Title: What We Give
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Master/slave relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date: 07/08/01
Archive: DitB, RatB, SKSA, WWOMB. Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Scully, Kim, and Mulder and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: The Rat takes his Bear on vacation.
NOTES: Ursula sent me three possible titles for my birthday story. I decided to use them all. This is the Third. Thanks to my BB for the beta. This is part of the His Master's Voice universe. I do not parasail. If you do and I'm totally incorrect in anything I have in this story, please don't throw things.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the SkinnerKrycek list.

"Hi, Kim. It's Alex. What does Walter have on his calendar for today? I thought I might drop by and take him out for lunch."

"He has a meeting with Mulder and Scully at eleven. Do you want me to clear the rest of his day?"

"Now, Kim, you know Walter makes his own decisions about his work schedule. I want to surprise him so keep it under your hat, ok?"

"Except when you make them. Mum's the word. See you later." Her voice was light and teasing.

I've come to adore Kim. She looks after my man during the day. She has joined in a conspiracy with me to keep him as unstressed as possible.

I dressed carefully before I left home. I was planning to put on a show for Mulder and Scully so I wanted to look good. I arrived at Walter's office at ten-thirty. Kim smiled, looked at the clock, and gave me what I had come to think of as her 'What are you up to?' look.

"Hi, Kim. Is he alone?"

"Yes. You do remember that he's got an eleven with the brat and his mate, right?"

"Yes. I remember."

"So is that why you got here now? And looking hot enough to leave drooling females all up and down the hallway."

"Now, Kim, you know I only have eyes for that man of mine."

"I do, but some of them don't. Go on in." She smiled at me again. It's good to have her in our lives once more, I miss her when we don't connect.

"When the dynamic duo get here, send them in. You don't need to announce them."

"Alex?" I heard the implied question.

"Don't worry, we'll both be fully dressed. I promise." I smiled innocently while giving her a Boy Scout salute. She gave me a 'yeah, sure' look in return.

I opened his door, smiling at him when he looked up at me. As I strutted toward him, he pushed his chair back and turned toward me. His arms were already raising to welcome me. I walked so I was to one side then threw a leg over his, settling on his lap, cock to cock, my legs hanging over the sides of his chair. His hands gripped my hips, pulling me in closer, then his mouth captured mine.

His kiss was unhurried and sweet. The kind of kiss I cherish from him. When we broke, I nuzzled my face into his throat.

"Rover, you got my glasses all fogged up."

I chuckled against his shirt then raised my head and, taking careful aim, licked up one lens and down the other.


Then he laughed, a loud uninhibited happy sound that filled the room. He took his glasses off and pitched them toward the desk behind me. I took that as an invitation and swooped in for another kiss.

By the time Mulder and Scully came in, we were both rock hard. But dressed. As I had promised Kim. I am, above all, a man of my word. Well… with Walter and Kim anyway.

Walter's hands were kneading my ass as he tried to pull me even closer to him. *I* had heard the door, Walter was so hot he wasn't hearing anything. Plus he had expected Kim to announce them. 

The loud throat clearing sound brought him out of it. I let go of his mouth and turned my head to look at them.

"Guess it's time for me to leave."

I got up slowly keeping my body between Walter and the duo. Stayed between them until he pushed back up to his desk. Then I turned and smiled my best smile at them. Not giving a rat's ass if they saw my hard-on.

"Just came by to drop something off and to see if Walter could go out to lunch."

I turned back and took an envelope out of my jacket to hand to him. He was looking at his smeared glasses, knowing that he was going to have to clean them off with water, wondering how he was going to make it into the bathroom without showing off that hard-on of his. Not my worry.

I just smiled and held out the envelope to him.

"What's this?"

"Our tickets and reservations. You're on vacation next week remember."

"Oh. I didn't know *we* had decided where to go."

"*We* did. We're going parasailing."

"Parasailing? But how…?"

"You'll take a lesson then we'll go up together. This company has harnesses made especially for couples to use. You said you wanted to learn. I trust you to check the equipment to see that it's safe. I know your body reactions when we go out on the bike together so this should be very similar."

