Title: Once More
Author: Peach
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Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Rating: PG13
Date: 07/07/04
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Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Another baby for Amazon



For the last few months, Walter had barely left the house. Taking care of two infants was a full time job, one that he loved. Alex had taken over some of the things that Walter used to handle. Anna was such a little mother and the boys helped out so it was no real strain on any of them.

Summer had bloomed with having babies in the house again. She was a natural mother, and being in that chair didn't stop her from helping to care for the babies. Vlad was learning to walk, and starting to actually make intelligible words. His father's and brothers were beginning to potty train him.

Hester was just learning to sit up and crawl. She was the joy of everyone's life. Vlad never seemed to feel slighted, why should he, there was always someone to pay attention when he needed or wanted something.


Alex stood as Summer rolled through the door that the nurse was holding open for her. He smiled and nodded as the nurse said hello. It was her yearly check up with the gynecologist. Alex always took her to her doctor's appointments. On the rare occasions that he was unavailable, Walter would cover.

Summer hummed as Alex lifted her into the van. He stored her chair in the back and went around to climb in next to her.

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah, he says I'm doing fine, everything's in working order."

"That's great. Walter called and asked for us to pick up take out. Hester has been fussy today, so he didn't cook."

Normally, Anna could have started dinner and Alex would finish it up, but it was Wednesday and she had her dance class. Walt and Lex were at football practice so that meant that Walter had been home alone with the babies.

They stopped at a drive through, bought burgers and fries. From there, they headed home. Walter was keeping one eye on Vlad as he rubbed a thumb over his daughter's sore gums. The boys and Anna came in right behind them.

Summer rolled over to Walter and held out her arms. "Let me take her. You go eat with the kids and Alex."

"Thanks, Summer."

They all ate, then the older children went off to do homework. Walter took Vlad in to give him a bath. Coming back with his son, he sat on the sofa next to Alex relaxing back against him as Vlad tried to stay awake. Summer was still holding the now sleeping Hester.

Walter smiled at her, "You have such a good touch with her."

"Walter, my doctor says I'm healthy as a horse."

"That's good, Summer."

"You know that even though I can't use my legs, I can still do most of the things other women do."

Alex grinned at her knowing she was leading up to something. "We're very aware of that."

"Walter, how would you feel about having another baby, with me as the mother. Full mother, not surrogate."

Walter was dumbfounded. Alex nudged him lightly. Vlad patted his cheek wondering why Papa was no longer rubbing his back.

"Summer, you gave him a meltdown."

Walter shifted Vlad over onto Alex's lap and moved to kneel in front of Summer.


"Because I want another child. Because you make pretty babies."

"Hey!" Alex said in mock outrage.

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Our twins are going off to college next year. The three of us are great parents. I can see how happy you are as a father. I've heard you tell your brother that you'd like to have a houseful. I can't do that but I think I can do one more."

"Did you ask your doctor about this?"

"I wouldn't have brought it up if I hadn't."

"I accept."

"Good, I should be fertile next week."

"You want to do it that soon?"

"Yes, that way the boys will have a chance to bond with the baby before they go off to college."

"Did you already make an appointment for next week?"

"Why don't you buy a new turkey baster?'

Alex sputtered and Vlad giggled along with his Da. Walter was once more speechless.

"I don't want a doctor doing this. If you are uncomfortable, I'm sure Alex would do it for you."

"Of course, I will."

"If you aren't uncomfortable with me, I can do it myself."

"So, you'll go shopping in the morning?"

"Yes." Walter leaned toward her and kissed her.

"Take Hester, please. I want to get to bed."

Walter took his daughter and watched as Summer rolled from the room. He turned to find Alex smiling at him.

"I don't have to ask if this is a problem for you, do I?"

"You know how I love kids. And Summer makes pretty babies, too."

"I can't believe I'm doing this. I shouldn't be so greedy."

Alex lifted Vlad and followed as Walter carried Hester to the nursery. He changed her, placed her in her crib and then they settled Vlad in his. The two stood, Walter holding Alex as he sang the Russian lullaby that Vlad had heard every night of his life. When the boy slept, the two men went to their own room.

