Title: Second Family
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Rating: PG
Date: 07/07/04
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Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: For Elaine. A sequel to Innocents.


The phone started to ring and Walter reached over to grab it.


"Walter, it's time."

"I'll meet you at the hospital."

Walter scrambled from the bed as Alex cracked open an eye to look at him. Alex hadn't heard the call he'd woken because his pillow had dumped him on the bed.


"Kim called, it's time."


Alex scrambled from the bed and began to dress. Walter was already dressed and pulling on his socks. Walter left Alex to finish dressing as he went to leave a note for the older boys.

The two men were about to leave when Summer rolled into the hallway. "I take it the call was from Kim?"

"Yes, you should go back to bed. The boys can handle everything until Ms. Fisher gets here."

"I'll just go into Vlad's room in case he wakes."

"He sleeps like a rock, Summer."

"Walter, I know he normally does, but it would be our luck that this time he doesn't. I can always nap when the boys get up. Now scoot, I can hardly wait for you to bring home another baby."

Alex grinned and bent to place a kiss on her cheek. Then he followed Walter to the garage. Walter drove at the speed limit to the hospital. They headed directly to the maternity floor. Walter asked for Kim and they were directed to her room.

Walter moved quickly to the bed and took her hand. "How are you?"

"Fine, Walter. The pains are still about fifteen minutes apart. It's going to be a while. Hello, Alex."

"Hi, Kim. Where's Doggett?"

"He went to get coffee. Said he couldn't get through without it. Did you guys get coffee before you left home?"

"No, Walter was in too big a hurry to get to you."

"Hey, she's going through this for me the least I can do is be here to support her."

"No argument, Walter. But I do need coffee. I'll get some for you."

The door opened before he finished. John smiled when he saw the other men.

"You made good time. Here, I brought you both coffee, figured you'd need it as much as I do."

The three men took seats, Walter beside the bed, Alex and Doggett on the small sofa across the room. They had chosen that hospital because of the nice labor rooms that were designed to allow family members to be with the mother during the hours before delivery.

When Kim grimaced with the next contraction, Walter held her hand. The three men talked to her as the time passed, hoping to distract her. Walter was up and down as the labor became heavier. He rubbed a damp cloth over her face as she perspired. When she was dry mouthed, he gave her small amounts of crushed ice.

When the time came to move her to the delivery room, Doggett kissed her and went to the waiting room. Walter and Alex donned the scrubs so that they could enter the room with her. As the pains came faster the two of them held her hands and supported her as she strained to bring Walter's child into the world.

"One more, Kim. You're doing great."

The next contraction hit, she rose, Walter held her, whispering words of encouragement to her. Alex grinned at his lover as he held her from the other side. She grunted as she pushed.

"That's it, Kim. Relax." The doctor placed the baby girl on Kim's stomach while he tied off the cord, holding out the scissors to Walter to cut the cord. Walter's hand trembled so much that Alex reached out to steady him.

"She's beautiful, Kim."

Kim lifted her head to look at the child as Walter's big thumb caressed his daughter's cheek. She smiled at the abundant hair on the small head. Then she looked up at Walter. He had tears in his eyes. Turning to look at Alex she saw the sappy grin on his face and felt once more that she'd done a good thing.

The baby was taken to be examined, Walter bent to kiss her before he and Alex left the room. They went to find Doggett to let him know it was over. He was sleeping in a chair and Walter touched him on the shoulder.

"All over?"

"Yes, she's beautiful. I think she has Kim's hair."

"Can I see her?"

"They said they'd come let us know when she is in her room. We're going down to the nursery."

"I'll see you in Kim's room later, then."

"Don't you want to see the baby?"

"After I see my wife, they'll let you feed the baby in Kim's room, I'll see her then."

"John, thank you. I don't think I've remembered to say that to you."

"Walter, Kim is still very much her own woman. She wanted to do this for you and I'd back her in anything she wanted to do. Besides, this child will have one of the most loving fathers on the planet."

"I still want to you to know how much it means to me."

"I do, I did from the beginning. Now go see the baby."

Alex smiled at Doggett and then followed Walter to the nursery. Vlad's doctor was examining the baby. She'd been cleaned up and now they could see that she had her mother's red hair.

Alex leaned into Walter's body as they waited for the doctor to finish. "What are you going to call her, Walter?"

"I've been thinking of naming her for our mothers."

"Which way are you going? Keeping the tradition of the other kids?"



"Since Anna already has your mother's middle name, I thought we'd give her my mother's middle and your mothers first."

"Hester Galina or Galina Hester?"

"Either way she'll probably want to change it when she hits first grade." Walter grinned at Alex.

Before Alex could answer, the door of the nursery opened and the doctor stepped out. "Walter, she's perfect. They're going to finish up the normal processes and then they'll bring her to you in Kim's room. You can take her home whenever you want."

"Thanks, Doctor."

Walter shook the doctor's hand and then the two of them went to find Kim's room. John was sitting on the bed next to her with his arms wrapped around her. They smiled up at Walter.

"The doctor says she's perfect. Now that she's all cleaned up, her hair is red like her mom's. Kim, I'm never going to be able to…"

"Stop right there. I wanted to do this for you. When you told me that you were looking for a surrogate, I couldn't let you chance doing it with someone who might turn around and change their mind."

"It's incredibly generous, Kim."

"Alex, you two are raising great children. I love them all. Besides, I'll get to see her often."

"The timing could have been a bit better." John spoke.

"You should have proposed sooner." Kim told him with a sassy grin.

John chuckled, "You'd still have wanted to do this for him."

Kim turned to John and kissed his cheek. Before anything else was said, the door opened and a nurse entered with the baby.

"Who gets the honors?"

"Give her to her dad." Kim told her.

The nurse started toward the bed and John. Shaking his head, he told her. "I'm the husband the bald guy is the father."

Then they all smiled, as she looked surprised. She didn't hesitate though, placing the baby in Walter's arms, she let Alex take the bottle. Alex pushed a chair closer to the bed and Walter sat down with his daughter.

Alex perched on the arm of the chair as Walter offered the baby a bottle. Kim watched for a couple of minutes before her exhaustion caught up to her. John held her a little closer as he dozed off as well. As Walter burped the baby, Alex rubbed her back.

"Two girls and three boys, Walter. Think that's going to be enough children for you?"

"Alex, I can't tell you how wonderful it is having a family with you."

"I know, but it's like two families with yours being so much younger than mine."

"That's not a problem is it?"

"Hey, you know it isn't. Or can't you tell by the way I spoil Vlad? When Hester is old enough to date I plan on cleaning my guns whenever a guy comes to get her."

"I'll sharpen the throwing blades while you clean the guns."

Alex bent to kiss his new daughter's head and then shared a kiss with his lover. A soft burp emerged and the two men shared a smile. Soon they would dress her and take her home but for a moment, they just shared the quiet time.

Family was the best thing in the world, especially when you had one with a man you loved.

The end.

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