Title: Break Me, Take Me
Author: Peach
Email address: Geopea@wildmail.com
Fandom: Smallville
Pairings: Clark/Lex
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationships and sex
Rating: NC17
Date: 11/13/02
Archive: FHSA, WWOMB others ask please.
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: Smallville is the property of Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Tollin-Robbins Productions, and Warner Bros. Television, and based upon characters originally created by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster. This story is just for the entertainment not for profit.
Summary: Lex thinks Clark is an innocent, but Clark is really, really kinky and dominant. While he doesn't have physical experience, he does have Internet experience. He knows what makes him hot.
NOTE: For Elaine.


Lex found himself bodily lifted and slammed into the wall. His teeth clacked together and then Clark was kissing him with bruising force. Lex moaned and allowed his mouth to be invaded. The tongue wet, hot and oh so sweet. Every tooth inspected, verification made of tonsils still intact. When Clark pulled back to let him breathe Lex looked into the eyes filled with lust and a shudder ran though him. But he still tried to take control of the situation.

"Clark, I don't know what's going on here, but put me down."

"Shut up, Lex."

"Clark, this isn'tů"

His words came to an abrupt halt as a ball gag was pushed between his teeth. Clark was holding him with one hand while the other made sure the gag was tight enough to stay in place but wouldn't choke him. He was too stunned to move at first but as the gag tightened he put his hands on Clark's chest and pushed as hard as he could.

It didn't work.

Then Clark grabbed both his wrists and pulled him over to the sofa where he had dropped a backpack. Lex watched horrified as Clark pulled cuffs from his bag and fastened them around Lex's wrists.

"Wonder what's going on, don't you, Lex? Well, I'll tell you. I followed you last weekend. I couldn't get into the club but I have the Internet, Lex. Great thing the Internet. That club has a website."

Lex moaned around the gag. Oh my god! Clark knew! Lex's mind was busy trying to formulate an excuse that his friend would buy when the backpack was upended and toys fell out onto the sofa.

"I spent this week researching. I mean I didn't really know anything about this stuff. But I can tell you I've been rock hard most of the week. The things you can find once you get the parental control off a computer. Of course, I didn't tell them I'd bypassed that."

Lex gasped as Clark's big hands gripped the front of his shirt and ripped it off him. His nipples hardened as soon as the air hit them. Clark looked down to see that Lex was rock hard in his pants.

"Rape fantasies turn you on, Lex? I hope so because they do me. God knows I could go to court and prove that you've been teasing me for the last year. Chloe would testify to it. Probably Lana, too. Pete would definitely say you got what was coming to you."

Lex's legs picked that moment to give way and he sank down onto the sofa.

Clark leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"I'm going to turn you inside out, Lex. And when I'm through with you everyone else is gonna look pale and weak. I'm gonna fuck you. Gonna suck you. Gonna ram my fist inside you. There's not gonna be an inch of your body that I haven't touched."

Lex watched with no small amount of fear as Clark demolished his pants as he had the shirt. This couldn't be happening. Clark was so quiet, so good. Except that one time. And that was the influence of one of the meteors. Right? That wasn't the real Clark.

"I knew you'd be beautiful. So sleek and smooth. Like a boy. But you aren't a boy, are you, Lex? A boy doesn't have a nice hard cock like this. Later, you're going to tell me everything you do and let be done to you at that club. But for now we're going to do what *I* want."

Clark stroked Lex's dick slowly. His fingers were collecting the drops as they rubbed against the slit. Clark brought his hand up and first sniffed the odor. Then his tongue poked out and he cleaned the fluid from each fingertip carefully.

"You taste good, Lex. I'm going to enjoy tasting you deeper later. I intend to taste all your fluids, Lex. Sweat, semen, blood."

Clark chuckled as Lex's eyes grew in his face.

"Don't worry, Lex. I don't intend to kill you. What good would a dead man be to me."

Clark knelt on the floor between Lex's legs and eased his shoes and socks off. Bending froward he teased a nipple making it even harder. Pulling back he looked at it then grinned, before blowing a stream of air over it. Lex's dick twitched.

"Like that, don't you, slut?"

Moving forward again, Clark bit down on the nipple, Lex arched his body toward Clark making a low keening sound behind the gag.

"I've been thinking about what I want to do to you for a while now. Not just this last week, but since I first knelt over you on the riverbank. And you fucking teasing me. Flirting, then backing up and pushing me toward Lana."

The other nipple was sucked and then bitten hard, almost hard enough to draw blood. A set of nipple clamps were picked up and dangled in front of Lex's eyes. Not the nipples! Lex tried to get the words past the gag. Clark fastened the clamp onto the nipple he had just bitten. Lex writhed trying to get away.

"Struggle, Lex. All you want. Just turns me on more."

Clark grabbed Lex's bound hands and pulled them to rub against his still covered crotch. Even with that slight touch he could tell Clark was hung. Lex groaned deep in his throat and closed his eyes, blotting out the sight of Clark in full Master mode.

How could someone so innocent become this dominant?

"Open you eyes, slut! I want you looking at me."

Lex jerked in surprise at the roar and his eyes opened to focus on Clark's face. Clark smiled then bent to bite the unclamped nipple. Lex was about to explode and somehow he just knew Clark wouldn't find that acceptable. His whimpered "Please no", not making it past the gag.

