Title: Ursus, Canis and Rattus
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek/Doggett
Warnings: This story contains m/m sexual relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date: 05/23/02
Archive: Ask, I might.
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Doggett and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: PWP but if you guys nag it will probably become yet another series.
NOTES: Thanks to Josan as always. This is for Julie cause she promised me slavery in return. And boy is she in trouble now.


Walter looked up from the report he was reading to see Agent Doggett lounging in the doorway.

"John, I thought you had gone home."

"I was headed that way. Did you forget to charge your cell phone?"

"No. It's turned off. I was trying to get this report finished."

"That explains it. The switchboard wouldn't put through a call either."

"I told them not to disturb me. Why?"

"Alex called me on my cell. He said if we aren't home in forty-five minutes or less, he's throwing our dinner out and going downstairs to seduce the night security guard."

Walter leaned back in his chair and grinned.

"Bruno is so straight he'd drop kick Alex's butt across the park."

"I don't know about that, Walt. He got us in bed, didn't he? And I would have sworn neither of us would ever even kiss a guy much less fuck one."

Walter chuckled softly, "You've got a point, guess we'd better get home. Don't want anyone else getting a piece of that cute ass."

Walter put the report away before getting up and joining his lover at the door. He hooked an arm around John and gave him a quick kiss before grabbing his coat.

In the parking garage, John decided to leave his car and ride home with Walter. They could come get his car in the morning. They made it in record time. Opening the front door, Walter was knocked back into John as a beautiful, naked, green-eyed man jumped to wrap himself around Walter's tall frame.

John laughed as Walter staggered forward into the room, trying to keep his feet as his mouth was devoured. John followed them in and closed the door, locking it carefully behind them. He reached out and managed to get Walter's overcoat off him without interrupting the kiss.

He hung both coats in the entry closet before grabbing Walt and guiding him and his handful toward the stairs. When Alex finally came up for air, John grinned at him over Walter's shoulder.

"Missed us, did you?"

"What do you think?"

Alex reached to pull John toward him, kissing him just as passionately as he had Walter. Walter kept himself amused by slipping a finger into an already lubed ass as he kneaded the cheeks he was holding.

When they broke apart, Walter spoke, "Mind if we take this upstairs? I'd like to get naked before my cock busts my zipper."

John and Alex both laughed as Walter started up the stairs, Alex still clinging to him with John holding Walter's hips to offer additional stability. In the bedroom, Walter lowered Alex to the floor and both he and John enjoyed the show as Alex stripped the duvet back and jumped into the middle of the big bed.

John just beat Walter getting undressed and in the bed because he threw his clothes in a heap and Walter took time to fold his trousers and hang up his suit jacket.

Walter stood beside the bed watching John and Alex kiss. As usual, Alex was toying with one of John's ears as they kissed. A habit John often bitched about but did nothing concrete to stop. He dropped his hand to grip his cock and stroke it slowly as he continued to watch.

They broke apart for air and Alex grinned up at Walter, "Sergei, you gonna stand there and jerk off on us or get in the bed."

"Either option has its rewards." Walter's grin was downright lecherous.

"Walt, get your ass in this bed." Doggett had perfected his imitation of Walter's AD growl.

"Who wants the middle?"

Alex reached out and yanked on Walter's arm causing him to land half on top of them.

"I think it's my turn, Sergei. Now get in here!"

"So demanding. Anyone would think you like me fucking you."

"Walt, I think most people would like having you fuck them. Now put it in him before he turns feral, I'd like to get through the night without teeth marks." John told him happily.

Alex grinned as he leaned to latch onto Doggett's throat. Walter chuckled as he pulled off them and sat on the side of the bed long enough to grab two condoms. He covered his cock quickly, then twisted around to roll the other one down over Alex's.

Reaching for the lube, he coated two fingers and worked them up inside John as the moan changed to keening. Alex was making sure John would be sporting one hell of a hickey the next day.

"Alex, let him go so we can get into position."

Alex made a loud sucking noise as he let John's flesh loose. Alex scooted over giving John more room to get to his knees while Walter stuck the pillow under the slender hips to raise John for Alex. When Alex got on his knees behind John, it was Walter's hand that guided him inside their lover.

John pulled another pillow to him and used it to raise his chest slightly. He sighed as Alex slowly worked his way inside. Walter bent down and nuzzled a Doggett ear before he moved to take his position behind Alex.

John knew when Walter pushed into Alex by the breathy whimper and the trembling of the hand resting on his hip. Both men loved being fucked by Walter. Although John had been terrified the first time.


John had been a virgin his first time with Alex. And they had been fucking each other on a semi-regular basis for about three months before he found out that Alex had been fucking Walter for years. He might still be ignorant of that fact if he hadn't been called Sergei one morning before Alex was completely awake.

The explosion and subsequent separation had led to Walter inviting John over for dinner one night. John would find out later that Alex and Walter had worked out terms between them years before. Walter had known the next day about Alex seducing him. Alex was always up front with Walter about the other people he fucked.

After a quiet dinner, Walter had employed his own methods of seduction. John was naked, greased up, and rock hard before he saw the size of the man getting ready to fuck him. He was wondering if he could back out without pissing Walter off when he heard a voice from the doorway.

"Don't worry, John. He'll take it easy. He knows you've only been with me."

