Title: Thomas Wolfe was Right
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Master/slave relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date: 08/31/01 - 03/13/03
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Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Scully, Kim, and Mulder and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
The song quoted is called Use Me by Bill Withers.
Summary: Alex goes home to face his past.
NOTES: Thanks to Josan and Bill for the beta. This is part of the His Master's Voice universe.

I was coming in the kitchen door, loaded down from shopping, and heard the phone ringing. Knowing Alex was busy and wouldn't answer, I hurried to put things down and grabbed it.


"Excuse me. I'm trying to reach Alex Krycek. Is this his home?" The woman's voice was soft and hesitant.

"Yes, it is. May I ask who's calling, please?"

"This is his mother."

In all the time we've been together, I'd never known him to talk to his parents. I knew they had been estranged since he was in high school. He had gone to live with an aunt after the incident that happened when he was fourteen.

She hadn't cared that her nephew was gay. She had only cared that he had been hurt and needed to heal. He had finally convinced her to come visit us last Christmas. It had been wonderful watching her and my mother trying to fatten him up. He had gone to bed every night they had been here, moaning about the amount of food they had enticed him to eat.

"If you'll hold, I'll see if he wants to speak with you."

"Wait, are you…My sister told me he's living with someone now. That he seems happy. I'm not sure of the proper term for…"

"He is happy. We're both very happy. We use many terms for each other. Partner is what we use in public. Hold on a minute, please."

I had carried the phone with me toward Alex's office. When I reached the door, I covered the phone and stepped into the room. He smiled up at me, holding out his hand. I walked over and bent down to kiss him. Hello and goodbye kisses are never skipped, not even if we are upset with each other.

"Who's on the phone?"

"It's your mother. I told her I would ask if you want to speak to her."

Alex's face had gone cold; his voice was hard.

"I think you know the answer to that, Walter."

"I wanted you to make the decision."

"I made it a long time ago."

Putting the phone back to my ear, I used my most polite but impersonal voice. "Mrs. Krycek, he doesn't wish to speak with you."

"Please, tell him his father is dying and I need to talk to him."

"I won't lie to him…"

"Please, you can call the hospital. It's the truth. I'll give you the number."

Alex watched as I pulled out my cell phone and clicked it on. "What's the number? What's his first name?"

She gave me the number and I dialed. When I got the hospital on the phone, I identified myself as an Assistant Director with the FBI and asked for information on a patient. I could see Alex's hand gripping the arm of his chair tightly.

"May I speak with his doctor if you can't give me any other information?"

"Yes, Sir. Please hold."

Alex's knuckles were white, he was holding on to the chair so tightly. I lay down the phone his mother was waiting on, and rubbed his hand until he let go of the chair and gripped my hand instead.

"Hello, this is Doctor Warner. I understand you are asking for information about Mr. Krycek."

"Yes, Doctor. I need to know his condition. I've been told that he is dying."

Alex's hand gripped me so hard I felt the bones shift.

"I can only discuss Mr. Krycek's condition with family members."

"I'm his son's partner. His son is right here and we need to know if he is seriously ill. If necessary, I can send someone from the local FBI office over to get his records but I'd rather play nice."

"Mr. Krycek has an inoperable tumor. I don't expect him to make it through the month. If his son wishes to say goodbye, he should come as soon as possible."

"Thank you, Doctor. I'll let Alex know." I turned off the phone, deciding to just tell him. "He has cancer. The doctor gives him less than a month to live."

Looking in his eyes I saw the conflict. Deep down you never stop wanting your parents to love and accept you. He pulled me close, wrapped his arm around me, holding me the way he did after the nightmares. I caressed his head, carding my fingers through his hair until he was ready.

He pulled back and got up, pointing to his chair. I sat in the chair and he crawled into my lap and picked up the phone. I held him close as he talked to his mother for the first time since he was fourteen.

"Hello, Mama. When did he find out?….Yeah, I'll come. But you have to understand Walter will come with me and I won't hide him or what we are to each other……If he really wants to make peace, if you both want to make peace, it has to be about that too… I'll call you as soon as I have flight information……Yes, Mama, we'll come as soon as we can."

He clicked the phone off and turned to bury his face in my throat.

"Fuck, why do I care? Why does it still hurt?" His voice was raw; his compulsive swallows breaking my heart.

"Because they're your parents, Alex. Everyone wants their parents to love and approve of them. Don't you remember how worried I was about telling my mother? No matter how old you get, on some level you still want their approval and acceptance. "

"But I already know how they feel about my being gay. They made it very clear when they didn't stand up for me."

"I know that hurt. What you need to know is: I'll stand by you no matter what. Maybe facing death has made a change to his attitude. It often does."

"She said it had. I guess we'll find out. Is my ice cream melting in the kitchen?"


He smiled and eased out of my lap, followed me to the kitchen, and helped me put the food away.

Once that was done, he wrapped an arm around my neck and a leg around my hips. I cupped his ass and lifted so he could wrap the other leg around me. His teeth fastened on my throat and I got hard.

"Basement or bedroom?" I croaked at him.

"Your choice, but either place you are gonna be sore when I'm through."