"Thank you, Alex. It sounds great. Do I get moonlit walks on the beach, too?"

"Of course. Pick you up out front at noon?"

"See you then."

I leaned down and dropped a kiss on his head. As I straightened I caught Scully staring at my crotch. I headed for the door, closing it softly behind me. Gave a snickering Kim a wink on the way out.

I pulled up in front of the JEH promptly at noon. I smiled as I watched him run down the steps. He was wearing his new Hugo Boss, a charcoal grey that had been tailored to fit a little tighter to his body than he normally had it done. I had insisted that if I had to look at him in suits most of the time, he should at least show off that bod a little. From the looks he was getting, it seemed other people appreciated how he looked, too.

He opened the door, got in and leaned over to kiss me. As I pulled out, he spoke.

"You just love to rub it in, don't you?"

"Why whatever do you mean, Walter?" I was all innocence.

"You know very well. You really don't need to remind them. Kim does it enough for you. How much do you pay her for that by the way?"

"I don't have to pay her. She doesn't like them any more than I do. She knows the kind of stress they put you through. Did they whine and moan or just make pouty faces."

"Mulder stuck out his lip as usual. Scully quoted another 'well known authority' on work place etiquette. Seems in order for me to be an effective authority figure I shouldn't be seen making out with my *significant* other. Pissed me off so much I told her that, as a *slave*, I make out when my *Master* wants."

He said this just as we had to stop for a traffic light. I turned to find him smiling softly at me, his love shining from his eyes. I picked up my cell phone and hit the speed dial for Kim. Listened as she said hello.

"Kim, cancel his afternoon appointments."

"Already working on it. He told me to do it before he left. I'm glad you two are going on a honeymoon next week. Maybe he can get some work done when you get back." The tease back in her voice.

He puts in far more hours than most people who work there, so he deserves an afternoon off. At the next light, I turned right to head for the club instead of the restaurant I had planned to take him to. As soon as I pulled into the parking garage, he opened his fly and pulled out his stiffening dick.

I towed him to the elevator as I had that first night, by pulling on his dick. But this time he was smiling.  When we got to our room, he pulled the card key out of my pocket and opened the door as I continued to stroke him. I let go once we were in the room.


He followed instructions. Once he was naked, I held out the cock ring. He fastened it as I smiled at his obedience. I positioned one of the leather chairs and threw a bathsheet over it to make it more comfortable for him since I planned on him being there a while.

"Sit. Put one leg up over the arm and play with yourself."

Again he obeyed. I went to the phone and ordered lunch to be sent up. I had positioned him so that when lunch was delivered, the waiter would get an eyeful. I moved the other chair so I could enjoy the show. I never get tired of looking at him. Watching him stroke that big cock with one hand as he rolls his balls with the other gets me so hot for him.

I could hardly wait for next week when I would have him all to myself. When the knock came, I got up to answer the door.

"Master?" His question clear.

"Don't stop. I want to show you off."

"Please, Master." He knows I like showing him off but he still gets shy about it.

"You may lean your head back and close your eyes but don't stop stroking."

He groaned but did as he was told. I smiled at him before opening the door. I ushered the boy in with our lunch. He was new; I almost laughed as his eyes landed on Walter.  I watched as he swallowed the lump in his throat.

"You may look all you like but you are never to touch. He belongs to me and so does that big cock."

Walter's head came up and his eyes opened. He looked the boy right in the eye and a slow grin spread across his face. Not so shy after all. His hands moved to cup and lift as if offering himself up for inspection.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" I asked the boy who was standing like a statue with the tray still in his hands. His head nodded slowly, and he swallowed again.

"Put the tray down on the table."

His eyes jerked around to me. He moved to place the tray down as instructed. I followed him to the door, pressing a tip into his hand as he looked back at Walter and licked his lips nervously. I closed the door behind him and turned to see Walter grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"Walter Sergei Skinner, it's not nice to tease little boys with things they can never have."

"And what you did this morning? Wasn't that to tease Mulder?"

"Not to tease, just to remind him who you belong to."

