Title: Zenith Base
Author: Peach
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Fandom: Firefly
Pairings: Simon Tam & Jayne Cobb
Warnings: None.
Rating: NC17
Date: 7/18/04
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Disclaimer: The characters of Firefly belong to Josh Whedon and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended, no money is being made.
Summary: Simon discovers that some mercs are all bark.
NOTE: For Bill.


Zenith was misnamed as many of the planets in the 'verse were; it was flat – as far as the eye could see. Not a mountain or hill, just rolling fields. But it did have some advantages, the main one being no Alliance presence, plus plenty of places for a body to find entertainment.

Mal had decided that in light of the big haul they'd made in the last caper they could afford to stay for a week. Book and Kaylee had practically pushed Simon off the ship. River could go wandering with them in the tamer parts of town.

Jayne had disappeared as soon as the ramp was down. No one knew where. He had one of the small communication devices in case they needed to leave in less than a week. Otherwise, no one expected to see him during that time.

Mal intended to see to the needs of the ship first and then he planned some down time of his own. Zoe and Wash were shacked up in a hotel with deep bathtubs.

Simon figured that he could find a nice dining establishment and have real food for a change and then maybe a bookstore to browse. The eating went well. He actually ate more than usual because everything was wonderful.

As he wandered the streets, looking for entertainment, he enjoyed the fact that he had some money in his pocket for a change and he didn't have to look over his shoulder. He saw one brightly-lit establishment with men in fetish gear wandering in and out; he looked at the sign by the door and grinned.

Strutting up to the entrance, he sneered at the doorman and was gratified when the door was opened immediately. He strutted into the building, old habits coming back with ease. He made his way to one of the bars lining three of the walls and ordered a Master's Boy to drink.

As he sipped the drink, he began wandering toward one of the arches to another room. Most clubs of this nature had a main room for drinking and dancing, with each succeeding room becoming more intense and kinky.

He entered the next room to find about what he was expecting. He looked around at the men being serviced, the pretty boys on leashes, kneeling by rougher looking men. Here and there was an exception, a man of refined looks such as himself with some big bear of a man attending him.

Simon continued into the next room, to see boys being spanked, with bare hands, paddles, hair brushes, and here and there a belt or strap. He again scanned the room, finding no one who interested him.

He entered the next room, halting at the door to allow his eyes to adjust. The room was darker, than the prior one. The sounds of moans, pleas and flesh slapping against flesh reached him. When his eyes adjusted, he began touring the room.

There were many men in various states of dress. To one side, a roped off section was labeled 'Seeking', and other men looking over the ones inside. As he watched, one man spoke to another. A bargain was made and the seeker followed the other man out. Simon could only assume they were retiring to a private room.

Simon headed toward the area, determined to find a playmate for the evening. As he walked closer, three more men left the area with dates. He was almost at the barrier when he saw a familiar figure. Jayne was standing in the group, shirtless, his pants hanging low on his hips and his head lowered.

For a short moment, Simon considered leaving. Then he realized this might be his only chance to find out what the merc was like. He'd been attracted to Jayne for some time, but had never expected to do anything about it.

He moved forward, flanking Jayne's position. He waited until he was close before he spoke. "You there, with the beard." He could have used Jayne's name but felt that it was better if no one there knew their names.

Jayne's head rose. He looked momentarily surprised but then covered it. Stepping closer to the ropes he spoke in the softest voice Simon had ever heard him use. "Yes, Sir."

"I'm looking for companionship. I'll be here for several days; if things go well I might want to spend them all with you. Is that a possibility?"

"I guess that depends on whether or not you can give me what I need."

"I'm very talented, I'm sure I can give you all that you desire."

Jayne nodded, moved closer. "I have a private room."

"Lead the way."

Simon followed Jayne down a hallway and into a room. It was clean, with a large bed on one side, and all the normal trappings for BDSM play. There was another door that Simon figured led to a bathroom. Next to the bed was a table with assorted toys and several different types of lube.

Simon expected Jayne to say something but he remained silent. Simon walked over to look at the things laid out. They had the look of being well used but cared for. Simon felt respect for anyone who took good care of his equipment.

He sat on the edge of the bed and opened his pants. "Come to me, boy."

Jayne glanced at him before lowering his eyes once more. He took a step, "Not that way, show your subservience. Crawl."

Jayne immediately went down on all fours. Simon's dick rose as he watched the big man make his way across the floor. When he reached Simon, he waited again. Simon caressed his face.

"That was very good. I appreciate a boy who knows his place."

Simon pulled his cock from his pants and issued another order. "I've been long without anyone to ease my needs. Take the edge off for me and let me see how talented you are."

