The Authorized Autobiographies of Lex Luthor and Clark Kent


Catlover and Peach


Lex Luthor

What can I say about Clark? He's my best friend. But I want more.

He lies to me. I lie to him.

But there are the times when I can smell the testosterone pouring off his body and it's all I can do not to bare my throat to him.

He's too young, and I have far too much to lose.


Clark Kent

With Lex Luthor, the question isn’t what to say; it’s where to start.

Sometimes, I start with our friendship. I think about how it's the most important thing in my life. At other times, I fixate on our differences and wonder how we'll ever overcome them.

But this time, let's start with the lies.

As a child, I lied. I lied about everything. I lied about the reasons behind my never being in team sports or the Boy Scouts. I became a master of illusion by the time I was nine. I evaded questions without ever batting an eye.

So easily, the lies fell from my lips, until Lex came along. From then on, each untruth ripped out another little piece of my soul. Each time it hurt a little more than the last. Until finally, I felt like I'd just die if I had to look him straight in the eye and lie to his face one more time.

Especially since, he sees through my deceptions so easily.

I know he suspects the truth and I want to tell him everything. That I have superpowers. That I'm an alien. That I'm in love with him.

But I can't. I've held onto these lies for too long.


Last Night

I lie in bed remembering. He lied to me again and I can't deny that it hurt. But I saw it in his eyes - the sorrow of lying once more. So, I turned it around as much as I could by bringing up Lana.

I'm not sure what he sees in the insipid creature. Doesn't really matter. I'll help her, to help him get to her, since she is what he wants. They have no chance at long term. I know this because he lies to her as well. And at the bottom of it all, she will never be willing to let him achieve his destiny because it won't be about her.

As for me, I'll keep my desire down to a mild flirting. At least I can have that pleasure until he let's me know that he doesn't like it.

I get up and head for the shower, planning my day.

Being saved by Clark again was *not* in my day planner.


This Morning

I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Last night, he practically gift wrapped Lana and handed her over with a big red bow on her head. For a guy whose supposed to be a genius, he's being really dense.

Don't get me wrong - Lana's nice, but she's a girl and that can be just one hurdle too many when you're gay. Sure. I told Lex I liked her and I told him I wanted to go out with her, but I did that because she seemed unattainable. My God, she's only been the most popular girl in school since birth. She's even been on the cover of "TIME," for Christ's sake.

On the other hand, I did come out to her last night.

Why her?

Well, what else can you do when a girl shows up in your loft while you're taking a nap and starts to take off her clothes while she straddles your stomach? If you're me, you scream like a girl, push her off onto the floor and mumble a rambling explanation in a vain attempt to keep her from crying while you hand her her blouse.

All things considered though, telling Lana makes me feel a little bolder. The world didn't end, see. Faceless men in black didn't break into my house and carry me away in the middle of the night. I went to school this morning and no one was laughing at me, at least, not for being gay. A few minutes ago, I passed Lana in the hall. She looked sad and embarrassed all at the same time, but she didn't betray me and that makes all the difference because now I know I can tell someone and everything doesn't have to change.

Still, the thought of telling Lex is too scary.

Last night, I was cornered. I did what I felt I had to do without a whole lot of time to think it over. Besides, if Lana was vengeful or mean, I wouldn't much care. With Lex, I'd care very much and therein lies the problem. I don't know how Lex feels. Sometimes, I get the strangest feeling he's flirting with me. He'll stand so close to me that I can feel the heat rolling off of his body, but then he'll say we're friends and really emphasize the friend part.

Now, if I knew he wanted me. If I knew, he'd return my feelings. I'd pounce on him in a minute. I just wish he'd do something. Give me a sign. Anything, just so I'd know.

Because right now, all I really know is he's too important for me to risk what little I have.



Being a Luthor doesn't mean I'm helpless. I can change my own fucking tire. I had skinned my knuckles and cursed a blue streak as the lug nuts finally gave way. The spare tire in place, I was about to put the tools away. I was thinking of the expression Clark would have on his face when I arrived late with road grime on my hands. That brought a slight smile to my face.


What the ****!

So, here I am. It's six o'clock at night. I've been waiting for an hour already. Sitting, standing, occasionally pacing, I can't help but get a little nervous about Lex being so late.

Who would blame me for being worried? It seems to me that he gets kidnapped more than any other human being on the planet. As I wipe some dust off his banister, I'm overcome with anxiety. What if something horrible happened to him? What if he's in the midst of murderers and cutthroats, intent on harming him if Lionel doesn't hand over a sizeable chunk of his net worth? As gruesome images filled my vision, another question took a hold of my psyche - What am I doing here?

A second later, I was running down the road Lex takes home from work. As I came around a bend, I saw Lex's car parked by the side of the road. Nothing seemed wrong except that Lex was nowhere in sight. Spinning in a circle, I looked around for signs of a struggle, but found none.

Instantly, my mind was at work again. I saw Lex being shot with tranquilizer darts. I imagined Lex being stopped by a phony police officer armed with a napkin full of ether. It was horrible. At my wits end, I started to panic.

Then, Lex stood up.

That's right - he stood up. He was holding something in his hands. I rushed to the most obvious conclusion - Some sick bastard secured him to a bomb. Then, I realized it was toolbox.

As I stumbled forward, I noticed a mark on his face. Was it a bruise? No. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was a smudge of grease.

Shaking my head at the whisper of a smile crossing his face, I said before thinking, "Thank God, you're safe."

Grabbing onto his shoulders, I pulled him into a tight embrace. A moment later, I realized I didn't have any real excuse for hugging him like this. Only then did I worry that I might have made a huge mistake.


I feel trapped in a Dali painting

I straightened with the toolbox in hand to see Clark standing near the hood of my car.

"Thank God, you're safe." He said and then I was enveloped in his strong arms.

I barely heard the toolbox thud on the road as I dropped it. I was surprised to say the least. I mean we don't touch often, not that I don't want to touch, I'm just afraid of taking it too far. I realized that my cock was taking an interest, so I pulled back.

Clark released me and wouldn't meet my eyes. Fuck! I'd done it now. He'd be making excuses to cancel our plans.

"Just let me stick the tools in the trunk and we can go. I want to get home and take a quick shower. You can decide which movie to watch while I do that."

I moved to pick up the toolbox but he beat me to it and I stepped rapidly back before he had a chance to see the proof of my arousal. I walked around the car putting it between us. As I settled under the wheel, the trunk lid closed and he slid into the seat.

"So, ah – Lex, I ah -"

Okay here it comes the 'Drop me at home I just remembered I have chores'.

"It's okay, Clark. I understand."



Shortly after I hugged him, he pulled away quickly. I panicked. I thought I hurt him. So, I did a little x-ray action just to be sure. That was when I saw his erection.

Suddenly, I needed a moment to get a certain thing under control. Without asking him first, I picked up the toolbox and headed for the trunk. I couldn't look at him yet. Really. I haven't completely mastered this heat vision thing yet. So, I lingered at the trunk for as long as I could, getting a hold of myself.

No, not literally.

There were so many things I wanted to say. There were so many things I wanted to do as I slid into the car and closed the car door, but all the creativity in my brain left the moment I saw him. I just sat there - my mouth barely moving as I stuttered, "So, ah - Lex, I ah -."

The next thing I know, Lex said, "It's okay, Clark. I understand."

I was shocked. Quickly, I replied, "Really?"

Nodding, Lex assured, "I do, Clark. You don't have to worry. This doesn't have to come between us. We're still friends, right?"

I couldn't believe it. Lex just laid to rest my greatest fear. Turning toward him, I answered, "Right."

Then, I kissed him.

Pretty bold, huh? Yeah, will wonders never cease?

It was simple kiss. I'm no pro at this or anything. The main kiss part was over pretty quickly, but I lingered on the taste of his lips for as long as I could. Finally, I pulled away and looked into his eyes. I found shock there. I panicked again. Did I misread his signals?

Backing away, I didn't stop my retreat until my back was flat against the car door. Staring at Lex, I mumbled, "Did I do something wrong?"

He shook his head. He sat there quietly, looking back at me. It felt like eternity before he reached across the stick shift and touched my cheek. Gently, his fingertips crept back until his hand wrapped around the back of my head. Pulling me forward, he kissed me.

After several seconds, he pulled away. Adjusting in his seat, Lex faced the windshield, put on his seatbelt and turned on the engine while never looking away from me. Pulling away from the curb, Lex offered me a smile and a suggestion, "Do you want to go back to the mansion?"

I couldn't say yes fast enough.


He's still a boy, keep telling yourself that.

There I was all prepared for him to say he had to go home. Being kissed was the last thing I was expecting. It was soft, gentle, closed mouth, inexperienced and the best fucking kiss I'd ever had – to that point anyway.

When he pulled back, I waited for him to realize whom he'd just kissed and run for the hills. I saw the panic in his eyes and for a long minute, I was blank. I had no idea how to respond. Then he pulled back and asked if he'd done something wrong.

I vaguely remember shaking my head as my brain scurried around looking for an idea of what to do. In the end, it was the look in his eyes that made the decision. With a strong feeling of déjà vu, I reached for him. I kissed him as chastely as he had me, but I already knew we'd be doing more than kissing sometime in the future.

I got the car started and asked. "Do you want to go back to the mansion?"

"Yeah." His grin lit up my soul.

The ride home was silent. I could see his smile in my peripheral vision. I knew it mirrored my own. Of course, the practical portion of my brain was trying to remind me about fathers with shotguns and public opinion about gays.

By the time we reached the house, I knew I needed to put some space between us. A shower would give me time to get myself under control. I parked the car and left a note about the tire before leading him toward the house.

"Clark, order pizza, would you? I'm going to shower and change."

He nodded but pulled me up against him for a quick kiss before he turned to the phone. I wandered off toward my room with my lips still tingling. The shower helped me get my thoughts together. I knew there was no way I could resist him completely but I came out determined to send him home with a lot less than he was probably hoping for.