I groaned and headed toward the bedroom. That way I wouldn't have far to crawl to get to the jacuzzi if I needed to soak later. I did notice that Mr. Morgan was walking by with his dog as we passed the dining room window. Alex would have been pleased at the expression directed at us.

In our room, I lowered him to the floor and reached to undress him.

"I'll do it, get your clothes off, ass up on the bed." His voice was harsh with need. I recognized the need. I'd felt the same need in Nam during leave, the need to reaffirm life when faced with death. I remembered how hard I had fucked the whores I bought in Saigon. I knew I would indeed be sore when he was through.

That was unimportant. What was important was my lover's need and my ability to supply what he needed. It's like that song…how does it go? 'I wanna spread the news that if it feels this good getting used oh you just keep on using me, until you use me up'.

I hurried to undress, getting out the lube and positioning myself as directed on the bed. I clutched a pillow to me and hissed into it as the cold lube landed on my hole. Felt the head of his cock rolled around in the lube then he rammed inside me. I bit the pillow to contain the sounds of my initial pain.

It didn't take long for the pain to mutate into pleasure. It never does with him. I began to rock back to meet his thrusts and when he ordered me to come, I screamed into the pillow and went off as commanded. His hand gripped me with bruising force as he emptied into my body.

He dropped full length onto me and I slid down to lie on my stomach. I love being covered by his body that way. I drifted off to sleep to the feel of his gentle breath against my back. Sometime later, I woke as he began to thrust into me again. Again, it was hard and fast and, again, I came when commanded. No nap this time.

"Come on, Walter. We need to shower. I have reservations to make and you need to call Kim."

Back to the real world and its demands. We showered quickly and I stripped the bed as he went into his office to make the reservations. My call to Kim took awhile, since I had to make decisions about who should be asked to take on my duties. Kim had long ago started keeping a copy of my schedule on her home computer as well as the one at work.

"Walter, if there is anything I can do, just let me know. Tell Alex I'll say a prayer at church tomorrow."

"Thanks, Kim, I'll tell him. I'll keep in touch and you have my cell phone number if you need to talk to me."

Alex came into the room just as I finished talking to Kim.

"We have reservations on a flight at ten in the morning. I wanted to sleep in my own bed tonight. I called my mother and gave her the information. She wanted to pick us up, but I told her we would get a rental."

I held out my arms and he settled in my lap. We sat for a long time each having our own thoughts but not talking. I learned long ago that sometimes he just needs my touch, my physical presence. So I gave him that.

The trip the next day was tense. It had been a bad night for us both. As always, stress brought back the dreams. Going back to that town would not be easy for him. He had refused to go for help after he told me about the cause of the only nightmares he still had. The ones where I left him had stopped after I came out at work.

So we were going not just to face his father's death, but to face the wrong that had been done to him. I just hoped if we ran into any of those guys that I would be able to control my temper.

I waited outside the rental agency while he got the car. I stowed the luggage in the trunk and got in beside him, expecting to go to the hospital. Instead he drove to a hotel and checked us in. I asked no questions, just followed him to the room. When he pushed me down on the bed, I made no protest. Again I gave him what he needed.

I did wonder what his mother might be thinking. She knew what time our flight was arriving. But the thought was brief and lost as my Master used his slave. I held him after, as he cried and cursed the fact that the tears came at all.

He was silent on the trip to the hospital. I kept a hand resting on his thigh as he drove. Keeping the connection. When we started into the hospital I reached to open the door and was almost knocked down by an obese man exiting.

"Excuse me." He glanced toward Alex as he spoke and did a double take. I looked over to see that the color had left Alex's face. I didn't need to be told who this asshole was.

"Well, well, if it isn't the fag. I heard your old man was sick. Didn't figure you'd show up until the funeral if then. Who's this? Your sugar daddy?"

Something in my reaction made Alex reach for me as his Master voice spoke my name. He started to move around the man, heading for the door but a meaty paw grabbed his arm.

"I asked you a question, queer. I expect to have my questions answered."

I knew Alex was trying to avoid a scene for his mother's sake but no one was going to manhandle my Alex like that in my presence. I reached for the hand holding Alex, applying pressure. The asshole was now focused on me.

"First, I'm no one's 'sugar daddy'. Second, you *will* never touch Alex again. Third, I know who you are and what you did, so you'd better hope I never catch you alone in a dark alley. Now, I suggest that if you see us walking down the street, you cross to the other side. Stay away from me and mine."

"Who the fuck do you think you are?"

"I'm the fuck who, with one phone call, can have the IRS crawl up your butt. I'm the fuck who can have you watched 24/7 until you are caught with your pants down. In short, I'm the fuck you shouldn't piss off any more than you already have." I showed him my teeth. "Now let go!"

Alex stood quietly as this went on, pulling into himself. It scared me a little to realize the past could have such an effect on him. It also made me determined to get him to go for help when we got home. Sometimes the slave has to be strong and tell the Master what to do.

The asshole was red-faced and cursing under his breath as he rubbed his arm. I guided Alex past the prick and through the door. He followed my lead to the information desk where I got a room number and directions. In the elevator, he reached for my hand. When we reached the floor his father was on, he finally spoke.