"It doesn't matter if Mulder knows or not. *I* know."

"I love you, my beautiful slave. Let's eat, I'm hungry, and you're going to need the energy."

"I love it when you threaten me."


Our vacation finally arrived. The trip hassle free. The weather beautiful. The first night we had a quiet dinner, walked on the beach, then I took him back to our room and fucked him until he begged to come.

The next morning, we went out for his lesson. Walter had studied up on all aspects of the sport before we left. Read everything he could find about parasailing in tandem. So I watched as he looked over the equipment, carefully testing each stress point.

He insisted that that we both be harnessed in together so he could be familiar with the connection points and get an idea of centre of gravity. The instructor seemed impressed with Walter's thoroughness, even commenting that most people took the sport too lightly. And added a few tips from taking up his own friend with 'an altered centre of gravity' as he put it. Walter said later that the instructor's pointers made him more comfortable with the idea.

I watched as the equipment was made ready for Walter's training flight. He smiled at me as they took their positions on the stern. The boat started, the instructor pulled the cord and I watched them soar up into the air. I pulled out the binoculars to watch. Walter was smiling that 'kid at Christmas' smile of his as the guy showed him how to handle the controls. I watched as Walter took them over. Now and then, the instructor reached calmly to make a correction here and there.

After what seemed like a long time, they came back down. Walter was high. Almost as high as he gets when we play games.

"Alex, this is great. You're gonna love it. Where's your sunscreen?"

"We're going up now? Shouldn't you rest first?"

The instructor spoke up then. "He's strong and he's a natural at this. If you go up now, I'll count it as part of his lesson time. Then you can go up again tomorrow if you want at no additional charge."

I smiled at Walter's eagerness and went to get my sunscreen. Pulling my shirt off over my head, I stood patiently as Walter spread the sunscreen on my skin. It didn't take long for us to get into the harnesses. My back slick with sunscreen rubbing against his chest. The instructor double checked the fittings and gave us a thumbs up. Walter pulled the cord and we were airborne.

My stomach stayed on the boat.

Walter's delighted laughter in my ear made that worthwhile. The beauty of the day, Walter's firm body behind me and the view made me forget my stomach. I found myself pointing out sights to him as he worked to keep us in a steady motion behind the boat.

At one point, I reached back between us to fondle him. He groaned low in his throat at me.

"Alex, please. You know I haven't done this before and it's very hard to concentrate when your lover is stroking your dick."

"Hard definitely being the operative word here. Ok, I'll stop but once you get better at this, I'm going to keep you hard the whole time we're in the air."

I gave him one more little squeeze then let go. We stayed up until he calmed down then signalled that we were ready to end our first parasailing ride.

We made arrangements for the next day and headed back to the hotel. Once we were off the more populated section of the route back to the hotel, Walter stretched out on the seat, opened my pants and pulled my cock into his mouth.

"Walter, what are you doing?"

He let me slip out of his mouth. "If you can't tell, I must be losing my touch." Then he went right back to slurping on me.

"Let me rephrase, smart ass. Why are you sucking my cock in the car on the way back to the hotel? It's only a twenty-minute drive. Even a sex manic like you should be able to wait that long."

He let me go again to answer. "Oh, this isn't sex. This is a thank you bj for one of the best days of my life."

I saw a section of trees ahead and pulling the car in behind them for privacy. I tugged at his ear and he raised his head to look at me.

"One of the best days?"

He nodded, smiling, then covered my mouth with his. By the time he let go I felt boneless. I sucked in a ragged breath, afraid to ask but needing to know. "What was *the* best?"

"The day you asked me to wear your collar."

Yep, those words topped off the most perfect day of my life. I pulled him close to kiss him again. When it ended and he moved back to my cock, I dropped my head back on the seat enjoying my lover's talents. When I came, he didn't lose a drop. He sat back up and pulled me into his arms. We sat like that until I had calmed down. God, the man sure knows how to say thank you.

I had never told Walter very much about my past. Some things are just too difficult to talk about. Walter had assumed that I didn't allow him to fuck me more often because it didn't fit the master image.

