Title: De Trop
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains a m/m sexual relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date: 05/04/03
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Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Walter gets a surprise.
NOTES: For Bill, with love on his birthday. This follows the other stories that Bill inspired and contributed to; Baby I'm the Bottom and You're the Top. Per my beautiful Josan, De Trop translates as too much – overboard. Which is just what Walter feels with his Alex. Betaed by the lovely DrkCherry, a lady who shares the covers, and the ever wonderful Josan.


I was sitting at the bar, nursing a drink, and wondering why I had bothered. I'd come here because I was lonely. After a fabulous weekend, with Alex turning me every way but loose, I hadn't heard from him at all. The email I had sent him on the Monday after had been answered with a short note saying he was very busy and would contact me.

That had been a month ago.

I was angry at first. Then hurt. Now I just wondered how I had fucked up. I'd never experienced anything so intense in my life and I wanted more.

Since I'd first come in, I had been approached by a couple of twinks looking for a daddy. The last man I'd turned away had been a more likely prospect but something just wasn't right. Actually, I knew what the problem was. None of them were Alex.

I gulped down the rest of my drink, preparing to head for home and my fist, when a hand slipped up under the tank I was wearing. Warm lips rubbed against my ear and a voice smoother than the best whiskey spoke.

"You've got 'hot fuck' written all over you."

My eyes closed, I moaned, my head dipped to expose the back of my throat to him. His hand slipped around me, a nipple located and pinched. His teeth fastened on the back of my neck and I knew I'd be sporting a bruise.

His other hand slipped inside the low opening of the tank and then both nipples were toyed with as he sucked a moment longer on my throat.

"So, Hot Fuck, you ready to go home with me?"

"My name is Walter."

I couldn't stop the slight note of irritation from seeping in. He hadn't contacted me in a month and now I was supposed to fall in line just because he'd run into me in a bar.

He chuckled and pressed a kiss against my ear.

"Walter, nice name. Call me Flash."

I turned to look incredulously at him. Comic book names? He was grinning at me; all thoughts of anything except his hands, mouth, and body and how he would use them on me flew away. I'm not sure how I managed to continue talking to him.

"What makes you think I'm a hot fuck? Or that I would want to go home with you?"

"All you big burly types are hot, 'cause you just love taking it up the ass. And I've got something worth taking up the ass." One of his hands slipped from my shirt, gripped my hand and pulled it to rest on his swollen cock. "As for going home with me – maybe my hard-on will give you incentive."

"Bastard." I squeezed his cock to emphasize my point.

"Ah, now, Hot Fuck, don't be like that. I'll make it so good for you, you won't be able to walk, you'll have to crawl home."

"Big words. Sure you can back them up?"

"Want a sample? We can find a quiet spot in the back room."

"Lead the way."

"I always do."

He stepped back and I turned the stool around to get down. He gripped the waistband of my jeans and led me toward the dark, cave-like back room. Threading his way among the writhing couples he found us a corner with just enough light to see each other.

A hard push and I was against the wall. Then his mouth was on mine and I forgot anyone else was in the room. His tongue rubbed against my lips, I opened for him and he fucked my mouth as hard as I knew he would soon be fucking my ass. His hands opened my fly and pushed my jeans down around my hips. His lips trailed fire across my jaw to my ear.

"Turn around, Hot Fuck, I've got a nice hard cock for you."

I may have moved faster a time or two in Nam, but I doubt it. His tongue ran over my ear as he told me I was a "Good boy."

I heard the condom wrapper tear then his dick was slotting into my crack. I anchored my hands against the wall and pushed back toward him. He pushed forward, I hissed with the first burn as he entered me. A small bottle was held under my nose, I took a deep breath, then it was taken away.

He found the spot on my neck that he had marked at the bar, biting down hard to keep me in place. Stars erupted behind my closed lids as he rode me hard, hitting all my sweet spots. His hands covered mine as he pumped into me.

I'll never understand why some men are so enamored with one-night stands. A man who knows you can turn you inside out, especially a man like Alex who takes the time to find every erogenous zone you have.

He used most of his knowledge of me over the next few minutes. I never even knew he had rolled a condom down over me. I was so fuck drunk when he finished with me, that he had to pull it off me and dispose of it with his in the trash.

He grinned that lopsided grin at me as he pulled my pants back up and tucked me tenderly away, before tending to his own clothes. Taking my hand he pulled me back through the maze toward the main room of the club.

When we got close enough to hear the throb of dance music, his hips started to wiggle in the most enticing manner. Putting his lips next to my ear, he spoke.

"I love this song, let's dance."

I followed him to the dance floor. He pulled me over to join the line of dancers doing what looked to me like a routine from a Busby Berkley musical. I watched as he picked up the steps moving in sync with them. He realized I was watching and started to break it down for me with the help of the twink next to him.

I had the hang of it before the number was over. He pulled me close and kissed me before the next song started. The line broke up into couples. Alex's hands gripped my hips and he led me into a dance that was so erotic that we would have been arrested in a straight club.

