Title: Christmas in Savannah
Author: Peach
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Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: None
Rating: NC17
Date: 12/20/03
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Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: A Christmas addition to Innocents.
NOTES: Thanks to Bill for the beta. This is for Monaj who asked for it and for Elaine who asked for the original.


The day was bright, and Walter was pacing impatiently on the front porch. It had been a month since he'd seen his family and he could hardly wait. The truck with the furniture had arrived the day before; he'd followed the diagrams that Summer sent for setting up her room and the common rooms.

Alex had sent no such document, so Walter had arranged their room the way that he wanted. As he'd put the new sheets on the bed, all he could think of was having Alex next to him again soon.

The last month had been spent living out of a suitcase at a local motel as he oversaw the finishing touches on the new house. Alex and Summer hadn't felt that was necessary, but he'd wanted their home to be as perfect as possible. He'd been so picky that he was sure the contractor and his men would never do any other work for him.

The land that Alex owned was beautiful; little work was needed to make it ready for the house. Walter's friend had designed a wonderful house for them, large, wheelchair-friendly, and they had room for the growth of the children. They had all been happy that the weather had been good and the house was finished in time for them to have Christmas there.

He smiled as he saw the van turning into the long driveway. Summer waved when she saw him. Alex grinned, and he could see the boys waving madly at him from the back seat. He jogged along the walkway and met them as soon as the van came to a halt.

Alex climbed out and hugged Walter tightly. They kissed lightly and then broke apart. Walter moved around to the back and got out Summer's chair as Alex helped the boys get their seatbelts off. Once Walter had Summer in the smaller chair that they used for trips, he reached inside to get Anna out of her car seat.

"Walter, I hope you have coffee ready." Summer said to him as he placed Anna in her lap.

Alex followed the boys as they ran on ahead.

"I put it on when you called."

"I can hardly wait to see the house."

"I sent pictures."

"That's just not the same, Walter."

"I followed your diagram, so I think you'll be pleased with everything."

He pushed her up the ramp and into her new home. He stopped to show her Anna's room, since it was the first one they came to. He could hear the boy's excited voices from farther down the hallway as they saw the bedrooms that they would sleep in. Alex and Walter figured that the two would end up sleeping in the same room for a while.

Rolling Summer down the hall, he opened the door to her room with a flourish and watched as she took it in. She had picked out the wallpaper, paint colors and furnishings on the web and everything had been set up per her instructions.

The bed was positioned so that when it was raised she could look out at the world if her curtains were open. Walter had arranged for remote powered blinds on the smaller window so that she could open them from the bed. The bed itself was the best on the market. It had all the advantages of a hospital bed but didn't look like one.

She tilted her head and smiled, "You did an excellent job, Walter. I'm going to be very comfortable here. Now let's see the rest."

He gave her the grand tour and watched as the boys ran around inspecting everything. Summer commented on various things as they took the tour, including the big pine tree in the corner waiting to be trimmed.

"Wow, Walter, don't you think that's a little big?"

Alex grinned at her as Walter blushed. "It was the nicest one on the lot. I wanted our first Christmas as a family to be special."

Alex slipped his arm around Walter and kissed his cheek. "It will be. We'll decorate it after dinner tonight."

"If you guys don't mind, I'd like to take a nap." Summer told them as she turned her chair toward her room.

Alex looked at the boys as they ran out onto the deck. Anna, who'd crawled out of her mom's lap as soon as they reached the family room, followed after her brothers. "I'll go get Summer settled, Walter."

"Okay, I'll keep an eye on the kids." Walter bent and scooped up Anna as he headed toward the door the boys had gone out.

Walter was cooing softly to Anna as he watched the boys play on the lawn, when Alex came up behind him. Alex hugged him from behind, and patted his daughter's back.

"So, I took a quick look at our room. I like the way you arranged everything. I'm glad you put the bed between the windows."

"I know you like fresh air at night."

"Tonight I think I'll be more concerned with reacquainting myself with my lover."

"I like the sound of that. Summer comfortable?"

"She was very tired. I don't think she slept well last night. Motels aren't the most comfortable even when you can get around easily."

"I planned her favorites for dinner tonight."

"You know, if you keep spoiling her I'm going to get jealous."

"Alex, I don't want her to regret her decision."

"She won't, Walter. You worry too much."

The afternoon passed with the men taking care of the children and Walter cooking dinner. They used the formal dining room and the good china. Then after dinner Alex cleaned the kitchen as Walter supervised bath time.

Then they gathered in the family room to decorate the tree. Anna was fascinated with the boxes of ornaments and the strings of lights. Summer laughed as Walter untangled Anna and kissed the small girl's nose.

