Title: Takes a Licking...
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains m/m relationship. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 05/22/02
Archive: No
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Walter takes it like a man.
NOTES: Thanks to Josan as always. I made an offer of a story in exchange for a Skinner Krycek vid. I promised a story based on the viders requested criteria. This is dedicated to Xanthe for the first Skinner Krycek vid *ever* I think (which can be found here: http://www.walterwatching.co.uk/). She asked for a Walter spanking so if that bothers you go away now.

"Slave, what were you told your punishment would be if you were late tonight?"

"Master, I didn't mean to be late but it was a bachelor party and I was one of the hosts. I couldn't just desert our guests after the guest of honour…"

"Slave, I care not for what Mulder did or didn't do at his party although I'd love to know how Scully would react if she knew he left with the stripper. I only care about your behaviour. You were given a curfew and you were out past it plus you were so drunk that Doggett had to bring you home."

"I thought you'd be so glad he was getting married that you wouldn't mind me partying to celebrate."

"Slave, you're making me angry. Do you wish to be punished when I'm angry?"

"No, Master."

Walter's head dipped into submission as he read the 'I'm not joking' look in Alex's eyes.

"That's better. Now, once again. What punishment were you promised if you were late."

"You said you would spank me, Master. Are you going to use a paddle?"

"I think we'll start with my hand. Prepare yourself and meet me in the playroom. You have fifteen minutes."

Alex allowed the grin to peak through as Walter went to get ready for his punishment. Walter was still drunk enough that Alex didn't think that he would really feel that much pain. As for Alex, he would enjoy fucking his slave after he warmed up that beautiful ass.

Alex went down the stairs already opening the buttons on his jeans as he walked. His cock already thick and swollen at the prospect of having that magnificent body draped over his lap.

Walter came running down the stairs exactly fifteen minutes later to find his Master sitting in the centre of the long massage table. Alex's pants were open, his hard cock visible, and the antique silver hairbrush lying next to his thigh. The moan was barely audible and Alex chose to ignore it.

"Don’t keep me waiting, Walter."

Walter moved toward Alex, his face showing slight rebellion. Again Alex allowed this because of the amount of liquor Walter had consumed at the party. And, if he were totally honest, because Fox Mulder was going to be a married man soon so he was in a good mood.

Alex moved the hairbrush around behind his hips because he intended to start with his hand. He reached to help steady Walter as he climbed up on the table. Spreading his thighs Alex watched the resigned look settle over Walter's face as he draped himself so that his cock was hanging between Alex's legs.

Alex closed his thighs tightly against Walter's cock, trapping it to help control his lover during the punishment. Alex sat for a long minute just rubbing the smooth skin of his slave's ass. He kept Walter's body bare these days and used plenty of lotion to keep the skin soft. And although Walter usually bitched at every shaving session, Alex knew that Walter loved the after shaving fucks.

Walter was relaxing into the caress when Alex raised his hand and brought it down hard on the firm cheeks of that fine ass.


"I don't think editorial comments are called for, slave."

"Yes, Master."

Alex admired the red imprint of his hand for a moment then ran his hand over the ass once more in that soothing motion. Walter tried not to relax but his body wasn't completely under his control due to the amount of alcohol he had drunk at the party.

The next smacks came one after the other and turned the right cheek of Walter's ass a bright red. Before he could catch his breath, the left cheek was brought up to the same deep shade of red. All told, Alex's hand descended about ten times on each side of Walter's rump.

During all this, Walter was wiggling and squirming like a fish on a hook. But due to the fact that his cock was now unbearably hard and trapped between Alex's strong thighs, he didn't move very far.

Alex once more ran his hand in a comforting motion over the inflamed flesh of his lover. Just when Walter thought the hairbrush might not put in an appearance, he felt Alex shift as he reached for it.

Walter tensed, ready for the brush to land on his ass, only to feel a different sensation. Alex held the brush bristle side down and rubbed it over the heated skin. Walter's moan rumbled from deep in his chest, causing Alex's cock to ache with need as the sound vibrated through his hard-on.

Alex kept up the brush torture until his need grew almost unbearable. Then he flipped the brush over and brought it down sharply on Walter's ass. Two hard blows to each cheek. Just enough to mark him but not so much that he would have a great deal of trouble sitting the next day.

Alex's hand pushed at Walter's hip as he spread his thighs to allow Walter's cock to escape.

"Over the end of the table, slave. Move!"

Walter hurried to comply. He knew that tone and knew he was going to be fucked to within an inch of his life. For just a minute his mind tracked back, trying to remember if he had lubed while he was upstairs. In any case if he hadn't, it was just too bad. His Master wouldn't wait for such things when he was in this frame of mind.

Alex moved to stand behind Walter, admiring the sight of his cherry red butt. Walter's upper body was braced on the table, his legs spread wide to anchor him. The whole image he presented unbelievably arousing to his Master.

Alex stepped forward, grabbed his cock, positioned it, then grabbed a handful of ass and rammed home. Walter's scream was music to his ears. He squeezed the sore ass harder as he waited for Walter's hole to adjust to him.

Walter panted against his arm as he too waited.

"Who uses this hole?"

"You, Master."

"Good to see the booze didn't kill all your brain cells."

Alex pulled out and rammed home in his slave. Walter rocked with the violent motions as his Master made good use of him. His own cock was throbbing out a demanding chorus, which he tried to ignore. He hoped Alex wouldn't pick now to deny him a climax.

"Slave, your ass looks very nice all red like this. And the heat from it feels good against my body. I'm going to come now. Milk me properly."

Alex slammed inside and held Walter tight as he pushed every available inch of his dick into his lover. He smiled down at Walter as he felt the muscles work on him, drawing his come deep into Walter's ass.

Alex leaned down to lie on Walter's back. The muscles continued to work on him until he was too sensitive.


Walter stopped as ordered. He waited to see what his Master would do. His legs were beginning to tremble when Alex rose and pulled slowly out of his body.

"Up on the table, slave."

Walter scrambled up and turned over when Alex tapped his hip. He lay there, his cock standing at attention, while the rest of his body felt like an old dishcloth. Alex looked at him thinking once more how much he loved this man.

Walter's body arched upward when Alex bent and pulled the hard cock into his mouth. His hand slipped under Walter's body, his fingers slipping inside, finding and caressing Walter's prostate. Walter let out the loudest scream of the night and nearly blew Alex's head off with the force of his ejaculation.

Walter knew nothing for several long minutes after that. When he blinked his eyes and opened them, it was to see Alex smiling indulgently at him as he rubbed his head where Walter had pulled his hair.

"Time for bed, Walter, you've had a busy day."

"Can we sleep down here? I don't think I can make it up the steps."

"Sure, let me help you."

Walter grimaced as he sat up and his weight pressed down on his inflamed ass. Alex chucked at his expression as he led him to the bed and got him settled under the sheet. Alex shucked his jeans, crawled in beside him and sighed as Walter wrapped his arms around him.

"Guess maybe next time you'll be in before three a.m."

"Next time, you should go with me."

"I think I'll do that. Make sure you don't try and leave with a stripper."

"He wasn't my type. Too Village People."

The end

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