Jayne moved forward. "May I use my hands, Sir?"


Simon watched as long as he could. When the sensation got to be too intense, he closed his eyes and leaned back on trembling arms. Jayne was talented. Simon could tell that he enjoyed what he was doing. Very soon, Simon shot down Jayne's throat.

As Simon panted, he reached down to touch Jayne's face. "You did well, I am pleased."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Is there anything in particular you enjoy? Any triggers I need to avoid?"

"I want to serve, in any way you wish. Ain't had anybody do anything I couldn't take."



Simon caressed the rough cheek as he considered what he wanted to do. "Stand up, undress for me, slowly."

Jayne did as he was told. Simon's eyes lit up as all that glory was revealed. He stood and walked around the Jayne, taking in the tight body from all angles. Stopping in front of him, Simon reached out and hefted the heavy balls. He rolled them gently and then tightened on them, watching Jayne's eyes.

Simon's dick began to stir again as Jayne moaned. Jayne hardened. Simon let out his own moan as he admired the size of Jayne once he was fully erect.

"I sometimes allow my boys to service me, especially when they have such beautiful equipment. Will that be a problem for you?"

Jayne tried to suppress a grin, "No problem, Sir."

"Undress me."

Jayne undressed him efficiently; taking liberties by kissing exposed flesh as he worked. When Simon was naked, he issued another order. "Lie on the bed, on your stomach."

Jayne took the position he was told. Simon moved from corner to corner, securing Jayne's wrists and ankles. When that was finished, he picked up a hairbrush. Sitting next to Jayne, he rubbed the bristles over the skin of his ass. "Just going to warm you up a little before I fuck you for the first time."

Jayne sucked in his breath, but again was silent. Simon was impressed. He didn't know who had given Jayne training but they had done an excellent job. It was always the ones you didn't expect.

Flipping the brush over, he brought it down on Jayne's ass hard enough to make him jerk. "You may make noise if you like. It would pleasure me to hear you."

Jayne nodded. With the next blow, he let out a grunt. By the tenth he was groaning; on the twentieth he whimpered. Simon reversed the brush again. Running the rough bristles over the heated flesh, he smiled as something close to a sob issued from the man's throat.

The brush dropped, Simon slicked his cock, and then he crawled between Jayne's legs. One hard snap of his hips, and Simon was buried inside, feeling the heat rising from the red glow of Jayne's ass.

Nuzzling an ear, Simon told him. "You're going to give me hours of pleasure. In return I'll take you places you never dreamed you could go."

Rising up, Simon took the pleasure he'd talked about, driving into Jayne over and over until he stiffened and flooded Jayne with come. Simon panted against Jayne's throat.

When he'd calmed, he released Jayne from the restraints, ordered him to turn over. Jayne let out another grunt as his sensitive ass touched the bed. Simon grinned at him and bent to pull Jayne's dick into his mouth.

The big merc screamed like a girl as he came down Simon's throat. Simon smiled as he held the swooning man close. He soon drifted into a peaceful sleep.


They barely left the room during the week. When the radios went off, Jayne was so engrossed in fucking Simon for the first time that he didn't even hear it. Simon grabbed for his and answered, rather breathlessly. "Yes, Captain?"

"You ever coming back to the ship, Doc?"

"I'm in the middle of something here. I should be finished soon. I know where Jayne is, I'll pick him up on the way back."

"You okay, Doc? You sound all hot and bothered."

Simon managed to stifle a squeak as Jayne hammered into his prostate. "I'm fine, just busy. I'll be back at the ship soon."

"See you then."

He turned off the radio and then growled, "I'm going to punish you for that one, Jayne."

"Yes, Sir, whatever you say."

Simon couldn't see it but he could definitely feel the smirk. Later, as they started to leave the club, Simon stopped at a shop near the private room. He ordered Jayne to wait outside for him. Jayne was no longer in sub mode, so as soon as Simon came out with a package he got pushy.

"What did you buy?"

"I decided you need adornment."

"Got tattoos."

"This is adornment that will give me pleasure."

"What are you talking about?"

"You'll see. Tonight when the others are asleep, I want you to meet me in the infirmary."


"You offered yourself to me. Have you changed your mind?"

"No, I just think that we ought to keep this from Mal and the others."

"I won't flaunt you. But River probably already knows."

"Yeah, but she'll not tell if she knows you don't want her to."

"Relax, give the control to me. You won't be sorry."

Jayne looked at Simon with something close to worship. He nodded, and headed toward the ship.

River greeted them with smiles. She even kissed Jayne on the cheek, surprising the hell out of him. Then she pulled Simon off to show him the new dress she had bought. Jayne didn't see him again until dinner. Simon made sure they ended up next to each other at the table.

