Children of the Night





Walter stood in the shadows, watching as Alex fed on another member of the consortium. He grinned as the man twisted and screamed. This was one of the men who'd used Alex like a whore. He deserved to die in pain and fear. It wouldn't be one tenth, of what the man deserved.

He heard the shot as it flew past him. Alex jerked but didn't stop feeding. The screams of his victim had stopped. Walter turned to see where the shot originated and saw Mulder running toward them. Walter stepped out of his hidden corner, Mulder hit him full tilt, bouncing off and landing on his ass. He ignored the sounds of Alex throwing his empty dinner container against the wall.

Before Mulder could pick himself up, he saw a figure fly over the big man he'd run into and land between them. A deep voice spoke and Mulder's head jerked.

"Alexei, don't."

"He fucking shot me, Walter!"

"He didn't know it was you. He saw what he perceived as a crime."

"Perceived? He killed that man." Mulder jumped to his feet.

"No, Mulder, he executed a rapist who tortured him. That piece of garbage is also one of the men working with the aliens you're chasing."

Mulder stood there with that stubborn look Walter knew so well. Walter moved in closer to Alex, slipping his arm around his waist. He dropped a wet kiss on the back of his neck.

"Why don't we take this somewhere that we can talk?"

Alex growled but was silent when Walter pinched his nipple. Mulder watched, a little shocked. Even with the evidence of the tape he'd heard, there had still been a part of him that denied the facts. Without the evidence of his eyes, he'd have sworn there was no way that Skinner was gay.

Mulder's head was swimming. He'd watched as Scully autopsied Alex's body. He knew the man had died. But here he stood, glowing and growling in the moonlight with Mulder's former supervisor.

Mulder realized that Walter was waiting for him to say something. Alex had turned slightly and was rubbing against Walter while the growl turned into a purr. Mulder found himself more than a little disturbed by his reaction.

"Very well." He turned and stalked away. He heard their footsteps following him.

He led them into a coffee shop down the street. He ordered coffee, Walter asked for tea and Alex ordered a soda. When the waitress walked away, he looked at them.

"Are you wasting my money?"

"I can pay for our drinks, Mulder." Alex sneered at him.

"I think he's referring to the legends about our kind, Alexei."

"We can still drink, Mulder. I can even still taste it. Just can't digest normal food anymore."

"Convince me why I shouldn't arrest you both."

Walter threw back his head and laughed. "You don't think that would do any good, do you? The jail couldn't hold us. Besides, I told you that man wasn't deserving of anyone's pity. Traitors to the human race deserve a far worse death than he received."

"It's true then. You actually are vampires."

"Yes, Mulder, we're the real deal."

"You're gay?"

"Why don't you ask what you really want to know, Mulder? Does Walter fuck me?"

Walter reached out to place his hand on Alex's arm and again the heat left the green eyes. Alex turned to look at Walter and then scooted back farther into the booth. Mulder suppressed a shiver, as the thought of what Alex Krycek, vampire, would be like without Walter Skinner to hold his leash.

Alex muttered in a voice too low for Mulder to hear, "He's wishing he'd got to you first." Walter heard him clearly and coughed to cover his desire to laugh.

"Does it really matter if I considered myself gay or straight in life? I'm no longer alive, neither is Alex. We fuck. I wanted him the first time I saw him, but I didn't have the nerve to do anything about it."

"I didn't think vampires could have sex."

"Sex is a valuable tool for a vampire. Mulder, you're thinking Dracula. Do you think that book is some sort of vampire bible? Do I look different than I did before? Does Alex?"

"You look younger."

"That's because I no longer have an ulcer, eyestrain from reading your pieces of fiction, or headaches. I'm not working sixty hour weeks, or choking on cigarette smoke."

The waitress came back with their drinks; they were silent as they doctored the coffee and tea. Walter waited for Mulder to speak. Alex rubbed Walter's leg Walter covered his hand and spoke for his ears alone, "Later, baby."

"Who was the guy in the ally?"

"One of Spender's group. Specifically, he was one of the men who trained the new recruits."

"You said he raped Alex."

"That's the least of what he did to me, Mulder. I let him off easy."

"So when are you planning on killing me, Krycek?"

"I'm not. We don't have to kill to survive, the dead bodies all consortium members. Walter decided we could help you out and get revenge at the same time."

"Walter, you approve of his killing?"