When the lights were finally turned on, the fire was lit and the other lights lowered, the family sat together as Walter read The Night Before Christmas. A new tradition was born.

When the children were down for the night, the adults sat in front of the fireplace with drinks and talked. When Summer started to bed, Walter kissed her cheek and she smiled at him. "Thank you for making sure our new home is perfect."

"You deserve it."


Alex followed Summer to make sure she was comfortable and had everything she needed within reach. Walter double checked the doors, put out the children's gifts and turned out lights. Then he went into his room and began undressing for bed. As he pushed down his pants a low whistle came from behind him.

"Hey, good lookin'."

Walter turned, opened his arms and Alex filled them. They kissed hungrily; a month apart had been difficult. Phone sex was fun but just not as fulfilling as the exchange of bodily fluids the two normally managed on a regular basis.

Walter allowed Alex to push him back on the bed. He watched as Alex peeled off his clothing slowly. A sexy smile adorned Alex's face as he watched his lover's cock rise. Finally, Walter growled; jumping to his feet he grabbed Alex and pulled him down onto the bed.

Alex chuckled right up until Walter's tongue entered his mouth. The kiss was wet and messy, just what they both needed. They rubbed against each other, enjoying the feel of skin on skin. When Alex pulled back. Walter tried to follow.

"Walter, I need to breathe."

"It's vastly overrated."

"Maybe, but if you don't want to fuck an unconscious man, you should let me have a little air."

"I've missed you, Alex."

Alex caressed Walter's cheek, "Me too. But it was probably harder for you. I had the kids for distraction."

"Days weren't so bad. It was the nights. I can't believe how quickly I've gotten used to having a family."

"That explains the nesting behavior tonight."

"Nesting? Oh, you are *so* going to pay for that."

Walter rolled Alex over and pressed him down against the mattress.

"Do me." Alex groaned.

Walter pushed Alex's legs apart and ground down against him as he nipped at a nipple. Alex arched up in encouragement, "Bite me."

Walter's teeth closed on the nipple and he pulled until Alex yelped. "Fuck!"


The kissing and biting resumed; Alex's moans escalated as the need grew. Their bodies slipped and slid on the film of sweat that covered their bodies, the smell of man heavy in the air, harsh panting echoing off the walls. Alex began to whimper and Walter knew he needed to give his lover release.

Pulling away, he reached for the lube. Slapping enough on his cock to let him slide easily, he lifted Alex's legs to rest on his shoulders. The sigh that came from Alex as Walter entered him brought a smirk to Walter's lips.

"This what you want?"

"You know it is, now do it."

Walter didn't need any more encouragement. Setting a hard pace, he rocked the bed. Alex flexed around him and reached down to stroke his own cock, matching Walter's pace. It didn't take long before they came, almost simultaneously.

Walter let Alex's legs drop and reached for the hand towel he'd put by the bed earlier. Pulling out slowly, he wiped them both off and then rolled to the side. Taking Alex's hand, he waited for them to calm before reaching for the blankets. Alex rolled toward him, throwing his leg across Walter's and went to sleep.

They woke the next morning to the sound of two boys yelling that Santa had come. Quickly pulling on the pj's Walter had left out for them, the two men exited their room.

"Boys, don't start until Mom is here to see you."

"Yes, dad."

"Walter, will you get Anna and I'll help Summer?"


The boys were bouncing impatiently when Alex came back carrying Summer. Walter wasn't far behind. He sat in a chair with Anna as Summer and Alex sat on the floor with the boys. Anna was given a package, which she immediately put in her mouth. Walter gently pulled it away and showed her how to open it.

All too soon there was a big pile of discarded paper and the boys were playing happily with their new toys. Summer reached out for Anna and the little girl went to her mom.

Walter went to start the coffee and brought back juice for the kids and mimosas for the grown-ups. The day passed quietly; Walter and Alex prepared Christmas dinner together. At the end of the day the three of them ended up by the fire again.

Summer raised her glass to them, "Here's to our first Christmas in our new home. May they all be as sweet."

Walter smiled as he clicked glasses with her then with Alex. A small sip of wine and then Alex spoke, "To our family, and to the best woman on the planet."

They sipped again before Walter took his turn, "Here’s to the man I love, the woman I'm learning to love, and the beautiful children they made together. To family."

This time they drained the glasses and Summer glared at them, "If you throw my crystal in the fireplace I'll shoot you."

The two men burst into laughter, as Summer grinned. Alex leaned over and kissed one of her cheeks as Walter kissed the other.

They still had hurdles to clear, but for this night all was right with the world.

The end.

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