Title:  Sight
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationship. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 03/10/02
Archive: No
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: PWP
NOTES: Thanks to Josan as always. Also thanks to Julie for dialogue suggestions. I backed myself into a corner with Smell, so I guess all the senses will make an appearance.
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Thanks Jen for the tip.

The phone was ringing as Walter came in the door. He was later than usual. A meeting had gone way past five, and then there was an accident that tied up traffic. He grabbed the phone just before the answering machine picked up.


"What are you wearing?"

Walter laughed before he answered.

"My overcoat, a suit and tie, dress shoes. I just came in the door. Want to give me time to strip? Hey! It's Wednesday, not that I'm complaining, mind you."

"Thought I'd call and see if you'd like the real thing Friday night."

"I prefer the *real* thing, actually. Do I get a Coke with that?"

Walter's impertinent grin was a thing of beauty. He knew by the answering tone that Alex's grin was just as wide.

"Yeah, a Coke and a smile. And if you play your cards right, some hot monkey sex."

"I'm very good at cards." Over the phone only a lover would be picturing the leer that was currently adorning Walter's face.

"I thought if I gave you enough warning we might get to act out one of those fantasies you've been telling me on cold Friday nights."

"Which one?"

"I don't care. They all sound good to me. I hope we get to try them all someday." Alex's voice was a little wistful. Now that they had admitted their love, being away from Walter became harder with each day that passed.

"We will. I promise. What time should I be ready for you?"

"Plane lands at seven. I should be at your place by eight. Will you get us those greasy burgers I love?"

"We keep eating those and we'll wind up with clogged arteries."

"Come on, Walter, we only have them every couple of months. I promise I'll eat properly the rest of the week. Scout's honour."

"When were you a scout?"

"In a prior life. I scouted for the white man."

Walter snorted a laugh, picturing Alex with long flowing hair in a loincloth and moccasins. The laugh choked off as the mental image lifted *his* loincloth. Walter's fantasy life was becoming very rich indeed.

"Walter, are you having naughty thoughts again?"

"Just wondering what country the man who gave you those green-eyes came from before he lifted the flap on the tepee."

"And here I thought you were picturing me showing you the treat I have hidden for you under my loincloth." 

Walter's delighted chuckle filled Alex's ears.

"Busted, again. Just can't put anything over on you, can I?"

"Walter, are you naked yet?"

"Almost, hold on a minute."

Walter switched the phone to speaker and quickly finished the strip tease he had been working on as they talked. He opened the cabinet by the range to grab the bottle of Wesson oil. Pouring a little in the palm of his right hand, he settled in a chair, legs spread, and wrapped the oil slick hand around his hard cock.

"Ready, stud."

"I hope you know I won't be this patient Friday. That hole better be lubed and open for me."

Walter groaned in reply to Alex's threat. "It will be. What are you going to do to it when you get here?"

"I figure I'm going to throw you across the back of that big old easy chair of yours and fuck that hot little hole until you beg."

Walter's oiled hand moved slowly up and down his shaft, fingers rubbing the slit at the top and squeezing gently before stroking back down. He scooted down in the chair.

"Please, stud, fuck me hard."

"Oh, don't worry. I'm going to fuck you hard. Gonna ream that little hole so hard you'll feel me for a week."

Walter's low moan all the response Alex received to that. Walter had shared the oil with his left hand now and slid one finger into his ass, stroking where he wished Alex could be at that moment.

"Do you feel me, Walter? Feel my thick cock forcing its way inside you. Taking what is mine and mine alone."

"Yessssss. Please! Harder! Fuck me harder."

Walter pushed another finger up into his ass, fucking himself as his need grew. His hand worked his cock harder as he heard the panting coming through the speaker.

"Harder? Yes, harder. Gonna make you come so hard you pass out. Even then I'm gonna keep on fucking you."

"God! Deeper! Give me all of it."

"You'll get it all. Feel it? My balls slapping against you as I ram into you over and over."

Alex's words were coming out rough as he tried to get enough air to talk as his body reacted to the images of Walter working himself. Walter pushed in another finger and whined as he tried to hold on. He didn't want to come until Alex told him to.

