His Master's Voice title
First Place - Outstanding Krycek Slash - 2002 Spooky Awards Honorable Mention - Skinner Krycek Romance - 2002 Spooky Awards
Honorable Mention - Outstanding Long Story - 2002 Spooky Awards
His Master's Voice
    Summary: Walter is reminded why he shouldn't be late getting home from work.
Sharp Edge of Joy
    Summary: Walter gives his Master a special gift.
A Gift of Wings
    Summary: PWP - Games at the Cross Bar.
What We Give
    Summary: The Rat takes his Bear on vacation.
More Intoxicating than Moonshine
    Summary: It'll come to you.
Tell It To The Marines
    Summary: PWP
Veteran's Day Melancholy
    Summary: Alex helps his lover atone, grieve and heal.
Over the River
    Summary: Family visit.
Rice and Orange Blossoms
    Summary: Read the title again.
    Summary: Walter's Master helps him through a difficult night.
Thomas Wolfe Was Right
    Summary: Alex goes home to face his past.
The Wardrobe
    Summary: A special gift from a prior life.
Night Out
    Summary: Playtime
Takes a Licking...
    Summary: Walter takes it like a man.
    Summary: Alex's thoughts on possessing Walter.
    Summary: Walter's thoughts on being possessed by Alex.
Regression Redux
    Summary: Post regression (New York 1800) playtime.
Shadchan, the Matchmaker
    Summary: Old movies inspire romantic fantasies.
Power Exchanged is Power Enhanced
    Summary: Alex decides to give his lover the public play he fantasized about.
Looking for Some Hot Stuff
    Summary: Walter gets a surprise.

Tattoos R Us
    Summary: Lex reaps the benefits of Clark's unusual profession. Sequel to Looking for Some Hot Stuff.

Regression 1: Rome
    Summary: Memories of past lives. Underaged fic, but consistent with the time period.
Regression 2: Constantinople the First Crusade
    Summary: Memories of past lives.
Regression 3: Space the 24th Century
    Summary: Memories of past lives.
    new  Space Dog
    Summary: Doggett falls in love
Regression 4: New York 1800
    Warnings: Character death.
    Summary: Memories of past lives.
new  Regression 5: Sea Captive
    Summary: Pirates and sailing men.
Third Place - Skinner/Krycek Romance
Third Place - Characterization of Walter Skinner
Regression 7: The Summer King
    Warnings: Character death.
    Summary: Memories of past lives.
new  A Christmas Sacrifice
    Summary: A Christmas Regression.
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