Title: Sharp Edge of Joy
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW* 
Master/slave relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date: 06/09/01
Archive: DitB, RatB. SKSA. Others just ask.
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Krycek and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Walter gives his Master a special gift.
NOTES: This is an companion piece to His Master's Voice and also my contribution to Ursula's Nick birthday challenge which included saying I love you 3 ways without the word love, an unusual birthday gift and a disaster with a birthday cake. Funeral Blues by W. H. Auden quoted out of context. Thanks again to my beautiful BB for all her support. Thanks also to Ursula for the hook for the story and the new title.

Alex and I have lived many lifetimes together.

The first time he told me that I scoffed. Not out loud, because we had started playing games by then and I wasn't in the mood to feel his crop. 

I mean, come on! This was practical Alex. That's the kind of stuff I expected from Mulder. But he wanted me to go to a session with him. Finally, as a gift to him, I went. And to check out this person who I was sure was leading him down the garden path.

What I heard and the later research I did made me want to explore the possibilities. Why not? I had explored a lot of new territory with him. Before I met him, I thought I was as straight as an arrow. All it took to change that was the effect of his voice on my cock.

So, I decided that, for his birthday, I would give him tapes of my regressions. I had started going to the hypnotist when he was out of town. Requesting that he take me to the times Alex had talked about. I didn't know what was on the other tapes. I only knew the one that had been done in my presence. Guess I was still skeptical.

I had gone into his old personnel files to find out his birthday. I had asked him many times but he would never tell me. He said he didn't need birthday gifts, *I* was his greatest gift. How could I argue with that when I felt he was my greatest gift as well? I didn't tell him that I had found out. I just planned for a special day for him.

I started with breakfast in bed. I entered our bedroom and sat the tray on the dresser. Sitting on the bed next to him, I bent to nuzzle his nipple. When it was hard I moved to the other one. I knew he was awake but still pretending to be asleep. This was a game I loved to play with him. When both nipples were hard I licked my way down to his navel, dipping inside to tease it gently with my tongue.

This is where he would usually growl and push my head down to his thickening cock. Not this morning. He made a sleepy little 'leave me alone' sound, as he wiggled toward the middle of the bed. I followed and started my trip again. Each nipple licked lovingly, my tongue making a trail down to his belly button again. This time I slipped my tongue in and out several times than bit softly at the outer edge.

That got me a growl, "Just suck me, Walter, before I get out my crop and remind you how I feel about teasing."

I smiled as I turned my head to pull my lover's cock deep into my throat. His in-drawn breath my reward. I took my time drawing it out for both of us. A few years ago I would have decked anyone who told me I would love sucking cock. But I do. I love everything about having Alex's cock in my mouth. The taste, the feel, the scent, and most of all, the moment when I know he is getting ready to fill my mouth with his come. The only time I feel closer to him is when his cock is deep in my ass, possessing me.


My name sounds so beautiful to me when he screams it as he comes. I held him in my mouth until he softened and his hand reached for me. His tongue searching out his taste in my mouth.

"I hope that's breakfast I smell. I'm hungry."

"Yes, it's breakfast. I hope it's still warm."

"I don't care, just feed me. I guess you must love me to give me such a nice wake up and breakfast too?"

"You're the air I breathe, Alex."

I got the tray and settled on the bed next to him to feed him. The omelet was still warm. The toast a little cold but he ate every bite.

"Ok, Walter. What's going on?"

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, the last time I got breakfast in bed, you were getting ready to tell me that you had go out of town for a week when I had planned for us to go away for the weekend. So, come on, out with it."

"No, Alex. It's nothing like that. Can't I just spoil you a little? You give me so much happiness I just wanted to do something special for you. That's all."

"Ok. I'll take your word for it. Come spoil me some more and scrub my back."

I nodded and took the tray. He went into the bathroom and I got the next part of my plans for him for the day. I had been at the mall trying to come up with something new for our playtime. Showers have always been a part of playtime. I've pretty much forgotten how to take a shower that doesn't involve me getting fucked against the wall.

I normally used a loofa to scrub his back for him but I had seen something in the bed and bath store window that I had to try. I was hoping he would like it. Also hoping he would use it on me. So I had purchased a pair. The green, of course. They were tight on my big hands but would still feel good on his back. Less abrasive than the loofa. I had already stroked my cock with one so I knew it would feel good.