"You couldn't do it. If I thought you could, I'd consider bringing you over."

Alex's fingers dug into Walter's thigh. Walter leaned to the side and kissed his neck. His voice was soft as he whispered, "Calm down, Lexi."

"Bringing me over? No way in hell, Walter. I couldn't do that, killing to live."

"Weren't you listening, Mulder? We don't have to kill to survive. The men we feed from never even realize that they've contributed to our dinner. I promise you they feel good."

"Did you feel good when you were brought over?"

"I was offered the gift. I accepted. I didn't really ask Alex. I wanted him, I took him."

"I've got no complaints, Walter. I'm where I belong."

Mulder looked more shocked at the idea of Walter just taking what he wanted, than he'd been at the admission of the multiple murders.

"Mulder, we have no quarrel with you. As I said, we're cleaning out Spender's men. Once they're taken care of, we'll move along to the next city. You continue to fight your way, Alex and I will fight ours."

"You're not even human anymore, why do you care?"

"I told you, revenge. We're going after the men who hurt Alex first. Then we'll move on to the others. There hasn't been a society in history that didn't execute traitors. These men will never make it to a court of law. You go after the things you can prove. Alex and I will take care of the others."

"I don't like it, Walter."

"You don't need to like it, you just need to accept it."

"What if I can't?"

"I won't let you hurt either of us, Mulder. Come on, Alex, I haven't fed yet."

Mulder watched as they slid out of the booth. Alex dropped a twenty on the table. The two exited the coffee shop, holding hands. He sat for a long time considering all that had been said and what hadn't.

Finally, he rose and made his way back to his car. He saw Alex across the street, watching as he got into his car. As he put it into gear, Walter appeared at Alex's side. Alex turned; Walter lifted him up to press their bodies together; the kiss rivaled any Mulder'd ever seen in a porn movie.

They were still kissing as he drove away. He went straight to Scully's. She didn't question his frenzied lovemaking. Nor did she ask the next morning.


Walter released Alex's mouth and watched as Mulder drove away. "You just had to scare him, didn't you?"

"Just making sure he understood where he stands."

"He understood, Lexi. Let's go home, baby. I want to drill your hot little ass."

Alex grinned at him. The two men turned toward home. As they walked, Walter considered the conversation with Mulder. He knew that eventually, Mulder would make a decision. He just hoped it was the right one. But just in case, he started to make his plans.

Back at their apartment, he took additional precautions. Alex didn't comment. He just went into the bathroom and started the shower. He stood under the water, letting it wash the stink of the man he'd killed from his body.

Walter picked up the bloodstained clothes and started a fire in the gas grate. Draping them in the flames, he closed the fire screen. Stripping down, he joined Alex in the shower.

"There's only one more trainer, Walter."

"Yes. I haven't found him yet, but I will."

"I can wait a while longer. Might be better to let Mulder get complacent, move to New York, Atlanta, someplace else for a while."

"I want you to have the last one."

"I will, soon I think."

"We'll decide tomorrow."

Walter pulled Alex against him; using the shower gel, he slid into Alex's body. Alex moaned, put both hands against the wall and pushed back toward his lover. Walter clutched the slender hips and pounded into his lover.

When his balls began to pull up tight, he reached for Alex's cock. A few hard pulls and Alex groaned as he shot and locked down on Walter's big dick. Walter managed to get them out of the shower and into the bed without pulling out. He didn't care that they got the bed wet.

He sucked and bit Alex's neck as he waited for them to be ready to go again. When he was hard again, he urged Alex up on his knees. Alex rocked back and forth, controlling the pace until Walter let out a growl. Grabbing Alex's hips he drove into him deep.

"Yeah, do it, Walter. Fuck me, damn you."

"Take it! You can take it all. Like it rough, don't you?"

"Shut up and fuck me."

Walter grinned and did his best to punch through Alex. He came first that time, then he pulled Alex back to sit in his lap as he jacked him slowly. He let his teeth pierce Alex's throat at his moment of climax. He didn't take more than a thimble full; it was just enough to spike the pleasure for them both.

Walter helped Alex shift to lie on the bed, then dropped next to him. Alex snuggled into Walter's body, nipping at his neck to get his own small taste.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Lexi. Sleep."

Alex slept knowing he was safe in his lover's arms. Walter continued making plans for them to move, until the sun rose and he was forced to sleep.

The end.

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