Title: Space Dog
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Doggett/Other
Warnings: None.
Rating: NC17
Date: 01/29/02
Archive: No
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Doggett falls in love
NOTES: The relationship in this story was originally mentioned in Regression (Space the 24th Century) a Skinner/Krycek story that can be found at my site if you are interested. For those of you who don't want me branching out to the Big Dog speak to Julie. It's all her fault. And you might want to speak to Josan as well since she wanted more of Doggett's relationship in this universe. Beta by Bill.
NOTE II: The character Jack Mann is named for Josan. Please remind me never again to have two main characters who are doing the nasty named Jack and John. Gets very confusing.


First Officer John Doggett was waiting for the new crewmembers to arrive. Normally the Captain greeted new crew personally, but he was stuck planet-side at a retirement party. John really didn't enjoy this aspect of his job. He was more a man of action, no nonsense, just like the first John Doggett in the twenty-first century had been. But he had served with his Captain for the last five years and would walk through fire if the man had asked.

The air lock finished cycling and the ensign standing nearby opened the door. All together, there were four new crewmembers coming on board, one human and the rest of various species.

The moment the human stepped onto the ship Doggett was lost; he just didn't know it yet. Yeoman Jack Mann was five eleven with rich auburn hair above dancing green eyes. John went through his usual speech and pretended not to notice that the yeoman was cruising him.

When the ensign moved to show the new arrivals to their quarters, Yeoman Mann brought up the rear. Doggett didn't believe for a minute that the yeoman stumbled, a body that beautiful had to be graceful. John reached out and steadied the other man.

"Thank you, Commander. Must be the change in gravity fields."

Doggett watched as a pretty pink tongue slipped between even white teeth to wet equally pretty pink lips. For the first time in his adult life, John Doggett was smitten.

Yeoman Jack Mann had transferred to a new command when a relationship on a previous ship ended. It wasn't a bad ending; it had been a mutual decision. They made fireworks in bed but had nothing else in common. After a while, they found that great sex was not grounds enough on which to build a relationship.

Jack was in his late twenties, and interested in having someone he could talk to when the fucking was over. Since he hadn't found that on his prior ship, he felt it was time to move to new territory. He had been pleased to hear that his new assignment was on the Sirius under Captain Walter Krycek.

Jack had come off the transport expecting to see the Captain because he had heard that the Captain met all new crew in person. But instead, he had walked out to find a first officer who made his cock stand up in his pants.

The first officer had apologized for the Captain's not being there to greet them, then gave a brief welcome speech that Jack didn't hear. He was too busy checking out John's reactions to his cruising maneuvers. Nothing appeared on the surface, so when they were dismissed to go to quarters, he moved to the rear of the group.

He pretended to stumble just as he reached Doggett. The hand that steadied him was strong and Jack's cock twitched in his pants. He looked into beautiful blue eyes. Never hurts to advertise, he licked his lips slowly, making sure that Doggett was watching.

John's hand had tightened on the arm he was gripping, his eyes tracked the movement of that tongue and he instantly got a mental image of that same tongue wrapping around the head of his cock. The green eyes sparkled at him and he knew he could have this man in his bed.

"I'm sure that's it, Yeoman. Take it easy until you get your space legs back."

"I'll do that, Commander. Thanks again."

John watched as the yeoman hurried to catch up with the rest of the group, enjoying the way his uniform pants fit around the firm ass. His lips curled up in a slow smile as he realized that the ship just got more interesting. He wasn't surprised when the yeoman asked to join him at dinner that night.

"Hello, Commander, may I join you?"

"We aren't so formal in the mess or off duty. Call me John."

"Please, call me Jack."

"Ok. So what made you decide to put in for a transfer? Wasn't the Cassiopeia a good ship?"

"I had no problems with the ship or the crew. My career just needed a change. I was pleased when the assignment came for the Sirius. The Captain is known as one of the best."

"That's true. I've served with him for five years now and can't imagine moving anywhere else."

"So, you and the Captain are *close*?"

Jack was surprised at how sad the idea made him feel. Having heard so much about Captain Krycek, he knew if John was involved with him that he stood no chance. Plus he didn't consider himself to be the home wrecker type.

John had watched the play of emotions in Jack's face as he asked his question. It was probably just his imagination but he thought Jack looked a little sad.

"He's my best friend. I'd trust him with my life. But we aren't lovers if that is what you are hinting at."

"I meant no disrespect."

John decided to see if the younger man was heading in the direction he thought he was. So, being the straightforward type, he laid it all out.

"Jack, let's cut to the chase, I hate mincing around things. I'm gay. From the way you accidentally stumbled into me earlier, I take it that you are as well."

John paused waiting for an answer.


"I normally wait and allow crewmembers to make the first move. I don't want a man in my bed who is feeling coerced in any way. I'm a very dominant top who enjoys making his lovers scream with pleasure. I'm on tier twelve in cabin ten. If you want to pursue this further, come around in an hour. If not, it will be as if this conversation never took place."

John rose from the table and left the mess. He made one stop on his way to his quarters. He hadn't had a lover in some time and he needed fresh lube, among other things.

Exactly one hour later Jack stood in the corridor outside Doggett's quarters. He had been so turned on by John's words in the mess that he had gone back to his quarters and jerked off.

Jack loved being submissive. He hadn't had a true D/S relationship since his first lover. The man had been thirty-five to his fifteen. He had learned how to please his Dom and, in turn, had been taken to heights of pleasure he had not known since.

He stood there barely breathing, a frisson of pure lust making him hesitate before signaling. The door slid open and John's deep voice called to him to come in. He stepped into the cabin and the doors closed.

"Privacy." John's low voice came from the bathroom.

"Jack, undress and lie on the bed on the towel I laid out for you."

He moved past the partition into the bedroom part of the cabin. The room had been done in shades of blue and green. The coverlet was neatly folded over the rack on the wall. A big fluffy towel laid spread out close to one side of the bed.

Jack undressed, folding his clothes carefully and placing them on the dresser. He could hear the water running in the bathroom and had little doubt as to what would happen to him in the next few minutes. The last time he had been given an enema, he had been twenty.

It had been his last night at the Academy, before his first assignment. He knew his Dom had his next sub picked out. He had seen the pretty boy just that afternoon as he arrived for his last night at the professor's house. He had been a little sad but had also known it was time to move on. He had become a man and had a future to live and a love to find.

Jack walked to the bed and lay down on the towel. He turned on his side so his back was toward the bathroom door. He pulled his legs up, positioning them to make it easy for John to give him the enema.

John walked out of the bathroom to find Jack naked as ordered. John smiled at seeing him on his side, legs pulled up out of the way. He sat next to the man on his bed and rubbed his back slowly.

"You've done this before?"

He knew the answer but wanted to see what information he could gather.

"Yes. It's not my most favorite thing, but it's usually followed by several of my favorite things."

John opened the bedside drawer and removed the lube. As he greased the small hole, he watched the profile for any sign of discomfort.

"Why don't you tell me what your favorite things are?"

The nozzle slipped in easily. John allowed the flow to start. Jack made a little breathy sound that went straight to John's cock.

"I enjoy sucking, especially mock forced sucking."

"Like your hair gripped as your mouth is fucked?"


John noticed that Jack's cock had started to fill out.

"And anal? How do you prefer that? Face to face, on your knees, spooned?"

"All of those."

"I take it you like being fucked, period."

"Please... too much."

"You've only taken half the bag. How long since you've had an enema?"

"Seven years."

John closed off the flow and removed the nozzle. He pulled Jack over to lie on his back and rubbed his stomach gently. He decided conversation would be a good diversion.

"Tell me it hasn't been seven years since you've had sex."

"No. I just haven't been with anyone who was really Dom since I left the Academy. I told myself I didn't need the games any more. That it was just a crush. But the minute you used the word 'dominant' to me in the Mess, I knew that wasn't all there was to it."

John decided that was enough deep emotional conversation for tonight. He moved his hand farther down, wrapping it around Jack's cock and jacking him until he was erect. He watched Jack's face closely. Finally, he let him go and, standing, helped him up to go to the bathroom.

When Jack came out of the bathroom, it was to see John standing with his cock jutting out from his body. John pointed to the floor between his legs. Jack knelt obediently, opening to accept the thick cock into his mouth. John's hands threaded through his hair, gripping it strongly, as he uttered his first command to his new sub.

"Suck me, boy. And you'd better do it well or you won't be able to sit tomorrow."

Jack moaned around the hard dick that had begun thrusting into his very wet mouth. He hadn't realized how much he missed giving up control. John was very turned on and had plans for Jack's ass that would involve some control on his part so he thrust hard, fast and deep into the mouth and throat of the kneeling man, wanting to take the edge off so he could take his time in that beautiful ass.

He even ignored the fact that Jack had dropped one hand to his own leaking dick. He hadn't given him permission to jerk off, but they would discuss rules if this went past tonight. He rammed in deep and let go. John was very pleased to see that in this at least, Jack was very adroit. He swallowed every drop and moaned as John pulled his cock away.

John looked down at Jack's hand still working his erection.

"Come, boy." John's second order of the night was instantly obeyed, Jack's come spraying against the floor and John's legs.

He waited until they were both breathing easier, Jack still kneeling at his feet, his head lowered in submission.

"Clean us, boy and we'll nap for a while."

Jack looked up, his green eyes still fuck drunk.

"Am I staying?"

"Of course you are. You didn't think I was going to let you off that easily, did you?"

The smile was glorious, and John's heart was well and truly lost at that moment. Jack rose gracefully and went into the bathroom, returning quickly with a cloth that he used to clean John then the floor. He went back into the bathroom and ran the water briefly.

When he returned to the bedroom, John was waiting in the bed for him. Jack settled next to him and John pulled him close. Tilting Jack's head up, he kissed him slowly and deeply.

"Sleep. You're going to need the rest."

"Yes, Sir."

"John. I don't need words like sir and master to know that you know your place."

Jack smiled again. He said no more aloud, but inside he said a prayer that this man would want him for a long time to come.

John didn't sleep. He lay there, holding the most beautiful man he had ever had in his bed, and thought. It was obvious, not just from his words but also from his actions, that Jack had been involved in a Master/sub relationship.

While John was very dominant, he had not played heavy games in some time. Of course, consensual games were not frowned upon, there were even play rooms available on board, but he wasn't sure a D/s relationship was what he would want on a daily basis. He did want to play now and then, but he wasn't looking for a slave. His attitude earlier had been to gain information, not to indenture a slave.

So, he made up his mind to switch gears when Jack woke and see how that went. He already knew he wanted more than a one-night stand with this man. If for no other reason than Jack sure knew how to suck cock.

His hands roamed over the man, learning the feel of him, breathing deeply to learn his scent. He coaxed Jack onto his side so that his back was turned toward John. Reaching over him, John grabbed the lube and squeezed some onto his fingers, warming the gel, and then he slipped his fingers between warm cheeks.

John probed gently, working one finger in slowly, rotating and withdrawing then sliding back in. Jack stirred slightly, sighing, opening his legs, but not waking. John smiled and continued his exploration. There was just something so 'right' about having a lover respond in his sleep.

When he felt he had opened Jack enough, he withdrew his fingers. He coated his cock with lube, and then slotted it in the heat of Jack's cheeks. Holding on to a hip, he rocked back and forth, slowly pushing in deeper with each thrust. When he bottomed out, he lay still, enjoying being connected to the other man.

He was surprised when a sleep-rough voice spoke.

"You just gonna lie there? Or are you going teach me to like that fat thing in my ass?"

"Getting awfully pushy, aren't you?"

An auburn head turned to show him a cheeky grin. "Will that get me fucked quicker?"

"There was never any question that you would be fucked. The only question is how hard and how often. Got any sassy comebacks for that?"

"Ohhhhh, Commander, you're so forceful."