He was standing under the spray when I entered the room. "Took you long enough. What did you do, take the tray downstairs?"

"No, just getting the new soap I bought at the mall. A new green tea soap I thought you might like."

I slipped into the shower with him and worked the soap with the gloves making a rich lather. I placed my hands on his shoulders and began to caress them firmly.

"What?" His head turned to look at my hands. "What are those?"

"Do you like?" I moved down making circles on his shoulder blades.

"Yeah, feels good. Think they'll feel as good everywhere?"

"Guess you're going to find out."

He stepped back out of the water legs spread, hand braced on the wall and allowed me to use the gloves on his entire body. I took my time with his dick, loving the way it twitched in my gloved hands.

"I hope you remembered to lube, Walter."

"Always, Alex."

He stepped under the spray, rinsed then turned the spray so it would wash over us both. Held out his hand for me to slip one of the gloves over it. I turned without a word, spreading my legs and bracing for him to enter me. His cock slid inside me in one long hard push. I grunted as he bottomed out then pushed back toward him.

His gloved hand reached around me to stroke my cock as he pumped in and out of me. The slight abrasion against my cock felt so good. He stroked me in a matching rhythm. I moaned and pushed back harder toward him.

"My pushy little slave. Are you forgetting who is in charge? Do you need a trip to the basement?"  Warm golden whiskey in every word.

"Please, Master."

"Please what, slave?"

"It's been three months, Master. I need a reminder now and then."

"Three months? Really? No wonder you're acting pushy. Why didn't you ask?"

Since I had been shot, things had changed between us. I was more open about my needs with him now. No longer pushing him into anger when I needed heavier games. I had even confessed to flying the night he had made the scars on my back. Just as whatever he was using on me hitting the wall signaled that he was about to fuck me, I had my signals to tell him I wanted to play. But I hadn't used them lately.

"I feel as though I'm using you. As though you are doing it to please me but there isn't a lot in it for you."

He pulled out of me abruptly, making me gasp.

"Stay here."

He got out of the shower. I waited tensely, sure I had fucked things up royally. He was back soon and hanging the bag on the hook we had installed just for that purpose.  The nozzle was inserted and the warm water began to fill me. I whimpered when it became difficult to hold it and he stopped the flow.

"I'll be waiting downstairs. Don't take too long."

I hurried to use the toilet then jumped in the shower for a fast rinse. When I got to the basement, he was at the toy cabinet making his decisions. He had 'dressed' in his motorcycle leathers and boots, nothing else. His upper body still damp from the shower. I had meant for the day to be about him. Why the fuck didn't I keep my mouth shut?

"Wait at the cross, slave."

I went to the cross and waited. He walked over and dropped a nylon harness over me binding my cock and balls quickly and efficiently. Soon the rest of my body was bound.  He ran his hand over me, squeezing my ass hard when he reached it. Walking around the cross, he stood looking into my eyes.

"So, you think this is all about you, slave? Well, it isn't. This is about us both. It's about your need for pain and my need to own you. It's also about fear."

"Fear, Master?"

"My fear. Fear of just how much I *do* like this. Fear that one day I will hurt you in a way that you can't forgive."

Another piece of the puzzle that is my lover. "That won't happen, Alex. Not now."

"What makes you so sure?"

"You love me."

"That's it? You're basing it all on my love for you?" His face showed his disbelief that it could be that simple.

"Yes, Alex. I am."

"And you love me?"

"Had you been Helen of Troy, I would have sent *two* thousand ships."

He kissed me then a long, deep, sweet kiss. When he let go and stepped back, my Master had taken control.

He said not one word, just walked around me. I sighed when the flogger landed on my back for the first time. He usually uses the flogger at the beginning of our sessions. Says he likes the color it brings to my skin. Personally I prefer the color of the bruises I have later.

I was feeling very warm and mellow when the flogging stopped. He came around to look at me. His hand caressing my face, my head, tender, gentle touches.

"My little slave isn't flying yet, are you?"

His hand dropped to my groin rubbing lightly over my swollen cock.

"You need more to fly, don't you, slave?

"Yes, Master. Please." I moaned as his hand tightened painfully on my cock.

"Your desires are unimportant here, slave. Only my desires, my needs, my pleasures matter here. You are here to serve them."

"Yes, Master. I am here to serve you. In any way you wish."