"Find the men's room, Walter, I need a minute."

I quickly found the bathroom and we went inside. He pulled me into a stall, locked the door and pulled me close. I held him, rubbing his back in slow circles as he trembled against me.

"I'm sorry, Walter. You must think I'm the biggest coward."

"No, Alex. You're one of the bravest men I know. You came back here to face your past and the problems with your parents. Running into him was a shock. Anyone would need a couple of minutes to compose themselves. Take as long as you need."

He turned his head then for a kiss and I gave it gladly. His tremors had stopped but I had a few of my own as the kiss ended. He smiled that killer smile at me.

"You're so easy, Walter."

"Only for you, Master."

His hand caressed my face gently. Stepping back, he took a deep breath. "Let's go. As long as I have you, I can face anything."

It felt good to know that I could give him that security. We found the room and he led the way in. I stayed a little behind him as his mother looked up. His father seemed to be sleeping.

"Hello, Mama."

She stood up and walked toward him slowly. I watched her eyes as they roamed over him. Her eyes stopped on his arm. Since she knew about me, I was sure she knew about that as well. She wrapped her arms around him and he stood still for a few heartbeats, then his real arm moved to rest around her.

When she stepped back, I saw the tears. She brushed them away and looked past him at me.

"So, this is *him*?" Not quite rude, but definitely not the low tones she had used with me on the phone. I watched Alex's back stiffen and wished, in spite of the situation, we hadn't come.

"I told you Walter would be coming with me. Why did you want me here? It doesn't sound like anything has changed." His voice was cold in a way I had not heard since before we played our first game together.

"I'm sorry. It's just obvious you didn't come straight here from the airport, so I hoped you'd come here alone first. I haven't told your father yet that you were coming, much less that he was coming with you."

"Nothing's changed has it? You wanted me here to take care of the shit. Neither of you is willing to face the truth. I'm gay, Mama. This is the man I intend to spend the rest of my life with. I love him and he loves me."

"Why did you call the faggot? I told you I didn't want him coming here with his fudge-packing boyfriend."

I turned to look at the man lying on his deathbed. The only sorrow I felt was that even now, knowing he was dying, all he could give his only child was pain. Alex's shields went up higher and his voice brought the temperature in the room down to sub-zero.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Dad, but I'm the one who does the fudge-packing. But being as ignorant as you are, I understand why you thought it was the other way around. Even our kind look at us and think he's the top. And I don't call him my *boyfriend*. I call him lover or slave or.…"

I touched his arm and the words died. He turned horror stricken eyes to me. And I knew he was thinking 'This is it, the thing he can't forgive, my saying such things about him in a public place'.

"It's ok, Alex."

"No, Walter, it's not ok. Let's get out of here."

I turned to his father, to make an effort at peace.

"Mr. Krycek, we came here because Alex thought we were coming to make peace between you."

"I don't need some queer trying to smoke a peace pipe with me. You probably both have AIDS anyway, so you'll get your punishment soon enough."

I could feel the anger rolling off Alex. He probably would have walked out without another word, but his father had attacked me now. Alex had almost killed a man for putting his hands on me at a bar one night, so he wasn't going to let his father say things like that to me.

"Well, I get to disappoint you again. We're both clean. And I'm the only man Walter's ever been with. Coming here was a mistake, but fortunately it's one I can correct. Let's go, Walter."

He turned and stormed toward the door but I had to try once more.

"Mr. Krycek…."

"Walter, now!"

"Alex, please."

"I'm going to get the car. I'll be out front in five minutes. If you aren't there, you'll have to take a cab back to the hotel."

And he was out the door. I turned back to look at his parents. Seeing the pain in his mother's face, the anger in his father's.

"He's a good man. He's given me more happiness than I ever thought possible. And when I was shot and almost died, he never left my side for a minute. You should open your eyes before it's too late."

I turned and left the room, hearing his father cursing at his mother for calling us, and her voice sounding defeated and sad as she said "But he's our son".

The elevator seemed to take forever and I got impatient so I took the stairs. I got out front and looked around for him. I didn't really believe he would leave me so I waited. I glanced at my watch and knew he had been gone long enough to get to the car.

The little bit of hair I had left stood up and I knew something was wrong. So I ran towards where we had parked the car. There were two men standing beside the it and I heard the sound of flesh striking flesh. I rounded the car to see Alex on the ground and the asshole we had run into earlier hitting him as the others watched.

I pulled my weapon and fired into the ground of the island that divided the parking lanes. The two men watching ran. I pointed the weapon at the bastard and heard Alex croak.

"Walter, no!"

Then he was running, too. I knelt down next to my lover. His lip was split, one eye swollen and turning black. His prosthetic was hanging at an odd angle. There was blood everywhere, so I couldn't tell how badly he was hurt.

"Alex, I don't want to leave you to get help. If you're sure nothing is seriously injured, I'll carry you."

"Take me back to the hotel."

"No, Alex. Not until a doctor looks at you. And I'm calling the police. That bastard is going to jail."

"Put your hands in the air."

"It's alright. I'm not the one who did this to him. Will you help me get him inside."