I mean, he's a teenage boy – they all want to get laid. I wasn't old enough to have forgotten that.


Can I get any redder?

I could see the shock in his eyes as he walked out of the bathroom. I don't think he expected me to be waiting on the bed. I definitely think he didn't expect for me to be naked, but he took it in great stride.

Clutching his towel, he stood several feet from the bed. I waved him over, but he didn't do anything. He just kept staring at me until he finally tossed the towel away. Running at full speed, he jumped onto the bed. Covering me, he kissed me roughly as he ran his hands over everything he could reach.

As he touched my cock, I almost forgot how to breathe. Breaking away from his kiss, I stared up at the ceiling. He started to pump my flesh and my vision blurred. A few seconds later, I really did forget how to breathe. I also forgot how to think and keep still. It was only as I came back down to Earth, that I realized to my horror that I came.

Embarrassed, I looked up into Lex's eyes expecting to find impatience and only found understanding. As he wiped his hand on my thigh, he laughed, "Don't feel so bad. You lasted longer than I did the first time."


First times

He was lying in the middle of my bed when I came out of the bathroom. My dick filled and my mind emptied. I clutched at the towel around my waist for a moment before the hormones took over. A hand job or a little frottage wouldn't be going too far.

I jumped him. Kissing him hard, I touched his beautiful flesh. When I grabbed his cock, the foreskin slid easily back from the head, he jerked back to look at the ceiling. His breathing almost stopped as I pumped him. Had I been less aroused I'd have tried to draw it out, but I knew he'd be hard again in no time.

I watched his face as his cock slipped through my fist. The vision of him as I gave him his first hand job will never leave me. I'd found him gorgeous before, now – wow – no one had ever made me feel so powerful.

In a relatively short period of time he gasped out my name as his cock erupted in my hand, covering us with his thick cream. As his eyes rolled back in his head, I took a quick taste. Many people would deny this, but you can tell a lot about a man's lifestyle by the taste of him. A heavy drinker tastes different from a teetotaler.

Clark tasted of sunshine and apples mixed with a salty undertone. Nothing like any man I'd ever been with. When his eyes fluttered, I moved my hand down quickly, not wanting him to know how thoroughly I trusted him to be clean. Silly, maybe, but I didn't want him to think I saw him as an inexperienced child. Even though he was.

He looked up at me as the telltale blush moved up his face. I chuckled lightly, "Don't feel so bad. You lasted longer than I did the first time."

His hands reached out to me and I let him pull me down onto his body. His legs spread, I nestled between them, rubbing my still erect dick against his partially softened one.

"God, Lex that was…"


He laughed and clutched me closer. Then his eyes got serious. "Your turn."

I moaned and bent to capture his lips in a long kiss. When I ran my tongue against them he opened to me. I entered his mouth slowly, lapping softly, tasting and learning him. One of his hands squeezed my ass, as the other moved up to cup my skull.

Our hips had started moving of their own accord. My pre-come was wetting us enough to let our dicks glide sensually against each other. All thoughts of the rest of the world left my head as each kiss ended only when I needed air. Clark didn't seem to need to breathe anymore.

I knew when he became fully erect again. He bucked under me and I'd have been thrown from the bed if his hands hadn't held me so tightly. I knew I'd be wearing his handprint on my ass for days, but I didn't care. At the same time, the hand on my head cradled it gently.

He whimpered into our kiss and I felt the spasms as he coated me with his come. That was enough to push me over the edge and I shouted as I added to the mess on our bodies.


A question

When are you not a virgin anymore?

With a girl, it's so simple, but with a guy, it's something else entirely.

Earlier, Lex and I came together. We humped like we were fucking. He stroked my dick like I stroke myself when I'm in bed at night. Is that enough?

If I'm not a virgin anymore, then I have only one other question: Where do we go from here?

Everything was so rushed and hurried. I didn't think while it was happening. I certainly wasn't considering any consequences as I grabbed his ass, pulling him closer. In fact, I avoided talking as much as possible; afraid he would see how terrified I was. I clutched him to me like a security blanket and acted before I really had a chance to think about anything.

After he came, he rolled away from me and fell asleep. Personally, I wasn't sleepy so I just spread out on my side, facing him. At first, it was wonderful to watch him sleep. In some ways, I felt like I saw his real face for the first time. I don't know how long I watched him. All I know is that at some point I rested my eyes and when they opened again the room was dark.

The only light came from the bathroom across from the bed. Looking at the empty pillow beside me, I froze when I heard an airy laugh echo out across the room followed by Lex saying, "I bet I could lift fingerprints off this hand print you left on my ass."

With a bit of a swagger, he exited the bathroom as naked as the last time I saw him. Next to the bed, Lex said, "That was some hot sex, Clark. Let's assess the damage," as he flicked on the bedside lamp.

Instantly, I heard a gasp. I followed his eyes to my shoulders. I remembered how he cradled me as we humped. He'd clutched my shoulders every bit as tightly as I held his ass. They should have bruised just like his ass, but they didn't. That was when I saw the question in his eyes.


Kent Struts

I'd showered then admired Clark's handprint on my ass for several minutes. Yeah, that would definitely be a nice reminder to me for several days. I'd have to remember to lock my bathroom door until it faded – my father has this disconcerting habit of just walking in on me no matter what I'm doing.

When I heard Clark stirring, I called out, "I bet I could lift fingerprints off this hand print you left on my ass."

I exited the bathroom still speaking, "That was some hot sex, Clark. Let's assess the damage."

I turned on the light and then gasped. There was no sign of a bruise on his golden flesh. The way I'd latched on to his shoulders as I shot, I'd been sure he'd need to hide bruises as well. I looked into his eyes, my own questioning.

The fear I saw there rocked me. I wanted to ask, but didn't dare with him looking at me that way. I knew a question, any question and he'd flee. What had happened between us was great. If I wanted a chance of it happening again, I had to walk lightly. From the look in his eyes, I had to move fast with damage control as well.

I sat next to him and bent to press a kiss on his lips. Pulling back, I grinned at him.

"What happened to our pizza? I'm starved."

"I didn't order any."

"Probably a good thing since we were busy."

I looked over at the clock on the bedside table. "We still have enough time to watch a movie. That is, if you want to?"

"Can we make out if it's boring?"

"I was planning on putting in a documentary on lint. Think that'll be sufficiently boring?"

His grin let me relax. I bent to kiss him again. "Why don't you take a shower? I'll go scrounge up some snacks and meet you in the media room."

"You might want to get dressed."

"That smart mouth will get you in trouble, farm boy."

He grabbed me and rolled us so that he was mostly on top of me. I let him kiss me until his stomach rumbled against me. We laughed into the kiss and he pulled back a little.

"I guess I should let you feed me. Mom might get suspicious if I go home and start eating everything in sight."

"I wouldn't want Mrs. Kent to think I'm a poor host. Now, up, shower."

He got up and moved toward the bathroom. I watched him, seeing the change in his walk. If what we'd done were enough to make him strut that way, how would he act after fucking me or being fucked by me? I couldn't stop the smile as I thought of all the lovely things that I'd get to teach him.


Whatta Night

As I snuck into the house, my mind reeled from the reality of what happened tonight. As I tiptoed up the stairs, I prayed my parents wouldn't wake up. I didn't want them to see me right then. I just couldn't believe I didn't look any different because I felt like a whole 'nother person.

Once in my bedroom, I started to undress. I marveled that just a couple minutes ago I'd put them on after spending most of the past several hours naked.

Y'know, it was weird. I never felt so at ease with my own body. Most of the time, it's all I can do to keep from putting on yet another layer of clothes. Tonight, once I woke up, I had no problem just getting out of bed and crossing the room naked as a jaybird.

I felt his eyes follow me and I'm not so naive that I didn't guess that most of the time his eyes zeroed in on my shoulders instead of my ass. After I closed the door behind me, I pressed my back against the door and let out a breath I wasn't aware I'd been holding. I stumbled over to the bath and turned on the water. After I got under the warm spray, I was thankful for that shower. It gave me a chance to think. I calmed down enough to realize Lex took the whole lack of bruises thing rather well.

By the time I came out of the shower, the pizza'd just arrived. In fact, I stepped into the entertainment room just in time to watch Lex take a huge bite of pizza, cheese trailing as he pulled away from the slice. The sight made my flesh harden. I couldn't help myself, I walked over and took the pizza slice out of his hand and placed it on the table. Then, I proceeded to lick the cheese and sauce off his chin. He chewed the whole time I did this and as I paid special attention to his neck, he arched his head backwards and swallowed.

I didn't hold back. I ran my hands down his back until they cupped his ass. Grabbing both cheeks, I picked him up and marched back to the bedroom.

Along the way, he wrapped his legs around me and laughed, "I guess you're not all that hungry for pizza."

Continuing to nuzzle his neck, I mumbled, "Why? You want me to stop?"

Wrapping his arms around my shoulders, he whispered, "Not unless you want me to kill you."

We both laughed at that as we fell onto the bed. I heard him exhale sharply as my weight knocked the wind out of his lungs and I scurried off of him quickly. As I retreated, my chin hit against his semi-rigid cock. Licking my lips, I glanced up at his face before sticking out my tongue and savoring a long lick down his shaft.

His hips hopped off the mattress, but I easily held them in place. My lips puckered in a kiss, I sucked my way up his dick until I reached the head and covered the mushroom shaped tip. At first, I sucked him into my mouth with shallow thrusts, but as Lex grew harder, his thrusts became stronger.

Soon, I was holding onto his hips and trying to keep up. I bobbed my head in time with his thrusts and after a couple pauses, I managed to open my throat enough to allow for most of his dick, but I never was able to take it all. The couple of times I tried, I just coughed and gagged. Since Lex tended to slow down whenever I did this, I just stuck to what I knew: Open mouth. Insert dick. Add suction.