The long eyelashes batted a few times and John lost it. He laughed so hard his dick slipped from Jack's ass. Jack reached back to guide him back inside. When he got his laughter under control, he bit Jack's shoulder, receiving a deep throaty groan for his effort.

"Are you going to punish me now, Commander?"

"Your insubordination will not be tolerated, Yeoman. Punishment will be swift and merciless."

John rolled Jack over on to his stomach, and then positioned himself above him for the best leverage. Jack's legs spread wide, giving him the maximum access, hands gripping the bedclothes tightly, his breath held as John pulled out all but the tip.

The groan that issued from Jack as John rammed inside him was the most satisfying sound John had heard from anyone in a long time. John pounded into the body below him fast and hard, shifting positions slightly with each thrust until Jack's decibel level hit a pitch that told him he was hitting the right spot. Then John settled in to serious fucking.

He worked for several long minutes, enjoying the feel of the tight ass as it clung to him trying to keep him inside. John made a mental note to ask Jack later if he did exercises to keep himself so tight. His smile was territorial as Jack began to beg.

"Please! I need to come! For heaven's sake, let me come."

He emphasized his desire by beginning to rub against the towel under him, but John was having none of that. Rocking back on his knees, John gripped slender hips and lifted Jack up from the bed. Keeping a tight hold, he pressed down on a shoulder, arranging Jack so his dick was hanging free, with no chance of it touching anything for stimulation.

"Don't move! Keep your hands on the bed. *I* will tell you when you can come."

Jack made a mewing sound like a hurt kitten and John almost caved in. But he had told Jack that he was a Dom and he wouldn't go back on that this soon. John's earlier release plus his strong desire to fuck this man into next week was making him last.

He went back to his serious fucking of the beautiful man. His hands moved over his back and ass, as he pumped hard into him. He noticed that the place he had bitten was turning the most wonderful shade of purple. He liked that. He had always liked marking his lovers and was pleased that Jack bruised well.

The sounds coming from the other man were a chorus John wanted to hear often. As the timbre became more needy, John's control began to erode. He felt his balls tightening and knew he was close.

Leaning forward, he pulled Jack up so his back was against John's chest. He wrapped his hand around the leaking dick of the other man, stroking slowly, gently.

"When I tell you to come, I expect you to obey me or your next punishment will be sleeping alone tonight. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes, Commander." Jack barely had enough air to get the words out.

John stroked hard inside Jack and let go, bathing his insides with hot come. His hand tightened around Jack's cock and gave permission.

"Come, Yeoman."

Jack's scream was loud enough to be heard on the next tier. John rocked back on his heels, holding the quivering man tightly. With Jack still impaled they both fought for breath. When their panting stopped, John cupped Jack's face, turning him to look into the deep green eyes.

Covering the pink lips, John kissed him tenderly. Then he lowered them to the bed, still inside his new lover. He was almost asleep when Jack spoke again.

"You weren't lying when you said your lovers scream. Thank you."

"You're most welcome. Now let me sleep, please."

Jack snuggled back, trying to keep John inside as long as possible. He slipped into sleep before his muscles pushed the now soft cock from his body. When he woke, John was gone but there was breakfast waiting in the warmer for him with a note.


Thanks for letting me wake up to such an inspiring sight this morning.


Jack ate his breakfast, noting that John must have asked the ship's computer about his dietary preferences. There was the strong tea he favored over coffee, juice was the pineapple blend he liked, and there was no pork in sight. When he finished, he showered and returned to his quarters, since he wasn't on duty that day and was still a little wiped out from the fantastic climax he had experienced in John's bed.

He napped briefly then went to explore the ship. He entered the Mess that night looking for the First Officer and was disappointed to find him missing. A group at one of the tables invited him to sit with them, so he introduced himself and sat down to listen to the conversation. He had found over the years that listening was the best way to become acclimated.

During the conversation, someone spoke about the guests who were on board. One even commented that Number One once had a thing going with the new senator who was visiting. Jack figured that was why John wasn't in the mess.

He returned to his quarters after eating and hoped to find a message waiting. There was none and he sank down on his bed feeling a little depressed. He had only been with him one night and no promises had been made, but he had hoped it had been as fantastic for John as it had been for him. He wondered if John was renewing the relationship with the senator.

His depression grew as he neither saw nor heard from John over the next several days. He went about his duties with his usual attention to detail. After a week with no word, he decided that John must not want a return bout.

They had left the last port of call and were headed for the next when Jack saw John again. Jack was sitting in the Mess alone, having waited until later than normal for his evening meal. A warm hand landed on his shoulder. Looking up, he found blue eyes sparkling at him and a big smile showing John's even white teeth.

"Kinda late for dinner, isn't it? I went by your quarters, but since you weren't there, I asked the computer for a location."

He sat down next to Jack and snagged a grape from the fruit salad that had barely been touched.

"I ate lunch late. Did you need something?"


"Me?" Jack's tone gave away his surprise, the look that followed on his face his aggravation.


"We had what I felt was a great time, then nothing, and now you waltz in... Nothing. Forget it!"

Jack got up, knocking his chair over in the process, and headed toward the exit. John sat with a stunned expression on his face watching the man stalk away. Eventually, he turned toward the computer panel.

"Computer, how long has it been since Yeoman Mann came on board?"

When John heard the answer, he understood Jack's reaction.

"Two weeks, three days, five hours, and thirty-three seconds."

"No wonder he's pissed. Where is he now?"

"On the observation deck."

"Thank you."

"You are welcome, Number One."

He rose and made his way to the observation deck. Jack was standing near one of the view plates, his stance giving away his anger. John approached him slowly.

"I told you I allow crewmembers to make the first move."

The back stiffened even more and he got no answer.

"What I didn't tell you is sometimes I get so caught up in my work that I forget to do anything other than bathe or sleep for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. During those times, prior lovers have had to drag me to bed if they wanted attention."

Still nothing.

"I'm lousy at apologizing as well. They all complained about that. Guess what I'm trying to tell you, in my own inept way is, when you want me, come and get me."

"I'm not the type to fuck around. I like exclusive for as long as it's good."

"I prefer that too, Jack."

"I heard you had a thing with the senator."

"Had being the operative word. He's married now and his husband was quite entertaining. I think he found the perfect man to marry."

John had taken a step closer as he spoke.

"So, if I feel you are pushing yourself too hard, I should drag you back to your quarters?"

"Yeah, think you can handle that?"

"I thought you were the Dom?"

"In the bedroom. Outside it, we are equals."

Equals. Jack liked the sound of that; he smiled at the stars before he turned to face John.

"Didn't you say something about needing me?"

"Yeah. I did."

John grabbed Jack's hand and pulled him toward an alcove that was designed for private viewing. Sitting on a bench there, he pulled Jack to stand between his legs. Opening Jack's pants quickly, he freed the still soft cock.

He covered it, even pulling most of Jack's balls into his mouth. He couldn't keep them in his mouth once the cock hardened, so he cradled them in his hands. Between John's talented mouth and hands caressing Jack's balls, he came quickly. He swayed in the aftermath and John pulled him down to sit on his lap.

He was sure they made a lovely picture, Jack with his pants around his knees, reclining back against John's chest as John's hands roamed under his shirt to pinch his nipples. Jack made a low groaning sound and turned his head to suckle at John's neck.

"Can we take this back to your quarters? I mean it's nice being felt up under the stars but I don't have any lube on me. And unless you do, we need to go where we can get some because I want you in me."

"I'll let you slide on that since I did say we were equal outside the bedroom. Let's go."

John pulled his hands out of Jack's shirt and Jack rose. When he reached for his pants, John pushed his hands aside.

"I opened them, I'll close them."

John led Jack through the quiet corridors to his cabin. Once there, he proceeded to fuck him until he forgot his name. When John dragged himself in the next night, he found a sleeping, naked Jack waiting for him in his bed. He decided he could get used to that.

Over the next month, Jack became very used to having John next to him at night. The sex was fantastic as well as warm in a way he had never known. His Dom had been very stern and strict with him. Lovers since then had been either wishy washy or very short term, with the last being explosive in bed and boring outside it.

But John was *fun*. He often made Jack laugh. They had long conversations about anything and everything. He held Jack after sex, staying inside him as long as possible. He bathed Jack as tenderly as one would a newborn. He made sure that Jack came every time they were together.

Jack felt cherished for the first time in his life. He was *happy*.

The port of call they next arrived at was to be a test of what Jack had been told. They had been there almost a week when John didn't come back to their cabin one night. Jack chalked it up to the duties of the first officer and went on with his own tasks the next day.

When he arrived at their cabin that night and there was no sign that John had been there, he inquired of the computer.

"Computer, where is Number One?"

"He is planet side, Yeoman Mann."

"How long has he been there?"

"Since 08:00 yesterday."

"Will you put me in contact with him, please?"

"Yes, Yeoman."


"John, it's Jack. You've been gone for over thirty-four hours. When will you be back on board?"

"Probably not for some time."

"All right. Have you eaten?"

"Been too busy."

"Have you rested?"

"No, Jack. I had some Stim. I'm fine. I should be finished here by sometime tomorrow."

"When did you take the Stim?"

"Probably four hours ago."

"How many injections have you taken?"

"Two or three, I don't remember."

"Then it will be wearing off in about two hours. Don't take any more. Come back to the ship now and rest. There are others that can handle whatever you are doing."

"Jack, I'll be back tomorrow and we'll fuck like bunnies."

"This isn't about fucking, John. This is about your health."

"I'll see you tomorrow, Jack."

The communication cut out. Jack sat and stared at the panel for all of two seconds then he made up his mind.

"Computer, where on the planet is Number One?

"In the capital city at coordinates C15/F31."

"Thank you. Please arrange transport for me right away."

"Yes, Yeoman. The craft will be standing by."

Jack moved with purpose toward the launch bay. No one seeing him would have suspected the worry zinging through him. John's words had been dismissive and that had hurt. But he remembered the words of six weeks ago and was determined to be the equal outside the bedroom that John had said he was. He was also determined to show John that sex wasn't the only reason he was hanging around.

On the way down, he had time to get really worried. What if the comments on the observation deck had been just bullshit? John had sounded pretty dismissive, but then again if he had taken Stim two or three times, and compounded that with a lack of sleep and no food, he could become very unpleasant.

Mankind had found cures for many things, but had yet to replace the body's need to dream. Stim was considered to be harmless, unlike the so-called 'speed' used in the past. But Jack knew that most people never took it more than twice in forty-eight hours and they remembered to eat.

The small craft landed and Jack took a deep breath before stepping off the ramp. His eyes tracked around the landing area. Not spotting John, he moved into the crowd, following the direction in his head from the ship's computer.

Rounding a corner, he saw John talking with a group of techs from the ship. He walked to where they were standing and waited for John to finish his instructions. When John's eyes turned to him, he knew immediately that John needed to rest.

"Jack, what are you doing down here? I told you I'd be up tomorrow."

"I remember something you told me six weeks ago, too. About forgetting to take care of yourself. And... oh yes, ' when you want me, come and get me'. I'm here to get you."

"Jack, I'm busy. I'll be back tomorrow and you can keep me in bed for three days if you want."

"No. You're coming with me now."

"Oh, for fuck's sake, Jack, just go back to the ship and jerk off!"

Jack's eyes couldn't conceal the hurt. But his tongue still found words.

"You think this is about sex? Fine, I'll go back to the ship. One thing though."


"That thing you said about being equals. I guess that was just bullshit, right?"

Jack spun on his heel and almost ran back to the craft. He threw himself inside and got out the order to return to the ship before the hot tears ran down his face. He managed to get himself under control by the time he docked in the launch bay.

He went straight to John's quarters and packed up the things he had slowly moved there. Back in his assigned quarters, he took a sedative and cried until his exhausted body took him down into sleep.


"Yeoman Mann, Number One would like you to meet him in his quarters."

