Title: The Velvet Web
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Rating: NC17 for violence and death.
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationship
Date: 05/01/03
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement intended no money is being made.
Notes: Story written for the Lyric Wheel: The Horrible Wheel. Lyrics supplied by Flutesong.



"You can run, you can scream, you can hide, but you cannot escape!"

Alex sat up straight in bed, a scream trapped in his throat. He panted as he tried to tell himself it was just a bad dream. It had to be. No other explanation made sense. The voice echoing in his head was scary. All the more so for the fact that it was the voice of a former lover.

Throwing the covers back, he rose from the bed and staggered into the bathroom. He urinated without turning on the light as he remembered the dream. It had been so real.

Spender had told him that Skinner had disappeared, they were concerned because they had no idea why or how. One weekend he had gone to a bar, picked up a pretty young boy and he had not been seen since.

Alex had been assigned to hang out in the bar and watch for Skinner or the boy to show up. Mulder and Scully were trying to find him as well, but they didn't know about Skinner's bar hopping or his preferences for hot twink ass.

Alex had seen a man he thought was Skinner the night before and followed him into an alley. What he had seen convinced him it was just a look alike. This man had been ripping the throat from the boy he held tight in his arms.

Alex had backpedaled quickly, only to kick a can, which rattled across the asphalt. The demon's head rose and the red eyes found him easily in the dark.

"Alex, come back here. We can be together again."

He turned to run and that is when he heard the words from his dream.

"You can run, you can scream, you can hide, but you cannot escape!"

Alex shivered with the memory. That could not have been Skinner. The creature had just read his mind somehow and used the knowledge. He had to shake it off and get to Spender's office.

Flipping on the light switch, he turned to the sink to brush his teeth. His loud gasp filled the room. A large bruise covered his throat; in the center were two small puncture wounds. Alex Krycek did something he had never done before – he fainted.

He was roused sometime later as cold water was dumped over him. Sputtering as he sat up, he rubbed the water from his eyes and turned to see Spender standing at the bathroom door.

"Well, Alex, what happened to you? You were supposed to be at my office over an hour ago."

"I'm not sure. I mean, I woke up from a dream then I came in here and the next thing I know there's water in my face."

"From the bruise on your neck, it looks like you were out getting laid last night instead of taking care of your assignment."

"I wasn't getting laid. I was in the bars looking for Skinner until after two this morning."

"From the come stains on your bed, I would say you definitely got laid last night. Mr. Spender, sir, there's no sign of any condoms either." A voice called out from the bedroom.

"No! That's not possible. I didn't bring anyone home. I would remember getting laid."

Spender motioned to the other man, and Alex was pulled from the room and held down on the bed while his ass was probed.

"I really hate it when you tell me such obvious lies, Alex. I certainly thought you had better sense than to let someone bareback you."

"But I don't do that…"

"Take him to the clinic, find out if he's been drugged. Have them run a rape kit, too."

Spender stomped from the apartment, leaving the goon to watch as Alex dressed, he was not allowed to shower. The trip to the clinic was spent in silence. Alex kept trying to remember more about the night before. He was just so sure it had been a dream. Vampires didn't exist, right?

A few hours later he sat, still dirty, looking sullen in Spender's office, and waited for the doctor to call. When the call came in, Spender put it on speaker.

"Doctor, what information do you have for me?"

"Well, there were copious amounts of semen in the rectum, as well as tearing consistent with either forceful rape or an overly large penis. I'm guessing the latter, since there was no other bruising on Alex's body aside from his throat. I've sent samples to the DNA lab to see if we get a hit."

"What about the bruise on the throat? Any sign of drugs?"

"The bruise was made by a bite. The puncture wounds are compatible with the bite of a dog or other members of the canine family. I sent swabs from that to the lab as well. As for drugs, there was a substance in the blood but it was none of the drugs normally used either recreationally or for date rape."