After dinner, they all sat talking for a long time; a week apart gave them plenty of conversation material. It was late before everyone went to bed. Jayne followed his instructions and entered the infirmary to find Simon all sterile and gloved.

"Undress and get on the table."

Jayne complied. Simon covered most of his body, leaving his crotch out in the open. Jayne felt the pain of the injection. He twisted, trying to see what Simon was doing.

"If you don't stay still, I'm going to put you out."

"I'm nervous."

"I wouldn't do anything that would seriously injure you."

"I know that. I just want to know what you're doing down there."

Simon held up an object that looked like two pearls with a connecting strip of wire. "I'm going to put a frenum ladder down your dick. They'll rub my prostate when I let you fuck me."

"I did good? You like it?"

"Ah, Jayne, for a big, strong man you sure have a small ego."

"Not sure what that means. Can't you just tell me if I did it good?"

"You did it excellently. And these will make it even more excellent. Now, will you be quiet and let me work before the medication wears off."

Jayne nodded and Simon wanted to bend down and kiss the smiling lips. He refrained, remembering what Jayne had said about kissing on the mouth.

Simon hummed a little tune as he altered his lover's cock. When they were all in place, he wrapped it. Then he moved to Jayne's nipples and pierced each of them. He'd considered piercing his sac but decided to wait. If they stayed together, he'd do that on their anniversary.

"No jacking off until I say you're healed."

"You mean you're gonna let me still do that?"

"Jayne, I'm not going to deprive you of having a good time when I can't be around for you. And here on the ship we won't have the privacy to do all the things we did back there."

"That mean we ain't fucking?"

"Just until you heal. After that… you don't think I'm going to deprive myself of your hot ass, do you?"

"I weren’t sure."

"Be sure. You belong to me now. Don't forget that."

The smile was back and Simon thought to hell with it. He bent and kissed Jayne. He was very pleased when Jayne's hand slipped up around his neck; when Simon pulled back, Jayne's eyes stayed close.

"Better get you back to your bunk, before I forget that you shouldn't be getting a hard-on right now."


Jayne allowed Simon to steady him. He went back to his bunk, still smiling. His life had definitely taken a turn for the better.


Jayne waited nervously as Simon unwrapped his dick. He'd followed the aftercare orders to the letter, not wanting to delay his recovery. Simon had found many occasions over the week that he was healing to let Jayne know that he would get to use his newly ornamented equipment to delight his lover.

He watched as the last part of the wrapping was removed. Simon's fingers skimmed over his dick, sending a shiver through Jayne's body. Simon grinned up at him. "Do I need to jack you off first so I'll have a chance to enjoy these?"

"I can go more than once."

"I'm going to hold you to that. Undress me."

Simon continued to stroke Jayne, as he was undressed.

"Feels strange, Simon."

"You'll get used to it."

When he was naked, he moved to get the lube. Squirting a generous amount on his hand, Simon coated Jayne.

"Get on the bed with your back against the wall."

Jayne took the position Simon had indicated. Simon straddled him. "Hold your dick steady for me."

Jayne gripped himself at the base, squeezing hard to slow himself down. Simon moved until he was poised above Jayne's cock. Once the head breached him, he pulled Jayne's hand from between them.

Dropping hard, he sighed with pleasure as the beads rolled along his prostate. "Jayne, I'm going to ride you. Hold on for me as long as you can."

Jayne nodded. He wrapped his hands around Simon's hips. Concentrating on the feelings, Simon rose up and allowed himself to drop hard again. He didn't bottom often but when he did, he liked it hard and fast.

As the sensations built, Simon moved faster and Jayne thrust upward as much as possible. The two of them rocked together. Jayne's fingers dug deep into Simon's hips, leaving bruises that Simon would admire for a week.


"Let it go, Jayne, I'm going to be right behind you."

Jayne pushed up, as he pulled Simon down and held him in place. Simon felt the heat of Jayne's come filling him. Grabbing his own cock, Simon twisted it almost savagely; his come splashed on Jayne's chest. He dropped his head to rest on Jayne's shoulder and the two gasped for air.

Simon smiled as Jayne nuzzled his throat. Pulling back, he kissed his lover, gently.

"Was it good, Simon?"

"Beyond good." Simon dropped his head back to the strong shoulder once more. "You please me very much, Jayne."

"I'm glad. I want to make you feel as good as you make me."

"Don't worry, Jayne, you do."

The room was silent as the two men dozed together. Later when they woke, Simon would let Jayne control the action. It would be a long time before either man would admit that they were in love. But for now, admitting to being in lust wasn't a bad start.

The end

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