"Almost ready, Walter? Want to see that cock of yours spurt. Give it to me. NOW!"

Alex's cock jerked in his hand, painting his belly with come. The roar he heard through the phone told him Walter had reached the climax that Alex had demanded from him. For a couple of minutes, all either man heard was the other panting.

"Stud, I seem to have made a mess."

"What kind of mess, Walter?" Alex loved Walter playful, and he had become very playful since they started having phone sex.

"There's this white creamy stuff all over the place. Even a drop on my chin."

"Well, you'd better get that cleaned up before Friday. Don't want me thinking you are a poor housekeeper, do you?"

"I love you, Stud."

"And I love you. I'll see you Friday."

"I'll be ready."

Walter pushed the off button with the back of a knuckle before grabbing some paper towels to wipe his hands. He gathered up his clothing, stopping long enough to put his overcoat in the downstairs closet. He took care of his nightly routine then fell into bed.

Stroking himself as he remembered Alex's voice over the phone. This time took a little longer. Rolling out of bed he took a shower while trying to decide which fantasy to have ready for his lover on Friday. He would cancel his last appointment of the day and get home early to set the stage. 

Good thing the burger place was nearby, he could run out and get them while Alex soaked in the tub after the first time. He settled into bed and had pleasant dreams of his lover.

Alex meanwhile was getting dressed to go plant a bomb in an alien stronghold.

By the time Friday arrived, Alex was hoping Walter had picked one of the less strenuous fantasies for them to play. He didn't think he was up to swinging from the tree in the back yard while Walter perfected his Tarzan yell. He had narrowly escaped from the aliens this time and had the bruises to show for it.

He let himself in to find a note hanging from the light fixture in the entry.

"Sir, it is a pleasure to have you as a guest at the Uranian Men's Spa. In the master bath, you will find your personal pleasure servant waiting to tend to all your needs. We hope you enjoy your stay at our spa and will visit us again in the future."

Alex grinned as he dropped his jacket over the banister and jogged up the stairs. The sight that greeted him in the master bathroom made him forget his aches as his cock swelled in the confines of his tight jeans.

Walter had shaved. Not just his face, but his entire body. Or at least the part Alex could see.

Walter was bent over the tub, swirling the water as he added musk-scented oil. His skin was gleaming and a butt plug was visible between the now smooth cheeks. Alex's smile grew as he realized Walter had taken him seriously about having his hole opened and lubed.

Alex closed the door loud enough to attract Walter's attention. He smiled as Walter straightened and turned to face him.

"Sir, welcome to the spa. I am your personal pleasure servant, Steve. The management has instructed me to tell you that if I am not to your liking, they will send a replacement as soon as you notify them. May I just say that I am a skilled massage therapist as well as possessing other skills?"

Alex reminded himself to breathe. He had barely heard Walter's little speech, as he was too busy drinking in the vision in front of him. Walter had indeed shaved all his body hair. His skin gleamed with the oil he had rubbed into it. The bareness of his body serving to accentuate the muscles.

He had pierced his nipples and the gold rings sparkled against his skin. The chains attached to them had a thicker chain hanging from the middle connecting it to the cock sheath he was wearing. Alex had never seen one exactly like it before.

It was made of black leather with laces down around the shaft, leaving the head displayed on a tongue of leather that ended in a chrome D-ring. The other end had a hole to accommodate the hanging of the balls, presenting them for other attention. It also had the effect of holding Walter's cock straight out from his body.

Walter bit the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling. From the glazed expression on Alex's face, the 'costume' was having the desired affect. His eyes travelled over Alex, noting the bruise on his left cheekbone, the skinned knuckles, and the tired look on his face. He wanted to reach out to Alex to offer comfort but waited to see if his lover would want to continue the fantasy.

Alex's cleared his throat and grinned at Walter.

"What did you say your name was?"

"Steve, Sir."

"Steve, a nice name. You don't need to be so formal, call me Alex."

"Yes, Alex. Will you be asking for a replacement?"

"Why would I do that?"

"There are younger men here. Some barely out of their teens. Most of our clients prefer the young ones."