"Please, tell him I'm unable to do that."

"Would you like to speak directly to him?"

"No, computer. I have no desire to speak with him. Just give him the message."

"Number one, Yeoman Mann is unable to meet you."

"Let me speak with him."

"I'm sorry, he does not wish to speak to you."

"Fine, let him pout. I need to sleep anyway."

John stomped down the corridor irritated as hell. He had been thinking of burying himself in Jack's tight heat all the way back from the planet. Fuck, it wasn't like he had been gone for a week. It had only been sixty hours.

He reached his quarters, took a long shower while jerking off and crawled into bed. Twelve hours later when he woke, he finally realized that all of Jack's things were gone.

"Computer, where is Yeoman Mann?"

"He is on the planet, Number One."

"Contact him for me."

"I can not do that Number One. He is on leave and requested complete privacy."

"Location, computer. Now!"

"Number One, is this a class A emergency? The Captain has not notified me of any hostile activity in this sector."

"No, computer. I just need to find the Yeoman."

"I'm sorry, but crewmembers on leave who request privacy are only to be disturbed during a class A emergency per fleet regulations. Should I request the Captain to declare a class A emergency?"

John swore under his breath. The last thing he needed was for the Captain to know he couldn't control his lover. He'd just have to go down and find Jack on his own. He thought, how hard could it be, right?

"Prepare a transport for me and program it to set down as close as possible to the Yeoman's last known location."

He spent the trip to the planet first cursing Jack, then himself. After thinking about it, Jack had every right to be angry. John had told him they were equals, had told him to come after him if he wanted him. Thinking back to the conversation, he knew that if Jack had spoken to him that way, he would have whipped Jack's ass.

The shuttle landed and he charged out like a man on a mission, which was pretty much how he saw it. He tried Jack's personal communicator first and got the twenty-fourth century equivalent of a busy signal, so he headed toward the sector that catered to gay travellers.

Four hours later, he was ready to admit defeat when he saw Jack being carried out of a bar across the street. It was obvious that Jack was unconscious. It was also obvious that he was about to end up sold as a pleasure companion.

John trotted across the street to the big man and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Excuse me. You have something that belongs to me."

The big man swung around to look at John.

"And what might that be?"


"Really? He told me he was a free agent."

"Well, he's not. He's a member of the crew of the Sirius under Captain Walter Krycek. And he's my sub. So put him down. I'll take care of him until what ever you slipped him wears off."

"Since he's out, he can't verify your story. I know what he told me and I'm keeping him. When he wakes up, if he wants to come back to you, he can."

Suddenly there were three more men surrounding him. A knife appeared, followed by a pulse pistol, then a fist hit John solidly in the kidney. John went to one knee, and at the same time, managed to broadcast an alert code on his private communicator.

John drew his weapon and pointed it squarely at the big man who held Jack.

"You aren't taking what is mine. I'll send you to hell first."

"You fire at that setting and you'll probably kill him as well."

"At least, you won't have him."

The big man nodded at one of his companions and John figured he was as good as dead. But a voice rang out.

"John, are you not playing well with others?"

John didn't care at that moment how his Captain had gotten here; all he cared about was that he was here.

"Sorry, Captain, these gentlemen seem to think they can take Yeoman Mann with them. I've been trying to point out that he is part of our crew."

"Gentlemen, did you think an officer of the fleet would lie to you? The yeoman is indeed a member of my crew and he's overdue from leave. He will be punished for that infraction. Now, please be so kind as to hand him over to his crewmates here."

John had kept his weapon trained on the man as Walter spoke. He knew when the man decided it was time to withdraw. He handed Jack over to the crewmembers and they headed back toward the landing field.

The three men had faded into the crowd almost as soon as Walter spoke. Once Jack was in safe hands, he moved forward to stand next to John.

"Please, be so kind as to spread the word that anyone who messes with my crew in the future will answer directly to me."

Then his fist connected with the big man's nose and Doggett watched as blood sprayed out into the air. The man bellowed. Holding his nose, he nodded at Walter then ran. Walter's big paw slipped under John's elbow and he lifted him back onto his feet.

"Come on, John, let's get back to the ship."

"Call Mulder, Jack's been drugged."

"I could tell that, John. Now you want to tell me what asinine thing you did to send him down here to get into trouble."

"First, tell me how you got to me so quickly."

"I was looking for you and the computer told me you had come down looking for Jack. After a little probing, which included the fact that Jack refused to talk to you yesterday, and you had demanded his location when he was on privacy, I figured you might need some help. I just didn't expect to find thugs trying to carry off one of my crew and beat up or kill another."

"Sorry, Walter. I didn't want to involve you. It seems so silly now."

"Well, silly or not, you are going to tell me. And it had better be good or Jack will be off my ship before you can whistle Dixie."

"We've been seeing each other since the night he came on board."

"Tell me something I don't know. I'm across the corridor, remember?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Walter's grin should have warned him.

"Oh GOD! John! Please, please, John let me come." Walter panted dramatically, as he used his best bedroom voice.

"You've heard him?"

"Many times. And the way he screams when you finally let him come almost makes me wish I was inclined that way so I could see if you're really that good or he's just easy to please. Of course, I wouldn't have to have sex with you to find out if you are as big as he seems to think you are."

John grinned at his Captain then.


Walter laughed.

They had reached the shuttle and by mutual consent decided they would continue the discussion later. Dr. Mulder met them in the launch bay and checked Jack right there.

"They used the heavy stuff. Obviously they intended to have him well away before he woke up. Let's get him to sick bay and I'll flush his system."

"Will he be all right, Doctor?"

"Captain, he'll be fine, this time."

She looked pointedly at John as she spoke. He replied quickly.

"There won't be a next time."

"There will be if someone doesn't get his head out of his ass."

With that she guided the stretcher toward sickbay. John started to follow when a hand gripped his arm.

"After we talk, you can go sit with him. Also don't forget to have the doctor check you as well. I imagine you'll be pissing blood tonight."

John would have preferred going with Jack, but he knew it would be some time before he was awake. Might as well get the 'talk' over with.

Walter led John to his quarters and sat at his desk. John took a seat.

"I'm waiting."

"You know how I get when I'm on a project. I had been planet side for about thirty hours when he called down. He wanted me to come back to the ship. I said no, rather rudely as I recall. Then he showed up, trying to get me to come back to the ship with him."

"How much Stim had you taken?"

"Two or three."

"Which is it?"


"Had you eaten?"


"Fuck, John, *I* don't even like you when you are like that. What did you say to him?"

"I basically told him he had no rights and told him to go jerk off."

"John, is he just a fuck toy? I thought he might be the one you settled down with."

"What? This from Mr. Pleasure Companion? Where do you get off..."


"I'm sorry. I guess it just hit me that he was almost gone for good. I'm not sure what we have but he is definitely more than a fuck toy. Walter, you know how I am. You couldn't live with me and you probably love me as much as anyone ever has. I always fuck it up."

"I read his psych profile, John. I think this time you've found one who won't put up with your shit or run away from it."

"He moved all his things back to his cabin and he went planet-side."

"He wasn't running away, he was giving *you* distance and time to think. If he wanted to run away, he would have put in for transfer while you were still down-planet taking Stim and not eating. I won't say he's in love with you, but he isn't through with you, that's obvious."

"Guess I'll find out if you're right when Dana gets all the shit out of his system. Is it ok if I go now? I think the adrenaline is wearing off. I'm starting to feel that punch I took."

"Go ahead. Let me know when he's awake."

John entered the sickbay and was immediately alarmed. Jack was hooked up to more than a blood recycling machine. There was a ventilator next to the bed as well.

"Dana, what's going on?"

"He's having a serious reaction to the drug cocktail they gave him. It's a good thing you found him or he would have died. He's going to be fine now. The vent is just for support until we have all of the drugs out of his system."

John stood next to the bed and gently gripped the pale hand resting beside Jack's body.

"John, I need to examine you."

"I'm fine."

"Captain's orders. *Now*. Come on he's not going to be awake for some time."

John realized it was futile to argue with her. She may have been a small woman but she could make even the Captain obey when she knew she was right. The exam went quickly and she agreed with the Captain that he would likely see some blood in his urine.

John was asleep with his head resting on the bed next to Jack's body when he woke up. He was disoriented, wondering how he'd gotten back to the ship and why John was holding his hand as he slept.


His voice was a hoarse croak but it was enough to bring Dr. Mulder to the bedside as John's head shot up.

"Jack, you're going to be fine. We had a tube down your throat to help you breathe while the drugs were flushed from your system."

"Were they yellow?"

"Dana, I thought you said he would be fine."

"He will be, it's probably just residual dream images."


One word then he started to cough. John sat on the bed and pulled Jack against him, holding him steady through the coughing fit. When it stopped, Dana held out a glass of water for him to drink. He swallowed gratefully, letting the cool water soothe his throat.

"Not dreaming. I'm allergic to the yellow coloring they use in some medications. Puts me into shock."

"I don't remember seeing that in your chart."

"Found out planet-side during my last stop with the Cassiopeia. I didn't have the ships physician update my records before I transferred."

"I'll do that now. You can go back to your quarters now if you like. I'll come by to check on you in a few hours."

"He'll be in my quarters, Dana."

"I have my own quarters, thank you."

"We need to talk, Jack. Besides I'm sure you should be watched over for a while, right, Dana?"

"That might be a good idea. I'll go there to check on you after dinner. John, keep him to soft foods, his stomach will probably be a little delicate for the next couple of days."

John took Jack's arm and led him from sickbay. When they were out of earshot of Dana, he spoke.

"Jack, I owe you an apology. Let's get to my quarters and I'll deliver it properly."

Jack turned to look at him for a long moment, then he nodded and allowed himself to be towed along to the officer's deck. Once inside John's quarters, he was pulled in close and John's mouth covered his. Jack went rigid, keeping his lips firmly together. But John refused to give up; he continued the kiss until Jack shuddered and melted against him. When the kiss ended, Jack's head dropped to his shoulder.

"Jack, I treated you terribly. If it's any consolation to you, I've been paid back for it."

"What do you mean? Want to tell me what happened? I can't remember anything after some guy asking me if I was single then buying me a drink."

"I went down looking for you. That damn computer is so literal, wouldn't put me through to you."

"I was on privacy, John. That *is* a crewmember's right on leave."

John let him go, motioning for him to sit. He went over to the kitchen area and got them tea, and sat down facing Jack.

"Look, I know I was out of line. I told you something and, when you tried to act on it, I blew you off. The Captain has chewed me a new one for that."

"I don't want to cause problems for you. I should just go." Jack was suddenly sitting stiffly in the chair, his face closed and remote.

"Fuck! I don't want you to go. I'm trying to make things right between us."

"I'm listening."

"I went to the planet to look for you. I knew I had fucked up pretty badly when I realized the only thing of yours left here was your scent on the pillow."

"I thought I was crowding you. Maybe you needed space. And I was pissed at the way you spoke to me down planet."

"I don't blame you for being pissed. Maybe I've mentioned that I just need someone to kick my ass now and then."

The smile on Jack' s face was quickly hidden behind his teacup.

"I had been searching for you for about four hours when I saw that man carting you out of the bar. It didn't take a genius to figure out where he was going with you."

"Pleasure house?"

"Yeah. I was discussing the situation with him when three of his buddies showed up. So I sent a signal and pulled my weapon on him. I think I said something to him about sending him to hell."

"Was I going with him?" Jack voice was low; his eyes more serious than John had ever seem them.

"I was hoping for reinforcements before I had to make that decision. Guess it was presumptuous of me to assume you would rather die than be 'trained' the way they train around here."

"No, you would have been making the right decision."

John reached out then and grasped Jack's hand. Jack allowed his fingers to slip between John's. Planets were allowed to police themselves, but some of the things that were allowed on this one didn't sit well with most members of the fleet. The so-called training of pleasure companions being at the top of the list.