"I said put your hands up."

"He's telling you the truth, he didn't hurt me. Will you put the gun away?"

"Alex? Alex Krycek, right?"

The security guard hurried forward, helping to lift Alex and steady him in my arms. We hurried toward the hospital, reaching the door as Alex's mother came out. She held the door open and followed as we took him to the emergency room.

The doctor tried to shoo me out but I stood firm.

"No, I won't leave. He needs me here."

"You heard him; he isn't going anywhere. I want him here."

I had been carefully working my lover's shirt off as we spoke. Finding one of the straps on the prosthetic broken, I removed it and set it aside, wincing at the bruises I found on Alex's body.

"What happened, Alex?"

"He came up to me in the parking lot and started telling me how he was gonna kick me and my 'fudge-packer' out of town. Damn, are all the homophobes in this town obsessed with anal activities? Then the other two grabbed me. Fuck! That hurts."

"Sorry, We'll get you some ice. I'll need to get x-rays of that and your ribs. With all that bruising, I'm afraid they may be cracked. At least your nose isn't broken. The guard said your name is Alex, is that right?"

"Yes. Alex Krycek."

"Mr. Krycek, it would be easier to treat you if your friend would wait in the waiting room."

Two "no's", both firm, were directed at him. Neither of us noticed his mother standing just inside the door watching. I saw her there when I moved to let them check the marks where his prosthetic being yanked had rubbed away the skin.

I saw the tears running down her cheeks and wanted to feel pity for her but all I felt was anger that she had allowed this to happen by lying to him. Another set of bruises and additional pain for my lover who should have been protected. I was feeling guilty as well for letting him go out alone. Guilt that my actions may have helped cause this.

"Mr. Krycek, we're going to take you to get x-rays. Your friend will have to wait outside while that is done."

"He's not my *friend*, he's my partner, my husband." His eyes and voice had softened the word husband, making it a caress in my ears.

I saw his mother's eyes widen at the use of the word husband. Guess she wasn't expecting that. It's for damn sure the doctor wasn't.

"Yes, well…ah…I'll send the nurse to take you and I'll see you when the x-rays are back."

I leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. "Alex, I'm so sorry."

"What for?"

"For letting this happen to you. I should have gone out to the parking lot with you. It probably happened because I got that prick's back up."

"This from the man who keeps telling me it isn't Mulder's fault he got shot. Walter, if you had been with me then we'd both be getting treated for injuries. Or worse you'd be under arrest for killing him. No, I should have waited for you in the lobby."

"I'm going to have that guy put in jail for this."

"It won't happen. He owns this town. And I'm just a 'fudge-packing' queer who got what he deserved again."


"Let it go for now, Walter. Let's just get me fixed up and out of here. I need to be alone with you. Need you just to hold me. Do you forgive me for what I said earlier?"

"What? Oh, in your father's room? There's nothing to forgive. You only told him the truth. I love you and I don't care who knows that. And as for the other, well it just shows how ignorant most people are about gay sex. Fudge-packing, I wonder who the hell thought that one up?"

The nurse came to take him for the x-rays. I followed him and took a chair outside while they took him in. I looked up when I heard his mother's voice.

"You love him. I could see it in your eyes when you took his shirt off. My sister says he *glows* when he's with you. I didn't understand what she meant by that until I saw him talking to you back there. I know I haven't been the best mother but I do love him."

"Then why did you lie to him to get him here? Why did you let him walk into that crap earlier? All you had to do was tell him you needed his support. You made him hope for reconciliation with his father, when it's obvious that isn't going to happen."

"I didn't think he would come just because I said I needed him. I tried that once and he didn't come."

"When was that?"

"My sister said he had just come back from Russia. She told me he lost his arm there."

"Yes, but that wasn't all that was going on with him. He wasn't sure if I… we had been having problems before he went there. He was worried that I wouldn't want him anymore. He still didn't understand. He thought that I just wanted his body."

"I want to make things right with my son. I don't want to be one of those old ladies who is dead for days before anyone knows."

I had no words for that. Seemed to me the wrong sister had a child. I had to wonder how such a selfish person produced my giving, unselfish Alex. He was hurt again and she was talking about herself. I was saved from saying anything else by the door opening.

Alex saw us standing there and held out his hand to me. I took it without a word and we went back to the ER to wait for the doctor. It didn't take long.

"Mr. Krycek, your ribs are cracked but not broken. The facial bones show no fractures. We'll tape your ribs and give you something for the pain then you can go home. I want you to take it easy for a few days, give yourself time to heal."

"Don't worry, doctor. Walter will see to it that I rest. We've become very good at taking care of each other."

He smiled up at me and I nodded as I reached to raise him up so his ribs could be taped. His mother had watched us from the door and as we were ready to leave she came forward.

"Alex, I'm sorry for lying to you. I didn't think you would come if I told you the truth."

"You're right, Mama. I wouldn't have. Why would anyone want to be talked to the way he talked to me? Walter has given me more love in the last seven years than I *ever* felt in your house. If you want to know me, see me, be around me you have to accept that. Because I won't give him up for anyone or anything. No matter how often I get cursed or hit. Walter, get me out of here, please."