"The young ones would probably be more concerned with their pleasure than mine. You look as if you can last a long time, even without a ring or other forms of control. And my pleasure will come first for you, correct?"

"I would derive great enjoyment from giving you pleasure, Alex. How may I please you first? The bath? Or a massage? Some food perhaps?"

"Is using your body for my sexual gratification one of the services you provide?"

"I would be most happy to give my body to you in any way you wish. And, Sir... ah, Alex, I have a health certificate stating I am free of all sexually transmitted diseases so you may feel free to enjoy me bare if you wish."

Alex smiled at the eager tone of Walter's voice. They had talked about this for a long time. Neither of them liked having latex between them. And even though Walter had been careful during the two years Alex had spent being faithful, he had not been willing to risk unprotected sex without a test after the required period of time.

"I think I would like a quick, down and dirty fuck to take the edge off my need. Then you may bring dinner and feed me while I soak. I'd have you get in the tub with me but I like your *attire* and don't wish it to get wet."

"I'm glad it pleases you, Alex. I had hoped a distinctive sheath would be more appealing than the normal run of the mill cages. It was listed as the Renfaire special."

"Come, undress me."

Walter moved forward and helped Alex shed his clothes.

"How do you wish to use me, Alex?"

"Brace yourself against the vanity and spread your legs."

Walter moved into position, watching Alex in the mirror as he moved behind him. Alex worked the plug, rocking it before pulling out on it. It slipped fairly easily from Walter's body.

Picking up the lube that was lying on the table, Alex flipped the cap and squeezed more onto the area where cheeks separated. Holding his cock, he rolled it around in the lube, before pushing against the hole he wanted to slam into.

He took his time, watching Walter's face in the mirror for any sign of discomfort. When he was seated inside, he reached around and pulled at the chains. The low moan rolling out of Walter was most pleasing to hear. Leaning close, he whispered into his lover's ear.

"Are you ready, Steve?"

A nod and a smile shared in the mirror. Alex began to pump into Walter's body. Deep, hard strokes as his hand reached down to stroke over the leather encased cock. Walter's hands were clenching the counter, his hips pushing back toward Alex.

"So good, Alex. More please!"

Alex smiled as Walter's head lolled back and his mouth opened to suck in air. He picked up the pace, slamming into Walter over and over again. But through it all, he watched him in the mirror. Watched the face that had become so dear to him. Watched Walter's pleasure in being used by him.

The sheath was too tight for Walter to achieve a complete erection but his body didn't care. Alex was there. Alex was inside him for the first time with nothing between them. He didn't need to come to enjoy what was happening between them.

When Alex whispered, "Mine!" next to his ear, he opened his eyes to watch the beauty of his lover during orgasm. Alex's hand tangled in the chains as he slid home inside Walter. Walter whimpered as the chains pulled his nipples and a fission of sensation rolled through his body. He felt the heat as Alex's come filled him.

Alex stood, just touching him, making full body contact. Walter let go of the counter. Reaching back, he wrapped his hands around Alex holding him close. Walter turned his head and Alex kissed him.

"Steve, I think you'd better call the management."

"Sir, have I done something wrong?"

"No. You just need to tell them I've decided to extend my stay. Tell them I said my personal pleasure servant pleases me so well I wish to take advantage of his services for a longer period of time.

Later, after a long soak in the tub, which did wonders for his muscles, they ate the burgers Walter had gone out to get.

Then Alex carefully removed the Renfaire special and they made love for hours. Whenever one got close to coming, Alex would stop all movement until the urgency passed. When Alex finally allowed Walter to come, his extreme reaction pulled Alex into the hardest climax of his life. Walter lay on the bed exhausted as Alex ran a cool cloth over him.

When Alex pulled him close to kiss him goodnight, Walter sighed happily.

"I'm going to recommend you for a pay raise, Steve."

"Nah, just fuck me again in the morning."

"You can count on that."

Alex lay awake after Walter had fallen asleep, remembering how Walter looked all decked out for him and wondered how he had gotten so lucky to have this man love him. The sight of Walter standing by the tub like that was one he would haul out on many a lonely night to help him through the war.

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