His hand loosened, caressed once more. A small whimper I couldn't suppress slipped out.  His mouth took me again in a hard demanding kiss that ended abruptly.  I sighed as he let go of me and walked back around the cross. As the first kiss of the single tail blazed across my back, I began to climb toward the stratosphere.

He worked me for minutes, hours it didn't matter. I was flying.  I was floating when his mouth covered mine again. I opened my eyes when the kiss ended.

"Flying, love?"

"Yes, Master."

"Need just a little more?"


He raised his hand bringing the crop into my line of vision. "This what you want?"

"Yes, Master."

He smiled at me then and brought it down hitting my chest where it was exposed between the arms of the cross.  Four hard fast blows, two on each nipple. I moaned and closed my eyes, dropping my head back. I hadn't realize he had moved until I felt the crop hit me where thigh and ass come together. He worked up and down my ass. I knew I'd have beautiful bruises for days to remind me. I heard rather than saw the crop hit the wall. Then he was ramming into me.

I screamed with the pleasure. Felt his hand on me holding me steady as he fucked me. This had changed too. I had told him that this part needed to hurt, too. I needed to feel used all over when he was through. If he used too much lube then I wasn't getting the level of pain I needed. So now he used just enough to keep me from tearing and his cock from bruising.

I arched back toward his invasion of me as much as possible. His soft chuckle telling me he was pleased with my reaction. His hand wrapped around me to stroke my cock as he emptied and filled me. Taking his time with me, knowing he had me flying and every touch was agony and ecstasy.

I knew he was near when he began to talk to me.

"Who do you belong to, slave?"

"You, Master."

"Who uses this hole?"

"You, only you."

The harness was quickly loosened and I felt it slide along my leg as it dropped to the floor.

"Come, slave, Now!"

I throbbed in his hand, my come shooting into the air. I tightened down on him and felt his teeth on my throat and knew he was coming in me. He leaned into me holding me as our breathing slowed. Then the whisper next to my ear a soft breath cooling my heated flesh.

"Do you love your Master?"

"You are my 'North, my South, my East and West. My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song', Master."

His lips caressed the spot he had bitten on my throat. With no more words spoken he released me, cleaned me gently and led me to our bed. I pulled him into my arms and we slept.

I woke later to find him gone. I used the bathroom and went in search of my missing lover. I found him where I expected, in his office working. I knew by the sight shift of his body that he was aware of my presence. Putting my hands on his shoulders I bent to kiss the back of his neck.

"Why didn't you wake me?"

"You need to rest after a session like that. I had plenty to keep me busy. How do you feel?"

"Deliciously sore and sated, thank you."

"Believe me the pleasure was all mine." He twisted to give me that devil grin and my slut of a cock began to harden. The smile got bigger. "Walter, you're insatiable."

"Only since I've known you. But we don't have time. I made us reservations at that Italian place you love for dinner. So come on, we have to get dressed."

Taking his hand, I pulled him toward the bedroom.

"I showered while you were sleeping so go shower, if you remember how to do that alone. I'll get our clothes ready."

When I came out, he was almost dressed and I wolf whistled at him. His grin was bright and happy. He crooked his finger at me leading me to the three way mirror he had surprised me with one day. I asked why we needed what I perceived as woman kind of thing, he had me strip and stand in front of it. As I did now. Turning this way and that, admiring my souvenirs of our earlier session. I heard his chuckle and looked down realizing that I was getting hard again.

"Am I going to need to put you in a cold shower to get out of the house for dinner?"

"No, I can wait. Besides you need to eat. You're much too thin."

"You're just trying to fatten me up so no one will look at me."

"They can look all they want. They just better not touch." I growled.

He laughed again and pulled me close for a deep kiss. "Get dressed before I forget everything but how you look when I'm inside you and drag you back to bed."

I hurried to dress. The restaurant was busy like most on Saturday nights. We were seated and soon eating. Alex loves the place partly because everything is served family style so we share our dishes. I had arranged for his birthday cake to be brought to the table at the end of our meal. Since we don't normally order after dinner coffee or drinks he was ready to go.

I looked up to see the waiter coming toward us with the cake. Chocolate, Alex loves chocolate, with cream cheese frosting. I know, kind of weird. The waiter was only a few feet from our table when two small children broke away from their mother. Everything slowed down. One child ran in front of him the other behind.

