Title: You're the Top
Author: Peach
Email address: peach1250@sbcglobal.net Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains m/m sexual relationship, hints of a BDSM relationship, and involves drug use which may offend some.
Rating: NC17
Date: 02/09/03
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Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Scully, Mulder, Doggett and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made.
Summary: Friday night arrives with a suitcase and Walter's a nervous wreck.
NOTES: Sequel to Baby I'm the Bottom. Thank you Bill for letting me pick your brain and all the other nice things you've brought into my life. The accessory I mention is from Blowfish; here's the link http://www.blowfish.com/catalog/toys/cushions.html#t-oui-1481


Friday had rolled around, I was too nervous to concentrate, so I left work early. I'd purchased the things I knew I'd need the night before on my way home. Hoping it would relax me, I took a long bath.

While my skin was still warm from the bath, I followed his instructions. Shaving was more difficult than I'd expected it to be. Amoung his detailed instructions; when he'd called me on Wednesday, were that I was to shave everything but the hair on my head.

When I was done with that I used the enema; shit, that was cold. I'd have to remember to put it in warm water the next time or buy a bag and mix my own. Once that was taken care of, I stepped into the shower and washed once more, again his instructions. He'd said he didn't want to taste anything but clean skin, no matter where he decided to taste.

He'd forbidden jerking off after the conversation as well. Believe me, that hadn't been easy. The emails we'd been exchanging had been erotic enough, but his voice - what's that old expression, 'melts my butter'.

So I was ready and he wouldn't be here for a couple of hours. I lay upon the bed and tried to nap - no such luck. I went to the kitchen, tried to eat a sandwich. My stomach churned too much for that.

I hadn't dressed; irrationally, I believed he'd be able to *smell* that I'd been clothed. I'd never felt so naked in my life. My body hair had come in early, so it had been a long time since my body had been smooth.

I'd also never felt so alive.

I was pacing the living room when the bell rang. Eight o'clock straight up. I'd left a robe near the door just in case anyone else came by. Peeking through the small window high in the door, I verified that it was he before opening the door. Using it as a shield, I allowed him in.

He looked me up and down, motioned for me to turn. At the end of the three-sixty he was smiling.

"Obedience is often rewarded, Walt."

I looked him over as well. I'd expected him to be in leathers or tight jeans. He wore neither. Under the simple topcoat he was wearing a pair of gray dress pants, blindingly white shirt, and highly polished dress shoes. In his hand he carried a small overnight bag, which he placed on the floor as he removed his coat.

I moved to take his coat to put it in the closet. As he walked past me his hand ran lightly over my bare ass, I dropped his coat. He chuckled. I bent to retrieve it; his thumb rubbed against my hole. I jumped, bumping my head on the wall and dropping the coat again.

"I do hope the floor is clean, since that seems to be where your guests' coats are kept."

I groaned and heard him chuckle again. He walked into the living room and I could concentrate well enough then to get his coat put away. When I finally entered the living room, he was sitting in my favorite chair, pants down around his ankles, stroking his cock.

"Come suck me off, Walt. I want to evaluate your oral skills."

I knew I was almost drooling. He looked so wanton spread out that way. His cock hard, more showing above his fist than was covered by it. I wanted to skip right by the foreplay and get to the good stuff. But I'd made an arrangement with him. An arrangement he'd promised me would lead to new pleasures.

He was patient as I worked my way down his cock. I got him good and wet so I could take in all he had for me. He even scooted forward when I tried to get my hands on his ass. After a while his hand wrapped around the back of my head and he bucked up into my mouth.

"Swallow it, Walt."

He held me down, my nose nestled in his curls as he bucked a couple of times, then shot. He held me that way after he'd stopped coming until I was feeling a little lightheaded. Dropping his hand to his side, he spoke.

"Up, Walt. You'll need more training for asphyxiophilia."

I raised my head to look at him. He patted the arm of the chair.

"Sit here."

I followed his instructions. He lifted one leg so that my foot rested on the other arm. Reaching under, he hefted my ball sac.

