Title: Make Me, Fake Me
Author: Peach
Email address: Geopea@wildmail.com
Fandom: Smallville
Pairings: Clark/Lex
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationships and sex
Rating: Hard R
Date: 11/29/02
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Disclaimer: Smallville is the property of Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Tollin-Robbins Productions, and Warner Bros. Television, and based upon characters originally created by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster. This story is just for the entertainment not for profit.
Summary: Lex thinks Clark is an innocent, but Clark is really, really kinky and dominant. While he doesn't have physical experience, he does have Internet experience. He knows what makes him hot. Prequel to Break Me, Take Me.
NOTE: For Elaine, Happy Birthday. Thanks to Bill for the beta.

Excerpt from Holy Sonnet 14 by John Donne

Take me to you, imprison me, for I,
Except you enthrall me, never shall be free,
Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me.

Clark had become used to entering the castle at any time he wished, day or night. Lex had made it clear to the staff that he was always welcome so, the most they did was smile at the beautiful boy as he passed them. He had his hearing turned up just enough to locate Lex, and headed to the media room.

Opening the door quietly, in case Lex was busy, he stopped dead in the doorway. Lex was sitting in a big leather chair, leg thrown over the arm, his pants open. Clark stared as Lex stroked his cock slowly. There was a light sheen of sweat on the bald head resting back against the chair and when Lex spoke, Clark startled until he noticed the headset Lex was wearing.

"Yes, I'm doing it… Just as you said… I'm so hot…It'd feel better if you were up my ass right now."

Clark's breath hitched in his chest. He had ignored the occasional remark Chloe had made about Lex and his lavender shirts. After all, Lex had spent time with Victoria, fuck he'd gotten married. And now here he sat jerking off and talking about taking it up the ass.

Clark had been aware of that ass for some time. The wet dreams he'd been having told him just how aware. It was ironic really, that he had mooned over Lana and now that Whitney was out of the picture, he no longer dreamed of her.

He watched silently as Lex continued to stroke his cock. The sounds coming from Lex, and the sight of him jacking his dick combined to send the blood rushing to Clark’s cock, resulting in a very hard young man.

"Yeah, I want it…Want your big hard cock in my ass…You know I do…Love it when you throw me down and force me…Take me hard…Fuck me!"

Clark shoved his fist in his mouth to keep from making a sound as he watched Lex's come shoot into the air. The odor reached him and he backed out of sight around the doorframe. Breathing deeply to get even more of the smell of sex, Clark gripped his cock cruelly to keep from coming in his pants.

He could hear Lex's breathing slow down. Then Lex spoke again.

"I need more than a phone call…Tonight?.. I can be in Metropolis and at the club around nine…New toys?.. I love new toys…No I can't…I can't risk it, he means too much to me… Besides, he'd probably run if he knew what I like, the boy is pure white bread, we're talking driven snow…I'll see you later."

White bread, driven snow? Could Lex be talking about him?

Clark listened to the sounds of clothing rustling and took several more deep breaths to pull in the smell of Lex's come. Using his x-ray vision he made sure Lex was clothed. Clark moved quietly down the hall, making plenty of noise as he approached the door.

"Lex, you in there?"

He walked into the room just as Lex was putting down the phone headset on the table. He looked up and smiled.

"Clark, I was just thinking about you. How's it going?"

"I need a favor."

Clark couldn't believe he was going to do this. But he had to know where Lex was going, who he was meeting, and what kinds of toys he was going to play with.

"Sure, Clark. What is it?"

"I want to go into Metropolis to the main library. I have some research to do and they don't have the books I want at our local one."

"I'd be glad to take you. I have some business to take care of there tonight, but I'm not sure what time I'll be coming home."

"That's fine, I can take the bus home. So when should I be ready to go?"

"We can leave any time. I'd be glad to buy you some dinner."

"I should go home and change if we're going to dinner."

"I need to shower and change myself. Why don't you take one of the cars and then come back for me when you're ready?"

"Any car I want?"

Lex grinned, fairly sure he knew which one Clark would pick. He hadn't driven the new Ferrari, yet.

"Any one."

"Whoo hoo! See you in a half hour."

Clark turned and ran at a normal pace to the garage. Lex picked up the house line to let the staff know to give Clark the keys.

Less than an hour later they were on the way to Metropolis. Clark had showered and changed into his Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes minus a tie. Lex couldn't help but wish he were free to dress the boy. That little foray with his parent's cards and the expensive clothes had shown Lex just how sexy Clark could look.

He let Clark drive. Clark enjoyed the way the car purred for him. Once they hit Metropolis, Lex directed Clark to one of his favorite restaurants. Clark slid from the car and the valet took it away.

They arrived inside in time to hear the Hostess turn a couple away. Clark was preparing mentally to go somewhere else because he didn't think Lex had reservations.

"Mr. Luthor, so nice to see you. It's been too long."

"Hello, Rita. Can you make room for us tonight?"

"We always have room for you, Mr. Luthor. Is it just the two of you tonight?"

"Yes. I'd like a table where we can have a little privacy."

"Of course, Mr. Luthor. I just came on, let me just check and see what's open."