If Lex was bothered or let down by my performance, he didn't let it show. On the contrary, he moaned. He panted. He encouraged me with loud words when I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and pumped the bottom half of his dick while I sucked on the top half. Then, I felt his body tighten as his orgasm neared and I stepped up my efforts. I was soon rewarded as he tensed underneath me and came.

As I finished swallowing, I could feel his hands on me, pulling me up beside him. Once I stretched out to his right, he turned toward me and kissed me. The kiss was soft and gentle. He was clumsy as if half asleep, but I didn't care. I just laid back as he slowly inched down my body. He nipped and tugged at my flesh, traveling ever downward, until he reached his goal.

As his mouth covered my dick, I sucked in a lungful of air. As the hot wetness of his tongue slid over the sensitive skin of my cock, I whimpered and bit my lip. As his hands alternated between squeezing my balls and rubbing my thighs, I clutched at the bedspread, my hands balling into fists. In the end, I lasted longer than the first time, but not by much.

Afterwards, I shook in his arms as the last of the tremors danced across my body. My head rested on his shoulder as he kissed my forehead and ran his fingers through my hair. For the longest time, the room was silent, then Lex gave me one last kiss on the forehead and pulled away.

He stood up and stretched. Twisting about, he kept his back to me until, with a graceful turn, he reached out and offered me his hand. As I took a hold of him, he smiled and said, "Come on. Let's go eat. I'm starving."

We ate with the TV on. The volume was low enough for us to talk and we did. We talked about everyday things, politics, and anything else that found its way into our conversation. Suddenly, it was late. Too late. My curfew had come and gone while we talked. Stumbling about frantically, he helped me find my clothes and we kissed continuously as I dressed.

Finally, he walked me to the door. He offered me a ride home that I quickly refused. We kissed again and laughed as we struggled to separate. One last kiss and he waved goodbye. After he closed the door, I followed the trail of lights slowly being turned off until there was one left - The one in Lex's bedroom. After a couple minutes, that too, faded to black.

Which leaves me here - In my bedroom; wishing time could stop and it would be this night forever.


Morning Musings

It didn't take me long to go to sleep. I'd been up early and we'd had a busy night. I woke, thinking I'd just had a pleasant and intensely real dream. That is until I saw the dried evidence on the sheets and the extra used towels in the bathroom.

If you want to get technical, Clark is still a virgin. His behavior had made it clear that he was willing to go all the way, but I wasn't. It would be easier for him to consider what we'd done just experimentation if there were no penetration.

Part of me still feels like he will wake up and run like hell. My heart will break if that happens. In the cold light of day, is he sorry for what we did? I know I'm not. I won't be, even in Jonathan shows up breathing fire and pointing a gun at me.


Metropolis, the place I thought I wanted to return to. Well I was wrong.

My father had sent the helicopter for me. I went without protest even though I knew it was for show. He wanted to play the happy family card on the group he was negotiating with. Every time I thought I could slip away to call Clark, my father was on my heels. Clark had tried to call me several times, I felt my phone vibrating, but I was in a room full of people and couldn't answer.

By the time I was dismissed it was too late to call. Clark's parents would never understand why I felt the need to talk to their son at one a.m. I retired to my room and locked the door to keep my father out.

Checking my messages, I groaned at the building fear in each successive one. The last one sounding so broken hearted.

"What did I do wrong? Please let me make it right."

As I click off the phone, it starts to vibrate in my hand. I look at the caller ID and can't push the button fast enough.




What did I do

As I opened my eyes this morning, the world seemed sharper. It seemed more clear, more vivid - the colors more distinct. It seemed like the entire world changed overnight. In a way, it scared me. It was like the world was pointing at me and saying, "You are not what you were yesterday."

I rushed through my morning routine and dashed by my parents without so much as a hi and good morning. When I got to school, I was shocked to find that police were turning us away, telling us to go home.

Apparently, Joe, the class president, was a meteor mutant. He'd always been charming and now seemed to have formed an extremely magnetic personality. So magnetic, in fact, that he was threatening to cave in the main building of the school by pulling inward on its rebar skeleton.

Without attracting too much attention, I slipped past the police. Inside the school, it was pandemonium. I quickly understood the theme of what lay out before me. Teachers and administration held onto doorways and fought against the magnetic forces surrounding them. Desks clung to the ceiling in the center of the main hall. Long banks of lockers jiggled on the bolts affixing them to the wall. In the very epicenter of it all, pens, metal rulers, barrettes and one dildo (I'm sure no one is going to be jumping up to claim that) formed a cone shaped pile that was slowly digging through the plaster and concrete.

I raced up the stairs. I found Joe hovering in the middle of the student council chambers with his legs and arms outstretched. As I drew closer, I noticed members of the student council were writhing in pain on the floor as they struggled against the magnetic forces drawing them ever closer to Joe. Then, Joe noticed me. Laughing, he said, "I'll bring them all over to my side. Just you watch. They'll never turn on me again."

Suddenly, Joe seemed to realize that I wasn't affected by his powers. Enraged, he broke his constant pull and focused his powers on me. Though he couldn't affect me, he had no problem hurling desks at me. With my lightening speed, I dodged them all until I reached Joe and grabbing him by the shoulders, flung him through the nearest wall.

It seems, Joe had a glass skull and the impact knocked him out, bringing an end to his rampage. As my fellow classmates started to shake their heads free of trauma, I sped away. No one was the wiser.

They cancelled school for the rest of the day. They had to. They couldn't let us into the school with it looking the way it did. So, the principal came out to tell us not to get into too much trouble and let us go.

As I turned away from the school, all I could think of was how I couldn't wait to tell Lex.

Sure, I can't tell him my part of it, but I can tell him about Joe and no school and hell, I can just talk to him. So, I sped over to Lex's mansion. When I got there, security informed me that Lex left that morning for Metropolis and wasn't expected back for at least a few days.

Downtrodden, I left the mansion and rushed home. At the farm, I found the house vacant and figured Mom went to town. Seeing this as the perfect moment, I called Lex's cell phone. "Hey Lex, how you doin'? Just called to find out when you're coming back. They cancelled school today. So, you can reach me at home. Talk to you later. Bye."

For five whole minutes, I waited by the phone and almost willed it to ring. As reality sank in, I sighed deeply and hoped against hope as I made another phone call. "Hey. Lex. How's it goin'? Call me at home okay? Bye."

A couple hours later, I couldn't stop myself from calling again. "Lex. Umm. I'm at home. Give me a call, okay? Bye."

An hour later, for the fourth phone call, I added something I hoped would explain why he wasn't calling me. "Lex? It's Clark. Call me at home. Bye."

After two hours of being left alone with my thoughts, I felt pathetic, but I picked up the receiver one more time. "Hi. It's Clark. Is this about last night? If it is - I'm sorry. Tell what I can do to fix it."

Around this time, my Mother came home. She asked if I was all right. She said she'd heard about what happened at school. I wrote my bad mood off as more teenage angst over not being able to show my powers and she left me alone.

Finally, in bed, I was at the end of my rope. I'd been on an emotional roller coaster all day. First, I felt confused, then scared, then adrenaline filled, then excited, then let down, followed shortly thereafter by pathetic. Now, I was desperate. Thus, I made my way downstairs and picked up the phone. As I dialed Lex's phone number, I groaned at the sound of his oh-so-professional voice mail message and said, "What did I do wrong? Please, let me make it right."

Putting the phone down, I shook my head. For several minutes I just stood there somewhere between yelling and tears. Then, I curled my right hand into a fist and punched the kitchen counter, leaving a deep crack in the countertop. 'Damn!' I thought, 'My Mother's going to kill me.' That was the last straw. If I'm going to be punished and possibly grounded, I was going to let Lex have it. Picking up the phone, I dialed again and was genuinely surprised when I heard, "Clark."

I stopped. I couldn't believe it was really him. I had this whole speech worked out and, for a second, I considered letting it go, but only for a second. Taking a deep breath, I said, "Lex... Did you finally find time to answer a phone?"

"Clark, I know you're angry, but let me explain."

"No, you listen. All day, I've had to hear your voice say, 'You've reached, Lex Luthor. I'm unable to take your call at the moment, but leave a brief message and I'll return your phone call as soon as possible.' Well Lex, were my messages not brief enough?"

"Clark, you don't understand. My father sent the helicopter for me this morning. I've been in board meetings and negotiation conferences all day. Just now. Just this very minute, I managed to get away."


"Really. I wanted to call you once I received your messages, but I thought it was too late."


"Yeah. It had nothing to do with last night. Last night was great. I hope it happens again when I get back."

"So do I. By the way, when are you getting back?"

"Hopefully, tomorrow. I'm not entirely sure when tomorrow, but hopefully tomorrow."

"Well, here's to hoping."

"Yeah. So... You were saying something in your first message about school being cancelled. Why was school cancelled?"

"Actually, that was why I called you. I wanted to tell you about Joe."

"Joe? Who the hell is Joe?"

"The student body president, or at least he was. Let me start at the beginning. You see, when I got to school this morning, I was shocked to find the police..."


All wet, again

It was almost two by the time he finished telling me about his day. I was just glad no one was seriously injured. When he tried to steer the conversation toward phone sex I stopped him with a reminder that one of his parents could walk in on him. I could hear his pout through the phone and reminded myself of how I felt at his age.

"I'll call you as soon as I know when I expect to be home. Maybe you can meet me at the mansion."

"Yeah, you can bet on it."

"We'd better get off the phone now. You have school and I have my father to contend with first thing."

"Goodnight, Lex."


I disconnected the phone. Stripping down to my boxers, I climbed into the bed. I didn't sleep right away, Clark's story running through my head, another meteor mutant. Were Clark and I the only ones who could function at a civilized level?