Clark was pushing all of his buttons and that both thrilled and terrified him. Once the nipples were clamped, Clark stood and opened his jeans, spreading them so that his cock could spring free. Lex had a fleeting thought that Martha Kent would die if she knew her baby left the house with no underwear.

Lex's eyes were riveted as he watched Clark stroke his cock. It was long, thick and uncut. The foreskin slid back smoothly as Clark used his thumb to rub over the slit. Lifting his hand Clark licked his own semen from his thumb.

"I taste good too, Lex. I'll show you later. I think you should be allowed to service me before we go to sleep tonight."

Clark turned and walked to Lex's desk. The top was soon cleared. Then Lex was thrown over a shoulder in a fireman's carry and placed carefully on his back on the desktop.

"You'll need to have a playroom built for us, Lex. In the cellar would be good. With security to keep out your father or my parents should they come around while we are playing."

Lex's head moved back and forth in denial.

"What's that? You think this is a one-time thing? No, Lex. You aren't going to that club *ever* again. The only playing you will do is with me. I won't share you."

Clark attached thick leather straps to one side of the desk; pulling Lex's hands above his head he attached the thick leather cuffs on the ends of the straps to Lex's wrists. Then the handcuffs were removed.

"Gonna fuck you. Take the edge off. Then we'll play."

Clark walked back to where things were scattered on the floor. Picking up a tube and a long rod with leather attachments, he walked back. Clark secured the spreader bar to Lex's knees. Then he reached for the extra piece of strapping that Lex hadn't seen that was attached to the other end of the desk.

The strap rubbed against one of his clamped nipples making him jerk with desire. Clark moved the position of it and then tied it to the spreader bar. Now Lex was helpless and his ass was positioned perfectly for penetration.

"You look beautiful like that. Bound and helpless, my beautiful hairless boy. If I take the gag out will you call me daddy while I fuck that sweet ass? You want me to be your daddy don't you?"

Lex squeezed his eyes shut again. This couldn't be happening. His Clark was an innocent, na´ve boy. Not this masterful daddy. A heavy hand slapped his upturned ass and he screamed behind the gag.

"I told you to keep your eyes open."

Lex's eyes tracked Clark as he again picked up his backpack but this time he opened the zippered compartment. Sauntering back to the desk he stood next to Lex's shoulders. Holding up a small item between his fingers.

"You know what this is, don't you? I want you to take a good deep breath."

Lex watched as the small brown bottle was opened. With one hand Clark turned his head and pressed his thumb against one nostril, then held the bottle under the open nostril. Lex inhaled deeply. Clark released him and recapped the bottle quickly. Lex was certainly no stranger to poppers, matter of fact he loved the rush and the way it let him take it harder and deeper than he could without it.

"Good boy."

Clark dropped the small container in the trash. Lex waited for the effects to kick in and Clark watched, listening for Lex's heart to speed up. When it did Clark squirted lube against Lex's hole and plunged into him. Lex strained against the cuffs on his wrists. He screamed against the gag. His back arched as he tried to hump against the big cock in his ass.

"Fight it. That's it try to get away. It won't do you any good but I want you to try. Tomorrow you'll fine my marks all over your body. Tomorrow you'll remember that I fucked you and you couldn't stop it."

Clark's hand gripped the bar between Lex's knees and held it as he fucked the tight ass. The zipper of his jeans raking against the tender flesh and leaving long scratches. Lex was twisting and jerking as much as possible considering he was hog-tied. Had the gag not been in place he would have screamed the place down.

Every few strokes Clark would hesitate and slap one cheek or the other. By the time Clark was ready to come the ass he was fucking was bright red. Lex's face was wet with sweat and tears. But he hadn't lost his hard-on.

Deciding he wanted to hear Lex as he came Clark bent forward and undid the gag. Pulling it from Lex's mouth and dropping it on the floor.

"God, Clark. Fuck me harder. Make it hurt."

Clark went still, Lex writhed and whimpered. "Please, oh god don't stop."

"Slut likes taking it up the ass, doesn't he?"

"Yes! Please more!"

"You'll get more when you ask properly. Daddy or Master, you choose."

Lex looked at him and, for just a moment rebellion shown bright in his eyes. Clark waited.

"Please, Daddy, fuck me hard. Make it hurt. Make me come."

"Good boy! Daddy's gonna take good care of his little boy."

Clark resumed fucking Lex. The desk shook with the force of his thrusts. Lex lost all words except one, please. And that one he said over and over. Clark leaned forward, his chest touching the bar, his hips pumping hard as one hand wrapped around Lex's cock and the other tugged hard at the nipple clamps.

As Clark shot high inside Lex, he pulled one of the clamps so hard it came off and drops of blood appeared around Lex's nipple. Lex whimpered as he came in Clark's hand. Clark stood panting and looking down at Lex. He undid the strap holding Lex's legs in the air and let them lower. Walking around to the side of the desk he commanded softly.

"Lex, look at me."

Lex managed to raise his head enough to watch as Clark mixed the blood and sweat from Lex's chest with his come and then licked every trace from his hand.

"You're mine now, Lex. Don't ever forget that. I will kill anyone else who touches you."


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