Title: Office Dreams
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: None
Rating: NC17
Date: 09/01/03
Archive: If I posted to your list it's yours.
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: PWP
NOTES: #15 From a line suggested by KinkygrrlDiane




"Hey. I could really use a hand down here. Hel-lo! Yeah. I'm talking to you."

This was a dream. It had to be; Walter's dick had never talked to him before. He let himself go along with it; after all, if he was sleeping, no reason to keep his hands off. He closed his fist around his cock and stroked lightly.

The feel of his dick sliding through his fist was warm, familiar, but he needed a little more. What fantasy would work? Agent Scully? No, too tiny, he'd break her. Agent Mulder? No, with his luck the man would spout rabbit ears and morph into an alien. Agent Krycek, now that could work.

He pictured his office: a knock on the door, the young agent entering when Walter called out to him, his voice stern as he reprimanded the boy. On seeing the sad look in the green eyes, he rose from his chair and circled the desk.

Sitting next to the boy, he reached out to put a friendly hand on the knee. Then the boy reached out for him. He allowed the touch, was pleased with the kiss.

"We can't do this, Agent."

"Please, Sir. I can't stand it for you to be angry with me."

Walter's lips curved as his dream Krycek begged so prettily. He listened as the boy in his fantasy continued.

"I can make it up to you, let me please."

The dream Krycek slid to his knees on the floor, reaching for Walter's belt. He sighed and leaned back letting the boy open his pants and free his cock. The lips that touched him were soft and warm. He gasped as Krycek swallowed him down.

Walter's hand moved faster on his cock as he pictured the green eyes looking up at him as the mouth opened wide to suck on him.

He allowed the boy to continue until he was completely hard. Caressing the boy's jaw he stopped him.

"Get up, Alex."

His cock slid from the boy's mouth with a wet slurp. "Am I not doing it right, Sir?"

"You're doing it just fine, but I want to come in your hot little ass. Will you let me do that?"

The smile was hesitant, but Alex immediately climbed to his feet. Walter took his time opening the pants, then pushing them down and tasting the uncut beauty he found there. The boy rocked back, offering himself.

Walter played for several pleasurable minutes before pushing Alex back so he could stand. Alex turned quickly, leaning over against the desk and holding on to the edge. Walter walked around the desk and fumbled out a conveniently stashed tube of hand cream.

Alex panted, "Hurry, Sir, I need it."

"Call me Walter."

He slicked his dick and moved into position. With a hard thrust he buried himself in the fine ass of his junior agent. Damn! He was so tight.

Alex whimpered, "Its so big, never had one that big."

Walter bent over the boy's back so he could whisper in the shell of an ear. "I'll give it to you whenever you want, Alex. Gonna fuck you now."

Rising up, he gripped the lean hips and started to move, hips slapping hard against Alex as he fucked the hot ass. The only noises in the room were the slapping of skin on skin, Walter's loud panting and grunting, and the sweet whimpers and moans of the man being fucked.

Alex suddenly cried out. "Fuck my ass! Harder, fuck me harder! Make me come!"

Walter slammed into him as hard, deep and fast as he could.

Walter was so deep in the dream that he didn't hear the knock on the door, didn't hear it open. Rookie Agent Krycek stood in shock, seeing his boss lying on the sofa in his office, pants open, big, purple crowned dick sliding through his fist.

He was mumbling something. Alex couldn't resist; he stepped closer, wanting to know what the Great Stoneface dreamed about when he had wet dreams. As he watched the hand move faster on the AD's cock, he made out the words.

"Gonna fuck your sweet ass every day, boy. Gonna come in your hot little ass. You feel so good. Want it harder? I'll fuck you harder, Alex."

Alex sucked in a deep breath. Skinner was dreaming about him? No it must be someone else. Couldn't be him.

"You're gonna be my best Agent, Alex. Best in the field and certainly the best spread over my desk. Gonna shoot, boy. Gonna fill that cute ass."

Actions followed words and Alex was amazed at the amount of come, as well as how high into the air it shot. He backed up slowly, as he felt his own cock stir. He made it out the door just as he heard a grunt and a muffled, "What the fuck?"

Alex didn't wait for the elevator; he took the stairs. Going straight back to his apartment, he undressed, got into bed and remembered the way his boss had looked. Closing his eyes, he remembered every detail as he brought himself off.

Just before he went to sleep, he wondered what he could do to get Walter to put him over that big desk.

The end.

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