Truth was it hurt. I don't mean in a physical sense, although it did that as well for the first couple of minutes. But mentally. I've never given myself to anyone else that way. But I trust Walter. And he always gets me past it to the pleasure. That's why we usually do it with me on my side or on top of him.

See, I was gang raped at fourteen by some football jocks. Funny how those macho assholes could gay bash all day but it was ok for them to rape me. Rape doesn't make you gay, I guess. I wonder, do gay men have more or less trouble recovering from rape? 

So here I was with this beautiful well-endowed lover whom I very seldom allowed inside my body. And he never complained. His actions always indicated that he was happy with our sex life. So as we headed back to the hotel, I decided that Walter was due a visit from Mr Smith-Jones.

"Slave, I forgot to tell you that I saw an old friend of ours this morning. Mr Smith-Jones is at the hotel. He asked if he could see you this week. I told him this evening would be fine. I had planned on going gambling and I know how bored you get watching me play. You will give him your usual high quality performance, won't you?"

"Of course, Master. I would never want to embarrass you by doing less than my best."  Walter was grinning with pleasure. He loves the Smith-Jones games. 

At the hotel, I had him let me shower first. While he was in the shower, I dressed and left. I wandered around the duty free shops, looking for something to give him as his 'tip'.  I finally found a heavy gold ID bracelet. I had the shopkeeper look at the engraving on my necklace. The bracelet would say WS AK with the top of the S becoming the vine that looped through the opening of the A to climb the K.

I went to eat while it was being engraved and had a lobster dinner sent up to Walter. An hour later I was outside our door and tapped lightly. The door was opened just a sliver, then it was pulled back with Walter staying behind it as his arm reached around to put the 'Do not disturb' sign on the handle.

Once I was in, I saw why he hadn't opened the door farther. He was standing in all his glory, skin glowing from the oil he had rubbed in to make his skin soft for me. His cock standing proud, circled by his sterling ring.  His eyes sparkling with his joy in our games.

"Hello, Walter. You look…good."

He smiled at the pause as much as the blandness of the word good. "Thank you, Sir. May I say that you look quite handsome this evening?"

"Yes, you may. Have you had dinner?"

"Yes, Sir. My Master sees to it that I eat. I saved the dessert to share with you later."

"That was thoughtful of you."  I walked over to the dresser and placed the jeweller's box down. He raised an eyebrow but asked no questions.

"Come undress me, Walter."

"Yes, Sir. May I touch or kiss as I do so?"

"I give you blanket permission for both things for the rest of the evening. Your Master said I may have you until dawn. Think you can entertain me that long?"

"I will do my best, Sir."

His big hands were so gentle as they undressed me. Each part of me revealed was caressed and kissed. Had I not already been turned on before I reached the room, I would have been by the time he was through. I took his hand and tugged him toward the bed.

I settled in the middle of it, ass raised on pillows, motioning for him to settle between my legs. He stopped only long enough to get the lube from the table beside the bed. I watched as he squeezed a good-sized dollop onto his fingers, rubbing them together to warm it before he reached to begin opening me.

He worked me open carefully, a look of concentration on his face. I almost expected his tongue to make an appearance in the corner of his mouth. When he felt he had me ready, he slicked himself and scooted forward to position his cock to enter me.

"Slow and easy, Sir?"


Even after all this time together, it still amazes me that such a big bruiser of a man can be so gentle.  He eased in just the head and waited a few seconds. Then a little more, waiting again. By the time he bottomed out. I was ready to scream with frustration. Slow is one thing, but glaciers move faster than he did.

"I said slow, Walter, but I didn't mean molasses in January."

He grinned his SAM grin at me and I sighed.

"Fuck me, Walter. Now!"

"Yes, Sir."

He began a slow steady rhythm, emptying and filling me. I reached up a hand to him and he bent forward to kiss me. That too was slow, unhurried, sweet. He read my body responses and picked up the pace. I didn't think much about it when he pulled out and flipped me onto my belly. But when he pulled my hand up over my head and wouldn't let go, I panicked.

