Title: A Christmas Sacrifice
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: None
Rating: NC17
Date: 12/16/03
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Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: This is a Christmas gift but could be considered part of the Regression series.
NOTES: Thanks to Bill. For my Maddie, thank you, for being you.


He moved around the small room, making it neat as he waited for his lover to return. His mind drifted back in time, and he frowned slightly.

They had come to London three months ago. It hadn't been planned. Walter was the younger son of a Lord and Alex just the lowly stable boy. From the moment they met the pull had been there. Still, it had been over a year before Walter gave in to the desires he considered to be unnatural.

Their trysts had taken place in the loft of the barn, or in a secluded area at the far north end of the property. Alex hadn't expected more; for him the mere fact that Walter wanted him had been enough.

As time passed Walter lingered with him, instead of getting right up and going back to the manor. One warm afternoon they had taken their lovemaking further than ever before. Alex had fallen asleep still lying sprawled over Walter's back.

They woke to the sound of Walter's brother bellowing. Alex had been hit several times before they disentangled and Walter moved between Alex and his brother. Late that night Walter had come to the small room in the stable and told Alex they were leaving.

"Alex, he wants you gone from here. That is the only way he will forgive me."

"I understand, Walter. I will miss you."

"You do not understand, Alex. We are going away together."

"But where will we go?"

"Some place where no one knows us. I think London. I have the money my mother left me. That will get us a place to live and we can work."

"Walter, you are the son of a nobleman. You will grow to hate me if you leave your home because of me."

"No, Alex, my home is where you are. I love you. I know I have not said it, but I thought today proved it to you."

They had not even waited until morning. Walter brought out his things, and soon after they left, and had not looked back. In London they had found a place to live and began looking for work. The landlord and the others who lived in the house thought them to be brothers.

The money Walter had brought with him had kept them going for a short while. The work they could find kept a roof over their heads and food, but not much else. But the nights were spent in each other's arms, cries of pleasure being muffled against each other's flesh.

It was Christmas Eve, and Alex had stopped on his way home from the job he had gotten just a week before. His meager wages had been just enough to buy them some fresh fruit and a small sweet to celebrate the day. Dinner would be eaten at the boarding house table.

Walter loved to read, and the few books he had brought with him from home were carefully preserved. Alex enjoyed the evenings sitting next to Walter in their bed under the eaves as Walter read aloud to him.

Alex had passed a shop on his way home with his small bundle and saw a book in the window. The cover was of fine leather, and even though he could not read the title he could picture Walter with the book in his hands. Stepping into the store, he asked for the price of the book and knew the few pence he had left would not buy it.

He had only one thing of value, the watch his father had given him before he died. Pulling it from his pocket, Alex held it out to the shopkeeper. "Would you take this in trade for the book in the window?"

The shopkeeper had looked carefully at the watch and then nodded. "The book is yours, would you like me to wrap it for you?"


Alex had hurried for home and their small room at the top of the house. He made sure the small hearth was laid with firewood and put a new candle in the holder by the bed. The wrapped book he placed under the small tree that Walter's employer had given to him.

While Alex arranged the fruit in a bowl, Walter was making his way through town toward home. He had a few coins left from his pay and bought chestnuts from a vendor in the street. Bypassing the street party that was moving through his normal route home, he passed a shop he had never seen before.

In the window was a beautiful watch fob. The gold gleamed in the light from the just-lit street lamp. Sure that he didn't have enough money to buy it; he nevertheless stepped into the shop.

"Excuse me, sir, how much are you asking for the watch fob in the window?"

The merchant quoted a price that Walter could not pay. "Thank you, sir."

"You have not the price?"

"No, would that I did."

"Would you have anything to trade?"

"The only thing I have are these. They were made for me but the best doctor in Manchester." Walter held up the spectacles that he wore only when reading to Alex in their room at night.

"I could probably sell those. I will swap with you."

"Thank you, kind sir. Would it be possible for you to wrap it for me?"

Walter made his way toward home, happy that he could give his lover a gift for this special night, the first Christmas of what he expected to be many. He climbed the stairs wanting to place the package underneath the small tree.

Opening the door to their small room, he found Alex bent in front of the hearth lighting the kindling for the evening fire. He slipped the small package under the tree before Alex turned from his chore.

Alex smiled as he straightened and rose to welcome Walter home. They shared a deep kiss in the cold room, and sat in the only chair as they waited for the fire to catch. Walter pulled the still warm chestnuts from his pocket and the two men shared them quietly.

By the time they finished, the kindling was burning brightly and Alex added some lumps of coal, then placed the screen in front of the small blaze.

"We should go down, dinner should be ready."

"Yes, as I was coming in, Mrs. Jones said it would be ready soon."

They enjoyed the feast that had been prepared by their landlady and after wishing everyone a joyous Yule they retired to their room. Walter went directly to the tree and that was when he noticed the larger package.

"Alex, what is this?"

"A gift for you, Walter. To show you how happy I am to be here with you, to celebrate our first Christmas together."

"Thank you, Alex. I have something for you as well."

Walter handed the small package to Alex and took the one for him. They unwrapped the gifts and looked at them in shock. Then Walter began to laugh.

"Why are you laughing, Walter?"

"Because I traded my glasses for the fob."

Alex gasped and then gave his lover a gentle smile. "I traded my watch for the book."

Walter pulled the smiling man into his arms and kissed him soundly. "Such love needs a reward, donít you think?"

Alex's breathy reply was only one word, "Yes."

They placed the precious gifts to one side before carefully undressing each other. Getting into the bed, they snuggled close. Kisses rained over Alex's face as the two men strained against each other.

Walter reached for the small bottle of oil and Alex pushed him onto his back. Walter gasped with pleasure as Alex slicked Walter's member then straddled him. As Walter's thickness entered him, Alex sighed softly. Bending down, he pressed kisses on his lover's face.

"Never has anyone loved me as you do, Walter."

"Nor have I been loved this way."

Alex moved in a steady, slow rhythm on his lover, building the pleasure, loving the quiet sounds coming from Walter. After some time, Walter began to buck up under him and Alex increased the force of his body's movement.

Walter used his hand to pump Alex as they both worked toward climax. When Alex arched his back and sprayed Walter with his juices, Walter lifted his hips to impale Alex further. Spilling inside the heat of Alex's body, Walter cried out softly.

Alex dropped to lie full on Walter and Walter clutched him tightly.

"Joyous Yule, Alex."

"Joyous Yule to you as well, Walter. I love you."

"And I love you, Alex. More than I'll ever be able to show you."

Alex pressed kisses on Walter's lips, throat, eyelids and finally the tip of his nose. Tomorrow they would talk about the irony of the gifts. For tonight there was only this, the touching, loving worship of each other. It was indeed the most joyous Christmas in all of Alex's memory.

The end

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