hold on because I wanted to come in his ass not his throat.

"Good little slut. You like getting fucked in the mouth, don't you?" I tangled a fist in his hair. "You're gonna like it even more up your ass."

I was close to coming down his throat and I didn’t want that, so I pulled back and sighed as his lips released my cock with a slurping noise. I put part of my weight on his chest as I leered at him.

"Want more of me? Tell me how much you like sucking my dick."

"Love sucking you. I want you to make me suck you every day. I want every inch in me."

"Want your ass reamed? Want this big dick in your hot little hole?"

His eyes were glazing over as I talked and I felt his body tremble under me. I moved off him and ordered, "On your belly, boy. Show me that ass."

He turned slowly, making a show of rubbing his hard-on against the sheets. I smacked his ass lightly. "None of that. I'll tell you when I want you to come." I smacked him once more and he flashed me a grin.

I made sure he watched as I greased up my dick. Then I straddled him once more, pushing my dick down against his hole. Holding still, poised on the edge of his opening, I rubbed my chest against his back then whispered in his ear.

"Hope you don't think I'm going easy on you, I like hard fucks."

He made a low whimper as I slammed in deep into his ass. I kissed his throat and sucked a mark onto the skin. I humped him then, hard and fast and he wiggled under me like a worm caught on a hook.

"Like getting fucked, like big dicks. Like the way it slides in and out of you. Tell me."

"Please, god, Walter. Fuck me!"

"Fuck you? Gonna fuck you till you can't move."

He was shaking under me and I knew he was close to losing it. I pulled back and got him up on his knees. Reaching under him, I jacked him hard as I let go inside him. His muscles milked me as his cock jerked and painted my sheets.

I let my weight rest on him and push him down onto the bed under me. I nuzzled at the back of his neck as he groaned, "I knew you'd make me sleep in the wet spot."


The next day, while Walter was out at the grocery, I called Mulder.


"It's me. I wanted to let you know how things are going."

"From the smile in your voice, I'd guess the news is good."

"Yeah, we've been getting to know each other. Last night we – well it was better than I expected."

"So tell me is he…"

"Don't go there, Mulder."

He laughed. "Okay, Alex. Tell him we'd like to see you both. We have a guest room and William needs to get to know his uncles."


"Scully and I agree that he couldn't have better ones. So see if he'll come here for Thanksgiving."

"I'll tell him. Mulder, thanks for the support. I'll let you know about Thanksgiving."

"Bye, Alex."

I didn't get around to asking Walter about a trip when he came back; he jumped me as soon as the food was put away. The next week was like a honeymoon. We made love, went for walks, spent lazy afternoons snuggling in bed, and talked. Not about the past, but about how we wanted our future to be.

I finally decided we needed to address once and for all the issue of the game. So one night as we cuddled on the sofa, I asked him.

"Walter, tell me about the game."

"Do we really need to talk about that?"

"I want to understand. I want to be sure that you aren't going to go back in there and leave me alone."

"Alex, had I known you wanted to be with me, I'd never have bought that game. The war was over, I felt as depressed as I did when I came back from Nam, except this time I was old, so tired, and alone, horribly alone."

"Old? Walter, old men don't fuck like you do."

"Well, when you have a sexy man in your bed you get inspired."

We kissed for several minutes then he pulled back and smiled at me. "We can throw it away, I certainly won't need it, will I?"

"No, but we could play in there together, some time. It's got a learning program, right?"

"Yeah, it does. The boys would like you."

"You can introduce me someday, but right now I'd rather you introduce me to that rod that’s poking me in the back."

"You know what happens to sassy boys like you?"

"Big daddies fuck them hard in their tight little assholes?"

He laughed into my hair and squeezed my dick. "Get that ass naked and in the air, boy."

"Yes, Sir."

I jumped up and headed for our bedroom. When he reached the room, my ass was in the ordered position.

"You look good enough to eat, boy."

"By all means, help yourself."

I felt the bed shift and then his hands on my ass. As his tongue rubbed over my hole I clutched the pillow tighter. Walter could quickly turn me into a whining blob of sensation with his tongue.

When he had me wet and relaxed, he slipped his thumbs into me as his mouth wrapped around one of my balls. He sucked it and worked his thumbs into me. By the time he moved to my other ball, I was a whimpering mess.

"Please, Walter."

