Ivory Tower


Clark breezed into the lobby of Luthor Towers. The doorman waved as Clark used the access card that Lex had given him months before. He rode up in the elevator, reaching the penthouse promptly at seven. Opening the door, he stepped into the penthouse.


"Be right out."

Clark entered the living room, taking a bottle of water from the wet bar. He drank greedily, not admitting that it was nerves making him dry.

"Clark, I'm ready."

Clark turned and dropped the bottle. Lex was wearing the same kind of thing Clark had often seen in the clubs, tight black leather pants riding low on his hips, a mesh shirt that his skin glowed through, boots and a leather jacket hanging from his hand.

"I'm going to assume that reaction means that you like what you see."

"I…ah…are you planning on starting a riot?"

"You said you were taking me dancing at Achilles, didn't you? Surely, you've seen men dressed a lot like this there."

"I wasn't dating them."

"Why, Clark, you sound jealous."

"I just don't want to spend the night defending your honor."

Lex grinned at the frown on Clark's beautiful face. Grabbing his hand, Lex tugged him into the bedroom. He opened the closet door.

"Pick out something else and I'll change."

Clark grinned before entering Lex's bedroom-sized closet. He came out with a less revealing shirt. "How about this one?"

"Am I to wear only a shirt? I thought the idea was to make me less noticeable."

"I like the pants and jacket. I'm not trying to make you look bad, I just want you to be able to get more than a foot in the door before anyone tries to jump you."

"What about you? Am I supposed to wait around while guys come on to you?"

"You're my date, I won't be looking at anyone else."

"Neither will I, Clark. Even if I went in stark naked and everyone in the place came on to me." The tease had left Lex's voice and Clark realized how what he said could be misunderstood.

Clark crossed the space between them to touch Lex's cheek.

"That didn't sound the way I meant it. Let's start over. I'll go out into the living room and you make your entrance."

Lex reached for the shirt but Clark threw it back into the closet. Lex smiled. Clark left the room and Lex took a couple of deep breaths.

"What are you getting yourself into?" Lex asked his reflection. He received no reply. Turning, he headed to the living room.

Clark let out a wolf whistle when Lex entered the room this time. Lex allowed Clark to take his hand as they headed out to the foyer.

"I figured we'd take one of my cars."

"Hey, I invited you out. I have transportation covered."

Lex nodded. When the elevator reached floor level, they dropped hands, neither of them comfortable enough in the new relationship to advertise it yet.

Clark led Lex to a VW bug parked in one of the guest spaces. He'd seen the car before; it belonged to Chloe, and he figured she'd nearly split a gut when Clark asked to borrow it for a date.

They made small talk on the way to dinner. When Clark pulled into a parking lot, Lex realized they were going to do a little better than a burger at the Dairy Queen. The restaurant was at one end of Spring Street. Clark led the way and they were seated quickly.

Lex looked over the menu. "What are you having, Clark?"

"I love the seafood here."

Lex nodded, wondering if Clark was going to let him pay for his dinner. He waited until Clark gave the twink his order. Lex ordered one of the least expensive things on the menu. When the waiter walked away, Clark frowned at him.

"Lex, I know my wallet can never compared to yours, but I can afford to buy you a real dinner."

"I'm not that hungry, Clark. Besides, I don't like dancing when I've had a heavy meal."

The waiter came back with the salads and made a point of hovering over Lex. Clark made a growling noise and the guy turned to look at him. Lex grinned and shrugged at him.


"Clark, he's trying to increase his tip. He assumes that I'm paying the check. He isn't really interested in me, just my wallet."

"Maybe I should tell him that I'm paying the check."

"Then he'd start to flirt with you and I'll be upset."

Clark gave him one of those 'lights up the world' smiles. Lex knew that most of the people in the room, male and female envied him. He also knew Clark wouldn't believe that if he told him.

They lingered over dinner. Then, holding hands, they wandered down the street and browsed in the bookstore. Clark found a book he wanted and allowed Lex to purchase it for him. They stashed the book in the car before heading for Achilles.

The doorman took one look at Lex and motioned them in. Lex threw his jacket at the coatroom boy and tugged Clark right out to the dance floor. Leaning in close, he yelled over the music.

"Show me how that ass can move, Clark."

Clark flashed that smile and started to move. Lex watched until Clark reached out to grab his hips. The two of them stepped in close and started to move as one. Lex's leather pants helped him slide easily against Clark's jeans.

It didn't take long before they were both hard. They danced through several songs before going to the bar for a drink. Clark started to reach for his wallet but the bartender told them it was on the house. A guy came up to Lex with a wide smile.

"Lex, you haven't been around lately. Still slumming I see."

"Jason, I'm on a date."

"What kind of hold does he have on you? You've abandoned all your friends for this hayseed."

Lex put a hand on Clark's arm. Jason had no clue how close he'd come to being thrown across the room.

"Jason, my friends accept who I chose to date. They don't insult them. Clark, I want to dance."

Lex pulled Clark back to the dance floor. He stood still glaring at Jason until Lex kissed him. He knew he had Clark's undivided attention when one of those big hands slipped down the back of his pants. Pressing kisses along Clark's jaw, he finally tugged on an ear, before offering a suggestion.

"Why don't we get out of here?"

Clark nodded and lifted him off his feet. They moved quickly out of the club. Clark didn't put him down until they reached the car. The drive back to the penthouse was made in record time.

As soon as they were in the elevator, Lex pushed Clark up against the wall. The kiss lasted until they reached the penthouse. Lex released Clark to tug him from the elevator.

"I think I like dating, Clark."

"I'm sure I do."

Lex didn't hesitate in any way as he led Clark to his bedroom. There was no shyness between them. They immediately began to undress each other.

Lex stopped long enough to bite and suck Clark's nipples as they appeared. Clark's hands froze on Lex's zipper. Lex grinned around the mouthful of flesh as he tortured the nipple.


Lex lifted his head to look at Clark, "Just remember that when you're tempted to argue with me."


"Not too swift, I like that in a man."

Clark growled, lifted Lex and threw him onto the bed. Lex chuckled as Clark straddled him and began ripping at his pants.

"Clark, they'll come off easier if you get my boots out of the way first."

Clark jumped from the bed and tugged on Lex's boots, sending them flying across the room where they were halted by the wall. The next day Lex would have a difficult time pulling the boot from the hole where the heel was embedded.

When they were both naked, Clark and Lex resumed kissing as they rutted against each other. It didn't take long for the pressure to build to the point of orgasm.

Clark moaned as his come splashed against Lex's stomach and dick. Lex pulled back to smile at him. "I turn you on, huh?"

"Lex, you're an ass."

"From God to ass in what – ten minutes?"

"How can you talk when we're lying naked together like this?"

Lex answered by pulling Clark's hand down to wrap around his dick, giving it an encouraging squeeze. Covering Clark's mouth again, Lex thrust into his fist. A few hard pulls and Lex added to the mess between them.

The kisses became slow, gentle, loving. Finally, Lex pulled back.

"That was good, Clark. Are you going to spend the night or is Chloe expecting her car back."

"She gave me orders to have it back in the morning."

"Good, I was hoping you could stay."

"As long as you'll have me."

"I intend to have you for a long time to come, Clark."

Clark smiled before kissing Lex once more. They ignored the drying come on their bodies as they drifted off to sleep.

The end.


Date: 07/22/04

Summary: Sequel to Academe. Clark takes Lex on a date.

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