Clark hadn't confessed but I had hopes that he would someday. It's not like I'd feel differently about him. How could I when the meteors had changed me as well? I knew that had to be the reason he hadn't bruised.

That sent me off in other directions. I knew he was stronger than most. I'm not fat by anyone's measurements but I'm certainly too heavy for the average man to lift as easily as he'd lifted me. No strain evident, no grunting or panting, and he found his way back to my bed without taking his mouth off my throat. At least the mark he'd left was easily hidden.

Then there was the fact that I knew I hit him that day. I'd pretended to accept his fiction but knew better. Now here I was embarking on a relationship with a boy – man-sized to be sure, but still a boy in so many ways.

His messages had shown that. But they'd also shown one other thing – he had a crush on me. If I'm careful, I might be able to parlay that crush into several years of him in my bed. I'm far too practical to think he'll stick around once he really sees who I am.

Sitting that aside in my mind, I slipped my hand into my boxers and remembered the way it felt to be carried like a child. Remembered the noises he'd made as he sucked cock for the first time. I came silently, then fell asleep.

The next morning I stepped into the shower in my boxers, rather than peel off my skin with the dried come. I'd just stepped out when I heard my father's voice. Fuck! I was sure I'd locked the door. I grabbed for the towel and wrapped it around my waist just as he opened the door.

His eyes zeroed in on my neck and I knew I was going to hear about that, but at least he couldn't see the hand print. Yeah, my father is aware that I walk both sides of the street but no need to give him any clues as to who I'd been with most recently.

"Son, you shouldn't let them mark you up that way."

"Don't worry, Dad, my shirt will cover it. May I ask what couldn't wait until I came down to breakfast?"

"We're having guests for breakfast. I wanted you to go over this file before they get here."

"Leave it on the bed, please."

"I'll wait while you dress."

"I still need to brush my teeth, Dad. Go on down, I promise I won't be long."

"Very well, Lex, but do hurry. They are due here in a half hour."

"You know how quickly I read."

He took a step forward and looked closer at the bruise. "You should find someone who is less rough, Lex."

"Sometimes rough is what I want. Now if you wish me to get dressed and read a report you should leave me to get to it."

He nodded and turned to leave. As soon as the door closed, I ran to make sure it was locked. I brushed my teeth with the report in my hand; dressed and made it to the dining room five minutes before the President of Meili Cosmetics arrived. At least after reading the report I understood my father wanting to add a line of cosmetics to the corporation.

By the time we'd finished for the day the weather had changed and the 'copter couldn't take me back. My father wanted me to stay over another day but I wanted to get home. So in the middle of a storm I was driving toward Smallville. I pulled my phone out and hit the speed dial for the Kent house.


"Mr. Kent, may I speak with Clark?"

"He's doing his homework, Luthor. I'll have him call you when he's finished."

"Yes, Sir, thank you."

I clicked off and dropped the phone on the passenger seat. I knew it wasn't a very good idea but I increased my speed anyway. I remember thinking as I hydroplaned and sailed off the road into a creek that Clark was going to think I'd abandoned him.


I've never felt so helpless

The night after our early morning phone conversation, I found out Lex called me about six hours before my father decided reluctantly to tell me. To say the least, my father isn't my favorite person, right now, especially since Lex went missing two days ago.

After I found out he called, I quickly returned the call. In response, I got his voicemail. Rolling my eyes up toward the ceiling, I whispered, "Oh no, not again."

I didn't leave a message. I didn't see the point. Instead, I waited about five minutes and called again. This time, the message I received informed me that Lex's phone was not responding to the signal. The electronic voice offered the voicemail, but I declined. Placing the phone down, I felt a shiver of foreboding run through my body.

Taking a deep breath, I called the hotel at which Lex was staying. They informed me that Lex checked out at 8 o'clock. Next, I called the mansion and was told that Lex's secretary had called at about a quarter after 8 o'clock to inform them that Lex was driving back. Finally, I called the Highway patrol and inquired into any accidents along Route 90. There were four. None of them involved major injury or Lex Luthor.

Then, I sought out my Father. I cross-examined him concerning Lex's voice and any background noises. My Father answered slowly. It was like pulling teeth to get a simple description or detail. Finally, he roared and demanded why I was asking so many questions about Lex Luthor. Glaring back at him, I answered, "Lex is missing. He left Metropolis over six hours ago. He hasn't checked in with his staff and no one's seen him. That phone call may be the only thing that can help me find him."

He looked sheepish just then. Quickly, he admitted it sounded like Lex was calling from a cell phone and that he could hear a humming in the background that sounded like he was driving. Nodding at my Dad, I grabbed my coat and took off at superspeed.

Down Route 90, I kept my speed down so that I could concentrate on my surroundings. About an hour outside of Metropolis, I saw some muffled lights. Coming to a stop, I approached the edge of the road. Looking down the sharp incline, I saw the outline of a trunk and bumper sticking out of the rain-swollen creek bed. The rest of the car was completely submerged in water.

Sliding down the mud slick incline, I reached the driver side door. The window was rolled down, but the car was otherwise undisturbed. Looking inside, my heart caught firmly in my throat. There was no blood. There were no visible footprints leading to or from the car. Any fingerprints left behind were long ago washed away. None of the usual pieces of evidence existed.

All I had was a scrap of torn silk clinging to the driver side window and Lex's patent leather shoes. The latter pieces of evidence were found at the bank of the river, the water just starting to lap at their smooth surfaces. Following the rushing water with my eyes, I felt my stomach sink and made a quick decision. Zippering my coat shut, I dove into the creek.

I fought against the current and searched every inch of that creek bed, afraid of what I might find. Several hours later, I crawled out of the Smallville Reservoir. Punching at the Earth, I cried into the mud as I drowned in the reality of the situation.

Eventually, I got a hold of myself. Standing up, I walked home slowly.

As I walked in the front door, my mother gasped and ran over to me. She pulled off my wet clothes and brought me something dry to wear. As I pulled a sweatshirt over my head, the phone rang. My mother answered it and immediately called out to me.

"It's Lex!" she cried.

I rushed over and held the phone up to my ear. I heard someone coughing then Lex's voice whispered across the line. "Clark? Thank God. You've got to help me."

"Of course, tell me where you are and I'll come get you."

"I'm not sure. I'm in a cabin. I don't know where."

Suddenly, there was a maniacal scream in the background. An adult female voice screeched, "Give me that. Who'd you call? Who? No matter, you're mine. You're mine, y'hear?"

There were sounds of a struggle, the unmistakable thunk of a blunt object brought down on the back of a person's head and the crackling caused by someone smashing a cell phone into a million pieces. I bit my lip hard and clutched the phone so tightly that the plastic shattered in my hand.

That was yesterday. Since then, I've searched the backwoods in vain for the cabin in question. I have Chloe searching for escaped mental patients and listed cabins. I've endeared myself to the state police, but there seems to be no trace to follow and I'm left empty handed with no way to help.


Roll on Thunder

I must have lost consciousness, again. My next thought found me slumped, water up to my waist, still buckled in. A flash of lightning allowed me to see my phone floating just out of reach. When it started to dance in the water, I made a grab for it but the locked seatbelt held me in place.

I fumbled with my seatbelt but my hands were so cold that I had trouble getting it open. Lurching sideways, I managed to get the phone as it stopped vibrating. Opening it, I tried to dial but it refused to send a signal. Fucking thing rang but wouldn't send.

I shoved it in my pocket as I grabbed the door handle. No dice, pressure must not have been equal or the frame was bent and the door was frozen. Window down and more water poured into the car. Then the shivers started, and the lightning strike nearby didn't help my comfort level.

Don't ask how but I managed to get through the window and up to the bank of the swollen creek. If the rain kept coming down at that rate my car would end up in Smallville soon.

I saw headlights and prayed for someone normal to be coming toward me. Did I get my prayer answered? What do you think?



How do they find me? Do I have some invisible target on my back? A guidance chip implanted in my neck?

I felt like I was trapped in a Stephen King novel, only I'm not an author and this sicko wanted something that I could never give her.

My vision was blurry and I knew I had another concussion. My phone was gone and I had no idea how long I was out. Clark must have been frantic; but at least he wouldn't think I ran away from him.

When I came to the first time, I was alone in the room and my first thought was Clark. Most people would call on the police, but it's Clark who rescues me, not the police. I fumbled the phone from my pocket, hoping it would work, but sure it wouldn't. When I got a signal, I felt like cheering.

Mrs. Kent's voice sounded like an angel and thankfully she didn't ask questions, she just got Clark on the phone. I was sure my coughing would draw attention, so I spoke quickly when the cough stopped.

"Clark? Thank God. You got to help me."

"Of course. Tell me where you are and I'll come get you."

"I'm not sure. I'm in a cabin. I don't know where."

That's as far as I got. She came in and caught me before I could tell him any more. I don't know how much he heard after that, but it could only have contributed to his worry.

I tried to move and realized she'd tied me down this time. I also realized that I was naked. Fuck! I could only hope that Clark found me before my inability to 'make love' to her got me hurt further. The door banged open and I winced as the loud noise contributed to my pain level.

"Ah, sweetheart, you're awake."

I shut my eyes against the sight of her dropping the robe on the floor. It's a damn shame that humans can't close their noses. The stench of her filled the room and I had to fight down my gag reflex. It got worse as she straddled my hips and rubbed her stinking flesh against me.

"Could I have some water?"

I hoped the simple request would get her off of me, that maybe she'd think giving me water was a good idea.

"Baby, I'm sorry. Of course, you're thirsty. Bet your head hurts too, don't it? You wait right here and I'll get you some cool water and an aspirin."

That gave me a slight reprieve. I prayed that I'd pass out again. But once more, no one was listening. She came back far too quickly. I managed to take the pills and swallow the brackish water. Being a mutant has some advantages – I don't have to worry about getting sick from tainted water.