"What do you want, Alex?" he asked as his thumbs pushed as deep as possible inside me. I pushed back toward him.

"Fuck me!"

He didn't bother to get undressed; he just opened his pants and pulled that big thing out to stick it into me. I fumbled for the lube and pushed it back to him. A cold blob landed where his thumbs had been and then the head of his cock pushed into me.

I moaned and held on tightly to the pillow as he rocked my body with his hard thrusts. His hands gripped me tightly holding me in place as he punched against my prostrate again and again. I wanted to reach for my dick but didn't, because I'd learned that he could last a long time. If I came too soon ass would be over-sensitized by the time he finished with me.

He bent down against my back, buried deep in me. "I've never loved fucking anyone the way I love fucking you, Alex." His lips caressed the back of my neck and I shivered. "You're mine now, Alex. I'm never letting you go."

I twisted to look at him, seeing the serious look in his eyes and turned to mush inside. The words came out while I was still dizzy. "I love you."

He was up and flipped me over before the words stopped echoing in the room. "Say it again." He demanded.

I smiled, cupped his face, "I love you, Walter."

He kissed me, holding the kiss until we were light headed. "I love you, too."

I wrapped my legs around him, grabbed his cock and guided it back to my hole. He pushed inside me again. He moved slowly, long deep strokes. And he kissed me over and over, until I was frantic with need.

He whispered softly, "Are you ready to come for me, baby?"

Baby? I'd be his baby. "Yes, make me come for you."

He shifted position and hammered into me; ramming deep, he shuddered as he came. Then he panted as he gripped me and jacked my climax from me. As he rested on my body afterward, I clung to him. When he was calmed he nuzzled against my throat.

"Let's shower, then I want to take you out to dinner."


"I feel like showing off my lover."

"You want to…"

"Alex, I no longer need to play the straight man. I can finally live my life the way I want and I'm damn proud of you."

I got that mushy feeling again. I remembered the same acceptance from Mulder and was reminded of the invitation. As I washed Walter's back in the shower I brought it up.

"Mulder would like us to go there for Thanksgiving. I forgot to tell you the other day."

"Forgot? Why?"

"Cause you were fucking me on the kitchen counter."

"Guess that was a little distracting. Do you want to go?"

"Mulder called us William's uncles."

"Didn't expect that, did you?"

"No, I mean I know Mulder no longer blames me, and Scully knows I didn't kill her sister, but still…"

"You played all sides. That's not a popular place to be in a war, Alex, but if you hadn't we'd still be fighting or we'd all be slaves. Mulder is hot headed sometimes, but he can face the truth when it's presented to him. So should we go?"

"I'll like to be part of a family, Walter."

"Then we'll go. We'll eat too much, watch the game and be couch potatoes with the rest of the country."



Being Alex's lover had some definite advantages. He was, and still is, as sensuous as a cat. I feel like a total stud when I mount him. His body opens to me, molds around me. His voice as I take him, the flavors of the different parts of his body; these things make it hard for me to keep my hands off him. Not that he seems to mind, most of the time that is.

Thanksgiving at the Mulder/Scully home was different. He was even worried about making love in the guestroom. I kept my touches down to a minimum in the presence of William, so he wouldn't freak out.

Thanksgiving night after the child was in bed, everyone else had gone home and it was just the two of us sitting around with the two of them. I pulled him into my lap when he came back from the bathroom. He actually blushed and tried to move off my lap, but I tightened my hold.

"Alex, relax, it's not as if they don't know about us."

"William might get up for a glass of water or something."

"Alex, we intend to explain to William about the two of you when he's a little older. In the meantime you should act normally around him. If he grows up seeing you touching and being affectionate, he will always consider it normal."

I sent Mulder a smile of approval as Alex relaxed back against me. We continued our conversation and when we went up to bed I suggested that we practice a form of intimacy that would leave him no room for loud noises.

The rest of the weekend he allowed my touches and even kissed me once when he knew William could see us. William's response was no different than what he said to his parents when they kissed. So the rest of the weekend was laid back.

That was almost a year ago. Alex is the center of my world. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank fate, or destiny, or god that he is in my life. In all that time the game has been gathering dust. But tonight is our anniversary and we're going to play together. In the last week I've shown him examples of why I picked each of the men in the game. He's looking forward most to meeting Keller and Jayne.

Me? I just like the idea of playing with my lover anywhere, anytime, any way.

The end

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