Title: Deep Fried What?!
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek/Doggett
Warnings: This story contains m/m sexual relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date: 11/22/02
Archive: Ask, I might.
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Doggett and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Thanksgiving at home. Part of the Ursus, Canis, and Rattus universe.
NOTES: Thanks to Jose and Bill for beta. Many thanks to Bill as well for being damn entertaining to talk to. For that nag Julie and the SkinnerKrycek list. Happy Thanksgiving.

"My cholesterol is going to shoot through the roof. Is there anything southerners don't fry?"

Walter groused as he watched John carefully pull back the turkey skin to shoot the marinade underneath it. He bit his lip to keep from grinning as he remembered John tugging a different type of skin back as Alex had pushed back hard on Walter's dick that morning. Listening to Alex howl as John lightly scraped his teeth along the exposed head had been much more entertaining.

Alex snickered from his spot by the sink where he was busy washing the vegetables that would comprise the more healthy portions of the meal.

"Trust me, Walt, you're gonna love it. Besides I agreed to try your momma's sweet potatoes, didn't I? And Alex's red stuff."

"Hey! That 'red stuff' is called borscht. It's healthy, nutritious and looks festive."

"Festive? You've been watching Martha Stewart again, haven't you?"

Walter grinned at the two as they mock argued. Walter took the clean sweet potatoes from Alex and placed them in the pot to boil. The three men moved around each other in a waltz of activity. The house they'd bought had been purchased in part because of the large size of the old fashioned kitchen. It gave three men plenty of room to work.

The table looked nice all laid out with the best of everything they owned. When Walter's mother had passed, he and his sister had split her things with no arguments and the china that had always graced their table at Thanksgiving and Christmas was a warm, familiar reminder of her.

The three men sat and joined hands. Alex began.

"Thank you, Lord, for gracing me with two men who love me. And thank you for the bounty we are about to pig out on."

John took the next turn.

"I thank you, Lord, for not taking Walter from us. And for making me realize how much he means to me. Oh, and thanks for Alex, even if he does make me eat red stuff. Ow!"

Walter felt the breeze as Alex's foot connected with John's shin. He hid his grin as he gave his thanks.

"It's been a difficult but rewarding year, Lord. Thank you for the happiness you've seen fit to gift us with. Amen."

John stood and carved the bird, placing a drumstick on Alex's plate before carving off a section of breast meat for Walter. Soon each had a heaping plate in front of him. As usual, the food was excellent and Walter had to concede that the turkey was delicious. John grudgingly admitted that the sweet potatoes were a far cry from the ones he remembered his great-aunt Hattie making.

After clean up, they settled together to watch football. Alex was sitting on the floor between Walter's legs with his latest book. Now, that they had a home, he could collect them as he had always wanted. He didn't like football but wanted to be in the room with his lovers.

John had taken up a place beside Walter on the sofa, lying on his side with his head resting on Walter's thigh. Almost losing him had made John very attentive. Besides, this way they could each touch Alex. Walter with his fingers sliding through the dark hair of his head, John's hand resting on Alex's shoulder.

After a while Alex put his book aside, resting his head near John's on Walter's thigh. They napped and Walter continued to caress them lightly as he watched the game. By the time the game was over, so were the naps, and dinner had settled enough for them to have dessert. But they didn't gorge; they had plans in mind.

Leading Walter upstairs, John undressed him slowly as Alex turned down the bed and laid out the supplies.

They indicated that Walter should relax on the bed as they undressed. Walter made himself comfortable against the pillows.

John pulled Alex in close for a deep kiss. Walter reached down and stroked himself lightly as he watched. John turned stripping Alex into a slow tease, as much for Walter's entertainment as to bring them both to a fever pitch. Finally, when Alex was naked, John sent him to Walter.

"Go warm him up for us, while I undress."

John took his time disrobing, watching Walter and Alex. Alex was lying with his arm and leg thrown across Walter. Walter explored the sweet mouth as Alex rubbed against him.

John had thought, at the beginning of the relationship, that he would never get used to seeing them together. At first his jealousy colored the encounters they had, but gradually he had come to the realization that he would get all the attention he could handle. From there, it had not taken long to reach the point where watching them was a huge turn-on, especially when Walter gave Alex control, which happened frequently. It had, at first confused him; Walter seemed to be the epitome of a top, then thrilled him. Thrilled him because Walter was also willing to let him be in control at times.

Once John was naked, he moved to sit on the bed next to them. His hand joined Alex's in teasing a nipple. Alex caressed John's fingers before moving to the other nipple. Walter reacted to that by moaning deeply in his throat.