By the time the song ended, I was hard again and he was very aware of that. He pulled me to the bar and ordered drinks. I smiled at him as I panted lightly from the frenzy of dancing.

"Having a good time?"


He threw a bill on the bar and handed me my drink. Conversation was next to impossible with the music blaring in the background, so I sipped at my drink and watched as his eyes roved over the crowd. Another song started that made him move. My glass was pulled from my hand and placed on the bar. Then we were back on the floor.

For the next couple of hours we alternated dancing with drinking and I added more new steps to my repertoire. During one slow number, he wound around me like a snake, ending the number sitting at my feet, one hand wrapped around my thigh the other resting possessively on my rock hard dick, his head bowed submissively.

I'm sure I blushed when we got applause from the people closest to us. I also wondered if they would have reacted that way if they knew who was actually the submissive one. I dropped one hand to his head threading my fingers through his hair.

He kissed my thigh before climbing back up my body. The kiss we shared tingled down to my toes. Then he bit my earlobe.

"Time to go home, Hot Fuck. I want to spread you all over my bed."

I followed him from the club to his car. He opened the door for me and I slid in without comment. Starting the car, he pulled out of the lot and headed East.

"Do you go to that club often?"

"No, I was looking for you."

"How did you know where to look?"

"Your doorman heard you give the cab driver the address. And before you get angry at him, remember, I can be very persuasive."

"I've noticed."

"Losing your buzz?"

"More wondering why I haven't heard from you in a month."

"I had to do some thinking."

"About this, us?"

"Yeah. You're very different from any other man I've ever played with."

"Different? How?"

"You submit but you don't lose any of yourself to do it. I can't figure out why you submit. It isn't for any of the standard reasons."

"Are you sure?"

"Of that, yes."

"Is it a bad thing that I don't fit the norm?"

"Definitely not."

"I'm guessing you decided you still want to play with me?"

"I would have given you a polite kiss off if I didn't."

"And you assumed that I would be willing?"

"You went in the back room with me, didn't you?"

"I was horny."

"If that is all it was, you would have taken one of the twinks in the back and fucked his tight little bubble butt."

"I wasn't in the mood for twink."



"Suck my dick."


He looked at me with the most incredulous look on his face. I chuckled and then reached to unbuckle my belt. I'd barely freed my dick when his seatbelt was unfastened and he dived into my lap. I managed to stay on the road, barely. Good thing we were close to home.

I made it into the garage of the small house I own on a quiet street in Arlington, before I shot hard down his throat. He rose from my lap and I watched as he licked his lips slowly. The look in his eyes was pure triumph.

I was in so much trouble. If I weren't careful this man would *own* me.

I fastened the button on my pants not bothering to tuck anything away. I hit the control to close the garage door and then led him inside the house. He followed me quietly to my bedroom.


I didn't wait to see if he obeyed. Entering the bathroom, I started the shower then reached into the cabinet. I laid out a razor and the new enema nozzle I'd bought just for him.

"Now what?"

"Now a quick shower then we get you clean shaven again. Think you can hold the water while I shave you?"

"If you want."

"Get in, I'll be right there."

I put the nozzle in his hand and left the bathroom. I stripped, turned down the bed, laid out lube and condoms. When I got back to the bathroom, he had just finished washing. I stepped into the shower and he began to wash my back.

When I was clean, he held out the nozzle and turned his back to me. Using the soft soap as lube, I slipped it up inside him. He grunted at me when he felt full and I slipped it back out. I turned the water off as I lathered him. The shaving went fairly well but he was squirming before I finished.

Slapping his ass, I sent him to use the toilet as I turned the water back on. He came back to rinse the rest of the lather off. We stepped from the shower; I took a towel from the rack to dry his back, allowing one hand to roam over his once more smooth skin.

"I want you to keep your body like this for me."

"Does that mean I won't have to wait a month to see you again?"

"Will next weekend work for you?"


"Your place, eight, Friday night."

I wondered as I made the date if I could stay away from him that long. He was becoming quite addictive. I also made a note to take him out dancing at least once a month. I had enjoyed all the looks we'd gotten on the dance floor, especially the applause for that bit at the end of the slow number.

Finally, I had him in my bed. I spent several long minutes doing nothing but kissing him. Walt has a wonderful mouth and I enjoy it at every opportunity. Lying full length on his body, I reached to the bedside table. The bottle was easy to open one handed and I held it up for him to see. He turned his head and I held it under his nose.

Closing the bottle, I put it back on the table. As I worked my way down his body he wrapped his hands around the bedposts.

"Should I restrain you, Walt?"


He hadn't lied about his reaction to poppers. Or any of the other things he'd told me before we ever went to bed together. So it was just a matter of whether I wanted him to be able to move as much as he wanted or if I wanted more control.

