Forbes and Kitten and Claws

Notes (May 2002): This snippet relates to a story written by Forbes called The Kitten's Claws (for all parts, click here and scroll down to Forbes' listings), and a conversation held on a mailing list regarding a slashy scene that was left out of the story.

Ok the background first. When Forbes wrote that scene where Mulder and Alexei kiss and then the door closes I fired off a message telling her that at least one person wanted to know what was going on behind the door. So when she wrote her first slash she sent it to me saying it was mostly my fault. I will gladly take responsibility for this corruption of the English flower known as Forbes.

When the most recent chapters of the story were written I wrote to her several times a day with comments, praise and now and then a little American info to help her make her story more American sounding. When she got to the part where Walter caught A/M. I, of course, demanding bitch that I am, asked for the bedroom scene. (You really should have seen the emails flying fast and furious. Ain't the internet wunnerful?) After our last email one day my muse sent me a night before morning after scene and I asked her if she would like me to write it and send it to her. She said yes then wrote her own scene. (Which some of you have read)

The next day reading each others scene we were both struck by the similarities. Forbes being a kind generous soul in the tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley has given me permission to play in her world for awhile so I am sharing my version of A/M and what Walter saw.

Please note that yes we are communicating psychically and I feel honored to share in Forbes' world for awhile. I hope you all enjoy my little snip. (I'm more graphic she more romantic.) I am asking Forbes to post her scene here as well so you can compare for those similarities I spoke of.

Disclaimer: Not mine make no claims that that they are no money changed hands.

Alexei (Sascha) and Mulder.

Sascha lead the way up stairs and down the hallway. Mulder mumbled something about going to the bathroom. Ducking through the door. Alexei continued into his room thinking that Mulder had to be a little nervous. After all they had only slept together one night and Mulder had been a virgin as far as gay love making was concerned.

When Mulder finally came through the door Sascha was sitting in the bed with the sheet pulled across his lap. His long legs were bare and showing up to the hip. Mulder stood in the doorway staring at him.

"Well, Mulder, are you coming to bed or not? You know I won't force you to do anything you don't want. The fold out is made up you can sleep there if you want."

Mulder moved into the room closing the door and without taking his eyes off Alexei began to undress. Once he was naked he moved toward the bed slipping under the sheet next to the other man.

Alexei pulled him close and bent down to kiss Mulder. Mulder moaned and opened for Alexei to explore his mouth. When he raised his head he smiled down at Mulder and slipped his hand along Mulder's stomach and down to find that Mulder was already hard.

"Looks like you are ready for lesson number two."

Mulder swallowed hard, "What's lesson number two?"

"Lesson number two involves a lot of lube and you on your knees. Are you ready to try that? Don't worry I'll take it slow. I have no desire to hurt you. Are you ready to give me your cherry Mulder?"

Alexei was smiling in that soft lazy way that Mulder was becoming very fond of. Mulder smiled back and nodded. He didn't trust his voice. What is it with these Skinner men that was making him and his partner turn into horny teenagers.

Alexei pushed Mulder down lower in the bed and began a systematic seduction of his brother's agent. His lips traced a hot path along Mulder's body. It seemed that he kissed and licked every inch. By the time a finger thick with lube was slipped into Mulder's ass he was more that receptive. Alexei was a thoughtful lover. His partners pleasure as important as his own. He spent several long minutes lubing and stretching Mulder, making sure he was relaxed.

"Come on, baby, turn over for me."

His hands helped Mulder turn and get to his knees in the center of the bed. Mulder shivered as he heard Alexei open the condom. Alexei moved into position behind Mulder and ran gentle hands over his hips.

"I'm going to make it good for you, baby, I promise. If it hurts tell me and I'll back off until you are ready to try again."

He slipped forward and positioned himself at Mulder's virgin entrance. Smiling that soft lazy smile again he pushed just the head into Mulder and ran his hands over Mulder's hips again to reassure him.

"Ready for a little more, Mulder?"

Instead of answering Mulder pushed back toward him causing about half of Alexei's big cock to slide into him. He heard Alexei's low laugh and the hands on his hips tightened slightly. Alexei rotated his hips in small circles to help Mulder loosen more.

"Anytime you are ready Mulder just back up a little more."

They stayed that way for a few minutes with Alexei making those slow circles. Mulder's brain was in overdrive. He couldn't believe that Alexei had such control that he hadn't just rammed into him. When he was sure that he was comfortable with what was in him so far he pushed back again. This time Alexei sucked in his breath.

"Fuck, Mulder, you're tight. Damn, I almost came. Come up here so I can hold you while I fuck you."

His hands slipped under Mulder's chest hauling him up and pulling him tight against him. He began to nuzzle Mulder's neck and Mulder's head dropped back on his shoulder. Alexei held him for a long time until he had his control back then he started to move. Pulling almost completely out then pushing back in. They established a pattern moving together like they had danced this dance many times before.

When Alexei knew he was getting close he moved his hand down to stroke Mulder's cock in time with his thrusts in his lover's body. His voice was a low growl as he ordered Mulder to come. This was one order Mulder was happy to obey. Alexei came a short time later.

He eased them down and reluctantly pulled out of Mulder's body causing Mulder to moan at the loss. After he disposed of the condom he gathered Mulder into his arms and kissed him gently.



No other words were spoken they just snuggled close and were soon asleep.

When Mulder woke the next morning he lay looking at the man that in the short space of a week had opened up the world to him. *Down boy! You can not fall in love with this man. He has given you no indication that you are anything but a piece of ass. Speaking of which I expected to be really sore. Guess he knows what he's doing.*

Two chocolate brown eyes opened and the corners of Alexei's mouth turned up.

"Like watching me sleep?"

Mulder smiled back at him and nodded.

"Come here."

He was wrapped in those strong arms and given a very through good morning kiss.

"Ready for lesson number three?"

"What is lesson number three?"

"Lesson number three is learning how to deep throat."

Mulder swallowed compulsively but nodded again.

Alexei grabbed the pillows and moved to sit up against the headboard of the bed getting comfortable. He spread his legs and Mulder curled up like a cat between them. Alexei bent his knee on the right side of Mulder's body. Wrapped it around Mulder's back and rubbed his heel against Mulder's sweet ass. The other leg was raised and his foot placed behind Mulder's knees.

He smiled down at Mulder in encouragement. And Mulder hesitantly took Alexei's cock in his mouth. He began suck gently and Alexei was hard in less than sixty seconds. His hand moving over Mulder's head stroking his hair. He began a soft flow of words. Telling Mulder how well he was doing and offering instructions. Mulder was going to be good at this; he wanted to please the man that had given him so much pleasure.

Neither of them heard the knock on the door. By this point Mulder was too lost in the noises he was causing to pour from his lovers mouth.

Walter Skinner stood in the doorway staring at his brother wrapped around Mulder. His eyes were drawn down to where he could see his brother's cock being sucked by Fox Mulder. He took in his brother's hand fondling Mulder's hair and Mulder's bare ass being stroked by his brother's foot. Alexei's head was arched back and he was making a low keening moaning sound. It's one thing to know your brother is gay its quite another to catch him in the act with one of you subordinates.

Walter started to back out but some sound betrayed him and Alexei's head raised. Two sets of brown eyes stared at each other for a long minute then Walter spun around and slammed the door.

Mulder's head jerked up, "Oh god who was that?"


Alexei jumped out of the bed grabbing the sheet and was out the door.

Mulder lay where he had left him chanting, "I'm dead. I'm fucked. He's gonna kill me."

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