Lex dressed his daughter in the new sun suit Martha had made for her. She'd embroidered Lily's name across the breast in purple. She smiled up at him as he placed the matching cap on her head. He kissed the tip of her nose, and then lifted her into his arms. She babbled happily as he walked with her toward the front of the house.

Clark and the boys were by the SUV; they'd just loaded the back with all the supplies for the camping trip. Lex still wasn't sure how he'd let his men talk him into camping. It was definitely not, where he envisioned Lily or himself on holiday. But the boys, who'd learned to pout from the best, had guilted him into it.

Clark was on vacation, Superman was having Metropolis covered by the JL and Lex had put Martha in his office for two weeks. She was one of the few people he trusted to make the correct decisions for him.

Lily cooed in his ear as she reached out toward her Dad. Clark scooped her from his arms and kissed her cheek before placing her carefully in her car seat. Lex went around to check the boys on the other side of the vehicle. Then he climbed behind the wheel as Clark started the Disney movie on the DVD player.

Lex pulled out of the driveway and turned toward the freeway leading to the lake. The campgrounds where they had reserved a spot were a two-hour drive away. Lex had grumbled at Clark the night before about lack of privacy, sleeping on rocks and no decent bathing facilities. Clark had rolled over kissed him and then fucked him within an inch of his life. He was too tired after that to complain.

They reached the campgrounds and quickly found their spot. It was late in the season, so not all of the spaces were filled. Many families had gone home to prepare for the school year. Clark pulled out the play yard first and they put the now wide-awake Lily inside that to keep her safe while they set up the tent.

Clark did most of the work, because Lex had never really roughed it. The boys did their share, determined to show Daddy that it was easy. Once everything was stowed away, Lex told the boys to get their swimsuits on.

As the boys changed in the tent, Clark slathered sunscreen over his husband's head and arms. Lily was coated as well and then they covered the boys. Clark and the boys ran ahead as Lex made his way along the path with their daughter.

He reached the lake to see his boys, all three of them, in the water. He waded out slowly, letting Lily's feet dip into the water. He smiled at her giggles. Clark was keeping an eye on the boys so he dipped Lily in so that she could play. Keeping a hand under her belly, he let her try swimming. They'd been giving her lessons in the pool at home.

"Lex, do you want to come out here with the boys and I'll look after Lily?"

"No, Clark, you have fun with the boys."

Lex had spent the last week working more hours than normal to free up his time for their vacation; consequently, he hadn't seen much of his daughter. It amazed him how quickly he'd come to love his time with her. Clark had told him it was because the boys had softened him up.

They played until Lily started to get tired. Lex called out to his husband. "Clark!"

Clark swam back closer to Lex, even though he could hear him perfectly. "Yes, Lex?"

"The baby is ready for her nap. I'm going to take her back to the tent."

"Sure, we'll be along in a while."

Lex moved back toward shore and made the trip back to their campsite. He changed his daughter into dry clothes, placed her on one of the sleeping bags Clark had laid out in the tent. He then changed as well, opened the tent flap, leaving just the bug netting in place.

When Clark and the boys got back, they found Lex sleeping next to Lily. Clark smiled at his husband and grabbed clothes for the boys and himself.

"Daddy is sleeping. Let's change out here and be as quiet as possible."

"Daddy worked too hard this week, didn't he?"

"Yes, Phillip, he did. We need to make sure Daddy gets lots of rest this week."

"We'll help, Dad."

"I know you will. Daddy and I are so lucky to have such good sons."

Once they were dressed in dry clothes, Clark took them out to gather up wood for the fire that night. After all, it wouldn't be a camping trip without cooking over a fire. By the time they came back, Lex was crawling from the tent.

"Phillip, Jason, I see you helped Dad gather wood. So, which one of you is cooking my dinner?"

"We all are. You get to vacation, that means rest, right boys?"

"That's right, Daddy. You work too hard."

"Clark…" Lex's voice held a warning note and Clark just grinned and kissed him on the nose.

"Baby still sleeping?"

"Yes, I think her swim tired her out."

"Why don't you read to the boys while I get everything ready for our dinner?"

"I can help cook."

"I know that, but I don't need you to help. Your sons missed you last week."

Clark hated pulling the guilt card but it was the best way to get Lex to take it easy. And it wasn't like he was lying to him. He began to get things out of the car as Lex settled under a tree with the book Clark had started reading the children the night before.

Clark smiled as he heard Lex doing voices as he read. Jason was tucked under one arm close to his side and Phillip was lying down with his head on Lex's thigh. Clark slipped the camera out and made a few candid shots of them.

Lily woke up before dinner was ready and Jason went over to get her from the tent. Both boys loved their little sister and doted on her. Clark gave the boys long sticks and let them grill their own hotdogs as he fed Lily. Lex sat nearby watching the boys in case they needed help.

When Lily was finished with her dinner Clark and Lex grilled their own hotdogs. Once dinner was out of the way, Clark took over the reading duties as Lex supervised the making of smores.

When Clark put down the book, Phillip spoke. "Daddy, can we go fishing tomorrow?"

"Fishing is more your Dad's department. He'll have to teach us all."

"Lily is too little for fishing."

"We'll make sure she has her toys to play with while we fish."

"Boys, it's bedtime. Give your Dad a kiss and go get into your pj's."

They both obeyed without argument. It had been a long day and they were all tired. Clark took Lily inside the tent and put her into her sleeper. When the children were settled he went back out to his husband.

Sitting behind Lex, he wrapped his arms around him. "Thank you for letting us convince you to brave the wilds with us."

"You don't need to thank me, Clark, any time spent with you and our children is time well spent."

Clark nuzzled Lex's throat. Lex moaned softly. "Clark, you shouldn't tease me."

"I'm not teasing."

"You know we can't."

"I'll hear them if they unzip the flap. And the fire is low enough that they can't see anything."


"We're no different than other married folks who find time once the kids are born."

Clark opened the front of Lex's pants and slipped his hand inside. Lex's legs opened for him. Clark stroked slowly at first then picked up speed as Lex writhed against him. When Lex came with a soft sigh, Clark caught it in his palm and then licked his hand clean as Lex slipped into sleep. He didn't even wake when Clark stripped him down and put him in pj's and into their sleeping bag in the tent.

Clark made sure the food was stored in the SUV. He put out the fire, did a quick check of the area. Finally, he crawled into the tent, got into the sleeping bag with Lex. As he drifted to sleep, Clark smiled against his lover's shoulder. It had been a good beginning to what he was sure would be the best vacation of his life.


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