"I'm sure that went to the lab as well?"

"Of course, Mr. Spender."

"Let me know the minute you have any information."

"Certainly, sir."

The phone disconnected and Alex waited for the tirade or the beating, whichever Spender would decide he had coming.

"Take our little Alex in the back and remind him who that ass belongs to. Don't make is so harsh that he is unable to work on his assignment tonight."

The room in back was soundproofed, so the only one who enjoyed his screams was the man handing out the punishment. After he beat Alex, he pulled out his cock, rolled on a condom and fucked Alex as more screams filled the room. Alex passed out, when he woke, just before sundown that night, he was lying on his come stained bed, his face on the thickest stain of all.

Pulling himself into the bathroom, he stood under the hot water until it started to turn cold. While still wearing his robe, he stripped the bed and shoved the sheets into the small washer. The idea of food was not appealing, but he was a survivor and knew he needed to eat. So, heating a can of soup and making a sandwich, he ate as the washer ran.

Putting clean sheets on the bed, he napped until time for the bars to start jumping. He felt a little better as he left his apartment. He headed straight for the bar he had been in the night before. He knew he was being tailed, but didn't care. He was following orders, so let them watch.

He went to the bar and ordered a drink. He would nurse that one for at least an hour. He normally didn't drink at all, but he needed the prop. Just as he was turning from the bar, a hand gripped his ass.

"How are you feeling, Lexi?"

He gulped as he turned to look at Skinner, shock and fear vying for dominance on his face. Skinner laughed at him.

"What's the matter? Didn't you hear me say I'd see you tonight, when I kissed you goodbye this morning?"

"It was you? You came into my apartment and fucked me while I was drugged?"

"You weren't drugged, Lexi. Just a little stoned from my bite. Carlos says that happens a lot the first time. You'll remember tonight. Your body is more ready for me."

His hand had moved up Alex's back to his waist and Skinner pulled him closer. His tongue ran over Alex's throat and he jerked back.

"Who have you allowed to use you? You are mine, Lexi. I don't share."

"Use me?" He giggled with near hysteria. "I was raped. Spender was pissed that I let someone bareback me. He had one of the goons beat me and then the asshole raped me."

Alex watched as Walter bent to sniff him again. Then he turned his head about thirty-degree, and inhaled deeply again. Looking back at Alex he spoke.

"He's here."

"Yes, the bastard is following me. Spender probably wanted to make sure I didn't get lucky again tonight."

"So, when we leave, he'll follow us?"

"Yes. But he'll tell Spender. I've been out every night since you disappeared, trying to find you. What is up with you anyway? Spender is furious."

He laughed, then kissed Alex hard.

"Spender can't touch me anymore. And after tonight he won't be able to touch you either."

Pulling Alex along by the arm he still had wrapped around him, Skinner led him out the alley door. Skinner pushed Alex up against the wall; he bent to place his lips over the pulse point in Alex's throat. Two sharp pricks and the blood began to fill Skinner's mouth.

Skinner pulled Alex in close to his body, arms holding him upright.

After only a minute Skinner heard the sound of the door banging open, then a voice spoke close by.

"Alex, Spender isn't going to like it when he hears you've known where Skinner was. How long have you been letting him fuck you?"

Alex might have answered, but he was too stoned from Skinner's attentions. Skinner pushed him gently against the wall and turned toward the other man.

"You're wrong about him knowing where I was. He didn't until last night. And as for me fucking him, you should *be* so lucky. But you see, you aren't a lucky man. You touched what is mine. You won't be doing that again."

"Yours? Him? He belongs to Spender."

"He never belonged to Spender. He'll never belong to anyone except me."

Alex watched as Skinner stalked to the other man. The guy reached for his gun and Skinner laughed. When the gun was pointed toward him, he moved in fast and Alex heard the snap of bone just before the scream. Pawing though the idiot's pockets, Skinner came up with a cell phone. Skinner slapped Spender's henchman to get his attention.