I guided the wheelchair away from her, he didn't look back and neither did I. At the door I paused.

"Alex, I want you to wait inside and I'll go get the car."

"No, Walter. We go together."

"You don't think they would come back, do you?"

"Walter, I'm surprised they haven't shown up here trying to have you arrested for discharging your firearm in public. I told you he owns this town."

"Even if he does, I still work for the FBI. I don't think any of the local law enforcement will seriously try and arrest me. Let's just get back to the hotel so you can rest."

"I'd rest better in our bed."

"I know, but you can't travel for a few days. We'll get a flight back when you're better. That is if you're sure you don't want to stay until it's over."

"Why? So he can call me faggot again? No, I don't need that and neither do you."

I let the matter drop, hoping he would change his mind. I truly felt he needed to work through these issues. I didn't believe there was any hope with his father. But his mother wanted to see him, and if her motives were selfish, well at least he could have closure with her.

He got up from the chair at the door and we walked slowly to the car. I got him belted in, and as I walked around the car I saw one of the men from earlier leaning against a post a couple of rows over. I looked him right in the eye with my best 'don't mess with me' look and got into the car.

The pain meds had kicked in, and that combined with the stress of the last twenty-four hours had Alex sleeping in the seat. I drove back to the hotel, pulling up in front. I signaled for the valet to park the car. I got Alex awake enough to make it up to our room. He was out almost as soon as we got in the door. I undressed him and got him under the covers.

Then I took my cell phone into the bathroom; I had calls to make. The only good thing to come out of the war as far as I was concerned was the friendships I had made in the service. That network covers a large portion of the country.

By the time Alex was awake, I had a couple of friends in the sitting room of our suite having drinks as I explained what I needed from them. Another friend from the nearest office of the IRS was already arranging an audit of the prick we had run into at the hospital.

Alex wandered out wearing sweats, his hair standing on end. Marcus saw him first since he was by the cart from room service.

"You must be Alex. I'm Marcus. It's nice to meet you finally. Want a drink or some food?"

"No, thank you."

I jumped up to go to him and he gave me one of his 'what's this' looks.

"Alex, you should have called me. I would have come to give you a hand. Come sit, and you need to eat. I've asked a couple of friends to come hang out with us. Marcus has introduced himself and this is Asa."

I settled him on the sofa and filled a plate for him. I sat next to him and started trying to feed him.

"I'm not hungry. Want to tell me what 'hang out' means?"

The little edge was in his voice that didn't bode well for my ass once he was well. I noticed Asa watching closely out of the corner of my eye. Of the two men, he was most likely to pick up on the undertones of my relationship with Alex. They both knew we were lovers but the D/s aspects were only known by Mulder and Scully. At least I didn't think the two of them had told anyone else.

"One of the men who jumped you in the parking lot watched us leave. I thought it might be a good idea to have help here. Just in case they decide to show up here and try anything."

"Is there any state in the country where you don't have connections?"

"No, and you better remember that should you ever decide to leave me."

"So, Alex, how often do you have to remind him of his place?"

Asa's dry comment caused Marcus to chuckle and Alex to turn his sharp eyes Asa's way.

"Not as often as you might think. I've learned the value of restraint."

Marcus laughed harder at that. "Yeah, pull the other one, Skin."

"He remembers quite well most of the time. I take it you two have known 'Skin' for years?"

"Since we were in the VA hospital trying to remember how to be human again. Of course there were a few nights when we skipped out after lights out, but I'll let him keep those secret."

I had smiled at the way my lover said Skin, especially since the only hair I had on my body any more was on my head. He had decided he liked me smooth and he keeps me that way. Looking back at Asa, I realized I was busted. We'd be having a long conversation in private sometime in the near future.

"Alex, please eat."

I held out a forkful of eggs and he opened to take them from me. He allowed me to feed him as the others made conversation with him, telling him a couple of stories I had deliberately never told him. When he refused to eat any more I put away the dishes.

"Need a pain pill?"

"No, I just need you."

I settled on the sofa and he arranged himself in a comfortable position against me.

"Ok. I've had the good old boy stories designed to embarrass you. I've heard the excuse you have for bringing your friends here. Now tell me what is really going on in that mind of yours."

"Alex, we were watched as we left the hospital. I did feel like we should have some friendly faces here."

"Yes, but what else is going on?"

Marcus decided it was time to enter the conversation.

"He has Henderson getting ready to crawl up some guy's ass with a magnifying glass."

"Who is Henderson and what do you mean?"

"Henderson works for the IRS and the prick who hit you is about to have the last seven years of his taxes both private and business audited. And believe me if he forgot to dot an i he'll be sorry."

"Nice to know you carry through on your threats, Walter. But I know there is more to it than that."

"Alex, I won't let him get away with what he did to you. I believe you when you say the locals won't do anything, so we will hope that Henderson finds something. You can't travel for a few days, and I didn't think you could put up with spending them inside here. So we have extra eyes and extra hands if we need them."

I squirmed under my 'Master's' eyes as Alex turned to look at me.

"I won't do anything to get into trouble as long as they stay away from us. But I won't let them touch you again, not even if it means I go to jail for murder."