"I'm very glad I didn't have to make it. The Captain showed up like the cavalry to save the day. I'm sure he broke the guy's nose."

Jack grinned, "Sorry I missed that. I'd love to see our Captain in action."

"Wasn't really what you would call action. He warned the guy about messing with his crew then popped him."

"Still, I would have liked to have seen him."

"Jack, why did you tell that prick you were single?"

"What? Did he tell you that?"


"That's not exactly what I said to him."

"What *exactly* did you say?"

"It's not important."

"No, I think it is. Tell me."

John's voice had taken on the tone Jack normally only heard in their bed. Jack pulled his hand away and rose from the chair. He put his cup in the small sink.

"I think I should go back to my quarters. I'll be fine alone. Thanks for the rescue."

Jack turned toward the door and John's voice rang out.

"Computer: privacy; lock the door."

Jack stopped when he heard the locking mechanism click. He stood still, head bowed, waiting.

John sat looking at the man standing by his door. He was finding this relationship much more difficult than any he'd had in the past. He couldn't treat this man as a fuck toy or just a fuck buddy.

He hadn't been completely honest with his Captain earlier. When he saw Jack draped over that asshole's shoulder, his heart had almost stopped. He knew he had been seconds away from losing Jack. And he'd felt like a damn fool for how he had treated him.

But right then he had also been feeling a touch of anger. If he had been totally honest with himself, he would have realized he was upset because he considered Jack to be his and he hadn't wanted anyone thinking otherwise.

Not even some piece of shit pleasure companion procurer.

"I'm sorry, Jack."

Jack's head rose and he looked at John. Green eyes stared into blue seeking the truth. What he wanted wasn't there, so he did the only thing he could think to do.

"Thank you for that. May I go now?"

"Damn it, Jack! What the fuck did you say to him? I *need* to know."

Jack's eyes shifted to focus on the wall behind John's head.

"I told him the truth."

"And what do you consider to be the truth."

"I have no contract with anyone."

"He seemed to think that meant no one would be looking for you."

"I didn't think anyone would be. In all honesty, I went down there looking for a good time."

Those words cut through John like a knife. True, they had no contract but they had agreed to be exclusive as long as it was good.

And it had been good.

Until *he* fucked it up.

"Jesus! Jack! He was a procurer!"

"I didn't know that. He was polite. He seemed interested in me."

"Meaning I'm not?"

"When it suits you. But I find I don't want a Master-sub relationship any more. I want something more than that."

"You want a contract?" John was shocked at how badly he wanted Jack to say yes. John knew that Jack would live up to a contract if they had one and, for the first time in his life, he wanted a legal, binding contract.

"I didn't say that. I want to be treated with respect. The way you spoke to me in front of the crewmembers down planet was rude at best. I've never seen or heard of you treating other crew with such disrespect. And to speak to the man who shares your bed that way..."

"You're right. You do deserve better, both as a crewmember and as a lover. You may leave now if you wish, but I hope you'll stay. I'd like a second chance. Please."

Jack looked at him for a long moment and John thought he was going to walk out. When he finally spoke, it wasn't what John was expecting.

"I'm tired. Will you hold me while I sleep?" Not quite what Jack really wanted but it was all he was prepared to ask for right then.


Jack began to undress but was stopped when John jumped up to do it for him. He led Jack to his bed and when he was settled, John undressed as well, slipping into the bed next to him. Jack snuggled close, placing his head on John's shoulder, and quickly went to sleep.

John, however, didn't sleep. He held Jack; his hands moving over him as they had that first night Jack had slept next to him. His thoughts were a tangle of self-recriminations and fears. Fear of how much Jack had come to mean to him. Fear that he would fuck this up as he had every other personal relationship he had ever tried.

The long period without sleep, combined with the aftermath of the events on the planet pulled him under. He slept holding on to Jack until Dana came to check on him.

They both woke to the sound of Dana's voice calling to them.

"John, Jack, you guys sleeping?"

"Come in, Dana."

The door opened and Dana entered John's quarters. He was pulling on a robe as she came in. He waved her toward Jack.

"Go ahead and check your patient. I'm just going to order dinner."

"I gave the Mess a menu for you both. Just tell them you're ready for it."

"I can choose my own dinner, thank you."

"You spent sixty hours down-planet taking Stim and not eating. You need to make up for some of that."

John stomped over to the com panel, cursing Captains who give you up to ship's doctors. Dana grinned at Jack and ignored the tirade.

"Jack, how are you feeling? I take it you slept some more."

"I'm much better. Had a nice nap."

"Good. I've taken you both off the duty roster for the next three days. That's how long I feel you both need to recover from the last few days."

She quickly checked Jack's vital signs. Then she stood, smiled down at her patient then moved back into the living area. Taking John's hand, she pulled him out the door into the hallway. She checked quickly to make sure no one was around to overhear their conversation.

"John, how important is this boy to you?"

"Dana, he's hardly a boy."

"Not in years maybe and you know that isn't how I mean it. Do you care about him?"

John suddenly found the floor of immense interest. Dana pulled his sleeve sharply. He looked up at her raised eyebrow then quickly glanced around the corridor, making sure they were alone before answering her.

"So much it scares me."

"Then make sure he knows that today can't be repeated. He could have died, John. Would have if you guys hadn't gotten him back to me so quickly after he was given the drugs. Get in there and if you can't say the words, at least act the Dom and give him an order."

Dana turned and headed down the corridor toward her quarters before he could say a word, leaving him standing there, jaw agape with a stunned expression on his face.

He hadn't thought she was aware of his Dom proclivities. Was there anything that damn woman didn't know?

He shook his head and stepped back into his quarters, but before he could close the door, a Mess steward appeared with their tray.

"Jack, do you feel like getting up or should I bring it there?"

"Be right out."

John set up the table. Heard the bathroom door open.

"Something smells good. I'll bet it's your dinner, not mine."

"Well, let's see. Menu says you're to have chicken soup, a slice of French bread, and ice cream for dessert. Will that do? I'd share my pasta with you but I wouldn't put it past Dana to have the computer spying on us."

"No, she's right. My stomach is a little delicate. I'd better stick with what she ordered for me."

John pulled him in for a quick hug and then pushed him down into a chair. They spoke very little during dinner, which wasn't normal for them. John was trying to come up with a way of saying I love you without saying it. Jack was afraid of making whiny demands.

Once dinner was over, John pulled Jack to his feet and kissed him. It didn't take long for the kiss to arouse desire. Jack moaned against John's lips. He spoke when they pulled back for air.

"I'm sorry I went down there like that. I should have waited, given you time."

"No, Jack. Walter already pointed out to me oh so delicately, quote: 'Fuck, John, *I* don't even like you when you're like that' unquote. And he's known me for years. There is no way someone who has only known me a few weeks could understand that it's not personal."

"How could that not be personal? When you talk to me like that in front of others?"

"You're right. I have no right to treat you that way. I won't promise it won't ever happen again. I'm a fuck up in the relationship department. Always have been. But if I do it again, sic Dana or Walter on me, please. Don't take another chance like today. Dana will kill me if anything happens to you."

Jack had singled out the most important word in that little speech...relationship. John considered them to be in a relationship. So if another situation like this arose he would sic Dana or Walter on him. Or else he would make like a caveman and haul John home.

"I think I'll ask Dana. She seems to scare you more."

John smiled and pulled Jack toward the bed.

"May I make love to you?"

"Yes." One word, whispered softly.

John's hands skilfully stripped Jack of the pants he had slipped on earlier. John's eyes followed the lean curve of Jack's hip as he leaned down to throw the covers aside. John's robe landed in the floor.

Jack positioned himself on the bed and held up his arms. John wasted no time in joining him there. Pulling the younger man close, he began to rain kisses on him starting with a long exploration of his mouth. The kisses continued until no spot on Jack's face was left unkissed.

Both men were hard by the time John moved down to suck and bite at two pink nipples. Jack's body arched up into the air, straining to make further contact.

"Harder!" The single word hissed as Jack's hands held his lover's head closer.

John moved lower, finding a cup of a belly button and nipping at the edge before delving inside to taste yet another portion of the man whimpering steadily. Jack's hips twitched, his body trying to direct John to the place it really wanted his attention.

John chuckled against Jack's navel, which caused a delightful ripple of muscles as the ticklish flesh tried to retreat.

"John, please!"

John raised his head to look at the debauched beauty in his bed.

"The Captain is right."

Jack's eyes opened, "Right about what?"

"You are rather noisy in bed."

Jack's face flamed, eyes squeezed shut and a low groan was John's answer.

Smiling wickedly at his lover, John swooped down and deep-throated Jack's perfect cock. Two hands tangled in John's hair as hips thrust upwards. It didn't take John long to bring Jack off. Even in the short time they had been together, he had learned most of Jack's buttons.

He cleaned his lover's cock, making sure he found every last drop, then moved up to pull Jack close, kissing him again. John lay there, content to hold Jack, waiting for him to sleep again. He thought Jack had gone to sleep until he spoke.

"I wouldn't be so damn noisy if you weren't such a tease. And the fact that you are so damn good at making me want you doesn't help either."

John smiled as he placed a soft kiss against Jack's temple.

"Go to sleep, lover. You need to rest."

Jack's hand slid down and gripped John's still hard dick.

"What about this?"

"It can wait. Sleep."

"Only if you promise you'll wake me later with this fat thing inside me."

John's hand tilted up Jack's face and he kissed him softly.

"I promise. You shall have me before you have breakfast in the morning."

Jack kissed him once more, then snuggled into his arms and soon slept. John stayed awake for a long time thanking every deity he knew that Jack was safe in his bed.


The next few months settled into a pleasant routine for John. Jack was good company both in and out of bed. The Captain made teasing comments after the more thunderous evenings. It had become almost a game to see just how loud John could get Jack to beg. And Jack always spent the days after those nights with a dreamy look on his face.

During their first two-month liberty together, John had taken Jack home to meet his family. Jack ended up replacing two pillows while they were there. Biting a pillow was the only way he could think of to keep from broadcasting to the household the things John did to him, because John told him flat out that abstinence was not an option.

They had spent a month there, then a month with Jack's family. Strangely enough, John had shown some restraint in Jack's mother's house. Not that they didn't have sex, it was just of the vanilla variety, with John swallowing Jack's moans.

Returning to the ship for their next tour, John had gone to check in with the Captain and received the surprise of a lifetime. He didn't bother to signal at the door, because he was used to the Captain being available during that hour of the day. The door opened and John stopped dead in his tracks.

John's eyes took in every detail. A boy was lying on the Captain's chest, the Captain's hands moving slowly over the boy's back and through his hair. Both men were naked and from the way their clothing was strewn about, John assumed they had stripped hurriedly.

The scent of sex was heavy in the air. From the positions of the two men, Doggett rightfully assumed that the boy had just fucked his Captain's ass. His 'straight-I-only-fuck-pleasure-companions-never-get-involved-with-crewmembers', Captain had been butt fucked for the first time in his life.

John examined the boy. Noting the slight build, he knew the Captain had not been raped. There was no way that boy could have forced anything on his bear of a Captain, plus the movements of the Captain's hands indicated anything but resistance.

"Captain, what's going on?"

Walter turned to see the surprise on his First Officer's face, the voice and face bringing him out of the post-coital haze he had been drifting in. He straightened, trying to push the boy off. The boy's plaintiff cry was deeper than John would have expected from one so young.

"Walter, please don't do that. You must wait until the seal releases on its own."


"When the men of my planet ejaculate, the head forms a seal to insure the sperm has time to fertilize the eggs. It's an involuntary response. If you keep pulling, you will make the seal last longer, not to mention cause us both more pain."

"Doggett, get the physician up here immediately."

"Aye, Captain."

