Title: The Day the World Turned Purple
Author: Peach
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Fandom: Smallville
Pairings: Clark/Lex
Warnings: None.
Rating: NC17
Date: 11/16/04
Archive: If it's posted to your list, it's yours.
Disclaimer: Smallville is the property of Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Tollin-Robbins Productions, and Warner Bros. Television, and based upon characters originally created by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster. This story is just for the entertainment not for profit.
Summary: Sequel to Ivory Tower. For the CLFF Wave 10 University Life. Pranks.
Beta: DrkCherry and MlleElizabeth any remaining errors are all mine.


Clark had rolled in late the night before. He'd gone to the penthouse to study and ended up falling asleep after he and Lex got busy with more strenuous activity. When the fire died and the room grew cold, Lex's shivering woke him.

If he hadn't had an early class he would have just stayed at Lex's overnight. When the alarm rang he nearly batted it across the room. Rising, he grabbed his robe and his toiletry kit to head for the shower.

He was in such a hurry that he didn't notice the difference in the shampoo. He certainly noticed when he stepped from the shower to find that his hair was now a lovely shade of purple.


"Hey, Kent, great look. Did Luthor ask you to do that?"

"Fuck off!"

A snicker greeted that. "Snappy comeback. I would have thought that Luthor had improved your vocabulary. But then I guess he isn't seeing you for your English skills."

Clark charged past him to his dorm room. Grabbing a baseball cap, he pulled it down on his head, hoping it would keep people from noticing. Pulling out his dresser drawer, he screeched when he found nothing but purple silk bikini underwear.

What the fuck was going on here? He knew it couldn't have been Lex, they'd been together all afternoon and evening. In less than two minutes, he'd discovered that everything in his closet except his jeans had been died purple. He had a choice of shades based on the fabric, but still nothing but purple.

His sock drawer revealed the same thing. Damn! It had to be Chloe. Only she was devious enough to do this to him. Plus, she was the only one to have a key to his room.

Well, at least she'd done his laundry. He dressed and ran toward his first class. Slipping in, he hoped that the instructor wouldn't notice he was late. The man was notorious for asking difficult questions of people who arrived late, usually something that hadn't been covered yet.

"Mr. Kent, so kind of you to join us. Can you tell me…"

He was so going to kill Chloe.

He managed to get through most of the day without too many comments. A few people didn't say anything because they liked him; others kept quiet because you never knew how Luthor would act to having his boy toy picked on.

Chloe was conspicuously absent from all the places he usually saw her. At the end of the day, he began a methodical search for her, finally tracking her down in the yearbook office.

"Chloe Sullivan, I could kill you."

She gave him an innocent 'who me' look, but couldn't last when he pulled off the cap. Her giggles echoed through the room. He charged toward her, she dodged to the left, dancing out the door, then sprinted across the quad.

Lex watched as Clark ran past him after her, a bemused expression on his face. His boyfriend had purple hair. That's all he could think as he watched Chloe laughing as she evaded Clark over and over.

Lex knew Clark was letting her get away. In the time they'd been sleeping together he'd put together many things about his lover. Clark could practically fly, a fact Lex knew from the time Clark had crossed the lawn at the mansion to keep him from landing on his ass when he slipped from the patio wall while putting up a banner for Clark's birthday.

He leaned back against his car and waited for the friends to wind down. Finally, Chloe feigned left; Clark sped up the barest bit and grabbed her swinging her into his arms. The two friends grinned at each other as they panted for air.

Lex sauntered over to them and spoke to Chloe.

"Chloe, should I thank you for getting him out of primary colors?"

Clark turned and placed a still laughing Chloe on her feet. He grinned at Lex, reached out and pulled him into a hug with Chloe.

"Only she would dare, Lex. You know that."

"I must say I think the hair is a bit overkill, but I approve of the tee shirt."

"Wait until you see what she stuffed my underwear drawer with." Clark immediately blushed when he'd realized he'd said that loud enough for most of the students around them to hear.