"I'm sure you have Spender on speed-dial, what's his number?"

"One, you bastard!"

Again Skinner laughed as he hit the speed-dial. He turned slightly to check on Alex as the phone rang.

"Spender, you know who this is. Stop looking for me. I'm going to leave you a present in the alley behind Club Eros. Oh, and forget about Alex as well, he's going with me."

Skinner set the phone down carefully on the top of a garbage can and reached for the man starring at him in fear. Alex closed his eyes as the screams echoed through the alley. He was normally tough, but seeing a man picked up as though he were weightless then his throat ripped open as Skinner drank the blood was more than he could handle. Alex slid to the floor of the alley, far too light headed to try and run.

"Alex. We need to leave now. I can carry you if you can't walk."

Alex focused on the shiny shoes by his legs but didn't look up.

"Why don't you just kill me here?"

"I have no intention of killing you, Alex. I'm going to bring you over to the other side. We'll have all of eternity to be together."

"What? You want to spend forever with me?"

"I always did."

In the wee hours just before dawn, Walter Skinner kissed the still, white face of a very dead Alex Krycek before he whispered.

"I'll be waiting when you awake, Alex. We will rule the dark for centuries to come."


Mulder and Scully stood by the table where Scully had just preformed the autopsy on Alex Krycek.

"Mulder, he was drained of blood. There is anal tearing, a large amount of sperm, two puncture wounds on both his neck and penis."

"His apartment was bugged, Scully. The tape indicates consensual sex. He was begging for it. Begging Skinner for it."

"What? Skinner? I don't believe it."

"It sure sounded like Skinner. And the sheets were thick with dried semen. The lab did a quick test on that and it was two different blood types, Skinner's and Krycek's. But there wasn't any blood found anywhere else in the apartment."

"I don't see how that is possible unless his body was moved."

"The tapes are time stamped, Scully."

"I'll list cause of death as exsanguination."

"Kersh will be thrilled when he hears the tape."

"Mulder, there is nothing we can do. We've tried everything to find him."

"I just can't believe he dropped out of sight so easily."

Alex Krycek's body was pushed into a drawer and the two agents left the morgue.


Shortly after midnight Walter Skinner stands in the shadows across the street from the morgue and waits for his lover to appear.

Alex wakes in a drawer, his breath comes faster, he's aching to move, he hears the voice of his lover calling to him. Using his hands like claws, he forces the morgue drawer open. Walking naked through the deserted building, he reaches the fire escape. Making his way down, he hurries to the place where he knows Walter is waiting. Dressing hurriedly in the clothes he is given, he then turns to smile at his undead lover.

"Walter, I'm hungry."

"Of course, you are, baby. We'll get a bite before we fuck."

Alex's feral grin matches the one Walter is wearing. The two men fade like the mist that is creeping across the city.




Kiss of the Spider Woman

Sooner or later you're certain to meet,
In the bedroom, the parlor or even the street.
There's no place on earth
You're likely to miss
Her kiss.
Sooner or later in sunlight or gloom,
When the red candles flicker
She'll walk in the room
And the curtains will shake and the fire will hiss.
Here comes her kiss.

And the moon grows dimmer,
At the tide's low ebb,
And her black beads shimmer,
And you're aching to move
But you're caught in the web
Of the Spider Woman
In her velvet cape.
You can scream,
But you cannot escape.

Sooner or later your love will arrive,
And she touches your heart
You're alert and alive.
But there's only one pin
That can puncture such bliss
Her kiss.
Sooner or later you bathe in success,
And your minions salute
They say nothing but "yes"
But your power is empty
It fades like the mist
Once you've been kissed.

And the moon grows dimmer,
At the tide's low ebb,
And your breath comes faster,
And you're aching to move,
But you're caught in the web
Of the Spider Woman
In her velvet cape.
You can run
You can scream
You can hide
But you cannot escape!

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