I watched as he tried to keep his balance. Then the cake sailed into the air. The mother was standing with her mouth open in a large round O. I watched mesmerized as the cake rose higher then arched toward our table. My slow motion time sense ended as the cake hit me in the chest and started to slide down. I stuck my hands under it and kept it from sliding down into my lap.

For about two beats nothing happened then Alex snickered. There is no other word to describe the noise he made. It was a definite snicker that became a full-fledged belly laugh. I glowered at him, a look that sent agents running for their lives. He only laughed harder.

The waiter started forward and I turned that look on him. Unlike my lover, he had the good sense not to laugh.

"Would you bring us a box and let's see what we can salvage. Walter, quit scaring the waiter."

The waiter turned to follow orders. The mother started toward the table but Alex shook his head at her.

"Walter, I'm sorry but the look on your face was priceless. I wonder whose cake is ruined."

"It's yours, asshole."

"Now, Walter, is that any……. Did you say it's mine?"

"Well, it is *your* birthday."

His face softened. "Mine?"

"Yes, since you wouldn't tell me, I went into your old file at work to get the date. I wanted to give you a special birthday."

The waiter was back but didn't seem inclined to get within arms reach of me. Alex got up and moved to my side of the table. He took the container and the large spatulas the waiter had brought. Somehow he got most of the cake into the container. Then slipped his hand into my pocket to pull out my wallet.

"Go clean up the best you can in the men's room. I'll take care of the check."

I was silent on the way home and he allowed me to pout. We entered the house through the laundry room where he suggested that I leave my clothes to soak. A soft kiss on my cheek and he was gone. So I stripped and did as I was told. I took my time, still pouting that things hadn't gone as I planned.

The soft glow of candlelight greeted me as I entered our room. He was lying naked in the center of our bed. Well, not quite naked. He had rubbed cream cheese frosting on his lips like lipstick. There was a chunk of cake covering each nipple. Small bite sized pieces of cake aligned along either side of his erect cock. A large scoop of frosting adorning the head of his cock.

"Your dessert is ready, Walter." 

I groaned as my cock immediately hardened. I didn't need any further urging. I crawled carefully on the bed so the cake wouldn't be dislodged. I took my time licking the frosting from his lips. Scooping the last little swirl onto the tip of my tongue and inserting it into his mouth. He sucked hard on my tongue, sending a jolt of pure lust down to my already rock hard cock.

When he released my tongue, I swooped down to suck the cake from first one nipple then the other. He moaned as I bit gently at his nipples, then ran my tongue over each one more time making sure they were clean. His eyes were closed that look of total surrender on his face. A look that is mine and mine alone. 

I scooted down so I could get to the rest of my dessert. I ate each morsel of cake, first the left side then the right. Then I licked until I was sure not a crumb was left. Slipping my hand under his cock, I lifted him away from his stomach. With tiny cat licks, I cleaned every ounce of frosting from the head. His hand was fisted in the sheets and the whimpers were getting higher pitched with each slow lick. When the frosting was gone, I took him deep in my throat and sucked hard.

For the second time that day he screamed my name as he emptied into my mouth. Fuck cream cheese frosting! *This* was my dessert. I slipped back up the bed, pulled him close and waited for him to calm. His head turned toward me after a few minutes seeking my mouth for a long kiss.

"Walter, thank you for the best birthday I've ever had."

"You haven't had your present yet."

"Who needs presents when their lover can do that to them?"

"Come on, sit up and I'll get it."

Going to the closet I pulled out the package I had hidden there the day before. I placed the large box on the bed next to him. He looked a question at me and then opened the box.

"Tapes, Walter. What are they porn? Think I need help?"

I reached to pick up the top tape that had a red ribbon tied around it.

"This is Rome. I've done my own regressions. I think you should watch this one first. I was so amazed when I watched it. I think you need to know how *I* saw things. Especially during that lifetime. I heard the guilt in your voice during your regression to that time. I think this will get rid of that guilt. I may have been young but you made me fly then too."

"We'll watch it later. Come here, you."

I smiled and took the box to set it on the floor. I moved into his arms and lost myself in him. Moaning and writhing under him as he made me soar again. I was almost asleep when the question was asked again.

"Walter, do you love me?"

"Alex, you're….."

"Walter, just say the fucking words. I need the words."

"I love you, my beautiful Alexei."

"Good, because you're stuck with me."

"As in all the lives past and all the ones yet to be, my beloved."

The End?


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