"Skin, that's not going to happen. We're here, and amoung the three of us no one will get near him."

"Asa, I appreciate your coming here to help guard me. I'm glad to know Walter has such loyal friends, but I don't want anyone getting into trouble. I think it's best for us to leave tomorrow."

"Alex, you know the doctor wanted you to rest. Sitting on a plane for hours won't be good for your ribs. At least wait a few days."

"Come on, Skin. Just tell him you want to be in town if Henderson finds anything. It would tickle you right down to the ground to be able to lock him up yourself."

Alex twisted back to look at me, and again I groaned inwardly. Then his eyes darkened and I knew I'd be getting fucked that night, sore ribs or no.

"You should have just told me that, Walter. But what if there is nothing in his books? And he isn't the only one, he was just the ringleader."

"Actually, Alex, that's where I come in." Marcus spoke before I could say a word and Alex shifted his attention to him.

"What are you going to do?"

"If Henderson doesn't find anything that will send them to trial – and he's looking at all of them – I'll look at the things that won't send them away but will wreak havoc in their personal lives."

"If none of that works then, well, let's just say that Skin's friends have long memories and short tempers."


I looked at Walter's friends and thought it was a shame that I hadn't met them sooner. I wanted revenge – in the worst way. But I didn't want it at the expense of my lover or anyone he cared about.

"I don't want anything done that will be traced back to any of you. I'm proud that Walter's friends are so loyal to him that they'd take a chance to avenge me. But, please…"

"Alex, this isn't about that. It's about the pain we've all gone through, worked through, the pain you still feel. Skin hasn't talked about it a lot to us but we've both had family members deal with the trauma of rape so we know it takes a long time to get over. And sometimes revenge is the only way to feel free."

"I don't think a psychologist would agree with that."

Asa raised his beer, took a swallow, belched loudly. "Fuck 'em."

Walter's snicker vibrated against my back. Before I could speak, there was a loud pounding at the door.

"I know you fags are in there! Open this goddamn door!"

I watched as Asa got up and ambled to the door. Marcus reached into the small of his back and pulled out a gun, which he then held at his side so it would not be visible from the door. When Marcus nodded, Asa opened the door.

"Looking for fags, are you? Not very PC, are you?"

I watched as some of the bluster drained from Hector's face. He obviously hadn't been expecting to see anyone but us, and figured I was too hurt to be a problem. He covered it over quickly and stomped into the room.

"You son-of-a-bitch! I got a call from the IRS today. Who the fuck are you, anyway?"

Walter's voice was calm as he tightened his arms around me. I knew he was trying to rile Hector even more, as well as offering me his support.

"I thought we established who I was at the hospital. I'm his husband."

"Husband? Is that what they're calling it now?"

"Alex, want us to kick his ass down the stairs?" The wicked grin Marcus threw at me told me that kicking was something he'd love to do.

"Hector, as you can see, my friends don't think you are welcome here. Now why don't you leave before you say something that will get you in *real* trouble?"

"This is my town, Krycek."

"You don't own everything, Hector. Now, I asked you to leave."

Marcus, at that point, turned so that his gun was visible. I smiled as Hector blanched.

"I'll leave. But don't think this is over."

Walter's voice rumbled from behind me.

"It's in *your* best interest to let it be over."

Walter's hand moved down my belly to run over my dick slowly, casually, as if he wasn't even aware he was doing it. Of course, my dick decided that was mighty fine and rose to introduce itself to the hand stroking it. I saw Hector's eyes look down at my crotch, watched as the flush crept up his face. Walter nuzzled my throat.

Asa nudged Hector.

"Time for you to go."

Asa held the door open as Marcus moved toward them. He gave me one last parting sneer as he exited the room. Closing the door, Asa turned to look at us.

"Skin, you're a real asshole."


"He's also a tease."

"Alex, it's only teasing if he doesn't carry through. I've never known him not to carry through."

"Well, there was that one time…"

A pillow sailed over my shoulder and connected with Marcus before he could say another word. I plucked Walter's hand from where it was still resting on my dick. It'd be a while before we went to bed and I needed my blood to be in my brain not in my dick.

Over the next little while I gave Marcus as much background as I could on the other men who'd raped me. He excused himself to go make calls. Asa and Walter tried to decide if we should order room service, go out to eat or just crash until time for breakfast.


I could tell that Alex was tired, so I told Asa and Marcus to order anything they wanted from room service. Leading Alex into the bedroom, I closed the door and turned to see him holding his ribs as he moved slowly to the bed.

I quickly moved to help him undress. When he was settled in the bed, I got the pain meds and a glass of water.

"Thank you. I probably should have taken this sooner but I wanted to be alert to give your friends all the information I could."

"I know."

Undressing, I joined him in the bed, letting him decide how he wanted to lie next to me. He turned carefully onto his side and snuggled in close to me.

"I'd like to do more than send them to jail or ruin their lives. You know that, don't you?"

"I know, Walter. And you know I can't let you do that. If killing them would make it go away, I'd have done it myself long ago. This way is better. They'll have to live with the fact that the 'fag' and his 'fudge-packing' lover fucked up their lives."