She climbed on my body again and I locked my jaw. She humped, rubbed and slobbered on me until she got herself off, then she left me alone again. The odor of her clung to me and I finally lost control. Turning my head as far as possible, I vomited over the side of the narrow bed. Exhaustion claimed me and I slept.

The next time I woke there was daylight coming in through a window I hadn't noticed before. I smelled the odor of bacon this time and wondered if she'd offer me food. I didn't relish the idea of trying to eat while tied to the bed and wasn't sure if I'd be able to anyway unless she'd bathed since our last encounter.

I wasn't sure how long I'd been in her tender care; all I was sure about is that I had to stay alive until Clark found me. I had no doubts that he would, eventually. I heard her footsteps coming toward the room and braced myself for another assault.


What to do?

All my leads concluded in dead ends on the third day.

First, Chloe and I went from one publicly listed cabin to the next. Using my x-ray vision, I determined Lex wasn't at any of the cabins we visited, though Chloe is still curious about a cabin owned by this young woman from New York whose vacationing in Smallville. (She's still following that dead end.)

Then, there was the fact that no women had escaped from mental institutions since Tina Greer. It seems Tina made the female facilities tighten up security.

In the end, I realized a ragging lunatic with no prior involvement with the law kidnapped Lex.

Great! That's a lot of help.

By the third day, my parents started to seriously worry about me. My mother, with her need to create a semblance of normalcy at all times, forced me to escort her to town for groceries. At first, I protested and acted a bit bratty. Halfway to town, I became grateful for the distraction. Once in town, my mom squeezed my hand comfortingly and smiled sadly at me. I squeezed her hand and opened the car door.

That was when it hit me.

Floating on the breeze was the undeniable scent of Lex Luthor. It was a scent I got to know very well the other day. I was surprised to find it on Main Street. I was more surprised to detect another scent wrapped around it. The other scent was foul and that only made me confident that I wasn't hallucinating as I stumbled out of the truck.

Looking all around me, I spun around several times before heading south on Main Street. I could hear my mother call after me, but I didn't turn back. The scent was getting stronger. The rancid stench became overpowering and I paused.

That was when I saw her. Her hair was greasy and her clothes dirty, but she wore carefully applied lipstick and dainty pearl earrings. She carried a simple pouch style purse peppered with multiple stains. She clutched the purse close to her chest and flinched whenever someone came near her, which, with the way she smelled, wasn't often.

Careful to stay back, I followed her. She made some purchases at the local butcher and then bought some dry goods at the market. Then, she paused in front of a florist. I could tell she was debating internally with whatever side that wanted to buy sunflowers winning the debate. With her purchases in tow, she made her way to an old beat up truck, climbed into the cab and cranked the engine to life.

I followed her truck down Route 90. Halfway to Metropolis, she made her way down a dirt road surrounded by dense foliage. About two miles down, she stopped the truck. Carrying her packages, she walked a faint trail that cut through the forest. As I followed her, I realized with horror that if I hadn't happened upon her I would have never found this place.

Finally, in a small clearing, we came upon a tiny cabin. The structure had seen better days and was in desperate need of some basic maintenance. Activating my x-ray vision, I inspected the cabin. In the sole bedroom, I saw Lex tied down to a bed. By the way, he was moving his arms and legs; I could tell he was trying to get away. Angrily, I growled at the sight.

Immediately, the woman turned around. She saw me at the edge of the clearing and screamed. Dropping her groceries, she ran inside her cabin and locked the door. Still using my x-ray vision, I watched in horror as she picked up a shotgun propped up next to door and headed toward the room that held Lex.

I crashed in through the front door. Rushing after her, I grabbed a hold of her shotgun. As she struggled for the weapon, She screamed, "No! You can't have him. He's mine."

In the struggle, the gun went off. With my left hand firmly holding the barrel, I watched her smile turn to shock as she realized I didn't react to the smoking metal. With a burst of super strength, I snatched the shotgun away from her and broke it in half. Her eyes opened wide and I got to see the moment her already tenuous hold on sanity finally snapped.

Catatonic, she fell backwards. She slid down the wall, stopping with a thud as her ass hit the floor.

Once I was sure she was out of the picture, I entered the bedroom. I found Lex struggling desperately against his bonds. I stepped into the room and whispered, "Lex?"

Instantly, he froze in place. He slowly he turned his head until he was looking directly at me. That was when the tears came. Overcome, he fell back on the creaking mattress and cried. I rushed to his side. Standing beside him, I noticed the dried cum on his stomach and groin and the scratches cut into his wrists and ankles by the rope used to bind him.

Quickly, I rushed around the bed, untying knots. Once freed, Lex rolled onto his side and curled into a ball. He never acknowledged me with more than his tears and that fact was starting to frighten me.

As I watched him shake, I came to a crossroads. On the one hand, I didn't want Lex to know about my powers, but on the other hand, I knew by looking at him that he was never going to get back to Smallville on his own steam. He was in desperate need of medical attention, not to mention psychological.

Making my decision, I took the quilt under him and surrounded him in it. He cried in protest as I picked him up, but didn't struggle too much once I shushed at him and said, "It's me, Lex. I'm not going to let anyone hurt you anymore."

Walking out of the cabin, I headed for the trail. When we emerged onto the dirt road, I stared at the woman's truck. Looking back at the cabin, I nodded my head before turning back to the truck and, using my heat vision, set the engine on fire. I let the vehicle burn for a while before taking a deep breath and blowing out the flames.

Looking down at Lex's shocked face, I bit my lip. Using my powers, I sped from the scene.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the hospital in Smallville. I discreetly laid Lex on a gurney and I waited until an orderly discovered him. Then, I ran away.


Rescues and hospitals

Clark had come for me, as I knew he would. But by that point I was in a pretty bad emotional place. I cried like a baby when came into the room. I was ashamed for him to see the betrayal of my body, both to me and to him. It's amazing what an electric probe can do the male body.

I have to admit I thought I was hallucinating when he set fire to the truck and then put it out. Had he not been cradling me in his arms I would have been sure of it. But I felt the heat and then the cold, then the whirlwind trip to the hospital.

Then the asshole left me!

I mean, I know it probably upset him to find me covered in my own come and her stink. My nose had given up but his hadn't, but I thought he'd stick around until he knew I was okay.

I'd never been more thankful for a needle of drugs in my life. When I woke I'd been cleaned up and my father was standing inside the room talking to a doctor.

"I want him transferred to Metropolis right away, Doctor. It's obvious he isn't safe here."

"I think that's my decision, Dad."

"Lex, son."

He moved quickly to my bed putting on the concerned father face. Before he could say more I interrupted. "Dad, I'd like to talk to the doctor. Alone, please."

He looked at me and I knew he wasn't pleased, but I didn't really care. "I'll be in the hallway if you need me."

"Thank you."

I waited until he was out of the room and the Doctor moved closer to my bed.

"How much damage was done?"

"The device she used caused several burns, which isn't uncommon when they are used anally with insufficient lubrication. There was some tearing, I assume from the dildo they found at the scene. Do you feel there is a need to see that she's given the morning after pill?"

"Is she here?"

"Yes, they brought her in. She's quite catatonic and we'll be moving her to a mental hospital tomorrow."

"Give her the pill. I don't want that woman having a child of mine. Has Clark Kent been in to see me?"

"No, Mr. Luthor. Jonathan inquired by phone as to your condition but we only gave out the standard information."

"And that was?"

"That you were stable."

"Doctor, please inform the staff that if Clark comes by, he's to be allowed to see me no matter when he shows up."

"All right, Mr. Luthor. I'll go attend to that other matter, if you have no other questions?"

"Thank you, Doctor."

The doctor left and my father came back into the room. I was still sore but knew I'd heal rapidly. I wanted to talk to Clark but I had to deal with my father first.

"Lex, I'm making arrangements to have you moved to Metropolis."

"Dad, there is no reason to have me moved. The staff here can care for me. The responsibly party is here and no longer a threat. I just want to go to the mansion and relax until I'm better. A couple of days and I'll be back at work."

"What did that woman want with you?"

"The usual, Dad, a baby, my dick, probably my money eventually. Look it's over I'm safe and I just want to get on with my life."

"I want to know how you got here. That cabin is way off the beaten track; there were no other tire tracks to indicate someone brought you out in another vehicle. Also her truck had been burned and then doused and the fire department can't figure out how either was accomplished."

"I can't answer any of those questions. I passed out the last time she used that damn cattle prod on me and I woke up on a gurney here at the hospital."

I met his eyes squarely, waiting for him to buy my version of the story. The only people who could tell a different tale were never going to do that. He finally nodded, briefly.

"If I can't talk you into coming back to Metropolis, I'll be leaving now. I have to finish up the contracts with Meili."

"By all means, do that, Dad. I'll stay put until the doctor releases me. But don't worry I can still do most of my work from here."

He nodded once more and then swept out of my room. It was a relief to have him gone. I rang for the nurse and then tried to get up. Big mistake. When she came into the room she found me slumped on the floor.

"Mr. Luthor! Oh dear, let me help you up."

"I guess I'm not ready to get out of bed after all."

She got me back into the bed and I took several deep breaths. My ass was on fire again and the catheter had shifted causing my dick to hurt. Damn, I wanted to get out of there but I knew my body wasn't ready. So, I let her fuss over me and when she left, I reached for the phone. He answered on the second ring.

"Kent, get your ass here, now. And don't take the fucking scenic route."

I disconnected the phone before he had a chance to argue. We needed to talk face to face and the sooner the better.


Can this be more awkward?

There just isn't much one can say to a command like "Kent, get your ass here, now. And don't take the fucking scenic route."

A little scared, I slipped out of the house and sped over to the hospital. Along the way, I thought of the way I left Lex on that gurney. I hated myself for doing that, for being too much of a pussy to face him then and there. I ran away then, but I wasn't running away anymore.

