Title: So Precious a Coin
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex.
Rating: NC17
Date: 3/25/03
Archive: If I sent it to you it's yours.
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Study interruptis.
Notes: AU. In this universe Skinner never married, *that* cursed event never happened, A snippet in the What Coin so Precious universe. Betaed by Bill and Jose. Inspired by a poem Ursula posted to the H C & D list.


I opened the door and stepped into the apartment. It was Friday and I was looking forward to the long weekend with my schoolboy. Alex was curled up in the armchair, a small fire in the hearth and a book on his lap. He looked up at me and smiled.

"You're early."

"That a problem?"

"Never. I was just finishing my lit assignment."

"Go ahead. I'll order some dinner. It was a bitch of a day, so all I want is food, a shower and you in that order."

I placed the order with our favorite Chinese place down the block and told them I'd pay extra for it to be delivered. I smiled as his nose crinkled with his smile. Hanging up the phone, I sat on the sofa near him.

"Must be good to make you smile that way."

"It is. Reminds me of us."

"Then read it to me."

I dropped my head back and closed my eyes waiting for his voice to sooth some of my stress away.

"It's poetry, Sergei, here goes:

The Beautiful Rider by Arja Tiainen

With me you'd have the time of your life, nobody's ever complained, they all
want it all over again, why don't you, just once?

You could screw me whatever way you please."

My eyes opened and my head rose. He was blushing slightly as he said the words out loud. I had learned early on that he could say anything in character, but once we were living together, the only time the language of his former trade came out was when we made love. In normal conversation he very seldom cursed.

"I'd pretend to be a piece of meat in a skewer, like a worm on a hook,

like a cake in a mould, elastic, wonderful, quiet or wild, those tricks.

Wonder why you're not interested?"

Oh, I was interested, you'd better believe I was. The idea of skewering him was always attractive.

"I'd be a Jolly Mattress That Sings."

I chuckled at that image, especially since he often made music for me.

"Or: a rambler, creeping, insatiable.
A boat in the surge. A beautiful Rider."

*My* beautiful, insatiable Rider.

"An eel hung in the ceiling, naked, lovely.
A wide aperture, a rolling Night of Joy."

His eel was definitely lovely when it was naked, and he'd given me many nights of joy in the time we'd been lovers.

"A sighing tree, a two-tongued mouth, eyes, I'd eat you up at once
I'd tear you apart, I'd claw you all bloody, I'd leave monstrous marks
or wouldn't.

Why won't you fuck me?"

The word fuck was almost whispered, then I was on my knees next to his chair. The book dropped to the floor as I pulled him to me. We re-enacted the two-tongued mouth portion of that until the knock came at the door.

"You'll have to wait to be fucked until after dinner. I missed lunch."

He groaned as I rose to go pay for dinner. He carefully did not look at the delivery boy and stayed turned away from us. I pretended I didn't notice when the guy ogled my erection. We ate quickly, then I hauled him into the bathroom for a shower.

He tried to get playful but I didn't allow that. I wanted him spread all over that big bed. I wanted to do the things in that poem. Once we were finished, I dried off hurriedly.

I pushed him down on the bed, watched as he scooted back, and knee walked between his legs. Kneeling there, I stroked his cock to a full erection.

"This is quite a lovely eel. I think I'm still hungry."

"Sergei…" his whine only encouraged me.

Bending, I gripped him with one hand as I used my tongue to guide his foreskin into my mouth. I sucked gently as he squirmed, pulling the skin up to cover the glans, before teasing him by slipping underneath it.


I'd always loved seeing how quickly I could make him revert to single words. I spent several long minutes working on just the head. His whines escalated to a register that I felt sure were causing dogs to howl somewhere.

When his legs wrapped around my head like a vise, I deep throated him. He immediately jerked; his come shooting down my throat. As I swallowed the last spurt, his legs went limp and I slipped up to lie next to him holding him as he came down.

Once he was breathing normally again, he pushed me onto my back. I watched mesmerized as he got himself slick for me. Not taking my eyes off him, I propped myself up with the pillows behind my back. The condom was rolled on and he straddled me.

"Ready to skewer me, Sergei?"

"As ready as you are to ride."

I held my cock for him as he got into position, then gasped as he dropped hard onto me. Slipping my hand up behind his head, I pulled him to me for a kiss. When it ended he started to move slowly on me, pulling up high and dropping fast.

I tweaked his nipples as he pleasured me. Nothing else has ever compared to how it feels having him ride me that way. When his dick started to rise again, I stroked him. I reared up into him as I neared my climax.

"That feels like surging, Sergei."

"Shut up and mark me."

He bent, to bite into my shoulder. My fist contracted around his dick, my cock tried to screw right through him and I yelled his name as I shot. His teeth tightened a little more and I felt the skin give way. He licked the spot before leaning back.

Pushing my nerveless hand away, he jerked his cock. Three hard pulls and he was shooting on my chest. We panted into each other's mouths and I could taste my blood. His head dropped to my shoulder and I caressed him.

"Stars in the same constellation."

"What?" his voice sounded sleepy and I resigned myself to napping in the position we were in.

"It's from another of her poems."


I drifted to sleep holding him securely to me.


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