I struggled against him but his weight and strength were too much for me. Suddenly I was on the floor of the locker room again and it wasn't my lover on top of me. I really panicked then, bucking up against him. He misunderstood what was happening and increased the pressure of his thrusts into my body. 

"Please! Don't hurt me anymore."

Walter went still, then my hand was released and his weight lifted off me.  I was up and scrambling away from him as soon as he was far enough off my body. My mind still trapped in the past as I cowered against the bed frame.

"Alex, it's me. It's Walter. I won't hurt you.  It's ok. I'm not going to let anyone hurt you."

He made no move to touch me, just kept talking in that low soothing voice. The same one he uses after the nightmares to calm me down. His voice started to sink in and my vision cleared.

"Walter? I….."

"It's ok.. Whatever it is, we'll work it out. You're shivering let me cover you."

"No, hold me, please."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I'm sure."

He knee-walked up the bed, positioned the pillows then leaned back against them. I crawled into his arms and let him hold me. His big hands moved gently over my back and shoulders.  He held me like that until the shivering stopped.

"Do you want to tell me what I did? Cause whatever it was, I don't *ever* want to do it again."

"It's not you. The dreams I have….I know I said I don't remember them but that's not true. The worse ones are connected to the reaction you just saw."

"Tell me, Alex. Let me help, please."

I raised my head to look at him. He waited patiently, his eyes warm, loving.

"Walter, I was gang raped when I was fourteen. It happened in the locker room after school. There were four of them and they each went at me twice. They were getting ready for round three when the janitor came in and they ran."

"God! Alex, no wonder you panicked when I was holding you down like that. I promise, I won't ever do that again."

"I know I'm safe with you, Walter. I know you would never hurt me. But when I pulled and you didn't let go, suddenly I was on that locker room floor again, being hurt. It wasn't just the rape, it was the aftermath. The principal convinced my parents not to go to the police. He didn't want to lose his offensive line for the football season."

Walter winced at the bitterness in my voice. His arms tightened slightly around me but not so tight as to confine.

"So, they got away with it. Not even a slap on the wrist. How could your parents let that happen?"

"My dad worked for the ringleader's father. Couldn't afford to lose his job. Not over his sissy queer son. What was the big deal? The queer got butt fucked. Isn't that what queers are for?"

"Fuck! Alex, I'm amazed you let me inside you at all, after having something like that happen to you."

"I want to give you the pleasure you give me. It isn't fair that I fuck you all the time and you don't get to fuck me."

"Have I complained?"


"Alex, I love being inside your body, but I'd spend the rest of my life without if having that means hurting you. I don't mean just physically, either. I haven't hurt you that way, have I? I mean, have I and you endured it to try and be fair?"

"No, Walter, there's just that little bit of burning at first. You're so careful with me. And seeing the pleasure on your face is priceless to me."

"I didn't feel deprived in any way before you gave me this. I love having you fuck me. I don't want to take pleasure from anything that causes you pain."

"I cause you pain and take my pleasure from you."

"Alex, you know that's different. Don't act obtuse. You give me what I need. You make me fly. No one could ask for more from their lover. If any of it *hurt* me, you would stop. I know you would, because that's what lovers do for each other."

"Will my lover understand that I want to get past this? That I want the pleasure of the light in his eyes when he's with Mr Smith-Jones. I need this connection with you, Walter. You're the only man I've ever *let* inside me. I want you to make love to me. I want you to overwrite the pain from them with the pleasure of you."

"Only if you are on top, so the control is all yours."

I nodded and he pulled me into a kiss that escalated quickly from comfort to desire. He slid down under me lying flat as I straddled him. His strong hands reaching up to help balance me. He was still hard from the ring. I lowered myself slowly onto him.

When I was flush with his body, I bent down to steal his breath with my kisses. His hands touched and caressed. Fingers finding my nipples and tweaking them into nubs. When I ran out of breath for kisses, I raised up and, positioning my hand over his heart, began to ride my stallion.