He couldn't mask all the surprise he felt at my opening the door to his private room only three minutes after he hung up the phone. Without saying a word, I closed the door behind me. Taking a few steps toward him, I extended my hands palm up and said; "I guess there's no point to pretense anymore."


Secrets and Guilt

He stepped into my room shortly after I put down the phone. I shouldn't have been surprised; after all, he'd gotten me to the hospital in no time at all. I was surprised because I expected him to at least take the truck to get there and draw out the trip by doing less than the speed limit; maybe claim there was traffic.

He held out both hands in an "I surrender" gesture and said; "I guess there's no point to pretense anymore."

I could see the fear in his eyes and I hated it. I wondered how many hurdles we'd have to get past before his face showed nothing but confidence in me and my reactions.

"There never was a point, Clark. Is that why you left me here? Because you were worried about my reactions to the things I saw you do?"

He was looking everywhere but at me as he answered. "Yes. I've been keeping my secrets so long, Lex. My parents are so afraid of what will happen if anyone finds out."

"Clark, come here."

Head down, he approached my bed as if I intended to hit him. When he was within reach, I tugged on his hand.

"Sit. I want you to know I was upset because I felt you were rejecting me. I know how it must have looked; finding me covered in come and her smell all over me. I wasn't a willing participant."

"I didn't think you were. If you wanted her she wouldn't have had to tie you down. God, I'm sorry, Lex."

"Sorry for leaving me? You damn well should be, and I accept your apology."

"It's not just that, Lex. I'm sorry my dad didn't let me know you'd called, I might have found you before she did. I'm also sorry it took me so long to find you."

"Clark, let that go. I knew you'd find me. I just had to stay alive until you could."

Clark bent down and brushed his lips over mine. It was a sweet benediction and I accepted it as such. But there was still something to be addressed.

"I think we need to talk about the things you can do. First, I want to make something clear. I'm as much a meteor mutant as you are, so I'd never look down on you for that. I'd stand by you for that alone. Then there's the small fact that you are my best friend and I protect my friends."

"I know that, Lex, it's just that my parents…"

"Don't trust Luthors. I hope someday that will change. But for now, I just need you to know that you can trust me. You're my lover, that puts you in a special category of protection."

He smiled at me when I called him my lover. His hand caressed the fading bruise on my temple. Then he bent to kiss me again. He jerked back from me as the door opened. I frowned at my Doctor as he entered the room.

"Mr. Luthor, I need to examine you. The nurse told me you fell."

"I'm fine, Doctor. I just shouldn't have tried to get up so soon."

"Still I want to be sure you haven't torn your stitches."

Clark's eyes swept over me and then a sad look passed over his face. Now that was something I'd need to ask about, but first I needed to deal with the doctor.

"Doctor, I'm sure everything is fine. As a matter of fact, Clark is going to take me home and see that I'm comfortable."

"Mr. Luthor, that isn't a good idea unless you intend to hire a nurse. You need to be on a liquid diet and an ointment needs to be applied to the burns every few hours until they heal."

"I heal very quickly and I'm sure I can manage the ointment myself."

"Only if you’re a contortionist. You'll also need thorough cleansing after each evacuation."

"I can help him, Doctor."

I suppressed a grin at the look on Dr. Martin's face. I knew he was trying to find a polite way of letting Clark know that wouldn't be acceptable. Little did he know that as soon as I was healed, I hoped to have Clark's fingers in me for reasons having nothing to do with burn cream application.

"Doctor, I'll hire a nurse. I just wish to recuperate in my own bed."

"I'll release you only if you let me examine you."

"Of course, Doctor. Clark why don't you go to the house and get one of my cars to take me home in. By the time you get back all the paperwork should be out of the way."

"Sure, Lex. Which car should I bring?"

I decided there were enough pain meds in my body to make it possible for me to ride in just about any vehicle in my garage.

"Indulge yourself, Clark. Let me call to tell them you're on your way."

I used the phone; told Clark I'd see him soon. I smiled as he left, and relaxed back to allow the doctor to examine me.


Meteor mutant, am I?

So, he thinks I'm a mutant. It's so close to the truth that I'm tempted to just leave it alone.

He dismissed me when it was time for the doctor to examine him. I didn't mind. I was ready to leave. Before I left, the doctor spoke of burns, liquid diets, thorough cleansings, and my feeble attempt to be helpful just ended up coming out sounding weak and childish. So, I left with the worst possible mental picture ever and a flaming red complexion.

Still, I wasted no time. Using super speed, I raced to the mansion. He told me to indulge myself, so I did. I rode back to the hospital in his 2002 candy-apple red, Porsche Boxster. It's true what they say - accept no substitute.

At the hospital, I found Lex waiting for me on the curb. An impatient orderly leaned on the handlebars of the wheelchair from which Lex waved at me. I waved back as I pulled up to the curb and parked the car. I watched him checking out the car I chose and nodding approvingly. I smiled and he smiled back.

Reaching out for Lex's arm, I dismissed the very happy orderly. Once Lex stood up, I noted how his legs shook as his ankles struggled to carry his weight. More than once, I thought his legs would buckle and he'd fall, but luckily, that didn't happen. Still, I happily closed the passenger side door once he was seated.

All the way to the mansion, Lex talked. I didn't say much at all. In the back of my mind, I could hear Lex discussing the first time he realized he was a meteor mutant, how his asthma left him as he recuperated in the hospital from the meteor strike. He described his healing power. He told me all the things he did over the years to hide it. As we pulled up to the mansion, he asked, "How old were you when your powers first manifested?"

I dodged the question with a series of "umms" and "I don't knows" as I helped him up the stairs and into his bedroom. This clearly upset him and I found myself at the same old crossroads. This time, as I looked at the anger and hurt in his eyes, I chose a different path - I told the truth.

I never took my eyes off his as I pulled up his comforter. With my hands pressing against his chest, I sat beside him on the bed and explained, "I'm not a meteor mutant, Lex. I'm not afflicted with the aftereffects of exposure to the meteor rocks because I wasn't on Earth when the meteors started to fall. I wasn't here because I came down with the meteors. My spaceship crash-landed in Miller's field where my parents found me. They chose to raise me as their son even though I'm not human."

The whole time I spoke, Lex looked very comfortable. He nodded as if he understood and accepted everything I said. However, once I stopped speaking, his blank expression changed. His eyes narrowed and his expression grew cold as he said, "What?"


Little Green Men

I listened to him talk waiting for the punch line, but then it didn't come. I'd told him about myself, made it clear that I didn't care about his differences, since I have my own. Why would he be telling me this line of bullshit?

When I realized he was through talking, my anger got the best of me.


"I know it sounds…"

"Don't." the temperature of the room had dropped and I saw the trepidation on his face.

"Lex, please."

"Please, what, Clark? I told you the truth about myself. Why do you feel the need to tell me a fairytale? I know you're not the average human, but a space alien? You know what? I thought we'd…Leave Clark."

"What are you going to do?"

"Take my pain meds, hire a nurse, call Gabe and make sure the crap factory is still standing."

"I mean about us." His voice was soft and trembled.

"There is no us, Clark, obviously. An us implies something that you've just shown me doesn't exist."


"I asked you to leave."

His shoulders drooped and he turned without another word. I tasted blood as I bit my lip to keep from calling him back. The door closed softly behind him. I decided to hell with a nurse, the factory or anything except the little white pills. I dry swallowed enough to give me several hours of oblivion.

Before the blessed darkness took me down, I chastised myself for believing in him, for thinking there was a chance to, for once in life, have what I wanted.

The next morning I woke and knew instantly that Clark had come back. On the table by my bed was a vase filled with wildflowers and next to it a lavender envelope with my name in his neat handwriting.

I ignored both and hauled myself into the bathroom to shower. I ended up sitting on the shower floor. I wasn't even surprised when Clark ran into the room and lifted me one-handed, a towel was wrapped around me and I was carried like a swooning heroine back to my bed.

"I guess I need to make myself clearer. Leave, don't come back."

"I can't do that, Lex."

"This isn't an option, Clark. I don't want you here."

"You didn't hire a nurse."

"What's that got to do with anything? I'll be just fine and, in any case, my health is of no concern to you."

"Lex, the burn ointment is supposed to be applied every three hours. You haven't done that."

"Spying on me, Clark?"

He blushed, but looked at me with a firm set to his jaw.


Well, isn't this nice?

Y'know what? Sometimes, it doesn't pay to do the right thing.

I did something last night I never thought I could do and what did it get me? Nothing. Worse than nothing. It cost me my best friend. Well, if he thinks that's that, then he doesn't know me half as well as he thinks he does.

The absolute worst part is that it never occurred to me that someone wouldn't believe me. I thought if I ever got to the point where I could admit my origins, the listener would follow me without question. Sure, they might get mad or scared. Maybe they'd call me a freak, but I never considered the option of simply not being believed. I guess truth truly is stranger than fiction. Well, enough self-pity. He may have thrown me out last night, but today is another day.

I searched for the perfect opening. I paced for hours before it hit me. I sped home and stole some of my Mother's good stationary. I wrote, "I'm not a liar," on the silky, slightly scented surface. Then, I placed the octagon shaped piece of metal from my spaceship in the middle of the sheet and folded the parchment around it. I slid the small parcel into the matching envelope and made my way back to the mansion.

Along the way, I spied a cluster of purple wildflowers. Plucking them carefully, I continued on my way. I slipped into the mansion and made my way into Lex's bedroom. He slept restlessly and I longed to touch him, but I didn't. Instead, I reached for the vase Lex used as an abstract, ornate centerpiece for his corner table. Quietly, I emptied it and filled it with the wildflowers. Placing it on his nightstand, I set the envelope beside it and left his room.