The First Officer crossed to the communication panel and summoned the doctor to report to the Captain's quarters on the double. Then John worked on keeping a straight face while he waited for her to arrive. When Dana arrived she took one look at the situation and shoved John out the door.

He waited in the corridor, fairly sure he knew what had happened to his Captain, but wanting to confirm that with Dana. She wasn't long in exiting the Captain's quarters, a huge grin on her face.

"So, Doctor, tell me, what's that all about?"

"The Ensign is from New Russia."

"Oh shit! That's what I thought. The Captain didn't know?"

"Guess not, but it's obvious you do."

"My cousin did her apprenticeship there. Her husband scored on the first date. They have three kids and she's carrying again."

"Maybe you can convince him that it's a one way ticket. He didn't want to listen to me. He said something that really hurt Alex. I hope you didn't need him for anything important because he'll be there awhile."

"Good thing we aren't scheduled to leave for two weeks. That ought give him time to accept the reality."

The two wandered off down the hall with Doggett still grinning as Dana tried to keep a straight face. John headed to the Mess to have lunch with Jack and Dana went back to Sickbay. When he reached the Mess, he waved at Jack, got his lunch and joined his lover at the small table in the corner. Since it was late for lunch, the place was pretty deserted.

"Short meeting. I didn't expect to see you until later."

John grinned, "The Captain is very busy at the moment."

"Too busy for his First Officer? What's going on, John? I know that look."

"Our Captain has just discovered the joy of gay sex."

"What?!" Jack's eyebrows rose toward his hairline.

"You heard me. I walked into his cabin to find him spread out on his desk, still sweaty and panting, with a beautiful boy lying between his legs." John's grin got wider if that were possible.

"John Doggett, you're lying. Our Captain is so straight you could use him to align walls."

John snorted a laugh at the mental image of a construction worker calling out, 'I need to use Krycek to make sure this wall is straight'.

"I agree, Walter has always *considered* himself to be straight, but he's going to need to rethink that position. Although I have no doubt he'll fight it."

"Wait a minute. You said he was on the bottom and the boy was between his legs. Now I know you're bullshitting me. If Walter Krycek decided to go gay, he would definitely be a top like you."

"Walter Krycek has just found himself bonded to a New Russian. I don't think he was in any condition to try and top. He was probably royally fucked before he knew what hit him."

John smiled again as Jack's mouth dropped open.

"A New Russian? Do you think he knew?"

"Wouldn't have mattered. Once the boy saw him and wanted him, it was a done deal. And Walter's keen sense of smell probably made it happen so quickly that the boy didn't have time to tell him anything. He certainly didn't have time to tell him about the seal."

"Did he...I mean..."

"Yes, and the boy whimpered and told him he needed to stay still. Walter had me call Dana, but of course, she couldn't do anything about it."

A low chuckle burst from Jack's lips. His hand slipped under the table to squeeze John's cock suggestively.

"Can we eat later?"

"What? The mental image of our Captain spread-eagled being fucked make you horny or something."

Jack's only answer was to pull John's hand over to cover the hard bulge in his pants.

"Come on, bottom boy, I feel the need to plough your hot little ass."

John and Jack headed back to their quarters, only to be almost run down by Alex as he charged out of Walter's door. John got a brief glimpse of Walter sitting naked on his desk before the door closed. Jack caught the unbalanced Alex, holding on until he was steady.

"Hey, you ok?"

"Sorry. I didn't see you."

John exchanged looks with Jack. Something had definitely hurt the boy. He was trying unsuccessfully to hide the tears, which sparkled on his lashes.

"I'm First Office John Doggett and this is Yeoman Jack Mann. Why don't you come with us until you calm down a little? We're good listeners."

"I should go find my quarters. I was just reporting to the Captain."

"Alex, I know what happened. I walked in on you, remember?"

Alex looked up, then realized whom he had run into. He blushed as he brushed at his tears.

Jack put a hand on the boy's arm. "You need time to calm down before you face your new crewmates. Come with us and we'll make you some tea."

Alex allowed the two men to lead him to a door across the corridor. He sat when Jack pulled out a chair for him. His head bowed as he fought to get control of his emotions.

Jack started the tea as John sat at the table with Alex.

"So I take it our Captain made an ass of himself. I knew he wouldn't take it well but I thought he'd at least try to understand before he stuck his foot in his mouth."

Alex's head rose to stare at John in surprise.

"What? Surprised the First Officer talks that way about his Captain? I've been serving with the man for five years. He isn't just my Captain; he's my friend. And sometimes he's a jackass."

"You don't understand."

"Yes, Alex, I do. My cousin is married to a New Russian. What you don't understand is you just turned our Captain's world on its ear. He thinks of himself as straight. That's just the first obstacle he needs to get over."

"I don't think he wants to get over it."

"At this point, it doesn't matter what he wants, does it? It's a matter of what his body needs. What his body will crave. What you can do to and for him."

"He hates me. He'll never want to be with me."

"How old are you?"

"Twenty. What's that got to do with anything?"

"At twenty, you still feel things so intensely. You still don't realize that the wheel will turn. Our Captain is thirty-five. He's had a long time to get set in his ways. You just showed him that what he has believed to be true for thirty-five years, isn't. It takes time to realign your thinking."

"I thought he was enjoying what we did. He did come."

"He enjoyed it, trust me. You didn't see how he looked lying there with you still inside him as he caressed your back."

Jack brought over a cup of tea, setting it in front of Alex. John pushed the sugar across the table.

"Do you want cream or lemon, Alex?"

Alex looked up at the auburn haired man. Seeing nothing but kindness there, he smiled tentatively.

"No, thank you, sugar is fine."

John pulled Jack down onto his lap, wrapping an arm around him. They waited as the boy stirred sugar into his tea. Finally, he began to talk.

"I've been dreaming about the man I would bond with for such a long time. I guess it was foolish to think he would want me instantly. I walked into the cabin and he stood up, so tall and beautiful, and I knew. I couldn't have stopped it, even if I wanted to."

Jack reached out a hand and covered Alex's briefly.

"Sometimes these macho types just need to be rapped upside their heads before they get the point."

"Jack." Doggett's tone held a faint warning.

"I'm not saying actually hit him. But you are always saying he is stubborn. This is one time he can't have his way."

"No, he can't but it'll be a battle. Alex, the best thing for you to do is to go about your duties and try to be patient. We have two weeks before we leave for him to get used to the idea. Dana and I will both talk to him. She's been telling him for years he should find a mate."

"It will be difficult for me. Every time I see him I'll want him."

"Just think how difficult it will be for him. Our Captain has a better than normal sense of smell. So, believe me, he will find it difficult to stay away from you."

"That's why he reacted so quickly. I barely had time to find out his name before we were…"

"I figured that from the way your clothes were scattered every where. Jack, why don't you take Alex and show him where his temporary quarters are, maybe give him a brief tour of the ship. Then I'll see you back here in a couple of hours."

Alex looked puzzled, "Temporary quarters?"

"Of course, Alex. Once Walter faces reality, you don't think he's going to want to be having to do more than roll over when he wants you, do you?"

The blush on Alex's face brought a smile to John's. A man would have to be an utter fool to turn his back on having that boy in his bed. His Captain wasn't a fool, he was just pig headed.

Jack kissed John and Alex watched with sorrow, since he had not been kissed goodbye. John waited until Jack had enough time to get Alex out of the corridor before he charged across it to talk to his Captain. Once more, John didn't signal, he just barged in the door. Walter looked around the partition and frowned at him.

"I just finished my shower, can this wait?"

"No, Walter, it can't."

"Is there something wrong with the ship? Crew?"

"Walter, the only crewmembers with a problem at the moment are you and our new ensign. You hurt that boy, very badly."

"John, this isn't any of your business. I'm not gay. It was a mistake that won't be repeated."

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! You fucking idiot!"

"John, you're insubordinate. Leave now and we'll forget this ever happened."

"I won't leave until I say my piece to my *friend*. For years I've watched you keep everyone who might have been a viable partner at arms length. This one you can't do that with."

"I'm not sure what happened but it will not happen again. You may be gay, half the damn ship may be gay, but *I'm* not. The boy will get over it. He's young, far too young for me. Don't you and Jack know someone nice you can fix him up with?"

"Walter, that won't work. He's from New Russia."

"So what?"

"Are you going to stand there and tell me he didn't fuck you up the ass? That he didn't come in you?"

John had phrased his questions in as coarse a manner as possible. Walter needed to face up to the realities of the situation. He may not have been 'gay' but that was a moot point now.

"I don't like your tone, John. Get out of here."

"My tone is the least important aspect of this conversation. You are bonded to that boy, like it or not. You will never have sex again except with him. You are the only man he will ever make love to. And make no mistake; he was making love to you. No matter what words we use to describe it, that is what happened in this room a short while ago."

"Sounds like witchcraft. How can his sperm change me? If I wanted a relationship, I would have had one long ago."

"Walter, the chemistry is real. My cousin is married to a New Russian. The first time he saw her, he wanted her and she had no more choice than you do. Don't deprive yourself and this boy of a single minute of happiness just because it doesn't fit your world view."

"John, I told you this is none of your business. I don't want this and that's all there is to it. He'll get over his crush in time. I'll arrange to have him transferred."

John stood for a long moment staring at the bull-headed man in front of him. Knowing he was getting nowhere, he turned on his heel and left the Captain to his illusions.

John's next stop was Sickbay.

"Doctor, I need to talk to you privately."

Dana nodded and led John to her private office. She sat at her desk and waited for him to begin.

"You need to inform Fleet Command that bonding has taken place between the Captain and Alex."

"I have already added it to my log, John. That'll be transmitted before we leave."

"No, you need to do it now. The stubborn fool is planning to have the boy transferred."

"What? He can't do that. The bond needs to be completed. Since you know about New Russians, you know they can't be apart for very long until the bond is totally cemented. Did you talk to him?"

"I tried. Asshole wouldn't listen. Just kept telling me he isn't gay. Wanted Jack and me to set Alex up. Sometimes that man gives me a sharp pain."

Dana giggled as she pictured exactly where he got that pain. Turning to her computer terminal, she spoke.

"Computer, contact Fleet Command records division for me, please."

"Yes, Doctor."

"Records, Johnson."

"Hi, Debra. It's Dana Mulder."

"Dana, how's it going?"

"Not bad. Getting ready to go out again."

"Safe journey. Do you need something?"

"Yes, I need to file a record of a new bonding. I need it to go in right away."

"Before your normal pre-flight download?"

"Yes, my Captain is about to make a mistake."

"The great and powerful Krycek? A mistake? Say it ain't so."

Dana looked up at Doggett and winked.

"Well, he *is* just a man. You know how they get."

"Yeah, I'm married to two of them remember? What do you need recorded."

"As of 13:50 today, Captain Walter Krycek and Ensign Alex Skinner became bond mates. Ensign Skinner is New Russian, making this a permanent bond."

The bark of laughter from the other end brought a smile to Dana's face.

"No shit? Mr. Straight planning on trying to transfer him?"

"You got it. That's exactly what he's planning."

"Well then, I guess I better make sure this gets into the assignment computer right away. Anyone taking bets yet on how long it will take him to come around?"

"Not yet but I'll be sure and let you know when they do."

"I'll go take care of this right now. Be sure and let me know how it goes. Should have recorded that. You could have made a fortune."

John shoved his hand in his mouth to keep from giving his presence away. Dana said her goodbyes and signed off.

"Well, that'll keep Alex here where he belongs. Now I guess we wait."

When John got back to his quarters he found Jack waiting for him.

"How's the boy doing?"

"He's understandably upset. He had this fantasy built in his mind of what his relationship was going to be and instead he gets this macho 'I'm not gay' bond mate. He was all wrung out and tired from his first real sexual experience and the emotions of it all. I made him lie down and stayed until he fell asleep. How'd it go with Walter?"

"Bad. So badly that I had Dana update records with the bonding."