"You've got some nice equipment here, Walt."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Yes, very nice. I shall enjoy playing with these frequently."

I was a little surprised. We'd made no real arrangements past this weekend. But then maybe his definition of the word was different than mine. I sat quietly as he played. When I knew I was close to losing control I used one of the words he'd given me.

"Yellow, Sir."

His hand left me immediately.

"Good! Stand up and we'll go get your bedroom set up. Grab the bag."

He stood, yanking his pants up he fastened the button but didn't bother tucking in or zipping. He waited as I picked up his bag and headed toward my bedroom. Here again I'd set everything up as he'd instructed. The dresser was bare, except for a clean towel, a saucer, a butter knife and several hand towels. He nodded and took the bag from me.

I watched, since I had not been given any further instructions.

Items appeared and were carefully aligned. Butt plugs in different sizes, a leather paddle, restraints, nipple clamps, a large tube of lube, a tube of Anal Eze, an ornate silver hairbrush, a bottle of poppers, a small vial of some powdered substance, and a package of Monistat.

I'd expected most of the stuff. I was a little concerned about the powder but totally puzzled with the Monistat. He saw me starring at the package.

"You have a trash can?"

I turned to grab the small one I'd placed in the room for us to use. He opened the package and dropped all but the applicator in the trash.

"I'll need that for getting the lube in deep. Lie on the bed."


I watched as Walter arranged his body in the center of the bed. He raised his arm and I knew he was expecting the restraints. But it wasn't time for that yet. This night I'd actually use very little other than my own body parts on him. I wanted to learn his responses to sex before we began real games.

"Watch me, Walt."

His eyes centered on me as I stripped down. Running my hands over my body, I drew his attention to the details of my muscles. I smiled as he made a small moaning sound.

I sat next to him on the bed, running my hands over his now smooth body. He had followed my instructions to the letter, which pleased me. I tend to get very oral and hate having to stop to pull stray hairs from my mouth.

I bent low to suck a nipple into my mouth. His reaction was immediate; his back arched as a sweet keening sound issued from his throat. He'd told me they were sensitive but I hadn't expected this strong a reaction. I pulled back and tweaked them with my fingers and his dick twitched.

I climbed over him to straddle his body. Using both hands I attacked his nipples. I could feel his cock jumping against my ass as I worked on them. His arms stayed above his head but his hands clenched spasmodically.

Ever since I figured out that I wanted more than just vanilla sex I've been looking for a partner who would *fit* me. So far Walter Skinner was ahead of anyone else who had auditioned for the part. Not that he knew he was auditioning.

None of them ever did. They all thought it was about sex. But it was about so much more. And once I found the right one, he'd never get away from me.

I'd approached Walter because he was what I found attractive in a man, very male, very toppy in manner and looks. Nothing is sweeter than a strong submissive who looks like a dom. The rush of having someone like that give it up is greater than any drug I ever tried.


I waited for him to look at me, slowing my hands at his nipples. His eyes fluttered open, fuck drunk and needy as he moaned.

"I'm going to fuck you now. That's what you want, isn't it?"

"God, yes."

"Don't worry, Walt. I plan on giving you all the dick you need this weekend."

I released his nipples, rose from the bed and walked to the dresser. In the mirror I could see his head turn to watch me. He moved no other part of his body.

"Walt, did you get a delivery this week?"

"Yes. It's in the closet."

"Get it please. Set it up with the high end toward the middle of the bed. I want you on your back for this."

The wedge I'd ordered was designed to facilitate sexual encounters whether het or gay. Personally, I felt that the designer had anal intercourse in mind when he came up with it. Walter rose from the bed and entered the walk-in closet.

I picked up the lube and squirted a portion onto the saucer. Taking the vial of powder, I sprinkled some on the lube. I knew that if Walter enjoyed poppers this would send him into orbit. I wanted the first time I was inside him to be memorable.

I used the butter knife to mix the powder evenly through the lube. He stopped to watch me when he exited the closet. I looked at him, waiting.