Downstairs, I kept an ear out. Soon, I heard Lex groan as he got out of bed and went to shower. I hated hearing the pain in his grunts and sighs, but I stayed away until I discovered something disturbing. On the table in the foyer was the bag of medicines and topical ointments the hospital gave us last night. I opened the bag and recognized immediately that not one of them was touched.

Without hesitation, I entered Lex's bedroom again. I placed the pharmacy bag on his bed. I heard the shower go off and wasted no time as I barged into his bathroom. Quickly, I picked him up and carried him over to his bed.

Red with anger, he struggled as he said, "I guess I need to make myself clearer. Leave, don't come back."

Squaring my jaw, I replied, "I can't do that, Lex."

"This isn't an option, Clark. I don't want you here," he said as I placed him down on his bed.

Standing above him, I stated the obvious, "You didn't hire a nurse."

Crossing his arms over his chest, he remarked, "What's that got to do with anything? I'll be just fine and, in any case, my health is of no concern to you."

I bit my tongue to keep from commenting to that little insult. Taking a deep breath, I pointed out, "Lex, the burn ointment is supposed to be applied every three hours, you haven't done that."

Rolling his eyes, Lex asked, "Spying on me, Clark?"

I thought, 'Okay. So what if I did, but that's not the point.' I couldn't help the blush that crept up my neck to my face. Looking Lex in the eyes, I braced myself physically and pointed at the hospital bag on his bed. "It doesn't take a genius to figure it out, Lex. All the bottles in that bag are still sealed."

He looked at the bag and winced. Pausing he stared at the bag for a long time before looking back at me. "What do you care?"

Now, that made me mad. I don't get mad often. I have to keep my emotions in check or people can get hurt. This time though, he pushed me too far. Pushing against his chest, I watched him fall against the mattress. Climbing over him, I sat on his thighs and grabbed his hands, pinning him to the bed. Looking him square in the eye, I said, "Look, you always ask me for the truth. You say I can trust you. Well, why don't you try doing the same? I told you the truth last night. You can choose to believe it or not, but don't you dare question my feelings for you when I spent three days searching for you, crawling on my belly to the Sheriffs and Highway Patrol for the slightest scraps of information."

Instantly, I jumped off him. Walking over to the nightstand, I picked up the letter and tossed it onto his chest. I saw him flinch from the impact of the metal against his bruised flesh. I winced in response, but stood my ground. I waited until he looked back at me. Walking over to the door, I said before leaving, "Once you figure out what you want to do, you know where to find me."


Alien and Mutant

Clark was pissed. Damn! I didn't think anything set him off. I reached down and picked up the envelope. He must have gotten it from his mother; I don't see him as the scented stationary type. It was heavy and I wondered what was inside.

When I opened it, a flat octagon disc fell onto my body, landing of course, on one of the more spectacular bruises. Wincing, I picked it up and turned it over. The characters on it are different from any I've ever seen. I read his one sentence note and howled with laughter.

Then I grabbed the house phone and ordered a liquid breakfast. Hobbling slowly back into the bathroom I used the attachment in the shower to flush out my bowels and made like a contortionist to get the burns coated with ointment.

In my closet, I look at my body with a critical eye and realized I've lost a little flesh. My paramour didn't feed me well. Already I could feel my body healing. From past experiences, I knew that the bruises would be gone by the morning.

I took the morning's dosage of pills before heading for the stairs. Three steps down and I realize that's still a bad idea, so back to the bedroom and the house phone. Within an hour I had my breakfast of juice, coffee, and clear broth. My laptop was on the small tray placed across my thighs and I was on the phone to Gabe.

Lunchtime found me reading a boring report. And thoughts of Clark returned. Over my lunch of more juice, broth, beef this time, and green tea, I went back over our brief conversation of the morning and his tale of the night before. Well he certainly hadn't come to Earth on that disc so there must be more evidence. He said his ship crashed so there were probably pieces of it somewhere. Probably being hidden by the Kents.

Was I using this as an excuse to push him away? If so, why? Clark was probably less impressed with my money than anyone I'd ever met. Hell, with what I'd seen him do he could have anything he wanted just by taking it. Except me. He wanted me and he was waiting for me to give myself to him. He'd never force me.

I hadn't been so terrified of anything since the day I became a mutant.

I reached for the phone and dialed the Kent house. He picked up on the second ring.

"Kent Farm."


"Hello, Lex." His voice was soft, hesitant.

"You should consider a career in comedy."

"Did you call to insult me?"

"No. I'm cynical, Clark, people I wanted to believe in have taken me for too many rides. I'm sorry you're…"

The line clicked and I got a dial tone. Shit, I guess I didn't say the right thing. My bedroom door opened to reveal Clark, hair tousled, corn stalk clinging to a sleeve.

"I thought we ought to have this conversation face to face, Lex."

I held out my hand to him. He closed the door and came rapidly to my side, my computer was placed carefully on the floor and then he was holding me. His lips pressing gentle kisses to my head as he rocked us together.


Just one last touch, that's all I want.

Not wanting to let him go, I wrapped my arms around him. I savored the kisses I rained down on his face since I didn't know if I'd ever be allowed this close to him again. As I pressed him into the mattress, I searched for a perfect moment, a perfect memory.


Pulling away, I looked down at Lex. In his eyes, I saw desire, but pain filled the lines of his face. Rolling away, I stretched out on the bed. Rolling my head to the side, I could see he had things to say, but I stopped him with a touch. Holding his chin, I said, "Lex, I've never told anyone about what I am before. My parents are the only ones who know. They drummed in my head that I should keep it secret. For years, I did as I was told and I never questioned it, until I met you. Then, I didn't want to hide anymore."

His eyes softened as I spoke. Once I finished, an odd silence fell over us. I figured I knew my answer. I pulled my hand away only to stop when he grasped my wrist. Looking him in the eye, I waited for him to speak.


Science fiction's got nothing on us.

His hand cradled my chin, gently. Still, to this day, it amazes me that someone so powerful can be so gentle. I heard the truth of his words and something broke inside me. That wall that went up slowly with all the pains, rejections and lies I'd been given over the years, crumbled to dust.

What he offered me was magical. But 'can it last?' that little voice asked. My answer was 'I don't know'. I did know I had to give it a shot.

"You'll always be safe with me, Clark. No matter what your father thinks of me, I'm Lillian's son far more than I am my father's."

He smiled at me and I felt ten feet tall. "When you're better, I'll show you the ship."

"Please don't tell me it's in the barn."

"Storm cellar."

I laughed until my ribs reminded me that it wasn't a good idea. I suddenly realized that I was very tired and even though I had the sexiest boy I've ever known in my bed, I needed to sleep.

"Clark, do you have to be anywhere?"

"No, Lex, why?"

"Will you watch over me while I sleep?"

"Sure, Lex."

I rolled carefully toward him, his arm slipped under my neck; I rested my head on his strong shoulder. "We'll talk more when I wake up."

His lips caressed my head once more and I drifted into a dreamless sleep.


Waking up in his arms

I woke in Clark's arms, disoriented for a minute until I remembered why he was there. Twisting my head, I realized he was sleeping as well. It was getting dark and I was sure his parents were wondering where he was. But I took a few minutes to just watch him as he slept.

I had an alien in my bed. Proof of extraterrestrial life, and damn if they grew them all like him back home, mankind could be subjugated in no time. It was exhilarating, terrifying, sobering.

I think that is when I realized that of everyone on earth I was most qualified to be his lover. Chloe and Lana wouldn't be able to cope with the real Clark. Not just on a mental level but on the physical as well. Whereas my body would heal of any injury in hours or days, they were both so fragile that he would always need to restrain himself. With me, he could let go. I had no fear that letting go would mean more than bruises that would disappear overnight.

I turned my head and kissed him, waking him so that we could talk some more.


I want to wake up just like this for the rest of my life.

I awoke with a start. For the first time ever, I felt lips pressed against mine as I emerged from sleep. A breath away, Lex's blue eyes greeted me as I opened my eyes. He was beautiful, more beautiful than when he fell asleep in my arms.

I wonder if he knows that he clung to me as he slept. Does he know that he smiled every time I hugged him a little closer or placed a kiss against his forehead? Should I tell him? No, I'll save that for later.

For a second, I just reveled in the feel of him pressed against me as the final fuzzy clouds cleared out of my mind. I couldn't help it, and I stretched out my tired muscles. When I looked back at Lex, I saw the strangest look in his eyes and I instantly felt self-conscious. A part of me started to wonder if I was in for a big let down.

He pulled away as he looked me up and down. Sitting up, he placed his index finger on the back of my hand. Slowly, he added the rest of his fingers as he followed some invisible trail up my arm. At my shoulder, he slipped his flat hand across my clavicle. With the palm of his right hand pressed against my breastbone, Lex came to a stop.

Looking me in the eye, he asked, "Why do you look human? Why do you feel human?"

Blinking, I replied, "I don't know. I guess this is what my people look like."

Squinting, he sat up as he inquired, "You don't know?"

Slowly, I sat up. With my back pressed against the headboard, I stared at my clasped hands as I explained, "Lex. I know very little about my origins. I know I'm an alien, but I don't know where I come from or how to get back there."

I felt the rocking of the mattress as Lex reclined against the headboard beside me. Without looking at him, I heard him say, "Do you think someone will ever come for you?"

Shaking my head, I played with the edge of my T-shirt. "All these years, I've wondered if someone would show up, but no one ever did. I don't think anyone ever will."

"Do you want them to?" he asked as he placed his fingers on my chin and forced me to look at him.

Looking into his impossibly blue eyes, I replied, "I was abandoned that day, left at the side of the road for anyone to find. My best guess is that my birth parents are either dead or don't give a damn about me. On the one hand, there would be no one to come looking for me. On the other hand, there would be no one I want to have come looking for me."

"That's a little harsh."

"No, it's not."

