Skinner Krycek stories
A Feast for the Senses
    Summary: PWP

    Summary: PWP

Sound Bytes
    Summary: PWP

Sound Bytes II
    Summary: PWP

    Summary: Walter remembers the first time.

    Summary: PWP Alex remembers the second time.
Art Class
Art Class
    Summary: Walter's art class nets more than a course in drawing.

Artist and Model
    Summary: The model's POV.
A Break From the War
    Summary: Things aren't always what they seem.

 A Matter of Timing
    Summary: Written for the Lyric Wheel Post Invasion.

A Rat's Desire
    Summary: Alex seduces Skinner... or is it the other way around?

Assume the Position
    Summary: PWP

Position of Power?
    Summary: Monday morning and who *does* have the power?

Baby I'm the Bottom
    Summary: Walter tries to 'splain it.

You're the Top
      Summary: Friday night arrives with a suitcase and Walter's a wreck.

De Trop
      Summary: Walter gets a surprise.

A Brewster Body
    Warnings: Contains a squick, tread lightly
    Summary: Bikes, chaps, and hot monkey sex.

Behind His Eyes
    Summary: A reunion story

Blackbird Fly
&     Summary: Can two broken men mend each other?

Only Waiting
    Summary: Why is Mulder walking like that?

B Movies
    Summary: Happy Birthday to Nick.

Dirty Talk
     Summary: Conversations; a sequel of sorts to B Movies.

Clones R Us
    Summary: A reunion story

Death by VR
    Summary: Walter goes off to die, creatively.

Easy to Love
    Summary: A night out, a love song, happy ever after.

  Ebb Tide
    Summary: Vacation, old friends, a returned lover Lyric Wheel "One song to bring them all and in the darkness bind them"

Empty Night
    Summary: One of Peja's challenges.

Hang on Until the Scenery Changes
    Notes: Written for the Transportation Lyric Wheel. Lyrics supplied by Joyce.

    Summary: What right did that rat bastard have to children?

Christmas in Savannah
    Summary: A Christmas addition to Innocents.

Second Family
    Summary: For Elaine. A sequel to Innocents.

Once More
    Summary: Another baby for Amazon

 Go F Yourself
    Summary: To Elaine, Amazon, JenR, Janet. A challenge from a picture

Love or Let Go
    Summary: Walter needs to make a decision. Will he make the right one?

Matters of the Heart
    Summary: A possible future.

My Place
    Summary: Walter makes a stand.

Office Dreams
     Summary: PWP
Desktop Realities
     Summary: An undisciplined agent gets called on the carpet
    Summary: Sometimes the end brings a beginning.
    [Story written for the Lyric Wheel: Endings]

    Summary: Camping brings a surprise.
    Notes: For the Literary Lyric Wheel

Peach Gets Punished
    Warnings: This story contains discipline. No attempt was made to disguise the Mary Sues.
    Summary: Major silliness

    Summary: Walter feeds Alex a southern dish that his great aunt taught him.

Resurrection and Redemption
    Summary: You can't always let sleeping dogs lie.

Wearing of the Green
      Summary: A snippet for St. Patrick's Day.

Sweet Poison
     Summary: Miscommunication

Tainted Love
    Summary: Jealousy leads to abduction.

Second Hand Emotion
    Summary: Sequel to Tainted Love.
Second Hand Emotion - Honorable Mention - Skinner Krycek Romance - 2002 Spooky Awards
The Velvet Web
     Summary: A twist of horror.

Night Companions
     Summary: How would two lovers deal with enemies?

 Children of the Night
    Summary: For Mort. Walter has a talk with Mulder.

There's a Bathroom on the Right
     Summary: Supernatural goings-on.

'Scuse me While I Kiss this Guy
     Summary: Supernatural goings-on.

Secret Asian Man
     Summary: Mulder needs help with the case.

Let Milo Open the Door
     Summary: Morning conversations

You're a Dickhead in Love
     Summary: Afternoon with Mulder

He's a Prick Teaser
     Summary: Part of my werewolf series
updated Things That Go Hump in the Night
    Summary: Walter has a late night visitor and things are never quite the same.

Tomorrow's Another Day
     Summary: Two lovers find their way back to each other
Wanna Play
    Summary: ?

What Coin So Precious
    Summary: Boy meets boy. Boy falls in love with boy. Boy loses boy.

So Precious a Coin
    Summary: Study interruptis.
 You Had the Answer
    Summary: Written for the Post Invasion Lyric Wheel. Warning: Character death.
 Answers From Beyond
    Summary: A sequel to You Had the Answers.

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