"What is that stuff?"

"I believe your generation called it STP. Street name is MDA. Don't worry, it isn't addictive. I don't want a junky in my bed."

I kept stirring as I waited to see if he would protest. His response to this could make or break the relationship.

He stared into my eyes and seemed satisfied with what he saw there. He moved past me to the bed. I finished mixing the lube and then filled the applicator. When I turned, he was lying in perfect position for me to fuck him.

Picking up a condom and the Anal Eze I knelt on the bed between his legs. I dropped the condom and Eze next to his leg. I pushed out a small drop of the lube to rub against his hole. He instantly tensed a little.

"Easy, Walt."

I ran my free hand up along his leg, over a hipbone to grasp his cock and encourage it back to an erection. When he was distracted I slipped the applicator into his ass as deeply as I could without losing it. Pressing on the plunger, I released a small portion of the doctored lube. Pulling it back toward me, stopping at slight intervals to release more until it was emptied completely, the last bit just inside his hole.

Sitting back, I watched him waiting for the drug to kick in. This blend contained just a little meth too, so he'd be very alert for all the things I had in mind. I smiled as he gasped, then his face relaxed. His eyes opened to focus on me. They were dilated enough for me to know the MDA had kicked in.

"That feels good. I hope you're planning on fucking me soon."

His grin broadened as his hips wiggled at me. I smiled at him before getting off the bed and moving back to the dresser. He watched as I slid my finger through the lube left on the saucer and rubbed a small amount into the slit of my cock. My reaction was almost instantaneous.

Moving back to the bed I picked up the Anal Eze and rubbed a small bit of it around my cockhead before rolling on the rubber. His legs lifted and spread for me. I positioned my cock, drove into him hard and deep, then enjoyed his gasp as his cock twitched.

"Wrap your legs up high on my back, Walt. It's going to be a hard ride."

I started to pump into him watching as his eyes rolled back in his head. His ass was tight and hot around me. I love fucking this way. The MDA makes me feel every bit of a man's ass as I fuck him. The Eze slows down my reaction so I can fuck for a long time.

His hands rubbed over his nipples and I realized he needed some attention in that area. I pushed one hand aside and covered the nipple with my mouth.


I'd never felt anything like this in my life. His cock felt three times its size as he rammed into me. Part of me knew I'd be sore but most of me wanted that. I wanted to remember this fuck. My ass was on fire in the best way possible. I rocked my hips trying to help him get every inch up me.

My nipples felt like rocks under my hands, when he nudged one hand away and took a nipple in his mouth, I prayed he would bite me. I was way past making any type of intelligent sentences by that point.

My back arched and I screamed as he did indeed bite down.


His head rose a couple of inches. "Slut."

Then he bent to bite the other one. I couldn't decide which was better, his teeth on my nipple or his cock driving into my ass. My world narrowed down to those two points of pleasure/pain. He moved back and forth from one nipple to the other as his cock pounded into me over and over.

I could hear a whining noise that I had never produced before in my life. Somehow I worked my hand in between us to grab my cock. I wanted to come before I incinerated in the fire that was raging through me.

"Stop that, Walt. I decide when you come."


Looking back, I'm surprised I could get that word out. I pulled my hand back. I moved both hands up to grab at the headboard. He nodded, then went back to biting and fucking me. I have no clue how long it went on this way.

When his hand reached to wrap around my cock, I wept with the intensity of the feeling. He stroked a few times, then bit me harder than before. I screamed as my come shot from my body. I went limp under him.

He pulled up to his knees, holding my ass as he pumped for a couple of minutes longer, then pushing in as deep as possible, he moaned. My ass was so sensitive that I could feel his dick jerking as it emptied. He dropped to lie on my chest and we panted together for several long minutes.

"Nice ass."

"Big dick."

He chuckled against my chest. I could feel my dick starting to rise again. Damn! No one was ever going to compare with what he'd just done to me. I knew I was lost. I just hoped he'd want to come back after this weekend.


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