We were silent, then. He just looked at me as I looked right back at him. Suddenly, he leaned forward and kissed me. I could feel his hands as they traveled up my chest. Moaning from his touch, I cupped my hands behind his head and pulled him closer.

Quickly, I ran my left hand down his back until I came to the base of his spine. Holding him tightly, I pulled him down onto the mattress. Soon, his back pressed into the springs beneath him as I nudged his thighs apart. He opened up to me immediately and I wasted no time as I stretched out over him.

Only then, with our bodies pressed against one another, did I pull away enough to break our kiss. Looking down at him, I stroked his scalp as I said, "All I've ever known is Earth. This is the only home I have."

Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled me closer. As he lifted his head in search of another kiss, he said, "Yes, Clark, this is your home."


Home is where Clark is.

"Yes, Clark, this is your home."

His weight pressing on me was a little uncomfortable but there was no way in hell I was going to ask him to move. We spent a couple of minutes sharing deep kisses. If ever a mouth was made for kissing, it's Clark's.

He ground down, and I felt his eager hard-on rubbing against me. Much as I wanted, I knew I needed at least another day to be ready for sex. But that didn't mean I couldn't help him get off.

I slipped my thigh between his and let him ride against it as we continued to kiss. It didn't take much before he gasped into my mouth and jerked hard. I could feel the warmth as he came in his jeans.

His lips moved to suck at my throat as he shook in my arms. As responsive as he was, I really wanted us to be able to move on to a more complete sexual relationship. Now that we'd gotten past his dread secret, we only had my current physical state standing in the way.

I knew he was leaving new marks on my throat but I didn't care. It just felt too good to be under him, loved by him. I knew we still had a long way to go, that he might grow tired of me, that he would probably outgrow me.

But I never once thought it would last forever.

He eventually rolled to the side pulling me with him. A low groan came from deep in his throat. "Now I have to figure out how to get past my parents with my jeans full of come."

I chuckled and kissed him quickly. "Poor boy. I guess we should see about getting you some clothes to keep here for such emergencies."

He grinned at me and I knew he was hoping to need to change frequently. I also knew it was a good thing that I have an above average libido.

"I should head for home, my folks will be worried."

"I know. I don't want to make them angry with me."

"They don't blame you for everything I do."

"They will if they find out what's going on between us."

"They'll need to know someday, but not right now. For now I want to keep this between us."

I felt a sense of dread and he seemed to read me.

"I'm not ashamed of us, Lex. I'd like to tell the world. But I know as long as I'm underage, that could cause you all kinds of problems."

Reassured, I kissed him. He tried to roll me back over and I smacked his arm, ripping my mouth from his.

"You keep that up and you won't get out of here any time soon."

"Okay. I'll stop. I'll see if I can come back later."

"Don't push it, Clark. A phone call will be enough."

"For you maybe."

He pushed me down and kissed me. Slipping out of bed, he grimaced as he tried to adjust his pants. I chuckled and he frowned at me.

"Leave your sizes on my desk and I'll buy some things for you."

"No designer labels, Lex."

"I swear." I held out my hands in surrender. He bent and kissed me then headed out the door.


What now?

When you can run really fast, see through walls and shoot lasers from your eyes, the word "weird" loses all its meaning. At least, that's what I thought before I woke up this morning...

Last night was perfect. Lex and I held each other and loved each other. We even fell asleep for a while, nestled in each other's arms. It was heavenly. Even as we parted, even as I tugged at the cum-covered denim that was plastered against my crotch for the hundredth time, I could feel that I had truly found my way home.

Like never before, I felt at peace. I was calm within myself as I walked home. As I snuck in the house, I could sense this calming sensation pushing my fear back. Even as I tiptoed up the stairs, I was overwhelmed by the wave of serenity that washed over my soul.

Upstairs, I showered. Then, I hid my clothes. (I didn't need that embarrassment. Trust me. I know what I'm talking about. I was caught with a messed up pair of pajama bottoms when I was thirteen and I don't think I ever completely stopped blushing from that incident.) Resting my head on my pillow, I thought of Lex and the things we did, the words we said. I felt my skin start to tingle like when I remembered how Lex touched me. Then, a rush of warmth burned through my body as I soared away on dreams.

In the morning, I awoke to the realization that there were a lot of cracks in my ceiling. Opening my eyes all the way, I realized I was floating. Now, this has happened before. Last time, I fell as soon as I woke up completely. So, I slapped my face. I shook my head. In fact, I tapped it once or twice against the ceiling, but to no avail. Finally, I conceded defeat. Taking a deep breath, I yelled, "Mom, come here. I need some help."

Moments later, my Mom entered my bedroom. I have to give her this much: She tried to not laugh. Really, she did. She just wasn't successful. Laughing hard, she looked up at me and said, "Well, at least we'll never need to buy another ladder."

In response, I rolled my eyes. Looking down at her, I sneered (Okay, I pouted) as I asked, "Could you give me a hand here?"

Sobering a bit, Mom stepped closer to me. Reaching up, she grabbed my right arm and tugged down with all her strength. Wrapping my left hand around her right arm, I centered in on her. As I wiggled like a fish out of water, I concentrated on reaching her, on placing my feet, once again, on terra firma.

Suddenly, I sank like a stone. Quickly, my mom helped me to my feet. Then, the phone rang. Leaving me by myself, my mom left to answer the phone. A few seconds later, I heard my Mom yell, "Clark, it's for you."

As I cautiously walked around the room, I yelled back, "Who is it?"

"It's Lex."

I ran downstairs. Picking up the phone, I turned away from my mom and said, "Hi, Lex. How are you feeling?"

"I feel great. I know I said you could call me whenever, but I felt eager for a rematch."

"A rematch?"

"Yeah. I'd like another shot at that wrestling we were doing yesterday."

I could feel a familiar rush of warmth flood my body as I replied, "So you got some new moves you want to teach me?"

"You have no idea."

"Really?" I asked as I remembered the previous lessons and my skin started to tingle again.

"Oh yeah. Y'know, the sooner you can get over here, the sooner the next lesson can begin."

Suddenly, my feet left the floor. A moment later, I was bobbing up and down in mid-air. Still clutching the phone, I resembled a Macy Thanksgiving Day balloon as I tugged at the phone cord. Glancing at me, my Mother screamed. Immediately, Lex started asking questions. Scared, I searched for an answer as he said, "Clark, what's wrong? I heard your Mother scream. Is everything okay?" asked Lex.

Unfortunately, I couldn't say anything. My mother was right there. So, I fumbled with my reply, "Everything's fine, Lex. My mother saw a mouse. I gotta go help her with that. Umm... I'll see you later. Bye."

I didn't give Lex a chance to say goodbye. I handed the phone to my mom and watched as she hung it up. Then, I crossed my arms and tried to figure out a way to get down.


More he says.

I disconnected the phone then I reached for my coffee. I wasn't really too concerned with Mrs. Kent's scream, Clark's lame explanation told me he'd been covering for something. I mean, Martha Kent had been living on a farm for years, she had surely seen her share of mice in that time.

I'd come awake that morning feeling back to normal with my morning wood reminding me that a few miles away a horny teenager could be in my bed again soon. I'd showered first and checked to be sure my injuries were completely healed. After dressing casually, I'd called down with instructions for breakfast.

As I munched toast and sipped my coffee, I went over several reports, sent out emails, left voicemails concerning several issues. Then I called Clark.

As I waited for him to arrive, I went on-line and using the sizes he'd left on my desk I ordered several pairs of jeans, some tee shirts and underwear. I also ordered some things that he'd never wear home for his folks to discover. I could picture him blushing as he wore the leather g-string for me. I also ordered him a couple of sexier bathing suits.

I'd just finished the order when he appeared in the doorway.

"What took you so long?" I grinned at him.

"I haven't told you about the floating yet. I was having a problem getting off the ceiling."


He crossed the room quickly and scooped me up before heading for my bedroom. "My mom screamed because I was up in the air like a helium balloon. You'd think she'd be used to me doing weird things by now."

"I knew it had to be something other than a mouse. I can't picture mice in Martha Kent's kitchen."

"They get bold enough to sneak in now and again, but she takes care of them pretty fast."

He'd reached my bedroom and he put me back on my feet. Then his mouth was on mine and conversation was tabled temporarily. I walked backward while holding on to him; we fell onto the bed together, causing a short loss of lip contact. When he realized I needed air he pulled back and smiled at me.

"You're obviously much better."

"Much better. I'll be even better once we get these clothes out of the way."

He was off me and naked before my body ever registered that he was gone.

"Clark, that's a little disconcerting." He blushed and gave me a contrite look that brought a smile to my lips. "Nothing to feel bad about. It's part of what you can do and I know there will be times I'll appreciate that my lover can get naked for me in the blink of an eye."

He gave me a big grin then a breeze circled me and I was as naked as he, and we were lying side by side once more. I touched his cheek, again marveling that an alien could look so human. Further thoughts were of nothing but the way he felt and smelled.

We rolled on the bed, shifting positions as we kissed and groped each other. Our cocks had leaked enough pre-come for us to slide easily against each other. But I wanted more and hoped he'd be willing.

I ripped my mouth from his, and he immediately latched onto my throat. I knew I was going to be marked again but didn’t really care. I gasped, "Clark, look at me."

His head rose and he gave me an impatient glare. "What?"

"I want more, are you ready for that?"

He closed his eyes and groaned as his cock twitched against me. That part of his anatomy was ready, obviously. Finally, he croaked out, "What did you have in mind?"

In answer, I moved my hand down to cup his ass, then slipped my fingers along his crack until I could press lightly against the puckered opening. His whole body trembled as he pushed his hips upward. My finger sank into him up to the first knuckle and he whimpered.

"Clark?" I started to pull my finger free but his fist wrapped around my wrist and I was trapped.

"More." He whispered as his lips sought my throat again.

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