I groaned at his words. I truly hate that term. He reached for my hand, guiding it down to his still flaccid cock. I stroked him slowly, loving the feel of him hardening in my hand.

"Think you can ride quietly, Walter? Or do I need to fashion a gag from one of your tee shirts?"

"I'll be quiet."

I slipped from the bed to help him make a nest in the pillows. When I was sure that he was as immobile as I could make him with pillows all around, I reached for the lube. I slicked him just enough to get him inside me easily, didn't want it too easy because I wanted it quick so he could get some rest.

I enjoy all the ways we make love, but sitting astride him is good on several levels. It gives me control of how deep and hard the penetration is. Makes it easier to share kisses. But the best thing about it is it lets me watch his eyes. Lets me see the love in them for me.

I took it easy, moving slowly up and down on him. Pulling off as far as possible without having to grope around to guide him back to my hole, dropping flat to take in every inch. He pinched my nipples until they turned into hard nubs. Then he used his teeth on one as he continued to pinch the other.

I whimpered, then began to move faster on him. Leaning back he watched me work at making us both feel so good.

"That's it, slut. Ride it. Show me how much you like my cock up your ass. You do like that, don't you? Tell me how much you like it."

His voice – damn – I thought he was going to let me be quiet.

"Please!" I hissed as low as I could manage.

"Please? Is that the best you can do? Do I have to strap you to a saddle to get a proper response from you."

I dropped my head onto his shoulder, turning it to put my lips near his ear.

"You know I love your cock in me. In my ass, down my throat, sliding through my fist, I almost wish I had a pussy so you'd have another hole to fuck me in."

"Flattery, you do that so well, Walter. Just one thing…"


His hand wrapped around my dick, jacking me hard, he bit my shoulder. I was so close, but then he knew that.

"I want your friends to hear how much you want me. I want them to know how hard I make you come!"

He bucked up under me on my down stroke, hand pulling harder at my cock. His teeth fastened in my throat again. I bellowed as my come shot all over us. He bucked under me, trying to put more of his body inside mine.


I was still pulsing around him as his cock jerked inside me. I was already blushing at the knowledge that Asa and Marcus had to have heard me. I just hoped that in the morning neither of them would say anything about my screaming, "Fuck me deep in my ass." In that strangled fuck drunk voice I've only used with Alex.

His arm was wrapped around my back, rubbing in lazy circles as he waited for us to come down. I panted against his neck, wrung out from our long day.

"We need to get cleaned up, Walter."

"I thought you wanted me to be quiet." I could hear the pout in my voice.

"Changed my mind. You know how much I like staking my claim."

"There's no need for that with them."

"I know."

I let it go at that point. He was hurt, back in the hometown that had been uncaring, he needed the stability of *us*. I could live with a little embarrassment if it helped him in any way.


Over the next week we did a little sightseeing, always with Asa and Marcus along. Bruce Henderson came by at night to let us know how his part in the operation was coming along. Marcus kept in touch with his people; they'd found several things that wouldn't look good on the front page of the paper. Nothing criminal but I would be content with fucking with their lives.

I'd even gone by the house and had a talk with my mother. It'd gone better than I expected but I still refused to go back to the hospital. She just couldn't understand that if my father wanted peace he had to accept me as I am.

Friday night we'd gone out for dinner. The salads had just been set in front of us when Bruce came through the door. His smile told us he had some good news.

"Never let it be said that I don't come through for you, Skin."

"Spill it!"

"We're going to arrest Hector C. Hewlett first thing tomorrow. We have enough evidence to put him away for a nice long time. And once we take most of his property for penalties and interest, he'll be lucky to have a pot to piss in."

I turned to motion to our waiter, watching as he hurried to the table.

"Bring us the best bottle of champagne you have. We have some celebrating to do."

"Yes, sir."

Marcus leaned toward Bruce. "Anything on the others?"

"No, seems they were honest with their taxes at least."

Marcus nodded and pulled out his cell phone. All I caught of his end of the conversation was, "Send the information to the contacts I gave you yesterday."

Walter's voice rumbled from beside me as his hand gripped mine. "I want to be there, Bruce."

"Oh, fuck yeah. That's the reason we didn't pick him up today. I wanted you to have a chance to witness the arrest. Both of you."

I sat wondering why I hadn't let Walter take care of this years ago. Partly, I'd been afraid he'd do something really stupid, something that would get him put in jail. Maybe I should have known better, but he's so protective of me. I know he would kill to keep me safe and never look back. I'd do the same for him.

We had a great dinner together, talking about the past and making plans for them to all visit us in D.C. Walter and I managed to sleep although I'm not sure how.

The next morning Asa drove us all out to the neighborhood where Hector lived and we parked across the street, waiting for the IRS agents to arrive. We stayed in the car until they were bringing Hector out. Walter held my hand tightly as we watched him walking between two officers in cuffs.

I even managed to smirk at him as they tried to guide him into the car. He jerked away from the officers and tried to run toward me. I have no clue what damage he thought he could do while cuffed. The obscenities he screamed at me rolled off my back.