She hurried across the main room and Clark waited next to Lex feeling under dressed. The hostess was soon back and led the way to a secluded corner with curtained booths. Lex slid into the booth toward the center of the horseshoe and Clark followed suit, leaving about two feet of space between them.

"I'll send over your usual, Mr. Luthor. What would you like to drink, Sir?"


"Clark is still too young to drink. We wouldn't want to endanger your license. Just have a coke sent for him."

Lex noticed the irritation on Clark's face but he didn't care. Rita had been looking predatorily at *his* Clark. His tone had been a warning against losing more than their liquor license. She gave Lex a startled look, but quickly recovered.

"Of course, Mr. Luthor. Enjoy your dinner."

Rita beat a hasty retreat as Lex turned to smile at Clark.

"This place serves really good seafood, Clark. Would you like to try lobster?"

"What was that about?"

"What do you mean, Clark?"

"Why didn't you just order me a Roy Rogers like my parents used to do? You certainly couldn't have made me sound more like a child."

"I'm sorry, Clark. I just didn't want to get into trouble with your folks for letting an older woman seduce you."

"What? You're joking, right?"

"She was ogling you. Your mother wouldn't approve."

"Contrary to popular opinion, my mother does not make all my decisions."

"Bet she picked out that suit."

Clark blushed but didn't say another word. The drinks arrived and they moved on to have a pleasant conversation. Clark noticed the waiter eyeing Lex but didn't speak of it since Lex seemed to be oblivious.

When they left the restaurant Lex drove straight to the library.

"Thanks for the ride and the delicious dinner."

"You're welcome, Clark. You have my cell number if you have any problems, right?"

"Yes, Lex. I'll try and stay out of trouble."

Lex chuckled and watched as Clark got out of the car. Putting it in gear he drove away. Good thing the club served drinks, he would need something to keep him busy until his *date* arrived. Lex never noticed that Clark was keeping up with him along the sidewalks near by. A few people felt the breeze as Clark ran by but no one really noticed him.

Clark watched as Lex drove up and gave his car to a valet. The name on a small discreet sign by the door said simply Uranus Gentlemen's Club. The doorman looked down his nose as he told Clark that only members and gentlemen with invitations were allowed. So, Clark took up a position in a dark doorway across the street and waited.

For the next four hours he watched men enter and leave. Some seemed to be in a lot of discomfort on exiting the building. With his enhanced vision he could see that a few had marks showing at wrist and bruises on their throats. Some looked as though they had been crying.

When Lex finally emerged he was with a tall man. Clark stared as he realized the man resembled him a good deal, same build, black hair. They were laughing about something and the man reached to place a chaste kiss on Lex's cheek. Clark didn't even realize he had made a growling noise.

Lex glanced toward the doorway Clark was hidden in, and asked his companion a question. The man smiled and shook his head. Then he turned as a car was driven out of the garage. Clark heard him tell Lex to call anytime before he got into his car.

It was only a few seconds later that Lex's car was brought out. Clark watched as Lex moved slowly around and eased into the car. As he reached to place his hands on the wheel, Clark saw the bruising around the pale wrist.

He stood silently for a long time after Lex drove away trying to figure out what Lex came to this place for. Finally, he turned and ran for home.

Sunday, while his parents were visiting at the home for the aged, Clark went surfing. He found a Website for the club Lex had visited on Friday night. It was quite a revelation all on it's own. The main page read:

Uranus Gentlemen's Club.

The place for the discerning gentleman to indulge his kinks.

We have all the amenities: including private rooms and public play spaces. Any toys you may need will be supplied for a small fee. We also have in house staff if you wish to play with a professional or you may invite a guest.

After that there were links to pictures of different private rooms, everything from a room that looked as if it came from the Spanish Inquisition, to something from the Arabian Nights. He read the lists of available equipment and was shocked when he felt the heat building in him. He turned quickly and directed it at the logs in the fireplace. The resulting fire burned so hot and so quickly he had to open all the windows and doors in the house to release the heat.

Over the next few days he surfed whenever his parents weren't around. And on Wednesday he made a run into Metropolis, to a store he had located while trolling the net. He had asked Lex to lend him money and Lex had done so, no questions asked.

Thursday, when his parents were gone to the farmers market, Clark made sure he knew how to use everything he had purchased. During his research he had read articles from many Doms and also a few from a clinical point of view. He didn't want to hurt Lex;… well, no more than Lex wanted to be hurt anyway.

For most of the week he had been sporting a hard-on that wouldn't quit. Good thing he had all those long shirts to hide it, because he couldn't always take the time to jerk off. He had even taken the time to write down what he thought he might say to Lex and posted it to a gay sex list to gauge the reaction. From the feedback he'd received, he modified parts, dropping some things and adding others.

When Friday rolled around he was ready. Everything carefully packed in his backpack, he headed for Lex's. He strolled in as if he owned the place. After tonight he intended to own Lex. He scanned the house and saw Lex in his office. Heading down the hall, he reached into his backpack fastened the strap of the ball gag onto his belt loop.

Opening the office door he looked at Lex standing there, in lavender, looking so fuckable. This was it. No turning back, for either of them. Either Lex would be his or they would never see each other again. He was betting on their being an item for the rest of their lives.

Striding confidently toward Lex he grabbed and lifted.


Continued in Break Me, Take Me

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