Title: Go F*** Yourself
Author: Peach
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Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Rating: NC17
Date: 07/15/04
Archive: If I posted to your list, it's yours.
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: This is a reply to a bit of a challenge. A certain picture was passed around and then a QuickTime video, and yes the guy in the video actually did what I describe.



Walt and Lex had gone to different colleges. One going for a scientific career the other more toward an academic type. Walt had come home as soon as the session ended, Lex had opted to spend an extra couple of weeks to help a friend who was moving to an apartment off campus.

Alex and Walter had been fussing over Walt since he'd returned. Walter making his favorites for dinner, Alex asking questions about how the first year of college had gone. Summer just smiled and enjoyed having her eldest home again.

Alex was gone with Summer and the baby at the doctor's office; Anna was off at a friend's. The two youngest were napping and Walter was doing laundry. He'd just finished a load that was mostly the things Walt had brought home dirty.

Walking down the hallway, he opened Walt's door. He hadn't heard anything from him in about an hour, so, he assumed that he was reading, napping or watching TV. Walter dropped the basket he was carrying, almost swallowed his tongue and then tried to tell himself he wasn't seeing what he so obviously was.

Walt was lying naked in the center of his bed. Legs spread wide, both hands working. Now, Walter had caught both boys masturbating, but this was different.

Walt had his cock twisted past his balls and was literally fucking himself with it and his fingers. Walter was mesmerized. He watched as Walt let it slip out and then used his fingers to push the head back in.

Walt pressed it in and established a fairly smooth rhythm. Walter figured this couldn't be the first time Walt had done this; he was doing it too easily. It was damn erotic and Walter actually envied him the ability.

The boy's breath caught and he moaned, pushing his cock in as far as possible. His hands relaxed and Walter watched as the spent dick slipped from the hole. A small trickle of come appeared to drip onto the bed.

"Papa?" Walt sat up and pulled the sheet up over his body.

"I'm sorry, Walt. I shouldn't have watched."

"I remind you of Dad, don’t I?"

"Yeah, you are the image of him, but I've never seen him do that. Auto-fellatio once…"


"It's not like you have no clue that your dad and I are lovers."

"I know. You've both been very open with us."

"When did you decide to try that?"

"I found out that I enjoy men, Papa. I've been trying to decide how to bring it up. I want to talk to you guys about it."

"You know we'll listen and discuss anything with you."

"I know. It's just that I spent all of high school chasing girls and…Shit! It isn't that I thought you wouldn't accept it. I know you're going to worry about me."

"You've met someone?"

"Yeah, he's special. I feel things with him that I never felt with a girl."

"You've had sex?"


Walter smiled at the dreamy expression on Walt's face.

"You've been careful."

"Of course, I'm not an idiot."

"I never said you were. Sometimes it just gets away from you when you're young and horny."

"He's older and he never lets us get that out of control. He even lectured me about it."

"How much older?" Walter asked concerned.

"Not that much. I was hoping I could ask him to visit."

"I think your dad and I would like that. I know your mother will want to meet the guy who is fucking her baby boy."

"Ah shit."

"I'm going to start dinner. Get cleaned up and give him a call."

"Papa, will you let him sleep with me here?"

"As long as you don't disturb your mother."

"We'll be quiet."


Walter opened the door and gasped. Standing on his doorstep was a man who looked amazingly like Walter did when he was in college.

"You must be Cyrus."

"And you have to be Papa Walter."

"Come in, Cyrus. Where's your bag."

"Despite what Walt said I wasn't sure that I'd really be welcome."

"Get the bag."

Cyrus ran back out to the car to get his bag. Walter watched him, seeing that the boy even moved a bit like he did. Cyrus came back with the bag and Walter led him to Walt's room.

"Walt is at the movies with his mom, dad and Anna. They'll be back soon. Put your things away."

Walter was taking fresh bread from the bread machine when Cyrus came back from Walt's room.

"Is that Walt's room you put me in."

"Yes, that's Walt's. To relieve you anxiety, we've given him permission for you to sleep together, just don't wake his mom and lock the door. I don't want the little ones wandering in on you."

"Yes, Sir."

The door down the hall opened and they heard Walt's voice. "Cyrus?"

Walt burst into the room and ran to Cyrus. Walter grinned as he lifted Cyrus off his feet in a tight hug. By the time Alex, Summer and Anna got into the room, they were on their third kiss.

Alex loudly cleared his throat. The two boys broke apart and Walter grinned at the blush that traveled up both faces. Alex stepped across the room to hold out his hand.

"Cyrus, I'm Walt's dad, Alex. This is his mother, Summer and his sister Anna."

"Pleased to meet you, Sir."

"It's good to meet you. Now maybe Walt will stop moping."


Summer smiled at her son and then turned to Walter. "When will dinner be ready?"

"In about an hour."

"Walt, why don't you and Cyrus go to your room and get caught up on the last two weeks."

Walt blushed harder but he took Cyrus' hand and pulled him along, stopping by Summer's chair to kiss her.

One of the babies yelled and Anna headed to the nursery. The three parents exchanged grins before Summer turned to go help Anna if she needed it. Alex walked over to wrap his arms around Walter.

"Do you think he realizes he found a younger version of you to fall in love with?"

"I wasn't sure you'd see the resemblance."

"I've seen the family albums, remember?"

"Yeah." They shared a kiss and then started preparing dinner together.

The end.


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