Looking at his face I knew he didn't want to make the decision. So 'Begin as you intend'. I reached for a cuff and wrapped it around his wrist. His sigh let me know it was what he needed. With both his hands cuffed, I rose to get the wedge to put under his hips.

When he saw it, he levered himself up eagerly. Once I had him positioned for my use, I sat next to him. Pulling open the drawer by the bed I reached in for the clamps.


"Don't make me gag you, Walt."

I bent and kissed his nipple. I smiled around it as I felt that quiver as his dick 'waves hello'. Then I bit him. No words this time, just a lovely groan. Rising, I looked at the nippple then pinched it hard.


His mouth snapped shut. I'd found that he can tolerate a gag but he'd confided that he doesn't like to be gagged because he knew that meant no kisses and no chance of getting to taste any part of me.

"Last warning, Walt."

I'd be willing to bet he almost never lost at Simon Says. His head bobbed, then he was still, well, as still as he could manage while being hard and hyped on poppers. I bent to get his other nipple ready to be clamped. This time only a wordless moan escaped.

"That's my good boy."

Now that his nipples were taken care of, I moved down, tasting as I went. His cries were music to me as I kissed and sucked at his skin. Leaving marks here and there. By the time I reached his dick, it had been dancing a jig for me. Most men can flex their dick, some only slight amounts, others more so. Walter is in the more so category. And sadist that I am, I enjoy getting him heated to the point that he tries to do acrobatics with it.

Kneeling, I held his cock as I licked along the vein that pulsed under the skin. His hips jerked upward.

"Stay still!"

A whimper was his only response. I tongued the slit as a whine sounded about me.

"You want to be fucked, don't you? Want to take it up the ass. Too bad I'm not ready to do that yet."

He actually screamed then. I chuckled as I bent back to tonguing the slit of his cock. Then I abandoned that for his balls. Pulling one into my mouth, I sucked gently. Scraped my teeth over it lightly only to be lifted as his heels dug into the bed. I let it slide from my mouth with an audible slurp.

I knew then that I would be introducing Walt to the modified exam table in the basement. He was going to look beautiful bound, with his legs locked in place and his goodies all displayed and within easy reach. Scrambling to the end of the bed, I attached one cuff to his ankle, leaving the other free to make it easier for me to fuck him later.

His head rose and he shot me an irritated look.

"You should have been still. Now where was I? Oh, yes."

Getting comfortable I sucked his other ball into my mouth, while holding onto the unrestrained leg. When I'd had my fill of balls, I pushed the leg up and licked over his hole. I tongue fucked his hole until he was almost sobbing with need.

Of course, by that point, my own cock was protesting the long period of foreplay. So I kissed back up his sweaty body.

"Walt, do you want me? Want my cock? Gonna come on my cock in your ass?"

His eyes frantically tried to answer me. He was still coherent enough to remember that he had not been given permission to talk. That would not do. I yanked on the chain connecting the clamps. His head arched back so far it looked painful. But still no words.

I crawled off the bed and stood next to it looking down at him. His hands clenched, his free leg tried to hook around me. I took a step back. Watching for his reaction, I wrapped my fist around my cock and started stroking.


"Tell me you want it, Walt. Tell me how you want it."

"I want your cock deep in my ass, want you to fuck me so hard I can't sit for days. I want to feel your come running down my legs when you finish with me."

I had no fear of getting or giving any STD's but I was humbled that he was making that offer to me. Rounding the end of the bed, I undid the cuff on his ankle. Getting on the bed, pushing both of his legs up high, slapping some lube on his hole, I plunged into him.

He screamed my name as I started to fuck him as hard as I could manage. When I was about to come, I tried to pull out rather than shooting in him but his ankles had locked around me.

"Please, Alex. I want it."

His voice was so hoarse from screaming that I wouldn't have heard him if I hadn't been so close to him.


Just his name, that was all I could manage. I plunged in as deep as possible and let go. Getting a good grip on the chain, I kissed him once more. A wet sloppy kiss, with us both panting in each other's mouths. I could feel him throbbing against me but he still hadn't come.

I pulled up just enough to watch his face. Ripping the clamps from his nipples, I ordered him to come. He had no voice left for screaming, but his mouth stretched open as his body convulsed under me.

It was beautiful.

When my legs would hold me, I got up and cleaned up then came back and released him to go do his own clean up. He turned in the doorway to look at me, then down to where my come was running in milky strands along his thighs. With his hand, he scooped up a bit and licked it clean.

The smile he flashed at me melted any reservations I may have still harbored at that point. He went into the bathroom and I heard the water running then shut off.

"Lube your ass, Walt. When I wake up later, I don't want to have to do anything but slide into you."

He came back, stood by the bed, put one foot up on the night table. I watched as he used a generous amount of lube to get himself slick. I held up the blanket and he got in beside me. The light was turned off; I spooned against him, placing a kiss between his shoulder blades.

"Will you need a long nap?"

I snorted against his back.



I was asleep before I could form an answer.


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