Walter, Asa and Marcus stepped forward just enough to let him know that he didn't stand a chance of getting to me. I laughed out loud as the officers tackled him, then hauled him to the waiting car.

The paper that morning had run a story about shady business practices on the part of two of the others. Nothing illegal, but enough to make their customers take their business elsewhere; they filed for bankruptcy soon after. The fourth member's wife received a package with photographic evidence of her husband's philandering. Within a few months, he was divorced and she'd taken the family money home to the family.

Not quite as good as killing them, but a much more long-lasting revenge. And I thought it was enough.


I got some news today that I can't keep from Alex. I'm not sure how he'll react but I know if he finds out from someone else, he'll never forgive me. When I enter the house, I can tell he has plans for the night. The dining room table is set, candles ready to be lit, a roast cooking slowly in the oven. I decide to wait until after dinner. I know he'll forgive me for that.


"I'll be right down."

He comes down the steps trailing the sheets from our bed. I take them from him to put in the washer. He kisses me a long welcome home kiss then goes to check on the dinner.

"It's almost ready, Walter. If you want to shower, go ahead."

"Thanks. I won't be long."

I shower and go down for dinner. I'm quiet, but then he's used to me sometimes brooding after work. Some days it's a couple of hours before I can put the day away. He even ignores my silence as we clean up. We settle in the den; he with a book and me trying to decide how to tell him the news.

It's not that I think he can't handle it, it's that I don't want to bring up that cursed name again. Finally, he looks up at me and frowns.

"Slave, what is up your ass tonight?"

The time has come. His use of the word slave tells me he won't let me put it off.

"I have something to tell you, Master."

"Well, do it."

I decide it's best just to spit it out.

"Hewlett's dead."

His voice is low as he asks, "How?"

"In a twist of karma, he was gang raped in the showers and bled out before they even finished with him. The coroner estimated that he was dead when the last one fucked him. Seems someone shanked him first."

He's quiet so long, I move toward him. He lets me pull him into my arms as I wonder what he's thinking. After a few minutes he shakes his head and turns to stare into my eyes.

"Tell me you had nothing to do with it."

I could claim to be shocked that he would ask but I'm not. I had considered doing worse to the man but I'd wanted to do it with my own hands.

"It wasn't my doing. My word as a Marine on that."

"Good! Let's go to bed."

He pulls out of my arms, leaves the room without looking back. I make sure the house is locked up before going up to join him.

I smell the patchouli candles when I reach the landing. I stop at the door of our room, drinking in the sight of him. He's lying on our bed, his naked skin gleaming in the candlelight. His cock is standing, a bead of pre-come on the tip. But that's not what makes me freeze.

It's the leather cuff fastened around his wrist, the other end, slip-knotted, already tightened around the bedpost. In one of those moments of crystal clarity, I know he is telling me how free he now is. In all our years together, he's only let me bind him once, the day I came out at work. The only other time I'd restrained him in any way, his panic had frightened me. That was the day he told me about the rape.

His smile is gentle, as he whispers my name. I move slowly into the room. I'm not even aware that I'm undressing until I feel the air on my naked skin. I open the drawer and remove the lube. Applying a generous amount to my cock, I lift his hips to rest on my thighs.

Positioning my cock, I then watch his eyes as I work my way inside him. He makes a little gasp as I bottom out in him.

"So beautiful."

"Yes, you are."

I stay still for a minute, rubbing my rough fingers against his nipples. They oblige me and stand up in small points. I move into and out of him, taking my time, loving the way his passage clings to me. Keeping my fingers busy on his nipples, I smile at the small needy noises coming from him.

"Please, Walter."

I shift him so I can increase my pace. His legs hook around my waist as he holds on for the ride. I ravage his mouth and he arches up toward me. When I let him breathe, he screams one word.


I lose it then and pound into his body with all my might. The two of us are huffing like freight trains and I know I won't last much longer. I shift him a little and he yells my name as his cock paints my stomach and chest. His ass contracting on me sends me over the edge. The world goes a little gray.

My next perception is of Alex calling my name.

"Walter, move. I need some air here."

I open an eye and see my hand stretched up, my fingers laced with his. I'm lying full length on top of him, his legs still wrapped around me, my cock still inside him.

Releasing his hand, I lift up, partially off him. His legs stay wrapped around me, so I know he isn't ready for me to pull out. I kiss the end of his nose as he pants quietly. His eyes sparkle at me.

"That was nice."

"Nice!? I think that rates more than a nice."

"Maybe if you try harder next time."

I gape at him in surprise.

"Close your mouth, Walter, before something flies into it."

I don't close it; I use it to suck on a nipple. Lifting my head when he starts wiggling under me, I grin at him.

"I think maybe you're going to stay tied to this bed until you admit I'm the best fuck you ever had."

"Oh, I'll admit that now, but you can leave the cuff on."

I moan deep in my throat and bend to kiss him. I know neither of us will sleep tonight. I can feel my dick starting to rise again, and I smile against his lips as he chuckles against mine. Alex squirms against me and I know he is ready for the next round.

I'll have to call Kim soon and let her know I won't be at work tomorrow. But I can do that later.

The end.

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