After they made love, Walter whispered to his lover. "Been a long time since I touched a woman. You're going to help me produce the fluid for that baster right?"

"I helped the other times, didn't I?"

"God, I love you and the family you've helped me have."

Alex kissed the back of Walter's neck and the two men slept.


Summer was lying comfortably in the center of Walter and Alex's bed. She hadn't thought it strange that Walter wanted his child conceived in the bed where he and his lover made love.

During the time after the night, she'd made her offer; the three of them had discussed it. Alex had even told Walter privately that he would be okay with Walter doing it the old fashioned way if he and Summer wanted to do it that way.

Walter had considered it, but in the end decided not to broach the subject to Summer. He and Alex had brought her into their room while the older kids were at school. Alex led Walter into the bathroom and stroked him until he filled a cup. Then they filled the baster.

Summer smiled at them when they came back into the room. Alex took a position on the bed and slipped his arms around her. Walter took a position between her legs.

"Are you ready?" Walter asked, expecting her to change her mind.

"Yes, Walter, give me your child."

He moved forward, lifting one of her slender legs to lie over his thigh. Picking up a tube of lube, he put a small amount on his fingers, using it to make sure she was slick enough for the tube to slide easily.

As he pushed into her, she made a small gasping sound. Walter froze. "Summer, are you okay?"

"Yes, It's just that I've only been touched there by the doctors for years and they are so clinical. It's nice to be touched again by someone who loves me."

"I wasn't sure you knew that."

"Walter, just because you don't say it to me doesn't mean I don't feel it."

He nodded and smiled at her. "Here goes."

Keeping his fingers where they were he used then to guide the baster. Pushing forward, he then squeezed the bulb watching as his sperm was injected into her body. He turned the removal into a caress.

Placing the baster aside, he moved up beside her. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her chastely. The three of them stayed cuddled together for a couple of hours until Vlad woke up and made his way into the room.

They repeated the procedure again the next day, just to double the chances. When she tested pregnant a few weeks later they celebrated. They waited until she was past the first trimester to tell the other children.


Walter stood on one side, Alex on the other. Summer was sweaty and Walter didn't think she'd ever looked more beautiful. As the next contraction hit they lifted her part way and Walter spoke. "You're doing great, Summer. Almost there."

She let out a small squeak. And then they let her relax back as the baby was placed on her stomach. The doctor held out the scissors and Alex took them to cut the cord. Walter was touching Summer reverently.

"She's as beautiful as her mother."

"I hope she is as kind and loving as her father."

The baby was cleaned up and examined while Summer was taken care of. An hour later, all of the family was gathered in Summer's private room when the baby was brought to them.

Summer put the baby to her breast and the older kids turned a bit red in the face but that was the only sign of discomfort. Walter was sitting next to her, holding her. Alex was holding Vlad as Alice held Hester.

"Mom, what are you naming her?" Walt asked.

"I want her to be named for her mother but Summer is being stubborn."

"Do you have any idea how much I was teased about being named for a season?"

"Maybe we should let the kids vote."

"I want to continue the tradition we have for middle names."

"Do you have one in mind?" Walter asked.


"I like that. What do you kids think?"

"It's pretty." Anna told them.

The boys both nodded and Alex gave a thumbs up using Vlad's thumb, which made the small boy giggle.

"That still leaves us needing a first name."

"I like Adoree. It means beloved." Summer told Walter.

"Another A name?" Walt asked.

"Do you have a suggestion?" She asked her first born.

"Electra, Calliope, Thais, Zella."

"You've thought on this, haven't you?" Alex said to him.

"We didn't get any input the other times so I wanted to offer suggestions this time."

Walter leaned down and whispered in Summer's ear. She nodded as she pulled the now sleeping baby from her breast and covered up.

"Walt, come take your sister and we'll let you decide which one of your suggestions to use."

Walt moved to his mother's side and took the sleeping child from her. He kissed the tiny head. "Welcome to the world, Electra Katerina."

Walter and Alex shared a smile. It was obvious that Walt would one day make an excellent father.

The end.

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