Alex pulled away from Walter, stretching up to kiss John. Walter took advantage of that by reaching to wrap his warm hands around his lovers' erections and pumping gently.

When John and Alex pulled back to breathe, Walter spoke.

"I want you both tonight, one in my ass, the other feeding me. But I want you facing each other so I can rim before I suck."

"Shall we flip a coin?"

"You choose, Alex. I'll enjoy either."

Alex hesitated only a second before rolling toward the bedside table. Reaching for the lube, he flipped the cap, squeezed a generous portion on his cock, making sure to slick the entire length so he'd slide smoothly into Walter's tightness.

John rose from the bed to allow Walter to get in position. Alex knelt between Walter's thighs, waited as he lifted his legs onto Alex's shoulders, then rubbed the remainder of the lube between firm cheeks. John stood by the bed and watched until Alex was firmly embedded in Walter's ass.

Walter let out a long sigh as Alex slid balls deep in him and then waited for John to join them. Turning to smile at John, Walter held out his hand. John straddled Walter's chest, legs fitting underneath his lover's arms so Walter could use his hands to explore nipples or other parts more easily.

Walter pulled back on him until John was positioned where Walter could reach the important stuff easily. Alex leaned forward to kiss John and knew the moment Walter's tongue began its teasing.

John moaned into his kiss with Alex as the hot wet tongue ran lovingly along his crack. Walter was very good at all aspects of sex but John would admit, if asked, that he loved this most. Maybe because it was such an intimate act to him for his lovers to do that with him.

Walter wiggled his hips as much as possible to remind Alex that he was waiting. Pulling back from John's mouth, Alex shifted for a better angle to fuck a nice ass. His body dropped into the steady, deep pace he knew Walter liked. He watched as John's body began rocking, trying to lead Walter where he wanted, only to groan when Walter's big hands wrapped around his hips to hold him still.

Soon John was releasing a steady stream of words. Words like 'Oh fuck. So good. Go deeper, please.' Alex smiled at the far-away look in John's eyes. When Walter pushed John to lie forward, Alex picked up the pace. He knew once Walter was sucking on John's dick that the party would soon be over.

Walter gripped John's cock, pulling it back toward his mouth, but spared the air to tell Alex what he wanted.

"Harder, Alex. I need more."

"Whatever you need, Sergei."

John twisted so he could wrap his mouth around Walter's cock as Walter pulled his deep into his throat. For the briefest of moments he wondered how he could have ever thought this wouldn't work. Then Walter inserted two thick fingers into John's ass as he hollowed out his cheeks around his cock.

John let Walter go to scream as he shot down Walter's throat. Alex thrust as hard as possible into Walter. Going as deep as he could as he watched John shake and wail as he came. John lay trembling for a long moment until he felt the change in Alex's rhythm. Alex was close and if something weren't done Walter would be left behind, not hanging just behind.

Walter's mouth was still around him, the fingers still inside and John didn't want to give that up. He took a couple of deep breaths and went back to sucking Walter. Alex pounded in, gripping Walter's thigh as he spurted high inside.

Walter allowed John's softening cock to slip from his mouth.

"Oh god you guys make me feel so good. Suck me, John."

Walter writhed as much as he could with John's weight on his body and Alex still buried inside him. John had become quite talented with his tongue. He teased the slit to get a taste of Walter's come, Alex rocked slowly using his still hard cock to stimulate Walter from inside.

Walter's fingers slipped from John's hole as he used both hands to grip the man torturing him.

"Damnit, John, suck me!"

Alex's laugh floated across the room. Walter made that deep bear growl they both loved and John deep throated while humming around the flesh in his mouth.

Walter's hosanna echoed back from the ceiling as he shot into John's mouth. Alex pushed inside deep and held still. He and John waited for Walter to ride out his orgasm.

Finally, Alex pulled out and lowered Walter's legs. John rolled off Walter's body to give him more breathing room. Two big hands reached for them. Alex flowed up to lie next to Walter in the crook of his arm. John managed to grab at the blankets to pull them up over bodies that would need to be covered when the heat of sex cooled.

John and Alex locked hands on Walter's chest and snuggled their heads on his shoulders. Walter's hands adjusted the blankets around them, then gripped two ass cheeks to pull them even closer.

"Thank you, guys, for the best Thanksgiving in a long time."

"You're welcome, Sergei. John and I intend giving you nothing but good ones from now on."

"I'd give thanks if you two would let me sleep."

Walter snorted and Alex chuckled. Alex could see the happy smile curving John's lips and Walter felt it. It had indeed been a day of thanks for them all. They had come through a lot to get here but the rewards were greater than any of them had expected.

The end

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