"He was going to have Alex transferred?"

"Yeah. He wanted us to 'fix' Alex up with someone. After I explained that it wasn't possible he got that pig-headed look on his face and said he would transfer him. So I went straight to Dana. She had someone she knows in records put the info in and notify assignments as well."

"He's going to be pissed at you two when he finds out."

"Sometimes you have to do what's best for your Captain. He'll get over it."

Jack was right about Walter being pissed. The explosion that came when he found out he had been out flanked by his First Officer and the ship's Doctor rivalled that of any bomb ever dropped during a war. Jack was in John's quarters when John and Dana went to face the Captain.

Jack had never seen the Captain angry, and after hearing the way he dressed down John and Dana, he hoped he never did again. Every word was clearly heard by everyone on the tier. John told him later that after Walter wound down he told them both he would've had them transferred if he didn't know that half his crew would ask for reassignment if they left.

Walter was stubborn, but he knew that Dana was the best doctor in the fleet. Another First Officer would never duplicate John's almost psychic reactions with him in times of danger.

They watched as he continued to deny the bond. Until the day Dana and John forced him to see what he was doing to Alex. Jack had fussed over the boy, attempting to offer moral support but it wasn't much help when his entire physical well being hinged on his mate.

Once Walter saw how ill the boy was, he finally clued in. Over the next couple of months John and Jack watched as the relationship bloomed. The crew got used to the woodsy smell of Alex's that signalled the arrival of the Captain. They learned to dodge their Captain if he was seen running in the corridors.

The Captain's relationship had produced an unexpected turn to their relationship. John came back from a shopping trip with the Captain and proposed.

"What's all this John?"

"It's a special night. Go shower, I'll have dinner ready when you come out."

Jack had gone to shower wondering what was going on. When he came out, John had candles lit and the table covered with all his favorite foods.

He took a seat when John motioned to it, accepted a glass of wine and waited.

"To starting a new life."

Jack drank the toast but gave John a curious look. A small box appeared on the table in front of him.

"John?" Jack's voice trembled.

"Open it."

Jack picked up the box with shaking hands. Opening it carefully, he gasped when he saw the contents. John had been born and reared on Earth, but his mother was from a planet that had not only changed humans but had intermingled their genes with the indigenous race. Jack knew that but hadn't expected that John would use their culture for a marriage contract.

"John, are you sure about this?"

"I'm very sure. I've never had a contract, not even short term. My mother's people believe in a perfect mate. She said she knew my father was hers when they met. Walter and Alex made me think about that again."

"We aren't locked together as they are."

"No, but I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. I was going to ask for a short term contract with options."

"What made you change your mind?"

"I don't want you to get away."

"John, please don't be flip."

"I'm sorry. The truth is I want this to be forever. I figure the best way to let you know just how much you mean to me is to make a complete commitment to you. How long are you going to make me wait for an answer?"

"I didn't answer?"

"I have a paddle." John growled at him.

Jack placed the box down on the table and standing, wrapped his arms around John. They kissed; Jack grinding into John. When he finally pulled back, he looked into blue eyes. "I would be honored to be your husband, John Doggett."

"Should we register the contract now."

"Damn right, before you change your mind."

"I won't do that."

Jack turned his head, "Computer."

"Yes, Yeoman Mann."

"Please record the permanent marriage contract of Yeoman Jack Mann and First Officer John Doggett."

"First Officer Doggett, please confirm this contract."

"Computer, First Officer John Doggett confirms the permanent marriage contract between Yeoman Mann and myself. Please make note that this contract is made in the form of my mother's home planet Lupus."

"Congratulations, First Officer Doggett and Yeoman Mann. May your union be long and happy. Should I include this information in the Captain's morning briefing?"

"Thank you for the good wishes, Computer. I will tell the Captain about the contract myself."

"Very well, First Officer Doggett."

"Please give us privacy mode."

"Yes, Sir."

Jack watched as John picked up the largest of the union bands from the box on the table. Jack pulled his shirt off and presented his arm. John slipped the band up his arm and when it was in place around his bicep John spoke.

"This band represents the union of our arms, to hold each other in times of desire, pain, or comfort."

Jack's eyes were very bright as he watched the next band being lifted from the box. This one had a hidden hinge. John opened it and placed it around Jack's throat and locked it in place.

"This band represents the union of our throats, the part of our bodies that carry the precious blood to our brains, so that we may find the words of love for our voices to utter."

Picking up the last band, he took Jack's hand, slipped the ring onto his finger and then kissed it. A single tear traced down Jack's cheek. John caught it on his finger.

"This band represents the union of our hands, that we will use to guide each other, to touch each other, to give pleasure or pain, but mostly to lift each other up when needed."

Soon Jack had adorned John with the remaining bands in the box and the two men shared a long kiss. They fed each other the meal John had ordered and then spent hours making love.


John strutted onto the bridge the next morning, after leaving his exhausted husband in their bed. The Captain turned to look at his first officer and Krycek's normally surly face lit up with a grin. John smiled back at him before taking his seat.

"First Officer, is there something you wish to share with us this morning?"

His question caused the others on the bridge to turn toward him. "I feel the Captain already knows the news."

"He's loud, John."

"Yes, he is rather noisy. Jack and I registered a permanent marriage contract last night." John held his hand up so that his ring sparkled in the bright lights of the bridge.

"Congratulations, John. Next leave, Alex and I will take you out to celebrate."

"We'd enjoy that, Captain."

"Computer, please add the information concerning John's contract to the next transmission to command."

"Yes, Captain."

"Now shall we get down to business?"

"Of course, Sir."

"Captain, transmission coming in from the planet."

"Very well, put it on."

"Captain Krycek, how nice to see you again."

"And you as well, Councilor. We have the supplies you requested. I'll have them sent down right away for you."

"Thank you, Captain. May I offer you an evening's entertainment?"

Walter frowned at the question; the last time he'd been to Peiking City; Alex had not been part of his life. He knew well the type of entertainment the Councilor had in mind. He also knew he wouldn't be able to partake of said entertainment. The problem was, the Councilor might see that as an insult. But being the straightforward man he was he told the truth.

"I appreciate the offer, Councilor, but things are different than the last time we visited."

"Are you turning down my offer, Captain?"

"I would never wish to offend you, Sir. When I speak of things changing I refer to the fact that since last we met I have found a mate."

"Why, Captain, I thought you were the carefree, never going to settle down type."

"My mate is from New Russia."

"Ah, that explains everything. Well, we would certainly enjoy meeting the lady."

"My mate is male, Councilor Gray."


John rolled his eyes at the tone in the Councilor's voice. Walter didn't need to hear that type of thing when a part of him was still dealing with the relationship. The silence stretched out.

Finally, Walter spoke. "Councilor Gray, I really have things that I must attend to perhaps on our next visit we can have dinner together."

"Excellent, Captain. When will the supplies be sent down?"

"First Officer Doggett will be down soon. If you have no objection I will allow some of my crew members leave."

"Certainly, Captain Krycek, our merchants always appreciate the business."

"Krycek out."

Communication was cut and the door hissed open, revealing Alex. "Walter, are you okay?"

John grinned as Alex hurried across to his mate.

"Everything is fine, Alex. Would you like to go down to the planet with John and Jack to make the delivery? It would give you a chance to see another planet, do some shopping if you wish."

Alex touched Walter's shoulder and he received a smile as the tension drained from Walter's body. Walter inhaled deeply, pulling the scent of his lover into his lungs. The bridge crew watched as their Captain and his mate communicated silently.

"So can I pick up anything for you while we're down there?"

"Bring back some of the fresh fruit they sell in the market."

"Okay. Ready, John?" Alex asked.

The trip down was uneventful. The three men enjoyed some conversation, specifically about the new nature of Jack and John's relationship. Alex was very happy for them, teasing a bit about the noise level even though he'd been on duty during the loudest part of the evening.

After the Councilor's reaction earlier, John took a certain perverse pleasure in introducing him to Alex. They had been shown into the library of the Councilor's mansion and asked to wait.

"John, why was Walter upset earlier?"

"I'll tell you about it later." John saw Councilor Gray coming down the hallway toward them.

"First Officer Doggett, it's a pleasure to see you again."

"Councilor Gray." John held out his hand for a handshake. "This is Yeoman Mann and Ensign Skinner."

"Pleasure, gentlemen. First time visiting us?" the Councilor shook hands with each of the men.

"Yeoman Mann hasn't been here before and this is Ensign Skinner's first voyage; he just finished the academy a few months ago. He's from New Russia. The Ensign is the Captain's mate and Jack is my husband."

John watched as the Councilor's eyes narrowed, as he made a surreptitious gesture to wipe off his hand. Homophobia was alive and well in the Councilor's house. The attitude angered John.

"How nice." The Councilor's voice had turned cold. "Is the cargo being off loaded?"

"Yes, Sir. The Captain gave me strict orders to deliver the smaller package to you personally." John indicated the box that Jack and Alex had brought in.

"Well, thank you. I'm sure you men want to get back or perhaps do some sightseeing, so I won't keep you."

"Thank you, Sir."

They made it out of the house before John cursed. "Asshole!"

"He's the reason Walter was upset earlier, wasn't he?" Alex asked.

"Yeah. He invited Walter for an evenings entertainment, but backed off on the invitation when he found out you're male."


"Alex, it's just as well. Walter was uncomfortable with the Councilor's definition of entertainment."

"What does that mean?"

"The people of this planet have a higher than normal incidence of defective births so they encourage their women to get pregnant by off worlders."

"Walter wouldn't want to be used that way."

"Exactly. Now forget all that and we'll go have a good time."

The three men wandered through the market place, John and Jack watching Alex's delight with exploring the new culture. He purchased a trinket that he told them his mother would love. They watched as he found a small figurine that he thought would look good on Walter's desk. They stowed those away in the shuttle along with the fruit Alex had purchased.

John took the shuttle back up and left Jack and Alex to wander some more, a move he would regret before the day was over. Before he returned they had disappeared.

Jack and Alex had gotten turned around while wandering through town, and as the time to meet John came closer they moved with purpose in the direction they thought led back to the landing pads. As they passed a tall man, Alex decided to ask for directions.

Excuse me, sir, can you tell me if we're headed back to the air field?"

"You need to back track a bit. Take the third street down, turn left."

"Thank you."

They turned back the way that they had come. The man they had talked to got on his communicator and spoke hurriedly.

"Got two prospects headed your way, the girls ought to like them, they're good looking."

"Got it."

"See you later." He walked off to join the men picking up supplies.

Jack and Alex walked along with an easy gait, sure they were on the right track finally. When the two men stepped in front of them, they didn't worry, not until the weapons appeared.

"Hello, gentlemen. We'd like you to come with us."

Jack gave them a sardonic grin, hoping to defuse the situation. "I'm sorry but we're due back on the ship. Our Captain takes a dim view of tardiness."

"I don't think you get the point. These," He waved his gun, "mean you're going to do what we want."

As Alex tried to back up, he felt the gun press into his back. They both realized it was best to go along for the time being and went with the men. They were soon pushed into the back of a vehicle and then tied up.

The trip was completed in silence. Alex and Jack were hustled into a small house, stripped and tied to two beds. A woman entered, smiled down at them and injected them both.

"That'll take about an hour to work, then we'll start sending the girls in."

"Girls? What are you talking about?"

"We need new blood. You two should make good babies."

"But I can't. I'm New Russian, I have a mate."

"We don't care if you have a mate, we just want you to get a few of the girls pregnant. Then we'll drop you back off in town."

"He can't perform with anyone except his mate. I have a husband. You folks sure picked the wrong guys. We won't help you with this."

"The drug won't give you any choice."

She left the room and the two of them stared at each other.

"John will be looking for us already. The Captain will come down to help. It won't take them long to find us."

"We're too far from the port, Walter won't be able to smell me."