"Let me go you brute, I have a date, and it looks like you do, too."

Clark released her, and as she headed back toward the building Lex called out to her. "Does this stuff wash out?"

"Six shampoos, guaranteed."

Lex shook his head as she waved over her shoulder. "Come on, Clark, we'll go pick up a big bottle of shampoo."

Clark followed Lex to his car ignoring the stares; for once, it was his hair and not the fact that he was with Lex Luthor that was getting him stared at. He jumped into the car next to Lex and allowed himself to be whisked away.

Lex headed for the penthouse and they rode up in the private elevator. "So, does she often do things like this to you?"

"Not in a while. I think she was subtlety reminding me that she's around. I haven't spent much time with her lately."

"That's my fault."

"No, it's mine. I'd rather be with you these days. If she were in a relationship, she'd be gone all the time, too."

"Still, you've been friends for a long while. Why don't we take her out clubbing?"

"Because we couldn't act like we normally do in straight clubs."

"Clark, she might enjoy a gay club and we wouldn't fuck where she might see us anyway."

"We wouldn't?" Clark asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, we wouldn't, just like I wouldn't fuck you at your parents house. I find being with you makes me more respectable."

"Lex Luthor, as I live and breathe, that is a word I never thought you'd say in conjunction with yourself."

"Well, I could haul out the cliché and say 'you make me want to be a better man'. But movie quotes are so cheap. I want your parents to one day be proud that you are with me."

"Oh, Lex."

Clark pulled him close for a kiss. The doors opened, Clark lifted Lex and carried him toward the door using his x-ray vision to keep on course as he continued the kiss.

This was another thing Lex had grown used to, being carried around; Clark did it with distressing frequency. Or so he told him. Secretly, he was thrilled to have such a strong lover; it made it all the sweeter when Clark gave him control.

Clark released him to allow Lex to open the door. Clark lifted him again to head toward the bathroom. He knew there was enough shampoo left for at least one good scrub.

Clark set Lex down to allow him to undress as he ripped his own clothes off. When he got to the underwear, Lex signaled for him to do a turn for him.

"I must find out where she got those. You'd look good in a black pair."

"Lex, they barely cover my dick."

"Yeah, I noticed." Lex leered at him and let his tongue loll from his mouth.

Clark's dick responded and the slip of purple was suddenly obscene. The uncut head and a good two inches of Clark's cock peeked over the edge. Lex crooked his finger in a come here gesture, and when Clark was close enough Lex rubbed the slit with his thumb.

Clark was pretty sure it would be a while before they got around to washing his hair. Lex hooked two fingers in the waistband of the briefs and tugged down sharply. Clark gasped as the elastic was snapped across the base of his dick, trapping his balls inside.

"You look so hot in these. I hate the baggy boxers you normally wear."

"They're comfortable."

"But they don't turn me on the way these do." Lex squeezed the head of Clark's dick for emphasis.

Clark reached out for Lex but Lex danced away. "You want me farm boy? Then come and get me."

Lex slipped around Clark as he stood there looking shocked. So Lex wanted to play, he could do that. Lex had taught him that sex was more than sticking it in and humping like a male dog. Lex made him laugh aloud during sex, made him cry with need, and beg as pretty as any spoiled little pup ever did.

He chased Lex through the penthouse, almost, but not quite catching him several times. He was mindful of the way his cock was bobbing above the pushed down bikinis. But he knew that just excited Lex more. Lex loved to watch Clark move, especially when he was naked.

Finally, Lex deliberately tripped and allowed Clark to grab him and carry them both down onto the extra wide sofa. The sofa arrived in the penthouse shortly after Clark spent the night for the first time. When questioned, Lex told him he wanted something they could snuggle on comfortably. Of course, snuggling wasn't the only thing that went on there.

Clark held Lex down and sucked on his nipples. "Stop!"

"Say uncle."

"Never, a Luthor never gives in." Lex grinned as Clark attacked his nipple once more, this time using his teeth lightly.


"Say it."

"Never, I tell you, never."