I went slowly at first watching his face, seeing his pleasure there. His body flushed, a light sheen of perspiration forming on him. I knew he wanted to come, he had been hard so long. I pulled away from him and worked the ring off.

He held his cock in position for me to take him back into my body. Once the head was inside, I dropped impaling myself. His gasp of surprise loud in the room. Whereas before we had been trotting, now I moved into an all out gallop. His hips rising up to keep contact with me. Our breathing loud and harsh.

"Come for me, Walter. Fill me."

He bucked up harder than before and I felt his hot come filling me. His hand reached for me but it was barely needed. My come flowed out over it and onto his stomach. I dropped bonelessly to lie on his chest. His hands moving over my back as we calmed.

"Damn, Walter, I'm not paying nearly enough for your services. But don't tell your master. Will you clean us up?"

"Yes, Sir. Of course."

He rolled me over gently off his body and went to get a wash cloth. When he came out of the bathroom after taking the cloth back, I pointed to the dresser. Smiling he picked up the box and brought it back with him, settling on the bed next to me.

"Well, go on. Open it."

He raised the lid and stared down at the bracelet inside.

"Don't you like it?"

"It's beautiful."

His fingers traced over the engraving. I hoped he would get the significance of the reversal of the order of our initials and the vine from his to mine.

"Aren't you going to put it on?"

He looked up at me then and I knew he understood. Just as I had understood the unspoken message when he gave me my necklace. His hand trembled slightly as he took the bracelet from the box. I reached out to hold one side to help him fasten it.

"The jeweller did nice work, didn't he?"

Walter's thumb was rubbing slowly over the engraving as he smiled at me.

"Yes, it's very nice. Alex, do you mean…What I'm trying to say is….I had a very definite message I was trying to give you with the necklace. "

"I know. Or at least I think I know. My initials become a vine, wrapping around and through yours. Vines look so delicate, so easy to break but given time, they grow stronger, they overtake things that look stronger. On the surface it may appear that this relationship is all about me but underneath is my lover and his strength."

"It was all that and more. To me, it represents my fighting what I felt for you. But like a vine that moves slowly up the side of a building, you crept slowly into my heart. Wrapping me up in the love that you didn't voice but that I felt just the same."

I leaned forward and kissed the end of his nose. "Hey, didn't you promise me dessert? You'll need the calories."

He raised an eyebrow at me in question. "You don't think you are getting away with only fucking me once, do you?  Your Master gave you to me until dawn. I'm sure you can manage at least once more before then."

He laughed then and jumped up to get the dessert from the table in the corner. I lay back against the bed frame and allowed him to feed me.

I was lying spooned in his arms his cock still inside me almost asleep when he whispered in my ear. "I love you. I think we should get married."


Then I was out. When I woke up the next morning, that was my first memory. Married! Fuck! Was he going to be wanting bridesmaids? I must have dreamed that. But I wasn't dreaming the warm ass that I was nestled against.

Rolling over to get the lube, I got him prepped then slid inside him. I got a sleepy sounding moan then a leg was lifted to wrap over my hips, giving better access to that tight hole.

"Morning, Master."

"Beautiful morning, slave. Mr Smith-Jones told me you gave him his money's worth. It always pleases me to know my slave has given good value."

"I'm glad he was pleased. But even happier that I have pleased you, Master."

"You do, slave. You please me very much."

The rest of our vacation went much too fast. We went parasailing three more times. Walter's control improving to the point that I was sure I'd never find my stomach from his hot-dogging. But his pleasure in his new skills, his outright joy making his face look younger and carefree made it worth every stomach roll I felt. 

We were on the plane heading for home when he dropped his bombshell.

"Can we go skydiving next vacation?"

"Walter, why on earth would you want to jump out of a perfectly good plane?"

"To see if I can get you to turn a shade of green that matches your eyes."


"Yes, but I'm *your* asshole."

His double meaning definitely not lost on me. I leaned in close, putting my lips next to his ear.

"When I get you home, I'm gonna whip that ass, then I'll use *my* asshole until you beg."

"I love it when you sweet talk me."

"Take a nap, slave. You're going to need the rest."

The End

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