"The two of them are a formidable team, Alex. They'll find us."


Walter turned to Councilor Gray, his fury barely contained. "Do not say that to me again, Sir! I do not wish to cause an interplanetary incident, but know that I will. We do not leave crew behind!"

"Captain, calm yourself. My men are still searching, but if they were taken by the hill people there is little I can do."

"There's something I can do."

Walter spun around and strode rapidly from the room. Doggett followed, glad that his Captain had given up on diplomacy. Of course, he didn't have much of a choice; he needed his mate on a level most humans never knew.

When they reached the shuttle, Walter quickly issued his orders. "No one is to go anywhere alone, and no one is to go unarmed. Offer currency for information. Hell, offer your damn sperm if they want that but get me some information and get it fast."

The men moved off in pairs, heading into the surrounding area. Doggett placed a hand on Walter's shoulder. "You can't smell him can you?"

"No, and that scares the hell out of me. I've had his scent in my nose for months now. I'd forgotten what the world smelled like without him."

"We'll find them, Walter. We have to."

"Yeah. Let's go check out these hills the Councilor spoke of."

"Should we take a couple of men with us?"

"No, we can move quicker and quieter if it's just us."

"Okay, just let me get another weapon."

Walter gave Doggett a predatory grin as he indicated the extra weapons he had hidden on his person. In short order the two moved out toward the hills that surrounded the town. They worked in an efficient pattern, stopping briefly at noon to eat a quick meal of survival rations, then they were back on the move.

It was beginning to get dark when Walter stumbled. John reached for his arm and watched as Walter's eyes closed and he turned slowly. Doggett didn't have to ask; he knew that Walter had the scent. Suddenly, Walter began to run and Doggett was hard pressed to keep up. He was grateful when Walter stopped and pulled him down.

The small village was busy with evening activity. Children ran and played, women cooked over fires in the open, and Walter watched as a man opened the door of one of the houses. "Angel, it’s your turn. This red headed guy should give you a healthy baby."

"But I like the one with the green eyes."

"There's something wrong with him, he can't get it up."

Walter's fists clenched and he let out a low growl. Doggett reached out and put a hand on Walter's arm. The girl crossed toward the house and Walter gripped Doggett's arm in response.

Putting his lips near John's ear, Walter spoke softly. "We'll circle around the side and see if there is another entrance to the house. We may be able to get them out while this group is eating."

"You don’t want to call in the men?"

"I don't want to wait for them to get here."

John nodded and followed his Captain quietly. There was no back door but there was a window. They peered inside and saw Angel riding on Jack. The horror and pain on his face almost drove Doggett to do something rash. Only his training and the presence of his Captain kept him still.

Alex was tied to another bed and seemed to be unconscious. As much as that enraged Walter, he knew that he had to wait. The drug they had used on Jack allowed him to come quickly and Angel left the house soon after it was over.

The window creaked as they forced it open, but the noise was too low to attract the people laughing and talking over dinner. Once inside the room, Walter went directly to Alex as John untied Jack, while shushing him. Jack clung to his husband as Walter tried to rouse Alex.

"They got mad because Alex couldn't get it up even with the drugs. They hit him in the head."

"We're going to get you out of here. Do you think you can walk if I help you?"

"I'll do whatever it takes to get out of here."

John located Jack's clothes and helped him dress as Walter gathered Alex up. John crawled out of the window first, Jack followed and they took Alex as Walter passed him through. Once Walter was out, he took his mate back and led the way away from the village.

When he felt he was far enough away for them to be relatively safe, he hit the panic button. In less than thirty minutes a shuttle landed and they were on their way to the ship. Jack had kept it together until then. He bawled like a child in John's arms all the way back to the ship.

Walter watched John as he offered Jack comfort. Walter sat holding Alex, wishing he could break down. But he couldn't do that; Captains aren't allowed. Alex was warm in his arms and his scent was the one Walter was used to breathing when the boy was asleep.

Only Alex wasn't asleep, he was unconscious. When the shuttle docked, the med team swarmed into it and Jack waved Dana toward Alex.

"Help Alex, Doctor. They hit him on the head and he's been out ever since."

"How long has he been out?"

"Hours. Captain, I'm sorry I couldn't protect him."

"When he's better, you both take a refresher in hand to hand. Get to the infirmary so they can get you checked out. John, go and take care of him."

Dana looked up at her Captain, noting the clench of his jaw; she knew that someone was going to pay for what had happened to Alex and Jack. She pitied the entire planet if Alex died. Walter would destroy it and then turn himself in for execution. Without Alex, execution would be a kindness.

Dana's training took over; she checked Alex's vitals, peeled back his eyelid and knew she needed to get him to sickbay quickly or she'd lose him.

"Walter, we need to hurry. He's in bad shape."

He nodded and rose to his feet, pushing past the crewmen and heading for the infirmary. Everyone cleared out of his way as he moved with purpose. Dana ran behind him. As Walter put Alex down, she immediately began to pull over the equipment she would need.

"Walter, I want you out of here."


"Walter, I need you calm."

"I'm calm."

"You won't be if you watch what I need to do."

"I won't leave him."

"I just want you out of the room until I finish this. It won't take long and then you can come back in."

"What do you need to do?"

"There's bleeding in his brain. I need to relieve the pressure and repair the damage."

"Do it."

Dana shook her head as he moved to stand at the end of the exam table. She sighed heavily before turning to one of the nurses.

"Get him prepped."

She moved to the other table where Jack was lying. Checking his vitals, she ordered blood work to determine what drugs he'd been given. He grabbed her hand as she started to move back to Alex.

"Doctor, please don't let him die."

"I have no intension of letting my Captain's mate die. Try to relax."

She hurried back to the table Alex was lying on. Walter wrapped his big hands around the feet of his lover, making contact while staying as much out of the way as possible. He was silent as Dana drilled a small hole in Alex's head.

Blood ran out of the hole and she applied suction. When she felt she'd cleared the field she inserted the small micro camera laser Walter watched the screen as she broke up a clot and repaired a vessel. A little more suction and she put a derma weave over the small hole she'd made.

She looked up at her Captain. She'd never seen him so pale. He met her eyes and she saw the fear in his. She moved to him, placing her hand over his where it rested on Alex's foot.

"He's going to be okay. He wouldn't dare leave you. He knows you'd punish him in your next life."

"I don't believe that crap."

"Doesn't matter, he does."

"How long before we know?"

"The pressure has been relieved. He should come around within shortly, unless they drugged him as well. We'll know soon. I'm going back to check Jack now."

He nodded and turned enough to see John hovering over Jack. Damn! They'd barely registered their marriage contract and this had happened. He watched as Dana checked the test results and then gave Jack an injection.

Walking around the bed, Walter took Alex's hand, raised it to his lips, kissed it and then just held on. He didn't move for the entire time Alex was unconscious. He felt the change in the boy's body, smelled the change in his scent as Alex climbed toward consciousness.

Eyes fluttered and then opened. Walter pulled in a deep breath and bent to brush a kiss over a soft forehead.

"Walter, what's going on?"

"You don't remember?"

"I was with Jack. We had a drink in a bar. I don’t really remember anything after that."

"I'll have to speak to Jack about leading you astray, you shouldn't be drinking."

"Walter, don't pick on Jack, he's my best friend."

Dana bustled over to them when she heard the conversation. She checked his vitals.

"Do you want to go back to your quarters, Alex? I think you'll be more comfortable there."

"I would rather be in my own bed. But first I want to know what happened."

"Dana, are you sure about this? I don't want to take any chances."

"I wouldn't say it if I wasn't, Captain. Alex, Walter can explain what happened."

Walter picked up his lover and started out of the room, but Alex spoke softly. "Let me see Jack before we go, please."

Walter stopped by the bed Jack was still lying on. Alex smiled down at him.

"You okay?"

"Dana is just making sure all the drugs are out of my system, with my history she isn't taking any chances."

"Then we'll see you later?"

"Yeah, go get some rest."

Walter looked down at Jack. "You should get some rest too. You and John are relieved of duty for the next two days at least, longer if Dana says so. I'm going to get this one settled, then I have some business to take care of."

John watched as Walter left the infirmary with Alex. He and Dana exchanged looks and Jack asked, "What?"

"I have the feeling that this planet is about to be quarantined."

Dana laughed, "You mean if he doesn't shoot holes in it first."

"Alex is alive, he'll settle for the slow torture of stopping all trade with them for the maximum period followed with strict limits on who is allowed on planet."

"Females only?"

"I'm thinking non-humanoids."

They shared a laugh. Jack still looked puzzled. "He'd go that far you think?"

"They not only messed with his crew, they nearly killed his mate. If Alex had died, that village would be a smoking ruin right now."


Walter ignored the looks as he carried his sheet-wrapped lover to their quarters. He placed him carefully on the bed and then curled around him, holding him tenderly. He talked softly, telling Alex about the events on the planet until Alex fell asleep. Then he rose and went to the bridge.

Walter's message detailed the events of the last two days, adding Dana's medical reports that listed the injuries to both the crewmembers, and Jack's verbal account of the events. He sent it, along with his recommendation. He waited for the return transmission, pacing back and forth on the bridge. When it came, he began making plans for the execution of the sanctioned punishment.

Shuttles deployed to the planet; armed personnel entered the communications facilities and the control tower for the spaceport. Once they had taken control there, Walter opened a planet-wide communication channel.

"This is Captain Walter Krycek. As of zero nine hundred hours local time this planet is under official sanction. All ships are ordered to lift off on a schedule to be given to you by Lt. Commander Mason. Any ship not complying will be locked down and the crew arrested. Crew recall is now sounded, if you don't wish to be left behind you had better head for the spaceport."

He had just cut transmission when an urgent query came from the planet.

"Captain, the Councilor wishes to speak with you."

"Put him on."

"Captain, what is going on here? I know you got your men back. I understood that they are alright."

"One is still having the drugs cleared from his system. The other required surgery. High command takes a dim view of crewmembers being kidnapped, drugged, raped and injured."

"Jealousy is fueling this isn't it? How can you call it rape? Men enjoy sex."

"What I witnessed when we found them in no way resembled enjoyment. And Ensign Skinner is a New Russian. He is mated and therefore unable to enjoy sex with anyone other than his mate. Even had they been two other members of my crew, the decision would have been the same."

"Captain, you are taking this too far. At least let the ships unload before you force them to leave."

"Councilor Gray, this discussion is at a close. I will be down soon to supervise the testing of the women involved in the rape of my yeoman, as well as to give you confirmation of the provisions of the sanction."

The communications officer cut the transmission at a hand signal from the Captain.


Jack was lying in John's arms when the communicator came on.

"John, sorry to interrupt."

"We're just resting, Walter."

"I need to ask Jack a question."

"Yes, Captain?"

"The women who attacked you will be tested. I have the power to order any fetuses aborted. I won't do that unless you wish it. You may also consider the alternative."

"What is that, Captain?"

"Allow the babes to be carried to term, and then have them taken back to Earth to be raised there."

"May I have some time to talk to John about it?"

"Yes, I've finished filing my report with Command over the incident. I'll be going down to the planet soon to tell the Councilor in person."

"When are you going down there?"

"In an hour."

"I'll have your answer by then, Captain." The communicator cut off with a click.


"It's your decision, Jack. I'm not ready to leave the service. Can you allow your children to be reared by others? Or be a part time husband so soon after we've married?"

"I was looking for some help here."

"I can't decide this for you. You are the one who was forced to provide your DNA. Will you be able to put that out of your mind? Could you rear them and not see their mothers and the men who kidnapped you and hurt Alex so badly?"

"I don't think I want them raised here."

"Well that's part of your answer."

"Those girls are victims as well, John."

"Yes, but that doesn't make what they did acceptable."

"You're right. Let's get dressed; I want to go down with the Captain. Alex might want to as well."

"Walter won't be pleased with that."