Clark held Lex tightly and scooted down to attack his belly button. Lex had a delightful innie that Clark loved to rim. He waited until Lex was writhing to demand again.

"Say uncle."

"You can ravage me all night, I'll never say it."

"Never say never." Clark told him before moving just enough to push his tongue into the leaking slit of Lex's dick. Lex made a delightful purring sound as Clark lapped up the nectar.

"Don't! Stop!"

"You need to say the magic word if you want me to stop."

"That word will never pass my lips, infidel."

"Ah, I do love a man who stands by his principles. Too bad it is going to cost you so dearly."

Clark bent just a little more and Lex slid into his throat. Sucking cock was something he excelled at, maybe because he loved everything about it. He loved the taste, the feel, the smell, and especially the way Lex writhed and whimpered as he sucked him dry.

Lex's body arched as Clark took him in to the root. No one had ever sucked him off the way that Clark could. He knew that if one day he screwed this up and Clark left him that he'd spend the rest of his life remembering this.

"Uncle, uncle, uncle." Lex screamed as he emptied down Clark's throat.

Clark grinned around the still hard flesh as he continued to suck until Lex's moans changed from sated to over sensitized. Then he allowed the softened dick to slip from his mouth. Crawling up to lie next to Lex he pulled him close, waiting for Lex to come down.

Lex nuzzled Clark's throat, as he slowly became aware again. "Damn you, Clark Kent."

"You know that would carry a little more threat if you didn't purr as you said it."

"I don't purr."

"I beg to differ, you purr, a lot."

"Shut up, and get us to the bathroom. We need to get your hair back to normal."

"We don't have enough shampoo for six washings."

"I'll call down and have someone go and get some more. Go start the shower." Lex watched as Clark left the room and then yelled down the hallway. "And no playing with my toys in there."

"Aye, mon capitaine."

"Don't be cheeky, boy."

Clark laughed and reached back to yank down on the back of the underwear. Lex made his call and then headed toward the shower. Clark was inside lathering his hair. Lex stood for a long moment and just watched as the soapsuds slipped down that beautiful body.

"Well are you coming in to play with your toys?"

"Just wash your hair, smart ass."

"Oh, my ass thanks you."

"It'll be thanking me alright." Lex warned.

He stepped into the shower and squeezed a generous portion of the soft soap onto his fingers. Clark moaned as two slender digits entered his hole, his head dropped back as he forgot everything but the magical things Lex was doing to his ass.

That was another thing Lex had learned. Clark gave a whole new meaning to the term ass play. Clark didn't have just one spot that was sensitive. His body had a deep spot that caused him to convulse but the area just inside was sensitive in it's own way. Lex had made him come on many occasions just from rimming him deeply.

But using his fingers as he was at that moment brought the most delightful reactions. Lex fingered Clark until his knees began to give out. Wrapping one arm around Clark, he held him tightly as he slicked his dick and rammed home.

The first time he hit that spot and Clark jerked he was unprepared and they ended up on the floor. Since that time, he made sure he was anchored. He peeked over Clark's shoulder and watched as Clark painted the tile.

Easing out slightly he drove in again, hitting the spot harder. Clark's gasp echoed from the tile as his ass tightened on Lex. Lex grunted as Clark milked another orgasm from him.

The two then slid to the floor as the water continued to rain down on them. It was hours, at least it seemed that way, before either of them could move. Clark rinsed his hair and then lifted Lex to carry him to bed.

Lex snuggled on Clark's shoulder and slipped into sleep. Clark was awake for a while longer, thinking that soon he would need to tell Lex the truth. Lex had made off hand comments about his differences, but had never asked outright.

Clark had learned enough to figure out that Lex was afraid of driving him away. Clark decided that he was hopelessly in love; probably for the one and only time he ever would be, so it was time to let Lex in. Time to put aside the fear and grab onto this man.

Clark drifted to sleep secure in Lex's feelings and trying to figure out the best way to say, "I'm an alien; do you want to get married?"

But that is a story for another day.

The end.





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