Walter had turned around to grin at Alex, "You almost missed the floor show. I thought you were going to be here by nine. I started without you."

"So, I see. Your ass lubed?"

"Not yet. I like you to do it."

John had watched in shock as Alex shucked his clothes and walked over to the bed. He had moved between Walter's legs and John watched fascinated as Walter squeezed lube onto Alex's fingers. Walter's head had dropped back, his eyes closing as Alex got him ready.

That night it had been Alex who guided Walter to John's hole. Walter had rocked back and forth slowly, working a little more of his cock inside John with each forward movement. Alex's eyes had been bright as he watched John's change and darken with the pleasure of having something that big push inside him.

When Walter was in to the hilt, Alex moved closer and slid smoothly inside him. Walter's moan was rich and loud in the quiet room. Alex's mouth had dropped to suck a mark on Walter's neck as they all stayed still for a long minute.

Then Alex let go of Walter's neck, "Fuck him, Sergei. He's got a great ass."

Walter had proceeded to do as he was told. His every movement strong as he worked himself between the two bodies in his bed. When the pitch of Walter's moans changed, Alex began thrusting forward with each backward movement of Walter's body, making sure to give Walter every inch.

"Sergei, he's close. Stroke him and let him come first."

Walter shifted to get a hand around Doggett's cock. He worked up and down the shaft, long hard pumps to bring John off. Alex had begun sucking on Walter's throat again and John found himself amazed at how the sight turned him on.

"Come for us, John. Show Sergei how hard you can clamp down when you come."

"Jesus, fuck!"

John's come shot into the air and Sergei gasped as the muscles locked down on him. Alex smiled as he felt Walter tighten as he started to come.


Walter jerked and clamped down on Alex. Alex whispered both their names as he came hard inside Walter. It was Alex who had cleaned them up and pushed them under the covers.

John woke up with Walter curled around him the next morning. Blue eyes stared into brown, a hint of fear showing.

"Where's Alex?"

"He's gone out to get us breakfast. We flipped a coin and I lost."


"Yeah. I get to try and convince you that we can continue what was started last night or that we can go back to the way it was but now you will know that he loves me, too."

"Loves? He's never said that."

"He hasn't said it to me either but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel it. Look, John, I wasn't real thrilled when he started seeing you. But he never lied to me about it. And as time went by and he still came to me with no diminishing of what we shared, I accepted that he needed you."

"Well, he lied to me. I wasn't as open minded when he called me Sergei. Is that a pet name?"

"No, it's my middle name. Russian grandparents. How did he lie? By not saying 'Oh, by the way, I sleep with your boss when I'm in town'. He told me because I smelled you on him and because from the beginning I've accepted that he sleeps with other people. The women bother me more than the men."

"Ah, Jesus."

"John, don't make any decisions right now. Give yourself time to think about it. He loves us. And there is something he gets from each of us that he doesn't from the other. Personally I think he's worth compromising for."

"So, what was last night about?"

"Alex hoped you would enjoy me enough to think a three-way would work. I've never been in the middle. I have to tell you it was pretty fantastic."

"You two haven't done this before?"

"No. Until last night, Alex is the only man I've ever had sex with. I was married, remember?"

"Me, too."

"You seemed to be having a good time. Was I wrong?"

"No it was good, weird but good. Guess I could win the 'How big is it' pool at the Hoover now."

Walter snorted.

"Who's holding the pot? And how high is it?"

"Last I heard it was up to about five hundred. Brown down in accounting has it stashed in an account somewhere."

"Let me know when it hits a thousand and I'll go see Brown to collect."

John looked at the wicked gleam in Walter's eyes and realized that he had a good sense of humor hidden under the façade he wore at work.

"Sergei, I don't think I want Brown seeing my toys."

They turned to see Alex leaning in the doorway, smiling at them.

"I wouldn't let her play with them, Lexi. She's definitely not my type."

"You have a type?"

"I think I may have two, now. That is if he's willing to give it a shot."

"He's still here and he hasn't pushed you away. Or did you fail to notice that?"

"I noticed but I figured it was just the sexual harassment thing. Doesn't want to piss off the boss."

"Will you two quit tag teaming me. Let me up, you big bear, I need to piss."

Alex chuckled as John threw back the covers and crawled over Walter. His eyes didn't miss the way John hesitated for just a scant moment before he brushed Walter's lips with his. The kiss he gave Alex on the way out just a little longer.

Alex went to sit next to Walter, letting Walter pull him down into a kiss.

"Think he's going to give it a try?"

"I hope so, Sergei. Last night was all my wet dreams of the two of you made real. Did you like being in the middle?"

"It was so intense. You know I love having you fuck me, but being inside John while you did me it was…I don't know how to explain."

"You don't have to. Maybe later the two of you can show me."

"You want to be in the middle, Alex? I thought maybe you two would let me be in the middle next time."

Alex turned to look at John, hope, fear and joy all flitting through his eyes.

"You'd want to?"

"I make no promises, Alex, but if Walt wants to try, I will, too."

"Breakfast first, I need coffee. Then a shower, then we'll see about both of you getting a shot in the middle."

"Alex, please tell me those things they say about bald men aren't true."

"Sorry, John Boy. Sergei can go all day and all night."

The end?

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