"You'll protect me."

They dressed and then went to see if Alex wanted to go with them. He was just coming out of the shower when they knocked on the door.

"Come in." Alex called out as he pulled his pants up over his hips.

"Alex, we came to see if you want to go down planet with us." Jack told him.

"What's going on?"

"Walter is going down to deliver personally the news to the Councilor that the planet is being quarantined."

"He's taking it that far?"

"If you'd known him longer, you'd know that he doesn't put up with this type of crap. He's never taken it this far before, but then we've never had crew kidnapped and raped and then have the local authorities refuse to help with the situation. The closest we've been to this was when Jack was almost taken by a procurer of pleasure companions."

"I'm beginning to think the entire universe sees me as a sex object." Jack interjected.

"You belong to me, and I don't share." The steel in John's voice ended the playful look on Jack's face.

"I'm sorry, John."

John looked at Jack and saw the shame in his face. Instantly contrite, John pulled Jack into his arms and Alex moved forward to put his hand on Jack's shoulder in support. John knew Jack was joking about the situation to avoid looking at how he really felt about it. Holding tightly to Jack, John whispered into his ear.

"You have no reason to be sorry. You were the victim. I shouldn't have left the two of you alone down there. I know the area and you've never been here before. That's a mistake I won't make again."

"I'm okay, John."

Jack pulled back a bit and smiled at his husband. "Alex, get dressed or Walter will be gone. We don't want to miss this chance to see the Krycek temper."

They waited until Alex was dressed and then the three of them headed for the shuttle bay. When Walter entered the area a little later, he stopped dead when he saw the three of them waiting for him.

"What are you doing out of bed, Alex?"

"I'm going with you."

"You just had surgery, you should be resting. And John I'm surprised that you're willing to let Jack wander around so soon after what he's been through."

"Walter," Alex moved into Walter personal space and slipped his arm around the slim waist, "it will help us heal to see you kick ass."

"I'm not going to kick ass."



Alex looked up and practically batted his eyelashes as he pouted. Walter was lost as the scent ratcheted up a notch. It was either let Alex have his way or end up going at it on the floor. He'd learned that early on in the relationship. He'd even realized by that point he didn't really mind being manipulated, since the boy used his power so infrequently.

"Stop! Get in the shuttle."

Walter allowed Alex to snuggle up to him on the way down; after all, it was just the four of them. When they landed, Walter checked with the leader of the security team.

"Mason, how's it going?"

"Crewmembers are coming in quickly. I gave one of the smaller freighters permission to take off in fifteen minutes, their entire crew had returned, so I saw no reason to delay them."

"Anyone we know?"

"Captain Tam."

"Ah, wish I'd known. Alex would have enjoyed meeting him. Send him my regards and tell him I hope to see him soon."

"Aye, Captain."

They headed toward the Counselor's office. The locals stepped aside as the Captain strode through the streets. His height alone made him stand out; plus his uniform and the grim expression on his face made most people want to get out of his way.

The assistant took one look at Walter Krycek in all his glory and immediately jumped up to announce him. "Councilor, Captain Krycek and associates are here." Then he beat a hasty retreat.

"Captain, this is outrageous. I can't believe your superiors have sanctioned this. I've sent off my own message to them and I'm sure they'll straighten this all out. I mean look at them; they're fine."

Walter's fists clenched and Alex moved forward to touch him. His mate's presence was probably the only reason Councilor Gray didn't end up sitting on his ass on the floor.

"If you take a closer look you'll see the hole that our ship's physician had to drill into his head to relieve the pressure. Like it or not, high command takes a dim view of attacks of any sort on our crews. Now let's get to the point. Here are the sanctions that are being imposed on your planet."

Walter handed the official copy to Councilor Gray. They watched, as he turned pale when he read the terms.

"Five years with no ships allowed to land here. No humanoids allowed for another thirty after that. Captain, you might as well drop a bomb on us. You know the issues we face."

"Those issues should make you want to keep things going smoothly. You should police your people better and make sure that off-worlders don't get kidnapped."

"Please, Captain, I'm begging you, don't do this to us."

"Councilor, you may make an appeal through the normal channels. I don't expect the decision will be overturned. It is, of course, possible that unscrupulous captains may decide to do business with you, but no ship of the fleet will dock here. Understand this as well, had either Jack or Alex died, this planet would be a smoking cinder as soon as the last ship broke atmo."

"You wouldn't dare." The councilor's face had gotten very pale.

"I dare a great deal, Gray. Alex is my mate; he's New Russian, and without him my life is over. How would you react in that situation?"

"I can't believe that your superiors would allow you that much authority. Surely your first officer would have to step in if that happened."

John moved forward at that point, "Mutiny? No, I wouldn't question my Captain. You don't understand about the crew of a ship like the Sirius, captained by a man like Walter Krycek. My Captain has my complete loyalty. You also need to understand that when he says without Alex his life would be over, he means that, literally. You're lucky he didn't just blow up your planet and seek permission after the fact."

"Please don't do this to us. We can't survive without off-planet interaction."

"It's done. Now, we have a village to visit and tests to give."

Walter grabbed Alex's hand and pulled him from the room, Jack and John following. He didn't say anything more until they were on their way to the village. Looking at Jack, he spoke.

"I need your decision before we reach the village, Jack."

"I don't want the children aborted if they are normal. I don't blame the girls. They did as they were told, especially the one named Mandy; that poor girl was terrified and her father watched, the sick bastard."

"If you point him out to me, I'll kick his ass." John told him.

"He'd probably hurt her once we're gone, John." Walter rumbled.

"Maybe we could take her back to Earth, Captain?"

John swung around to look at his lover. "John, she reminded me of my cousin. She cried the whole time, and he cursed her and hit her as soon as it was over."

"You want to take her back and we'll be a part of the baby's life?"

"Yes, can you live with that?"

"Daddy John? I can live with that."

"Well, that takes care of one of the women, Jack. What about the others?"

"Can I wait until Dana has the tests results?"

"Alright, but I'll expect an answer quickly once she has them."

They reached the village to find the population being guarded by Sirius crew, as Dana and her assistant examined the four girls in one of the houses. Walter was the first out of the hovercar and he turned to look at Alex. "You can wait in here if you want."

"No, you're with me; there isn't anything they can do to hurt me now. I need to face them."

"Okay, then come on."

The four men made their way to the house. Tapping on the door, Walter waited. Dana called out, "Come in."

The girls were sitting on a sofa and Dana was looking at the screen on her portable equipment. She glanced up at them.

"Dana, what does the test show?"

"One of the fetuses isn't viable. Two are but will carry the recessive they are trying to breed out of the bloodline. One is perfect, it's a boy."

Jack was a little pale; he clutched John's hand tighter as he asked. "Which one is carrying the perfect baby?"

"The blond girl."

Walter saw the shift in Jack's posture as he let go of John's hand and walked over to her. "Mandy, would you like to go live on Earth? I'll arrange for you to have the care you need, a place to live, education."

She looked at him, and shook her head, "I can't; my father won't let me."

"Your father can't stop you, child. If you want to go, then you can." Walter told her gently.

"What about the baby?"

"I'll want him to know that I'm his dad." Reaching out to John, he amended the statement. "That we're his dads. You can live with my family until you're ready to have a place of your own."

"I won't have to come back?"

"No, you won't."

"I'll go with you."

"Good. Do you have any personal belonging you want to take with you?"


"Then go and pack them." Walter motioned to one of the security team, "Go give her a hand."

When they were gone. "Jack, what about the others?"

He looked at John and received a smile of support. "Doctor, the ones with the recessives – can they have normal lives?"

"Yes, they won't be impaired that severely."

He nodded and turned to Walter. "The non viable one should be aborted. The other two girls should be allowed to keep their babies."

"Alright, Jack. Dana, see to it. If there is anything you can do to give the babies a better start in life, do it."

"Yes, Sir."

Walter left the house, the other men following him. Mandy was coming out of one of the houses nearby, carrying a small bundle. A man in the group nearby began to scream at her.

"Mandy, where do you think you're going? I'm not going to let you leave. Get your ass back in that house, girl." Jack moved quickly to reassure her, which seemed to make her father even angrier. "Did you hear me you stupid bitch! Get back inside."

John strode to the man and laid him out with one blow. Standing over him, John delivered the more devastating blow. "She is no longer your concern. She carries my husband's child, a perfect son, by the way, and she's leaving here."

Walter watched silently, and when John came back to them, Mandy looked at her father as a single tear ran down her cheek. Walter gently took her bundle from her and watched as John and Jack led her to the vehicle.

She didn't look back as they left her village. Years later she would tell them of her fear that day, but she would also tell them that the four of them gave her hope.

It was two days before the last ship cleared the planet's atmosphere. The Councilor's plea to command had been dismissed. He had resorted to pleading that the ships currently in port be allowed to off-load. Walter gave permission for medical supplies to be left but all other cargo was denied.

As the last ship left orbit, Walter issued orders for them to head to their next destination, then he made his way down to his quarters.

Walter entered his quarters to find Jack and Alex playing a game that had been created on New Russia. Bending, he kissed Alex and then moved to the other side of the partition and stripped down for a shower.

"Jack, how is Mandy doing?"

"She's fine, Walter. Still a little nervous, but Dana says she should have an easy pregnancy. My parents will be thrilled that they are having a grandchild."

Walter wandered out in his robe and put his hand on Jack's shoulder. "How are you feeling?"

"John's looking after me, he won't let me fall."

"He loves you a lot. We'll be home soon and I've already arranged for you to skip the next tour. You need to get Mandy settled and you and Jack need some time to settle in."

"Thank you, Captain, that's very kind of you. I'd hoped for a least a month to get her settled. It's a lot for a girl her age to take in."

"Well, I have no doubt that you and John will give her a much better life than she would have had with that abusive father in that inbred community. On Earth she can get an education. She'll have a good support system for the child as well."

"I should get going. John and I are eating dinner with Mandy."

"Okay, Jack. We'll see you later."



John and Jack had taken a short tour during Mandy's pregnancy but had arranged to be on Earth when she was due. She gave birth to a healthy son with strawberry blond hair. His dads had been with Mandy every minute of the labor, and as soon as the baby was checked by the doctor they'd been spreading the news. Walter made a ship-wide announcement as soon as the information reached him.

"Attention, I've just received word that Yeoman Mann and First Officer Doggett's son was born at ten thirteen local time. The child has been named…" a slow smile spread over Walter's face, "Walter Alexander John Doggett-Mann. Both fathers are doing well and the mother had an easy delivery. If anyone wants to send personal wishes please have them in so that they can be sent with the last transmission this evening."

Walter's head lifted, he rose and left the bridge at a run. Commander Reyes moved from his console to assume command. He'd be very glad to have Doggett come back for the next tour; he just didn't feel that a Captain mated to a New Russian had the right amount of professionalism.

John discovered that one of his favorite things was holding Jack as Jack held their son. They took the full two months maternity leave to bond with their son.

Alex met them at the shuttle bay when they returned to duty with a smile and big hugs.

"So, how does it feel to be a father?" He asked Jack when John went off to check in with Walter.

"I never expected to be one, you know. He's a beautiful baby and you should see how good John is with him."

"Walter and I were very excited when we saw his name. Thank you."

"We want to name the two of you as godfathers, just in case."

"I'm sure Walter will agree to that. I feel honored."

"How are things going with you two?"

"That's partly why I met you here. We're getting married. I want you to be my best man."

"Hey, that's fantastic. Maybe we can coordinate the christening and the wedding."

"We'll let the big guys work that all out. Come on, I want to show you the things I picked up for my mother. Walter requested the next run to New Russia so that he can meet my family."

"I'd say he's definitely gotten over his fear of commitment. Maybe in the future you'll believe John when he tells you things will be fine."

"I'll remember."

The two friends went off arm in arm to get reacquainted.

The end

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